Bissell 3950 Velocity Bagless Upright Deep Cleaner

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Our Price: $129.99

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Product Description

The Bissell 3950 Velocity Upright Vacuum Cleaner offers a patented Multi-Cyclonic technology that provides continuous suction power. The vacuum offers 12 amps of maximum cleaning power resulting in powerful suction with an exclusive DirtLifter brush system for superior cleaning. The Multi-Cyclonic cleaning technology has a multi-stage filtration which keeps filters clean longer for continuous suction power and the optimum air flow indicator let's you know when air flow is optimized to provide maximum cleaning performance.

  • 12 amp, upright vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology for cleaner filters
  • Keeps large debris from clogging filters for prolonged, powerful sucking performance
  • Ergonomically designed for maneuverability and cleaning in tight quarters
  • Air-flow indicator shows when filter needs to be cleaned; HEPA filtration
  • Wide cleaning path and more bristles for quickly cleaning in large rooms
Customer Reviews:
  • Best ever.
    This is the best vacuum I have ever used. Great on pet hair. Very easy to empty....more info
  • i love this vacuum
    This is a great vacuum with some serious suction. I only have two minor issues with it.

    First, it falls over backwards VERY easily, especially when using the hose. It gets kind of annoying.

    Secondly, it doesn't do too great of a job cleaning up dog hair when going parallel to a wall. It leaves a streak of it that could be a problem to clean up if you're vacuuming a narrow path. Not a big deal, just takes some maneuvering and a little more time....more info
  • Great Vacuum for Cat owner
    We absolutely love our new Bissell. We had gotten a much cheaper vacuum and it barely did the job, and spit stuff back at us. Within the first day we have already gotten two dumps of the vacuum up off the floor, and haven't even started detailing edges. The assembly was very straight forward, and the vacuum itself is not loud at all. We love the height adjustment for multi-surface cleaning. The carpet is fun to walk on after you clean on the pet-hair setting, it feels like brand new. The cord is a great length, as well as the hose. The vacuum is a little heavy, but it doesn't fall over easily. Great buy!...more info
  • Good Vaccum
    I bought this recently (couple of weeks back). I was in total dilemma in deciding between Dyson and Bissel. I had some crazy model of dirt-devil which did nothing (instead of sucking the dirt, it threw the dirt all over the place. I would call this as dirt-friendly and not dirt-devil. The handle broke within 3 months of regular use).

    Anyways, I thought of spending 500 bucks for a good vaccum. But after reading various reviews of Bissel, I ended up buying it. So far so good. Oh boy! The carpet looks clean now and everytime I vaccum, it sucks good amount of dirt hiding in the carpet. What a relief!.

    However it has few drawbacks. I have used Dyson before. This Bissel is not as quite as it could be. Also, to clean this vaccum, you have to open the holder and dump it. I think by improving the cleaning mechanism, this vaccum would be really good.

    As I live in 1100 sqft apartment, I feel this is really good using this vaccum every week.

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    The vacuum is great. It replaced our old Phantom Fury. It has great suction and is easy to dump out the canister. The cord is long enough to do a couple of rooms at a time. I saw the positive reviews here which led me to buy this model from Amazon. It was very easy to assemble. I have not been disappointed at all with this purchase. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I'm very pleased with this vacuum. As the other reviews indicate, the quality of the vacuum is excellent, especially considering the price.

    My only complaint is that the vacuum picks up a lot of carpet fibers, even when put on a medium-high height setting, and then the carpet fibers clog the cyclonic action in the dirt cup. I have to empty the cup around 2 times for every room that I vacuum. On one hand, I'm glad the vacuum is picking up so much dust and junk, but on the other hand, it's not very fun emptying the dirt cup so many times, when a lot of the junk is just carpet fibers. However, this is probably a quality of cyclonic bagless vacuums in general, not something specific to this model.

    Summary: Great quality, results, power, ease-of-use, and price! ...more info
  • Hard core cleaning
    I LOVE THIS VACUUM! My mother and brother own different Dyson vacuums and have tried to convince me to buy one. I was reluctant to spend $450+ for a vacuum, but after my Eureka burned up and stopped sucking I nearly purchased a Dyson.

    After much research, I decided to try the Bissell Velocity. It has similar features as the Dyson (dual cyclonic action, hepa, on-board tools, etc) but was on sale for $119 - and at that price, I could give it to a friend and replace with a Dyson if I didn't like it.

    I thought my house was clean BEFORE I bought this vacuum - boy was I wrong! I had to empty the dirt canister 4 times and my house is only ~1800 square feet. My carpet feels 'fluffier' to my bare feet! I haven't tried it on my bare tile floors yet, but I am extremely satisfied with it's performance on carpet. Will recommend this to everyone I know!

    ...more info
  • BEST BUY - Great price, great performance
    I read a lot of reviews before deciding on this cleaner. I think it was a great choice!

    Bought this vacuum at Target. Never had a bagless before and will never go to a bag model again. I have a chow chow and this thing does an excellent job of picking up dog hair. I had a very clean house before I got this vacuum. The first time I used it I was ASTOUNDED by the amount of debris it picked up from my carpet. I had no idea how bad my other vacuum was performing until I used this one. The hose attachment is very nice and long for my stairs but the vacuum tends to tip over when I use it. But that is bound to happen when the vacuum is light weight (I'll trade the light weight for the tipping.) Also, it looks great. I love the colors. VERY GOOD BUY! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Excellent, easy to use and picks up everything!
    I purchased this vacuum at Target for $129.00 after reading reviews on many different vacuums. I have a smaller apartment and a cat who sheds likes crazy! My old vacuum just stopped picking up all the dirt, hair, and cat mess. The first time I used this vacuum after 2-3 days of not vacuuming at all I had to empty the filter 3 times because it picked up so much. My carpets looked great and the extra hose attachments did a great job vacuuming cat hair off my couches. The cord is long and for me thats a plus because I don't have to stop vacuuming and unplug to go into a different room. For me it was easy to assemble and it is on the lighter side. It is top heavy and tips over if you aren't careful but otherwise, I have found no other problems with it....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price
    We researched lots of vacuums and chose this one. We do not regret it one bit. The suction is very powerful and we were amazed at the fine dust it brought out of our carpet. The rotating brush underneath is very powerful and actually fluffed up our worn-down Berber carpet. The dust canister is very easy to empty. The vacuum seems about right for noise and weight. The only drawback for me is the turbo action brush that came with the vacuum seems more of a gimmick than anything, personally I can do a better job on my furniture with just the hose and simple flat attachment....more info
  • Great for Carpet
    I bought the Bissell Velocity 3950 when my last Bissell's motor blew up (I had had that one for four years). I really like the air filter light that lets you know if you need to change the filter. I'm not very good at doing that (which is why my last one blew up) and this has a nice warning light to remind me.

    I LOVE what it does for my carpets. My husband says they have not this good since we moved in. I like in Oklahoma and we have that nasty red clay that gets everywhere. With two kids, my husband and my dog we put good wear on the carpet and this brings it back to life.

    I cannot, however, give it a 5 star because it IS NOT A HARD FLOOR CLEANER. If you want something that can do both, this is not the machine to buy. The brush does not turn off when you put it on the "bare floor setting." So it kicks more of the dirt up on your feet than it does suck it in.

    Hands down this is a great vacuum for carpet, but I am now in the market for something for my bare floor areas....more info
  • Great Gift
    I give to my Sister as a present and she loves it, this is a great machine and i will replace my old vacumm with this one. Great product....more info