Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Bissell, 12A Total Floors Velocity Multi Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum, Multi Cyclonic Technology Provides Extended Suction For All Floor Surfaces, New Scatter Shield For Superior Bare Floor Cleaning, On Board Tools With Turbo Brush, 15" Wide Path Cleaning With Surround Suction, New Multi Stage Filtration Keeps Filters Clean Longer

  • 12 amp, multi-surface upright vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology for better suction
  • Foot-activated brush off pedal and scatter shield for superior bare-floor cleaning
  • Total floor cleaning-rotating brush action for deep down cleaning,
  • Multi-stage filtration keep filters clean longer for continuous suction power
  • Colors may vary, green or blue
Customer Reviews:
  • Arrived broken. Just an average vacuum. Dusty after use.
    I like to find bargains and had ordered this because of the great star reviews and the price for the technology (dual cyclonic). First, I don't know if I trust the star system. It seems many people who rate items 5 stars have rated several items with 5 stars, and are experts on each item, which makes me suspicious. Anyway, back to this vacuum.

    I read the reviews after I placed the order, so I knew to check for broken parts upon delivery. The box did arrive with a gaping hole, but the parts around that hole (hoses) appeared OK. Also the front plastic piece above the roller appeared OK, which seemed to be a common complaint. I assembled the vacuum (just a phillips on 3 screws is required, and minor snapping into place) and someone else noticed there were two cracks (looked like a star) in the plastic near the power switch. I know I didn't do this because I didn't exert any kind of pressure that would have caused this, and it was most likely due to the mistreated box, or possibly cheap materials, missed QA inspection or inadequate packaging.

    I used the vacuum on floors that hadn't seen a vacuum in a couple of months (my old one had broken). It picked up lots of stuff, and when I emptied the cup after each room, the vacuum got really dusty. Dust falls off of the underside where the cup is removed, and gets all over the vacuum and the floor. It is noticeable and happens every time so I learned to do this over the hardwoods and then sweep it up. It does have good suction, but it doesn't "pick up the rugs making it a two person job" as one person noted.

    The cord wrap is near the top and is fairly small, but it's really not that bad to wind up the hose. It's actually good not to have to lean over so much. There is no cord clamp at the top so most likely you will be holding the cord with your opposite hand the entire time while vacuuming.

    I compared this to a Sears brand my girlfriend has and this one is about an inch smaller in width. I do like how it picks up from the edges on both sides rather than just one side, as some places are impossible to get to from only one side of the vacuum.

    Overall, it was easy to use, but my biggest concern is the quality of the materials, and the life expectancy I can expect to receive.

    I'm a bit concerned about the belt life as well, for no other reason but others' reviews. I emailed Amazon about an exchange (because of the cracked plastic) and due to fluctuating supply from this manufacturer, they are unable to exchange the vacuum. So I think I'll try a different vacuum, maybe from Costco or someone with a good return policy. I could keep this vacuum with the cracks, because with the dust as well, it's not exactly a centerpiece for display. But I feel the supplier and merchant should be held accountable for providing faulty merchandise. And, I don't want to risk paying $150 for a vacuum that won't last a year.

    So, I will be returning it and finding a better value somewhere else, and hopefully a better quality product, even if it's more expensive....more info
  • Fantastic all floors cleaner
    We have a cannister cleaner but I wanted an inexpensive upright that could do the wooden floors and rugs without endless scrubbing with the cannister vaccumn...

    This is it ... the only downsides are the dirt collection "thingy" is too small and badly designed .. that said you can vaccumn a whole house without emptying it, so it's really not a massive problem secondly, it's a little noisy on the rug beater mode.

    That all said that's literally the only downsides, it's a powerful maching that has cut my hoovering time in half, it has endless height adjustments, the ability to turn the rug beater bar off, a massive length of cable and lots of additional tools which are great for stairs etc. oooh not to mention in carpet mode it's self propelling so no pushing required just steering !

    This truely is an all floors cleaner, when we lived in the UK we owned the dyson's vaccumns for about 7 years including most recently the DYSON ball and I would buy this vacuum over the dyson any day of the week.......more info
  • So far, So good!
    I have only had this vacuum for a couple months, but I have been really happy with it (especially for the price). It sucks up a lot of dirt and hair, and I haven't had any problems with it. It certainly does better than my old canister vacuum. Don't forget that there is a filter just below the dirt canister that needs to be cleaned periodically. When it arrived, it was easy to put together (you just need a screwdriver and a little muscle). So far, I would recommend this vacuum to others. I can't comment on its longevity however. ...more info
  • Extremely heavy
    This vacuum is too heavy and has a lot of cheap plastic. when we received it, some of the plastic had cracks in it. when i attempted to clean the dirt container, i got dust all over my clothes. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody....more info
  • I am impresseds
    I very rarely rate anything 5 stars, but this machine comes close. I vacuumed the house for the third time since receiving the machine. Had I been using the former vacuum and it worked as efficiently as this one, I would have had to change bags at least 4 times. I had to empty the large canister twice. It is still collecting the carpet freshner powder that the other machine has been missing for the past several years. On bare floors, I'm accustomed to seeing small particles being blown away from the vacuum but it doesn't happen with this one. We have 4 carpeted rooms and the rest is tile. This vacuum works very well on both surfaces....more info
  • Does it's job
    I haven't had this long enough to know how it will last in the long run, but am happy as a new user. It turned out to be easier to push than I thought it would be and it does pick up well. I still prefer a cannister but had to opt for an upright because of balance problems. This appears to me to be a good product and it is a reasonably priced one as well. Only complaint so far, it needs a certain amount of hand strength to assemble....more info
  • love it love it love it
    this vacuum picked up so much dirt i was shocked. its incredible. ive had it for just a week so i cant attest to its longevity. if it only lasts for a couple of years, its worth the money. i love the long cord and the bagless feature. my daughter-in-law just bought a vac with a bag (which is so yesterday). we took pictures of the dirt we collected and emailed it to her and now she's upset. I highly recommend this machine....more info
  • good value
    after two attempts with a Dyson we eventually gave up and returned them, we then bought this cheaper vacuum while we researched a little better. After a month using this vacuum we are not bothering to research. It does a fantastic job, cleans deep pile carpets well, reduces the 'sneeze' factor in the house. Its heavy to use, but an average person would have no problems with this. ...more info
  • Just okay
    I purchased this vacuum hoping for a powerful unit that would be great on dog hair. My 2 year old simular model bissel broke down way too early{ belt would fall off every use- even new belts} but picked up TONS of dust and pet hair. This new vacuum seems to just pick up a lot of fine dirt. I don't know why I don't see much hair picked up. It is very good on my tile floor with no scatter when the brushes are deactivated. Overall was twice the price of my old Bissel and not worth it.
    ...more info
  • Nice machine, just not extraordinary...
    Ok! So, I got this little green monster a couple a months ago based on the great reviews it got! As soon as it came to my door (not a day too soon, as my house had not been vacuumed for some 4 months! yuck!) I put this bad baby to work! And boy! It sucked so much dust out of my carpet I could not believe it! I mean, it just kept on going, and going! I tought the dust would never end! And that is just the half of it. I have hardwood floors in the majority of my house and boy, was I in for a pleasent surprise! After going over the whole area with my new machine, the floors actually felt squiky clean! I had, or thought I had a good vacuum cleaner for my hardwood floors before, but the Bissell exceeded my expectations by far!! It could not do a better job on hard surfaces! I was extatic!
    Now, the extasy started to fade away a bit the next day, when, of course, I was at it again, sice my three year old forgets to remove his shoes when coming from the back yard sometimes....All the excuse I needed to try the green monster again! Well...not so happy anymore, because it kinda started to make a funny noise, like the whirring other reviewers talk about on this very site, and I have no idea why! There is nothing stuck in the hose, or anywhere, I cleaned the bin before the dirt even reached the "full", that is a bit of a mistery.
    But I said oh well, maybe that is just the way it sounds after it gets some dust in its pipes. BUt, to my not so pleasant surpeise, the suction action was not the same anymore either. Now, it still sucks a heck of a lot better than anything I ever tried, but when cleaning hardwood floors, I sometimes have to go over a little crumb twice before it picks it up, whereas the first time I used it, it sucked everything but the floor itself!
    So, that being said, those two are some of the things that are starting to eat away at my love affair with my Bissell Total Floors Velocity....
    Other things would be: 1. the weight!! This thing is a far cry from the 8 punder I used to have! It is sooo heavy, you really need to switch arms every few minutes! Maybe I'm just out of shape?
    2. It does tip over on your head, or whatever body part is closest to it while trying to use the hose extension. So beware!
    3. The cleaning of the cleaning machine mechanism and such: not as "dirt free" as one would think. Yes, you do not touch the dust itself, there is no bag, and such, but you DO have to shake the thing against something to get the dust to loosen up from the receptacle, an you DO get dust flying around all over the place! So, either put the whole thing in a plastic bag (which then means you have to wahs the container, becuse dust will stick to the outside of it) or, definitely empty it outdoors! No such thing as not getting ANY dust on your hands or in your lungs!
    Other than that, I can't think of anything that I do not like about it. For the price, it is definitely worth it! ...more info
  • Very Happy
    Very happy with this vacuum. Easy to put together. Use it on hardwood, tile, Oriental rugs and wall to wall. Cleans all well. Love the self propelled. Not too heavy. Love the long cord. Like the attachments. Does everything I was looking for in a vacuum. Leaves the air smelling clean after vacumming while other vacuums left my house smelling like dust or other odors....more info
  • The worst vaccum I've ever owned!
    All the years I have owned vacuums--this is the worst! I thought Bissell was supposed to make good products--WRONG! It's only a year and a half old and ready to be replaced---it's too broken to be fixed. I vacuum probably once a week. So here are the problems with it---canister is way too small which causes dust to back up and clog another filter area which is difficult to clean. The hose attachment is always coming loose so you are sucking up nothing. Plastic pieces have broken off---the hose holder at the bottom, the attachment holder. It doesn't have very good suction and that is the basic problem with it--why else would you buy a vacuum? Never Bissell--never again. ...more info
  • Powerful, big and noisy
    This is a heavy, wide machine with a visible dirt container which is dusty to empty. I like the long power cord, but the brackets make it hard to wind up. The attachments are well-designed and easy to use. There are controls so you can raise and lower, and even turn off, the beater brushes. The best thing about the Bissell 3990 is its ability to clean deeply and completely, and that's what I bought it for. ...more info
  • till now working good
    Reasonable good, pretty comfortable. Since I have it only for few weeks, do not know about the reliability....more info
  • great vacuum
    I bought this vacuum after reading all the other reviews. I am not disappointed! This thing picks up so much dirt and dust and hair! I have two cats and this vacuum is just amazing. My 21 year old daughter wanted to try it and ended up vacuuming the whole house just to see how much it would pick up. Now she keeps borrowing it. The dust cup is easy to remove and I do clean the first filter every time--but only because of the cats. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Terrible Customer Service
    Well, this was a great vacuum while it worked. It definitely lived up to all the promises of the other reviews. In just 3 months, and maybe 15 uses max, we had to replace the belt 4 times. Then the motor just burned out. After speaking with several discourteous Bissell representatives who told me I needed to drive 1.5 hours to get my vacuum fixed, I got a return label and sent the vacuum back to Bissell. I was promised a new vacuum in 2 weeks after my return. 3 weeks have passed, and I just now received my "new" vacuum. Unfortunately, its not new nor is it a Total Floors. In addition to the wrong model, they sent a hose that didn't fit the vacuum. So once again, I have a broken vacuum, not to mention a vacuum I didn't order. All-in-all, the vacuum works well when it works. However, Bissell's customer service is terrible and they didn't even provide the right vacuum. I don't recommend Bissell for their customer service....more info
  • I love this vac!
    This is such a great vaccuum. I never imagined I could get such a great product at such an affordable price. As soon as I got it, I assembled it, which was very easy, and immediately vaccuumed my living room floor (which I had just vaccuumed the day before with my 'old' vaccuum). I picked up more dirt than I thought we had! Then I took it for the real test: the kitchen linoleum. Usually, when I vaccuum a hard floor, I end up with little pieces of trash thrown all over my feet, and the floor is never really clean. This time was different! I got NOTHING thrown back at my feet, and when I was done, I walked barefoot across the floor. It felt like I had just swept! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will probably never sweep again, this vaccuum does such a great job. I am thrilled with it....more info
  • great cleaner
    I am very happy with the vacuum. It works great on all types of floors and gets very close to the edges and walls. The attachments are great for the car, stairs and couch. It is on the heavy side and a little heavy to push but I am very happy with it. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks...and not the right way
    I purchased this vacuum based on the positive reviews on Amazon. I have two dogs, including one sheperd mix (long hair & lots of it).

    At first the vacuum performed great. I replaced a dirt devil that needed retirement, and this was a great improvement. Within a few months the suction was reduced. I checked the filters and always empty the canister when it is half full. I also checked the underneath of the vacuum including removing the bottom plate, and removed all the hoses, cleaned them, and returned them to the unit. Later I found that above the canister there is a plastic piece that can be removed. Upon removal this piece was found to be clogged with hair and dirt, and seemed be the problem. Now, just a few vacuum jobs later the suction is still not great, and the (useless) suction indicator is not in the green. This indicator has a red section that's supposed to tell you it's clogged, a green section that's supposed to tell you all clear. My vacuum stays in the gray section. What use is this? The hair clumps on the floor instead of being sucked into the vacuum. I am constantly cleaning the lower filter and checking the plastic piece above the canister. This is messy work, and what good is a bagless vacuum that you have to get your hands and arms full of dust to clean every other time you use it?

    Another gripe is the vacuum arm that wraps around the unit. Every time I use the vacuum this arm comes loose from the lower section that connects the suction to the bottom of the vacuum. I usually notice it when the hair on the ground clumps or the canister comes up empty. The vacuum is noisier than when we first received the unit.

    Another reviewer stated he had a belt meltdown within a week. I know exactly what happened because the same thing happened with my vacuum. Fortunately I had my wits about me enough that day to notice the vacuum head not spinning and a slightly different noise. The mechanism that keeps the vacuum head from spinning is just a lever that pushes the belt past the motor drive. The motor drive still spins like crazy, the belt's just not attached. However, if the belt slips off this lever onto the motor drive directly, the belt spins on the motor drive and the stationary lever simultaneously. Looking at the operation of this, it's easy to see how a belt would melt down within minutes.

    The $60 dirt devil is noisy, and has a bag, but it was a lot less hassle. Personally, after this bagless experience I'm ready to go back to having a vacuum with a bag. I haven't found the right vacuum yet, but this is the wrong one. ...more info
  • brush belt melt down after not more than ten time uses
    I bought it a few months ago and after not more than ten times uses (just for vacuum a regular size house), the brush belt melt down. I opened the bottom cover and found out it is very hot around the belt area and the motor axis is extremely hot. It was used in the CA ocean side area; the environment temperature is not high. So it means the design of this product has serious problem. Just image how many belt you have to replace it if it keep melting out in this kind of speed?). My old vacuum cleaner still works without any maintenance so far after nearly 10 year use....more info
  • bissell 3990
    sweeper arrived quickly & somewhat easy to put together. worked well for several months, clogged up a few times and unfortunately swept up loose edge of rug & beater bar belt broke, replaced belt w/non-manufacturer belt & have had problems since; smell of burning rubber & now beater will not roll on carpeting. does not work as well on bare wood floors as i had hoped. overall, below average in my book....more info
  • Good power, but has a high pitched screech
    I purchased this vacuum when my 3yr old Eureka Contour made such a loud high pitched screech that it gave me a throbbing headache. This Bissell was advertised as a cheaper version of a Dyson. Since the Dyson is way out of my price range I thought this would be a good option.
    I was impressed by the power. Instead of putting muscle into pushing and pulling the vacuum I only have to pull. The Bissell practically propels itself forward. It does pick up a lot of dog hair. I have a constantly shedding beagle and this does the trick. I especially like the brush attachment to pick up dog fur on my microfiber couch. I noticed there are a lot of carpet fibers in the container, but that may be due to the age of my carpet.
    Over all I am satisfied with this Bissell model. However, right out of the box it made a high pitch screech. It makes this noise whether or not the brush is moving. It isn't nearly as bad as the Eureka was. This combined with the fact I can't afford another vacuum leaves me with this Bissell. It does not give me a splitting headache, just an annoying whine . When I'm done vacuuming the world seems so quiet!

    I would think twice before paying such a high price for this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Works for me
    I have been very satisfied with mine. It was easy to assemble; I put it together and before I knew it, I had vacuumed the entire house. I couldn't put it away. The container where the dirt goes couldn't be any more convenient or simple to use. The hose connection works great as well and all of the utensils are readily available on the unit....more info
  • WORST vacuum cleaner EVER
    This is by far the WORST vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. The hose gets clogged all the time, which means you have to clean it out every other month or so - otherwise it will pick up nothing. And this vacuum is not even a year old!

    Now the brush underneath no longer works (it no longer spins and picks up anything) so you can literally sit it on top of a big pile of lint or dust and it will do nothing whatsoever. Roll it over it a million times, leave it sit for 5 minutes, nothing at all. Vacuuming a room that should take 10 minutes takes more like 30-35 minutes because it takes forever to get it to pick up anything. It is highly aggravating and frustrating.

    I will never, ever, ever purchase a Bissell product again. I am extremely upset that I paid nearly $150 for this piece of trash. Trust me, spare yourself the aggravation and do not buy this product. ...more info
  • Bissell 3990
    I purchased the vac based on all the other reviews. When new vac arrived-
    there we 2 small plastic pieces broke and the front cover over brushes had a small crack which was very disappointing.

    When I assembled and went to use vac- it was everything I had heard. It picked up stuff my other vac would have never had. So the power and suction is amazing (I have a large pet).

    Unfortunately when I proceed to take out bagless canister to empty- the dirt and dust went everywhere. It turned out that 2 small plastic pieces where the "hooks " that kept the cylinder in place. Because the cylinder did not stay in place- there was not a good suction therefore all the dirt came out when I went to remove cylinder. I think this is a poor design when the concept is pending on 2 small plastic hooks to keep all in place.

    Called Bissell and they could not send me a part. I was sent to a local vac shop to have them repair.

    I only used it twice and it worked great BUT there is a huge design flaw due to all the plastic parts.

    Wish I could say I am using it right now but it is in the shop.

    Hope this review helps someone else who is doubting all the plastic parts. Glad I did not spend a fortune on Dyson... it is all plastic parts. At the Vac shop I saw more used Dyson than other brands....more info
  • Good Buy indeed.
    This is a wonderful cleaner indeed. Sucks dirt like nobody's business. I have carpet on the 2nd and hardwood on the 1st. floor. This vaccum does the job very well in both. On Carpet, it was did a fantastic job of puling dirt out. Downright amazing suction. My earlier Uno(Eureka) vaccum was terrible on hardwood flooring and needed multiple belt replacements on top. The Bissel is much much better and it doesn't fling dirt at your ankles when vaccuming hardwood. A little heavy, but small price to pay for the functionality at hand. Has a wide cleaning path, which makes cleaning easy; the downside is that its hard to take it into foot-wide nooks. Yes it can tip when you use the wand to clean...but nothing that cannot be explained or mitigated by physics and common sense.

    Overall, good value and highly recommended. ...more info
  • Dirt and Hair Hog!
    If you have pets, and they have hair - this vacuum cleaner works! It's easy to empty, easy to keep clean. It's a little heavy, and it does NOT self-propel, but then again, a self-propelling vacuum has an extra belt that can slip and break. It works well on bare floors, with the brush in the up position, and the little hand help power brush really gets the hair off furniture. I researched many and for the money - this is a great choice....more info
  • dont get it
    I see a lot of good reviews on this Bissell vacuum cleaner but mine hasn't worked properly since day one. I had new carpeting which shed. The shedding constantly gets clogged in the machine and it doesn't pick up anything anymore. Mainly pushes stuff as said in prior reviews. So aggravating that I have actually parked it (until I decide what to buy next) and now I use my shop vac which works 100x better and was only $40. ...more info
  • Heavy Handle
    The vacuum works well, but the handle is heavy, thus it's harder to push around than my last Bissell vacuum. ...more info
  • So far so good
    The vac was easy to assemble & seems to be doing a pretty good job. It's a bit heavy, but I expected that. Only time that is a problem is when I'm doing steps, but otherwise it isn't a big deal. Does well on carpeted & bare floors. The vac arrived quickly & at a great price....more info
  • Good Suction
    Let's see ... where to start? I believe the description said something about a 3-position handle. Mine has 2: all the way up, or you're holding the entire weight of the vacuum in your hands. There are no position stops for my handle. I read thru the entire book and practiced taking out & putting in the filters immediately so I'd know what to do once the parts become dirty and gross to touch. Well, before I could even plug it in & vac for the first time, the thing was broken! One of the cheap plastic tips broke as I was trying to put back in the cyclonic suction thing in the center! I called Bissell and they were great to send a new one immediately. So, except for having to hold up the vacuum in addition to the push/pull action (sometimes it feels quite heavy), I have no further complaints. It works well for what it is intended to do ... suck the junk off my carpet. Oh, and the hose & cord are quite long. I can plug in in one spot and vacuum the entire floor (townhouse)on each level. Also, the hose takes the nozzle all the way to the top of my stairs. So, there is minimal readjusting to get each floor done....more info
  • Pretty Good, Few Problems
    I spent a lot of time choosing a vacuum. It seems like every one has a few drawbacks, and you just have to decide which ones you can live with. I have had this one for 3 months now. This one is amazing on rugs! I just have to be careful around the edges so I don't suck the area rugs up. My rugs have never looked cleaner.

    It does a decent job on my wood floors and tile, but I definately need to switch to the hose to get the edges and corners. I also have to use the hose to pick up larger items off the floor.

    The hose is very powerful and does a great job, but the extension is a joke. I was so excited, because it seemed as if I could keep the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and just take the hose with me. The hose is very stiff, and doesn't extend the way I thought it would. It comes apart from the vacuum unit if you stretch it too far, or the vacuum just falls over. I have hit myself in the back or the head a few times, but I just laugh and pull the vacuum closer. Don't get this vacuum on the preconception that the hose is great.

    The canister is really easy to empty and so is the filter. I have no issues with that at all.

    It's a really nice vacuum. The only issues are with the hose and the fact that it's not as amazing on the floors as it is on the rugs. Great price too!...more info
  • Works great
    There is not much to say about this -- it is a vacuum cleaner. It seems to work great and it is easy to empty out the dirt. It was also pretty easy to put together....more info
  • Worth the money, really sucks!!!!!
    So far we are very pleased with this product. The first one we received was damaged but Amazon made the exchange VERY easy. The on board tools are great and the suction is AWESOME. It was amazing and gross what our other vacuume had been leaving behind. My only complaint is that it is a little top heavy, but this is something we can easily live with....more info
    Great item! I keep cleaning it because of the other reviews I read, but I haven't had any problems with it at all! I have two black labs and this machine does a great job with the hair. I used to have a canister vac and while vacuuming it smelled gross becuase of all of the dog hair, but that is now eliminated because you can empty the bowl as often as you like! No smelliness! Yeah!!...more info
  • Wow! I can't believe the cleaning power!
    I have looked and looked for a decently priced powerful vacuum. I have a cat and needed to be sure it would do the job. This is one of the few vacuums that is reviewed to clean up pet hair well. I just used it for the first time today! The rug in my living room looks brand new, not a strand of pet hair left. It is also gentle on my wood floors. Completely amazed by this product. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum
    I love this is my favorite out of all the ones that I have owned. I found the price to be very reasonable and the shipping to be very fast. It was not hard to put together and the attachments are great.

    My only complaint is that it came broken. I read this in another review also. The part that was broken were the hinges to the filter. I figured that I will just glue them rather than have the whole hassel of sending it back and waiting for another one to arrive.

    Other than that, I don't have a complaint about the vacuum itself. I love the long cord on it. My old ones I would have to unplug two or three times in the course of vacuuming but this one seems to be super long. If you need a great vacuum this is it!...more info
  • all plastic
    I bought this product because of the good reviews it got, but I must have received one that failed the quality inspection and got shipped out anyway. It was not what I expected. First, it was shipped only in the box it was packed in for display in the store, with no shipping box. Consequently, the box arrived with a big hole in the side. It comes packed tightly in its box with no protective padding, even though it is plastic. When I opened the box, I found the plastic cover over the rotator brush was broken. It was made of this cheap hard clear plastic like one of those cheap kids' toys and as I recall, there was no rubber bumper furniture guard on it anywhere at all. It was just this big piece of cheap plastic. Also, the hand turbo brush was this little dinky plastic thing that was maybe only two inches wide. I returned the vac immediately.
    The Total Floors Velocity model is not sold in any store in my city, so I truly do not know if mine was a defective model or if it was designed that way. Not only do the different models in the Velocity series differ in function and accessories, but also they have very different designs in many ways, from the amount of rubber on the furniture guard to the shape of the handle. From looking at the Velocity and Pet Hair Eraser (the other two models in the series) vacs in the stores, I would say the other vacs in the Velocity series seem to be much better made....more info
  • Works fine, controls are kinda lame, get this if you have wood floors
    Had mine a couple months now. It really does suck stuff up pretty well and I haven't had any complaints about emptying it. If you have tile and hardwood, this is the Bissell to get. The others in t 39XX range are not as well designed for the variety floors.

    So my complaints:

    I wish the on/off switch were on the handle.
    The hose gets in the way of winding the powercord
    It feels top-heavy compared to my old kenmore
    I wish the edges stuck out to the sides a little more so i could clean under the kickboard of my cabinets without using the hose

    but it's ok... really. I'd buy another for how cheap they are.
    ...more info
  • A little disappointing
    The belt broke the first day! I'm still waiting for customer service to send me a new one, although they said that's not a warranted part. Understandably, but I wouldn't expect something to break on the first day! Also, it's almost too light because it falls over so easily. When using the attachments, you have to make sure not to pull on the hose as the machine will easily fall over on you....more info
  • Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    I have owned this vacuum now for two weeks and all I can say is that I wished that I purchased this vacuum two years ago! As many have said, the incredible amount of fur, dust, dirt and lint pulled up from my carpet, even after a vacuum had been used previously over it was astonishing to say the least! I too was like many in the reviews, showing my husband and my kids to get their response...."Ooooh, gross" was my 13 year old daughter's response.

    What prompted me to buy this was the worthless Hoover WindTunnel (bagged) vacuum that I have been fighting with for the past two years! I HATE this vacuum. The belts broke repeatedly. I was lucky to get to use that vacuum 4 or 5 times before one of the belts broke. Buying yet another replacment belt at $10 a pop I mentioned my frustration to the vacuum cleaner repair man. His reply was it was a poor design of the dual belt self-propelled feature and that is why the belts broke after only a few uses. I had the same response from another vacuum cleaner repair man. I was told I wasn't the only one having to buy belts all of the time ( estimate I have spent at least $50 on belts in two years!).....after not being able to use the Hoover once again, I started looking here on Amazon for the vacuums. (Its ridiculous when you have to have two vacuums in your house. I started using my old Eureka Boss so I could at least get the big chunks. Reliable, not great suction.) Hoovers, ruled out, and though my husband mentioned Dyson's I can't see spending that kind of money for a vacuum cleaner!

    I stumbled upon this vacuum cleaner and read all of the reviews, both positive and negative, and was impressed. In comparison with the Healthy Home, to me the only difference was the Microban used with it and the extra dollars.

    It arrived safe and sound, with no broken pieces, which seems to be the vast majority of the negative reviews. It took me and my husband 10 minutes tops to get it put together. No more than any others we have assembled.

    I am embarrassed to say how PLEASED I was immediately with this vacuum. It has such good suction that it really does feel self-propelled, especially when used on my berber style carpet. I have used it 5 times, top to bottom and haven't noticed any change with the power or the suction.

    The turbo tool works great on my stairs, so much better than the one included with the Hoover Wind Tunnel! That one would bog down, this one just hums along!!! I can tell how much cleaner my stairs look, in addition to the rest of my house. We have 2 dogs (one a HAIRY Welsh Pembroke Corgi),2 cats, a Guinea Pig, and three teenagers.

    I don't notice this being any heavier than my previous vacuums. Its easier to carry up and down my stairs, than the Hoover, with its handle design. (The Hoover you had to carry it from the body so you don't foul up the "lovely" self-propelled feature in the handle). I like the placement of the on/off button. Turning off the roller brush is easy with just the step down of your foot. The cord placement in the middle is a bit odd, but I always hold the cord in my hand anyway, so for me it doesn't make any difference. Yes, it can be a bit top heavy, but it was my fault because I didn't pull the hose completely away from the body and left it in the holders for the first time, operator error on my part, and just getting used to the vacuum. I like the sliding of the lever to remove the dirt "tank".

    I honestly can't say anything negative about this vacuum! As I said, I wish I had found this two years ago,and wouldn't have thrown the money away on that Hoover. I have learned a valuable lesson to read the reviews here on Amazon! I would recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a good, solid performer. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a decent vacuum.

    The Hoover? Its going to Goodwill, with the unused bags, and a note where to get the belts...its much kinder than what I have wanted to do to since about the first month of owning it...throwing it off a cliff. ...more info
  • Delighted! (and disgusted...)
    i'm fairly meticulous when it comes to cleaning my house...i vacuum about three times a week. until ordering the bissell 3990 i'd been using a fairly cheap vac. i just finished using the bissell to clean my whole house (1500 sqft) and was DISGUSTED by all the bissell picked up! it was so impressive, but i felt sickened to think of all that had been just sitting in my carpet even though i was vacuuming so much!i had to empty the dirt chamber THREE TIMES while cleaning, which is not a complaint about the size of the chamber, but shocking about what was in my carpet! the 3990 is significantly heavier than my old vac, but not cumbersom. it maneuvers very well. the attachments are fantastic and i put them all to use. assembly was quite simple with some help from the enclosed directions. for such a well priced model, i was thrilled, and free shipping! i definately reccommend this vacuum! ...more info
  • works great
    I love this vacuum cleaner. It picks up everything and cleans all floors. I have mostly hard wood floors and a few rooms with carpet. It is easy to switch the rollers off and on and cleans all my floors. I would recommend this product!

    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    My brother and I love this vacuum cleaner!! It works really well on our wood floor as well as our carpet. It's really easy to use, and I actually feel like my floor is clean when I am done using it. Sometimes I have to re-vacuum the wood floor area twice where the cat litter box is, but it is a small complaint compared to how great it has worked for us! ...more info
  • Bissell 3990
    The Bissell 3990 has vaey good suction and is sooo much quieter than my old vaccuum. I'm happy with my purchase....more info
  • Bissell 3990
    I purchased the Bissell 3990 Total Floors Vacuum because my older model bissell has about kicked the bucket. I have 2 very large dogs and 4 cats, all short haired. Also, I have a 2300 sq ft home which is half medium pile carpet and half hardwood floors. That being said, it isn't surprising that my priorities in a new vacuum included pet hair removal and multi-surface performance.

    Strengths: Assembly is very easy, requiring only 1 long philips screwdriver and takes about 10 minutes.I found that this vacuum is almost unnervingly good at pulling hair, dirt, and other unknown substances from your carpet. I vacuumed the living room, hallway, and bedrooms in my house daily. With the new vacuum, I did just the living room and it pulled up an entire container full of stuff out of my carpet! I was astounded and also a bit disturbed, because I had no idea that my carpets where that bad. This vacuum really impressed me. That being said, It also does a fine job on hardwood floors. The ability to turn off the brush and use only suction is quite useful for not pushing around dirt.
    The included TurboBrush is probably my favorite part of all. If you have ever tried vacuuming your couches with the wand attachments included with most vacuums you understand the PITA it can be. The Bissell includes a "turbo-brush" attachment with is basically a very small vacuum cleaner with a brush and suction enough that even the most tough pet hair is a breeze to get out. I love this attachment! It also works wonders on car interiors.

    Weaknesses- Of course, as much as I like this unit, it has some weaknesses as well. The first is probably a byproduct of one of it's strengths. This unit gets so much dirt that you will probably find yourself emptying the "tray" more than once per usage. This may be a negative to some people, but I much prefer to empty the container than have a bag which accumulates material over time, degrading performance. Also, this unit is quite top heavy, as was my old Bissell. You will find yourself pulling it over while using the wand attachment if your not careful. Other than that, I couldn't find any other problems with this vacuum.

    For the price, you'll not find a better vacuum. I'm very happy....more info
  • great product
    Light powerfull and easy to use. Had a Hoover upright self propelled and the Bissell is much easier to use.b...more info
  • All-Around good vacuum cleaner
    This product arrived promptly, intact, was elementarily easy to assemble, isn't massively loud, filter and bagless container easy to clean out, the price was very reasonable(although I don't know what the competition is out there with vacuum cleaners), and bottom line an All-Around good vacuum cleaner....more info
  • A Terrific Machine
    I just bought this vacuum and love it.

    I bought a Bissel Momentum for my Dad (3910) a year ago and my mother has the even cheaper Bissel Powerforce Turbo (6596) . All are very good but this Bissel Velocity is the best by a significant margin.

    Another reviewer stated that the dual cyclone feature lets more dust settle in the cup and less in the pre-motor foam filter (which needs to be cleaned regularly). This is ABSOLUTELY true! I felt I needed to clean the foam filter on the Momentum each time I used it. This one? About every 3rd or 4th cup filled with dirt & dust.

    I'm morbidly fascinated with the amount of dirt this machine pulls out of my clean-looking carpets. Who needs a $400+ vacuum cleaner when this things does such an amazing job? I'm a single guy and I actually look forward to vacuuming now.

    Downsides of this machine is weight (mine weighs 20lbs ... I checked) and you need to keep the area where the (large) cup slides in clean to make sure it fits and seals correctly. However, the inner `cyclone' cylinder twists out easily for washing and then this whole area is easy to clean with a sponge.

    The turbo brush works well ... but you can't work it too hard or you will get the `melting' that others here complain about. Most of the complaints I see about this and other Bissels look like abuse or at least `operator-error' to me.
    ...more info
  • Bissell does not back this product; did not work on arrival!
    I read all the reviews before finally deciding to purchase this vacuum cleaner. After using it a few times and thinking it was not very effective, I realized the rotating brush did not rotate. I called Bissell and they wanted me to pay for a new brush even though I had only had the vacuum for a month, because "the brush is a wear and tear item and not covered by the warranty." I insisted on speaking with a manager because I couldn't see how my brush could be damaged by "wear and tear" in only a month, and was finally told they would send me a new brush. In 7-10 business days. So I can't vacuum my floors for 7-10 days. With 5 cats and a newborn, this is not acceptable to me. My advice would be to buy from another manufacturer. I don't feel Bissell was very willing to help me with their defective product....more info
  • Don't buy over the internet!!
    Trust the negative reviews, the vacuum came broken to my door. They do not pack it in anything other than what you would grab it off the shelf at walmart. No stirofoam or any protectant. The side of the box got smooshed and so did the vacuum. Whole bottom left side was broken off. Amazon is good to take it back however it takes up to 4 weeks to get your money back. What am I going to do until them with no good vacuum? Trust me, I decided to chance it, I recommend if you want this vacuum, get it at the store, even if you have to pay more. ...more info
  • Awesome bagless
    Emptying the bucket isn't quite as clean as I heard, but it's pretty darn nice. It doesn't cause much more dust than changing a bag in a normal vacuum. The power is super, and the handtools are very sturdy and convenient. It was worth buying it from was chizeap!...more info
  • Very happy
    Vacuumed my living room area rug and ended up with a cat's worth of hair that must've been in that carpet some time that my recent vacuum did not pick up. Air even seems cleaner....very happy....more info
  • Solid, inexpensive vaccum
    Strong suction, easy to use, inexpensive. Cool. Would be 5 stars if the container would hold more 'stuff'. I have to empty it typically once before I'm done with my house. Which means its working well!

    I came from a bagged low-end hoover. This is far superior, and the HEPA filter really keeps the air cleaner as I use it....more info
  • Vacumn happy
    Very pleased with function of this Vacumn. I read every review I could before I purchased, went to retail stores to compare the only negative thing I agree with is that is a little hard to manuever,(it is heavy, thus 4 stars) but all the positive things outweigh that. We have 2 cats & I never felt my previous vacumn was getting things clean. Amazon's price and quick delivery is the best and I have purchased many,many things thru them....more info
  • BROKEN upon arrival
    Well, I have had the worst luck with vacuums for the past FOREVER! I can never find one that has good suction, or that lasts longer than a few months before it burns up the motor. Well, I as so excited about this one, with the other good reviews. BUT I dont know how well it works because when I opened it today it was already broken. Now i understand that UPS probably had a bit to do with it, but it seemed to be well packaged, however on the base by the on off switch there was a big piece of the plastic missing and left the space jagged and sharp, and on top of the base was a crack all the way thru. So, how durable is it? My guess not great if it could be this badly broken during shipping. I am supposed to be getting a replacement, so hopefully I can write back with a better review after using it a couple months....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price
    Very Modern Look
    Great for Carpet and Hardwood
    Long Power Cord
    Rolls easily

    Make slight whistling sound
    Some plastic parts are fragile

    I bought this vacuum cleaner for my wife because we were moving into a new home that was larger than the place we were renting and also had carpet. So far, we both are very pleased with the purchase.

    The vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to use and is very lightweiht. It rolls forward on carpet easily and does not require a lot of energy to do large rooms. The bagless design is nice and you can really see the dirt it picks up. I also noticed that when it is being used, you can feel a deep vibration in the carpet so I know it is getting quite a bit of penetration.

    Another nice feature is the attachments. The small brush in particular does a really good job on suede and micro-fiber.

    Overall, this is a really good vacuum and is well worth the money....more info
  • The best vacuum
    This is one powerful piece of hardware. I cleans the carpets really well. The power cord is extra long. The handle is ergonomically designed. Motor assisted wheels are great, did not have to push it, just moves forward. No bags, you can see the dirt it has collected in the plastic cup.

    ...more info
  • Dyson V. Bissell 3990
    I have had a dyson for about three years and I love it. I needed another vacuum for my basement and didn't want to spend the money again.

    The Bissell has more suction on carpet and bare floors than my dyson. This really fluffed up my matted carpets. The hose suction isn't as good as my dyson and some plastic broke on it when I was putting it together. It is easier to empty the dust cup on the bissell, but the dust cup isn't as big. Overall I'm very pleased with the Bissell. ...more info
    This vacuum is well worth the money. In fact, it is worth more. The fact that one can turn off the roller in the vacuum allows it to really suction the dirt off of a bare floor. Also, there is an easy to empty dirt receptacle, multiple level floor heighth adjustment, and sturdy tubing for cleaning hard to reach spots. I was really satisfied with this product that a few of my friends have purchased it as well. It is well made and does not feel cheap in any way!...more info
  • Good economical vac
    I purchased the Total Floors Velocity from Amazon after reading reviews online, and trying to find this model at my local Target (they did not have it). I was somewhat anxious because I wouldn't typically ship a large/heavy/awkward product such as a vacuum, but it survived fine, and arrived several days before Christmas. I was looking for a vac that worked on both carpet and hard surfaces, had a HEPA filter, was good with pet hair, had a decent cord length, and wasn't too heavy (but not too flimsy, either), and cost less than $200. After reading reviews of various brands and models, I decided this vac was the best match. In the past, I have typically used canister vacs and those loud, red, upright vacs all schools seem to have (usually with a magnet on the front). My favorite attachment is the TurboBrush upholstery accessory. Not having experience with "normal vacuums," I'm not sure if this is common or not, but it's new and exciting to me. I have two cats, and find it much easier to clean up after them. Litter, fur, and stray cat food all come up easily, and my house "feels" much cleaner now. (Most of my house is hardwoods and tiled floors, but two of their favorite rooms are carpeted.) The suction is strong, even on the "shag carpet" setting. Because I have so many (cold!) hard surfaces, I have a lot of rugs, and have to turn off the beater bar (another nice feature of this vac) which greatly reduces consumption of the rugs. The dirt container is easy to open, empty, and replace, but I wish it was easier to clean. All in all, I am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Dyson Who????
    Okay I may be a little frantic while writing this, however this is the best vacuum that I have purchased so far. I received the vacuum about a week ago and I couldn't wait to begin using it.My carpets were long over do for a good vacuuming since my parents banned me from there Dyson (I loved it so much I had problem with returning it)

    I originally thought that the Dyson was the best vacuum ever, but after reading all of the rave reviews on this thing I decided to get it, not to mention the price difference between the two. This vac worked so well on both my carpet and travertine, I had to make my small poodle go into another room, as I thought the vacuum may have sucked him up as well:) My only hang up with this vac is the weight, this thing is truly old school, and you will definitely get your work-out on while vacuuming....I guess you can't have it all!
    ...more info
  • Pick something more durable
    I ordered this Bissell model based on the reviews and good price. Unfortunately, the first one arrived with a crack in the plastic housing. I returned it for a replacement, and the new one's housing was cracked even worse. Very disappointing and time-wasting experience! I'm going to buy a different model - the plastic construction on this one is just too cheap and flimsy....more info
  • Great Value
    I went back and forth on which vacuum to buy and how much I needed to spend on a vacuum to get something quality. I knew that I wanted a bagless vacuum and that I didn't want to spend $500. Many reviews offered conflicting opinions so I bought consumer reports. Consumer reports was no help at all because they hardly reviewed any bagless uprights. Anyway, I finally settled on this vacuum mostly because the draw backs people had written about were drawbacks I could handle. I was pleasantly surprised. The vacuum does a great job. It was easy to assemble, easy to store, easy to empty. It comes with great attachments. It was easy enough to maneuver and easy on my boyfriend's allergies. It isn't exceptionally light and it does make noise while I'm using it but I think those things are to be expected in a vacuum. My parents bought a $900 vacuum and mine works just as well if not better. ...more info
  • Can't go wrong with a good thing !
    The first thing I want to say is Amazon shipped our sweeper really fast...we are impressed! We were not sure about a bagless sweeper but we tried it out right away and it did a great job. We have used it more than once and are really pleased. It was also easy to know how that works some times!!
    Doug and Jan...more info
  • Gets up the dirt
    This is a great value. I had a high dollar heavy vacuum cleaner which was supposed to be great on carpets and used it regularly for several years until it shorted out. We got new carpet in a remodeled house and had some issues with drywall dust that I thought our old vacuum had taken care of. The first time I used this one, I filled the canister with dust and fuzz solid to the top in EACH room. What a little powerhouse! Also I do not have the clouds of dust coming out of the bag because it is all completely sealed. The canister is very easy to empty (even my 4 year old can do it!), and all of the accessories are easy to use and store right on the vacuum. It is much lighter to use and I also love the long cord that goes with it. I have an 1800 sf house and only have to change plugs twice. The cord is easy to wind, doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it away. The only issue I had is the little mini vacuum head brush attachment does not swivel or bend, which makes it hard to use and impossible to lay flat to go under a sofa or bed. We have hardwood floors in much of the house and it does well on them, does not require anything but disengaging the brush and lowering the head, but just keep the head clean to keep from scratching the floor - there is not any padding on the vacuum head. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and have had it for almost 8 months with no problems....more info
  • Serious Vaccum
    I did a weeks worth of research for a home vaccum that had the skill of a Dyson vaccum at a moderate price. The Bissell 3990 is nothing short of amazing.
    * The wide angle is able to achieve more coverage than you think, and rotating brushes really help!!!!
    * This is the first time I have gotten a vaccum with a scatter-guard and it has been a huge plus on bare floors where my previous vaccums were more proficient at spraying dirt at my legs
    * The long chord is extremely useful for a small size home, I used to spend half my time unplugging my previous vaccum between power ports, the Bissell can cover about 2 rooms easily (an automatic cord rewinder could have been a good addition to the product).
    * The dual cyclonic action is really great, it sucks out dirt (quantities Id never imagined), however, the upper part of the dirt can collects some dirt while vaccuming which remains there and does not fall very easily on the removeable part of the dirct can and hence causes a little mess when you pull out the can to empty.
    * the upholstery hose has tremendous suction and stretches very long and with the attachments is very useful in cleaning stairs, since the vaccum in itself is very light - stretching the hose that extra distance causes stability issues on the vaccum causing it to fall sometimes

    Overall, I am very impressed with the vaccum, it is more than its value for money and I am more than willing to overlook the minor/ cosmetic issues. Thanks Bissell for a great product!!!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner I owned
    Bought this to replace an aging/dying Eureka Boss. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the sucking power of this vacuum cleaner. I went through the whole house, and had to take apart the cleaner twice as it was pulling in so much dust, that it was getting caked in it !. The bagless feature makes emptying it real easy. My old one had the filter inside the collection bag, which made emptying the bag a nightmare - with dust flying all around. But here, since the filter is separate, emptying the container is as simple as taking it out and turning it over. And since it is plastic, cleaning it is real easy as well.

    One note though - When the roller brush is on (for carpets) it tends to pull the vacuum cleaner away from you - some might find it difficult to manage since the cleaner by itself is a bit on the heavier side.

    Overall, a good value for the money that really works....more info
  • Dual cyclonic really works!
    Dual cyclonic really works. We tried a bissell clearview as our first bagless. It would collect tons of dust and hair around the filter. Yuck, who wants to deal with this. The filter clogged up quickly with a thick coat of gunk, it was hard to remove, hard to clean and generally a mess.

    Overall I don't see how most single cyclone vacuums are an improvement over bagged vacuums. You end up dealing with too much dust and spend too much time cleaning the vacuum.

    In comparison, the Bissell Velocity series is amazing. Vacuum anything, hair, dust, sand, you name it. Amazingly it gets collected in the basket and not on the filter. I've used it heavily over the course of a week, with countless baskets being emptied. The filter has a consistent coloring of dust, but I wouldn't even call it a coating. Its just a little colored. No need to clean it or anything else on the vacuum anytime soon. And when it is time to clean the filter, its really easy to get it out and rinse it in water, unlike the Clearview which was much messier.

    The vacuum I bought is the 3990-2, it has an indicator to tell you when suction has been reduced so you should clean the filter (nice!), and it has a light to let you know if you're sucking up dirt (can be useful).

    Its nice to be able to turn off the beater bar.

    My biggest concern is the beater bar. The bristles on the brush are VERY stiff and the brush by default sticks way down below the vacuum. The end result is that if feels like the vacuum is ripping my carpet apart. No matter how many times I vacuum a particular spot, it comes up with a bucket full of carpet fibers. Eventually there won't be any carpet left. I even wonder if the dust is really carpet thats been sanded down by the sharp bristles.

    Other than that, it is powerful and extracts an amazing amount of dirt from the carpet.

    The first one we bought had a problem with the motor, it would stink very very badly with an electrical smell. Got another one without the smell. Bissell does have quality issues. We also tried a velocity not total floors. The basket would not seal well even when locked. The machine we ended up with doesn't have any issues (so far).

    Overall an amazing vacuum. I don't see any other reasonable alternative other than a Dyson....more info
  • Super deal! Great product!
    Purchased this vacuum after reading several reviews. I am pleased with the vacuum. It was easy to put together and does a great job!...more info
  • Bissell is better than Dyson
    I can't beilieve the power of this vaccume. It is the best. You wont be sorry....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this vacuum after my old Eureka died out on me. I had thought about the Dyson, but after reading some of the reviews here, not to mention the significant price difference, I decided to go for this vacuum. I am so glad I made the decision to do so. I've owned this vacuum for almost 9 months now and it works great. Its suction is fantastic, it literally pulls things towards itself not just dirt but coins, small buttons, cereal, leaves, etc. Like other reviewers I couldn't believe the amount of dirt it pulled out of what I thought were clean carpets. It does an excellent job on wood floors too. The vacuum sucks everything into the cup so there is hardly anything on the washable and reusable 1st stage filter. I haven't found a speck of dirt on the 2nd stage replaceable filter, and again that's after almost 9 months. I love the easy in and out dirt cup, and although there is alot of plastic, the look is nice too. The only negative thing is that there was a funny smell after I vacuumed the first time. I spoke with Bissell and they said it was the new vacuum smell and should go away after several uses. Is it just me, because I've never experienced "new vacuum" smell before. Anyway, the smell has died out considerably over usage. It is, however, not that big a deal compared to this vacuum's cleaning ability which is what I am basing the 5 star rating on....more info
  • A Real Piece of Junk !
    Received this item, opened the box, tried to assemble the parts and one of the wheels immediately fell off the vacuum ! The wheel would not stay fixed to the body.The vacuum is very poorly made with lots of cheap plastic parts.
    Not a bargain at any price ..A real piece of junk ....more info
  • Great vacuum at a good price
    I have purcahsed this vacuum a few months ago and love it.

    I was amazed at the amount of junk it sucked up that our other vacuum missed. I vacuumed with the old vacuum, then this back to back. The stuff it still pulled up boggled my mind. Our carpet looks great after vacuuming, and it sucks up all the little bits of litter the cat kicks out, lol.

    I do not have any stairs, so I cannot comment on its weight or lugging it up and down stairs......more info
  • A few caveats for a decent vacuum
    Just bought this vacuum when my Dyson DC07 finally died. It was out of warranty, and the repair costs were the same price as this new vacuum. It had gotten several good online reviews, and I could afford it (and I needed a vacuum), so I took the plunge.

    First of all, it does a pretty good job of cleaning, from what I can tell. You'd think that any vacuum should be able to suck up dirt/hair/debris, so the rest is fit and finish, and since vacuuming is a chore to begin with, you want it to be as pleasant as possible.

    Its lightness is refreshing from the incredibly heavy Dyson it replaces, but there's a catch with the lightness. The brush (aka beater) bar runs at such a high velocity, the machine is practically self-propelled. The problem is that it will not stay in one place sometimes long enough to pull up as it should (having two dogs and a dark colored carpet, I can actually see how it compares, performance-wise). So you have to be disciplined about keeping it moving slower than it wants to.

    The other things that are somewhat aggravating:

    The brush (aka beater) bar: it runs fast all the time and is way too stiff. You need to be REALLY aware of when you are near the edge of an area rug, otherwise you will hear that telltale "ZORP!" and a frayed corner will spit back out. This will even happen on edges of area rugs, a new one by me. The Dyson's bar floor setting did a great job of getting the brush out of the way of anything on the floor with enough clearance. With the Bissell, you'll still be getting some brush bar contact on bare floor setting. Since the Bissell's hand turbo tool they provide also seems to have the same bristles, I am wary of getting it near anything but toughest carpet, for fear of ruining the finish.

    The plastic: wow, this things has a LOT of plastic. I always thought my Dyson was a huge vacuum, but now that I have something to set it side-by-side, I realize that the weight in the handle and base meant they could make it smaller. this thing is WIDE. they advertise that as a feature, but i'd give up the width for some tighter handling.

    The cord: not bad, but the way it's handled is bizarre. First of all, the cord is attached very low on the vacuum. You wouldn't think it, but this means it really ends up being under your brush bar more than you like. When the cord comes out further up the handle, you are far less likely to run over your cord because it's that much further away from the base. My workaround is to string it through the main hole in the handle and knot it around the top cord hook, which works, but looks terrible and shouldn't be necessary. Plus, why would you only make the cord hooks a foot apart? I must have to wind the thing 30-40 times to get it wrapped up, and the more loops you have to do, the more likely the cord will twist INSIDE its rubber sheath over time, causing binds and that telltale "lumpiness" you sometimes see in old extension cords.

    Not all is bad though, at least for the price. The dust container is easy to empty and also lock in place. The hose, while not the longest I've used, is fair (but generates a LOT of static on its outside near the base of the unit). The Dyson taught me you actually don't want a hose that STRETCHES to a long length, you just want it to BE as long as you need it. otherwise, the more you stretch it, the more it becomes a spring and wants to snap back together on you. No idea why more vacuum makers don't include wheel locks when you need to have the base SIT STILL while you run around with the hose. Plus, I REALLY like how low profile the front of the vacuum can be. Dyson owners know, because of the way the base is shaped, you almost ALWAYS have to haul out the attachments to get under the lip of furniture past, say, six inches, but this unit does a way better job of getting under small areas. And I had forgotten, with the dyson, how much I miss having a light on the front of a vacuum. It gives you a good way to spot hair/dust that a normal overhead light won't give you. Finally, I like the fact that you can access BOTH filters easily (pre- and post-motor). The Dyson died because the filter UNDER the canister got black and clogged over time, eventually killing the motor by suffocating it. The instructions with the Dyson never even MENTIONED the existence of this filter, or that it would ever have to be replaced. Ironically, it took me buying this new vacuum to look for it, and lo and behold, I found out why my $500+ vacuum died.

    So, I give it an average rating. The biggest beef is that brush bar is so dangerous to the edges of area rugs (if you use this over regular wall-to-wall carpeting, you might never notice). Maybe the bristles will soften over time, but for now, be aware....more info
  • Disappointed
    I have an old Bissell Clearview vacuum that didn't have the power I needed or the ability to turn off the brush on hard floors so I ordered this vacuum as soon as it came out. The first one was damaged in shipping and smoked/smelled when I tried to use it. Amazon sent a replacement out quickly, but the second vacuum smoked like the first one. The belt had been put on wrong and snapped within five minutes. Bissell sent out a new belt but the burning plastic odor didn't go away. It does pick up dirt/dog hair better than the Clearview, but the Clearview is still used on days I can't put up with the odor. The instructions to put the belt on are not clear so you might want to check out the configuration before it breaks so you will know how to put on the new one. Very disappointed as I have liked other Bissell floor products....more info
  • Excellent power
    The bissell 3990 is an excellent value. Great power and does not leave
    a thing behind! Our best upright to date... The bagless compartment is rather small, and will fill up quick. If your looking for an upright
    vacuum to pick up a lot; this is it !! ...more info
    I'M STILL SMILING!!!! :)...more info
  • Bissell 3990. Like it a lot.
    My old vacuum finally died. I decided to switch from a canister to an upright. I love a bargain as well as a great product. Found both with this model. I even priced other stores! Best buy was right here.
    So, I spent the weekend vacuuming in places I've not vacuumed in years as well as those that get it regularly. This thing really picks up the dirt!! I was shocked at how many times I emptied the canister and I live in an apartment!
    Here's the dish:
    Nice styling. Nice color. Functional on board attachments. Cleans great. Easy to empty though some debris does get left behind. As with some other reviews, it is a bit top-heavy and can topple when you're using the hose. Good on floors, doesn't scatter. Dust filter you can wash! Hepa filter still in great shape! Finally took the whole front off and cleaned the inside according to directions (it was a breeze, bit messy though) Figured most of it was from the original first cleaning. It probably sucked up stuff the other never would. We'll see.
    So there are a few things that could be better but I love the way it cleans so it's worth it....more info
  • Not for Sissy's
    Let me start off by saying I think this is an excellent vacuum for the money and performs just as it's advertised. That being said I don't think this is a vacuum for everyone as my title implies. If your somewhat of the dainty side this is probably not the vacuum for you. Yes it's big and powerful with it's 15inch wide mouth and it's 12amp motor and so it's probably a little clumsy which most big and powerful things are. We bought this thing because of our two dogs one of which is a white shepherd who is always shedding and our bag replacing vacuum was getting a little expensive. Plus it was a pain changing the bag at least once a week. With the Bissell 3990 a simple flip of a lever and you remove the dirt container in a jiffy,empty,replace and your back in business. Who would be a perfect candidate for this vacuum? Anyone who needs a big powerful bagless vacuum that will more then do the job but who isn't afraid of a little work. I don't know what other reviewers were expecting but as far as I'm concerned this vacuum more then fulfilled my expectations therefore I think it deserves 5 stars....more info
  • Very good for the price!
    This is my first bagless & I like it. Great suction. It comes with a narrow crevice tool, extension wand, curved wand, & TurboBrush for stairs & upholstery. I use my small plastic floor tool & small floor/dust brush from my old vacuum more than the TurboBrush that came with the Bissell.

    The brush roller of the vacuum has an on/off foot pedal so you can turn the brush roller off when you clean bare floors or delicate surfaces. I used this feature several times & the vacuum cleaner belt broke. Don't know if turning the roller on & off is too strenuous for the belt or I happened to have a bad belt. Customer service was excellent when I called about it. They immediately sent a new pack of belts at no charge.

    I do empty the dirt container outside, but then I used to change the bags on my old vacuum outside, too. There is a certain perverse sense of satisfaction "seeing" all the dirt & debris that gets vacuumed up in the clear container. Also, if you accidentally vacuum an item you'd like to retrieve (like an earring), it's easier than a bag. It does seem to clean better than any bag vacuum I've had. It also pushes very easily.

    CONS: It is top-heavy & will tip when using hose if you're not careful, but doesn't tip as easily as the Kenmore I replaced it with. I put all my attachments in a bag rather than carry them on the vacuum.
    Doesn't come with small floor tool.
    I prefer my old, small, simple brush to the TurboBrush....more info
  • Awesome Power
    I read a lot of reviews before we bought this vacuum. Some good, some bad. Most of the bad was how heavy it was which I wasn't worried about since we were replacing a Kirby which weighs a ton! So we went for it. I love it, absolutely love it. We have a 3 story house with hardwoods downstairs and one area rug and all carpet upstairs and all berber carpet in the basement. It works great on all surfaces. We also have a short haired dog and I love the turbo brush for the steps as well as the furniture. I also love the bagless canister so we can see how much dirt we are getting up, and boy does it suck up the dirt! We were disgusted at the amount of dirt that it got up!! We are getting ready to have our carpets cleaned so I will be interested to see how much it gets up after that. The attachments are easy to use and the brush is easy to turn on and off which is great when you are using the attachments. The hose for the attachments is kind of heavy but if you leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs it stretches great! I really love this vacuum and hope it holds up. I would definitely recommend it if you are not too worried about the weight. Which really isn't that bad. I'm 6 months pregnant and have been hauling it up and down the stairs with no problem. Hope this was helpful!...more info
  • Great vac,
    I wont reiterate what others have said, but I will say:

    1. I vacuumed a rug with my Hoover Windtunnel until the green light came on and I could not see anymore dog/cat hair, and then I vacuumed with the Bissell. Much to my surprise, the Bissell picked up even more pet hair and dirt! I never believed the hype, but it did what many have said it would.

    2. For those worried about the wheels scratching their wood floors, I had a spare belt from my Hoover Windtunnel laying around and I thought it just might fit onto the wheel on the Bissell, so I tried it. Sure enough it fit perfectly, so I went out and bought a second one. The large rear wheels on my Bissell are now scratch proof. :-) Now I have to work on something for the small wheels under the vacuum.

    I gave it four stars because I broke a belt the first time I used the vacuum when a long thread of a carpet got wrapped up onto the brush. I stopped the vac. in plenty of time, but the belt had already snapped, it seems kind of weak. ...more info
  • Just Fine
    I purchased this product as I have more tile floor space than I do carpet. It works wonderfully for both. I have no issues with spreading on the tile floor instead of picking up. It is heavy - I'm OK with that. The foot lever for changing level (1-7) tends to stick which is rather annoying. The brush on or off lever works fine....more info
    Literally, does not suck up much. Does okay on the carpet but just pushes stuff around on wood floors. I am VERY dissapointed. Listen to all the negative reviews and don't be fooled by the positive ones. They must not have ever owned a good vacuum that really does suck....more info
  • Love this Vacuum
    I love this vacuum! It has great power and suction. Replaced my Dyson with it and am so happy I did. Easy empty dirt cup and plenty of cord....more info
  • Wonderful vacuum!
    After only 3 years, our carpet was beginning to look like it needed replacement because it was so dirty. I decided to upgrade the vacuum to this model from a cheap-o Eureka, and I was absolutely blown away at how well this unit works! It pulled far more dirt, dust, and dog hair from the carpet than I could have imagined was in there, and even more than our steam cleaner was able to get! After a few passes with this Bissell, the carpet looked brand new again. The best $150 I have spent in a while!

    The bagless design is very nice, although when you go from a bad vacuum to such a good one, you'll find you need to empty the canister quite often until you get your floors clean.

    This unit also will work on hardwood and tile floors, which was a big selling point for me. And the long attachment hose is very handy.

    This unit far exceeded my expectations. It's very well built, is very powerful, and I don't think you could possibly do better for the price. 5-STARS!...more info
  • Wonerful Vacuum
    I love this vacuum! It works GREAT on any type of floor in my opinion. I have a dog and I couldn't believe how much hair was left on my carpet by my old Dirt Devil bagless vacuum. The Bissell practically propells itself with the brush rotation, so be prepared and hold on to the vacuum on carpet and bare floors. The light on the front is nice for seeing exactly where you are vacuuming. The attachments work well too. I used the small brush to remove dog hair from my couch and chair. I was impressed with how easily it sucked the hair from my furniture. I love the fact that I can turn the main brush motor off while I use the attachments. I've never owned a vacuum with that option, but I like it. I've used it on a couple of area rugs and it exceeded my expectations. My area rugs haven't looked this good since the day I brought them home from the store!! I feel that having the option to lower and raise the vacuum according to carpet height is also a plus. I have carpet and hardwood floors in my house. I can go from room to room and continue vacuuming making adjustments with just a few clicks. The cord is very long and also allows me the freedom to clean without constantly switching outlets.
    I do agree with some points brought up in the previous review. The hose for the attachments is rigid and usually pulls the vacuum body toward you when using the attachment, so don't go too far. I'm hoping that this is due to the vacuum being new. The vacuum itself is also heavy so if you need to use it on stairs, keep this in mind. I also found the vacuum quite easy to assemble. I did a lot of review reading on Amazon before purchasing this vacuum and I'm not disappointed in the least. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone, especially if you have pets! ...more info
  • Great if you've got more carpet than hard floors...
    I bought this vacuum when I was looking to replace my old canister vacuum. We have hardwood throughout our house, and tile in the bathrooms and kitchen. We don't have any carpeted rooms, but we do have a couple of area rugs. One of the biggest reasons I chose this vacuum is that I was confident it'd clean the area rugs, which seem to be the main play areas for my toddler.

    I have to agree with other reviewers in that this product does an AMAZING job on carpets. I vacuumed the area rug in our living room, which I had vacuumed a couple of days earlier with the canister vac, and could not believe how much dirt and dust I vacuumed up - more than half of the cup was full! However, I am having a little trouble adjusting to using such a large vacuum on the hardwood and tile floors. Unlike the canister vac, which fit easily into and under tight spaces for cleaning, this is just so clunky. It works well and I certainly feel like my floors are clean, it's just a lot less convenient to use on hard floors.

    - incredible sucking power: you won't believe how much dirt and dust are on your floors!
    - great on carpet/area rugs
    - easy to empty the dirt catching cup
    - long cord
    - good directions for putting together and operating the appliance

    - the cord comes straight out of the middle of the back of the vacuum, so I'm always tripping over it; I end up having to hold it up in one hand while I vacuum with the other, which doesn't leave me with a free hand to move things I want to vacuum under
    - very heavy: I ended up leaving my old canister vac upstairs just so I don't have to lug this one up the stairs all the time
    - the hose: when you unattach it from the vacuum to use with one of the other hose attachments, it does stretch, but it generally pulls the vacuum along with it
    - width of the canister: because the body of the vacuum is so big, I can't vacuum under buffets I have that are about a foot and a half off the ground, even kitchen and dining room chairs have to be moved totally out of the way
    - not good on stairs: just too difficult to do with the hose because it does not stretch all the way to the top of the stairs

    I think that if you have more carpet than hard floors, you'll be very happy with this vacuum. If you've got more hard floors than carpet, however, you might be better off looking into a canister vac that'd be easier to maneuver, but still powerful enough to use on the area rugs or carpeted areas....more info
  • I think my cleaning Lady approves
    In all honesty, I haven't used the machine - in the traditional sense. I DID put it together, however, and that was easy enough (takes 10-15 minutes, tops). I also ran the machine over a sample spot and it seemed to work well - I could see the pattern on the rug.

    When I came home after the first time my Cleaning Person used it, I noticed the pattern on the entire rug area and it looked like it had done some serious cleaning. The multiple settings allow you to cover both wood floors and rugs, which I like. While I should fully test it out myself, for now it looks good, my rug was definitely cleaner and my Cleanign Person had no complaints. Bissell and I are good right now. ...more info
  • Major disappointment
    I bought this after reading all the great reviews on the vacuum. I couldn't wait to see what this highly rated item would do to my carpets and floors. However, I was in for a mighty disappointment. I could never get the green airflow indicator to show more than a teeny tiny bit. Could have been shyness but it was very frustrating. I called Bissell and after some discussion and experiments (including taking all sorts of pipes off that were really difficult to get back on) we decided that the vacuum was faulty. I am now waiting for my replacement hoping that this one is more confident and less deficient in sucking power....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We have used Hoovers in my family ever since I can remember (I am 41 years old) so thats a lot of Vacuums. But after my last purchase of the Hoover U5753900 for my parents and in laws, after good reviews from Consumer Reports, I was a little disappointed.

    I loved the dirt sensor feature on that vacuum that would tell me where to vacuum more and I wanted the same type of a vacuum for my home some time in the future. However what held me back was the problem with the emptying, it was a total mess.

    You needed to take the top off, dump the contents, not easy when there is a hole in the side, then you would need to put your had in to slide out the plastic piece between the 2 compartments and then take out the hepa filter by taking it off the center bracket and then shaking it or hitting it against something to clean it. Then repeat the process to put everything back vacuum again. Needless to say bagless meant nothing to Hoover except a sales ploy as I would end up getting dirt all over the place and myself.

    So for the last year or so I have been looking for a Vacuum, reading Consumer Reports and reviews on Amazon for the best one. I wanted something that was bagless, easy to clean and had a dirt sensor. I was tempted to purchase the Dyson (not highly rated in Consumer Reports), and then the Windtunnel 2 from Hoover. Although this one WAS highly rated in Consumer Reports the reviews from actual users gave another story on Amazon. The main problem being the rotating self cleaning HEPA filter would break.

    Well anyway back to this vacuum, I came across it reading about it from the Amazon reviews and was interested to see what this was like. I decided to look at Walmart and Best Buy and I was surprised how easily the dirt container could be taken out, it just slides out like a coffee pot. You then just take it to the garbage and turn it upside down.... YOU'RE DONE!!!

    I was amazed that the engineers in Hoover still could not figure out a simple way to do this. When I was looking around I looked at the new Hoovers they looked nicer but the emptying was again a problem, you had to grab a little lever once the container was out and pull on it so the bottom would drop down. That wasn't easy to do if you're holding it with one hand and pulling on a lever with the other one, in fact the bottom lid flipped down and flew off when I tried half the time I tried in the store. On top of that you would have to use your hand to close the lid, which again would get dirt on your hands. So whats the use of a drop down bottom lid if you will get dirty????

    Well anyway when I went to Best Buy after Walmart to see other models I was met in the Vacuum department by a pretty little lady who was out at the store showing off the new Hoover Models. I tried to avoid her so as not to hear a sales pitch but sadly since I was the only person in that section I did not have much hope. She showed me her latest vacuum which had just come out a week ago a nice red looking one (not sure about the model) but it looked similar to the other Hoover with bottom opening lids.

    She showed me the Vacuum and explained to me that Hoover and Dirt Devil were bought out by the same company and were now one (although they may still be branded separately) and their new products were now better as Hoover had lost a lot of customers due to their lack of care for consumers and was a 500 Million dollar company instead of 800 Million before the buyout. Very interesting..... so I was not the only person noting Hoover products had a problem especially in design.

    She also informed me another problem with the Hoovers was the belt would always break, boy did I know that from experience, thats why Hoover was giving away free belts for a lifetime with some models (that doesn't help you too much when you need to have it replaced immediately. I would figure most people would just pick one up from from Walmart instead of contacting customer support for a new one, especially when you're are in a hurry.

    She informed me that the new products now worked great and were ergonomic and nicer to look to look at. She then showed me the dirt container and how easily the bottom would drop down.... she pulled on the lever a few times and had to shake it a bit before the lid dropped, needless to say if this had been full of dirt this would have made a mess, great work Hoover!

    She explained to me this must be a defective unit, I explained to her not really as the other ones with the bottom drop down lid had the same problem from what I had seen in the other stores. She still tried to sell me this new vacuum showing me how easy it was to lift, until the handle flew off!

    Well after that I thanked her and picked up a Bissel Total Floors Velocity 3990-2 and left for home.

    After coming home and unpacking the box, it took me 10 minutes or so to put 3 screws in and then I vacuumed.

    Boy was I surprised although it was as heavy as my Hoover it was much quieter, it seemed to be picking up a lot even though I had vacuumed with my Hoover the night before. It also had a Dirt Sensor!! and a flow meter!! also the cord was very long 30-35 feet and the best part was dumping the dirt from the collection tray, you just turned the container upside down! Also when vacuuming I did not smell a strange odor as I did with my old Windtunnel Hoover. To top it off it has a very easy to remove HEPA filter but before dirt can even get to it there is even a washable pre-filter.

    I am SOLD!!!

    I am not sure if i will note any problems in the future but just in case I purchased an extended warranty from Best Buy for $20.00 for 4 years.... who knows...

    Anyway I still feel a little guilty changing from Hoover to Bissell, but again I did not want to spend money on something that was hard to clean and had problems with belts.

    Maybe in the future if Hoover sorts things out I may purchase one of their products again, but for now I am overjoyed with this product. Anyway I hope this review helps others out there. Just remember to look before you buy and not just go on reviews from me or others, and who knows you may come across the Hoover Lady and she can show you the new Hoover Vacuums :)

    ...more info
  • Powerful
    Excellent cleaning power. Shocking how much came off a clean looking rug. Cleanup with a baggless is a little extra effort but you never have to worry about running out of bags and you can easily see how much dirt was picked up. I clean up after every use. ...more info
  • Maybe I got a lemon....
    I bought this for our cabin. We have both carpet and bare floors and two dogs. Initially, it seemed like it was doing a great job. Within a week I noticed that it wasn't picking up on the bare floors and it was leaving little piles of hair and dirt that it spit out the sides. I frequently changed the collection container, washed out the filter and turned it over to make sure nothing was stuck. Alas, it's just a piece of junk! ...more info
  • For the Price, It works wonders
    I would definitely compare this to the Dyson vacuum. Although the next vacuum I would purchase would be the Dyson, being tight on cash but wanting a vacuum that had good sucking power, especially for pet hair led me to this vacuum. It wasn't too hard to assemble and I'm amazed every time I use it and listen to it suck up dirt and watch it suck up dog hair. It leaves my floor clean the tools are just as great. It is good on hard wood floors allowing you to turn off the brush and easily change the height of the brush. ...more info
  • Great value for the money
    Great vacuum, good suction, easy to use. Love the turbo attachment - does a great job with cat hair on upholstered furniture....more info
  • Vacuum Smells
    I did a little research before purchasing a new vacuum. I previously had a Phantom that worked wonderfully for 8 years and with seven dogs. When my Phantom began slowing down, I decided to purchase the Bissell Velocity vacuum because of the nearly perfect reviews. Let me tell you, I really dislike this vacuum! I spend way too much time vacuuming the same areas over and over again because it doesn't want to pick up stuff, especially dog hair. All it does is push the dog hair around into a group of clumps that I have to pick up by hand and throw away. But the worst problem is the smell. There is a distinctive electrical smell that I noticed from day one everytime I vacuum. There's obviously some sort of internal problem. I've had the vacuum for about four weeks now. I have a feeling that I'll be lucky if it lasts 3 months. Either the vacuum is defective, it just doesn't work as well as the reviews say, or maybe it got damaged while arriving to my house. I noticed that Amazon just stuck a mailing label on the Bissell box and mailed it. There was no attempt to wrap the box to protect it from bumps along its journey. If you are going to buy this vacuum, buy it at a local store and eliminate the possibility of it being damaged in the mail.

    Update: Amazon exchanged my vacuum for another one. The second vacuum doesn't have the electrical smell, so it looks like the original vacuum was defective afterall. Unfortunately, the problem with picking up debris and dog hair still exists. This vacuum just isn't meant for homes with numerous shedding pets that are constantly tracking in dirt and leaves. ...more info
  • I'm Pleased With It
    I had an earlier version of this vacuum, a Clearview, Clearvision, Clear...something like that, and was not happy with it. It did not vacuum well. The upright pedal broke and I decided to replace it. I am not sure why I bought a similiar later model other than I was familiar with how it worked. But I am glad I did. This model is heavier and feels more solid, more substantial. It vacuums much better than the other, especially with the hose when I clean the car. It has the features I wanted. It lays flat. It has a foot pedal to shut off the roller when vacuuming hardwood floors. It has a foot pedal to adjust the roller height, but I need my glasses to see what number I'm on. I thought at first that connecting the hose back on to the body was tricky, but it isn't, you get used to it. It needs to be emptied after each use, but that is easy. I like the feel of the handle. It was easy to put together.

    I have no complaints, only minor quibbles: The on/off switch could be closer to the handle in case a quick shut off is needed. There is a cylinder in the dirt container that may be there for some suction reason, but in my view it just takes up space. I am careful when I use the foot pedals to adjust the elevation and shut off the roller. The cord seems a bit long. Make of that what you will.

    I grew up with one vacuum cleaner in my life, a solid full metal Kirby. Those days are over. How long will this one hold up? Will it be worth fixing when it breaks? Who knows? That is why I gave it Four Stars. Time will tell. But I like this one. It works well. I've had it for a couple of months now....more info
  • You'll be amazed at how much this product sucks!!!
    I just got my Bissell total floors vacuum this morning and so far I love it! It was not too difficult to put together - took about 10-15 minutes. It feels very substantial unlike Bissell vacuums I have owned in the past. I immediately vacuumed my living room and hall way and the canister was completely full of dust and dirt - I just vacuumed the day before yesterday! I have owned a Bissell carpet cleaner, little green steamer, and two vacuums and I haven't been very impressed until now. I planned on buying a Hoover until I saw all the wonderful reveiws on this machine (plus it's cuter than the hoover - sorry). I'll update this review if I have any bad experiences but so far so good!...more info
  • Not great in the real world
    I bought this vacuum because of the great reviews. After using it for a month, I wish I could return it because I really hate it. I used to think that the only people who wrote bad reviews were malcontents with nothing better to do. But I must give this vacuum a bad review.

    1. Suction is great (so far)
    2. It does work well on both carpet and hard surfaces

    1. It's very heavy. I'm not a wimp -- I live on a farm and am used to doing chores -- but this vacuum is heavy, clunky and doesn't handle well, especially on stairs.
    2. It can't clean UNDER anything because the canister is so big that it won't allow the vacuum to slide more than a few inches under anything. What is the point of the handle dropping down if the vacuum is too big to fit under anything? (It hits all our furniture right at the light which sticks up when the handle is dropped -- look at a photo to see what I mean.)
    3. When you take off the tube to clean with an attachment, and then you put it back on the vacuum to use it in the upright position, it often comes loose. Several times I noticed that it wasn't picking up anything, only to realize that the tube had come loose. Annoying.
    4. The curved handle of the attachment tube is awkward. Why is it curved?
    5. It's loud

    The only way I would recommend this vacuum is if you were planning to clean an empty room. The suction is good and it does get the floors clean. But for cleaning in the real world where one needs to carry the vacuum around and there are things to clean around and under, I would never buy this vacuum again.


    UPDATE: At less than 1 year old, this vacuum is completely useless. The brush doesn't spin on carpet anymore, and the suction is minimal even after emptying the dirt container. The plastic piece which the cord wraps around broke after about two months, so now the cord is always falling all over the place. I'm going to attempt to have it fixed since it's still under warranty. If I ever get it working again I'll relegate it to the garage since I got frustrated months ago and bought an Oreck which is amazing and feels like it will last 10+ years, unlike this piece-of-junk Bissell which lasted a month. I wish I could change my rating to zero stars!...more info
  • Great vacuum - worth every penny
    I did alot of research when my Kenmore died and deciced on this vacuum. It was a toss up between this and a WindTunnel and this one won out becuase of the option to turn off the beater bar to do the wood and tile floors in my home. The vacuum arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT!! It was simple to put together and works fabulous on both carpet and bare flooring. The ergonomic handle makes it really comfortable to use and emptying the canister is simple. I would highly recommend this vacuum!...more info
  • Great engineering
    The BISSELL 3990 is great - granted, I owned a piece of junk Hoover prior to purchase. The Bissel has exceeded expectations, leaves a new-vacuum smell in the room, sucks dirt from deep in the carpet, and is reasonably quiet. Very, very pleased so far. ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I bought this because I had to get a new vacuum. I don't have much time to clean up, so i figured that I would get a decent vacuum. I read a few reviews and researched a few vacuums and decided to get this one. I am very pleased with my purchase. This vacuum picked up dirt and fibers that I never knew that I had. My place feels a lot cleaner after vacuuming now. The HEPA filter works great too. The air doesn't smell like pet hair or dirt after vacuuming anymore. I have never used a Dyson, but I don't see how it could be better than this vacuum....more info
  • Loudest dust blower around!
    Should have taken this thing back right away. It is so horribly loud that it makes your ears ring from using it. The entire unit is covered in dust that escapes from it when vacuuming. It definatly sucks...and not in a good way!...more info
  • I couldn't possibly have that much dirt!!
    My family is getting tired of having to look at the bagless compartment that I pull out to constantly show them how much dirt came up. I just can't get over it. I am kind of grossed out that for the past 8 years I guess I have been using a vacuum with half the suction and my carpets were never REALLY clean. This vacuum is a little too heavy. I wish I could afford a 2nd one to keep on the 2nd floor!...more info
  • So far so good..
    Baught it about a month ago and it looks good so far. It's suction power is very good....more info
  • Easy to set up, easy & lightweight to use
    I had never owned a Bissell vacuum before and I was hesitant to purchase the product on-line. Some reviews indicated this was an excellent vacuum for a household with cat(s), so I opted for this model. I am very pleased with this vacuum for many reasons: from out of the box to being in use - 15 minutes of time; the vacuum is strong and almost self-propels itself across my berber carpet; the option of "turning off" the floor brush while using the attachments makes the attachments more desirable to use; and emptying the cup of dust and debris was easy too. I would recommend this vacuum....more info
  • excellent vac for a great price
    I spent alot of time reading reviews, checking consumer reports and finally decided this was the best vacuum for the price. I have 3 messy little kids, and vacuum daily. I had just vacuumed with my "old"(only 3 years old and falling apart) vacuum and then decided to purchase this one and try it out right away. I was shocked at how much my dirt devil bagless had NOT picked up. I LOVE MY BISSELL! its light weight-I was surprised that some think its heavy, the bigger head makes all the difference, it actually cleans all the way to the baseboards unlike my old one. Its awesome and I highly recommend it.oh and a bonus--with my old hose and attachments I could barely reach the ceiling (i'm 5'3) to get the cobwebs this one I have no problem with. I love the red and green lights that tell me when my floors are clean-it gets the kids to help!they like to push it around and wait for the green light to come on.
    great vacuum and I am very pleased with my purchase.
    ...more info
  • It really works great!!
    My friend and I each bought one the same day. She tried hers out and called me to tell me how embarrassed she was in the amount of debris picked up on what she thought was her already clean carpet! I then tried out mine. I was totally amazed with the worked beyond belief. I have a golden retriever and several cats and the amount of animal hair it picked up after I had already used my previous vaccuum left me speechless. So much so that my daughter actually vaccuumed again and then proceeded to vacuum her room as well as her sister's room, unheard of!! I highly recommend this product especially since my daughter informed me she will now take over the vaccuuming. The only negative about this vaccuum is that it's a little heavy when bringing upstairs but it's a small detriment overall....more info
    This Vacuum Cleaner is THE BEST! It picks up everything, makes your carpets look practically new! Not to mention the price! I LOVE IT!...more info
  • Lives up to the hipe!
    Definetley the best vacumn for the money! I was really considering the Dyson but after reading some reviews that it wasn't the best on tile floors, this quicly became the most recommended one out there! I can't believe the amount of dirt it picked up! WE LOVE iT!...more info
  • 2 cats and a tiny apartment
    I love, love, LOVE this vacuum!!! The suction on this vacuum is very powerful. I have two short hair cats that shed all over the place, the hair is light and easily gets imbedded into the carpet and furniture, its hard to get out with less powerful vacuums, but not this one! The rotating scrub bristle brush attachment is a dream for getting cat hair off of furniture.

    I have a black futon so pet hair really stands out on it. The vacuum will pick up virtually all of it except for a few straggler hairs. I used to have to buy sticky pet hair rollers and use the whole roll to clean off my couch, now I only use it to get off the maybe 2% of pet hair left behind after I vacuum it.

    The only con is that you have to be careful you don't have any loose small items on the floor, if the vacuum hits it it will suck it up! I was using the attachment when I accidentally sucked up one of my cats toys, it was a small sparkle ball. To my fortune, it didn't clog the vacuum, it just ended up in the waste container where I could just pick it out.

    I love this vacuum and is worth every penny I spent on it!...more info
  • Wonderful vaccum cleaner
    As other folks have mentioned, this vacuum cleaner is a little loud. It does a great job picking up the dirt, and I the brush attachment is the best I've ever had....more info
  • Bissell carpet cleaner
    Excellent cleaning power. Only negative for me was the weight of the unit. If you have two levels to clean the weight can be a problem.BISSELL 3990 Total Floors Velocity Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Cleans JUST LIKE the DC07 (yellow) Dyson
    Now, how would I know that? Because I've owned a Dyson for a few years. I wrote a glowing review for the Dyson. Go read that one, because it pretty much applies to this Bissel 3990.

    The Dyson was a little tricky to put together. This vacuum is a little tricky to put together. Read the instructions slowly.

    This vacuum cleans in the same manner as the Dyson. The results look identical. I say that due to examining the dirty cup contents, which I do frequently for entertainment purposes. The Dyson may never lose suction. but that doesn't mean it continues to pick up dirt. The Dyson has a bigger dirt container than this vacuum, roughly twice the size. But, the Bissel dirt container is much easier to dispose of. Very easy, in fact.

    The extension attachments on this vacuum are easier to use because it doesn't employ a stiff metal tube going through the extension hose like a Dyson.

    This is a cheap vacuum and looks cheap, but the Dyson is similarly cheap once you get well acquainted with it.

    So why would I buy this vacuum cleaner when I own a Dyson? I have to replace a part on the Dyson. And that happens a lot based on research I did. Clutch, power switch, belt = expensive Dyson repairs. The belt on the Bissel is user replaceable. Not the Dyson.

    Most of the positive reviews sound accurate to me. Review them with confidence.

    I've owned this for a couple of months now, and have put the Dyson repair on the back burner, which I didn't expect. I thought for sure I would miss it. In fact, the Bissel has been particularly useful in removing dust from my Dyson....more info
  • this thing sucks
    Pretty pleased with this vacumn, though I've only had it for about a month. I typically need to empty the container each use, but it is a 15 or 20 second operation, so I won't complain about that. I like the long cord and the attachments, it is fairly light compared to my previous one, and has great suction. Height adjustment is easy, and the beater bar disengagement is a nice feature. One concern I have is that even if I just used it, it will always accumulate a good amount of junk in the canister. I suspect that this junk is carpet fiber, so it may be pretty hard on my old carpet. We'll see how it holds up, but so far it's a keeper. ...more info
  • Bissell 3990 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    I spent the better part of a Sunday reviewing product features and comments before purchasing this vacuum cleaner. I agonized over forking out mega bucks for an Orek or Dyson but in the end went with the Amazon product views and have been amazed with how accurate they were. The 3990 is really impressive and was very easy to assemble. I, too had a full cannister and still do everytime I have vacuumed since I got it which amazes me. The stair turbo tool really does the job and the vacuum picks up lint & threads which my old one did not. My only complaint is the onboard attachment tool which is handy but inflexible so it is very difficult to try to clean ceiling fans, baseboards etc. with. All in all, I am most happy with my decision and most appreciative of other people's online evaluations....more info
  • So glad I purchased this vacuum.....
    It took me along time to decide and I relied heavily on the reviews here on Amazon, but after going back and forth between this one a slightly cheaper one I went with this one.
    I am so pleased with it. Looks great, works great, totally awesome. Overall a good experience after I got over the shock and horror of what was being pulled from my carpets. It was absoultely shocking....and completely horrifying.
    I can't compare to anything other than the dinosaur I was using but while I know it is a little heavy and a little loud, neither bothered me. The ergonomic design alleviated the weight and I couldn't care less about it being loud.
    Great purchase.......more info
  • Lives up to the good reviews

    This is a nice powerful bagless vacuum at a good price and a good weight. I've had no issues changing settings or using attachments. ...more info
  • OK the second time around
    The first vacuum shipped to us arrived damaged, but it was replaced quickly. This vacuum has a lot of useful features without being too heavy. Only problem is that the main hose has a weak connection to the main vacuum canister so you end up just getting a lot of dust in the air. ...more info
  • Incredible.
    I never thought I would write a review about a vacuum cleaner, but I felt compelled to let you know that this machine is wonderful. I am so glad I listened to the good reviews and made this purchase. It arrived today and I was so excited, I tried it out at 10:30pm. (Setup was easy - it took about 10 minutes to put together.) Scared at first that the neighbors might wake from the noise, I was pleasantly surprised by a very quiet sound and decided to put it to the test. With two kittens in the house, the area rug had become a magnet to their hair. Despite efforts to brush the hair off with a steel hand brush (in addition to using our previous vacuum cleaner), it was still almost completely covered. I ran the new vacuum machine over the rug and was absolutely shocked and appalled at the amount of hair lifted from the rug. Needless to say, it now seems cleaner, softer and brighter than before - it looks almost brand new again. Even better, it is virtually hair free (even after just a very light initial cleaning session). This truly is an amazing vacuum cleaner which I HIGHLY recommend. ...more info
  • Vacuuming impaired
    I hate to vacuum and when my Kenmore vacuum cleaner died I had no idea what to do. I read all of the customer reviews and the Bissell 3990 seemed impressive. It was damaged in shipping and withing a few weeks Bissell sent a new one to me. I am very impressed. My first time using the Bissell 3990 was a shocker the bagless container had to be emptied twice. My old vacuum cleaner didn't pick up much, apparently. Now, my floors are very clean, my allergies aren't as bad, and my carpet looks great. I would recommend this product to anyone looking in need of a really good, affordable vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Four cats - Five stars!
    I bought this a month ago after much research and have no regrets! This was to replace a cheap, canister-type Kenmore and an upright Kirby that my mother paid $800 for. It puts them both to shame!
    I am amazed every time I use it. I wasn't so surprised at how much it picked up the first time around, but subsequent uses really opened my eyes to how quickly cat hair, dander, and dirt accumulate.
    It is very light which is important to me due to a physical disability which limits my strength. Vacuuming is no longer the literal pain it has been for years.
    The TurboBrush is great for getting the cat hair off the furniture, and it is very easy to switch between the regular vacuum and attachments. I also love the option to turn off the beater brush so I can use it on bare floors.
    The dirt cup is easy to remove and empty and the washable filter is also easy to remove and replace.
    It does tip over easily when using attachments, but I avoid this by placing the back to a wall or piece of furniture. I don't consider this a problem.
    Assembly was slightly awkward, but if I can do it, anyone can. I'm sure it would have been easier if I'd had the proper size screwdriver.
    This is really the best vacuum I have ever used!
    And the price was certainly right!!

    After more than a year, I still have no real complaints. While under warranty, I put it in the shop because the red/green/black sensor was sticking between black and green no matter how clean the filters were and there were no clogs anywhere. When I asked the repairman what was wrong, he replied, "It's a Bissell. Other than that, nothing." Later I read somewhere that it just has this particular issue. Even when disassembled and cleaned by a professional, it did not go back to all green the way it had been when it was brand new. But now that I know not to expect it to, it isn't a problem. It is still picking up amazingly well and I still have no regrets! ...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum For Hardwood and Tile Floors
    I looked at about a dozen vacuums and finally settled on this one because I'm using it primarily on hardwood and tile floors. It sucks up EVERYTHING! It doesn't blow the dust and dirt around like my old vacuum. It has a special setting for non-carpet floors that works great. My wife really loves this thing. Our house is all hardwood or tile, but we do have a few area rugs. When we use it on the rugs, I'm amazed at the suction power it has. You really notice it when vacuuming an area rug because it will move the entire rug if you do not stand on one end. Sometimes it becomes a two person job, one to stand on the rug and the other to vacuum. Our old vacuum didn't even get the rug to budge. I would guess if you have regular carpet it would be great for that too.

    Bottom Line: Great vacuum overall and the best vacuum I've ever used on hardwood and tile floors....more info
  • Love it!!!
    I first started looking for a new vacuum when my Eureka died after 3 months of light use (thank a lot, Consumer Reports!). I'm not sure exactly how I found this one, but I LOVE IT!! I thought my house was pretty clean, but was SHOCKED at the amount of dust this vacuum pulled up the first time I used it, and everytime since. It really gets up that fine powdery dust that you don't see. Yes, you have to clean the filter often, but that just shows me how much it's working. I clean it almost everytime I use it, and it's very easy to clean. It's not too heavy, and I love the long cord. Changing the carpet height is very easy also. I'm confident it would compete well against my brother's $500 Dyson! At $140, you can't beat it!...more info
  • GREAT Vacuum for a GREAT Price!!!
    I've had this vacuum for about a month now, and love it. My carpet hasn't looked this great since it was new. Let me share my story though so none of you make the same mistake as me. I vacuumed my rug right when I got this. It looked great! Then I went to vacuum my white berber carpet in another room. Well I started seeing large streaks of dirt on it. So I thought GREAT the hose has a hole & it throwing the dirt back on the carpet. So I called Amazon, and it was going to take a while to get a replacement so I just went & bought the same vacuum at a retail store. So I come home, and to my surprise it's doing the SAME THING. Well what I figured out was that the large dirt streaks I was seeing was not where it was throwing dirt back on it. That's what it was pulling up! I just couldn't see it on the rug because it is dark colors, and the carpet is white so I could see it. I just kept going across it, and it finally got it all up. I kept the one from Amazon, and my sister-in-law bought the other one from me. I HIGHLY recommend this vacuum. Oh, and it only has 2 filters one on the motor you can wash, and a HEPA on the outside you have to replace. I used mine a month now, and the HEPA still looks clean (unlike my last one that had the HEPA inside the canister)....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    Love this vacuum -- best one I've ever had!! A little heavy & bulky, but performance wise, it's the best!! I have kinda high shag carpet & then bare floors as well & this vacuum picks up everything with ease!! No more bags is an added plus -- and you can see what's been picked up!!

    Guarenteed, you will love this vacuum!!...more info
  • Top-three at this price point
    I just received this yesterday. The vacuum is great. It distributes an interesting "new vacuum smell" when you use it, and it makes our carpet stand up and feel fresh to walk on. I was worried about the couple poor reviews, but I think this is in the top-three vacuums (if not the best) you can buy at this price point.

    This is one of Bissell's new models along with the more expensive and heavier Healthy Home version.

    - Good suction - saw a lot of dustballs, hair, and junk in the bin - only went over places once or twice at good speed
    - Average loudness
    - Average handling/size
    - Feels sturdy, looks spiffy, thoughtful engineering
    - ~ 19.7 pounds (about mid-range these days)
    - Seems to filter air well - no sneezing
    - Easy to empty and bagless
    - Easy height adjustment
    - Average easyness to turn off brush roll
    - Tools secure (make sure to seat the TurboBrush correctly)
    - Washable pre-engine filter
    - Really long cord, quick-release posts
    - Easy to open bottom and unroll extension cord tangled in roller (fortunately it was still working). Easy to see how to change the belt, too.

    - Takes 10 minutes to read instructions and put together
    - Pulling hose out to fit accessories takes finesse (get in position, twist/pull, try not to break plastic bracket when hose finally comes free)
    - Average hose length
    - Post-engine HEPA filter needs periodic replacement
    - Vacuum WILL suck up an extension cord around the roller
    - Lots of plastic
    - No variable power
    - Not too comfortable cleaning on hardwood floors because wheels are plastic, not enough rubber bumpers
    - Need a lightweight vac or longer hose if you really want to vacuum the bathroom ...
    - Really long cord takes 30-60 seconds to wind-up on the short space between the posts
    - A couple poor reviews
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum! Great Price!
    I have had 2 Oreck vacuums in the past 10 years. I liked them because they were light weight & I thought they were doing a good job. I'm not sure why I felt the need for another vacuum, maybe because the carpets still didn't look that great after I cleaned, but I began researching upright vacuums and finally settled on this Bissell Total Floors Bagless which cost half of what I paid for each of the Oreck's. It arrived last week & I was totally amazed by the amount of dirt and pet hair that it picked up only a day after using the Oreck!!!! I have one pet, a short haired cat and no children, so my house should not have gotten that dirty in one day! It had to be the vacuum. I also love the little Turbo brush for cleaning the upholstery. Does a great job! I'm so pleased that I decided to buy it. It is quite a bit heavier that the Oreck, but other than that, it's far superior in my opinion....more info
  • The best
    I love this's the best....I will always go with Bissel products, more power...worth the price ...more info
  • Broke the 3rd time I used it!
    The 3rd time I used this machine the plastic clip that holds the brush in place broke and then spit out ground up plastic all over the carpet. Unfortunately I couldn't vacuum this up because the vacuum no longer worked.

    It has now been in the repair shop for longer than I had it in my home.

    It was my 2st experience with a Bissell and will certainly be my very last!!! ...more info
  • Great vacuum at a great price!!
    After failed attempts to get a working vacuum at another online site, I checked out this one. It was not too expensive, which made me wonder if it would work. There was only one review at the time, and it was a great one. This thing really works! Like all the bagless you have to empty the dirt into the trash, but I'm wierd enough to enjoy it. It makes me feel like the vacuum is really working when I see all the gunk it picks up. Everytime I clean I am amazed. There is a small, washable filter that follows the area where you empty, and there is a filter that needs to be replaced when it is dirty that is after the washable. I figure if I keep it clean, nothing will get to the one that needs replaced. The cost of the filter is way less than bags were costing.

    The attachments are nice, and the spinner brush works well on the furniture and steps. It is propelled by the suction not with its own motor, so it isn't as strong as it could be - but it is what I expected and am happy with it.

    I have to say the only fault of the vacuum is the hose for the attachments. It would be nice if it would stretch to about 5 feet longer.

    Overall, though, best vacuum out there for the cost!...more info
  • Great Machine
    We are pleased with our new vacuum. It seems to get the job done and has been good on both our hardwood floors and rugs. It is a bit heavy, but since we live in a one story apartment that is not an issue for us. I dont think I would want to try and lug it up stairs. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I don't know how this product got 5 stars. My experience - I purchased this Vacuum cleaner in December 2006 and it has been the worst vacuum I have ever owned for several reasons. The hose is very difficult to attach in the proper place after using it. It is not even worth using the hose due to the fight getting it re-attached. Non-stop pain! It clogs constantly. Every day! The electrical cord is way TOO LONG. I spend the entire time moving the cord out of my way, so I can even sweep. The other half of the time is spent un-tangling the cord. Every time, I use it, there is a problem with it. It never works properly. I am very busy and don't have time to fiddle with these problems constantly. Then, yesterday after only owning the vacuum for only 3 months, it started smoking and the motor ceased. After taking it apart, there was absolutely no reason for the motor to die. I would like to be accommodated for this poor excuse of a vacuum, It was somewhat expensive and very poor quality. I'd expect better from a Bissell. For consumers reading this- Buy something better and beware this model comes in many colors, so it can be confusing.

    ...more info
  • Impressive!!
    My old vacuum bit the dust, time for a new one. I read reviews about Total Floors vacuum and thought I'd give this one a shot. My old vacuum can not hold a candle to this one. I have hard wood floors in my house with area rugs in just about every room. I was suprised when I vacuumed my first rug, I had to actually empty the dust container before I was done, it was that full of dog hair and dander.

    I love the Turbo brush for the furniture. It's small and it fits better in tight spots. I couldn't believe everything it was picking up. I can now say goodbye to my hand held dirt devil which did an ok job. This vacuum is the best.
    ...more info
  • I couldn't believe my eyes!
    We just put a 2nd floor addition on our house. With the exception of the bathroom and the laundry room, all of the rooms are carpet. After a few months of having to carry my Oreck up and down the stairs, I decided to buy a new vacuum. (I know the Oreck is only 8 lbs. but it was still a hassle)

    I knew I wanted a Bissell because I have the ProHeat SteamVac and I love it, so I figured I'd try a Bissell vacuum. I spent hours online comparing models and reading reviews. I finally took the plunge and bought the Total Floors Velocity. I couldn't wait to see how well it worked, or didn't work. I opened the box right away, had it fully assembled in under 10 minutes.

    I had vacuumed the living room with my Oreck the day before so I didn't think my carpet would be dirty. Well, let me tell you, this thing makes my $400.00 Oreck look bad! It picked up so much dust, dirt, dog hair, etc.... I couldn't believe my eyes! I went upstairs and vacuumed the carpet in my daughter's room. Around Christmas time, she had spilled some glitter on her carpet. I vacuum her carpet with the Oreck almost everyday. Well, the Bissell pulled up more glitter that the Oreck missed!

    These are my personal experiences, but now let me tell you about the pros and cons.


    Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

    14' hose will reach from the bottom of my stairs to the very top of my stairs.

    Powerful suction.

    Besides superior cleaning on carpets, it's also excellent on bare floors.

    Superior vacuum for the price.


    The switch that stops the brush from turning (for bare floor cleaning) it difficult to push down. I feel like I'm going to break it if I push down too hard.

    When using the hose with attachments, the vacuum tips over easily (but it's lightweight...I guess you can't have the best of both worlds!)

    ...more info
  • I'm impressed!
    This is a wonderful, high-quality vacuum at a great price! It is very powerful and will leave you disgusted to know how much junk was embedded in your carpet. It has a rather bright light on the front of it and a really long cord (I think it seems much longer than the average vac, but I might be wrong). I can plug it in in one outlet and nearly vacuum our entire 1,000 sq.ft. apartment. The assembly was not difficult at all. I definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Buy this one! You will be happy.
    This is a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner. It almost feels like it is self propelled. It will amaze you when you see what dust/dander/mites and who knows what used to be in your carpet. It even lets you know when the carpet/floor is clean. You can disengage the brush with a foot pedal. It has a brush height adjustment pedal. The hose extends past 6 feet and has a power brush wand. The filter system is one of the best. It has a 35 foot power cord and is very easy to manuever around. Emptying is easy.There is nothing negative I can say. It has replaced a 1 month old dirt devil(poc)that made my allergies go crazy. ...more info
  • my dog doesn't stand a chance against this vacuum!
    I love it!!! Easy to put together. Easy to operate. Picks up tons of dust and pet hair my other vacuum never touched.

    Absolutely worth every penny!!!...more info
  • Dyson almost had my money!
    I was in the market for a new sub$200 vacuum. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and needed something good for carpet and bare floors. I originally had the bissell clearview bagless which is horrible for bare floors and spits back small particles at your shins plus has very poor suction, so initially i was hesitant about another bissell. The other vacuum I have is the lightweight $69 Eureka with the loop handle with a brushroll off switch wich does a decent job but no height adjustment, blows air directly in front blowing away dirt that your trying to vacuum plus the filter gets extremely clogged and I have to scrape it clean with a fork. The worst part being smell of the filter once it goes bad it stays bad and fills the room with a nasty rotten smell. So, I purchased the new Dirt Devil Reaction,there's a foam filter preceding the hepa which is out of the way so figured less direct contact with debris. For the most part it did a decent job but no brushroll off switch-horrible on bare floors, bulky, short hose which is cumbersome to re-attach. After 1 vacuuming the foam filter had a nice thick layer of fine dust, the hepa filter seemd ok. Anyway returned it back to Target. Ok, so I start saving my money for a Dyson or maybe even the new Shark Infinity, figuring there's no sub $200 that will have the features i want.Then I saw the Bissell Healthy Home for $300. Looked like a Dyson ripoff to me but hey all the better! So as I was researching the healthy home i came across the Velocity total floors, bagless, foot-activated brushroll off and height, 14' hose, turbo brush, $cheap plus it's self propelled which is not advertised. I found it at Walmart. Let me tell you this vacuum picked up so much fine dust and hair it was gross! Afterwards I inspected the 2 filters, yes just 2, 1 pre-motor foam and the hepa! expecting to find the same dust layer as the Dirt Devil and my bissell clearview. As i pulled out the foam filter it was clean! How could that be?!Then I inspected the hepa filter expecting the inner side to be black. it was clean too! WTF? How could this vaucuum with just 2 filters have no dust on them? Watch the video on the Bissell website. The outer and inner cyclonic action works! The hose reached the top of my stairs too. Bare floors performance was exceptional. there's a rubber floating windshield like rubber strip which prevents spit back and the floors felt clean under my feet not dusty like the Eureka. The dust conatiner is much larger than the clearview and easy to empty. If you look down the center you would see the dirt that would have otherwised reached the filter on other vacuums. Ok so now the cons: the brush switch is a manual clutch type so takes some effort but found by using my heel instead of my toes works best. Kinda loud but hey as long as its sucking up dirt who cares?! A telescoping handle would've been nice...And that's it. I'm keeping this vacuum, sorry Mr. Dyson I'm spending the money I saved on something else! Thank you Bissell for a vacuum that does what I want....more info