Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Momentum, Cyclonic Vacuum, Cyclonic Technology, Improved Cleanability, Ergonomic Design, Turbo Brush, On Board Tools, 35' Power Cord, Easy Empty Dirt Cup, HEPA Filtration.

  • 12 amp, upright vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology for cleaner filters
  • Keeps large debris from clogging filters for powerful and persistent suction
  • Ergonomically designed for maneuverability and cleaning in tight quarters
  • Air-flow indicator shows when filter needs to be cleaned
  • HEPA filtration for cleaner air and healthier lungs
Customer Reviews:
  • Great device
    I had this vacuum for a year and it still operates like new. The dirt is easily removed from the front of the vacuum and the HEPA filter is still good. ...more info
  • Great for carpet but not for bare floors.
    Love this vacuum for carpet only. Do not like it for bare floors. When sweeping our kitchen/dining area which is ceramic tile, I can feel the dirt being thrown back at my legs. I can also see the dog hair blowing out the back of the vacuum base. I have the vacuum set on the "bare floor, low cleaning" position, all filters are clean, the dirt cup is empty and there are no clogs. I think the problem is that the rotating brush does not stop rotating. On my old vacuum, the rotating brush did not spin on the bare floor setting. I've gone back to the old fashion corn broom and dust pan for my kitchen....more info
  • Best vacumm ever!
    After doing a lot of research and reading many reviews, I decided to buy the Bissell 3910 vacumm cleaner. I'm so glad I did - it's the best vacumm cleaner I have ever used. It picks up so much and is very easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this vacumm cleaner to anybody - it's a great value as well!...more info
  • It's great, except one very important thing.
    I thought I did a decent amount of research on buying a vacuum. I decided on this Bissell Model and I bought it. It is exactly what everything says it is. My one mistake, and a huge flaw in this vacuum, is that it is REALLY LOUD. I'm talkin' "floor sander" loud. I thought my neighbors were going to knock on my door and ask me what the H I was doing.
    My mistake for not asking but, I just didn't see it in any reviews.
    I want to emphasize that Bissell did not misrepresent itself in any way at all. It's just a loud vacuum cleaner and I hope K Mart will let me return it.
    ***Please add "noise level" or "quiet" to your searches.***...more info
  • Bissel 3910 better than Dyson and Hoover
    I purchased this product on Aug 14, 2008. So far I had the vacuum for a month now and have been very please the way it cleans my carpet and hardwood floors. I've had a Hoover vacuum all these years and the very first thing that go out is the roller brush. I bought another Hoover last year and the same thing happened the roller brush on the bottom went out. I've tried the Dyson vacuum at circuit city but seems the sunction is weak. My suggestion would be to always do proper maintenance on whatever vacuum you have and always clean the roller brush on the bottom after each use....more info
  • After 3 month's use, a disappointment
    I've owned this vacuum for a year.

    I have a german shepherd who sheds constantly, a long haired cat, and I live in the country in an area with a lot of fine dusty dirt.

    I was extremely pleased with its cleaning power initially, but am ultimately very disappointed in it. It tends to clog constantly, spit back dirt on hard floors, and steadily lost suction. I cleaned the filters after each use -- the problem really seems to be one of poor manufacturing quality.

    After 6 months of weekly use it performed poorly. After 9 months the motor began shrieking like a dyspeptic banshee (it's not the belt). The vacuum finally gave up the ghost and I can buy a new one in good conscience.

    Not that I think anything else will do much better or last much longer. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before I bought this one.

    Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Anybody want an Oreck????
    The best vacuum I have ever had was a fantom cyclone and when it died, I thought the oreck was a better product. BOY WAS I WRONG. ABSOLUTELY NO SUCTION!

    So I went to amazon and found this bissell and the reviews were great. I bought it. It took about 20 minutes to put together. Not hard at all (and I am "directions challenged."

    Ok...... so once I turned on the power, the vacuum took off by itself and craweled 2 feet!!! This thing is a sucking MONSTER! I was so surprised I yelped and ran after it. Once I lassooed this monster, I started to vacuum and was amazed. It is true what everyone says... the container fills up after doing one large room. I could not believe what it found. I am amazed.

    So...con? Well...I know I will be emptying that cup every 10 minutes but other than that, this is one of the best vacuums I have every had.

    Anybody want an Oreck????...more info
  • Very good vacuum.
    Not sure why some customers gush pages about how this vacuum represents some kind of dramatic revolution in cleaning technology, as if their former vacuums were totally useless and this Bissell is some alien technology from outer space beyond our comprehension. Suction is quite good (not astounding--it's just a vacuum cleaner) and, having said all that, I can confirm that at least it's much better than my new Hoover that gave out after a few heavy uses, and was noisier and heavier. This one is light, effective, and I like the way it lifts the carpet nap, making it look softer and cleaner than the Hoover did. Some reviewers claimed it worked so well that it filled up the dust canister before they were finished and they had to empty it out before they finished vacuuming! Come on, that's preposterous, unless their carpet had never been vacuumed in ten years or their house was 5,000 square feet. I did my 900 sq. ft. apartment--with excellent results, as I said--and the dust canister was only about 1/10 full or less when I was done. Assembly was slightly confusing, resulting in one or two minor false steps, but 30 minutes of relaxed patience resulted in the correct assembly. You just need a standard Philips screwdriver. One caveat--the fabric Turbobrush accessory doesn't rotate. Maybe there's a step I've missed, but I would have thought all you had to do is attach it to the hose. When I do, there's no suction on it and it doesn't rotate. Why does this have to be difficult? In summary, though, a very good vacuum that apparently doesn't have the problem of debris clogging up the filter, unlike that junk Hoover....more info
  • Doesn't last
    Works well, and is plenty powerful. However, I can't recommend this since the brush seized up after 2 months and Bissel insisted on charging $22 for a new one. Our last vacuum lasted 15 years with 4 or 5 belt changes.
    ...more info
  • Really Good!
    We've owned our Bissell Momentum for a few weeks now, and all in all are very happy with it. It does a great job cleaning and has very good suction. The Turbo Brush does a much better job at cleaning dog hair off the furniture than our old Hoover did (the Hoover was actually pretty good in general, but didn't have a Turbo Brush which makes the hair come off the sofa a lot more easily).

    One of the other things I really like about this vacuum is the ease with which you can remove and empty the dirt cup. With the flick of a switch, it pops right out, and because of it's shape you simply dump it into the trash can. Dirt and debris don't get trapped like they do in some other vacuums, so there's no banging the thing against your trash can, or sticking your hand in there to dislodge all the gross stuff that the vacuum's picked up.

    There is one problem with this vacuum that is VERY noticeable. When you use the hand-tool hose, the vacuum unit itself tips over with even the slightest pull from the hose. I was unpleasantly surprised at just how easily it tips. You literally have to prop the vacuum firmly against a piece of furniture, or hold on to it with one hand while using the hose attachment in the other, in order to keep it from falling.

    All-in-all, this seems to be a really good vacuum though, with many more pros than cons. I would definitely recommend it to family, friends, and other online shoppers. ...more info
  • Works well!
    This vacuum works very well. I have owned it for about 3 months and my only complaint is that the extension wand keeps coming loose. Once the extension wand comes loose, all of the suction power goes to the wand and not to the vacuum. When I am vacuuming, I have to stop about every 10 minutes and push it back in. No matter how much force I use to push it in, it never stays in. Aside from that, I like everything else about the vacuum. The design is nice and the vacuum is easy to push....more info
  • Bissell Cyclonic *nitemare*
    Don't waste your time or money on this vacuum..I bought this with high hopes and all I got is a pain everytime I used this vacuum..It's so top heavy it falls over all the time, it has no suction, it never had a good suction..The burning smell it had when I turned it on never did go away..I finally gave up and bought a new vacuum..I bought a "Hoover WindTunnel Self Propelled" not bagless..It's wonderful......more info
  • Phenomenal Suction but...
    I purchased this Bissell in April of '07 and have been using it once or twice a day every day since. I have two toddlers and it seems as if Im cleaning all the time with them! I used to own a Dirt Devil Platinum and was happy with the suction on carpet and floor but emptying it out was disgusting as the filter was in the dirt cup. Plus pushing and pulling it over a large area was a full upper body workout. I was saving up for a Dyson and was about to purchase a refurbished one on Amazon when this caught my eye. Everything I need plus it was $100. The first one I got came broken since it has ALOT of plastic, but as usual Amazon was amazing and sent me out a new one the very next day. That one was perfect, it was a cinch to put together and once I vacuumed I was shocked! This thing has phenomenal suction! I ended up vacuuming the whole house and had to empty the dirt container three times! The Dirt Devil was banished forever! Now after a year of daily use I can say it's still going strong, i changed the post motor filter every six months and other than washing the premotor filter Ive had no maintaince to do to this vacuum. Ths suction is phenomenal and the cord winding is not an issue with me at all and I love the length of the cord. Now that Ive mentioned how much I love this creature comes the negatives: It is TERRIBLE on bare floors, I can't believe that after all this time they can't come up with a reasonably priced vacuum that works well on bare floors too. It scatters like anything, I've been reduced to using the hose for the bigger things like cheerios and using my Hoover floormate for the other general floor vacuuming. Secondly, parts of it are fragile, the step that holds the vacuum up and releases it for cleaning broke or is loose, now the vacuum wont stay up that doesnt help me at all when storing it. Ive finally broken down and retired this one to the upstairs of the house which is all carpet and have bought the velocity total floors for the downstairs. Maybe thats what I should have done to begin with instead of trying to save those 30 bucks. It has the same suction but is good on floors. Overall I would not personally move from this line of vacuum in the near future at all, theyre bagless, emptying is easy and mess free, and best of all they can SUCK, they are amazing at cleaning floors. The negatives havent stopped me from loving my vacuum any less though. If you have all carpet and very little bare floors then go with this one, otherwise, spend a little more and get the velocity and if it arrives broken then talk to Amazon, not Bissell....more info
  • Very Impressed
    I just bought this vacuum last night (on sale at KMart for $99). The one on display and in the ads was red, though the one we purchased is a dark grayish color which we like even better. We came home, took 5 minutes to put it together and OMG you wouldn't believe the stuff that came up out of my carpet! There was so much pet hair and dust and tiny dirt particles that my old Kenmore could never get. I got at least a full dirt cup out of just the living room. The hand held turbo brush did an excellent job removing stubborn pet hair from our recliner and I loved how well the side brushes cleaned so close to the baseboard. After shaking and cleaning and replacing old dirty filters from that Kenmore I knew I did not want a filter in the dirt cup ever again. The foam filter under the dirt cup on this Bissell is washable so that's great! I love the extra long cord, powerful suction, adjustable height settings and that great little turbo brush is awesome! I wasn't as pleased when I noticed that every time I remove and replace the dirt cup some dust falls down on the vacuum and floor. I believe this will probably stop after a few vacuums with this machine since the old one didn't get the deep down dust at all. The vacuum is noisy but what vacuum isn't? I gave it 4 stars because I can't really judge longevity since I just got it. I did purchase the 1 year extended warranty for an extra $8; seems worth it for a $100 purchase that I expect to last for quite a while....more info
  • Works great
    Only problem with it is the time it takes to set up the hoses to do by hand...more info
  • It Sucks!
    This vacuum sucks, perhaps more than any other I have ever used. Setup was easy and when I ran it over the carpet it sucked. It sucked hard and it sucked long. Caution, this vaccum sucks. Hide small kids and furry animals because this thing sucks so hard....more info
  • Love my Bissell
    Had a Dirt Devil that I took back for the Bissell. The dirt cup is larger and easier to see when full. This picks up great. Only problem I had is that when it arrived it came with a broken belt. Easy enough to fix. It does tip easy when using the hose but I had a Bissell before and this is a better machine than my last one....more info
  • Amazing suction!
    It works so well it sucks the dirt in front of it out! Totally awesome!...more info
  • Working Perfectly For Me...
    Light, easy to use, all necessary attachments, good suction - it's an excellent vacuum for the price.

    Definitely grease the canister ring before using - I did, and no dust ever escapes....more info
  • It is nice, some loose parts, and get what u pay for
    I like others, read the reviews (and am still too cheap to buy the overpriced Dyson), and decided I was willing to make a gamble on a vaccuum that is only $99. It is okay - but do listen to the criticisms (sp?).
    -easy to manuever
    -sucks up a lot of crud (even on the highest setting)
    -minimal filters - (hated having to buy so many for my Hoover)
    -large cup (in width)& is easy to rinse out and clean
    -easy to put together
    -lightweight (can tip over easily)
    -the design is kinda flawed because the cord seems to always be in your way when you vaccuum & where you tie up the cord is small, so it takes forever to tie it up
    -large cup is not very deep (so will have to change out often, or the vaccuum stops sucking essentially - and makes an awful sound)
    -connection of the hose to the vaccuum is not that sturdy (broke apart twice on my first time using it)

    All in all, so far, I am happy with it. If I have to buy another one, I will try the Eureka (I just can't imagine paying so much for a Dyson).
    ...more info
  • Very good for the carpet
    We were very impressed with the amount of dirt it picked up the first time we used it. We had a stick vacuum before, and was no match for the cleaning power of the 'Momentum'. It still gives a very clean feel; its been about 4 months now. The dirt cup is big enough for my 3 bedroom apartment. Overall it is a great buy for the price.

    It would have received 5 stars if not for some minor flaws:

    1. There is no separate switch to turn off the carpet brush. This means that you need to be careful about other cables that can get chewed up by the brush when you are using attachments. This is especially true if you need to do stairs, with the turbo-brush.

    2. The hose for attachments is smaller than I would have liked.

    3. I never had much success with cleaning the hard-floors with this vacuum. Maybe my carpet-height adjustment is broken. The hard floor area in my apartment is small, and I clean it separately....more info
  • Bought b/c of reviews and was disappointed
    I guess my crazy life was just too much for this vacuum. Still clogged every other week and I got used to grabbing my screwdriver and taking it apart. I now have the Dyson Animal and it is amazing. Believe the hype. Nothing else can live up to it and believe me, I've tried....more info
  • Vacuum of the Gods
    Quite simply the greatest vacuum I have ever owned. I mean you don't expect a vacuum to do much but vacuum, but this vacuum changed my girlfriend's opinion of vacuuming from a dreaded chore to a cleaning delight. Ten stars out of five. ...more info
  • it took some punishment
    I was vacuuming the floor of my studio, when the nozzle tool detached because I hadn't put it in tight enough. The hose dropped into a nearby bucket of water and, of course, the vacuum kept on sucking away even as water soon filled it.

    I let it dry in the south Texas heat for a couple days. Turned it on and it still works like new !!

    It cleans my bare floors wonderfully and is much quieter than my older Eureka....more info
  • Does the job
    It vacuums. It works pretty well. Nothing spectacular. I do like the attachments, they work okay....more info
  • Great Buy!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading the great reviews about it on amazon. I needed a vacuum that really worked and was best at getting pet hair out of carpets. I live in military housing, which means inheriting carpets that many other families and their pets have lived with prior to myself living there. I have a four month old, so it was paramount that he have a clean floor to play on. Well, this vacum does excacly what it guarantees. The suction is wonderful; the size of the machine itself is great..not too cumbersome (and I'm a petite lady), it has many parts to use; and is easy to clean; and is also good for cleaning couches and vehicles. I love this vacuum period. It really does clean. If you think your floor is already clean, buy this and you will see that it wasn't. You will be surprised as I was to see the amount of filth that was in the carpet. This vacuum was worth the hundred dollars I spent and then some....more info
  • Worst Vacuum Ever!!
    Please, read the following review, you won't regret it unless you decide to buy the Momentum. The engineers who designed this need to go back to school. I usually don't bother writing reviews. Considering the fact that I bought this product due to the positive reviews on Amazon, I felt I owed it to Amazon shoppers to share my experience. As most reviewers said, it is easy to assemble. It vacuums well enough but after three uses, dust built up on the backside of the vacuum. The removable bin has a wide mouth and it is SHALLOW - if you plan on emptying it AND keeping your freshly vacuumed floor clean, move the vacuum OUTSIDE before you remove the bin. If you ever plan to use the hose attachment, make sure you wear a helmet and steel toed shoes. It WILL NOT stand up on its own when you are using the hose. To use the hose you must remove one end of the hose from a very tight fitting connection and when you replace it, you must MAKE SURE you've attached it firmly or you will end up tossing dirt from the floor into the air.

    I've owned several vacuums in my life. I've owned Hoovers, Dirt Devils, Eurekas and now a Bissel. Out of all of the vacuums I've owned, the Bissel is hands down the worst vacuum out of all of them. Hoovers last a long time, Dirt Devils do a good job for a year or two. In my opinion Eurekas are the most well designed vacuums I've ever owned. I am hard on vacuums and my last Eureka lasted five years. The only reason it was deemed "dead" was because it was dropped very hard, on its side and though it still works, the switch gets hot. Since I wasn't willing to see exactly how hot it would get, I bought the Bissell.

    I am usually the type of person that buys something and even if it has short comings, I live with it. I couldn't live with the Bissell, I packed it up, put the packing slip and RMA in the box, attached the label and mailed the lousy 'sucker' back. I've since purchased my third Eureka, The Boss SmartVac, and I love it. It cleans the carpet well (outperformed Dyson by 60% according to ASTM Test F608 vs. Dyson DC07 & Consumer Digest Best Buy). I should mention, I no longer need a helmet and a pair of steel toed boots to vacuum. One of the coolest things about the Eureka is the hose. It is SO convenient - all you do is turn a knob and the suction power goes to the hose. It may not be bagless but frankly, I really would rather have all that dust in a bag than in a bin.

    I hope this helps you in making your decision. Don't let the volume of positive ratings fool you, I did and I regretted it. If you want a vacuum that won't make you absolutely dread vacuuming, I suggest you look for something other than the Bissell Momentum....more info
  • Can't Beat it!
    I've spent as much as $300 on vacuum cleaners in the past, but NONE have matched this one.
    I was hesitant at first, because of the price.
    I know I've spent much more and been dissatisfied.
    After reading the reviews I decided to try it and I'm so glad I did.
    It maneuvers easily, and glides across the carpet without using all your strength.
    Suction is remarkable.
    Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Good Enough
    The Vacuum cleans well enough....My problem is in the noise level....Very Very Noisey ....needs a muffler & retractable cord....otherwise the price is right & does the job...more info
  • Bissell Blessings
    I love our new vacuum. It does a superior job of cleaning and I really like that I can actually see how well it is working because I can look right into the bagless area to see what is being picked up....more info
    This is absolutely the best vacuum I've ever owned. I wanted a bagless model because I'm tired of buying bags for my Dirt Devil. I spotted this in Target for 99 dollars, inspected the hell out of it, and I knew it was the one.

    EVERY Target store in the entire metro area where I live was either sold out or didn't carry this vacuum, so I got it on the Target website.

    This thing is so powerful that it'll suck up anything it touches--like pets, Persian carpet fringe, socks, quarters--even small children. It will clean like no other vacuum you've ever owned! Just watch out where you point this thing because anything it runs over is going to get consumed!

    The dirt collector, washable foam filter, and attachments all work great. It's also got a clear hose and spinning brush cover so you can actually see what the hell has jammed it up and where the obstruction is lodged. Finally, someone used their brain and made a vacuum with clear hoses!

    Just what I was looking for!...more info
  • Fabulous vacuum cleaner!
    FINALLY a decent price for a GREAT vacuum cleaner! So easy to use and so simple to empty the dirt cup. Does a MUCH BETTER JOB than the Kirby, Dyson, Kenmore and Hoover that I have had in the past. This Bissell has attachments that work like they are supposed to!!!! The more expensive ones were definitely not worth the headache and the price that they cost. It does a good, thorough job on all of my carpeting. This great Bissell Vacuum Cleaner is the best one I have had in years, and by far the best price. I will highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new vacuum, including my family and friends! I am super, super, super pleased with this purchase!!! ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I couldn't believe the amount of dirt this thing picked up. I never even imagined that the carpet had that much dirt in it. Love this vacuum. ...more info
  • Great for small apartment
    I bought this vacuum a few months ago to use in my small carpeted apartment. It works great and I am surprised by how much dust and hair it picks up every time I use it. It is very easy to empty and keep clean. Though like any bagless vacuum, I've found that I do need to be gentle when removing the cup to avoid a dusty mess. I bought it while I was visiting my parents and tested it out on the wall to wall carpets in their house. They were so shocked at how much dust their old canister vacuum had left behind that they went out and bought the same model. They've been happy with theirs as well. I definitely recommend it, especially if you are looking for a light-weight cleaner for a relatively small space. ...more info
  • High quality, really good value vacuum!
    The Bissell 3910 has been great since purchasing it two months ago from Amazon for $99. At only slightly more expensive than typical Target-store vacuums, the quality of the clean-up is at least double if not triple the pick-up-ability. I'm not into attachments so I won't comment on those, only that the wide brush area means less strokes and the bagless container means I empty it when it gets full and don't have dust and dirt sitting in the closet in a bag. Besides really good dirt and dust pick-up, the vacuum sports an extra-long cord so you don't have to unplug it from room to room, and because of the powerful brushes, the machine practically moves forward itself so it seems lighter than it is. I'm just cleaning carpets in my bedrooms and frontroom so I don't need any of the top of the line expensive machines, but it sure seems like I got a good deal with this one....more info
  • Great Product!!!
    This is a great vaccum for the price. Easy to use attacments and very easy to clean. I would recemend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I researched vacuums for several days and finally decided on this model due to the rave reviews. However, I had read several that were concerned about the canister leaking and that the suction was too alomst too strong. I thought that surely those instances were few and far between; however, mine does both. The suction is very powerful, which could be nice, but upon looking in the canister most of it is carptet fibers. It as also started unraveling my carpet where it meets the tile. Yikes! Furthermore, when dumping the canister the dirt gets caught in the top so when pulling it out, it makes a mess. The front of the vacuum stays dirty and constantly needs to be wiped down. This is going back!...more info
  • WOW
    WOW we knew we needed a strong vacuum but we had no idea how bad our old one really was. We had just vacuumed the morning we recieved this vacuum and we filled up the canister just by vacuuming the living room. How gross. We are very pleased with this vacuum and its power, although, there is one problem, which is why I only gave it four stars. It is very dusty. We have to wipe it down after every other use because it is covered in dirt, which is strange to me but not that big of a deal. I clean out the filter after every use, along with the canister. This is the first bagless we have owned and for the price and the power we are very satisfied. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who was looking for a low priced powerful vacuum. ...more info
  • Works great. Very good value.
    This vacuum is powerful and convenient. Very refreshing to see a product that works as advertised....more info
  • My New Bissell 3910
    I love my new vacuum. It is light and works great. The reason I rated it with a 4 star, the hose that you put your attachments on is curved making it difficult to use. When I vacuum, I like to be able to use the hose with the extender while I vacuum to pick up dust or dirt in corners, but you have to add it on each time, it doesn't fit the tube going into the vacuum with the extender attached. It is strange, You pretty much have to use your left hand to use the attachments. I like it enough to keep, but will be more careful next time I buy a vacuum....more info
  • Dust Bunny Issue
    DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM UNLESS YOU WANT DIRTY FLOORS! Essentially, this vacuum is first of all, bagless, probably the worst idea for vacuum cleaners in history. Second of all, I was shocked to find out that the vacuum would suck up the dirt and then spit it back out onto the floor. How useless is that? Again, IF YOU WANT CLEAN FLOORS DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM!...more info
  • LOVE this vacuum
    I got this vacuum for Christmas. Yes I said Christmas, it is a tradition for me. Anyway I love this vacuum. It picks up some scary stuff from the carpet. With 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a husband we have need of a good, inexpensive vacuum. I don't know if I have ever had a machine with so much power, I have to be careful or it will vacuum up the Playstation cords but that is a small price to pay. It has amazing power, the dirt cup is easy to dump and the washable filter easy to remove and wash. So far I have not had to replace the HEPA filter but I have shaken it out a couple times.

    I will warn you that this is a slightly heavier machine then others I have had in recent years. I find that to be a good thing, the machine is very stable when you use the tools and does not tip over as easily as my old Bissell.

    One thing I do have against it is the lack of a handle to hold while vacuuming stairs. This makes it hard to use on the stairs but that is the only thing against it. If not for that I would have given it 5 stars.

    Over all I would recommend this to everyone and I have.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Best vacuum I ever had and no more running out of bags. Its really strong so dont use with scatter rugs. Depressing first time I used it I had about 3 cups of dirt and just vacuumed the day before with old vacuum...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I'm overall pretty happy with this vacuum. It has really good suction. The dust cup is easy to remove and empty. The only thing I'm slightly unhappy with is the extension for the attachments. It's not very long at all. I can't do my stairs without holding the vacuum on the stairs while I try to use the attachment at the same time.

    But for how well it works, and the price I paid, I'd still buy it....more info
  • good vacuum
    I'm satisfied with this purchase. It works great and is very powerful.
    Assembling was easy as well cleaning the dust container.
    It's perfect if you have pets since it grabs all the hairs.

    it's quite noisy...more info
  • price is good
    price is good, performance is good, sound a little too loud, I don't know how soon I need to replace the belt....more info
  • Great Buy!
    This is a great vacuum cleaner. I love the look too. It picks up everything! I haven't tried it on uncarpeted floor, but so far it has done a great job on the carpet....more info
    I finally found the 1. I have been through so many different vacuums that just didn't clean to my standards. When I finally found my stick vac (not this one) I was so happy so I purchased a vacuum made by the same company and it was horrible. So I returned that one ($200) and did more homework on my quest for the best vacuum. I was losing hope but then I saw this vacuum and thought with all the great reviews maybe it will be ok. It was on sale which was a plus but when I got it home and vacuumed only one small bedroom and a rug I couldn't believe how full the container was (and this is a big container). I only vacuumed less than a week ago with that crappy vacuum which cost me $200. I am in love. I finally feel like my carpet and rugs are really clean. Clean floors are my pet peeve. I hate feeling any dirt on my feet. So if you are not convinced yet just give it a try. Ask the store where you purchase it if you can return it if you are not happy. If you are as picky as I am you will keep it!...more info
  • So far so good
    I've owned this product for a few months with no complaints. I love the power paw attachment, i can tell a noticeable difference, It works like a mini vaccuum. Very good suction power i'm always surprised to see how much is in the dirt cup. Good product, would recommend....more info
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered
    Love It!!
    Why spend hundreds more on .... when this Bissell works perfectly? It's sturdy, easy to maneuver and most of all, it's sucks up everything in it's path! It's fantastic! At this price, you can't go wrong....more info
  • Good product, but bad handling during shipment.
    The vacuum is every bit as good as other reviews state. The order took a bit longer than expected to arrive and when I opened the box the vacuum had a cracked handle. This was aggravating because I did not want to send it back and wait another two to three weeks for another one. It would have been better to buy the vacuum in a local store for an easier and faster return. This kind of stuff happens, so I just accept it as part of life. I tapped the handle up and went to work with it. Performance is not affected, so all is good. ...more info
  • A great value!
    We bought the Bissell Momentum vacuum cleaner as a replacement for an older Dirt Devil bagless upright unit.

    I noticed an improvement in what was cleaned from the carpet. This new Bissell Momentum picks up more dirt and pet hair.

    Assembly was simple,all I needed was a screw driver.

    The Momentum is lighter than the Dirt Devil and has as much power.
    The height adjustment works and even does bare floors well.
    It came with a long cord. I have used the motorized attachment to vacuum chair pads and it didn't bog down, it worked well for me. The dirt canister is also easy to take off and locks in place easily when putting it back on.
    I have noticed that the replacement parts such as belts and HEPA filter are reasonably priced and readily available at a number of outlets. The washable filters are convenient also.

    I haven't been disappointed with the Bissell Momentum to date, we got it cheaper and I recommend this model with no reservations....more info
  • Bissell bagless vacuum #3910
    This vacuum amazes me. It gets so much dirt that you'd think it was making the dirt! It's very satisfying to get dirt out of carpets and mattresses, e.g., that you never would have guessed was there. The only reservation I have is that the brushes on the roller may be rough on carpet fibers and would strip the fibers away. I'm therefore thinking of buying an additional roller and cutting the little brushes way down. The suction is powerful and because of the vacuum's being bagless doesn't diminish (what a revelation!). Of course the reasonable cost is another plus. ...more info
  • Brush is on all the time
    The vacuum is inexpensive and powerful. But the brush is always when it is on. There is no way to turn it off. So when you are using the tube to clean something other than floors, you have to watch where the vacuum stays. it may damage what is underneath it. ...more info
  • BUY IT!
    Don't hesitate - this is the vaccuum to buy. Easy to assemble (even easier with a long-neck screwdriver if you have one)It does everything that it says that it does, is lightweight, easy to clean, very powerful and very easy to use. Do not pay more. I bought two which is less money than buying one of most other vaccuums. My only criticism is that the plug easily pulls out of the outlet on one of the vaccuums that I bought - the other is fine! I gave one to the kids and now they vaccuum their own room! Love it!

    ...more info
  • A good value and decent vacuum
    This vacuum has good power, excellent suction and does a good job of getting my carpets clean. The hose is plenty long to reach up half a flight of stairs. The hose and attachments store well on the base unit. I'm really pleased with this item - the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it tends to fall over backward fairly easily. As long as you don't pull on the hose to the back when you are vacuuming, it's fine.

    Also, make sure you empty the cannister before it gets too full. I have 3 dogs and I have accidentally completely clogged this vacuum up more than a few times. Once it is all cleaned out, though, (a process which can take 15 or 20 minutes if I've really overdone it) it works like a charm again. All things considered, this is a trooper of a vacuum. ...more info
  • absolutely wonderful
    We are so very happy with this vacuum - it is so easy to use and empty, the price was great and the delivery was super fast!!!!!...more info
  • A decent vacuum for a decent price
    I bought this for my sister who had been using a really old vacuum cleaner that didn't work well at all. She loves this one. As other reviewers have said in previous reviews, it would be nice if the attachment hose was longer, but other than that it works great!...more info
  • Cleaning Power
    The Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the best one we have owned. We have gotten too many vacuums that we don't like and have given away in less than a year. This one is a keeper.
    It has a powerful way of picking up all the dirt. The vacuum is easy to clean and has a big enough cup that you don't have to stop to empty it too often. It moves easily and gets under furniture. We like all the attachments that help us clean thoroughly....more info
  • vaccuum cleaner
  • Makes Vacuuming A Breeze
    Even with severe Fibromyalgia this vacuum is light weight yet powerful. The attachments are close at hand, no more having to turn off the machine,bending over to attach the hose for corners,etc., and then unattaching the hose to finish vacuuming. No bags to attach and dust to escape, the dirt cup is easy to remove,empty,and reattach. Even stairs are easier with the small rotary attachment and long hose. Would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Excellent!
    I had been using a Hoover vacuum for many years and it was time to trade it it. The Hoover still did a decent job, but when the Bissell arrived I was thrilled with the way it performed.

    I ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday, two days later! Really easy to assemble, and when I powered it up and began! I was amazed at how much dirt it pulled out of the carpet. Now, I keep my house pretty clean and vacuum regularly so I was surprised that it was getting up so much of the dirt and dust that apparently was hiding deep down in the carpet.

    I would recommend this product in a heartbeat. Love it!...more info
  • It sucks! The way a vacuum should!
    Good vacuum - great suction and does a great job getting gunk off the floor. The amount of dirt, hair, and fuzz it gets off our seemingly-pristine short carpeting is truly obscene. It picks up hair nicely (we have a small dog) and is difficult to clog, even if you accidentally pick up some larger pieces of debris (like a paperclip or piece of plastic). It did well picking up glass shards off the tile floor in our kitchen. It's not at all small or light but it's easy to steer and push. The canister is a good size and empties very easily with a minimum of mess. I was originally looking for a retractable cord, but the cord on this is so easy to manage I don't mind that I have to wind it around a bit.

    My only big complaint is that it is VERY LOUD, and even louder when using the attachments. If you have very sensitive ears, you might want to try a vacuum that has better noise reduction.

    Overall, I would definitely buy this vacuum again - it's a great price for a great vacuum in my opinion....more info
  • This vaccum really sucks
    Now my kids love to vaccum; this thing gets so much dirt out of carpet it's not funny. You may not want to vaccum for the first time with this machine when you have guests. They will look at you like you have never vaccumed your floors before. It has a super long cord, a hepa filter, on board attachment, it's bagless, it's under $100 bucks! Two thumbs up....more info
  • You can't beat the price and the performance
    I have several animals, one husband and one teenager in my home and I am constantly cleaning as you can imagine. I have several different types of floors ie hardwood, linoleum, area rugs and wall to wall and stairs. I of course was looking for something that would do the job in all applications and I found it. I vacuumed the first day and was just mortified at how many times I emptied the cup. (I thought my floors were clean having just used my Kirby the day before) It was easy to use and everything is right there for cleaning drapes, furniture, tracks of the sliders and stairs. I would recommend this to anyone and you can't beat the price....more info
  • WOW!! Love this vacuum so far!!!
    I just received this vacuum yesterday and I am shocked at what my old (5 1/2 yrs old) vacuum (a EUREKA Whirlwind Lite) was leaving!! I ordered becuase my old vacuum had almost no suction. In the few days I was waiting for the new one to arrive I took the old one apart and cleaned out a bunch of "stuff". My cat is obviously shedding more than I realized!!! Anyway, after cleaning my old one out it seemed like it was almost like new and I thought maybe I should not have ordered a new vacuum so soon or at least before I cleaned the old one!! Well to my surprise I was wrong. I vacuumed yesturday morning with my old vacuum and the carpets looked good and it seemed to be working great. Then I got the new one and went over everything again and I could NOT BELIEVE the amount of cat hair, dust, dirt and whatever else was in this new vacuum!!! I read another review on here where someone said that the vacuum left grey streaks and made more of a mess than it cleaned........well let me tell you that mine did that too but when I looked closely I noticed it appeared that it was just sucking up stuff that I couldn't even see and that the old vacuum was not getting. It was cat hair that was evidently just very into the carpet becuase I kept going over it and it was gone in a few more swipes and the area of rug that I thought was getting worn from being in a high traffic area looked awesome!! The rug is not that old, we have a fairly new home and usually everyone takes their shoes off but this carpet looks brand new after using this vacuum. It is a little heavy compared to my old one but it is kind of self propelled once you turn it on. I love that the cord is long enough that I can plug it in approx. middle of this one story ranch(that is 52 feet long and 28 feet wide) and I don't have to unplug it and can do the whole house. I have only had it for a day so I hope it lasts but so far I LOVE IT!! The container is easy to empty and wash out and the filter's are easy to get to. The vacuum was delivered right to my door (free shipping) and it took my husband 5 to 10 minutes to put together!! The long hose is also great. The price was good and then to get free shipping on Amazon you can't beat it!!...more info
  • Love it
    The first day I used it I had to empty the canister two times,I could not believe all the suction and all the stuff it vacuumed up! Awesome!!!...more info
  • best $100 ever spent
    After my Oreck motor burned up, I did some research and settled on the Bissell 3910. Absolutely the best value for the money. My carpet is about 1 1/2 years old and we have 2 dogs, 2 cats and my husband is a farmer. The carpets have been professionally cleaned twice. This vacuum sucked up SOOO much hair and dirt it was shocking. Even if it doesn't last forever it is a great buy.. no regrets....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I was trying to decide between this vacuum and a Dyson (which my mother owns). I knew that the Dyson was a good vacuum, but decided to go with this one - boy am I happy I did. The suction is just amazing - I have never seen a vacuum pick up so much fine dust off of the floor. Also, this is the first vacuum that I have owned that does not throw fine dust into the air. This is because of the HEPA filter. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone!...more info
  • Shocking lesson for you....
    I've always bought Sears vacuums after years of under $100 models since I found once you get a clog, the motors burn up on cheap models.
    Hold on to your hats folks, you are in for a ride!
    I thoroughly vacuummed our entire house - stairs, rugs, wood floors - but my Sears vacuumm had a problem with the plug so I bought this vacuum for under $90 at a local store and I was skeptical.
    The day after cleaning the entire house with my $400 Sears vacuum, I pulled out of our house three full giant globs of disgusting hairdirtfiber - I filled up the entire canister three times! I have yet to get over the shock of what we have been breathing in over the years.
    I considered a Dyson but the $350-$450 price tag seemed like too much - if I have to buy a new one of these every two years or so, I'm still ahead.
    So those of you used to the old technology, take this product for a spin. My only concern (if I have to come up with a negative) is that we have some wood floors and I'm not sure if the bare floor setting will protect the wood from the banshee beater bar/rollers. It looks big and heavy but is easy to manuever and stores nicely and the cord is very long.
    As long as it lasts, I'm a fan!...more info
  • Awesome vacuum - and I've had a Dyson!
    I had been borrowing a friend's Dyson for the past year and finally had to suck it up and get my own vacuum. With only a little money to spend, I settled on this Bissell about a month ago. I think it's great! I have an 850 sq ft apartment and a very hairy cat and since I've had this vacuum, I've noticed that my white carpets look much better and that my allergies have really improved. Maybe the suction won't last as long as a Dyson, but it's a great unit for the price.
    I just used the turbo brush for the first time today and I have to tell you - nothing (not even the attachments on the Dyson) has removed cat hair as effectively from my couch, ever! I'm really impressed.

    But there are a few things that, while I find them acceptable, might turn someone else off:
    1) it's really loud. The vacuum itself it pretty loud, but the Turbo Brush is shockingly loud. I wouldn't use it early in the morning or with a baby trying to sleep nearby.
    2) it gets a little dusty around the container. I wipe it off with a wet cloth after each use and it doesn't bother me. I have terrible allergies and don't think it's difficult or messy to empty.

    The pros definitely outweigh the cons!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    Works great.I was surprized at all the dirt my old vacuum left behind.
    Good vacuum for the money!...more info
  • Works Great
    I needed to replace a vacuum that I had purchased a year ago that was the worst ever. This one is great. Has good suction and is very lightweight. Great deal for the money. I have had it about 6 weeks and I vacuum twice a week....more info
  • Excellent for the price...I didn't know what I was missing.
    I didn't know what I was missing, or what my old vacuum was missing.

    Pros: Light enough, super easy to move around, GREAT suction, easy to empty, long cord, quality thick hoses, nice attachments, PRICE is right, easy to assemble.

    Cons: Easy to tip over when locked upright.

    A week ago our 8 year old Eureka stopped working with a sluggish motor burnout smell. It was new vacuum time. I was at Target and nearly purchased a Eureka Altima until I got to the front of the store where I used their computer to look at user ratings of the very vacuum I was about to buy. It has HORRIBLE ratings, so I noticed the high ratings for the slightly more expensive Cyclone Momentum. I purchased it without looking at the ratings and I was comforted when I got home to finally look.

    We used it last night and I was astounded. We had just vacuumed (with the old Eureka) shampooed the carpets (in a one bedroom apt) and it picked up so much lint and hair. My wife couldn't believe it and neither could I. What great price for a great vacuum. Buy it. It took me a little while to find the crevice tool that is housed in the extension hose/tube on the back of the vacuum. I don't know how a vacuum could be a lot better, but I'm sure it can get better, but I still give it a 5 star since it is really great for the price range.
    ...more info
  • Decent vacuum cleaner
    I won't pretend that I know a lot about vacuum cleaners or that I can distinguish the difference between Miele, Bissell, Dyson, or Dirt Devil because I havent owned them all before. So there aren't any comparisons between brands. This Bissell vacuum seems pretty strong. My carpet isnt great. It's a low synthetic carpet. The vacuum did a great job cleaning it though. When it came to cleaning the tiled floor however, it was a different story. The tiled floor I have is pretty old and has some loose grout. The vacuum sucked up a lot of the grout, but the worst part was the rotating brush. It would break up the grout and spit it out the back of the vacuum where the little flying pieces would hit and sting my shins and feet. I tried to turn the knob and switch it to bare floor setting, but that didn't help. I stopped trying to vacuum the tiled floor and just use a mechanized broom sweeper. Overall, its a decent vacuum cleaner and a good buy for the price. ...more info
  • Good Vacuum, Tips Over Easily
    I purchased this vacuum on August 1, 2007. I have been using it about once a week so far. The vacuum looks pretty good. It has a wide track and cleans very well. The onboard tools are very useful, especially for cleaning carpeted stairs. The dirt cup is quite big and is very convenient to empty out. The suction is strong, but the down side to it is that it may suck in tissues that gets stuck in the filter and can be difficult to extricate. One was stuck for several days and it started making weird sounds. Finally I managed to remove the tissue from the filter. The center of gravity of this vacuum is pretty high, causing it to tip over even at the slightest touch. The other annoying thing about this vacuum is the strong plasticky offensive odor that it gives out after each use, especially when it's new. The power cord is very long so reaching anywhere on the same floor is not a problem. The height is adjustable for different carpet heights or even the bare floor. It comes with a light which I didn't find that effective, but something's better than nothing. The On/Off switch is located in the front making it very inconvenient to stop it quickly in case of emergencies. Other than these few problems mentioned above it is a reasonably good vacuum, one of the best I've owned so far. But I doubt that it would last long. My previous Bissell lasted me only three years. Let's see how long this one lasts....more info
  • Lets start cleaning!
    Nice vacum, easy to but together. Great vacuming power, but a little loud & a bit heavy. Good for the price....more info
  • vacuum
    Very satisfied. As people have said, I could not believe the dog hairs that this machine removed. Amazing. Excellent for the price....more info
  • This vacuum is a workhorse!!!
    I purchased this vacuum based on the great reviews found here. I am pleasantly surprised with it. I was able to vacuum my carpets and see what my previous vacuum was leaving behind. I was amazed at what it picked up. Not only that, my husband has been putting it to work and has not failed yet. We are currently remodeling our house, putting up new walls, requiring drywall, mudding and sanding. Instead of buying a wet/dry vac my husband has been using MY NEW VACUUM!!! It's been doing a great job. When it does get clogged we clean the filter, place it back and continue vacuuming. It hasn't stopped yet. I keep threatening my husband he's going to ruin my vacuum and will have to buy me a new one. In reality, I don't think the vacuum is going to quit. Very happy with this purchase....more info
  • Received a defect broken product
    I purchased this product based on the great review here. I received the shipment yesterday and suspected it's not a brand new one immediately because the box seal was partially open. I confirmed my suspicion. Before I even begin the step one assembly, I found the plastic broken on one side of the location where to slide the handle. It is obvious someone tried to assemble and broke it before. I was surprise the plastic is so weak and design so poorly. I'm very disappointed for receiving a return product. I'm returning to amazon for refund and do not want to exchange the same product again. I never had a chance to try this product. Therefore, this review is not based on function review, but defect product received.

    Billy...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned
    After lengthy research, using consumer reports, and other various internet searches, I purchased this vacuum and I am amazed!!! how fantastic it picks up dirt. It works fantastic on dog hair also. The self-propelled motion makes it extremely easy to use. I could go on and on but believe me, you won't be wasting your money with this vacuum. My carpets look brand new!!
    ...more info
  • 2 months in: So far so good.
    Based on reviews on this site and others I recently bought a Bissell Momentum at a local hardware store, so in the spirit of giving something back here's some observations after about 2 months of ownership, with experiences written in order of occurrence.

    Reason for buying:
    Our trusty bagged Eureka couldn't cope with the new carpet we bought a year ago, clogging almost instantly all through the hose and suction route, requiring an un-bent coat hanger to dig out the impacted loose carpet fibers/cat hair combo (a byproduct of a new carpet, according to the installer, was that we would experience an unusually high amount of excess fiber for the first few months of vacuuming.) After renting an old hotel style vac to keep the carpet clean we decided to research a new unit. Since we knew that our fiber issue would produce debris quickly, we decided to switch to a bag-less and save money by avoiding bag costs.

    As so eloquently stated in another review, the handle screws are a BEAR to get in correctly, requiring a good ratcheting screwdriver with a long handle to really get 'em in. My first attempt was inadequate as evidenced by the handle falling off after the first couple of uses, but a second attempt revealed that they needed to go MUCH deeper in that I had thought, now the handle is solid and problem free, and is nicely curved and pleasant to hold to boot. All other screws and items were very easy to attach.

    Design & Attachments:
    This baby is packed with just about everything you need in a modern vacuum, including a pet hair attachment, a corner attachment, and the Turbo beater attachment thingy, which I review later. The power cord is impressively long, going up 3 flights of stairs without re-plugging is nice. Excellent power cord wrapping hooks, with easy release feature.

    The hose is plastic with reinforced rings and there are nice plastic hooks all around the back to attach it onto when not using the wand which work great. The hose itself does accordion up due to the mighty suction of the unit but extending it out is still not a problem, however you will need to hold down the vacuum to keep it from tipping over (this has been true of every vacuum I've owned so I don't see this as unusual or a problem). I liked the clear plastic of the hose, it even helped me to find a clog once (outlined later in review).

    According to other reviews this engine is loud, but no more so than any vacuum I've ever owned (is there such a thing as a whisper silent vacuum?) I haven't heard any unusually loud squeaking or whining yet other than when the drive train got interrupted by a tough string wrapping itself around the beater cylinder, requiring me to stop and remove it.

    I like the foot lever to adjust the angle of the sweeping, and the handle will lower down far enough for most of my under-furniture needs. This unit also has a hepa filter that is super easy to remove.

    Dirt collection:
    This "cyclonic" vacuum comes with a detachable bag less cup for dirt removal, and so far it's my favorite feature. The dirt visibly swirls around inside the cup in a tornado of filth. It's so easy to take out the cup with the smooth un-locking latch, even my 7 year olds can detach and re-attach with little effort. I haven't yet experienced problems with dust or dirt leaking during operation that others have described, but I have noticed that this thing will inhale tons of fine dust particles which will cake onto the bottom of the cup, requiring some tapping to get it all out, but aside from a minor dust cloud or two this is not a problem. I can only imagine how many bags I would have needed to go trough to dispose of the same amount of dirt. I don't mind repeatedly emptying the cup, it's a good thing that it's bringing up this dirt, so I just carry around a paper bag to deposit the dirt into as I go, but again I have an unusually high amount of loose carpet fiber to contend with so older carpets may not require the same level of emptying.

    This is a really powerful vacuum, with tons of suction and strong beater brushes to scrape the dirt out. I like others have begun to wonder if the beater action is unusually strong or if I should be adjusting the level of the brushes (easy to do BTW) since the amount of carpet fiber coming up is astonishing, filling up the dirt cup to the brim in 3 minutes flat (see paragraph above). There is a "Clean filter indicator" next to the power switch to tell you if you're loosing suction, a nice feature I have already made use of. I have not noticed any damage to the carpet while using the attachments, but the beater brushes have stripped off a small amount of the electrical cord covering when it accidentally got caught under it, so watch out for that. I haven't tried this unit on hard floors yet.

    The Turbo attachment is a really cool thing, attaching onto the hose wand it's so perfect for stairs that I can't imagine how I ever got along without it! It's driven by the vacuum's suction, which sounded dubious to me at first but has proven itself beyond a doubt, just don't bear down too hard or it will bog down, but the truth is you don't need brute force to get this thing to work, which is it's best point. It has a slight downside, which I'll discuss later in "difficulties".

    So far in two months this vacuum has only suffered one serious clog requiring me to stop operation and get out the trusty coat-hanger to remove debris from the hose area, a problem I had to contend with during every use of my old unit. Still, this was mainly due to me sweeping up a big wad of scotch tape that my kid had left on the floor, which accumulated with the dreaded excess-carpet-fiber. This has been the exception to the otherwise unstoppable suction. The Turbo brush attachment has also had one clog, where cat hair and string wrapped around the gear that drives the tiny belt that causes the beater to move, but by removing two screws I was able to quickly pull the unit apart, clean out the debris and re-assemble in five minutes flat. My concern is that little belt, I wonder if it will be difficult to get a replacement should it get worn or snap? Still...not a deal-breaker, unless you don't own a Phillips-head screw-driver.

    12 amps, great suction, awesome attachments, large dirt cup w. easy removal, long power cord, "clean filter indicator", easy hepa filter removal, general ease of use.

    Ugly copper color, handle screws need careful attention to get all the way in during assembly, hose will accordion up and pull unit over when trying to extend it (not a big deal), turbo attachment clogged after about 2 months (easy to fix), mid-to-loud range engine noise (didn't expect otherwise).

    Overall: A good deal for the price!!...more info
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner
    I bought this vacuum cleaner as a Christmas present for my son. My son loves it! He said he couldn't believe what ended up in the vacuum cup when he vacuumed his apartment. No complaints at all....more info
    This Bissell 3910 Momentum has awsome sucking power. It even sucks up the small area rugs! This is not so great. We have 2 labs and a long hair cat, so we have lots of pet hair. This Bissell does a great job on the hair. We had a different model Bissell prior to this that was a little tired (our vacuums get quite a work out). This thing not only sucked up a ton of hair the first time we used it, but also lots of what appeared to be dust and dirt that evidentally had been down in the carpet. The dirt cup is also quite large. On a whole, we are happy with this model....more info
  • Bissell vacuum

    We have an area rug that attracts cat hair like a supermagnet attracts metal. We could NEVER get it clean....until we got this vacuum.

    This rub is about 8 x 4......and it filled the canister with cat hair.

    WE LOVE IT!!...more info
  • Works well
    SO far, so good. This vacuum has stood up to what was described. No issues so far. Does a very good job picking up pet hair and after grandkids....more info
  • Great Product Easy to use
    Easy to push, great suction, quiet; I could not have asked for a better vaccuum....more info
  • Garbage
    We bought this vacuum one year and two days ago. It has a one year warantee. It quit today. The beater brush is such a cheap assembly that it literally melted to the housing. It's design was something a 10 year old would have been ashamed of....more info
  • Sucks...
    in a good way! After researching to find a vacuum around $100, I finally decided on this one because the negative reviews for this vacuum versus the other machines made this seem more bearable. The "spewing of dust" is something I hope I never have to experience with my new Bissell, but I figured I could just tape the seams with masking tape if it got that bad...Anyway, on to the positive aspects of this vacuum! Boy does it suck! My old Hoover vacuum cleaner can not match this thing at all!! I'm not too fond of cleaning, but I was excited to test this baby out when I got it and ended up vacuuming the whole apartment, every nook and cranny! It sucks everything up! I absolutely love the power and my carpet has not been this clean since I moved in! I even started cleaning the dust off my computer, fans, etc. It's amazing!!! I also like the clear see-thru canister that holds all this dust and dirt! It just really shows you the gunk you had around your house that is no longer going to be something you breathe in. Also, you don't have to buy replacement bags! I can't express how much I love this thing. It's not a light machine. It's pretty heavy-duty in power and weight. I highly recommend this machine if you are frustrated with your current vacuum because it doesn't suck up as much as you'd like it to.

    If this vacuum does start leaking the dust it picks up like some other reviewers describe, I'll definitely be back to let you guys know..but I truly hope it doesn't!...more info
  • Holy Cow!
    I just got this as a "spare" vacuum, but I've got to say, this baby really sucks, and I mean that in a good way.

    I let my carpet get good and full of dog hair (I have 4 dogs) today since I knew the item would be delivered today. Put it together...more on that later...and gave it a test run. The suction is so good, it almost pulled *me* along the carpet too, and I'm no light-weight. It also pulled a small area rug along with it. I vacuum at least once daily, but this puppy pulled up stuff I didn't know was even in the carpet. You can't beat this for the price even if it only lasts a year.

    Now, the reason I knocked off one star is the assembly. I found it rather silly to have to "snake" my screwdriver thru the hose holders. In fact, make sure you have a LONG phillips screwdriver to do this, because you will need it. Also the the cord/hose holder on the top of the handle is rather difficult to get in exactly right so it clicks. Once that's on correctly, again you need a LONG shaft driver to screw in this screw, although there is nothing in the way. Another thing I would have liked to see is a cord holder on the handle. You will have to hold the cord as you vacuum to avoid tripping over it. This really isn't a big problem, but it's annoying.

    I haven't tried this on bare floors yet, but like any upright cleaner, I would suspect it doesn't do that fantastic a job.

    UPDATE ON BARE FLOORS--Tried this on bare floors and frankly, I'm *floored* at what a good job it does. Get this won't be sorry.
    ...more info
  • Bissell vacuum cleaner
    Very satisfied w/ performance of vacuum cleaner. Picks up great! I was amazed at the amount of dirt picked up....more info
  • Very good for the price!
    This vacuum works quite well, especially for the price. I love that it is bagless (there is a filter than needs occasional replacing). I have seen it cost much more at stores, so compare prices before you buy....more info
  • TERRIBLE if you have pets
    I bought this because of its price and long cord. It worked well at first but now needs a complete take apart every time I use it because it clogs so easily. It cannot handle the animal hair in my house and was a total waste of money....more info
  • Graet product
    I've only used this product a few times. But what a nice product it is. The power is great. And the attachments are nice. It's a great,light vaccum for how big it looks. Would buy another one....more info
  • Great vacumm cleaner!
    I am totally happy with this vacuum cleaner. It is much lighter than my old bagless (much easier to carry up stairs) and it does a great job. It is very easy to empty and it seems to pick up well; we have two large dogs and it definitely picks up dog hair efficiently. I would buy one again....more info
  • Primarily effortless cleaning power.
    I have owned my Vacuum for a little more than a month now and I must say this is a fabulous vacuum. It has great power and the motor is so powerful, it works like it is self propelled although that is not one of the listed features. I vacuum the traffic areas in the house approx 3-4x/ week or when needed and I am really impressed with this vacuum. I picks up so much dirt that I do not believe my old dirt devil ever picked up.

    When I went to visit one of my girlfriends over the holiday, I noticed that she had one. She raved about it for 15-20 mins until I changed the subject. Great vacuum for the money. I t has rated better than many pricey 300.00 plus vacuums....more info
    I received my Momentum vacuum as a Christmas present from my family today. My husband vacuumed everything in the house with our old Dirt Devil yesterday and we thought it was clean...that was until we used the Bissell tonight. It was an AMAZING difference! We have 5 cats and a dog and we vacuum 2x a week minimum and having just done it yesterday, we couldn't believe the amount of not only pet hair, but the amount of dirt we found in the bottom of the cup! Makes me wonder if the Dirt Devil did anything at all! Great vacuum!!!! Unbelievable power and suction and easy to use!!! You can't go wrong for the price!...more info
  • Great Sucking Machine
    I ordered this for my daughter whose old one was dying. I put it together for her at my house and tested it on the living room floor. It was amazing what this pulled out of our carpet that our current vacuum did not. Also, I had just used a steam cleaner on the living room a few days earlier. Don't know how this will hold up over the long term, because we just got it (I don't have a reason to suspect that it won't), but I was very impressed with the first five minutes of use. Nice price for a real good sucker. I think I will soon order one for myself....more info
  • This Vaccum is great
    My girlfriend's vaccum died and is on it's way to vaccum heaven so I decieded to get her one for Chirstmas, "just one of her gifts :-)" She is a very tiny lady and very picky about the way things look. Well she loves the way the vaccum looks and she man handles the machine like a pro. I was concerned that she would have issues with it's weight but it doesn't seem to be an issue with her. The vaccum picks up very well and it's shocking to see how much dirt is in the carpet and it is a wonderful thing not to have to get bags anymore. This uint was rather easy to put together which I apprecaiated very much, I must admit thought make sure you read the instructions all the way through it is easy to put one peice on out of sequence. The dust catcher is a decent size to me since it is so easy to empty I figure who cares it will be emptied everytime we vaccum anyway so that really isn't a big deal to me but it is to some people. In my opinion it is pretty quiet for a vaccum which is a plus and the one of the filters is washable which makes things nice. The hepa filter isn't washable and will need to be replaced at some time, I'm not sure of the cost of the hepa filter but if it is the same as some of the other manufactures, it isn't cheap. All the pieces have snapped into place and have stayed there, they don't fall out or get in the way and that is a nice thing. So far it's been great, as long as she likes it I'm happy and she loves it....more info
    I admit, I have somewhat of an obsession about vacuum cleaners. I own five. I am always on a search for the best one out there. I found it. Granted, it does not have the retractable cord but I can live with that because this thing has the suction power of...well, use your imagination for that. I love this machine. For the price, it is WAY worth it!...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    We've had this vacuum for a couple months now and we love it! The suction on this thing is great and it picks up tons! The telescoping arm with tools for doing crevices, etc. also works really well. I had read some reviews saying it was noisy, but it's no noisier than other vacuums we have owned in the past. My husband loves it too and he was amazed at how it practically goes without needing to be pushed... it feels light as a feather while being used. We highly recommend this vacuum to anyone who might be looking for a new one!...more info
  • not bad
    Got it for $99 from Amazon. I used it only once and so far so good. The suction isn't bad. It's kind of loud, but nothing extreme. Compared to other vacuum cleaners in a similar price range, I must say this one isn't bad. I only hope it will continue to work well for some time.
    This vacuum cleaner has two filters -- one washable and the other (HEPA) that has to be replaced after it gets dirty. I was under the impression that none of the filters would need to be replaced ever -- it's possible that I was actually looking at a different product when I read about it.

    The only BAD thing (after one use): although it picks up dirt from the carpet, it also collects a lot of dust on the outside of the unit itself -- as if there were little holes that let the dirt escape from the canister. I have seen this happen to other vacuum cleaners as well, and it can definitely be dealt with. It's like you should wipe it after cleaning. Also expect to "lose" some dirt back onto the carpet as you vacuum.

    Update after about one year of use: still working as expected!
    I wouldn't hesitate to buy this item again if I needed another vacuum. An especially good thing about this vacuum cleaner is the side hose to which you can attach a special rotating brush (included), which works really well if you want to clean your sofa (big deal for people with pets)....more info
  • Great suction!
    Great vacuum, we have had an hold bagged vacuum for a while now, and I didn't realize how much dirty it was not picking up, WOW! We had to vacuum the house at least 3 times in total to make sure we got all the dirt. You can tell the difference in the air as well. Only thing that this has a lil bit of an issue is dust is leaking, from where I don't know, the canister seems like it is in tight, might be from the extension hose that you have to use for the attachments. Weird design, but it is powerful.

    All-in all it's great, just gotta know how to use it....more info
  • Solid Vacuum.
    Definitely would recommend to others to purchase this product. Awesome at cleaning my carpet and also does a good job on the hardwood and tiles....more info
  • Wow- Buy this vacuum!
    I have owned many vacuums and mostly I get the more expensive models. My hubby and I wanted a nice upright bagless and I almost got the mighty dyson. However, the reviews on consumer reports steered me to this lower priced machine. We have now been using it over 8 months and it works great, way better than I ever expected.

    Room for improvement: Recently it has started to let off a slight scent when we use it, but I'm guessing we need to clean the filter. I wish it had a retractable cord, but for the price that little item shouldn't reduce the stars. I'm very glad I chose this vacuum....more info
  • Five Stars For the Money
    We've had this cleaner now for 2 months, and so far so good.

    Especially for the price, we've found the performance to be excellent. Frankly, we don't find the noise level to be objectionable, and the ease-of-use and longer cord are exceptional in this price range.

    Our daughter just moved into a new house, and after trying out our unit, she purchased the same.

    Overall, we're very satisfied with our purchase. ...more info
  • Tremendous Suction Power
    Like nearly everyone else, I was appalled at the dirt and dog hair my Kirby had been leaving behind. This is a powerful vacuum and easy to use. I like having the attachments with me, but could wish for a little bit longer hose attachment and a soft dusting brush.

    One caveat: The filter light kept telling me a hose was plugged. I practically took the whole thing apart trying to find a plugged hose and none of them were plugged. Finally, I found its real problem was that the drive belt had broken, after about one month's use. I wish I had ordered belts originally because now I am paying for twice the cost of the belts for expedited shipping in hopes it will arrive before my guests get dog-haired this holiday....more info
  • great vaccuum - excellent design - durability?
    6/18/2008 Update. After having this vacuum for awhile, I have to downgrade it to 2-3 stars. If you have a pet with long hair this vacuum will get clogged quite often. In order to restore the suction, I have to take off all the hoses and pipes and clean them out thoroughly. Also, the canister and filter. This is not easy if you are not handy. A small piece of paper will clog it. If I had known this, I would not have bought it.

    Expect to clean out all the hoses and airway this vacuum quite often. This is not an easy task if you are not handy. I often have to take off all the hoses and clean them. Also all the airway paths. This is a great vacuum. The suction is good. The edge cleaning is good. The rotating brush attachment is great for stairs. My one question on this vacuum is its durability as the vacuum "seems" a little cheap. What I mean is everything is plastic and the hose looks a little thin. However, after a month or so, it is performing great. I am amazed at how much dirt I am getting out of my carpet that my old vacuum missed. . The canister is also very easy to remove and empty which adds to the usability of this machine. Overall, I would have to give it 4 stars. If it lasts for 2 years or more, it will definitely give it 5 stars would buy it again. For the price, you can't go wrong even if it lasts one year, it will give you an excellent cleaning.
    ...more info
  • I'm No Vacuum Virgin
    I'm 45 and, well, lets just say I've had alot of vacuums. . .I don't usually write reviews but this vacuum is AWESOME! I LOVE IT! After putting it together, I figured I would turn it on just to make sure it worked since my carpets didn't look like they needed to be vacuumed yet. I did a small area rug (5'x8') that looked as if there was nothing on it and the cup was HALF FULL OF DOG HAIR AND FINE DUST/DIRT (and no carpet fibers so it wasn't just beating up the carpet)! I WAS AMAZED. We have 2 short haired dogs, a Boxer and Rottweiler mix. I then vacuumed the stairs with the strong little beater brush attachment and filled the cannister AGAIN just on my stairs! The people who have written these reviews are telling the truth! I can't imagine a better vacuum in the world for 99 bucks, free s/h and no tax! I am going to buy one for my parents for a Christmas present!...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This vacuum does a great job. It is definitely scary to see what's in your carpet that you've been missing. I like how it's made as well. I'm tall (5'10") and the handle height/curve is very comfortable for me. It is also easy to clean. The attachements are not the best but I was more interested in the general power of the thing. I do like the upholstery attachement....more info
  • WOW!! I never thought I'd actually ENJOY vaccuming!
    This is the BEST vacuum I have ever used! My husband and I have 4 cats and a parrot and this machine sucks up cat hair like nothing I've ever used. We have been using a shop vac for the past year and it made me sick to see how much cat hair it actually was leaving in the carpet. I went over my carpet 3-4 times when I first got this and it filled up the container everytime full of hair. Even now, when you go over spots that look clean and then look in the canister, you will be amazed at how much hidden junk was in your carpet. My floors look SO much cleaner! I actually had to have my mom over and do a demonstration for her to show her how impressive this vacuum was. She couldn't believe what it was picking up. I am thinking about getting her one for Christmas now. This is a must have!!...more info
  • One of the best vacuum's I have owned for the price
    Simply said, this vacuum is absolutely amazing for sucking up dirt, pet hair, & all the other "gunk" you have on your floors & carpet that you never even knew was there!! You will be amazed at how much this thing sucks up this stuff. It's lightweight, very easy to use, & comes with all the attachments you will need. For $99.99 you can't go wrong. There are only two minor negative things I must let you know. It does not come with a retractable cord (if you hate winding the long cord around the vacuum cleaner) & when using the attachments, the vacuum does fall down sometimes, only because it is so lightweight. But, I can certainly deal with this for the great quality of this vacuum cleaner & price. I highly recommend this product!!...more info
  • Pretty good...
    This is a pretty good vaccum. The suction is strong, but be careful to leave a clear space around the vaccum while using the hose. I accidently pushed mine next to a quilt that was on my bed and it sucked up and melted the corner. It handles pet hair well, and glides over berber with ease. My favorite part is unlike my old bissell, there is no filter in the canister so I don't have to clean a filter every time I vaccum. So far the only downside I can find is that while using the hose, the vaccum falls over unless propped up against something. I bought this product on 09/25/2007, use it 2-3 times a week, and it still has not lost any suction....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I never realized how awful my old vacuum was until I bought this vacuum cleaner. The first time I used it, it picked up more dust/dirt than I thought was there. It continues to deep clean my carpets. But, time will tell if it continues to do such a great job.
    Cindy...more info
    Sucks up more hair and GUNK, than one has EVER seen.
    One GREAT product!!!!!...more info
  • Started falling apart after a few months
    I liked this vacuum at first. It wasn't as quiet as I had hoped (based on other reviews), but it picked up quite a bit of dirt and seemed to work fine. My only initial complaint was that every time I used the hose (which is nearly every time I vacuum), it didn't stretch out very well, so the base of the vacuum was constantly falling over. I have had vacuums where the hose will stretch out when you're using it and/or the base will roll with you. Not this one though.... if you use the attachments a lot, prepare for your legs to get smacked.

    Anyway, after 4 months with this vacuum, I hate it! Within a couple of months, the hose had collapsed to the point where you have to manually straighten it out where the hose meets the attachment poles, otherwise everything will get clogged there. I have tried to bend it back into shape, but it won't. As someone who uses the attachments often, this is a real pain in the booty. One hand to vacuum with the hose/poles, another hand to constantly stop the base from falling over, and another to stretch out the hose where it meets the poles. So unless you have three hands, this slows down the vacuuming process considerably. Also, the "hook" at the top that holds the hose when not in use has come loose and won't snap back into place. It still holds the hose most of the time, but it leans over enough that the hose falls off sometimes (which in turn, pulls the pole out that allows the suction on the upright to work properly). Even with all of this, I continued to use it. I'd only had it for a few months. By the time I reached my 4 month anniversary with this vacuum, I was ready to hurl it through the window. I turned it on one night and it sounded like I was at a monster truck show, but it was a higher-pitched sound. I covered my ears and ran screaming like a little girl. Ok, not really, but I did cover my ears. The sound was painful. However, it still worked, so I sacrificed my hearing to get my carpet and floors vacuumed.
    Another thing that I've had to watch out for is that during vacuuming, the pole that you have to insert in place before vacuuming as an upright will pop out a lot and then you lose suction power. Since I'm aware of this problem, I check it constantly and when it comes out, I just pop it back in.

    I researched vacuum cleaners a good bit and decided on this one based on the reviews. Perhaps I just got a lemon since there are so many good reviews, but I wanted to share my experience with you all. I hate this thing. I have had good luck with Bissell in the past, but I think I'll buy another brand this time. I don't feel like I should have to replace a vacuum cleaner after just four months, but Amazon (who has never given me trouble when I had to return something), said I couldn't return it since it had been over 30 days. I have owned cheaper vacuum cleaners that held up better than this one. Granted, it did get used often, but I was the one who used it 99% of the time and I was careful with it.

    $100 headache!

    *Update - December 7, 2007
    I called Bissell and it was still under warranty. They sent me a shipping label to return the vacuum to them. They said if the problems were manufacture defects and not caused by abuse, it would be covered and they would replace the vacuum. If not, they'd call with a price to repair. A few weeks later, I had a brand new vacuum delivered to my door. I like this vacuum new as it has good suction power... I just hope this one doesn't fall apart like the last one.

    Maybe I will buy Bissell again - their customer service department handled the problem very well... much better than you see from many other companies.

    ...more info
  • Great vac
    This a super nice vacuum cleaner with plenty of sucking power Worth every penny.One thing missing is a indicator light that tells you if that area is clean. I had that on my older vac and I really miss it on this one other than that a super vacuum.To add it has a very long cord.A little loud but it works very good....more info
  • Awesome vacuum cleaner!
    I only used it once but the results are obvious; it does suck up everything from carpets to wooden floors....more info
  • I like it!
    I like this vacuum, it has strong suction, easy to clean the cannister, nice length hoses and electric cord, not too hard to push around....more info
  • Help! Shoots dirt & debris out the back side of the unit
    i was ready to pack this baby up & send it back, but after ready all the excellent reviews, i have to ask: what am i doing wrong. it seems to collect quite a bit of dirt & pet hair, but continually shoots dirt & debris out the back of the unit as if it is not strong enough to pick it up. i have cleaned all filters, checked for clogs and emptied the container. any thoughts?...more info
  • Workhorse of a Vaccum
    In the last years I have gradually become disabled and my vaccuuming was primarily of the lick and a promise varity. Sadly I am owned by four cats so it was more of a promise than a lick. I qualified for a Home Worker and knew I needed a new vacuum for her use, but also had to find one that was reasonably priced.

    The machine wasn't too difficult to put together nor overly heavy for someone with moderate physical limitations. I had to try it myself but after 5 sq feet it was filled with cat hair and dirt. I decided to wait for my Home Worker. She and I were astonished and chagrined at the amount of fur, dirt and debris she cleaned from my carpet.

    Since she was doing a deep clean for me, she was only vacuuming one room a day which was good. If you are using this vac after a long time use of an inferior vac or simply neglect, you will most likely have to clean the pre-motor filter freqently, easy enough to do even for me, but the sponge needs to dry before reinstalling.

    Now that the heavy cleaning has been done, this vacuum is light weight enough that a lick and a promise with it ( a quick 5 minute sweep over the surface) is sufficient for my comfort until the Home Worker does a thourogh cleaning with it on her day here....more info
  • Size makes might
    Just a brief disclaimer: we bought the Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless twe month ago for a pet free apartment. So if you want to know how tough it is in the long run or how it handles animal fur, this is not the ideal review.

    It come disassembled, but anyone with a philips screw driver can put it together in about 5 minutes.

    - All surfaces - excellent on both carpets and hard surfaces. (ATTENTION: remember to change the height of the rotating brush, otherwise your rugs will be destroyed)
    - Powerful - keeps up the suction all the way until the bag is completely full.
    - Headlight - yes, it does sound silly. But when you are going for that dark corner besides the sofa the headlight becomes a real plus.
    - On board accessories - they are easy to assemble and always at hand.

    - Noise - it is so loud you can't hear your phone ringing in the same room.
    - Weight - not only is it heavy, it also lacks a solid handle to help take it up and down the stairs.
    - Color - why couldn't they just keep to the traditional home appliance colors? It does not look nice at all.
    - Bagless container can drop a lot of dust when disconnected from the vacuum cleaner - the secret, however, is to wait a couple of seconds after usage so that the dust settles down, then pat the top of the container so that the dust stuck there will come down to the bottom of the container.

    With these negatives, why does it still deserve 4 stars? Simple, the positives more than compensate and we believe that the Bissell's problems are shared by other vacuum cleaners too (at least the Dyson we had before and Hoover we borrowed from a neighbour).

    Bottom line: Great value for money!...more info
  • Best vacuum!
    Love this vacuum! This is the best vacuum that I've ever owned. It far exceeds the Hoover and Dirt Devil models I have previously owned. It's nice to know that a vacuum is actually doing it's job and picking up so much dirt and grime from carpets....more info
  • I am impressed!
    I've just used the Bissell 3910 and I am very impressed by this vacuum. First of all I have to say that I vacuumed on Saturday with my Hoover and I thought my carpet was clean. Wrong! Four days later I used the 3910 for the first time after I assembled it (which by the way was easy and didn't take too long) and my golly, the canister filled up quickly with gray dust and fuzz only after vacuuming just one room! I've been having problems with allergies and sinus and now I know why. The other Hoover vacuum I had didn't pick up at all compared to this one. I don't think the gray fuzz is carpet fiber like another reviewer was saying, I think it's dirt. Also it is as louder as my old vacuum, if not less. The features I like also are the light and the little vacuum looking attachment that looks like a toy, so cute! Bottom line: great price, great product, don't need to buy bags, free shipping and two days delivery. I am very happy with it!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    The cyclonic technology keeps everything compacted in the disposal container, so there's no mess when you empty it....more info
  • WOW! ...
    Wow! I love this machine. It has really great suction and practically glides across the carpet on it's own. It's absolutely wonderful! I am glad I purchased it!...more info
    AS I DID I REVIEWED THIS WAY TO FAST HENCE THE ORGINAL 5 STARS BEING RETRACTED AND GOING RIGHT DOWN TO ONE STAR.I AM SURE IF PEOPLE WOULD RE-LOOK AT WHAT'S IN THE BIN ITS CARPET FIBERS MOSTLY MIXED WITH DUSK. I posted an orginal review after just trying it out in my bedroom and had to retract it after doing a total vacuuming in my house. OMG yes it sure picked up everything including the carpet fibers. The height bottom does not work hence this happening. It's going back and I'm off to Sear's for a Kenmore. If you love your carpet you will not have it for long. I would think this would be great on a burber and thats it. Figures I would be one to agree with the other 1 and 2 stars. ...more info
  • What was I waiting for?
    I did a lot of research into brands before deciding against Hoover and Dirt Devil (owned by the same company now) because of their leaking problems, and Eureka didn't have the features I was looking for. All the reviews for the Bissell Total Floors vacuum looked great and that's the vacuum I wanted. The only problem was, I couldn't find it anywhere locally and I've heard some bad things about Amazon's shipping when it comes to large things like vacuums. I wanted mine to be in one piece when I got it. Anyway, I came home with the Momentum. After carefully comparing the features in the store, I couldn't really tell what the difference was anyway. I have carpet and Pergo and tried it on both when I got home. It definitely works better on carpet, but that's what I bought a vacuum for anyway. I have a swiffer for my tiny kitchen.

    I have a dog that sheds constantly, so I was worried that maybe I should have gotten the "pet" version of some vacuum, but after testing this baby out on a 2x3 foot section of my floor, I was literally amazed. There was a *huge* clump of dog hair, along with a bunch of mysterious black stuff. Now, we just moved into this townhouse 3 weeks ago, and this rug is NEW. Of course I had to go ahead and do the whole house. I emptied the container 4 times. It looked like there were a bunch of rodents fighting each other in the trash can. Gross. I opened up the filters after that, and there was NOTHING on them. I guess the cyclonic thing really does work. Cool.
    I wasn't that impressed with the attachment, but I only used it on the stairs, which don't have new carpet, and are very matted down, so I don't think anything is going to bring them back to life at this point.

    To address some common complaints:
    This vacuum is not that loud. If you think it is, I would really love to know what you've been using! We just upgraded from an ancient vacuum, so this seems really quiet to us. The dog is still afraid of it, but as far as I'm concerned, he made most of the mess I'm cleaning up, so he can just deal with it.
    I haven't had any problem with no suction at the edges. I went right up to the wall and it worked great.
    The assembly did take a little bit of pushing and shoving, but I am kind of a weakling. I bet if you had a friend help it would be no problem. I still managed to get it put together in 5 minutes.
    As for the machine falling over when you use the attachment, just release the foot release like you are going to vacuum and lean the vacuum up against the stairs or whatever (so it is already leaning over) and then you won't have a problem with a big crash later.
    Someone said the airflow meter doesn't work on this model-- well mine does. Maybe you got a defective one :(

    All in all, I was so impressed with how much stuff came out of the carpet, and that's what a vacuum is for, so I give it 5 stars....more info
  • Works well
    This vacuum works very well, it is easy to assemble and use. Cleaning it is also very easy. It will clog up with pet hair but once you find the 4-5 places it likes to clog it is very easy to unclog (look behind the filters). It picks up an amazing amount of pet hair compared to any other vacuum I have owned. It also decreases dust and allergens as advertised....more info
  • Great Vacuum! Great Price!
    I received my Bissel about two weeks ago. I used it as soon as I put it together, and immediately I was a happy camper. I have two dogs plus one eight year old in the house who need tidying up after quite often. The Bissel really did a wonderful job. My carpet felt clean when I was finished. The cord is long enough where I can clean the whole downstairs without having to unplug and replug elsewere. The canister is very easy to remove, however, dumping dust is dumping dust. It is just as messy as my old Eureka. However, the good way outweighs the not so good. If you are in need of a new vacuum, this one is great and the price is reasonable.

    ** When I purchased my Bissel a year ago it was less than $100. It is still a wonderful vacuum and has held up well. I have indoor doggies and use my Bissel at least 3 times a week. However, the price listed now might make me reconsider shopping with Amazon. I would check Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot for pricing first....more info
  • Bissell Momentum 3910
    As of this writing, there have been 105 reviews on this product. here is my two cents after shopping for a vacuum; if tilting of the unit is an issue, just be aware of it and use it accordingly; if the rollerbar doesn't stop on the "bare floor" setting, continue anyway i doubt it will damage your floor unless you have wood from Borneo and it's an exotic wood costing "1 million dollars" which if it is, you wouldn't be looking at this review. if you complained about changing the dirct cup so often while vacuuming, the vacuum may not be the problem, use it more often or be neater. If you complained about no retractable cord, who cares? All in all, the unit is great for the money. easy to assemble (2 screws and a few snap on pieces). Gosh for $55 delivered to my door as a new open box item, i'll dance with it everytime i whip it for a ride. BTW, i have two cats and my black carpet looks great! ...more info
  • Great vacuum for pet owners
    We just received the Bissell 3910 Momentum vacuum last weekend and are VERY pleased with it.

    The vacuum does a fabulous job of picking up pet hair. We have 4 cats and while we regularly vacuum and clean the couches/chairs to rid them of the cat hair, there was always cat hair that remained. We tried out our new Bissell 3910 Momentum and were amazed that the attachment tool actually got ALL the cat hair off our furniture. We are so happy!!!

    The other amazing thing is how much our older vacuum missed. The Bissell 3910 Momentum has strong suction on both carpets/rugs and hardwood/tile floors. We actually had a problem vacuuming our throw rugs because the vacuum was so strong we couldn't get them to stay on the floor to vacumm without one of us holding down/stepping on the other end of the rug.

    Like the other reviews state, the cord is nice and long, it isn't too heavy. Assemby isn't difficult, except for getting the screws for the handle tightened - they are in an awkward spot to get a screwdriver into.

    The only negative I saw was that it didn't seem to pick up cat litter that had escaped the litter box. It seemed to just blow it everywhere. Not a huge issue, but it would have been nice to have that taken care of as well.

    Overall, we are overjoyed with our purchase and have recommended it to everyone we know. ...more info
  • Powerful, but loud and damages carpet
    I had just used the vacuum for the first time and was excited at how much dirt it picked up in the first 2 rooms. The dirt container had quite a bit in it, but was not yet to the full line, so I started in on the hall. The vacuum started leaving dark greyish/blackish streaks all over the carpet, that I have yet to remove. I immediately emptied the dirt container, and it got better, but I was very disappointed that I had a bigger mess on my hands, and that the fill line was misleading.

    The vacuum is indeed powerful and does get an amazing amount of dirt out of the carpet. However, I agree with the other reviews that it is extremely loud. My 2 year old is frightened of it, where as in the past he would "help" with the vacuuming by pushing alongside me. It also doesn't seem to do as well on bare floors. I was stepping on crumbs seconds after vacuuming the kitchen.

    So, while it is powerful, and effective in getting hair and dirt off of the floor, the volume and staining possibilities make me less pleased with this vacuum. ...more info
  • Worth the cost.
    Got this as a birthday present. As I was out of town a friend got it and put it together. She said it was easy and took just a few minutes.

    Cleans great, easy to use, and seems quiter than others I've heard. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to buy an upright bagless....more info
  • i love it!
    i was getting sick and tired of having hair all over my house. I live with 4 other girls and we shed like no other. I wanted to invest in a quality vacuum because I am very OCD about my floor. I bought this vacuum because of all the good reviews on amazon and it hasnt disappointed me yet. my roommates were amazed at how much my vacuum picked up and now they all want one too....more info
  • Great Vaccuum
    I love this vaccuum...picks up everything! Also, I received my order on time. Definitely recommend this vaccuum....more info
  • Excellent product
    The vacuum cleaner is great! Great price and a great product. Thank you!...more info
  • Good buy
    Nice vacuum. Cleans well and has good power. Super easy to use/empty container. Can't really speak to longevity since I've only used it a couple times, but so far I'm impressed and glad I purchased it. ...more info
  • No more dog hair
    This product is the king of all Vacuums... with it's extra wide (15 inch) brush you can quickly cover any large room. It's collection area is nearly 3 times the size of my last vacuum's and so far, it hasn't lost any suction (and with the bestialiness of it, I don't see how it could).With it's small brush attachment, it'll clear a sofa of dog hair in minutes.

    The only issue I have with it is that, even with recently upgraded power throughout my apartment, this thing sucks so much juice that I have to turn off all other electronics... including my air conditioner, otherwise the fuse blows. Hard to vacuum in the dark... I'm sure more modern/more circuits would reduce/eliminate this problem, but it definitely is a problem for me......more info
  • This vaccuum work great!!!!!!!
    I love this vaccuum. It is easy to clean. No stinky clouds of dust in the air with this baby. Gets up all the dirt and the carpets nap really comes up. It is a little louder than my last one but not too bad. I definately recommend this item and WOW the price was fantastic!!...more info
  • I LOVE it.
    I've never used a sub-$100 vacuum that worked so freaking well. Pet hair? No problem. Big pieces of (insert here)? No problem. The huge tube/wands they give you are excellent, but if you pull on the unit just right it DOES fall over. After about two or three times of doing this, though, you get so used to it you stop doing that.

    Suction is great. I'm still sucking out fuzz from my carpet, and I really don't think the apartment's been this clean in a long time. It's definitely a must have for pets, and it'd probably be great if you needed it to use for cleaning a car, though I'd probably recommend something other than an upright for that application.

    The additions are great. There's a pet hair adapter (the thing that is like a mini-spinning brush you can put on the hose). It's great for small rugs (bathroom/entrance rugs). There's an extender hose, a crevice tool, and one of those things that have bristles on the end (still haven't found a valid use for it).

    Changing settings on the carpet level is a cinch, and emptying the holding bin is easy as 1-2-3.

    My only complaint(s) are that it's unable to get into a few places (under coffee tables, beds, etc) very far because the unit's so tall. This being said, the pluses, including the price, are well worth the negative....more info
  • Cleaning - Good, Convenience- No
    The cleaning ability is good. The dirt canister is easy to clean and I would recommend this for a large room with limited furniture for ease of maneuvering. The power cord is long(Somewhat too long), bulky and heavy. I'm used to a light, powerful vaccuum but it's loosing it's power, so I replaced it with this model. Unfortunately, I'm shopping for a vaccuum already after 3 months of trying to work with this one. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I just got mine today (shipping from Amazon was quick, by the way) and I was so excited to put it together and test drive it. It took me 30 mins to set it up, since I am not in to assembling things. I started vacuuming our living room (mind you it's 10 PM here) to see if all the reviews I read about it is true. If this is not the best vacuum, then I would say it is one of the best. I couldn't believe my eyes how it quickly filled up the dust canister as soon as I flipped the switch on! AMAZING!!! I will be vacuuming the rest of my house of tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much dust my old Hoover left behind for me and my family to sniff in - yuck!...more info
  • Amazing vacuum
    I was searching for a new vacuum for several months, and came across this one, read ALL the reviews and thought I'd take a sounded too good to be true. When I received it, it was just amazing. It is truly the best vacuum I have ever owned. The suction power is great. My kids and I had so much fun with it (because it worked so well), we vacuumed the whole house, including the furniture, fans, etc. the first day. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone that wants a great one!...more info
  • Very Good Vacuum!
    I have only had my vacuum for about a month now, but I love it. It cleans really well! My carpet looks better than ever. I have pets and the amount of hair that is picked up with this vacuum is amazing. It is the best vacuum I have owned in my life. The only thing that would make it better is if it had an automatic cord wind up and if it didn't tip over as easily as it does when I am using the hose and tools. Other wise it is fantastic. ...more info
  • Decent Vacuum for the price
    I bought this vacuum to clean up an OLD apartment as well as to keep the new apartment clean. It came disassembled but it was only in 3 or 4 pieces and didn't take me long to put together. The hoses were easy to attach, and the separate cleaning attachments were easily stored on the unit itself and worked great when I tried them out.

    The only problems I had with this item were from bits of paper and cellophane that would clog up the unit, but I just simply removed the hoses and reached in with a finger to clear it out and it was working fine again.

    This unit is probably best suited to cleaning plain dust and dirt... for the larger spills it'd be better to have a shop/vac. I've had the unit for about two weeks and every time I've used it so far it has produced excellent results.

    It only gets 4 stars because I had problems with clogging when I used the hose to clean, which would make the hose suddenly jerk (as the suction forced it to the smallest size) and that caused the unit to fall over a few times. That's mostly my fault for using it to clean up stuff bigger than a dime in size, but I feel the unit could have been more stable in the upright position when using the hose extended....more info
  • Excellent vacuum at any price
    This is an excellent vacuum. I purchased it as a "spare" to use on the second level of our home. It has quickly become my favorite. It is much stronger and powerful than I originally anticipated. I also love the fact that the clear (and bagless) dirt cup shows you what is being picked up. The other vacuum I own has a dirt sensor, but to me seeing is believing. Even though the dirt cup appears small, it cab be used quite often before it is necessary to empty it. I paid $99 on sale. Regardless of the price,to me it is comparable to other more expensive models. (I have used almost all but the Dyson) I wish I had purchased this vacuum before I spent $260.00 for another model.
    The only drawback would be if you have family members with allergies-I do not. I have heard that a bagged vacuum is generally recommended as it captures more allergans.
    ...more info
  • dog hair vs. vacuum
    I have a long haired dog who sheds a LOT! This is the only vacuum we have tried that picks up the hair from the floor and from carpet. A great product....more info
  • Great vacuum for a $100
    After reading all the reviews on different vacuums, I came to the conclusion that there really is no "perfect" vacuum. I went with the Bissell 3910 because it appeared to have the best reviews for a vacuum in this price range.
    Pros: It was easy to assemble and light weight enough to carry up the stairs. I didn't have any problems detaching the hose from it's base like others have written nor did I mind the 35' cord. Ergonomically, it was was easier on my back and moved effortlessly as if it as self-propelled. If you are tall, you will like the height of this vacuum. The canister was easy to empty. I went from carpet to hardwood floors without any problems.

    Cons: The hose could be longer. The dial to set the vacuum level seems to vibrate to other settings. Also, the beater brush did not always stop in the bare floor mode which I think it should. Like I said, no vacuum is perfect....more info
  • Bissell 3910
    I bought this vacuum for my bachelor son, thinking that it would be easy to use. I never thought I would ever hear my son say that he didn't mind vacuuming! He is very pleased with the ease of use and no bags to deal with....more info
  • Fantastic Buy
    This vacuum is wonderful! Contrary to some people's reviews this is extraordinarily easy to put together. My wife got it and put it together in under 10 minutes. It's so easy to dump out the dirt cup and makes no mess. We used our old vacuum right before we tried this one out and it got up so much more dog hair. I would recomend this to anyone for ease of use, cord length, overall performance and value....more info
  • Good vacumn for the money
    We purchased this item as a replacement for a $ 400.00 Dyson unit that my wife was not happy with. This vacumn works great , and at about $ 100 w/ shipping , it was a total bargain.

    Thanks...more info
  • Mmm..
    Regardless of price and whatnot, this Bissell machine is one monster of a vacuum. Not readily accustomed to its sucking power after 15 years of Hoover usage, found out the Bissell's got a real sense of purpose. See then again, don't really know if that's a blessing or a curse. It sucks up a lot of dust and dirt, but also the carpet. The thing roars very strongly and I'm just afraid it will somehow damage the carpet. But very impressed at all the little suckers it picked up. Not too fond of its plastic assembly however. I say it's a good vacuum. Rounded my 3.6 stars to 4. (The -0.4 stars is due to all the dust that flew out of the vacuum when I turned it on while the tube was outside it's little holder. Can anyone explain why this happened?)...more info
  • Dust gets out around seams, etc.
    What started as a small problem has gotten worse over time. The vacuum has great suction and pulls up a lot of dust and dog hair. HOwever, the seal around the bagless canister has gotten "weaker" and fine dust comes out. Also, the HEPA filter is not seated as well as it should be and dust gets out around the edges of it. So please be aware of this problem if you choose to buy this vacuum. If I had it to do all over again, I would spend $40 more and get a Hoover, most likely. ...more info
  • Not as good on hard wood floors, but still works well
    I think this is a great product. It gets a ton of cat hair off my floors and small carpet. However, it is not the best vacuum for hard wood floors. I find that especially when I am vacuuming cat litter, it blows it all over the place. Other than that though, it is great and easy to remove the dirt from the plastic container....more info
  • Great for the price
    So far, I've been very impressed with the suction. The dyson-style filter system is very smart; very little dust or dirt actually ends up on the filter, as most is spun into the collection cup. This will help maintain good suction over time. The attachments are also nice.

    On the downside, I'm disappointed that you can't turn off the beater bar during bare floor cleaning. This makes it pointless to drag the vacuum across the kitchen floor, it will only throw dirt every which way. Also, the design of the hose connection is a bit clumsy- too high on the vacuum. As I was attempting to drag the unit across the floor b the hose, it toppled over and a piece of the vacuum cracked (cord holder). It was no problem, I just superglued it.

    For the price, you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • My carpets have never been this clean
    I bought this to replace my Hoover which was 10 years old and on it's last legs. I had used it to vacuum two days before I tried my Bissel for the first time. I couldn't believe how much dirt it picked up! It was easy to put together, moves like it's self propelled, easy to clean, and has been great at picking up the mess my toddlers make....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner system
    After reading a number of reviews saying this model picked up a lot of dirt even after vacuuming with another machine, I just had to try that myself as soon as I set it up. I went over a section of carpet several times with my old Hoover, then just once with the Bissell 3910 and sure enough, it did pull a lot more crud out of the carpet. So I'm impressed. It's a real powerhouse.

    This is my first bagless vacuum cleaner. The selection of tools that come with it are all I'll ever need, and they work just great. The bagless system works well and is very convenient. Note though it does NOT have the "Air-flow indicator [that] shows when filter needs to be cleaned" mentioned in the description. It says that on the box too, but evidently the same box is used for different Bissell models (the same chassis too, there's a labeled place for the indicator but it's blank) and that feature isn't on the 3910. It would've been interesting to see how the air-flow indicator works, but I don't think it's really a necessary thing....more info
  • Works great
    This is a very easy vacuum to use and handle. Cleanup is a breeze with the removable canister. The suction power is great, we have a dog and it gets all the hair out of the carpet. It makes the chore of vacuuming less of a chore. The only downside is when I have to vacuum the stairs in my house, the way the attachments affix to the upright portion doesn't allow for much leeway....more info
  • I am very impressed
    I just bought this vacuum today and I am beyond impressed! For sake of being repetitive, I'll just say that the vacuum does everything people wrote but better than I ever expected. Cleaned my 1100 sq. foot apartment and dumped 5 cups and I am a every-other-day vacuum-er! My last vacuum was the worst and I knew it. The best part is that I was about to buy a Dyson and I can't imagine it being any better than this Bissell. The 4 stars are only because I have only had the vacuum for 1 day, but so far so good!...more info
  • struggles a bit the cat litter..but pleased overall
    I am mixed between a rating of 3 or 4...but going with a 4 due to my overall experience and like the fit/feel on the vacuum. I have a semi plush carpet and 3 cats..They track litter and when using this vacuum..I can see the little pieces of litter bouncing around in the carpet as the vacuum gets close..but it does not pick it all up the first few passes..It takes many passes to pick it up..This is with an empty container and no clogs etc..It picks up hair very well..the layout is nice..has a quality feel to it..Very large dust cup...and easy to empty...No filters to clean...has replaceable HEPA. Overall I like this...just a bit surprised that it takes so many passes to pick up kitty litter in the carpet.....more info
  • This vacuum will change your life, it works so well.
    WOW!!! This is the most amazing vacuum that I have ever used. Just bought it a couple of days ago after seeing the positive customer reviews here. Everyone is right- this one actually WORKS and picks up every single speck of dust and pet fur from your carpets and floor. You'll truly wonder how you lived without it all these years!

    We have parquet wood floors, and a couple of wool 5 x 8 area rugs. We pre-cleaned the rugs with our old, small hand held vacuum first, as a quick test to see how much more dust the new vacuum could pick up right afterward. To the naked eye, our rugs looked clean and presentable before using the new Bissell 3910.

    Then we tested out this amazing Bissell, and a TON of dust, dirt, debris, and pet fur was pulled out of those rugs that were 'cleaned' 2 minutes before!!! Between cleaning the 2 rugs with this fabulous new vacuum, we had to empty the dirt cup no less than 6 times because so much gunk was pulled out. Seriously. I could not believe that much stuff was actually hiding underfoot. Mama mia!

    Note: We only bought the area rugs about 3 months ago. We do not walk on these rugs with our shoes on, and ask our guests to please remove their shoes as well.

    We also have a kitten that sheds often, even though I brush her fur down twice a day and run through her fur with a damp washcloth to catch any fly aways. This is to help prevent her fur clinging to the rugs.

    I thoroughly clean these rugs on my hands and knees at least once a week. This requires pulling out strands of fur by hand, using a special rubber brush to gather anything stuck between the rug fibers, using the small hand held vacuum to collect everything, followed by a final sticker-type lint roller once over.

    In those short 3 months since the rugs were purchased, so much dust had secretly gathered up which I thought I had been cleaning every week! After seeing all the built up dust, it looked like I had never cleaned the rugs at all.

    This vacuum is extremely effective, and in my opinion works just as well as the more expensive $500 Dyson brand which operates in a similar way. For 80% cheaper price difference!

    We LOVE this new miracle vacuum, and I've recommended it to all my friends and all of the women in my family. Whoever has not bought this vacuum for themselves by Christmas, is getting a brand new one from me this year!

    What are you waiting for? You need to purchase this effective carpet cleaner for yourself now, before they are all sold out!

    This is one extremely happy customer. Hopefully I will never need another vacuum again!...more info
  • The Vac of my dreams!!!!
    This is the best vacuum i have ever purchased, major sucking power! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!...more info
  • love it love it love it
    Like I said I love it. Take a clean rug and test drive this beauty on it and it will pull out a bucket of dirt from it. This one works...more info
  • Good stuff, highly recommended!!
    I'm in the Navy and currently on a deployment, but I ordered this vacuum for my wife, who is also 7 months pregnant, and she loves it!! It's light enough for her to move around and she loves what it's done to our carpet. Here's a quote from her about it in an e-mail she sent me when she tried it, "Oh oh before I forget. We used the vacuum and it works great. Babe if you could see all the dirt it sucked up. It's gross. I'm so happy we have one now!". So there you go. $100 is better priced than any vacuum in Wal-mart, and you can't beat free shipping!! It arrived quickly too. Highly recommended!!...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I love this vacuum! I only have carpet in the bedrooms so I couldn't justify spending very much but I have a dog so I needed something powerful. This was the perfect choice. I am still amazed at how much dog hair it picks up. With my old vacuum I did not have to replace the bag once in the 8 months I have had the dog. With this vacuum I empty the container after every room. Obviously my old vacuum had no suction. I've already recommended it to several of my friends and even let them borrow it to see for themselves how great it is.

    The only negative thing I have to say is that it does tip over easy. I've been bonked in the head several times when using the hose....more info
  • This Vacuum the Best Way Possible!
    I am amazed at the amount of dirt this thing picks up. I've been dumping the canister after each room, not because it won't hold more, but because it gives me a chance to see how dirty each room was. I am amazed at how much filth my Hoover left behind....more info
  • Awesome for the price!
    I am very impressed with this vacuum cleaner. It pulled a grapefruit-sized ball of dog hair and a bunch of dirt out of our 8' X 10' area rug the first time I used it. And this was immediately after I had vacuumed it with our Kirby! My gripes are few. I wish the hose was longer and I wish it had a dedicated attachment for hardwood floors. That's about it. Is it the best vacuum cleaner made? No. But it is easily the best $100.00 vacuum cleaner available. Money no object it gets four stars. Money an object it gets five stars....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum, Excellent Value
    I researched alot of vacuums before making this purchase and I'm still amazed at the value. I've used much more expensive vacuums and they didn't do the job this vacuum does. It has excellent suction power. The onboard tools store nicely and are easy to use. The turbo brush is great for upholstered furniture, etc. The power cord is nice and long. You won't be disappointed with this unit! ...more info
  • Love, love ,love this machine
    I wish I had purchased this long before now. The suction on it is super. I can't tell you how dirty I feel after cleaning my carpets. Ugh!! I knew my other cleaner wasn't up to par, but this is a real eye opener. I can't believe how much deep embeded dirt I'm picking up. I also have an indoor dog and 2 cats. Need I say more! The price is very good. I can't find anything I don't like about the cleaner. Very good buy....more info
  • Best vacuum ever!!!
    I love this vacuum. My friends have kirby's and paid much more than I did, but I feel I have the best vacuum. It was horrible to see how much our other vacuum was missing. I highly recommend this vacuum over any other brand/model. Thanks to the other reviews....more info
  • I love this vaccum
    This is a great vaccum with lots of power. It is a little top heavy like others said but other than that I can't find anything I don't like about it. The attachment has great suction and power!!...more info
  • GROSS!!!!
    I have had the same Hoover upright for almost 10 years now and think it works fine. I decided based on the age that I should look for a new vacuum cleaner and upon reading other recommendations here at Amazon and other sites decided on the Bissell 3910. Assembly was easy and upon putting it all together decided to give it a try in the living room. In a matter of minutes I had practically filled the canister. Here I had thought I was keeping our home relatively clean and this new vacuum picked up tons of left behind dirt and dog hair. (Why is it dogs can lose hair like that twice a year and I'm bald?....but I digress) This vacuum powers itself across the room, is easy to carry up and down stairs and really isn't as tippy as I read in other reviews. I think this was a terrific investment and even my girlfriend (who owns a Dyson) was extremly impressed with how this $100 vacuum works....more info
  • This vacuum rocks
    Everyone should have one of these! Only downside is the hose isn't long enough...but still a must have. ...more info
  • Looks like it cleans... but...
    Our Orek died and we needed a vacuum so with limited choices at the store, we went with this model. The dirt collects in the bin and that is great. What concerned me is the dirt that was spitting out the back. We have hard wood floors and I would get pelted in the legs with dirt particles that would escape the beaters and fly out the back. Maybe others don't realize this because they are on carpet, either way, I wouldn't want that. ...more info
  • Great Buy
    The vacuum is great. Easy to put together, light, cleans great and the filters empties easily. For the price there is not a better vacuum. ...more info
  • The Best Vaccuum - EVER!
    Leave it to Bissell to create a vacuum that does what it promises - clean your carpets! - without breaking the bank. This is the best vacuum I've ever used - bar none. And I've had Hoovers, Fantoms, Eureka, etc.

    I needed a new vac. that could handle the cat hair from my few felines, but could not bring myself to spend half a grand on a Dyson. Plus, I've heard from many that the suction on Dysons is not great to begin with. And none of the other vacuums I checked out really grabbed me. After much debating and comparing, I ended up buying the Momentum.

    After just the first use I was astounded at how much junk came out of my carpet. And I have Berber throughout my home, so it's not a thick shag or plush. It got up enough cat hair to make another cat, plus we use Capture cleaning powder on our carpet when the cats vomit or we spill something. The Momentum sucked up literally a half a container of unseen Capture powder that was still inside the carpet that the other vacuums didn't pick up. Unbelieveable.

    I am actually buying another Momentum to have as a spare. I don't anticipate anything going wrong with the one I have now, but I don't want to take the chance & end up being without this vacuum! And kudos to Bissell for making the filter washable (no more flying dust!) and the dust cup so easy to empty. This vacuum is a dream. Even at twice the price, this vac. would be worth it. At $100 with free shipping, it is the bargain of a lifetime!...more info
  • Great vac! Extremely happy!
    We purchased a vacuum "on sale" on a whim, and then went home to read the reviews about it. After reading all of the great things everyone had to say about THIS vacuum, the low price, and the fact that we could get FREE shipping was enough for us to order it and take our "on sale" one back to the store. It was delivered in about 3 days and it has worked extremely well. The only complaint I have is that it does tip over when using the attachment hose from time to time. Other than that, this is an awesome vacuum for the price!!! (I can't afford a Dyson) It has made our carpets look great! Which is saying a lot since we have a weenie dog, small cat, & two children under the age of 5! WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Love it!...more info
  • Awesome Vacume
    This vacume is a great deal. We noticed a difference in the cleanliness of the carpet right away. I would highly recomend this vacume....more info
  • Appealing Cannister Design ~ But With Leaking Dirt Cup Seal...
    The first Bissell Momentum I bought had some sort of mechanical issue, & I suspect the vacuum failed to raise the beater bar to an adequate height above the floor, causing it to sound like rapid machine gun fire on the carpet while beating the living heck out of it. To me, the engine was unbelievably LOUD for a vacuum, but there was definitely something wrong with that picture. It also had a horrendous high pitched whine to the motor that frankly sounded like a Jet engine taxiing the runway. Leaving a pungent burnt smell in its wake. So I called Bissell for perspective, & they told me all of this was very unusual, & suggested that I exchange it. And so I did. I took it back, & assembled it's replacement.

    In the second Bissell, the high pitched whine from the engine was every bit as piercingly loud as the last one. Reminding me of my grandmother's Kirby in the 80's. I ran it a long time, & my ears rang & my hearing was blunted the way you get from being at concerts or a shooting range. They need to make a vac that inhales with this brute force, that does not drill my eardrums...or my pet's. It's a small apartment, & there isn't too far my cat can go to hide from the vacuum, & I am sure it hurts his sensitive ears far more than it bugs mine.

    The second Bissell didn't have the nasty beater bar issue, & so, I decided to hang onto it, & see how it goes.

    Both Bissells I tried had difficult assembly issues. With the first one, I practically had to leverage my body into a handstand to push the curved hose wand attachment into the hose. On the second one these two went together fine, but I had to do other acrobatics to insert the hose wand into the intake. So stiff you're afraid you're going to break the unit if you put the force into it necessary to get the job done. In an area that will be disconnected & reconnected every time you vacuum. Getting the handle screws in can be a bear. I advise using a very long flathead screwdriver, so you won't strip them out before they're in. If you're a senior, or you don't have a lot of strength in your hands or arms, you may have to have someone assemble this for you. IMO, Bissell should ship these vacs already put together. This is asking a little too much of the consumer, & it's more assembly than most customers are going to want to do, especially the ladies. And I expressed this to Bissell's CS.

    One thing that really impressed me is the Turbo Brush... This is not just your run of the mill sweeper attachment. It's got a belt all of its own inside run by the air intake, & it's like having a 2nd, separate "mini-sweeper" to hose up those unreachable dusty spots all by itself!! I can't believe the brute Power in that attachment. Do not run this attachment or this vacuum over area rugs, or it will suck them up into the beaters every time, & your house will smell like burnt tires. I'll have to run the dusting brush attachment over area rugs, vs. vacuuming it directly, because it's impossible to do so. No wonder they spend so much time discussing how to handle clogs in the manual... Though it does deposit accidentally vacuumed cat toys nicely in the cannister, unharmed!

    One big neg about this vacuum is that it has major potential to be a serious cord grabber - so be careful of your PC & adapter cords, it won't just push them back & sweep the floor. I tested it while it was off, & it ran right over the power cords & back. It could rapidly consume & destroy live wires in the blink of an eye. My failing Fantom vac had a beater guard to push cords out of the way, & I miss that. This one will grab, consume, & destroy anything in it's path if it gets too close. Stuff other vacs ignore. Including hidden dirt... Which is a good thing.

    All of this said, as others have noted, even on the 3rd run - "This vacuum will find dirt that I never even knew I had...!!! The cup filled up even when everything looked clean!" But on examination of the cup contents, I discovered it was about 1/3 feline undercoat, & 2/3 carpet fiber. I'm unsure whether it's normal that this Bissell beats carpet fiber in mass quantities out of this old carpet because this carpet is such a piece of crudd (it's their original carpeting), that it's so matted down with broken fiber & hidden gunk, it's all coming out because it's actually finally getting A DEEP CLEAN for a change............ Or if it's doing damage to what's left of this long since dead rug. This is one Mean Machine, & it appears to have beat quite a bit of new Life into what in its heyday was a low shag carpet. I cannot BELIEVE how much RAW POWER there is in ths VACUUM............. This vacuum is Truly FIERCE!!!

    Lastly, I chose this vac because of the specific design of the cannister system. I selected this model because of its simply constructed, easy to access & dump dirt cup. I have an asthma/allergy issue that goes wild every time I vacuum. So far, this model was the only bagless vac I've seen locally that doesn't have a (messy) internal HEPA filter inside the cannister itself to replace. Or a plastic non-removable filtration system in the upper cannister that becomes dust & hair encrusted, that you have to find some way to brush off & clean up after every time you vacuum. I won't feel driven to take this vac outdoors to empty it, to avoid getting the dust everywhere indoors. As with my old Fantom vac. Nothing sets off asthma quite like being forced to fool around with cleaning up after sweeper lint... But this vac makes it easy. Just swing the lever, pull out the cup, dump it, wash & dry it if you like, & back in it goes. NO MESS... The cup holds all the dirt, & it isn't stuck all over the inside of the upper cannister & dropping dirt all over the floor as soon as the cannister comes off. And because the dirt cup has a wide easy to sort through chamber, you won't have to turn searching for lost items into a major procedure, looking for jewelry or change. On the down side, if you have a pet, you'll find that you have to empty that cup more than once during your vacuuming. But the cleanup for this vac is speedy fast & SO much less of a chore.

    Along these lines, if you check on the condition of your HEPA Filter - make SURE the filter door doesn't fall out of the hinges, & that all 4 closure points are snug, before you turn it on again. One of my hinges popped out, I didn't realize it when I closed the door, & the filter door blew open with brute force when it was running - & the vac blasted my body with dirt & debris, & coated my entire bedroom with grime...which I had just cleaned. And there went my asthma.

    I gave this vac 3 stars, because in weighing the pros & cons, the complaints I mentioned are a lot to think about. But if you can tune out all the noise, & keep this beast from inhaling dangerous items on the floor, & if you want *A REALLY CLEAN RUG*... and perhaps most importantly, if you manage Major RESPIRATORY Problems... this might be the right vac for you.


    I discovered that there is dirt debris left on the vacuum after sweeping that appear to be coming out of the cannister cup somehow, getting past the seal. I also notice a lot more dust spread around my house in a thick coating after running this vac. I called Bissell again, to ask them about the seal, thinking it was probably defective, or the dirt cup just didn't swing up tight enough - & I got a really mixed, & at times bizzare, response in the way of put-off arguments.

    First, their representative told me, "The Bissell picks up so much dirt from your carpet, it has no place else to put it, & so it comes out sometimes. This happens, because your Bissell picks up so much dirt. Because it is so powerful." As though, this is a good thing... Am I supposed to accept vacuum leakage, because it digs up a lot of deep dirt & spews small particles out the seams? Before it's even full?? I told her this is unacceptable. I insisted that a vacuum ought to be able to hold it's dirt, in it's cup, up to the fill line, until it is emptied. About the increased dust, I was told, "Vacuums don't create dust, they sweep it up." Not when it's coming out from between the cannister seams, I said... In that case, it's taking dust out of the floor & putting it back out.

    She argued with me 3 times about "how unusual, & absolutely unheard of this is", & that *no one she knows has ever had this problem*...including 3 girls in the office who use one. Frankly, I don't care about 3 clerks in a Bissell office... I care about what THIS vacuum is doing. Unusual?? I asked her if she'd ever read the intermittent reviews online about Bissell vacuums with this cannister system sometimes leaking out the sides. There are a lot of them. I just figured I got one with a bum seal. As I noted above, different parts, on 2 different vacs, fit together very differently on assembly. So I thought perhaps the cup didn't fit tight.

    Then she told me it's leaking because I use Swheat Scoop cat litter, & it breaks up in the process, & thus inevitably comes out of the seams. She suggested I change my cat litter to Fresh Step... No. I should not have to change my cat's litter, because Bissell's dirt cup seal leaks. It's a HEPA vacuum that controls micro particles - it should be able to hold ground cat litter. I thought that was ridiculous. If it's leaking cat litter & dander, guess what else it's leaking. Again I repeated to Bissell, "There is NO reason whatsoever that your sealed vacuum cannister should not be able to hold it's dirt."

    Then, she told me this happen to her at first with a similar vac (well, so much for "completely unusual & never heard of"...), & suggested I wash my filter (though I'd only run the thing 3 days), & see if that changes anything. And that she'd send me complimentary foam filters for my trouble. She said if it continues to leak dirt after washing the filter, call Bissell, & they'll send an RMA tag out, reclaim the vac, & study it in labs to see why it leaks. After 15 solid minutes of nonsensical arguments, I found it doubtful they'd really care to look at it.

    It's nice Bissell's CS offered to send me extra filters...but the manufacturer's evasive, dodgey, runaround response to the problem was truly disconcerting.

    How can I recommend this to people with respiratory issues now... Your mileage may vary.

    This vac just lost 1 Star from me.

    *6/19/7 UPDATE*: Please See Comments for MY SOLUTION to the DIRT CUP LEAKAGE ISSUE... I think I nailed it! : D

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum I have owned
    I have 2 young children and 3 small dogs-they all make messes. I have owned a Kirby now for 10 years and for the price we paid for that we thought it was top of the the line and doing the job....WRONG! The Bissell went right to work when it got here and we could not believe the dirt and dog hair it picked up-mind you we had just vacuumed with the Kirby! We felt like we lived outside on the ground. We love this machine especially for the price! My only complaint is that it is a bit top heavy but for the suction power it has we will take the top heavy part and run with it. ...more info
  • Best all-around vacuum. This is what you've been looking for!
    I've spend a few days as an internet savvy consumer reading up on all sorts of vacuums using amazon, target, epinions, etc. Let me just say that my heart finally rested when I saw reviews for this vacuum. I ordered it and got it in 3 days! Great job Amazon! It is an excellent vacuum. We thought our townhouse was clean but this vacuum got so much dirt out of it and the carpet felt newer. Amazing! What I love about it also is that the dirt canister is a good size. I've vacuumed all over and it hasn't gotten full. I've emptied it and never experienced dirt getting everywhere. It's powerful, easy to use, and a good weight too, not too heavy, not too light.

    - Powerful and sucks!
    - well designed, love the color, good size
    - big dirt cannister
    - 2 filters that keep the air clean
    - easy to use

    - some assembly (but it took 5 min with a normal screwdriver)
    - wish the attachment hose was longer
    - not really sure what the cyclonic part does. when the dirt fills, it just settles to one side and doesn't cyclone as much. the vacuum still has cyclone going on but the dirt rests to one side and only the dirt in the middle gets caught in the cyclone.

    I'd buy it again! Maybe also consider the 1 up model with dual-cyclone for $30 more? I love this model though!
    ...more info
  • The Best I've Owned
    This is the best vacuum. I couldn't believe how well it works. After one cleaning the canister was half full. After the second cleaning the canister was completely full. It made me wonder about the conditon of my old vacuum....more info
  • Fabulous buy!
    My old Bissell was finally dying after a long life so I bought this one. What a great buy! The suction is awesome. I didn't realize how much dirt and pet hair I wasn't getting up with my old vacuum. I'm extremely happy with this vacuum. In the past I've spent a lot more and got a lot less. I just hope this one lasts as long as my last Bissell bagless.

    If you're looking for a new vacuum, you won't regret buying this one. You'll have clean carpets and you won't go broke because of it. ...more info
  • Love this Bissell Vacuum
    I would recommend this product to anyone who is considering a new vaccum. I have tried higher priced & highly named vacuums but they didn't pick up nearly as much stuff as this one did. My rugs look so clean and feel clean...amazingly they look almost new.
    The dirt container is easy to clean and is washable which is nice. Another nice feature is it has a very long cord and moves around nicely. Anyone looking around, defintely consider this product..I have the Bissell Rug Cleaner which works wonders so I trust Bissell products. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I received this vacuum today and LOVE it! It's my first bagless and I really do like to "see" the dirt and was quite grossed out by how much it picked up... I feel like my old windtunnel didn't do anything the past year. I ordered it on the 16th and got it on the 18th. Had it assembled in about 15 minutes and it's working great. The only thing that I don't really like is the power button is on the body of the machine and not up on the handle, but other than that it's great- especially for under $100.
    ...more info
  • Smells.... clean!!!
    We have two cats. So, like you, I read the reviews.
    I said, "ok, what have I got to lose?" I ordered, and as usual Amazon is fast, dependable and keeps UPS busy!!! I got it yesterday.
    The ONLY reason I would not give this a raving 5 stars... is because the extender hose takes some getting used to, slipping it back through the hole and onto the base. I am constantly pulling it out for various tasks, and it is just a little difficult to twist back on.
    But overall, when I emptied that dust cup.... even the powdered carpet cleaner that I hadn't used in a long while was in there. 2 thumbs UP!!!...more info
  • Not perfect, but quite good.
    My main issue with this vacuum is that it's top-heavy and frequently topples over when using the hose and attachments. Also, again when using attachments, it's almost TOO powerful. I use the crevice tool a lot to get along walls and such, and have unintentionally latched onto tablecloths, curtains, etc. several times. It's a little overzealous like that. But hey, it's hard to complain about power. And when it comes to cleaning carpet and rugs, this thing is a beast and the results are impressive. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Previously, I was using the Oreck XL. It had done an ok job for the past four years until it slowly began to lose suction. This vacuum arrived very quickly, via free shipping, was easy to assemble, and picks up dirt like a dream. The first room alone picked up so much dirt that the canister had to be emptyed before I could continue. Doesn't say much for the Oreck! The price is great also. My house has two floors, and it is a little heavier than the Oreck, but for the power that it has shown so far I will gladly carry it up and down my stairs. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • I like it
    I really like this vacuum. Easy to assemble and really does a good job....more info
  • We have been very pleased
    Well, my wife has been very pleased because I'm a caveman and do not know how a vaccuum works (it scary machine that make loud noise). The suction is great and the trap seems pretty easy to change/dump. The stair attachment is a big hit, with it's own rolling brushes, and I came home one day to find the stairs sparkling (as well as carpet can sparkle). The airflow indicator is a neat feature, although it doesn't always show fully open when using the attachment hose, but no big deal. Wifey keeps showing me buckets of dirt and dog hair from all over the house that the 10 yr. old Hoover just couldn't touch, so I give this loud, scary machine a big caveman A-plus! Recommended....more info
  • just what I ordered
    I wanted a vacuum under 100.00 and this is the one!!! I am very happy with my purchase. I vacuum just about everyday, being I have 2 kids under 3 years. It is light weight and the attatchments are very easy to use. I love having a bagless vacuum! It is easy to empty as well. I also love the fact I can vacuum along the base boards and the vacuum still does its job!
    WooooHoooo!!! Very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Bissell bagless vacuum
    We really like this it has very good suction and took several full loads of pet hair up even tho we had a power brush upright vacuum that we used three times a week. The bagless feature is aplus too and it is light enough and well balanced.
    It has a furniture brush which rotates and cleans well too....more info
  • Good Vacuum For The Money
    My previous vacuum cleaners were Eureka, Fantom, and Sears. I was pleasantly surprised by the power, cleaniing ability and quietness of the Bissell machine relative to the others. It is much lighter and easier to maneuver than my earlier vacuums. I especially like the powered brush/upholstery tool.

    The one major fault I found is that the drive belt is very thin and fragile. It broke on the first day when I was vacuuming a rug with fringes. The brush mechanism choked on the fringes and stopped spinning although the drive belt kept traveling. The drive belt snapped within one or two minutes. ...more info
  • See ya later, DYSON!!
    Oh my gosh!!! I was a complete Dyson devotee, until it - oh yes - started losing suction!!! (WHAT??!!!) I tried everything - replaced parts, hoses, yadda yadda ya. I thought for about $400 a vacuum like that should last me a nice long time. (say, for at least 3 years!) I mean, afterall, I have no pets. (I do, however, have 2 small boys, which at times act like wild animals, but that's neither here nor there.) I finally said "ENOUGH" and decided to replace my non-sucking Dyson. RUN, don't walk, and buy this Bissell! It is truly amazing - really! For $99 I could buy a new one every year, and still have a better vacuum than the Dyson. I researched Consumer Reports but really the best info came right from Amazon's reviews. A nice bonus was the fact that it is self-propelled (or at least feels that way - maybe I was just used to pushing around that other heavy, yellow, non-sucking pig.) You can't make a mistake with this vacuum. Seriously. Love it, love it, love it. Nuff said....more info
  • "Well, it certianly does suck"
    I got this vacuum as a gift from my boyfriend. Best gift ever btw. I was immediatly impressed by the three features i wanted being on this vacuum cleaner (the wide floor area coverage, the bagless feature, and the "paw" attatchment). I quickly noticed that alot of the hoses built into the vacuum were clear. So you could actually see if there was something lodged in there and exactly where! The hose with the built in spring.. heavy, but awesome! The power cord is a ridiculously awesome long length and the bagless canister comes off soooo easily. Ii've dealt with bagless vacuums before that after finally pulling off the container, you have to vacuum the area again. Not the case with this one.

    Moving right along. I vacuumed my carpet for the first time in a year (yes, i was without a vacuum for a year!) and after finishing i took a look around and saw that the carpet looked damn near new! Take THAT security deposit! Also (and this is VERY important) it sucked up the kitty litter on the carpet like it was nothing at all! I touched the carpet where the kitty litter was after vacuuming and there was absolutly NO GRITTINESS what so ever! And for those of us with the kitty litter on the floor around the cat box, that's a big friggin' deal.

    My only complaint is that it is on the heavier side. But for the mammoth suction, how could i complain.

    Here's where it gets gross: I vacuumed our bed sheets with the "paw" attatchment because cat hair just clings to black sheets like nobodys business even after going through the wash. It picked up all of the cat hair and my hair (we're still no sure who sheds more) and nearly filled the canister! Barf!

    Hands down, best vacuum in the WORLDDDDDDDDDDD!!! ;)...more info
  • Why spend Hundreds of Dollars???
    I admit I'm a vacuum cleaner fanatic, if there is such thing. But we have a cat and my wife has asthma. We have had two Dirt Devil bagless vacs for several years. They did a good job but I couldn't stand having to bang the filters to clean them.

    I did a bit of "window" shopping and decided to try this Bissell. It didn't take long to convince me this is a super buy. The amount of material this picked up, even though I had used the Dirt Devils within the past few days, was amazing. I was even motivated to used the attachments and vacuum under the bed!!

    Emptying is a snap and the dirt cup can then be rinsed off. Great!

    I can't imagine that a Dyson, for 4-5 times the price, can do any better!

    I was also surprised at how easy this machine is to maneuver. It just glides around the carpets....more info
  • Great Product
    I've got a dog, cat and a small child- my floors have been a mess! I am so glad I bought this vaccuum- the suction is great and it picks up all the animal hair. Great price, too. I would highly reccomend this to anyone, especially people with pets- we emptied it 4 times just doing the living room the day we got it in the mail. Now my hubby vaccuums regulary- he loves it too!...more info
  • great vacum
    This ones a keeper. Works well glad I read other reviews before I bought it. Its easy to use and no problem with the delivery from amazon. You will be pleased with the dirt this vacum gets up.I would tell all this one is great!...more info
  • Incredible !
    I bought this vacuum this month and it arrived yesterday, April 3rd. I had done quite a bit of checking on vacuums as we have owned many brands in the past, some of them being quite expensive models. Two years ago we purchased an Oreck upright with full warranty. Prior to that we had a Simplicity, before that an electrolux canister, some hoovers, a full Kirby ensemble and a number of other brands.

    I live in the downstairs apartment of my parent's home and they live in the upstairs main level of the house. There is wall to wall carpeting throughout except for the kitchen and the entry hall. Between us, we have four dogs, and four cats. LOTS of hair! My mother also runs her business out of the house so at times there is a great deal of foot traffic coming in and out. Despite frequent vacuuming with both the Simplicity and the Oreck, the carpets never look clean. The Oreck refuses to pick up hair and has spent more time in the shop being serviced than it has been in the house. No matter which vacuum is used, prior to deep carpet cleaning with my Bissel Steam Pro, the deep cleaner still pulls up TONS of hair and I have to frequently turn it off and clean out what hasn't been redeposited on the carpet. It makes for a very frustrating time and one I do not look forward to. It has gotten so bad that I finally, out of desperation decided to look into purchasing yet another vacuum. I did my research and had my budget laid out. After choosing the Bissel Momentum 3910 I did a thorough vacuuming with both the Oreck and the Simplicity vacuums the day before delivery of the Bissel was scheduled. Upon getting the Bissel and putting it together I vacuumed again. The amount of hair and dirt the Bissel picked up was simply incredible. Not only did it pick up a ton of hair and dirt, but the room actually did smell and look much better afterwards, as opposed to after vacuuming with the other vacuums. I then used the Bissel Steam Pro cleaner and got no hair build up at all. The old carpet in the downstairs actually looked fresher and newer. That carpet is well over 15 years old and has seen some hard use. Mother borrowed the new vacuum and went to town upstairs remarking that she couldn't believe the amount of hair and dirt it picked up. After spending hundreds of dollars on other vacuums she was also amazed that I got it for under a hundred dollars with free shipping no less.

    PRICE ! You really can't beat the price.
    Picks up a ton of hair and dirt other vacuums simply do not get.
    Easy to assemble.
    Easy to empty the large collection cup.
    Cord is long and wraps up conveniently on hooks to the back of the machine. Both hooks turn to make releasing the wrapped cord a snap.
    GREAT suction. Could not believe how powerful this vacuum is compared to many other machines I've used.
    Not so heavy as some but heavier than other machines. However, the vacuum rolls easily without having to push all that much and it has a variety of floor height settings.
    NO bags to mess with. Some people said that they had difficulties with the cup but I've had none at all.
    Lights on front of vacuum really do light up the area you are vacuuming. Not only that but because of the open design of the vacuum, it is easy to see the roller brush and the contents of the collection cup in case something does get sucked up and jams the brush mechanism.
    Reuseable, washable filter.

    It IS a bit on the top heavy side of things.
    I would have liked having more tools to work with such as brush and crevice tools. The air powered unit that comes with it is great though the other tools would be very handy to have. I will be looking into extra tools to purchase but I honestly don't mind with what this vacuum provides me already.
    It does take some getting used to so far as the hose attachment. With use this becomes much easier though.

    I noted that some people found the plastic hose guides a pain but so far I've had no trouble with them at all. Some found the power button in an awkward place but I don't mind that either. Because it is a bit top heavy especially after unwinding the hose for use, I learned quickly to brace the handle so that it wouldn't tip over.

    I would like to thank everyone for their input on this machine. It helped me to make a more informed decision on the purchase of it and I am really thrilled with it. I'd also like to thank Mr. Bissel for creating inexpensive, powerful cleaning tools for home use. I haven't been disappointed with any of Bissel's line of products so far. I will also be purchasing another of these vacuums for the upstairs for my mother to use and another as a wedding present in the next few months. For the money and the incredible job it does, I would keep one of these around all the time. In time, Bissel may reconfigure the vacuum to be a bit less top heavy but that so far is the only "complaint" I have. I'm recommending it to friends and family, definitely !...more info
  • Awesome vaccum cleaner
    I was going to spend around $400 for a Dyson Animal. I sure am glad I didn't! This vaccum is wonderful. It's easy to empty, and it even gets the weaved in dog hair off my sofa. ...more info
  • Defective Vacuum Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner had to be sent back to the manufacturer. The setting that determines which type of floor is to be vacuumed simply did not function. As I vacuumed, the vibration of the machine caused the knob to drift to other settings. It was impossible to properly vacuum a bare floor since the knob drifted to the carpet settings. Hopefully this is a problem with this particular item and not a design flaw. The manufacturer plans to test the machine and determine if I am entitled to another vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • You need this vacuum!
    WOW! Our old vacuum finally bit the dust and it was time to buy a new one. Concerned about quality and function, my wife and I looked at all the "big price" vacuums on the market yet we were hesitant to pay a small fortune for a vacuum. Cleanliness is a high priority in our household, especially with a one year old son who puts everything in his mouth! I read a ton of reviews and finally decided to take a chance on this vacuum and I am so glad I did!

    We thought our house was clean, but after using this vacuum just one time in one room, we were frightened at just how dirty our floors were based on how much this vacuum picked up from our floor. This thing has great power, a nice wide head, and is so easy to use that my five year old wants to help vacuum. We love it so much we are buying another one for our clothing store.

    The vacuum is a bit loud and heavy. However, if you are vacuuming the noise shouldnt matter all that much. The weight actually enables us to move it around furniture easier than a lightwieght because it tracks better. Don't spend $500 for a vacuum. We bought this for less than $100 with free shipping and we couldnt be happier. If you need a vacuum and have a family or pets, this is the vacuum you need, you wont be disappointed!...more info
  • Loud but effective
    This vacuum is relatively loud but it sucked up a lot of dirt that my old vacuum didn't. The overall design seems good but it is easy to tip over....more info
  • What suction!!!
    We had a cheap dirt devil vacuum and we thought it was good enough to pick up the dust, pet hair and dirt on our carpet. After all it did have pretty strong suction. The hose attachment broke and instead of wasting time and money trying to fix it we decided to buy the Bissell 3910. Man, were we in for a big surprise when we first started up this baby. It picked up so much dust and pet hair from the carpet we could not believe that we had lived in so much dirt. My wife and I feel so much more comfortable knowing that our carpet is clean. For this price, the vacuum offers much value. We were considering Dyson, but for five times the price I doubt that it will be worth it....more info
  • good initial investment
    As a new product this works very well.
    The hose could have been longer, and the vac tends to fall down with slight pressure towards the back---something wrong with the balance I suppose.
    The curved shape of the hose end-piece makes it difficult to fit it to the vacuum slot.
    Nevertheless, suction is impressive. I have been using it for a short time and do not know how well it will stand regular wear and tear....more info
  • Very impressed for $$$$$
    Wow, I'm impressed! Just as previous reviews state - I came home and revacuumed my carpets. It was amazing how much dog hair and dirt came out of my 'clean' carpets.

    If this vacuum only lasts a few years I would still be satisfied as I paid such a low price. My previous vacuum cost $500+ and even when new I don't think it had as much suction. A longer hose for use with attachments would be the only improvement I would suggest. I was glad to see that the rotating brush can be lift out and cleaned.

    I'll come back and update my review in a few months. ...more info
  • Love It
    My friend told me about this vacuum as an alternative to that expensive cyclonic vacuum. My husband was all for me saving around $400 and I couldn't be happier. The amount of yuck that I got out our carpet and rugs was sickening, but at least now I know it's not in there anymore!

    I have 2 dogs that shed a lot and 7 month old baby - I want clean and I am very impressed with the suction power of this machine.

    Sure it is not the expensive brand name, but for the $85 delivered that I paid to Kohls, this is worth every penny.

    ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price!!!
    So I just bought this vacuum at Sam's Club for $90. I feel confident in the vacuum's overall capability but chose to buy the extended warranty for 3 years for $15 just in case! After kicking my old dirt devil featherlite to the curb after about 5 years I've been doing a ton of research on what kind of vacuum to get. I contemplated between bagged and bagless (since I wasn't too happy with my was so messy and the filters were ridiculous). Ultimately ended up with this one.
    *I like the Cyclonic cleaning and the fact that there are no filters in the bin that captures all the dirt. This really cuts down on the mess you make emptying it and it saves you money on filters.
    *Filters--there's only 2..the hepa (which I suppose is up to you if you really want to replace it..if you have allergies and stuff)...oh and it comes with an extra one too which is nice, and a little foam filter which easily pops out with a removable tray and you just wash it and reuse it! There's also a clean filter indicator which tells you if you have a clog or if your filter needs changed/cleaned
    *The dirt container at first glance appears somewhat small...but without filters in there to take up room it really does hold a lot. I also like how you take it out...slide a lever and pull it out and wha la!
    *15" of cleaning power baby! Plus it gets to within maybe a quarter of an inch of my baseboards with the side-cleaning capability. I actually find I get closer if I go along it by the side then straight up to it..ha!
    *The hose is really nice old vac had the plastic hose..this one's kinda rubbery and stretches out. It reaches an amazing 12' plus even comes with an extension piece too.
    *Accessories--the pet brush is just too cool for doing your furniture in and anything to small that might get sucked up by the small rugs. It's also got the crevice tool and the lint/dusting tool. And best of all...they all stay right on deck and snap in and out easily and don't have any pieces that I'm afraid are going to break off.
    *Noise/Weight--This baby's quiet (for a vacuum that is). Compared to my old one and the other vacs I've come across in my life..this is rather quiet. Nice since I have a 2 yr old and another one on the way. It's also very light and almost feels self-propelled. I don't find myself having to do the "knee jerk" every time I push it out.
    *Cord length...this cord seems to go on forever...I have a 1200 sq ft ranch and was able to vacuum my living room..down my hall and 2/3rds of my bedroom (the last room at the end of the house)..without having to change outlets!!
    First let me say...these are just things that could be improved not necessarily negatives and for $80 I'd be greedy asking for all this on one vacuum!
    *Cord length..yeah it's great..but a pain to wind up...a retractable cord would be cool.
    *I kinda wish the power switch was up higher on the handle just for convenience sake.
    *To be able to stop the rotating of the floor brush when using the accessories so it doesn't continue to beat on my carpet which can damage your carpet. Instead I find that I'm tilting the machine or setting it on the highest carpet pile button.
    *Although I like the kinkeness of the's a little heavy and makes the vacuum tip easily..if this were made of a lighter material it would be better too.

    Overall this is definately awesome and I hope I don't have to come back later and rip it up for losing suction or something stupid like that (but hey that's why I got the extended warranty).

    ...more info
  • Review of Bissell Momentum
    I was a little dissappointed. Really heavy.

    I like the red/green switch, though....more info
  • This vacuum actually moved me to write a review...
    I literally received this vacuum the morning we had a dinner party. I'd already vacuumed with our old Hoover upright and there were no visual problems with the carpets (crumbs, leaves, toys from our 2 yr-old, etc.), but then I decided to "test" this Bissell out and see if the reviews I'd read were real (I'm a little skeptical when people use superlatives about a vacuum). Well, now I'm drinking the kool-aid - this vacuum pulled out dust and dirt and hair and I really don't want to know what else. And our home actually smelled better after I was done. This allowed me to enjoy the "clean" aroma while I spent 5 minutes feeling mortified that I had just pulled about 2+ measuring cups of yuck out of our supposedly-freshly-vacuumed home (~1500 sq ft is wall-to-wall carpets). So yes, I'm a huge fan. It's lightweight and easy to push. It will tip a bit when you're using the wand features, but it's so light that it's not a huge issue. It looks like a deep rose color in real life, not red. It took me about 5 minutes to assemble, which involved fitting the handle and wand attachments onto the base and using a phillips head screwdriver on 4 screws. ...more info
  • Canister leaks the dust/dirt collected
    This is our second Bissell vacuum cleaner. The first one lasted 4 years and worked great the first year and then gradually lost suction power. The momentum was purchased at Kohl's and we have had to have it replaced after only a couple uses because the dirt/dust that is vacuumed up comes out of the top right part of the collection canister. I thought maybe there was a defect in the one we had purchased but we still have the same problem with the new one too. I thought maybe I wasn't locking it properly and it was "leaking" because it wasn't closed all the way but the dust and dirt seems to spin and stay on the top section of it and therefore pours out everywhere when you go to empty the container of all the contents. Not happy at all!!!...more info
  • This Vacuum is Awesome
    I have only had this vacuum for a few weeks, but it is great so far. We were amazed at how much dirt was in the carpet before we used it. Love the bagless and how you can see all the dirt it picks up. It is lightweight. When you use the attachment hose the vacuum will tip over if if the hose is stretched too far but ok if its propped against the wall. ...more info
  • Powerful Suction
    This vacuum is clearly the best that I have ever owned. I have owned quite a few of them, none equals the power in the Momentum.

    I am so pleased in fact, I am buying one for my daughter.

    Well worth it, and and will run circles around more expensive name brand vacuum cleaners. Hows that!!!...more info
  • great
    Picks up wonderfully. It is very easy to use - my kids use it easily. I also like how convenient the hose and attachments are. Best vacuum I have ever owned....more info
  • Great and powerful vacuum
    Great product. Vacuum is very powerful. The first time I used it, I couldn't believe the amount of dirt and dust that was picked up. The turbo brush attachment is very nice for cleaning the chairs, currents and sofas. Nice long cord to get the house cleaned quickly. One draw back is emptying the canister, can get a little messy....more info
  • Love it
    I have had a Kirby vacuum cleaner which finally got impossible to carry, push, etc. Then I got a
    Dirt Devil and every time I turned it on, dirt would come out the front of it. After reading reviews of this vacuum, I decided to give it a try. For the price I thought, why not? It's a really good choice! Not as heavy as a Kirby, but heavier than the Dirt Devil. Easy to push - the roller helps you. I can vacuum every day and am amazed at what gets picked up! Overall, I would recommend this vacuum....more info
  • This vacuum really a good way!
    This vacuum is a great value. We were not in the market for a new vacuum since we were satisfied with our Hoover Wind Tunnel. We saw this Bissell on sale at Home Depot for $99 and gave it a try. I had our carpets cleaned professionally and then later that day we bought the new vacuum. The next morning I used the Bissell and I was amazed how much it picked up even though our floors were looking cleaner than ever!
    What I like:
    Long cord
    Works great on pet hair and human hair as well as dirt and dust
    Super strong suction. (Don't get it near anything you don't want sucked up!)
    Good value
    Bright light on it to see in darker areas
    Easy to empty the cannister. Does not make a mess when emptying.

    What I don't like:
    It does have a tendancy to tip over while you use the attachments. Over all, this is not enough to keep me from recommending it.

    I am extremely pleased with this vacuum. And I don't work for the company!...more info
  • wowzer
    who knew?!.....this much cleaning power for a hundred bucks! Lots of features too. The review from the guy in Danville got me to buy in the first place. It's really crazy-ultra modern looking ....but it works VERY well.
    zero complaints and have recommended it to my friends.
    ...more info
  • Worth more than the price tag.
    All the reviews I've read on this have been correct. I was quite surprised with how well this handled my carpet. I have a medium-hair cat, and this keeps my allergies at bay. No noticable loss in suction with a full load of hair and dust. I recommend this for anyone wanting a solid budget vacuum that gets the job done....more info
  • great vacuum, great price, not too heavy
    I bought this for my mother, who is over seventy and not able to get around that easily. She has a cat, and wall-to-wall carpeting, so a vacuum cleaner was a must, but I didn't want her to have to mess with bags, or lug around some leviathan. This machine was perfect. She says her carpets have never been so clean--the thing filled up instantly, about three times in a row when she first started using it. She was surprised b/c the carpets didn't look that dirty! Anyway, this is highly recommended. Great price, too....more info
  • Good value
    This is the first vacuum I have ever owned so i'm not an expert. Here's my 2 cents anyway:

    - The dirt container is quite large and easy to empty.
    - The power cord is really long.
    - Suction is as good as advertised.
    - Low maintenance. I won't have to spend a ton of money on bags/filters.

    - It's quite loud. I was expecting it to be more quiet.
    - The vacuum can tip over really easily when I use the hose but I guess this is related to the fact that it weights about 20 pounds.

    Overall, It looks like it's money well spent so far....more info
  • Can't live without it
    I purchased the Bissell Momentum after my reliable Bissell Clear View gave up on me after 5 years of very heavy use. Since I was so satisfied with Bissell, I decided that it was time for an upgrade and bought the Momemtum. Oh, boy, what a great choice. I love the extra capacity cup, so you don't have to empty it so often. I also love the extra long cord that is wrapped up high up, so I no longer need to bend down. The best feature of the vacuum cleaner is the lower clean path that allows you to reach corners and under furniture impossible to get otherwise. The vacuum is see through, so you can see the spinning brushes in action, so if something gets stuck, you can detect the problem without burning the engine or the rubber belt. Very powerful at 12 amps, fairly silent, wide 15 inch cleaning path, ergonomic handle... I love it. Great buy and free shipping, you can't beat it. For the ladies: It requires some assembly and some elbow grease to put it together. For the Gents: Although the vacuum looks red in the picture, it's actually kind of pink, because is see through. I'm obssesed with vacumming, but now with this product, even more so....more info
  • What a great Vacuum
    I absolutely love this vacuum cleaner. I had no idea my rugs were that dirty, especially since I had just steam cleaned them. The amount of hair and dirt in the canister was amazing. Vacuuming has become an obsession since I purchased the Bissel Momentum 3910. My home smells cleaner and dusting has been cut to a minimum. The best purchase I have made in a very long time. Move over Dyson... this one only costs $100 bucks
    Thanks Bissel !!!!...more info
  • Good Vaccuum
    Our old dirt devil quit on us and we got this vaccuum. I could not believe the dirt it picked up. For the price it worked really well! I am so happy with this vaccuum and already feel like my house is cleaner....more info
  • great vacuum
    This vacuum is great, picks up dirt really well and I'm completely satisfied with it. No complaints....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I am so pleased with this vacuum. The amount of dirt it picked up was shocking, and embarassing. I vacuum regularly, but this machine picked up fine dirt and dog hair I didn't even know was there! Buy it!...more info
  • THIS VACUUM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had a Bissell Lift Off that I bought a year and a half ago, which, last week, died on me. I had vacuumed a few days before buying this vacuum and when I used this vacuum for the first time, I had to empty the canister twice in ONE ROOM! AND... it got VERY fine, fine, fine dirt. My rug looked like a new rug after vacuuming it for 10 minutes. I'm thrilled with this vacuum, and recommend it HIGHLY!!!!...more info
  • this is a great vacuum
    While this vacuum may not cost a lot, it works great! I was considering some of the higher priced vacuums (dyson, kirby, electrolux, etc)... and am very glad I went with this one instead.

    I would definitely recommend this vacuum to everyone. Great buy....more info
  • A great Vacuum!
    We needed another vacuum for our house and after reading many reviews decided to try the Bissell Momentum. Our criteria when were were looking were:
    1. We wanted a bag model (hard to find these days and getting harder)
    2. Price at around $100
    3. Wanted a turbo brush type accessory (on board)
    4. Excellent suction/cleaning
    5. Long cord.

    While the Momentum was bagless, it only has essentially one filter to change. Better than many others. Plus, the prefilter is washable! What a concept - a resuable filter.

    We have owned a Kirby for about 15 years (very happy with it) and are amazed at the dirt lifting ability of this Momentum model. The amount of dirt you pick up with the Bissell makes us want to gag - and we clean often AND don't wear shoes in our house. I am always amazed at how much dirt gets in the carpet. The accessory hand held turbo brush is great for doing the stairs and furniture. We really like the extra long cord and for a manual push model, the momentum is easy to push and pull. The low front profile of the brush also allows it to get under the edge of our furniture - something more difficult with the Kirby. All in all, a great vacuum. We have been looking for months - and my husband who researches EVERYTHING also liked this one. Highly recommend, two thumbs up!...more info
  • Never knew I could love a vacuum cleaner...
    This vacuum is amazing!! We almost shelled out a ton of money for a Dyson, but decided to take a chance on this one. We are so glad we did! We have a furry cat and a dog and did not want our baby crawling around on gross floors. We had no idea how gross our floors were until we used this sucker! We are so impressed and our old carpets look new! Seeing the fur and dirt that came out of the carpets made me so glad we chose this vacuum cleaner. We saved hundreds and are so pleased with the results. ...more info
  • Great, for the price
    I bought this as a replacement for a Kirby I have had for 20 years. Though my Kirby could suck dirt from the edge of a wall an inch away, I did not want to spend another $700 on another sweeper. I set my sights on spending around $100 and started researching. I decided on the Momentum factoring in price and it's lack of half a dozen idiotic replaceable filters. I did not actually want a bagless (and if I was spending more than 100, I wouldn't have gotten one... but try to find a decent bagless for that price). I didn't want to mess with the dirt... just bag it and let me change the bag. And I certainly didn't want half a dozen filters to replace either (and have you ever even SEEN sweeper replacement filters in a store??.. I haven't). This has a washable filter and a HEPA filter. Didn't care about HEPA filtration at all and still don't (I'll buy an actual air cleaner for that job), but, it came with one and that is the only filter I'd have to replace (tho if it can run without it, i won't be replacing it when it's dirty). I have to admit... this thing picks up the dirt. Actually SEEING the dirt made me feel like I live like a total slob!
    It picked up pet hair embarassingly great. Edge cleaning is WAY under par (tho I may have been spoiled by the Kirby), but onboard hose disconnects easily enough and will work on the edges...if you have to (tho even that is a slight hassle). The plastic housing feels a little cheaply made, but for $100.. you'd have to expect that. Sound is pretty quiet (for a sweeper), tho again... my opinion on that is based on the Kirby (it sounded like a jet flying 100 feet overhead). Over all, for $100 or less... it's a great sweeper. I deducted a star for edge cleaning, tho (that sucks...or...doesn't, as the case may be)....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I've been through 9 vacuum cleaners in 14 years! I've always had dogs, gerbils, fish, etc. My husband and I own a Nursery and we're always tracking mud home. We bought our current home 3 years ago and it's covered with off-white carpet! My job is very demanding, and I don't have much time or energy to vacuum. I needed something really special, but I can't spend $300+ on a vacuum cleaner! It took me a week to decide on this one. I found it at Best Buy for $118 and liked everything about it. I just used it for the first time and am VERY pleased. Of course, time will tell, but compared to all the other vacuums I've had, it's definitely a winner. For the price, you can't go wrong. It really sucks up the dirt too--wow!!! It's very easy to clean and maintain too. I don't forsee any problems in the future....more info
  • Great suction power!
    This vacuum cleaner leaves your carpet really clean. You can see all the dirt in the clear recipient. The momentum does a good job on bare floors too. It is lightweight, and it has a reasonable hose length for cleaning upholstary and stairs. I've had it for 3 weeks only, and I love it. This is a great buy!...more info
  • Best & Cheapest Vacuum I've bought in 20 years
    WOW, sums it up. I've owned electrolux, Kenmore, and most recently Oreck. I have a weekly housekeeper and my home is pretty clean. Most people think I'm a bit anal over the cleaning. I have been using an Oreck for the past 3-4 years and really thought it was doing a great job.

    Wednesday I borrowed a Miele from a local dealer. I came home and vacuumed my mostly carpeted 3200 square foot home. It did a pretty good job I thought, picking up about a sandwich size glad bag of dirt and hair. I started to question my $400.00 Oreck.

    Thursday my housekeepers vacuum my whole house again with my Oreck and the place looks spotless.

    Thursday I'm at bestbuy and the sales person in vacuums tells me to try this inexpensive $129.00 Bissell Momentum. He says I'll be shocked. I right away doubt such a cheap vacuum can suit my needs. I figure it is probably good enough for a younger couple in a smaller home, but not for me.

    I bring it home and vacuum my home. I'm disgusted with how much dirt and hair this thing picks up. I had to empty the canister 2 times. I'm so impressed that I keep bringing it out of the closet and using it again. Each time it will fill the plastic container probably once per 2-3 rooms. It's disgusting. Dog hair, cat hair, dirt, and who knows what else. It's really unbelievable how much it continues to pick up. And I swear, you'd would have considered my home clean before I started.

    THE BEST $129.00 I've ever spent. I was almost ready to buy the $750.00 XL21 Oreck. And I'm a really tough critic, believe me....more info