Bakery on Main Gluten Free Granola, Nutty Cranberry Maple, 12-Ounces (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Good things come from small batches! Gluten free. Trans fat free. Gluten & wheat free. Low in sodium. Dairy free. Cholesterol free. Casein free. Low in saturated fat. Start your day with a nutritious bowl of our delicious gluten free granola or; sprinkle on yogurt or ice cream; a great energy snack by itself! It all started in the bakery of our natural foods market on Main Street in Glastonbury Connecticut. Since 1992 we have taken the highest quality natural ingredients and crafted them with care into culinary marvels for our friends and customers. By remembering the earliest secrets of our success, our reputation for producing handcrafted quality has been maintained to this day. Hence, our motto: Good things come from small batches. Our passion for great taste and commitment to good health has led us to create the Bakery on Main Gourmet Naturals line of premium gluten free granola. Gourmet Naturals means food that is good for you that tastes like it isn't. That's what we're all about-better health and happy taste buds living together in harmony. We hope you love our products as much as we love creating them. Thank you! Michael Smulders, Founder.

  • Gluten Free
  • Packed With Nuts & Dried Fuits
  • Happy Taste Buds Guaranteed
  • Baked in Small Batches
  • All Natural

Customer Reviews:

  • Fabulous!
    I love, love, love this stuff- its so delicious that I don't even care that its kind of high in calories! Best gluten free granola I've ever had!!! ...more info
  • The best gluten free granola I've found
    This granola is delicious. Being that it's gluten free is a bonus since it's so hard to find acceptable healthy foods within that diet. But my family can eat whatever they want, and they couldn't stop eating it! The cranberries bring a wonderful touch of sweetness to the nuts and crunchies. This is a great treat to keep with you when you want a more substantial snack....more info
  • It Doesn't Taste "Gluten Free"
    It Doesn't Taste "Gluten Free"! It tastes great!
    If you're not careful, you can eat the whole bag in one sitting....more info
  • Crunchy, But Gluten-Free
    This granola is crunchy and full of texture. You won't even be able to tell this product is gluten-free.
    ...more info
  • Yummy
    This granola is sooo good. It is great on yogurt!!! You will not feel deprived with this, as it is as good as any granola on the market. ...more info
  • Great as a snack or cereal.
    I purchased this product in hopes of finding a gluten free granola to replace the gluten variety I use to eat. It's not what I expected because I miss the oats, however it's great. I really enjoy the flavor, crunch and way it holds up in soy milk - something rare for a GF cereal.
    It has also been a lifesaver on road trips where I couldn't find GF restaurants to stop at.
    ...more info
  • Mmmmm. Finally something crunchy and tasty
    I have been purchasing Bakery on Main products from the health food store for a while now and find they are the best gluten free granola I have found. Have shared them with coworkers who have no idea they are gluten free. Would purchase again from Amazon because the price is much lower than the health food shops....more info
  • a good granola, for once
    This is a good granola. I like that it has lots of seeds with the grainy things, and a few nuts tossed in. Nice taste. Thanks to Amazon for carrying so many gluten free items! Makes like so much easier!! ...more info
  • Serving Sizes
    H. Mitchell, I suspect you're joking about the granola providing you only 2 servings, but the back of the package suggests 3/4 cup per serving for a total of 6 servings. I love the taste and texture of the ingredients, the delicate flavor, the gratification I get from knowing it will keep me satisfied until lunchtime. Good job, whoever designed the granola....more info
  • Very good
    This tastes very good. I love the different kinds of nuts. It is defintely not the same old boring granola! The bags are on the small side, so it doesn't last very long....more info
  • great taste
    Very tasty product..good for you and tastes good..great combo.

    I love it over the top of vanilla yogurt..yummmy...more info
  • The best of Bakery on Main granola
    It's a bit pricey but it is absolutely fantastic. The maple cranberry is the best, you will not be disappointed. I only wish you could get more than 2 bowls of cereal out of one package!...more info
  • Soo Good!!
    Wow, this granola is amazing. It's so crunchy with lots of flavor and texture. A must for anyone looking for the best gluten-free granola out there. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • This is WONDERFUL stuff!!!
    I love this cereal. It is kind of pricey, but I don't care. Amazon is the best price (I've done the research). I keep this cereal on hand at all times. It is a gluten free treat!...more info
  • gluten free and delicious
    This gluten free granola is absolutely delicious. Everyone who has tried it (gluten intolerant or not) has enjoyed it tremendously. It comes highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent - Would definitely buy again!!
    The flavor is a maple sugar and taste really really good. It is nice to find something that taste so good when other gluten free products have little or bland taste. The only downfall I see is the calories but I guess you need to eat in moderation....more info
  • This is wonderful snack food!
    Just received my Amazon order of Bakery on Main Street Nutty Cranberry Granola. It's absolutely delicious! The clumps of cereal and nuts are very flavorful and remind me of some other cereal I used to eat, long ago - I can't place the flavor, but it's yummy. I think this would be great mixed in with some other GF cereal, like Nature's Path Gorilla Munch, or you'd eat the whole bag in one sitting. I bought this for my son's breakfast but I am going to use the cereal for snacks instead - it's only got 13 g. of sugar. Highly recommend this!...more info


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