Mastex Thermal Heat Cap

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Product Description

3 Heat Settings.

  • Quiet, Automatic Thermo-controlled Unit Heats Deeply Without Overheating.
  • Unique Design Provides Evenly-heated Therapeutic Treatments.
  • Dual Thermostats for Complete Safety.
  • Convenient, Washable Liner Included.
  • Designed for Use with Most Hair Care Products.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just as I remembered them
    This comes with a shower cap so you don't need to buy extras. My mother used to have a similar product 40 years ago, it was a monthly ritual to 'deep condition' our hair on beauty night... really works well. Heats evenly and quickly, temp. control seems to adjust quickly and evenly between high, med. and low temps. Well made and the results are much cheaper than going to a salon. surprised they aren't available in tons of stores....more info
  • Convenient home use cap
    Excellent product. However, to use in the UK you need an adapter to step down the voltage. ...more info
  • It Gets Pretty Hot!!
    I recently purchased this heating cap and I think its pretty good for the fact that it gets very hot. It has 3 heat settings and I usually just put it on the 2nd level, the 3rd level would burn my scalp. One downfall to this product is that it fails to heat the back part of your hair, so what I end up having to do is section my hair up high on top of my head cause that's where most of the heat goes....more info
  • Get's Hot! The Best Cap for You
    this cap gets HOT, so hot you will prob use level 2. i made the mistake of not reading the reviews and the first cap i ordered was the gold n hot cap, what a mistake. it did not heat enuff to do anything. this is the cap. so glad this one works!...more info
  • Can burn if care not taken
    I ordered the Mastex thermal heat cap after reading a lot of positive reviews. However, upon receiving my item, it started to make noise when I put on my head. Then, I noticed a beggining of burnt! I contacted the seller who promptly replied and suggested that I either send it back for a refund or for an exchange. I sent it for refund and I am yet to receive feedback. It could be dangerous if care is not taken to adapt the cap to the UK system....more info
  • Great Product!
    This works just as it should. Heats up all over and is very easy to use, not to mention easy to store because it's not bulky or space consuming like others. My only issue is to keep the cap on snug you have to use the neck strap which to me can feel annoying against my neck, like a choking feeling. Other than that it's excellent!...more info
  • It works!!
    At first I was a bit skeptical about this product. I don't know if the cap will fit my head, etc. But after just 1 use, my concerns are gone. First, the cap fits perfectly, and second, my hair texture has improved already. Now the ultimate test is the durability of it. I'll have to wait and see. But anyway, I think it's a great substitue as to salon treatment in terms of the price and convenience....more info
  • ten stars************
    i am truly thrilled with the product and the super service. thank you very much and i would give you ten stars....more info
  • Great product, worth its price
    This is a great heat cap, I read all the reviews and decided to try it myself. As another review says if you have a very large head this is probably a small cap, I didn't have a problem but my head is not too big. But overall the product is great, now I don't have to spend money in the beauty salon paying for a deep conditioning treatment, I'll do that at home!...more info
  • good product
    Good product, like other reviewers, the back did not heat as well, so I had to rotate the hat around. I would also use a very good conditioner with this, hair quality does improve....more info
  • Great Deep Conditioning Product
    This product is amazing!! I am currently in Iraq where the weather is very hot and it's sandy and dusty which dries out my hair tremendously. I use the Mastex Thermal Heat Cap about 3 times a week to deep condition my hair and I must say that as a result of using this product, I am able to sport healthy hair in a combat environment. For black hair, it is a battle just making sure that my hair has enough moisture, but this product has definitely eliminated the problem of "dry hair". I had no issues with the size of the cap and I wear a size 7 1/2 in military headgear. I would recommend this to everyone especially those that have no space for a hard hat hair dryer and want to do effective deep conditioning treatments....more info
  • mastex professional heat cap
    I tried the heating cap from gold n' hot. Many have complained that the gold n' hot does not get hot at all. I agree. The mastex professional heat cap get hot right away. i love it....more info
  • Really good heat cap!
    That's the first time i ever use an at home conditioning cap,and i love this product so far.It heats really fast.I just use the medium high setting.Already got a friend who's buying her own. ...more info
  • it's ok
    i don't like the size of the cap because it is hard to fit over my head, but it seems to do what it says it should do....more info
  • Master Thermal Heat Capx
    The service was good but I think that the thermal cap does not heat the head uniformly. The back part of the head does not heat at all. I'm not happy with my purchase......more info


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