Timex TX5170 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Indoor Hygrometer and Clock

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Product Description

They say it's not the heat, but the humidity. Well fret not, because the versatile Timex TX5170 electronic thermometer displays both at the same time. The compact unit--which sits unobtrusively on a desktop, table, or shelf--sports a three-line LCD panel with bold, conspicuous readouts. The top line displays the indoor temperature, the middle line displays the outdoor temperature, and the bottom line shows either the indoor relative humidity or the time, depending in your preference. As a result, you can instantly gauge whether to wear shorts or pants on a seemingly mild summer day, make sure the humidity level is correct in the greenhouse, or crank the air conditioner as the afternoon progresses. The temperature readings range from 32 to 122 degrees F (0 to 50 degrees C) for the indoor temperature to -4 to 158 degrees F (-20 to 50 degrees C) for the outdoor temperature. The relative humidity, meanwhile, is measured on a scale of 20 to 90 percent, with the hygrometer performing best between 40 and 70 percent.

The display is remarkably easy to read--even from across the room--thanks to the bold digits and crisp readout. At the same time, the TX5170 includes an integral minimum/maximum memory function that records the high and low temperatures of the day. The values are available at the push of a button, with a second button clearing and resetting the memory on command. Best of all, the unit is notably compact at 2.88 by 5.44 by 0.81 inches (W x H x D), making it a great choice for home offices, backyard greenhouses, and everywhere in between.

The TX5170 comes with a wired, weather-resistant temperature probe (with a 10-foot cord) for gauging the outdoor temperature, along with an integral folding stand. Because of the wired probe, the main unit will need to located near a window to enjoy the outdoor temperature functions. And should you want to mount the unit on a wall rather than place it on a shelf or desk, simply suspend it from its rear hanger hole (you'll need to provide the nail or screw). As a final bonus, the TX5170 is streamlined and attractive, with a sleek white plastic housing and a snazzy seven-button control panel on the front.

The TX5170 requires a single AAA battery (not included) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Base station, wired weather sensor with 10-foot cord, integral folding stand, user's manual.

Top window shows indoor temperature. Middle window shows outside temperature. Bottom window shows both the humidity reading or the quartz clock. Temperature range indoor thermometer - 32กใ to 122กใ Fahrenheit. Outdoor Temperature range -4กใ to +158กใ Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer scales. Easy to use set buttons in classic new style. The LCD clock has AM/PM icon. Records Minimum and Maximum temperatures for both indoor and outdoor thermometers. Ten foot all weather temperature sensor. Case molded in durable plastic and finished in Pearlized white finish. Requires 1 AAA battery. Battery not included. Case size is 5 7/16 and 2 7/8 x 13/16 Backed by Timex one year limited warranty.

  • Compact electronic indoor/outdoor thermometer with hygrometer and built-in quartz clock
  • Indoor temperature range of 32 to 122 degrees F and outdoor range of -4 to 158 degrees F
  • Reads relative humidity between 20 and 90 percent; includes wired remote sensor with 10-foot cord
  • Records day's maximum and minimum temperatures; requires single AAA battery (not included)
  • Sleek white plastic housing; measures 2.88 x 5.44 x 0.81 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:


    EXCELLENT JOB TIMEX...more info
  • Not accurate
    I bought this after reading the reviews here, thinking that this would be a value for money item. The thermometer failed the calibration test- the indoor and outdoor readings did not match up even though the sensors were in the same place. Further on, the readings were inaccurate and not consistent....more info
  • Display very easy to read, product easy to set up
    The best feature is the large display numbers and light background. Temp readings may be just a point or two off but I haven't found one yet that reads to the precise temp. Just be sure to set the outdoor sensor in good location and don't set the indoor part near a window, heat, etc. This one is the best we've used. Great for (shall I say) older persons who may not like one that's the size of a postage stamp. Neat that you have the option of setting on a table top or mount on the wall. ...more info
  • Quality Timex Thermometer/Hygrometer/Clock
    Easy to set up - needs one AAA battery. Compact unit, yet has nice, large digital display showing humidity, outside temperature and either indoor temperature or clock (a button allows you to select which one will display). The unit seems very accurate and I consult the readings several times a day. I would definitely purchase this product again....more info
  • Works great.
    Affordable multi-use indoor-outdoor thermometer that's easy to install, easy to use. The outdoor temp reading is consistent with Weather Underground's current temperature for my location, and the indoor reading matches that of a conventional thermometer in the same room so it's accurate, too. ...more info
  • Works well to monitor a home built incubator.
    The large display and the ability to see inside/outside/humidity without touching a button makes this a perfect device for monitoring a incubator. I have run one clutch on chicks so far and am happy with the product....more info
  • works great
    I bought this for my baby's nursery to keep abreast of the humidity level in her room so I know when I need to turn on the humidifier. It works great- it also tells the inside and outdoor temps which are useful, and has a clock.

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars is b/c the sensor to measure the outside temp lost it's stick quickly, so it won't stick to the window anymore like it is supposed to- now i just shove it in this little catch on the window screen and it works fine. Th cord also doesn't allow you to shut the window completely, so if you want to lock it, you're out of luck (that is, if you want to measure the outside temp- you don't need to use this feature if you only want to measure the inside temp and humidity)....more info
  • Also failed
    Funny that I had to Google to find this in Amazon (I guess stuff that's sold out doesn't come up in the Amazon search) and then when I do I read the "Failed in One Week" review. Well, at least that reviewer got a week out of it. Mine failed in about 3 days. Several different batteries later and I determined that its the unit. Ditto "how much trouble will I go to for a $15 thermometer". Guess its the trash heap for this one....more info
  • Great Thermometer!
    Got this as a Christmas Gift for my mother. She loves it! Nice big lettering so that she can read it. It displays both the inside and outside temp. at the same time. Her old one had a button to push to switch between the two! It does have the wire for the outside temp, but I have found that with the wired thermometers they tend to be more accurate and last A LOT longer than thier wireless counterparts! Highly recommend and its inexpensive too!...more info
  • Wine kit
    Works great, easy to read and accurate. We started making our own wine and have our setup in a spare closet to cut down on light. I have the thermometer mounted on the wall right outside the door for room temp, and have the probe sitting inside the closet down by the wine bucket to get inside temp. Works good!...more info
  • Failed after one week
    After one week of normal use the Timex TX5170 stopped functioning: The readout displayed random digits. The battery tested fine (1.5 volts on my voltmeter), but I decided to give the TX5170 the benefit of the doubt, so I went out and bought a new alkaline AAA battery and installed it. And, lo and behold, the TX5170 sprang back to life -- for six hours. Then it gave up the ghost completely. Installing ANOTHER new alkaline battery did no good.
    I once met a retired advertising executive who purported to be the guy who came up with Timex's classic slogan, "It Takes A Licking But Keeps on Ticking." My problems with the Timex TX5170 recalled this slogan to my mind. "Perhaps that's the problem," I said to myself. So I covered the TX5170 with chocolate syrup and proceed to lick it. Alas, still only random digits in the readout. [Just kidding.]
    The online product description states that the TX5170 is covered by "Timex's one-year warranty." That sounds good, only the "instruction manual" included with the unit does not mention a warranty, nor does it provide any contact information for the manufacture. The fine print on the back of the unit itself states that it was manufactured in China for the Maverick Corporation of Edison, New Jersey, and that the name "Timex" is used under license in the United States and certain other territories.
    Very helpful.
    So the question is, how much time and effort am I going to expend to gain satisfaction for a non-functioning fifteen dollar thermometer? ...more info
  • Accurate...?
    I bought this thermometer to record the room temperature during winter as my landlord often violates the regulations by cutting down heating. Unfortunately, it seems to show the temperatures, both indoor and outdoor, at least several degrees above the actual. When I was feeling chilly inside the room while wearing a long-sleeve inner and a heavy sweatshirt, it showed 66F inside and 58F outside. I checked the weather channel and saw the local temperature at 48F. So I changed the location of the sensor a little further from the window, but the reading did not change much. Strange that all the comments gave this product 5 stars and mine does not work as nicely as theirs....more info
  • Works great
    Works great out of the box, nice big numbers, only uses 1 battery, I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Works fine, but very fragile
    This product worked fine until it fell on the floor from the place it was standing on. After that, it never gave an accruate reading and started to work on and off. Make sure that you place it on a stable and secure ground....more info
  • Disappointing All Around
    I ordered this for my husband and was very disappointed when we went to use it that it was DOA. We tried several different batteries but it was def. not working.

    We returned it to Amazon only to find out that they no longer have the item available.

    I won't know if it was just a fluke or a bad item because I can't exchange it. ...more info
  • works great if you keep it out of the sun
    The first place we used this thermometer, it worked great. We had it on a table near a north-facing window. We passed the wire out the window and attached it to the side of our building with the probe at the end sticking out a few inches from the wall. Temperatures were always accurate, checked with other thermometers inside and out. Humidity always seemed reasonably accurate.

    We recently moved to a new south-facing apartment. It turns out that if either the base or the probe is in the sun, it will read higher than the ambient temperature. Maybe the reading is correct--the ambient temperature in the sun a few inches from the side of the building is higher than elsewhere--but that's not really useful for us. We're having trouble finding a way to wire the outside probe to have it in the shade.

    The lesson is this: if you have a window where you can pass the wire through and have the end in the shade, this should work great. If not, get a wireless version....more info
  • Timex TX5170 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer - Great Product!
    Great product, excellent performance and accuracy. The display is of good size, it's easy to set up and use, has some features I did not expect (switches between Farenheit and Celcium, option to show time of day). I have it on the wall next to my bed and I use it daily. Helps me get ready before I leave the house as I peak at it to see what the external temperature is. It's very helpful when using a humidifier too to prevent air from drying out from too much or letting too much moisture in the air. I strongly recommend it vs. some of the cheaper available products....more info
  • A terrific instrument
    Those of you interested in obtaining an indoor-outdoor thermometer please consider this Timex instrument. Simply place a wire out the window below your window where it can't be thrown off by leaking of heat or cool. The Timex is accurate, easy to read, easy to reset, and has the indoor humidity as an extra.

    I received a wireless weather instrument as a gift. This wireless works if you don't want to place the sensor far enough away from the house to get a good reading--and where no rain can touch it. Pretty hard to place a sensor outdoor completely out of the rain.

    Wireless might be good but my experience was not good. Get this Timex instrument and you will be happy....more info
  • Failed after a few days
    Seemed to work for two or three days, after which the hygrometer failed completely. It now jumps between 45% and 70% humidity readings within the space of a minute....more info


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