Under EyeBryten Severe Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffiness Formula, 1 oz (30 ml)

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Product Description

If you have severe, recurring dark circles and/or chronic under-eye puffiness, Under EyeBryten's unique formula will deliver the results you've been searching for.You will begin to see a reduction in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness within 2 weeks of first application. Optimum results usually occur in one month. Once desired results are achieved, continued use will help maintain a more natural and healthy under-eye appearance. -A breakthrough formula combining cutting edge peptides and extracts with Hyloxyl and Eyeliss-Designed specifically to help diminish dark circles and under-eye puffiness-Enhanced with Green Tea Extract, Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5-Results will vary based on skin type and conditionCompare to Hylexin**This product is not manufactured or distributed by Bremenn Research Labs, the licensee of the name Hylexin, or associated in any way with Bremenn Research Labs, its licensor or any affiliates of them.Hyloxyl & Eyeliss used under authorization of Sederma Inc.Manufactured by Woodridge Labs

  • Helps diminish severe dark circles and under eye puffiness
  • Formula of peptides and extracts with Hyloxyl and Eyeliss
  • Enhanced w/green tea, aloe and pro-vitamin B-5

Customer Reviews:

  • Reduces fine lines
    I have been using this product for one month and it really does reduced the fine lines under my eyes. Concealer goes on much smoother. I have hereditary dark under eye circles and I can't say they have changed much; maybe a little. But I will continue using this product and hope for the best. It is chock full of ingredients that are suppose to thicken your skin by increasing collagen levels so eventually the circles may lighten even more. These things take time and I don't think there is any other product out there (except the produt this one copies at a fraction of the price)that will work any better....more info
  • Should be rated 0 star
    I used this as directed - exactly as directed and it did nothing at all. Be careful of the fine print - I thought it had a 30-day guarentee, but that guarentee was only for a few of the products, not Eye Bryten. You can have mine - I used it for about 2 months and gave up....more info
  • Under eye dark circles
    Under Eye Bryten was not as good as I had expected it to be - quite disappointing in fact! It did very little to reduce eye puffiness and no change to dark circles has been witnessed, however I am not certain this product was produced for black skin so that could be the reason why....more info
  • excellent solution
    I have genetic dark circles. I am a man and I used to cover them up with concealer. I have done that for years. All it did was hide it and make it worse.

    I searched for a solution to my problem rather than a mask for it and I found Under Eye Bryten. I have been using it less than 2 weeks and already see a big improvement. The pump on the container gives you the exact amount you need in one easy push as well. I don't know why stores don't carry this.

    Women notice as well. My ex-girlfriend noticed and she is a cosmotologist. I am finally starting to look healthy. I looked like a raccoon before. For the price this product is a godsend for dark circles. A solution rather than a coverup.

    ...more info
  • Decent Results
    I have been using this product in conjunction with the Philosophy Hope in a Tube for Eyes/Lips. When I bought (and later returned in exchange for this generic product) the more expensive name brand eye product, the woman at Macy's said I would still need an additional eye cream to moisturize. I agree that the same is needed for this product, which is why I also use the philosophy.

    I did notice a slight brightening of my under eye circles, although not to the point that I could stop wearing concealer during the week. I also saw a slight disappearance of the fine lines underneath my lower lashes.

    I will continue to use this and the Philosophy product. It is much better than anything I've ever used from the drugstore, and better than the shiseido eye cream I was using religiously for the past 3 years....more info
  • Can't comment as the product still hasn't arrived since my order placed on 6/10
    Not able to give my review on this product as I still haven't received it.

    Bad service and unreliable seller!!! I purchased this product on 6/10 and was advised the product will be arrived latest 25th. I still haven't received the product til now. Neither Amazon nor the seller bothered to reply my email. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This product did absolutely nothing for the puffiness around my eyes. I had much better results with a generic version of Strivectin-D for eyes.

    I don't have dark circles (thankfully) so I can't address that aspect....more info
  • OOh! So much better!
    I have been plagued with dark under eye circles since high school. The only thing that really made a difference was TATTOO CONCEALER - the ultra-high pigment concealer that covers up tattoos. After about a month of using Under Eye Bryten, they're fading! Significantly! Probably 2/3s better. I now use just a light, water-based foundation to cover the remaining circles. I'm a fan. No other eye cream has ever given me visible results before....more info
  • a waste of effort and money
    good consistency and application but my puffiness and small amouht of circling did not respond to treatment....more info
  • Low Expectations, Great Result
    I bought this item on a clearance bin so I took a chance. I had already purchased dark under eye products from $50+ and they didnt work so I figured, spending $5 wouldn't hurt. I didn't have much hopes for this product but I am truly amazed. I smoothed it on my darkest eye before bedtime and I immediately saw a difference the next day. I have been using it for a couple of weeks already and when I wear it, my eyes look younger and the wrinkles seem finer, not sure if its this eye cream alone or the combination of facial creams along with this but I'm extremely happy. My dark circles are much better, I don't even use concealer anymore....more info
  • Review
    this item does not work for genetic dark circles.. save your money! i highly doubt hylexin works either, as it is the generic version of that product and contains many of the same ingredients....more info
  • Not bad...but not a miracle UPDATED 1/09
    UPDATE: With my dark circles reduced but not gone, I decided to switch to another product. It was a disaster! I have gone back to this product. As per my original title, as long as you are not expecting a miracle, you will see some results.
    ORIGINAL REVIEW: After 3 weeks of use, I have seen some improvement. It is not a miracle cream that has made my dark circles disappear, but it has "worked" to some extent. I will continue to use this until the bottle is gone, and then I will update more.

    As far as the burning that some reviewers complain about...I think that the burning only occurs when you apply too much cream and it gets on the lashes and in the eyes. It happened to me once (on the 2nd day I think)and that was the cause. Otherwise, I haven't had that problem. More cream is NOT better.

    I tried this product after hearing about the "name-branded original" and buffing at the expensive price tag (around $70) to "try" something out. I concur with other reviewers that there are two types of conditions (genetics and broken blood vessels) that cause the dark circles so no matter what the cream is, it may not work for some. For under $20, this product is worth a try....more info


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