Sea's Gift Korean Seaweed Snack (Kim Nori), Roasted & Sea Salted, 0.2-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

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Product Description

Roasted & sea salted snack pack. No MSG. No sugar. A gift from the ancient sea. Eat traditional style with rice ball and spice. Or snack on like potato chips! Use in salads. Add to soup. Try as a pizza topping! Product of Korea.

  • All natural Korean seaweed snack
  • Roasted in sesame oil; Lightly salted with sea salt
  • Abundance of minerals & vitamins
  • Low calorie; No cholesterol; Healthy Snack
  • Wonderful nutty flavor

Customer Reviews:

  • WOW HUGE price increase!!
    I just came back to purchase more, but I think I'm going to pass. The price on these used to be around $15 but has now jumped to almost DOUBLE! Yes very tasty but not worth this high price!...more info
  • Healthy Snack
    I used to buy this product from our local health store until I found the product on I save four dollars per case buying through Amazon. I love the flavor of the roasted Nori and sea salt, the product is clean with no additives or preservatives. I recommend this product....more info
  • A delicious addictive snack
    I'll agree with the other person who commented on the packaging being too much... it is and that is the only reason I didn't rate it a 5. These tasty snacks are delicious and healthy. Usually I can take or leave seaweed but it's never something that I craved until now. These are addictive little snacks that go great with beer or as a pre-lunch snack at work. I hope to see larger packages with less packaging down the road. ...more info
  • My Kids Beg For These Things
    People think I'm crazy, but my kids (4 and 6) absolutely love these things and beg me to buy them. A health nutt girlfriend of mine got them hooked on these things. Every time we walk into the local store that carries them, the kids go running down the aisle to the clip type display and start yanking these things off and tossing them in the basket. I usually buy 12 at a time and they don't last.

    The only real downside for me is that the kids will fight over them if there's only one left. They will choose these over ANY other snack such as cookies, fruit, crackers, etc.

    Yes the packaging seems a little extreme, but since the strips are frail, it's probably necessary for some situations. My kids take them to school in backpacks and lunch boxes and never have a problem with them being crushed.

    My only concern here is the price. Amazon charges very nearly double what I pay for individual packs at a local health food chain store....more info
  • Good Stuff and good for you.
    Personally, I hate seaweed. But my wife loves the stuff. We used to buy it locally at Whole Foods, but they are often sold out even though they charge a lot more than the online price.
    So it's a great deal if you eat enough to justify buying 24 packs at a time. My 20 month-old daughter also likes it. I guess she takes after her mom....more info
  • Great product, too much packaging
    The product was exactly what I expected it to be--tasty, crispy, salty, toasted seaweed that can be eaten like potato chips (with or without rice). Unfortunately each package contains only one sheet of seaweed cut into strips. The strips are layered in a plastic tray and wrapped inside of an aluminum type package. I find this to be overkill. The upside is that it is handy for people on the go....more info
  • Now Available for Subscribe and Save!!
    My whole family loves these snacks, especially our daughter. Her little cousin likes them too. They do not have a fishy taste and are lightly salted. They are a perfect size for a little snack. Just make sure to take out the little white packet inside before giving it to kids. ...more info


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