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Who Reads Playboy?
Provocative and informative, Playboy is America’s best-selling men’s magazine. Playboy is read by more than 10.3 million people in the U.S. – of which two million are women. The magazine is primarily aimed at men in their twenties and thirties, but is read by men and women of all ages.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Whatever goes on between a man’s ears is a convenient way to sum up the content of Playboy. Prominent among its features are the pictorials, which showcase women ranging from the girl next door to world-famous celebrities, but also includes sports, entertainment, politics, social trends, developments in the areas of sex and romance, short fiction and compelling articles on behalf of a wide variety of subjects.

  • Pictorials: Featuring the world’s most beautiful women, as captured by some of the world’s most talented photographers.
  • ManTrack: New cars, sporting equipment, technology, furniture, travel destinations and other consumer goods.
  • After Hours: A bemused tour d’horizon of current culture.
  • Forum: Opinion and argument about political and social developments, often focusing on issues of personal freedom and expression.
  • The Playboy Advisor: A column in which readers’ questions about modern living, including love, sex, fashion, technology, etiquette and other topics are answered.

Each month, Playboy magazine offers the most engaging and ecletic mix of material in the general interest and men’s categories. The Playboy Interview, a monthly in-depth conversation with an important figurea??recent subjects include Jack Nicholson, Michael Brown, Steve Nash, Mark Cuban, Tina Fey, Kanye West, Jay Z, Matt Groening, Gov. Bill Richardson, Arianna Huffington, Bill O’Reilly, Farheed Zakaria and Thomas L. Friedmana??is the most authoritative body of interview-format work in the history of American journalism. A shorter, lighter interview called 20Q (recent subjects include Danica Patrick, Steve Carell, Charles Barkley, Jack Black, Fergie, Paul Rudd and Rachel Bilson) allows readers another chance for readers to hear about a celebrity in the person’s own words.

Playboy delivers news-making and substantive journalism like "Death and Dishonor," the story of the brutal home-front murder of an Iraq War veteran that was the basis for the movie "In the Valley of Elah," "Gunning for the Big Guy," an exclusive look into the story of BALCO and the illegal use of steroids in baseball, and “The Strange Redemption of James Keene,” about a convicted drug dealer turned federal informant who infiltrates a prison for the criminally insane to befriend a serial killera??and which is also being made into a feature film. Other recent articles include a joint profile of comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman, an intimate look at troubled NFL star Ricky Williams, photo-driven profiles of actors such as Justin Long, Ray Stevenson and the cast of “Mad Men,” a feature about Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange, a profile of LAPD chief Bill Bratton, an expose of sexual repression in fundamentalist Iran, several essays about maintaining privacy in an era of dizzying technological and legal change, and a series of definitive articles on male sexual health.

Each issue also includes a piece of fiction, spotlighting the best of established and emerging talents. In 2008, for instance, Denis Johnson wrote a novel exclusively for serialization in the magazine called “Nobody Move,” the follow-up to his National Book Award winning “Tree of Smoke”; it will be published in 2009 by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

Past Issues:

Playboy’s roster of contributors over the course of its history is second to none. It includes Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Hunter S. Thompson, William F. Buckley Jr., Arthur Schlesinger Jr., John Cheever, Arthur C. Clarke, George Plimpton, Ray Bradbury and Shel Silverstein. Active contributors include Gore Vidal, Stephen King, John Updike, T.C. Boyle, Jonathan Safran Foer, Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Dawkins, Jeff Greenfield, Denis Johnson, Jimmy Breslin, Christopher Buckley, Jane Smiley, Margaret Atwood, Robert Coover, Jim Harrison and Nadine Gordimer.

Magazine Layout
The magazine offers a pleasing balance of attractive photography, lively illustration, and well-designed text.

Comparisons to Similar Magazines:
Playboy informs its entire editorial product (articles, photographs, and illustrations) with intelligence, wit, and sophistication. They provide readers with a unique editorial mix, including lifestyle service information, entertainment, interviews, politics, advice, women, sports, news features, and short fiction.

Playboy is an American icon. Smart, edgy and a bit provocative, Playboy has been the leading men’s magazine for nearly the entirety of its 55 year existence, surpassing and outlasting all competitors and imitators.

Playboy has long been recognized for its design, art and writing, receiving more than 1,600 awards. Most recently, Playboy won eight design awards from Creativity, encompassing illustration, design and editorial photography. In 2007, Playboy was also nominated for a National Magazine Award for Fiction.

Playboy is America's best-selling men's magazine. Every month, this provocative and informative magazine provides stimulating articles, probing interviews, and eye-pleasing centerfolds.

No other magazine entertains you with the quality, style and naked truth of Playboy. Every issue brings you the world's most beautiful women, uncensored advice about sex, revealing celebrity interviews, award-winning fiction and humor, the famous cartoons and jokes, stimulating articles and, of course, those sumptuous eye-pleasing centerfolds. Provocative and informative, Playboy is America's best-selling men's magazine.

Customer Reviews:

  • Gift - Mag Subscripition
    Product is great, purchased a single copy until the subscription starts - which is almost over the 6 week maximum lead time :(... otherwise good! ...more info
  • Love it!
    I got this subscription for my husband. I love it just as much! The articles are fantastic ;). ...more info
  • Ehh
    The magazine is fine but it took a long time for the first issue to ship and it was more expensive than if I had bought directly from Playboy, plus they offer gifts with purchase....more info
  • Female Fan
    I've been a fan of playboy ever since i found a stack in my dad's closet. Why? because the articles are great! that was years ago and i still fight my boyfriend for the chance to read it first. It's one the few magazines left that you can really read. I'm so sick of the female magazines that tell you how to please your man and all that junk. you only hve to buy one mag and you know all the information for the next 11 issues.

    EVERRYONE should have a subscription to playboy, not just the boys!!!...more info
  • Hot, fascinating, interesting and fresh
    I like this magazine because it offers almost everything a man may want in a tasteful, entertaining and informative magazine. Of course, the accent is on gorgeous women who are tastefully exposed but not completely because it is always nice to have a little bit left to the imagination. The models are exceptional women issue after issue and the magazine delivers again and again. There are questions with celebrity persons and editorials, the humoristic part is also captivating. There is even political commentary. However, the most memorable part are the top quality photos throughout the content and after I turned from average into a great lover thanks to the bestseller scientfically guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex, I am even confident enough to hang out with girls out of my usual league. After all, it is nice to watch hot girls at the pages but it is also good to do something to hang out with such. Overall, it offers a lot to young and older men with various interests and demands, and I am sure that you will enjoy your subscription. They also add spicy bonuses so don't be very surprised if you get also a DVD or something. Enjoy....more info
  • Classic publication
    still getting it right with informative articles, in depth interviews, and of course the beautiful photography. Well done HH and staff....more info
  • Cannot cancel order
    I tried to cancel the order 1 day after placing it. I had thought my subscription had run out when it really was just late. Totally impossible to cancel...more info
  • Classic magazine, for the articles, of course.
    Who can say anything bad about this magazine. News, entertainment, short fiction,style,food, politics, sports, and someone once told me there's some photos in it as well. I only read it for the articles, at least that's what my wife thinks and I'm sticking to that story. :) This magazine has been around forever and just keeps getting better....more info
  • Playboy Mag
    I subscribed to this mag as a present to the boyfriend and now I end up reading it more then he does. It has great pictures and even more so articles. Not raunchy very classy:)...more info
  • Old man toy's
    just something to read, that can take you back to younger days. Not as cheesy as other adult magazines. first class publication. should be around for many years. oh and some good articles too....more info
  • Better than ever
    Playboy is still the best mens magazine available. I had Maxim but it is geared towards the younger crowd. Any guy 30 or older should give this a spin. My wife bought a subscription for me and I hope she renews it next year!...more info
  • Stellar Performance
    This item was ordered as a gift for our son-in-laws birthday. The first issue of the magazine was delivered as promised. I was very satisfied with the service....more info
  • The boys love it!
    Of course this is a great product. My husband and my step-son were both VER"Y excited to receive this subscription as a gift. Who wouldn't be. The years this magazine has been around has proven itself....more info
  • Great Magazine and Service
    I was a little hesitant to order this because a few people said that they did not receive it in a timely fashion. I received an email notification saying that I would receive the first issue around the middle of January. My first issue arrived only about a week or two after I placed the order, almost a month earlier than I expected to receive the first. You can't beat the price that Amazon offers on this, and the service was great. Thanks!...more info
  • A great magazine, but abysmal print quality.
    I like the magazine, but the past 2 years the print quality has been the absolute worst. I can't find a single magazine on the entire news stand with more shoddy printing than Playboy. It is not damage, it comes from the printers that way. Every single issue will be like that. I can get one in the mail with a warped spine and other defects. Then get one at a book store with identical problems. Then order one from Amazon with the same problems. Then get one from another city, or another seller, with the exact same problems.

    I have brought this to their attention. They just don't care. Before early 2007, the quality was great, straight flat spine, no defects of any kind. If you did find a bad one, a good copy was easy to find. Now it's all crap.

    It's really a shame too, it has great articles and pictures. I still like to read it. But I don't understand how they are not completely embarrassed to have by far the worst print quality of any magazine currently in circulation.

    Another thing that puzzles me. How is it possible for the news stand specials (lingerie, nudes, etc.) to be perfect, yet the main magazine to be all bent up?

    ...more info
  • I had a better offer after I commited
    I was offered several extra incentives(aditional gifts)after this purchase. I wished I would have had the more lucrative options before purchasing this subscription....more info
  • Where is this ?
    The latest date that this was supposed to be shipped was SEP17 , I ordered this in July , where is the product , who knows . ...more info
  • Playboy !!! Need I say more ???
    As far as magazines go, Playboy is the ultimate male reading and entertainment material. They are always getting the best people to intervue, as well as the best ladies to pose. The writing is first class and always on the latest hot topics. The sexual stories and information also makes it more that just a bunch of pictures tied together....more info
  • Just what you would expect
    It's got beautiful naked women, but I mainly got it for the articles. I know a lot of people say that, but I actually did, they have great jokes and comics, and a really good interview in every issue. Perfect for any man....more info
  • Be careful
    I'll update my review as I find out more, but somehow I ordered this and got the digital copy instead of the Print version. I wouldn't have ordered this if I knew it was the digital version....more info


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