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A great pool cleaner just got better! First there was the Pool Buster ?and now we bring you the Pool Buster Max. This model gives you all the features that the standard model has, plus a new and improved filter and suction cycle, which allows you to clean your pool from "End to End" within minutes. The Pool Buster Max is a revolutionary new product that allows you to clean your pool in one-third of the time. Pool Buster Max is the world's first rechargable battery powered, self-contained underwater swimming pool vacuum cleaner. The powerful Pool Buster Max is the only manual pool vacuum device that works independently of your pool's filtration system as it contains its own reusable internal cartridge filter. Pool Buster Max does not use any bulky hoses. A spot cleaner too! Remove the detachable vacuum head for spot cleaning and hard to reach places and corners. Remember this is not your ordinary Pool Buster...it's the Pool Buster MAX!!! The lightweight Pool Buster Max connects to all telescopic poles. It has its own internal vacuum motor, making it up to 20 times stronger than other vacuums. Pool Buster is easily maneuverable, vacuums debris, leaves and algae from your entire pool. Pool Buster can operate for 1 hour on its rechargeable battery and works in any type pool. Charge Time: 24 hours (for first charge, 1-2 hours after initial charging) Operation Time: Up to 1 hour when fully charged Power Source: 8.4 v rechargeable battery / auto cut-off charger Cleaning Capacity: 40 - 50 gallons per minute Filtration Media: Large reusable fine filter bag Vacuum Head: 10.75" with interchangeable wheels or brushes Unit Dimensions: 6" x 6.75" x 17.5" Unit Weight: 6.5 Lb Shipping Weight: 9 Lb.

  • Easy to use & maneuver
  • No messy hoses or chords
  • Works with all telescopic poles
  • Built-in reusable fine filter bag
  • For all types of pools & spas
Customer Reviews:
  • Junk
    Piece of junk. Hardly used it and now it won't work.To have it repaired you have to ship to manufacturer in New Jersey and pay shipping back.A replacement motor and battery is $ 89 plus shipping. Cost of these outweighs it's value. ...more info
  • Compact and efficient
    I saw another review here by an Endless Pool owner, which led me to buy this. We have an outdoor Endless Pool, and the vacuum that comes with it is difficult to use and not very effective. I also don't like the fact that the leaves and particles I am vacuuming are going into the filter system. This unit is very easy to use, and cleans up the bottom of the pool quickly. It requires very little storage space....more info
  • Great little vac!
    I received the Pool Buster vac today. Although, the battery wasn't fully charged, I tried it out anyway and it worked great. It picked up everything at the bottom of the pool, steps, and benches. It took me about 8-10 minutes to clean the whole pool compared to 1 ½ hours before (connecting hoses, priming the pump, vacuuming, then cleaning the pool filter). The unit was smaller and lighter than I expected, which is an added benefit. The filter bag in the vac actually holds a lot of dirt and leaves and cleans out easily. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Pool Buster Vac
    I bought this last summer for our above ground pool. It worked really well until the gear got stripped for no apparent reason. We did get good customer service it just took most the summer to get the parts to fix it. Not sure what caused the problem as we were only sucking up pine needles and that sort of debride. When it was working, it did an outstanding job!...more info
  • Good perchase.
    This product works great. Just attach it to a pole and it cleans up the pool without having everything go throught the filter system. Simple and easy to use....more info
  • Great Product
    After using 3 different types of pool cleaning tools this is by far the best thing I've purchased....It picks up the tiny stuff on the pool bottom... I highly recommend the Pool Buster Max..... ...more info
  • Pool Vacuum battery powered
    when ordering this I had my doubts about the suction strength. No doubts now. It is fantastic. It cleaned my small pool quickly. It works so much better than the hose vacuum set up that came with my pool. If you want a clean pool without spending lots of time vacumming this is a good choice. ...more info
    I have an endless pool and the vac house system that came with it was not very effective and quite a nuisance to use. The Pool Buster Max is great. It has great suction and gets up more debris than I can actually see, easy to handle on an extension pole, and the bag it comes with captures small debris. I just wish the charge light would indicate when it's fully charged. The distributor, T&I Pool actually got the vac to me days earlier then the estimated delivery date.POOL BUSTER MAX VACUUM 2006...more info
  • Pool Buster Max
    I have a small 12" x 36" above ground pool that unfortunately sits near a very large oak tree. Living in central florida, we usually get at least one thunderstorm a day in the summer and the bottom of the pool becomes littered with leaves, twigs and dirt. Sand is also a big issue here. The Pool Buster was a huge releif for me. It works great, actually better than I had figured it would. It never seems to lose suction and always completes the job before the charge runs out. After reading other reviews, I also bought the fine filter bag and it is works great with the sand here. I don't yet know about it's durability or longevity but so far I'm satisfied....more info
  • This Product is a Winner
    I have an inground pool that is cleaned by a Letro Legend automatic cleaner that was installed prior to my ownership. For the most part it does a good job but there is always some debris left behind. Based on the reviews here I decided to try the Pool Buster. I was VERY pleseantly suprised by this product. Strong suction, easy to use and charges qucikly yet runs a long time. One nice thing is it is just heavy enough that it always stays on the bottom when you are moving around so it is always cleaning and not floating away. The picture for the PB shows it cleaning up this horribly messy pool and based on my experience that is a true picture, not a photoshop. This product is great and I can recommend it without any hesitation.

    p.s. This is not a critisism, just an observation, it cannot clean the top step of my pool as it is not deep enough to be submerged. So it helps to brush off the top step to the second step, which is deep enough for the PB to get to under water.
    ...more info
  • Great purchase
    This product is wonderful! It has more suction power than my normal vac. It takes 2 hrs. to charge and you get 1 hr. of cleaning time. Well worth the money not to fuss with hoses and water pressure!...more info
  • Better than I expected
    This has more power than my normal pool vac. I am impressed at how easy it is to use, clean and store. It only takes 2 hrs. to charge and then you have 1 hr. of cleaning time. Well worth the money to not have to hassle with hoses and water pressure....more info
  • Great Product!!
    I don't know what the deal is with the first reviewer. This product is great. I purchased the "max" PoolBuster two years ago. My only problem is that last year the battery would not take a charge. WaterTech (the manufacturer) replaced the whole unit... and had the replacement to me within days of sending them the old unit.
    Bottom line is that the PoolBuster is a real work saver... you can vacuum a pool like mine (16 x 32 inground) in about 20 minutes without getting out the vacuum hose and having to backwash after vacuuming. Only thing you should buy is the extra fine collection bag for vacumming find debris....more info
  • This Product Is Great!
    I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about, but he must have a competitive product that he sells. This product is great and well worth the money. I have a spa attached to my pool and with everyone going in and out of it constantly, there's always fine particled sand and dirt at the bottom. It's a pain to have to drag out the hose and vacuum to constantly keep it clean. This product has a lot of suction and is easy to use. I can keep it out by my spa to touch it up during the day. I also use it to clean the bottom on my pool when there's been a lot of children over and I don't want to keep the Polaris running constantly. It's well worth the money!!!POOL BUSTER MAX VACUUM 2006Pool Buster Max Above Ground Pool CleanerPool Buster Max In-Ground Pool Cleaner...more info
  • shipping problem
    Item was never received and credit card was billed. What should I do now?...more info
  • great for winter
    Purchased this to use when the pool sweep is out for the winter. Excellent for the small pickups, especially on the steps....more info
  • DON'T BUY IT!!!!
    I have my own pool servicing business and bought this to have as a portable vacuum. It has terrible suction power and an incredibly small bag. The bag is very porous and you HAVE to purchase the fine mesh bag as an accessory. Doesn't function well on a pool pole either. Very poor buy!!!!...more info