3Q Electrostatic Ionic Air Purifier

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Product Description

This is an electronic air purifier. It uses what is known as an ionizer to filter out the dirty air. The electronic air purifiers have two sections for getting rid of dirty air. One section is for ionizing and the other section is for collecting the dirt. In the ionizing section, dirty air particles pass between ionizing wires and plates connected to a high voltage power supply. Over 8000 volts ionizes the air, creating positive ions which attach to the particles leaving them with an intense electrical charge. The charged particles then move to the collection section, where they encounter closely-spaced, oppositely-charged collector plates. Positively-charged particles attach to the negative plates and negatively-charged particles attach to the positive plates. Negative ions are important to how we feel ,and an air ionizer creates more negative ions when there aren't enough. This process removes the small pollutants from the air we breathe. With the air purifier the air is clean: NO CIGARETTE SMOKE, NO AIRBORNE PARTICLES FLOATING AROUND, NO ODORS, NO POLLUTED AIR. Choose from two cleaning levels, depending on the condition of the air or the size of room. Slim tower design takes up little floor space. It's 16" tall°Ń6" diameter.

  • Eliminate airborne contaminates such as dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and bacteria, germs, allergens.
  • High electrostatic plate traps the dust, pollen, smoke etc.as small as 1 micron circulated in the air.
  • Does not use replacement filters.
  • Easy maintenance:just wipe the dirt down from the collector rod (never has to be replaced) with a cleaning cloth.
  • Two cleanning levels; Choose negative ions control with Low/High settings depending on the condition of the air.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome. Lasts for a little over a year.
    Made the air smell great. Cleaned out the dust I'm allergic to. Broke after about a year and a few months....more info
  • Ionic air purifier
    not what I expected does not remove as much dust as I had anticipated. It does remove odors very well. I have not had it long enough to evaluate the cost. I causes my smoke alarm to sound if I have the fan on. ...more info
  • Smells like you're standing on a mountian!
    I bought one of these about a year and 1/2 ago b/c it was cheaper then Sharper Images but was doubtful it would work well or for very long b/c it was cheaper.

    I placed it in my bedroom when I got home from work and let it work it's magic, SILENT magic...it is really quiet!, while I sat in the living room. About 45 minutes later I decided to go check and make sure everything was going as it should. I turned the corner and the smell of fresh cool air hit me. It was SO nice! The only way I could describe the air is to say is smelled like mountain top air with a water fall near by. That's how fresh and clean it smelled.

    Now, I'm thinking, "OK, it smells good, but is it really working?" I push a button and pull out the filter, yes, it's THAT easy, and I can see little fuzzies of cat hair (I have two) and dust (I have a lot) clinging to the filter! WOW! It actually was cleaning the air!

    I promptly went out and bought them for every room in my house and I couldn't be happier.

    There is one thing it does that some my consider bad but I like it. When the metal, re-usable filter is dirty and can't hold anymore, the unit tends to make a rattling sound when you turn it on. Nothing loud but once you wipe off the filter, and it really is easy to clean, it doesn't make the noise anymore.

    I will always have these, or this brand, in my house. I run all four of my every night when I go to bed and I've had them for about a year and 1/2 and and they are still going strong! I love them!!!

    ...more info