Hoover F5505 SteamVac Spot Carpet Cleaner

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Our Price: $100.19

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Product Description

The worlds first convertible carpet cleaner, heated cleaning, stretch hose and carpet upholstery tool, folding/telescopic handle, stairfit design

  • Portable upright carpet cleaner with rotating brushes to clean and groom carpets
  • Uses hot tap water, cleaning solution, and direct heat; 2 separate water tanks
  • Real-time tool system offers 5-foot stretch hose and stair/upholstery nozzle
  • StairFit design; auto shut-off; adjustable-height handle folds down for storage
  • Measures 19 by 9 by 40 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • WAY better than the Bissell little green or it's reviews...
    After having two Bissell green machines break after short use (don't get me started- I'll never buy a Bissell again), I was looking for a spot remover cleaner (not a big machine) that was NOT a Bissell. I found this. I looked at this cleaner for a long time before finally deciding to buy it, in spite of the bad reviews. It arrived just in time for my family to get the stomach flu, so it got a workout right away. I can't say enough about it. It works MUCH better than the Bissell little green.

    1) It's nice to have the option of the big floor sucker or the little sprayer. You can go back and forth between them at will.
    2) The little sprayer has great suction (much better than the Bissell) and pulls out much farther than it looks like it does. It got a stain out of my car that my Bissell didn't even touch.
    3) The tanks take a little getting used to to get positioned correctly, and you have to "prime" the sprayer a little for the first use, but after that they're fine.
    4) The tank holds enough water to do a small room (with maybe one refill if you use a lot of juice) if you really want to.
    5) It folds down and takes up about as much room as the Bissell little green.
    6) Should it break, I can get a Hoover repaired locally. Bissell wanted me to ship my cleaner to a repair center plus pay for the repair.

    Remember... this is for SPOTS. It's not designed to do a whole room, but you can if you want to, and it will do ok, just not as well as a big machine. It does what it is designed to do quite well. ...more info
  • JUNK
    What a waste of money. I used it a total of three times - all were disasters since the tanks wouldn't lock into their correct positions after I removed them to fill and empty the first time. I just went out today and purchased the Bissell Steamcleaner for nearly half what I paid for this hunk of cr*p and it is a dream to use. So easy, so light and it works wondfully! Save your money - don't waste it on this garbage....more info
  • if I could give it a ZERO, I would
    At least one of the other reviewers got five uses out of their machine. I used it twice before it broke, took it back to the store. The customer service representative somehow talked me into an exchange instead of a refund. BIG MISTAKE! Used the new one twice before it also broke. Unfortunately past the store's return limit. I called Hoover, who wouldn't give me a refund. Instead I had to drive it to a service center 40 miles away. Took them three months to fix it. Got it back, broke again on the very first use. Took it back to the service center. At this point, it is about 8 months into a 1 year warranty. They have to wait for parts again, so another three months being fixed. Even the repair guy tells me these things are lemons. Thanks. Where were you when I bought this piece of junk!?! Needless to say, the last time it was broken, too. My calls to Hoover got me no recompense and no satisfaction. Not even an apology for making such a worthless piece of garbage. My experience was so awful that I wrote them a letter (which I never do) telling them how unhappy that machine had made me. No response. I can't urge you strongly enough to never buy one of these. Take it from me, it wouldn't be worth it even if they paid you to take it....more info
  • Not acceptable
    I just needed a quick pick up spot remover-unfortunately, it empties the cleaning solution faster than I could push it and does not quite pick up much of the water. I really haven't used it much because it just does not work....more info
  • save your money
    Do not get this it is worthless I had it for about 3 months before the sprayer on in broke. Then had it fix at a repair center and it broke again. Then the tank broke on it too it will not hold the water. A piece of trash from the start. ...more info
  • Hoover Carpet Cleaner
    This product is great !!! Very portable, easy to mange, but very powerful - works great, cleans great !!!!!!...more info
  • Don't buy this product!
    This is a worthless piece of machinery! It broke after only using it 5 times, and one month out of warranty, too! Hoover didn't care, either. I keep a clean house and I take care of things; and this should not have happened. The detergent hose broke and soaked my entire floor. The suction does not adequately remove the water from your carpeting. Basically, all you are doing with this machine is putting wet soap on your carpet. The carpet areas I have used it on have become matted; and I have expensive carpeting. Had I known it would cost $36 to fix it, I would have had the repair center KEEP IT! Please learn from my review. If you want to spend $100, don't spend it on this machine!...more info