Hoover U8311-900 WindTunnel 2 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover, Windtunnel, 2 Bagged, Upright Vacuum, 12A, Real Time Tool System, Cord Rewind, Embedded Dirt Finder System, Powered Pet Hair Cleaning Tool, Automatic Brush Shutoff, Telescoping Quick Release Wand, Super Stretch Hose.

  • 12-amp upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel 2 technology
  • DirtFinder system; automatic brush-roll shutoff for above-floor cleaning
  • Telescoping quick-release wand and super-stretch hose; 28-foot cord
  • Dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, and pet-hair tool included
  • Measures approximately 14 by 15 by 43 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor tool suction, bad design, too bulky, looks cool
    My previous vacuum was a Hoover windtunnel (bagged and self propelled) from 15 years ago. I loved that vacuum. It was old and the beater thing was ready to be replaced again. So I thought I would follow Consumer Reports again, and go with #2 Allergy rated Windtunnel 2. I bought here on Amazon. I used it 4 times. Not self-propelled, so it felt like a ton to push around. The extender wand tool on the hose has poor suction. And with only one bag and no filter, the exhaust smells dusty. NOOOOO comparison to my old beat up Hoover which was self propelled and tons of suction. And the extender wand seems nice, but its heavy and holding it above your head, and replacing it into hole is hard to do. Kills your shoulders. If you have a large first floor with lots of carpet, and a strong back and shoulders, I still would not recommend it. I wish I could find an identical replacement to my old Windtunnel....more info
  • Bags come apart
    While I agree that the unit is heavy, overall it does a better than average cleaning job. The main issue I have is not with the unit, rather it is with the W2 bags. They are a bit pricey as mentioned in other reviews, but my problem is that the bag separates from the green mounting flange that slides into the holder on the vacuum. I called Hoover on a non toll free number and after an hour finally reached someone who agreed to send some free replacement bags. The same thing happened. I'll be vacuuming and then start to "smell" dust. I open up the unit and the bag and the green mounting flange have come apart. I don't know if this occurs when the bags even if not full has to much back pressure due to dust buildup inside the bag. Just my thoughts and wonder if anyone else has had the same problems with the bags? ...more info
  • Great Vacuum - Convenient Cord Reel
    Vacuum was easy to assemble and quickly ready for use. Did a good job on carpets, even though it is a little heavy and difficult at times to maneuver. The cord is a good length and the cord reel is the feature I like the most. Great vacuum and a great deal at Amazon's sale price....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I love the look and style. The attachments work wonderfully and I really do get full extention out of the expandable hose. The automatic recoil in the cord works like a champ. The green and red light dirt indicator is accurate. (I did a controlled test). I have both wood and carpet and I feel so much better after I have cleaned. It does a good job. The only reason I did not give this product a 5 star is simply because it is heavy. I am a slight individual and it is a bit cumbersome. The good news is I live on one floor. No hefting this beast up stairs. One more side note - the weight of this vacuum is comparable to almost all other vacuums with similar features. Plus it was ranked number 2 in Consumer Reports for the price. (I found mine for $175)....more info
  • Works for me, but pay heed to the low ratings as well
    Prior to this vacuum, I had a Sanyo, which I considered expensive ($400), for 8-10 years. I'm not especially gentle with my vacuums, but I do take them in for regular tune up cleanings. I was happy with the Sanyo until we added a long-haired dog to the mix. I bought the Hoover at Costco so I could easily take it back if needed. I tried Hoover's Windtunnel bagless version first and it was just too messy for me when it came to emptying the canister and I wasn't impressed with the suction.

    Anyway, as my test, I vacuumed with the Sanyo and then followed up with this, the bagged Hoover. When I was still sucking up a considerable amount of dirt, I was sold.

    Since then we've gained two cats (and kitty litter), and I've had the Hoover for a year. We have a two bed, two bath with tile and low-pile sisal and indoor-outdoor rugs. I only vacuum once a week and I pretty much use the vacuum in place of a broom. Because of habit and our tile and low-pile rugs, I always keep it on the lowest setting. When I'm finished, my floors pass the barefoot test. And when we mop right after, I'm really only pulling particle dirt from under cabinets and other places I was too lazy to use the vacuum tube.

    Features I like:
    *telescoping tube and on-board tools
    *auto cord rewind
    *dirt finder red/green light system. If was skeptical of this feature initially, but I'm a believer now.
    *how much the bags hold, how easy they are to put in and put out--and zero dust leakage!

    Features that need improvement:
    *plastic connecting parts. I haven't broken anything, but the reviews that mention cheap materials are right
    *length of the telescoping tube. I'm 5'5" and it's a stretch for me to reach our 8-ft. ceilings. I think they should offer a tube extender
    *cost and availability of the bags
    *no "bag full" indicator light. Suction does change when it's full, but still.
    *pet hair attachment is great as long as it keeps spinning. Mine needs a jiggle from time to time to keep it going
    *a lower profile head. I can't get it under all of my cabinets or chairs...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Great vacuum. We have owned it for a month or so now and really like it. It uses bags which could be a turn off for some people but it works and I don't care if I have to change a bag. The bags do come off really cleanly when they need to be changed.
    We also really like the extendable hose that easily comes off to use. My only complaint is that the tip of the hose is metal and seems to gouge woodwork when going around the edges.
    All in all a really good vacuum but I'm sure there are better out there that would cost more money. That is the only reason I only gave four stars. I think it works great....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    We just purchased the Windtunnel 2 at Sears about 6 weeks ago. We live in a 3 level townhome and find the stair attachment to be very useful for the carpet on the stairs. The suction power is great. The best feature is the cord storage, it automatically winds up inside the vacuum at the push of a button. We considered all the other types of vacuums, including the really expensive ones. We decided to try it out since it was significantly less and we are glad we did, it works great! Also, we decided to go with bagged over bagless because it's more clean to prevent allergies, etc. I gave it 4 vs 5 because it is heavy to haul around, but I'll take that trade off for the increase in suction power. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • The W2 sucks good, the bags suck bad
    The FACTS:
    - The Hepa bag works fine, up until the point it falls apart.
    - The slide top comes unglued from the bag. This has happened in all 6 of my bag replacements, and only one I would consider full.
    - Once the bag falls apart, it spreads dust throughtout the vaccuum, and ultimately around the house.
    - Even though there is no bag replacement indicator, I know when its time to replace the bag when the house begins to smell like a used matress while vaccuuming.
    - The vaccuum suction is great on carpets, so so on floors.
    - Vaccuum is heavy, to heavy for my 8 year old to use.
    - Vaccuum body does not lean low enough, this also limits use by children as it lifts the brush off the ground.
    - Quiet enough to hold converstation while in vaccuum mode.
    - Uncomfortably loud when in upright mode.
    - If cord is not fully withdrawn it becomes mildly hot. Not good when cord is always retracting on its own volition.

    Aside from the good suction, I would not recommend this carpet....more info
  • Much improved over earlier models
    We received the vacuum late yesterday, my wife had held off vacuuming that day waiting for the new vacuum. We were replacing a 6 year old Hoover bagged Wind Tunnel Model U6437-900. This new U8311-900 was a pleasant surprise for my wife. First they have changed the location and ease of using the tools. The handle detachs and becomes a telescoping wand. It is great improvement and much easier to use. It makes the use of the power brush for cleaning furniture much easier. With the handle out and being used as a wand they have made a place for you to easily pull around the vacuum. The softer hose is nice in that it is no longer impossible to extend the hose while the vacuum is operating. This vacuum is also quieter that our previous Hoover. All in all my wife has been pleased with it. I will update it over time so that you might see how it holds up. The drawbacks are, it is not as attractive as the other model (who cares if it works better and operated easier). The "W" Vacuum bags are not as easily available. You need to make sure you have several around as you can't find them at usual discount stores. I found a place online where I can get 24 of the original Hepa bags for a little over $50. Hope this helps people looking. Jim...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I really needed a vacuum that would bring up pet hair and have a bag (due to allergies in the family). I purchased this vacuum with those expectations, but it completely exceeded my expectations. One feature I did not catch on this machine is the clean/dirty light on the front of the vacuum. It tells you if the rug is actually clean or dirty with a color coded light. It's an awesome vacuum for the price. I would recommend it....more info
  • Broke second use, not under warranty
    Works great, but broke second time i used it and Hoover will not honor the warranty from amazon....more info
  • Cleans Well But Poorly Made
    I've had mine for less than a year and it's already held together with duct tape, epoxy and Crazy Glue. The vacuum cleans well, but it seems like every little bump against a doorframe or piece of furniture breaks off something. The plastics they chose to use seem to be extraordinarily brittle and the parts are held in place with small, thin connecting tabs. The screws holding the cover over the beater brush are threaded into plastic tubes which both broke. I bumped a door and the end of the handle snapped off, another time the vacuum tipped and the part holding the hose in place broke off. I've reattached all the broken parts but it sure isn't pretty and I don't know how long the repairs will hold.

    I don't mistreat the vacuum, but moving around the house I do sometimes tap into things and I doubt that's unusual for these machines. My first Hoover lasted 20 years and while the moving parts wore out in time the body of the vacuum was sound. I imagine I'll only keep this one long enough to use up the bags I already have on hand, and then I'll look into another brand to replace it with. I've very disappointed with the poor quality of construction.
    ...more info
  • Does a great job cleaning, wish they can make it lighter
    The machines does a good job cleaning, keeping the dust inside and not making a mess when you toss out the bag.

    problem is whoever designed this didn't have stairs in mind, moving this thing around is like pulling a luggage, while it does a great job cleaning, wish it can be a tad lighter...more info
  • no, no, NO!!!!
    This vacuum is terrible! we have had nothing but problems with this vacuum since 60 days after we purchased it. First, the plastic clip holding the "lid" to the bag compartment broke. Took it to the local Hoover repair shop as the retailer would not take it back after 30 days. Next, the dirtfinder light stopped working AND the suction stopped (except for the hose)...back to the local repair shop. They fixed the suction problem but the dirtfinder light never worked again (it stays red). Convinced myself that I can live with that. Next my rambunctious 7 year old knocked it over on the tile floor and broke the plastic handle clip so I trekked back to the local Hoover shop again for repair. Last week i received a postcard notifying me that the local Hoover repair shop has closed and now the closest one is almost an hour away, closer to Chicago...I am disgusted! Had I been notified prior to the closing I could have stocked up on these ridiculously expensive W2 bags that even my local retailer NO LONGER CARRIES!!! (Who in their right mind would want to pay shipping and handling on vacuum cleaner bags?!?!) The bags are very expensive and at least it was convenient to purchase 2-3 packages at a time when i had to take the vacuum in to be repaired every 2-3 months! This vacuum just celebrated its first birthday last month and it was probably the worst purchase I have made, EVER.

    At $5 per vacuum bag plus the cost of the purchase of this vacuum, I would guess I have already spent the same amount I would have paid for the Dyson my husband talked me out of. We wanted a good quality vacuum that could handle 2 cats and a house full of kids. Not too much to ask, right? We could have bought the Sears model made by Panasonic but we would have had to wait a month for more to come in. (FYI Sears, when your vacuum breaks down and you need to buy a new one you want to take it home the same day not wait a month till you're up to your knees in pet dander and fur.)

    When you pay this much for a vacuum, you should get much better quality than this. ...more info
  • Works for Me
    After considerable research I am very pleased to report this Upright suits my every need. It tracks perfectly straight and sucks like no other I've had. The extension tube built-in to the handle is very convenient and easy to access. And the power cord recoil storage is such a time saver. Bag removal is clean, easy, and well designed. The one caution I have for potential buyers is the weight near the handle. I suspect most Ladies will dislike this characteristic. But as I said, it works for me....more info
  • Great Item!
    I always read the reviews on a product before I go on to purchase it. And I must say that this item has been the best vacuuum I have ever own. It is a bit heavy to lug around, but its performace is wonderful. Having a dog in the House and living in South Texas where dogs tend to shed their hair, This vacuum has performed very well!...more info
  • Hoover Vac
    Excellent choice. Very strong suction. Love the handle/ext hose. Pulls along like self-propelled. Not too heavy like everyone says. I keep on 3 notches before very low setting to keep from overworking belt. Had for two months and works awesome....more info
  • Hoover windtunnel
    Everything works great . The one complaint we have is the weight of the machine. The weight is all in the handle, it is very tiring on the arm....more info
  • A strong vacuum w/a Lifetime BELT!
    This is a very, very good vacuum! Excellent suction, pet hair tool, cord retracts. I prefer vacuums (upright or canister) that have good, moving rotary brush heads for good carpet cleaning but belts kept slipping and breaking! I purchased the Hoover U8311-900 WindTunnel because it has a lifetime belt -it hasn't slipped or broken when I've run over cords or other things by accident!! No belt slipping! No belt breakage! Hoooorrraaaay!

    I've owned more than a normal amount of vacuums and have had to replace them more frequently in recent years. I've had to replace most due to motor burnout or motor loss of suction power, belt slippage, belt breakage. (I don't believe the industry has yet to make a reliable bagless that remains powerful or avoids motor burnout over the life of the vacuum.) The Breathe-Easy Hygienic Filter Bags are so easy to change, do not need to be changed as often as most bags and seem to really keep all contents within itself. As an allergy sufferer w/a cat, I am very pleased! I don't want a bagless again!

    On the downside, this upright is a bit heavy (and may be a bit clunky for some), is not as quiet as some claims make, and the cord could be a little longer, but it's sturdy and reliable and I can overlook the fact that it's not silver or as cool looking as some. (I've owned higher tech looking vacuums and they haven't lived up to this one ;-)

    The cost is manageable, also. I won't spend over $200 for a vacuum until I'm absolutely sure it will last. For now, this IS my Dyson and I'm not in the market for a higher priced model!...more info
  • I Thought I Received Bad Bags
    I thought I had received bad bags with this vacuum cleaner because the two bags that came with it, both burst while being used before they filled up. But having read the other reviews I can attest to the failure in the bag system of this unit. There is a locking mechanism at the top of the bags to ensure no mess!! What good is that if the bag breaks!!! Anyway I will not say much more about this vacuum because it has all already been said. I actually baught my unit before reading the reviews. I probably would not have purchased mine if I had read the reviews first. Yes it is an attractive vacuum and the rewinding cord is sexy, but it blows away stuff it should be pulling in, it gets louder after a few uses(typical Hoover trait). Its pretty large and heavy. You actually need a smaller vacuum to do the edges. I was actually looking to buy bags for the unit when I stumbled on these reviews and thought I should add my two cents. If you can walk away from its good looks and sexy self winding cord, then you could do better....more info
    This vacuum rocks! I can't believe the power this thing has. You can really feel it hug the carpet when it cleans. I LOVE the dirt finder sensor light (green for clean, red for keep vacuuming :-) ). It really shows how lousy my last vacuum was because when i first used this thing it too about 8 swipes to get the carpet clean, whereas it now only takes about 3. I would have to say this vacuum is much more powerful than the Kirby I once owned. It is a bit heavy to carry up the stairs but I'm willing to sacrifice the extra weight for something that actually gets the job done. A great buy for around $200....more info
  • This sucks in a bad way
    Worked fine for around a year, then just suddenly won't turn on. I live where there is no repair, and it makes no since to pay a high shipping fee. So, I took it apart, to find a rubber gasket near where the motor spins that had got bound in there somehow and tripping something or burned out the motor. Now, it's going to be a $200 piece of trash in the dumbster tommorrow. ...more info
  • tOO mUCH Too hAnDLE
    We have owned 3 Hoover bagged windtunnel self-propelled models and loved them for their user friendliness. This new model misses the mark badly. Unless you are Arnold Swartznegger in his prime this unit will wear you out before the house is clean. Even my high energy 10 year old son was toast after a few minutes. My wife said that the built in handle/suction tool is too heavy for holding overhead to clean lampshade, cobwebs etc. She also complained that the basic unit was just too cumbersome for her and that it made her shoulders and back hurt from using it. This model like the previous model does have strong suction but if everybody dreads touching it than what good is that? She did say that the lower profile of the new model was better at getting under furniture than the old model. She said the push button on/off switch was a big improvement over the old model also. The retractable cord that comes out the bottom left side loses a couple feet of length because you need to clip it on the upper part of the vacuum or you will trip over it. I will be returning this unit to Costco and beginning my search through the Amazon for a new/old Windtunnel 1 self propelled bagged unit. We will call it, Number Four....more info
  • Great value
    This vacuum is a great value. I bought it because it was recommended by Consumer Reports. When we received it (really fast--thank you, Amazon), the assembly instructions were easy to follow and execute. I put the vacuum together in just a few minutes and started using it. It has great suction. And I love the Clean/Dirty light! I also really like the bright green color; it is very cheerful, which makes me want to use it a little more.

    When I ordered the vacuum, there were a couple of things that I didn't see in the product description that the vacuum actually has. The great thing it has is an auto-retract power cord. My last vacuum didn't have it and I love it.

    The vacuum also seems to be self-propelled, which I wasn't looking for and I didn't think it was. It's okay, don't get me wrong, I'm just not used to it. It is hard to vacuum back and forth like I am used to doing because there is a fairly strong pull forward. So I have to adjust my technique....more info
  • Just OK
    I like the way the vacuum works and all the attachments, but something already broke off - the cord holder... It doesn't make or break the vacuum functioning so I have decided to just keep it. ...more info
  • Would not recommend
    I purchased this item in December 2006. Within two months it was dead. As it was under warranty, but too late to return to seller, I sent it to a Hoover repair center. They told me the computer had messed up and needed to be reset. In all, shipping and repair took two months. Now we are in Jan. 2008, just over one year from purchase. It has died again--I'm pretty sure it is from the same thing. I would not recommend that anyone buy this vacuum. Also, the bags are very expensive and hard to find. I have had to order all the bags online....more info
  • Not Worth the Price
    I purchased this Hoover to replace my 15-year old Hoover. I read all the reviews and felt this would be a good purchase. Boy, was I wrong. It's too heavy, noisy, maneuverability is terrible. I was very interested in the retracting cord. That still works, but I prefer it not retract while vacuuming. Suction is terrible, so I never have to worry about something being sucked up that shouldn't be. I miss the quality and performance of my old WindTunnel. Save your money.Hoover U8311-900 WindTunnel 2 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Don't Buy This Hunk of Junk!!!
    I just bought this vacuum from a retail store today because of some good reviews on Amazon. This thing is very heavy and hard to move around. It worked ok for about 20 minutes and then it just stopped and would not turn back on. This is not a very well made vacuum. My last Hoover lasted 15 years
    and this didn't last one day. Needless to say its going back to the store tomorrow. A $200 piece of junk!!...more info
  • Super Happy
    I have two animals and a fifteen year old son in my home and this machine can keep up with all three of them. It is a little heavy but has a very nice hose and small vacuum attachment for the steps. It was here in just a few days and came in perfect condition. Love It!!!...more info
  • Works great on capet
    May old Hoover upright is 25 years old and still works fine. I gave it to my son and bought the Windtunnel 2. It works very good on carpet. The filter bag works very well and I notice less odor when vacuuming. I vacuumed up pine needles from our Christmas tree and was surprised how little of the pine oder was released. Our old Hover was top of the line but this new one does pick up more dirt.

    It is a heavy vacuum and that is expected for a vacuum with a large motor and strong sucking power. A lighter vacuum would not have the same power. I like the dirt senor feature. It makes me feel like I'm making progress when the light changes from red to green.

    It works much better on carpet than on hard floors. I would have given it 5 starts if it worked better on my bare floors. On hard floors there is a tendency for the dirt to scatter before the vacuum has a chance to pick it up. It doesn't bother me since I use a robotic Roomba on bare floors and that works great.

    I would like it if the attachment house was a foot or two longer.
    I bought it to vacuum carpet and I'm very happy with the job it does....more info
    Dont buy. Hepa filter will jam and the gear box that drives the Hepa will shear. Problem with ALL WINDTUNNELS ...more info
  • Great Buy!
    We searched far and wide for the perfect vacuum to help take care of our home. I wasn't too excited with the bagless variety as they expose one to a lot of dust, bugs, and spores when being emptied. I wanted a bagged vacuum with strong suction and the Hoover WindTunnel caught my eye. The price is a bit steep but in reality not too bad for a quality vacuum.

    The dirt finder seems to always be on! But after a good long session it finally stayed in the clean position. I didn't think our home was that bad...

    The only drawback to the unit is that it is a little heavy and may cause some concern for those who have stairs. Since we don't have to worry about that, we are happy with the unit.

    The Cleaning Tools are a Plus and the hose extends to a great height.

    I would recommend this product to anyone!...more info
  • Tried Everything -- This is a Good Vacuum
    First of all thank you to all the reviewers of not just Hoover but Eureka, Electrolux, Dyson, Hoover, Orek, and all the other brands out there --- especially the critical reviews, they're the most helpful in my mind although - I'm writing a positive review. Its a tall order to the people who build vacuums though to build a perfect vac: a tool to help us do something that we inherently hate to do.

    I guess you're getting old in life when you can say you've owned 6 vacuum cleaners in your life and having owned 6, I've been through it all: bagged, bagless, canister, upright etc....and I've used every single one of them until they dropped (I never buy to replace a working vac - run it into the ground). This is what my school of hard knocks has taught me and why I bought this one and what I like dislike about this vacuum.

    Canister vs Upright
    My last vacuum was a Hoover canister and I bought it because I erroneously thought it had more suction than an upright -- actually most uprights are more powerful and better for carpets where canister vacs are more maneuverable and better for hardwood floors. I have about 50% hardwood and 50% carpet but I mostly use the vac on the carpet and use a broom, mop as needed on hardwood so for me carpet cleaning power was the requirement.

    Bagged vs Bagless
    Bagged vacuums tend to lose suction as the bag fills up -- so your first vacuuming on a clean bag is great and then things go downhill as the bag fills the dirt and mess gets compressed in the bag and you lose suction. Bagless vacuums retain suction throughout the filling of the container but and here's a very important but, you have to empty the container very very regularly, almost a container per room sometimes and emptying the container is always always a dirty affair --- not as bad as empting a shopvac but definitely not what the commercials/informercials show or fail to show and you cannot cheat on NOT emptying the container regularly as the penalty is a time consuming and messy affair to clean gobs of gunk out of your new and sometimes $700 expensive vac that looked so pretty on that commercial --- so if you go bagless empty the container regularly or spend most of your time unclogging your vacuum vs vacuuming your house. Sealing and seating the container is also very important or you can wind up with lost suction or a mess. Also, if you don't empty your container after you finish with a bagless, you create an environment from which dustmites etc can escape etc....and lookes very ugly. Other than that, bagless vacs tend to look prettier (is that possible) no, it must be the marketing talking there but in my experience they're as reliable as bag vacs but no more. All that said, bagged vacs don't need changing as regularly -- you vacuum multiple times (sometimes I change a bag every several months when I notice I'm not cleaning as good as before) so at least to me, bagged works best. I'm not messy and my place stays fairly clean but enough that I'd change a container a couple of times during an average housecleaning.

    Cheap vs Expensive
    Price seems to be somewhat overrated with vacuums (although $200 is pretty steep in my mind)...Consumer Reports had some great ratings and rated this vacuum 2nd place just under a Kenmore on a variety of tests and much more expensive vacuums were rated less favorably. That said, different people have different tastes and if getting a premium brand vacuum makes you happy - by all means. But in my experience (crosscorrelated with Consumer Reports) price does not correlate well with quality, dependability, or cleaning ability in the vacuum industry. Salesmanship, Marketing, Advertising and cost dictate price in my experience. If you just got an $11million condo, you probably have help and probably aren't shopping for a vac so that particular issue is moot - the rich don't buy vacuums (really) and vacuums are not a class statement in my mind -- so to me, buy something that works, is reliable, and is easy to clean empty.

    What was I looking for:
    -I've come to realize in life that the honeymoon period for a vacuum is extremely short, much shorter than the 6mos with me and a new car or the 2years with my average house....its more like 5 minutes so knowing that my love affair would be limited to reading the reviews on Amazon after my old vac broke and a brief consumation of the first vacuuming, I settled on looking for these qualities:
    1) Something that worked well
    2) Reliability & Dependability (works well for years)
    3) Clean (not have to empty the bucket every 3 minutes)
    4) HEPA
    5) Carpet cleaning Power
    6) Low Hassle

    What made me buy this:
    1) Bag (in my experience, they're less hassle overall and neater for me)
    2) Carpet cleaning power
    3) Autorewind of power cord (I know I'm lazy)
    4) Dependability and Reliability
    5) Consumer Reports
    6) The 10 gazillion reviews on all vacuums here on Amazon (yes I read them and some of them are amazingly insightful and there are some people here who must be paid to write reviews and thankfully they are easy to spot. I found some of the more critical honest reviews useful and sometimes comical....especially the electric shock defect on one major and highly advertised brands...I was laughing at your pain fellow reviewer but seriously thank you for bringing it to light and steering me from some a $600 mistake...as a disclaimer, I'm not paid and I am an owner of the U8311-900....btw, one easy way to tell most fake reviewers is to look at a reviewer's other reviews and if they only have one or review 6 vacuums ask yourself the question....the real reviewer will have a healthy body of reviews on different products they buy for our homes and personal use after all, we're just living our lives out here)

    How I've fared with the Wind Tunnel 2 Bag vacuum;
    1) Setup was very easy - two screws to attach the handle
    2) Came with 3 HEPA bags (1 installed, 2 new)
    3) Was vacuuming in 5 minutes
    4) Has a clean dirty indicator (its more of a gadget...small optical eye...in reality, you can hear if you're picking up dirt or not usually but it looks neat)
    5) The wand and accessories are right there (it makes it easier for me since with the canister vac, changing from floor to accessories was a chore)....granted, the only real accessory I use is the edge cleaning wand so I can get my edges clean....overall very happy to be able to use it readily
    6) Not too loud -- quieter than manhy of my other vacuums
    7) Wide -- its not a small beast, you can tell this is a vacuum for a 2+ bedroom abode with carpet but not too heavy - average for a large upright.
    8) HEPA bag - I am not a clean freak but knowing I'm not putting dust back into my air is good to know
    9) Self Sealing Bags -- again not a total clean freak but good to know I don't have to stick my fingers into the mess or breath the dust when I change the bag.
    10) Easier to store over a canister vac -- put in upright position and roll into closet vs bending over to pick up canister dragging huge hose and then pushing the whole thing into laundry room and 5 minutes later hear the clack as the vacuum falls over if I don't secure it right.
    11) Manual heigh adjustment for my type of carpet

    Pet Peaves:
    1) The cord's position makes it so that you run over it with the left back wheel if you don't clip it to a provided clip (very minor and the engineers thought enough to put the clip) but if it breaks, I can see myself vacuuming with one hand and holding the cord with my left.

    2) The cleaning wand is the handle and it telescopes with a little pin (kindof like the type that modern aluminum crutches have) you push the little pin and it telescopes out but the result is that there's just a little bit of play as you push and pull the vacuum (almost unnoticable) but its there, I noticed it when I first assembled the vac and then forgot about it once I started vacuuming but if you're overly obsessive compulsive, I can see how if you fixate on that, it could drive you nuts

    3) Its not self propelled but then again, that's a whole other mess of things to break that sometimes works and sometimes don't work.

    4) Its no where near as maneuverable as a canister vac but I knew this going in -- have to move the coffee table vs going under it with the old canister vac. I traded the maneuverability for the benefit of better carpet cleaning and the forgotten benefit of having attachments onboard.

    5) Not a Pro or a Con - but this is not a small vac - so if you're looking for a small vacuum for small abode, might want to look at another option.

    - Very happy with this vacuum. I can say its the best vacuum I've ever owned and I've owned expensive, cheap, bagless, canister etc as I mentioned above.
    - In my experience, the honeymoon is entirely over
    - I wanted to give something back to the Amazon community (both paid and honest reviewers)
    - I bought from Amazon, Great Store
    - Avoided most of the marketing I thought
    - Good luck out there and happy vacuuming (if there is such a thing)....mine is happily in the closet now and will get pulled out everytime I have to do penance....more info
  • Don't buy this vacuum !
    I purchased this vacuum in March, had to receive a replacement in April because the original just stopped working. Now my second one is broken and it's not even 6 months old.

    The suction was terrible when it did work, the roller stopped working although the belt is still intact. The cord rewind doesn't function properly.

    I can't think of anything good to say about this vacuum cleaner other than the color is nice....more info
  • Bulky & "cheap" easily broken plastic parts
    The first day I used this vacuum, I realized how big and bulky it was. It is not easy to move around/ hard to push and to maneuver. The vacuum is not easily carried up and down stairs. The plastic parts on it are easily broken; a piece that holds the cord back out of the way broke the first day I used it. Extremely disappointed!!...more info
  • Wow, is this thing HORRIBLE!
    I purchased this vacuum based on the (mostly) good remarks here on Amazon and also due to the high rating by Consumer Reports.
    I'll start off with the positives. I thought it was very easy to push even with the carpet setting set to low pile. It is very quiet compared to my older Hoover vacuum. The cord is nice and long too.
    Now the negatives. Well, there is really only one negative. I have two short hair cats who shed a normal amount. When vacuuming, most of the hair FAILS TO GO INTO THE BAG and gets blown into the compartment which holds the bag. So when you go to change the bag, there is a mess of hair and dirt to greet you. Total junk. I called my local vacuum repair shop to see what can be done and he advised me to return it ASAP since he's been flooded with the Windtunnel 2 complaints. This ain't your mother's Hoover. It's shameful how a good company turned horrible. ...more info
  • my windtunnel review
    too heavy, hard to turn, dial for carpet height moves on its own...more info
  • Difficult to handle
    I concur with many other reviewers: this beast is too cumbersome to handle. It has so much suction power in its bulky body that you must constantly wrestle with the machine. On bare floors it blows pet hair all around instead of sucking it up, and the pet hair attachment is ineffective. The bulky base is useless in tight spaces. I love the wand design concept, but the implementation of the design is flawed. So much suction moves through the wand that it is difficult to control and maneuver. I am returning my purchase after 3 weeks of use....more info
  • Do Not Recommend
    Even though the Hoover U8311-900 Winteunnel Vacuum Cleaner had very good pickup, it was bulky and hard to push. After using it twice, the on/off switch shorted out and the unit could not be turned on. Returned for credit and will buy something else....more info
  • amazing, but don't buy it
    This vacuum is great, however hoover has stopped making bags for it....son don't waste your money...more info
  • Definitely a vey good vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum based on studies provided by consumer reports. This vacuum picks up very well, especially all the cat hair as my two cats shed all over the place. The really interesting thing about this vacuum, is also the fact that it has this light that turns red and says when an area is dirty, and turns green when an area is clean. The only down fall is that it is pretty heavy. Considering however,the great performance, it definitely makes it worthwhile to put up with the weight.
    Overall, the hoover U8311-900 windtunnel 2 bagged upright vacuum is a good investment.
    ...more info
  • good product
    The only drawback to this machine is that it is very heavy--but I knew the weight when I ordered it....more info
  • For this price it should last a lot longer than 3 months
    Out of the box, it is a fine looking vacuum. It's heavier than most and about as loud as others. The stretch hose is very handy. About two and a half months into owning it, the HEPA bag somehow released and created a huge mess. Cleaning the inside of the vacuum was a nightmare. A week later and two HEPA bags later, the vacuum suction stopped in its upright position (the hose would still work). Hoover sent me to a certified repair center. The person kept the vacuum for a couple days and called me back stating it was just clogged. When I got home, I noticed the suction was much weaker than originally and now when you are vacuuming a floor (I only have hardwood), it gets stuck in places. It just acts like a suction cap and eventually releases after a couple seconds or if you physically lift the unit of the ground. Hoover told me to use the carpet setting instead of the hardwood setting to prevent this new problem, which is retarded. It's obviously not the way it is intended to work and I shouldn't have to workaround a problem on a three months old vacuum. It should be properly repaired or replaced. It's been three weeks since it was serviced and it is barely sucking anything up. Hoover told me their warranty does not provide for a replacement vacuum and to bring it back for repair if I was dissatisfied. Very disappointing service....more info
  • Right on the money
    Based upon consumer report as rated one of the top three vacuums. It is certainly is able to handle the task at hand and clean without irritating my allergies. The product delivers results when it comes to cleaning carpets,stairs etc. with the tools included. I have used and many bagless vacuums with or nor real results, except for floating dirt and re-cleaning of the vacuum itself....more info
  • Great machine
    Have used it quite a few times since getting it and I am very pleased with it. Easy to use, cleaning carpets is very easy and the hand tools are easy to use also....more info
  • Two-Time Loser
    This thing looks and performs wonderfully out of the box. The filters capture that disgusting vacuum smell, and its fun to watch all that dust and pet hair swirl around in the translucent box.

    Then it quit working. I figured that was the retailer's problem, not mine, so I returned it.

    Second model did the same thing and broke after about two hours of use. I had to bang on it and manually spin the rotating filter to get gobs of dirt dislodged (a "gob" is approximatley one pint. I removed "gobs").

    So this model has failed twice. Not what I want from an appliance that costs close to $300 and should last 10 years.

    Also, the attachments don't stay put and the little plastic keeper for the hose is in just the right spot to snap off on your thigh. And the handle broke on my first one.

    Come to think of it, this damn thing is pretty junky....more info
  • Dirt you never knew you had!
    Wow, does this machine get out the dirt! I went over an area of my carpet that I'd just cleaned with my old vacuum, and it's as if it had never been vacuumed before.

    This machine is very intelligently designed. The attachments are convenient and easy to use. The pet-hair attachment doesn't have its own motor, but it still does fairly well on stairs, etc.

    As others have mentioned, the vacuum is heavy, and using it is a workout experience, which is how I treat it. I vacuum a little with each arm and take a break about halfway through (my entire house is carpeted).

    I only wish that there were a way to control the amount of suction. One can raise the "carpet height" and that helps a little, but there's still too much suction to use on rugs, either with the base or with the attachments. I would suggest a little valve that one can open somewhere on the shaft. That would take care of the problem.

    On the whole, though, I'm very pleased with my new vacuum....more info
  • It's a good one!
    About the only improvements I can think of would be to make the hose longer for greater reach, and to increase the strength of the cord winder that is weak. The replacement bags are more expensive because of the convenient design, but hopefully the cost will come down when more of them are sold.

    Overall it's a good machine, good design, great suction! If you buy it, you'll be happy....more info
  • good suction but cumbersome to use
    Ok, I bought this monster because of the good ratings it received in a renommated consumer magazine but I must say I wish I had purchased a different vaccuum. The first one arrived defective and was returned. The second one arrived with a scratch on it and I did not want to fool with returning it again so I kept it. It vaccuums great but dust is blown ahead of the unit, making pet hair vacuuming not always effective (if it's blown onto a table, the vaccuum won't be effective). The unit is very heavy and difficult to maneuver around tight spaces. Hauling it up and down stairs is cumbersome. I like the dirtfinder and the attachments but was disappointed that the attached brush rotates not because of its own motor but because of the suction flowing through the device, meaning that when you press down on it, the brush won't rotate anymore.
    It's a three out of five....more info
  • Very Poor Quality Vacuum
    This vacuum worked for about 2-minutes before the brushes stop turning. I took this to a authorized Hoover vacuum dealer to look at. After finding the problem was some bent pole that supported the brushes to work, they contacted Hoover only to find out there is a recall out for this vacuum cleaner model and the part was not available yet for the repair. So after purchasing this vacuum on February 1st, 2007, the vacuum is still at the repair shop 1-month later. Part is still not available. Stay away from purchasing this vacuum. I only kept it since Amazon.com charges you a re-stocking fee on open merchandise.

    Lyle....St.Louis, MO...more info
  • Hoover Vacs are the BEST!! -- Not So. See 6/4/07 Update below
    I recently purchased a new Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum when my old Hoover died after almost 14 years of flawless service. My new vacuum even outperforms my older vacuum. I am amazed at all the wonderful features it has (automatic cord rewind, extensions so I can clean my ceiling fans, pet hair attachment etc. etc.). I am a firm believer in Hoover vacuums and wouldn't own any other brand. I even check out the Orecks, but this Hoover is superior to all other vacuums on the market today.

    One Satisfied Customer!!!!

    UPDATE 6/4/07 -- Not so satisfied anymore. Right after I reviewed the vacuum, it completely died on me. That was on April 27, 2007. The vacuum has been in the 'Authorized Hoover Repair Shop' since that time (5 weeks and running) and I can't get anyone at Hoover (or Techtronics Floorcare - Hoover's new parent company) to tell me what's going on other than the fact that they're waiting on a part. Everyone just keeps passing the buck. I spoke to other repair shops and it's the same everywhere. Bottom Line: When Hoover vacuums work, they are phenomenal. When they need repairs, don't expect them back any time soon.

    One 'Not So Satisfied' Customer.

    ...more info
  • First Impressions
    Having used Hoover products in a commercial environment for many years I have had great service from them, providing many years of dependable and powerful operation. We were excited to try out this "new" Hoover model. One of the first things I have noticed about it over the previous Windtunnel Model is that it is heavier when you release the handle to vacuum. This may bother some, but I see it as a testament to it's improved build quality over the Gen.1 Windtunnel. This machine is very powerful and it's dual turbine motor has a confident sound. I'll be curious to see how reliable the cord rewinder is. It is a nice feature though. I'll post back after the machine has had more use to see how reliable it is.


    After having spent some time and use with this machine here are my experiences...

    Two very glaring problems with the machine are that it

    1) Lacks a bag full indicator. The bag filled on this machine, and then busted (unknowlingly) at the top around the bag collar. "Stuff" went all over the inside of the bag chamber and sucked into the motor filter. It took another vacuum to clean the mess up. In the future I will be more attune to the sound of the vacuum and the weight of the handle, indicating how full the bag is getting.

    2) The cord rewinder is a nice feature, but truly lacks quality. It will not hold the cord unless it is placed in the cord keeper on the back of the machine and also fails to fully rewind without assistance. A stronger recoil spring would really make a positive difference.

    3) Dust and dirt get lodged under the pulley guard on the main vacuum head, not that it presents a problem, but it's unsightly and the bottom plate must be removed from the machine to clean out the dust.

    Beyond these minor issues the machine continues to perform well and without problems or breakdowns. ...more info
  • Better have a strong back and upper body
    The suction is so good that this machine is heavy and difficult to move when vacuuming carpet. Should be self-propelled. The pet hair attachment is worthless since it runs on suction and the hair gets stuck and tangled in the housing and stops the rotating brush. Unit came with defective bag which we found out too late. We are returning this item....more info
  • Still trust Hoover, but...
    I was interested in getting a new Windtunnel II as soon as I found out about them. I loved my current Windtunnel, but I was anxious to get the updated on-board tools and I wanted a model that had automatic brush shut-off when using them. I'm a loyal Hoover customer--not only my current vaccuum was one, but my previous (and first ever) vaccuum too. They have wonderful suction!

    So first I bought the red "Extra Reach" Windtunnel II canister model from Target. I loved the suction performance and the on-board tools are great and really easy to use. The problem was that the surface where the canister attaches to the body is a very large area where the "self-cleaning Hepa filter" (a paper wheel with deep folds) resides. This area allows dirt and pet hair to collect on the sides of the pocket which holds this filter. Then, when the canister is removed for emptying, this dirt falls out onto the vaccuum body and can be really messy. After 3 months of using the machine I found that tons of hair and dirt were stuck in this cavity and could be picked out with my fingers. Also, the powered pet hair tool was very weak and the brushes would stop if the slightest pressure was applied.

    On the off-chance that this was a glitch with the one I had, I returned that one and ordered the orange "Complete" model with all the bells and whistles from [...]. This machine was a lot more expensive, but also had problems. The "leakage" of dirt up next to the filter was immediately apparent, plus the "Embedded Dirt Finder" light wasn't working.

    Completely disgusted with this bagless design and the notorious "Self Cleaning Hepa filter" I decided to return that one and give the bagged Windtunnel II a try. Lucky for me, this machine is free of the design flaws of the bagless, Hepa filter models. The bags are the filtration, so that problem is solved. Plus, the bags are inserted and removed really easy and are automatically sealed when removed (a sliding plastic top does this) so that there's no mess.

    The tools are the same really easy to access ones as with the previous 2 machines, but this time the powered pet hair tool works correctly. Also, the "Embedded Dirt Finder" light functions as it should. The only thing is that the belt (I think) makes a little whine when I lift the machine while it's running.

    So basically I'm happy with the performance and still loyal to Hoover. Unfortunately though the "Wal-Mart" phenomenon is obviously affecting the manufacture and assembly of consumer goods to the point that, although design and technology can be impressive, things aren't made to the quality standards that they used to be. :)...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've ever owned!
    I do most of the vacuuming. My wife's only request when I went looking for a new model was that it use a bag. She absolutely hates the bagless models and doesn't want to see what we're pulling up. We have two dogs (an Akita and a Golden Retriever) to contend with and during shedding season the vacuum is running at the very least once a day. So after searching I find this model. I researched it to death and just as my wife was ready to kill me I take the plunge and order it from Amazon. Now the order status said it would take 12 days to get here and I was shocked when it arrived in 4. The big thing I like about this unit is that the bags it uses (although a little hard to find)have a handle on the top that seals up the dirt as you remove it from the machine so you never have to see or touch the dirt. The unit is a little heavy but moves around quite well. And boy does it clean! Our rugs look fantastic!
    One complaint I have about it is that when you bring the unit into the full upright position the beater bar shuts off. Another would be that you cannot turn the vacuum on unless its in the full upright position..I know its a safety feature..I just don't like it. The pickup tube is built into the handle and when fully extended is great for cleaning the blinds and ceiling fan blades. The little power head unit was great for getting the dog hair off of the curtains and the side of the sofas.
    Overall I would buy this unit again and my experience with buying a high ticket item from Amazon was so positive that I've purchased other items and make it my first place to look now....more info