MOBI Digital Ultra Thermometer

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Product Description

MOBI's Digital Ultra Thermometer can be used to measure body temperature from the ear OR the forehead, and can also be used as a room thermometer with clock and calendar features. It is designed with the most up-to-date technology incorporating a unique human voice readout feature, a large backlit display and flashlight to aid in taking temperatures in dimly lit areas. Scanning temperature at measurements makes this product an easy-to-use solution when time and accuracy are critical. Easy-to-clean, washable tip for added convenience, and a table stand make this thermometer the ideal health and safety item.


  • Convenient ear or forehead use
  • Room thermometer with clock
  • Mini flashlight for night time use
  • Stores last 20 measurements with date and time
  • Large backlit display and voice readout
  • No need for costly replacement probe cover
  • Compact and easy-to-carry design with table storage stand
  • Measures body temperature from the ear or forehead and gives accurate reading in just two seconds
  • Features a unique human voice call-out feature when desired and mini flashlight for night time use without disturbing sleep
  • Comes with memory records that last 20 readings and large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight
  • Displays temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Quick clean surface with no covers required

Customer Reviews:

  • Inaccurate right out of the box
    The manual states that this thermometer should be calibrated "at time of manufacture". Unfortunately the unit we had was not. According to this thermometer, the room we were in was 77 degrees (when it was more like 66 degrees) and both my wife and I had temperatures under 96 degrees. This was using both ear and forehead tools.

    I would not recommend this product. From reading other reviews, it seems some are calibrated correctly, but many others are not....more info
  • Poorly calibrated, annoying "talk" feature.
    In my experience ear thermometers generally read a little high, but this one was ridiculous: it repeatedly spat out temperatures in the 105 degree range, and we tested it against other thermometers that were giving us normal temperatures in the 98-99 degree range. That's some bad calibration, and there is no way to reset it.

    Also, the "talk" feature is really annoying. The voice has an odd New York accent, which is fine but it scared the heck out of my nine-month-old daughter. You can turn the "talk" function off, but it resets itself for each use and defaults to being on. That's the last thing you want when you go to take a baby's temperature in the middle of the night.

    We may have received a defective model, but we are returning it and replacing it with the Mabis Healthcare Instant Ear Thermometer, which doesn't have the forehead option or the talk feature, but works just fine. ...more info
  • gives an accurate reading
    I recently bought this product for my baby. This thermometer even reads out the temperature for you, but if you find it annoying you can turn it off. You can set the date and year on there. It stores temperature readings for you. It is versatile- meaning it takes both the temple temp AND an ear temp. It's also takes fast reading so you don't have to struggle with a squirming child. The numbers are easy to read and it gives an accurate reading. I really love this product....more info
  • We have this in our baby medical kit - use it ALL the time!!!
    We received this thermometer as a gift and it's true that it is not 100% accurate and often gives crazy results. The voice can be a bit annoying, but our baby likes the musical tone it gives. We use this EVERY time we feel our daughter might be hot. While not 100% accurate, it is accurate to itself - meaning if we test it on her and then on us we can tell if it is higher than normal or not. It has worked every time. If we then need to use a rectal or oral thermometer we will. It has been a great tool, quick to use and great to have on hand. I highly recommend it and have given it to many new parents as a gift. Almost 2 years later, I would probably research a few of the newer forehead types I've been reading about that are more accurate, but I have heard mixed reviews on these (and they are expensive) so I still would recommend this be on hand at all times as part of the mandatory medical kit....more info
  • Fast and painless
    Fast,painless,quick read outs,accurate reading, both a forehead and ear thermometer. This is a great thermometer for the price and all the features it comes with. Anyone with kids should buy this....more info
  • No issues so far....
    I've been using this as an adult theremometer before my daughter is born. The caliber has given me no issues, it took less than 5 minutes to set up, the voice sounds are very easy to turn off, and the LED screen and clear. Results are up within seconds. ...more info
  • MOBI Ear/ Forhead Digital Thermometer
    My 2 yr old daughter would freak out if she saw me coming with the traditional thermometer. She would scream if we tried to take her temperature. We went everywhere trying to purchase a forehead/ ear thermometer, but could not find one that had decent reviews. My husband found this one on-line and we ordered it because of the good reviews it had and the great price. We have only used it about 6 times over the course of a month, but it has changed everything. My daughter now runs to me when I suggest we take her temperature. She even says "let me do it." It works great. ...more info
  • Works Great!!
    I've had this Mobi digital thermometer for about two months now and it works great for me. I was looking online for a thermometer for a few weeks then I came across this on. I love all the features like: 1)Only a two second reading 2)Forehead or the ear reading 3) A bright mini light for night use 3) A optional voice readout 4)Measures room temperature great for monitoring the nursery temperature. I have had no problems great product....more info
  • Great features, good price, unreliable readings.
    This looked like an excellent product - just what we needed for our preemie twins, but we could never get verifiable results. Check their temp 3 times, get three different results. I even tried it on myself several times. In the ear seemed to possibly work, but their ears are too tiny to that, plus they tend to move a lot.

    The features are great and it's a good size/shape for easy usage. I just can't use a product for my kids I can't trust....more info
  • Impressed at first...not anymore
    I got this thermometer when my son was a month old. It was great; I loved it. But then this past week my son was sick and I was using it. I knew it wasn't right because it said my son was 99.4, but he felt ALOT hotter than that. I got him into the clinic and packed my thermometer with me. When I got to the clinic he was 104.5. I used mine again right after the nurse left the room and it read 99.3. NOT GOOD! My son ended up in the hospital and I think we could have caught it sooner if this darn thing had worked. I'm gonna try to find something else that is hopefully reliable....more info
  • We love this thermometer!
    This thermometer is very quick and easy to use. Our eighteen-month-old even likes trying to take his own temperature. The speaking feature is nice because we never seem to be able to see the LCD after our son gets a hold of it....more info
  • Love it.
    I love that you can use this product on the forehead or in the ear. It's true that it gives varying readings, but any thermometer will do that depending on where it's placed on the forehead or angled in the ear canal. I always take 3 readings and go from there.

    You are not supposed to take readings in the ear on infants less than 6 months old (their ear canals are not angled right), so the forehead/temporal setting is way cool.

    I work in a pediatrician's office and use a popular competing ear-only thermometer, I've found it gives varying readings as well. It just depends on placement.

    My 21 month old was wary of this at first, but after a few times of using it, he loves it. He WANTS me to take his temperature whenever he sees it.

    I also like the other features: backlit display, talking readout, 30 reading memory with date/time, flashlight, room temperature reading, and that it needs no probe covers....more info


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