Littermaid LME9250 LitterMaid Elite Mega Advanced Litter Box
Littermaid LME9250 LitterMaid Elite Mega Advanced Litter Box

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  • Unit automatically rakes waste into sealable container minutes after use. Detects when cat exits the unit, activating the ionic air cleaner until the rake cycle has ended.
  • Rake is at rest for 9 hours, then ionic air cleaner cycles on for 10 minutes every hour to freshen the air.
  • Ideal for large and/or multiple cat households. Automatically stops and reverses the cleaning rake at the slightest touch.
  • Kitty Kabana: Keeps litter contained and provides privacy for your cat. Easy to clean
  • Exterior Dimensions: 31"L x 19"W x 9"H - w/o ramp. Interior Dimensions: 12"L x 13.5"W x 1.5"H - litter area.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eh
    It is nice not to have to scoop all the time but this thing ends up cutting the things into little pieces that it can't push into the bin and so you still have to scoop all the time. Also the litter from the box gets everywhere. Totally NOT worth the money....more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    I have owned a similar product by the same company in the past. I had that for years and it worked great. After I got it wet trying to clean it and ruined the motor, I purchased this model. I hadn't even had it a month before it started giving me problems. It just doesn't have the power to push the litter chunks into the bin. I know I am using the proper clumping litter as recommended by the company. At this point I have turned it off and it just acts as a very expensive regular litter box. I really wish I had paid attention to reviews!...more info
  • needs many logistical improvements
    I was quite disappointed w/ this LitterMaid purchase. I had had the Litter Maid Plus....that was a bit smaller, (didn't have to assemble it) for 2yrs and loved it. With all the fancy adjectives, i was sucked into thinking it was larger and more effecient. Wrong....lots of chinks. Unfortunately i had already disposed of my old one. I should have returned this thing......but i kept thinking, surely this will get better if i have the right litter....or i do this or do that....wrong. I do not recommend this product! I am a cat lover w/ 2 himmi's....more info
  • did not work very well
    the product did not work that well, it tried but didnt do its duty, i ended up scooping after it didnt work every time, i gave it a few days but didnt work as i expected...more info
  • Unhappy Cats
    We have been using a LitterMaid cat box for over 3 years. Our first box was a differnt design: larger litter area, plastic rake, and no timer/clock. It worked great; we had no issues at all but the motor finally gave out after 3 years of service for our 2 cats.
    We replaced it with this newer model and have had nothing but trouble since. It constantly jams, collects small pices of waste behind the rake, and the plastic waste container gets snagged by the rake on a regular basis causing the unit to stall. Also, if the power goes out or even flickers, the unit turns off. If we are traveling when the box turns off, it fills quickly due to the smaller box design and the cats begin to leave little surprises outside the box.
    Our cats became use to a clean box and now they are very unhappy. Me too! I encourage you to pass on this model: The LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Litter Box. ...more info
  • junk
    - Sometimes it would work for up to a few days without needing help. Unfortunately, it would typically only run for a half day or so before jamming.

    - Not built to last. Very weak and poor construction. One of the rollers broke off after 8 months, making my box just a box.
    - Jams constantly. Even with light usage, expect to have to manually clean the box at least 2-3 times per week. A regular litter box will require much less work.
    - Not thorough with its cleaning. Mess will quickly build up within the box in the form of small chunks, especially behind the grill.
    - Really, really noisy motor.
    - Poor design for the waste containers section makes it very difficult to change containers without touching filth.
    - Exceptionally messy. Will toss litter all over the floor around the box.

    To summarize, I hate this product and would be unlikely to buy another item of any kind from Littermaid. ...more info
  • Can you give negative stars
    Seams every new version is poorer designed than the previous. Let's see, no power, cheaply designed plastic that allows litter to fall before the catch trap and finally the rake on the most expensive version is riding on two plastic rollers that break all the time. Stay away from this entire product line....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    Definitely would recommend this to anyone who has a house full of kitty kats like I do. I have four cats and before getting this product it was difficult to constantly clean the little box. It was always full! So I decided to give this a try and it WORKS just like it said! It was definitely easy to setup and my cats use it all the time. It even has a night setting which keeps it from waking you up in the middle of the night. The quiet ionic fan is super quiet and keeps the little box from smelling up the whole house. This product is great! Buy it ... you will defintely agree it was worth the investment....more info
  • Still working great!
    I bought one of these several years ago. It worked great then and it's still working great now. And I've done precious little maintenance on it.

    But pass on the tent, it's a waste and neither of my cats ever liked it. I'd be happier if they sold a hard plastic cover for it instead.

    Here's a suggestion, get a boot tray and put it under the box. I did this a while ago and it's great. It keeps any accidents or spilled litter from getting onto the floor. I had an older cat that seemed to "miss" the box now and then. The tray kept the problem from ruining the floor. ...more info
  • Awful Product
    I hate this litterbox!!!! I had the old version for a year and it worked great for my 2 cats. So when it broke I naturally went with littermaid again and decided to get this one since it was a upgrade. After 2 weeks of constantly raking the litterbox myself, removing clumps and resetting it cause it cant even push a little piece of poop anywhere I turned it off. i was better off cleaning the litterbox myself than this thing doing its job. Well after 6 months I decided to turn it on and give it a try again.Oh man this product is awful, it cannot push anything thru it has no power behind it and try to contact the warranty department. What a joke! So now I have a $200 litterbox I have to clean myself. What a waste of money!!!...more info
  • Broke twice but Replaced
    The older Mega box I had worked more consistently when we were out of town.
    The design of the Mega Elite seems very good, in reality it's still lacking.

    The price!
    This box is very noisy. You can hear it anywhere in the house.
    My old unit I could put a grocery bag over the receptical container so I didn't have to constantly buy more recepticals, however, the design of this one is so tight, this strategy doesn't work well.
    This unit take up a lot of space.
    The shovel it comes with is open on the bottom of the handle, making it uncomfortable.

    The roller from the rake broke about 3 months after I installed it. I called the help line and they sent a replacement rake which has the rollers on it.
    The motor unit got out of alignment and broke the rollers again. When I called the help line, they made me jump thru some hoops but in the end it cost me an additional $10 shipping but they sent me a whole new unit, including the cabana which my unit didn't come with.

    The ionic air cleaner seems to work pretty well out of the box. After 30 seconds I couldn't smell anything.
    The rake with it's thin metal tines doesn't get clogged.
    The shovel it comes with fits the rake perfectly.

    Summary: It's better than not having a mechanical unit, however, it has many drawbacks....more info
  • Not good
    This product is just plain bad. The motor is the power of a watch battery. Can't move a small turd 6 inches, much less clear the box for two cats. Big waste of money to say the least....more info
  • It's okay when it works
    We are on our third box in 2.5 years and it just broke. It was great when it worked! I still had to check it every day to clear the pieces the grate missed and to clean it up. The wheels are plastic and snap off if kitty leaves a pile "too close" to the grate. The wheels should have metal to hold them in - not be molded plastic. I will not be purchasing another one! ...more info
  • Excellent Product!
    We ask ourselves why we waited so long to get one of these. This product is easy to use and works fantastic! No more cat box odors ever!...more info
  • Do NOT order this item
    This cat automated cat litter box is an example of a perfect product that has gone down hill.

    I purchased one four years ago. That one lasted me 2 years. It was great - so much so, I did not think twice about replacing it when the motor burned out. The second lasted a year later when a part broke, making the rake inoperable. At that time I read reviews that indicated that the item was underpowered, etc. Having experience with two previous models - I discounted these comments.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    I had to return the next one I purchased within a day - dead on arrival. Motor would never disengage and would not move beyond 1/2". The replacement worked better - but in honesty the newer model is not as powerful. It hangs and has to reset itself. I find myself scooping litter every day to pick the litter that the machine did not. It succeeds in < 20% of the efforts.

    The company has indicated that they did not make any changes in years. Bogus claim as the circuitry boards are definitely more tactile and different - the motor clearly under powered.

    My recommendation is that you stay away from this product unless you want to scoop litter daily....more info
  • Broken in three weeks
    I purchased a Litter Maid self-cleaning box just over three weeks ago. For two weeks I hailed it as the best product ever made. However, I did notice it had trouble once in a while continually raking. My cat always utilized one side and pushed most of the litter to that side (that's what cats do). I purposely filled it well below the fill line and this seemed to help. The problem is the self-cleaning system does not appear to recover when the cat pushes most of the litter to one side, because of a design flaw. The system continually rakes back and forth, never able to reset, instead of passing over to recover and re-raking. Thus, in three short weeks the system has already broken; the motor continues but the rod and wheels do not. Worse off, the rack was stuck in the middle of the box, motor running, leaving my cat no where to go, expect on the floor next to it....more info
  • Who still spends more time cleaning the litter - me of course
    Some days it seems to work fine and others it doesn't, it never sweeps once but 3 or 4 times which gets extremely annoying. There is always litter spilling out of the sides when the comb reaches the receptical. It gets everywhere. The tent after only 3 months is splitting, I need a replacement, can't do without it otherwise we would have litter all the way down the hall way. Not good, needs lots of refining and cleaning the litter box, what a rotten job that is, tried doing this in the sink and resorted to using the bath, at least the bath is easy to clean afterwards....more info
  • Only for cat lovers
    I am an industrial research and development engineer with three part-time indoor cats. I have owned the original model and was very satisfied with the form and function.
    I was impressed with the design of the new Mega Elite model which had a removable steel rake and an ionic air cleaner and bought one.
    I was immediatly dissapointed with the construction of the litter container which did not have any improvement in depth and now has multiple thin edges on the underside. It does NOT slide on carpet without being distorted. Also the waste receptical frame looks to be an afterthought, without any real structure, even when the lid and ramp is installed. The system that interlocks the edge of the waste container to the litter box is rediculous, with overlapping tabs right where the soiled litter is pushed into the bin. If a tabs are not attached properly, the litter escapes onto the floor and soiled litter gets into the carpet.
    Replacing the waste receptacle requires use of latex gloves due to the handling of the tabs in the "waste path".
    I have been putting up with this model for nearly a year and am waiting for a real improvement, not a giant step backwards.
    You realy have to love your cats to put up with the unsanitary operation....more info
  • DO NOT BUY (if you have multiple cats)
    I have had several LitterMaid self-cleaning boxes in the past. All have broken down. All have been replaced, sometimes multiple times, under it's 1 year limited warranty (which they make you pay $10 for.) I was interested in purchasing a new one, since my last one broke down. I have 3 cats so I wanted to make sure I got a box that could handle an industrial amount of cat poo. I read all of the reviews on this box before I bought it...and not just the reviews on this website. The majority of them were bad. I came to the conclusion that the reason my boxes kept breaking and the reason that all of these reviews were bad was because of the litter. I hadn't been using the LitterMaid brand litter. (which costs $13 for 7lbs.) So, I went to the store, bought the machine, bought the litter and here I am 1.5 months later with a $200 pile of plastic. I used the right litter, even cleaned it manually every other day. Oh and by the way, the litter smelled so god aweful I was ashamed to have company over. I can't decribe the smell, other than god aweful. Perhaps this box would be great for a single cat, but not for multiple. I do not recommend this or any other LitterMaid branded product....more info
    Have had this for about a year now and twice the rake roller has broken!!

    It took LiterMaid 2 months to get me a replacment rake, and now after about 5 more months, it has broken again. If you are thinking if LitterMaid, buy only the LM950 model. Had one for 5 years, before it wore out from use. Best unit LitterMaid ever made!!...more info


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