Hoover 40301648 SteamVac Oxy Carpet Detergent, 48 Ounces

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Product Description

Now with the advantage of Oxy! Safe for use with all deep cleaning machines, Hoover Oxy Carpet/Upholstery Detergent uses the power of activated oxygen to clean and protect. Formulated for use on tough spots and stains Removes allergens Keeps your home clean and fresh Safe for colorfast carpets

  • Carpet detergent for use in all deep-cleaning machines
  • 48-ounce container; can be used on colorfast carpets
  • Makes easy work of tough spots and stains; removes allergens
  • Protects while it cleans--now with the power of activated oxygen
  • Measures approximately 6 by 3 by 11 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Expectations weren't met
    Because this advertised Oxy I expected a really clean, fresh scent and powerful cleaning. I got neither. Don't get me wrong, it works, but it works as well as the regular shampoo that comes with the carpet cleaner....more info
  • A great stain killer!
    Whether I would buy this particular type of carpet detergent for every carpet cleaning job is questionable. However, it does "spot out" those "Oh No!" accidents whether they be from pets, children or messy adults.

    It does what it claims and that's what it is all about! ...more info
  • Worked as expected.
    Did not work any better than this one: Hoover 40321128 Deep Cleansing Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce

    Did foam more, however.

    Did not have any negative experience with the product, but will buy the regular one referenced above in the future, since it is cheaper, and does the same job!...more info
  • Works great!
    I really like this detergent. I had some stains on the carpet, which it took out. Can't ask for more than that in a carpet detergent!...more info
  • Have Pets? Get This!
    I have one dog with a weak stomach and bile stains are almost impossible to remove from the carpet. I used this Oxy formula, and voila! Stain is out and absolutely no ghost of a stain.

    This is highly recommended if you have tough, if not, impossible stains to remove....more info