Hunter 30715 HEPAtech Large-Tower, Three-Speed Air Purifier with Ionizer

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Product Description

HEPAtech 99.97% Effective to 0.1 Microns. Changes the Air up to 6 Times Per Hour. 30% Better Odor Reduction. Separate Ionizer Enhances Air Cleaning and Freshens Air. Digital LCD Controls. LCD Filter Change Indicator. 3-Speed Whisper-Quiet Hunter Fan.

  • Air HEPA-purifier with ionizer for large rooms
  • Three-speed fan for controlled, quiet operation
  • Filters all air in the room up to 6 times per hour
  • CADR rated to filter rooms up to 240 square feet
  • Active setting for efficient daily use; measures 12 ? by 12 ? by 33 ? inches (l x w x h)
Customer Reviews:
  • Cleans The Air/Loud/Expensive Replacement Filters
    This air cleaner does an adequate job of cleaning the air. You can see how much dust builds up on the filter. The room air does seem to feel cleaner.
    Be advised that this filter is quite loud. Even at the lowest of three speeds it can become annoying. Some people may have trouble sleeping while the air cleaner is running. I typically run it while I'm out of the room.
    The size may be an issue if you're sensitive to room appearance. It's apprearance is similar to a floor standing stereo speaker. Be sure to check the dimensions. It stands approx. 29" H, 10" W, 11" D. The charcoal gray color makes it a little less obtrusive.
    Replacement filters are pricey. I recently paid $37 for one. Your replacement schedule will depend on your conditions and usage. For me it's about once a year (but, I don't run it all the time either). I've owned this for two years....more info
  • noisy, but effective
    This is the 3rd air purifier that I purchased for my master bedroom. The 1st (Therapure) worked well, but the control panel light was too bright for a bedroom, so I moved it to another room. The 2nd (Honeywell) was too noisy, so I returned it.
    I bought this model, due to its features and sales price (floor model discounted price). Unfortunately, it is very noisy on the lowest speed as well, but I'll have to learn to live with it. On the plus side, its performance is excellent....more info
  • Worth much more than its price.
    You can literally smell the cleaner air coming from this machine. It looks great, it's reliable, it's quiet to run. It doesn't use much electricity, and most of all, it improves the air quality for better health. Great for allergy sufferers. I highly recommend this prodcut....more info
  • Not thrilled
    I'm not thrilled with this. First of all it's not very quiet. On the lowest setting, the sound is very noticeable about 10 feet away. Also, this unit had a ticking sound for the first several hours, but later it went away. But the base sound is not very quiet. For comparison, my refrigerator is the same distance away, but this fan is much louder. Not intolerable, but not great. On high it's quite loud.

    Also, the unit is fairly large. Around 10"x10"x30", and much of that space is wasted. Also, it's supposed to have an ionizer, but I don't believe it. Ionizers accumulate junk on their plates which needs to be cleaned, and I see no plates, much less any way to clean them. It's just a fan and a filter....more info
  • I love it
    I just got this air purifier turned it on . WOW in a few minutes the air quality was noticiably better . Took out the tobacco and food odors when I placed it in the kitchen . When I placed it in my bedroom the air was so clean ......forgot how clean air and less irritation in my nose felt . Now I know . It might be big but it does a man size job . I love it and you'll love it to .
    Just to let you know the pre filter has to replaced when dirty . It has a notation on the display to let you know when . The hepa filter can be vacumned when dirty to be used again ....more info
  • Hunter Air Purifier
    I purchased this item because everyone in my home smokes except my Father. He could tell the difference within a short time that the smoke smell was gone, I would recomend this to anyone who wants a quiet purifier. If you happen to like "white noise", this is great for this as well! All around a good investment in the comfort of my home....more info
  • More than EXPECTED
    This just arrived and within an hour I had noticed a big difference iin the rooms air quality. My wife is going to love it more than I will, as I smoke and she doesnt.

    This purifier is simple and easy to use. I also like the fact that you can lock the settings. This feature would be great for families with kids, especially young children.

    As with any air purifier it is very quiet on low settings and get noisier on higher settings, especially the turbo setting. But then again its no noisier than the dishwasher, the central a/c, blenders, mixers, washing machine, or other air puifiers I looked at.

    This purifier is good height and style.

    If my opinion changes after some use, I will be back to say so, otherwise I will be happy with this as can be....more info