Hunter 30546 PermaLife Three-Speed, Large-Room Air Purifier

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* 99.5% effective at removing particles as small as 0.5 Microns* that pass through the filter. Overall airborne particle retention in any environment depends upon a number of factors including the amount of air processed, the particle type, and the rate of particle introduction into the environment.

  • Air purifier with reusable HEPA filter and ionizer
  • Captures 99.5 percent of particles down to 0.5 microns in size
  • Permanent filter can be cleaned with vacuum
  • CADR Rated to clean a 510-square-foot rooms
  • Filters all the air in a room up to 6 times per hour
Customer Reviews:
  • I love this air purifier!
    We just bought this due to the smoke from the ongoing California fires. (We are keeping our house closed up most of the time). Once this was running for about 30 minutes, I felt my lungs open up for a deep breath of "fresh air"!

    This is actually doing the job for the whole house (even on low) - about 1200 square feet. I also battle asthma - so this was a real necessity...Before getting this, my lungs were getting gradually worse from the smoke. (The other things that has really helped the asthma is the Alternate Day Diet by Dr. James Johnson.) But this smoke has been unrelenting, so I needed the air purifier, too. It will help with seasonal allergies, too - I am sure!

    I see the product is currently unavailable - they have probably been bought up by desperate Californians! When I got it two days ago - there were only 3 left - so believe it!

    From Mary K...more info
  • Great Product, but...
    I own a related model of Hunter PermaLife air filtration system, the 30755. These are really great machines, and they do a truly good job of cleaning the air. The pre-filters aren't costly either.

    The problem is with the "permanent filters". While you CAN vacuum a bit of the particulate off of the main filter, most of it stays inside. As a result, after 1-2 years, the main filter is filthy and can no longer clean the air adequately. There is a lot of cigarette smoking in my house - I noticed near the end of the filter's life span that the air it was shooting out the top stank like cigarette tar.

    Now, the machine actually does come with a disclaimer that you need to change the "perma-filter" when it finally wears out, but here is the real issue... Hunter no longer supports PermaLife machines. They don't sell the machines, and they do not sell replacement permanent filters.

    This is why I'm on Amazon looking for a new filtration system. Do yourself a favor - get a purifier that has replaceable filters....more info
  • Hunter Model 30547
    I recently bought the Hunter PermaLife Air Purifier Model #30547. I'm truly amazed at its performance so far. I had reviewed many purifiers during a 2 week period, mainly Hunter and Honeywell, and decided on this model. Even though it's for a small to medium room, I went for a bigger model because I do smoke a lot. Even after the first 1/2 hr of operation, I noticed a much improved air quality in the room. It's very quiet in low (hardly notice it), a little noisier on medium, and just a bit noisier on high. Compare that to a window unit a/c. I have other Hunter products for a few years now,and the quality and reliability are superb with all of them. Would definitely recommend this product highly....more info
  • Very Impressed
    Hunter products have always been our choice in ceiling fans and when we needed an air purifier we picked the PermaLife 30546. I was skeptical at first that a machine could improve my wife's allergy symptoms but we were at the point where we were willing to try anything. Running the machine mostly at night in our bedroom not only removed most of the allergens from the air, it also made the air seem fresher and smell cleaner. It's been running off and on now for several months and I just recently replaced the charcoal prefilter. And that filter was a mess. I couldn't believe the crap that the filter caught floating around in the air we breath. 'Though the prefilter was gray with grunge, the permafilter still looked fairly clean. I would recommend periodic examinations of the grill as one may need to vacuum off the dust that accumulates there. This is a great machine for any room in the house. My wife's allergy symptoms have improved and I'm no longer skeptical....more info
  • Great for large rooms
    I was surprised at how powerful an air purifer this was .I had intially bought this to use in our average sized bedroom but decided it was actually powerful enough to use for the larger living space. I then went and bought a smaller version of this product for the bedroom. I also like to ionizer feature which you can use when you need it. ...more info
  • best air purifier
    Hunter 30546 PermaLife Three-Speed, Large-Room Air Purifier
    I never smoked in my life and was recently diagnosed with COPD. I have really had problems with breathing etc. and have had an ionic purifier that did nothing to help my problem. I had a different hepa pufifier that made so much noise, even though it was suppose to be quiet, that I couldn't use it when anything else like the tv or radio was on or had company.We couldn't hear each other talking or have a conversation without shouting at each other. I purchased the hunter permalife filter and am grateful I did. It really is very quiet. It has three speeds and even the highest speed is quiet. (the equivelant of a fan on high.) The first two speeds are so quiet you really don't even notice it. I can play music quietly, watch tv at normal volume settings and have a quiet conversation. It also does a wonderful job cleaning the air. It improved my ability to breath at lease 90%. It is worth every penny and more. It is a 150% better than the ionic purifier that cost me a fortune and didn't work nearly as well and the hepa that made so much noise you couldn't hear anything else and did not come close to purifying the air as well as the permalife from Hunter. One more thing that made this so good is that the clean air is release from the top of the unit upward so it does not blow directly at you. The best purchase I have made would buy another without any hesitation. Nancy...more info
  • Hunter 30546 PermaLife Three-Speed, Large-Room Air Purifier
    I purchased the Hunter 30546 Large-Room Air Purifier a little over a week ago and I am very satisfied with its performance. I have moderate to severe allergies and I use it primarily in my bedroom. A few days ago, we cooked fried chicken and of course, the house got a bit smokey. I moved the Hunter 30546 into the kitchen/living room area and turned it on. Within 30 minutes..the smell was gone and the air was nice and fresh! To give you some perspective as to my room sizes I'm using the unit to clean: My living room is about 20 x 25 feet (500 sq. ft.). My bedroom is about 15 by 15 feet (225 sq. ft.).

    I'm not going to go into the features, as Amazon has already done a great job of describing them. I'm also not going into the specifications as the unit is CADR rated to make it easy to compare the performance and the rating system is effective in certifying the capabilities of the unit and in comparison with similar units.

    That said, I used to wake up sneezing most every morning with itchy, swollen and watery eyes. It is a miserable way to wake up. Every since I got this thing, I have not had ANY breathing related issues upon waking. My breathing is clear and quite frankly I am amazed. I went into this purchase thinking, well, maybe it will help a bit; any bit will help! In fact, I should have bought this years ago. When it quits. I'll buy another one!

    As far as sound levels: On low, it sounds about like a computer. On medium, it is about as loud as a bathroom fan. On high, you can tell it is moving quite a large volume of air; you can feel it and hear its "blower sound".

    The type of fan employed in the unit is a centrifugal type (think HVAC blower, NOT table fan (most table fans use the familiar "airplane propeller" type axial fan). The axial fan is quieter, but moves less air. The centrifugal blower-fan used in this unit moves more air, but is a bit noiser.

    I like to sleep with a fan on anyway, so the white noise generated by this unit is actually relaxing and it helps me to get to sleep.

    I am unable to comment on long term reliability or costs to operate as I've only had the unit for a short time. I will update the review as I live with this purifier longer!

    Would I purchase this unit again? Certainly....more info