Electrolux EL 7055B Twin Clean Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Featuring Dual-HEPA Filtration with a Self-Cleaning Filtration System to insure particles and dust will not be scattered back into the air for a safe vacuuming experience. With its bagless convenience all you have to do is remove the easy to empty dust cup, just press the button and dirt, dust and particles empty without a mess. Powerful 12-amp motor with separate motor drives for powerful carpet cleaning. Finger Tip Controls, Easy Adjust Nozzle for any carpet height or bare floors and 21 ft. automatic cord rewind take the strain out of vacuuming. Uninterrupted above floor cleaning is simple with tools stored in the handle and a telescopic wand. Two-year manufacture warranty.

  • Canister vacuum; bagless design; self-cleaning filter
  • Easy-empty dust cup means no more bags to buy
  • Tools store in the handle for easy access
  • Telescopic wand for cleaning tough-to-reach areas
  • Powerful 12 amp motor; 7-foot hose
Customer Reviews:
  • The best, until it broke
    I am sad to write this review. I loved this vacuum, but unfortunately 2 days after the warranty expired, it would not turn on. We took it to the authorized repair center and when we walked in, they rolled their eyes. Seems that Electrolux is "in complete chaos" following the acquisition of Eureka. They told me to expect the vacuum to take months to repair because Electrolux is so screwed up they don't even know what parts go into this vacuum.

    I paid full price for this vacuum and now the repair is going to be $100+ more. I am going to go ahead and repair it and try again, but my guess that the little vacuum I loved won't be around for much longer....more info
  • This Sucks
    Great vacuum. Very quiet, powerful and well designed. Pulls out dirt that my other vacuum left behind....more info
  • Good unless it stops working
    I bought this vacuum last year and yes, it was the vacuum of my dreams. Easy to use and very effective. BUT I made the mistake of leaving it plugged in overnight. I came home from work to find that it had stopped working. I realized that it is not made by Electorlux but by Eureka and got it to the correct repair shop, where it has been for the last 3 months. Seems they are still waiting for a part.
    What I was told is NOT to leave these plugged in. There is a product defect in the power wand that caused these to short out.
    Think hard before choosing this vacuum....more info
  • A piece of garbage
    I took a chance on this vacuum after reading the mixed reviews. Big mistake. Within the first couple of weeks, it only worked when it felt like it. After 3 trips to the Electrolux warranty center (45 minutes away), *I* finally figured out that it was a connection issue where the hose meets the canister and where the powerhead attaches to the hose. Yes, both places. The warranty center told me nothing was wrong because it worked for them perfectly on cue. I contacted Electrolux and demanded that they send me to a new powerhead and hose. Then it worked well for a few months. Now the connection issues are starting again, and the retractable cord no longer works. I'm ready to throw it in the garbage. I'll never buy another Electrolux product again. ...more info
    I love this vacuum cleaner! I have about as much hard wood floor in my house as I do carpet and it works great on both. I use all of the attachments; one for baseboards, one for the hard floors, and I love the suction control on the main vacuum attachment to use on throw rugs. Of course it also works great on both plush and berber carpet. It is not very loud and I love not having to buy bags. The self-cleaning filters and retractable cord are also great features. I have my house cleaned by housekeepers once a month and they said that they wish all of their clients owned a vacuum like this. You won't regret this purchase....more info
  • First impressions
    This review might seem premature, as the Electrolux has been in my possession for less than 24 hours, but the excitement of owning a quality vacuum for the first time in my life warrants the commentary. My wife and I have owned no less than 15 vacuums between us in the past 10 years. The lackluster quality of the $75-200 vacuum market is a running joke in our family. Let's face it, the sub-$300 vacuums are going to lose suction in the first year and parts need replacing even sooner when heavily used.

    Initial analysis and testing of the Electrolux shows nice quality craftmanship for plastic and an elegant, easy-to-use, quickly assembled piece of hardware. Our 7 and 11 year olds are wowed by her beauty, quietness, and the light weight. I'm very happy to report they might even pitch in and help vacuum the larger rugs in the house on a regular basis -- Eureka (no, not the maker of junk cleaners)!!

    I plan to re-visit this post in one year's time. It'll be interesting to see how the vacuum holds up to a solid 12 months of rigorous operation in a busy environment -- we have 3 children, 4 cats, and a Maltese-Poodle mix. Yes, this vacuum is a blessing to say the least....more info
  • Good for carpet...
    I bought this vacuum as a replacement for my Hoover Wind Tunnel Upright. Although this vacuum does very well cleaning the carpets it is not as good on the non carpeted areas of the house. It has a switch to turn off the brushes for bare floors but the suction just isn't strong enough to clean well. The attachments that come with this vacuum are the small upholstry brush, a crevice tool, a small flat tool and a larger brush that might work on bare floors if it didn't have the brushes on the edge or the two small wheels on the side. Only 2 of them are able to store on the handle and one usually ends up popping off during vacuuming. This vacuum is also very loud when the beater bars are running....it sends both our dogs running for cover!! The dust bin is fairly easy to empty...as with all bagless vacuums this is best done outside the house. We have also found that taking an air gun to the dust bin removes any remaing dust (also do this outside). I have not had to self clean the HEPA filters yet and have had this vacuum since January 2007. All-in-all if I were to purchase another vacuum cleaner it would probably not be this one as I think there are other comparable vacuums with much smaller price tags....more info
  • great vacuum
    we had a big Eureka upright vacuum for the carpeted area plus Bissel Flip-it for hardwood floor plus a small vacuum for tiny areas. I got so tired of keeping multiple vacuums and all of them smelled bad after vacuuming, especially eureka vacuum.
    This Electrolux vacuum is so far very satisfactory with both types of flooring. On the hard floors, however, I still use the carpet setting since bare floor setting doesn't have good enough suction - it doesn't even pickup hairs. Carpet setting is a bit noisier but it works well.
    As other users commented, the handle turns clockwise only, but i think it is intentionally designed so. if it turned clockwise and counterclockwise, the handle might feel too flimsy, especially with the heavy head.
    The dust bin is really easy to empty, leaves no odor after vacuuming, and its overall appearance is pleasant.
    It requires as much space as upright vacuums (or slightly more space) because of the big head. That's why it's four stars, not five.

    ...more info
  • Very good vacuum
    Electrolux always made great, long-lasting vacuum cleaners. This is my second - the first being an upright that I still have (15 years). I hope this one lasts half as long (although it's no longer the same company - it's now owned by Eureka). So far, so good (I've had it about six months). It's very good on bare floors and rugs. Great suction, easy to empty and you always know when it's full. An upright is a little easier to use, but this one is easier when it comes to getting under furniture and when using the attachments. It's nice not to have to buy vacuum cleaner bags. It's cute looking - somewhat like R2D2 ;-). Love the retracting power cord.

    My only complaints: Too expensive (but if it lasts as long as my first Electrolux I will take that back). Other reviewers have said it's lightweight - I find it a bit heavy, but it is easy to pick up becase it has a nice handle. The other complaint is the same as what others have said about only being able to twist it to one side. That is more annoying than I thought it would be. Of my complaints, that one is the top....more info
  • Look elsewhere for a vacuum
    The Electrolux EL 7055A Twin Clean Bagless Canister is by far the worst vacuum I've ever owned. The suction on this model is pitiful. I have a 13 years old Kenmore canister that is much better. I purchased in July '07. I complained to Electrolux and Amazon and they said to have the vacuum looked at by an authorized dealer. I did so and the service dealer said the vacuum is working as designed (what a marvelous design). Last week the vacuum died completely. So it's again back at the authorized dealer. The Electrolux service department was no help. Unfortunately, I did not act within the 60 day return window and Amazon was no help either. I spent $350 dollars on a piece of junk. Stay away.....far away!!!...more info
  • The best buy, trust me
    I am a serisous critic of products and I will tell you this is the coolest and easiast vacuum cleaner to use and operate. It is by far the best vacuum on the market today! I have several cats and it picks up all the hair and never loses it's suction. I do not recommend any other vacuum than the Electrolux EL 7055A.

    Thank you for selling a great product for a great price Amazon.

    Henry...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. It gets dirt out of the carpet I had no idea it's there. It is also fabulous at picking up dog hair....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    This machine actually makes me want to vacuum my house! Besides being very sleek looking and lightweight, it has incredibly strong suction and picks up things that you can't see while doing the job. I love the fact that it is bagless, and dust can be emptied out after each use. The attachments that come with it that are most used fit neatly onto one of the handles. I also love the fact that the cord automatically recoils into the machine when you are finished with vacuuming. I would most highly recommend this product. It is wonderful that you can now order an electrolux vacuum directly through Amazon....more info
  • When it's working, it's great
    So you either love this vacuum or you hate it. I've had mine for three months and have been able to vacuum with it 3 times. I keep sending it to the repair shop because the power stops turning on. One of the other reviews mentioned that if you leave it plugged in it shorts out the power button, this is true even if you only leave it plugged in long enough to move some furniture. When I have had a chance to use it I have loved the job it does, it really has great suction and the filters are fabulous absolutly nothing is coming back out. The power head is very noisy. Be sure you check the return policy, I bought mine from another retailer here on Amazon and they won't take it back past 10 days (it was in the shop for the first time at 10 days) and Electrolux won't take it back either so I'm stuck with the thing til I can afford a new vacuum. At least I'm not paying for the repairs the Electrolux warranty is covering them. Still I'd like to vacuum more than once a month. ;)...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    This vacuum is so user friendly-I love it!
    It is strange that the power head only
    swivels in one direction, but that hasn't
    been a problem (and I'm left-handed).
    I really appreciate that the controls
    are on the wand, and the accessories are
    very easy to use. It does an excellent
    job. I don't hate running the sweeper
    anymore! ...more info
  • Tired of tracking down vacuum bags?
    This bagless wonder has it all. It fits in a small hall closet where my smelly old bagged vacuum used to reside. It pulls stuff out of my carpets I never guessed was there. It does not emit those stale, musty, dusty odors all my other vacuums did. If I need less suction for more delicate cleaning (lamp shades or draperies) I just power down. It has amazing cleaning range. And did I mention this vacuum has personality and flair? It's bright orange and smoky gray and is angled in a cleaning posture! ...more info
  • This Vacuum WORKS!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading many reviews of all the products available. We are moving into a home with no carpet, hardwood floors only with area rugs. This vacuum is so easy to use and the suction power is superior, so much so, that I had to adjust the power head to compensate. The power head will run away with you at the low setting, all you have to do is set it on medium and then it behaves !
    Very easy to empty, I recommend taking it outside to do so.
    It is amazing how much dirt this picks up. We have 2 little boys, a dog and a cat so this vacuum gets a workout! ...more info
  • Not Electrolux Quality!
    We had an Electrolux for 25 years and loved it. Never had a problem. Then we bought this machine and are so VERY disappointed! We have had it to the repair shop several times to deal with suction problems. Beware of the Power Nozzle. The wand will guide the canister to the left but not to the right unless the user twists his/her arm awkwardly, requiring considerable patience and strength. All members of our household dislike this machine intensely and are extremely disappointed. We will never purchase another "Electrolux" machine. ...more info
  • no good vacuum
    the break one week .do buy this baware this cleaner not happy with this thing.call the company thing about it .save your money ....more info
  • Amazing vacuum
    I have a full review at geeksrus dot com, but I can say this is one of the best vacuums I have ever owned!

    I am a very happy customer!...more info
  • Great product, if you can find it
    This vacuum works amazingly well, but it does not have a neat name, no major reviews and only a few places even sell it.

    The only odd thing about it is the carpet head only turns in one direction (great if you are right handed). Have no clue why they did that.

    Even the bagless works great and can be cleaned without making a mess.

    Best vacuum we have ever had, best I have ever seen....more info
  • Ideal for plush carpets
    This is an ideal vacuum for ultra plush carpets. We recently got a 75 oz carpet. It was really difficult to push around our Hoover Windtunnel upright on it. Also, it was difficult to get into the nooks and crannies.

    I looked over all of the available vacuums and decided that I needed a canister vacuum with an adjustable height power head. Also, it should be bagless because the new carpets is shedding a lot and fills up the bag every time I vacuum.

    I decided to get the Electrolux because one of our previous Electrolux lasted 20 years and the Twin Clean got very good reviews.

    I really like it. It is much easier to maneuver over the carpet. I can get the head easily under tables. The unit is so light that I often just carry it around. The self cleaning filter seems to work OK, but I only tried it once. I still fill up the storage container every time I use it, but it is very easy to empty. I really like the self retracting cord. I can adjust the height with a toe pedal. All of the controls (power on/off, power brush on/off, suction force) are on the handle.

    The only negatives is the power head has too many joints and is hard to steer. The holder for the extra nozzles isn't very secure and the nozzle keeps dropping out....more info
  • Overall very happy
    This vac has great suction, does a beautiful job on carpets--so much better than my Dyson canister vac. The only drawback is emptying the bin is very messy--the dyson wins on this one. Attachments are nice quality, and the controls on the wand are great. The filter cleaning feature is just okay--after cleaning the filters, they never quite look "clean", makes me wonder how long they will last. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Some elements of this product could be better
    Plastic elements of wand started to break down. And it is only after 2-nd time of vacuum cleaner use. For the highly priced product i expected much more....more info
  • Love it !!
    This is a great vacuum and I am so happy about the bagless canister. It is easy to use, easy to empty, it works really well, and it was $100 less than my local Sears store. I am very happy with this purchase!...more info
  • Everything you need , NOT
    When i first tested out this vacuum, i have been satisfied with pretty much everything, about it, the button, the features, ease to use, and empty container.

    since i have been very exited about it, i left it plugged in the electrical outlet, after 30 minutes, i tried to turn in on, and it wouldn't, then i tried to clean the filter, and oblivously the power was down, i quickly referred to user manual, about some kind of circuit breaker, they said there was one on the brush, but it didn't do a thing,

    with the small letters in the manual it was written "not leave vacuum plugged in when not in use"

    i mean how stupid, they thought of everything, but the the thing that would commonly happen, maybe i got a defective unit i don't know, this vacuum goes back, i have being using electrolux products for over 15 years, and they have been great, but this.

    I don't think these days saying "what you pay, is what you get" actually works anymore.

    Yev...more info
  • I thought my house was clean until I used the Electrolux EL 7055A
    I could not believe the crud coming up from the carpets. We keep a clean house, and for the last 4 years we've been using a kenmore canister with a power head.
    This Electrolux is powerful, easy to use and has impressive results. I only wish I had been using it longer. It is not cheap, but with this model you get what you pay for. The only improvement I could see is an attachment carrier....more info
  • I thought my carpets were clean.
    Until I purchased this! This nifty little vacuum achieves what no other vacuum can. It's powerful and robust yet light to handle. I was thinking about buying a Dyson, but they are so heavy to push around and I needed a flexible power head that can reach under furniture. The power head lays almost completely flat and slides easily under beds, sofa's and other furniture. All of the components are tough yet light. The hose is excellent and the telescopic part is made from aluminum, it's very solid.

    It comes with a crevice tool and a dusting brush which are located on the hose handle and a separate well made hard floor brush that has real bristles and wheels, and an upholstery brush. The fact that I don't have to pick fluff and dust off the filter is a real plus, the bagless models are usually so annoying for that reason. This vacuum cleans its own filter with a simple maneuver.

    The controls are located on the hose handle and are push buttons not switches, there are 3, the on/off, bare floor/carpet and suction control of which there are 2 levels. There are two lighted (a cool neon blue!) indicators on the canister for suction level and filter cleaning.

    It is very easy to lift off the dust container and you press a lever to empty it out. I found it better to do this without shaking or tapping the dust out too much as it can cloud out all over the container if you are not careful, I then just dusted the lid and body with a swifer duster to clean up the fine dust.

    I was quite shocked at what the cleaner picked up, it seemed to remove dirt that was really embedded in my medium pile carpet and I had been vacuuming regularly with my Kenmoore.

    The only problem I have is that the power head is noisy, but I can forgive that because it works hard. The canister itself is not noisy when you switch to bare floor it is quieter than average. Also, I am not sure that the power head picks up that well on the bare floor option, I got a better result using the bare floor brush.

    All round a super stylish high tech piece of Swedish engineering. It is expensive, but you are buying the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners....more info
  • Pretty Impressive
    I honestly dread trying to sort out household appliances like this. I purchased this, however, after my typical review through Consumer Reports, searching the net, etc. The most important part of it, however, was actually getting my hands on one and trying it in the store. It is definitely one of the more expensive vacuum cleaners one might find. But my wife wanted a canister and we wanted something light and easy to get around. And that's where I was sold on this thing. It is ergonomically very friendly. It is compact, pretty light, and it just feels solid. I wanted that didn't require us to bend down to change the settings and this thing seems to have all of that. The handle length is very easily adjustable, the buttons allow a quick switch from having the brush in the motorized head go from on to off and to adjust the height of the head, the buttons to push with your feet are solid and not thin and skimpy. As far as how well the thing vacuums - it seems to do an excellent job. We have lots of bare floor, persian carpet, and wall to wall. And it does an excellent job with all of them. The accessories are standard. There's nowhere to store the accessories on the canister that I can see.

    The bagless system they have here seems very easy to work with. We haven't had the thing long enough to know if it's a good thing or a bad one.

    I feel I paid a lot of money for it, though, and I hope it lasts. It has a two year warranty and Dyson's uprights have a five year warranty. I purchased an Electrolux upright in 1990 and have changed the belt twice myself for about twenty bucks and the thing is still going. So, I've been happy with them as a company. I think some of the Kenmores might be an interesting comparison product. I just thought this thing was more solid for a few more bucks....more info