Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym
Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym

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Product Description

The Spin & Explore Garden Gym introduces a new format for one of the key developmental phases of a newborn. Spin & Explore Garden Gym provides an innovative, fun platform for encouraging exploration, developing upper body strength and lower leg development through a unique shape and rotating motion. The unique rotating tummy time spinner design encourages physical development as baby works to strengthen upper and lower body muscles. Employing a colorful playmat with varying texture and layers, baby will be visually and physically stimulated by the fun developmental features. The playmat acts as a "grow-with-me" feature as baby will continue to enjoy exploring the multiple textures long after her tummy time development milestone has passed.. Measures 28"L x 28"W x 5.5"H.

Designed for use from birth up to 24 months, the award-winning Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym introduces a new format for tummy time, one of the key developmental phases of a newborn. Developed in conjunction with pediatricians and child development experts from Yale University, this colorful mat encourages baby to spin and explore the world on their tummy, which helps them develop the muscle strength necessary for sitting up and crawling.

The Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym:
  • Features rotating, removable platform that encourages tummy time play and exploration
  • Helps develop both lower and upper body strength
  • Prepares baby for sitting up and crawling

Remove the bolster and the Garden Gym make a great play mat. View larger.
Enjoy Tummy Time With Your Little One
Tummy time is an important developmental activity for newborns. During the first months of life, babies learn how to move their bodies and gain the necessary physical strength for rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. Besides the physical benefits of tummy time, giving your infant playtime on his belly will help minimize any flat spots on his head that may have come from sleeping on his back.

The Spin and Explore offers both you and your baby a soft and safe space to make tummy time a pleasurable part of everyday activities. Baby can gently and comfortably spin around on her tummy, stretching and strengthening her upper and lower body while enjoying lots of squeaky, crinkly, tactile fun. After your baby can sit up on her own, you can remove the spinner and let her take advantage of the other visually and physically stimulating features, like the peek-a-boo leaf flap and mirror.

Fun, Innovative Design
Winner of Redbook's "Hottest Toys of the 2007 Holiday Season," and a Toy Insider 2007 Top 20 pick, the Spin and Explore provides an innovative platform with a unique shape and rotating motion to encourage exploration and give babies the confidence they need to try new things. As his coordination grows, baby is more likely to want to attempt new skills--like twirling around on his tummy to visit his garden pals for tactile play, interaction that motivates him to hold his head up, use his legs, and spin on his stomach.

The Spin and Explore can be used with or without the platform and also includes little loops to attach other toys to the play mat. It measures 28.0 x 5.5 x 28.0 inches (WxHxD) and comes with a garden-theme play mat, spinning platform, and ladybug platform cover. It also includes a 90 day limited warranty.

The Red Bird pulls out of his nest and squeaks!

Baby will love seeing her self in the mirror.

Peek-a-boo leaf flap with crinkle will delight baby.

Tethered bee rattles.

3-D butterfly wings with crinkle.
About Learning Curve
The creative force behind hundreds of award-winning toys, Learning Curve created the Lamaze Infant Development System by working in tandem with parents, babies, and childhood experts. Learning Curve understands that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy, and safe. The company's goal is to help parents do just that by offering products for every stage of a child's development--from feeding to playing to sleeping. Learning Curve's thoroughly researched developmental toys engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind. And their care, safety, feeding and soothing products give you solutions to day-to-day needs at mealtime, bedtime, at home and on-the-go.

What's in the Box
Garden-theme play mat, spinning platform, and ladybug platform cover.

  • Provides an innovative and fun platform that encourages exploration.
  • Develops upper body strength and lower leg development.
  • Unique shape and rotating motion.
  • Play mat can be enjoyed after "tummy time" has passed!
  • Birth +

Customer Reviews:

  • Complete and utter waste of money
    After great experiences with smaller Lamaze toys for my infant (especially the sensory cube) and after a remark by the pediatrician that my infant was a bit behind with rolling over and such due to GERD issues that limited time on her tummy or flat on her back, I bought this item. While it's attractive, it did nothing more than what and ordinary Boppy or even a blanket on the floor would have done for her. In fact, concentrating pressure on her torso shifted her reflux into overdrive.

    What a waste of money for us. However, the mat will make a nice wall decoration in the nursery....more info
  • 22 lb weight limit
    This item seems like a great idea only my son has almost reached the weight limit of 22 lbs. at only 5 months old. This is about the time a baby would only start to enjoy such a toy. And the flower part is not big enough all the way around for him to be able to see everything on it. You also have to make sure you don't feed the baby right before putting them on this because they will spit up as it pushes on their tummies too much....more info
  • lamaze spin and explore garden gym
    I ordered this for my Grandchild who is now 4 months old and his parents tell me he loves it. It keeps him busy, its good quality . I would reccommend this item . ...more info
  • Great
    My girls love the play mat and love to move around the mat with their hands. Great concept...more info
  • Nice concept but didnt use much
    I loved the idea when i saw it. Bought it for Christmas last year and my son used it about 5 times it was awkward for him being in that position for more than a minute. so maybe your child will love it but mine didnt....more info
  • Great toy for tummy time hating babies!
    My little one has never been interested in tummy time. I purchased this in hopes of making it a little more exciting for him and it worked! He loves looking at himself in the mirror or listening to the crinkle of the leaves or wings when his hands move over them. I know he's not meaning to just yet, but he's been able to move himself around and has been able to enjoy all the sections of this gym.

    I would highly recommend it for babies who are less than happy with tummy time!...more info
  • Didn't Work for Our Baby
    The 'idea' of this product seems perfect - baby is cradled by a "saddle" on a turntable that allows him to develop the neck and back strength he needs to crawl. Sounds great on paper, but in practice this thing was like a torture device for my little one. It seems to me that there is a very small window of time when the saddle would be useful and safe for baby. It's that time after he has the considerable neck and back strength to maintain the position - arms extended straight down and locked, head lifted high and steady, and legs extended straight back - but before he is able to crawl. If your baby can do what the baby in the picture for this product can do, he will literally be crawling within a couple of weeks, if he isn't already, and he will spend most of his time trying to wriggle off of the thing. But what if your baby hasn't reached that point yet and still needs to put his head down every few seconds? It flops over the front of the saddle, straining baby's neck and back. When I figured that out, I immediately packed this back up and took it back to the store. The playmat can be used without the saddle, but I was unimpressed with that as well. The felt-like material attracted every little piece of dust and pet hair in our home like a magnet. I'm not sure what this accomplishes that a simple tummy-time pillow under baby's chest would not - and the pillow is a lot safer, less expensive and more comfortable for baby. ...more info
  • Good idea, but product could use some improvements
    The mat is too small and is not rigid enough. Unless your baby is on the small side for the recommended age range of the product, they will soon outgrow the mat. Also, the mat is soft and doesn't stay put when in use causing for constant adjustments during play....more info
  • My granddaughter cried everytime we put her on it, she's 5 months
    We had hoped this would make tummy time a happy time, instead it seemed to make her so mad and uncomfortable, I just put it back in the box after 3 tries even adding padding for her stomach. I do not recommend this for any baby, not if they have the same reaction like my granddaughter....more info
  • A cute baby toy
    I bought this product in an effort to get my little boy on his belly more. When I put him on it, he likes it for about 2 minutes and then freaks out. He's a little over 4 months old and it's clearly for an older baby that can use their arms and legs better. I hope to get some use out of this in the months to come....more info
  • Very uncomfortable
    I bought this playmat for my 8 week old and she hated it. Everytime I put her on it, she would get uncomfortable and cry. I guess it would work better with babies who have already developed enough neck support....more info
  • Good Tool for Tummy Time
    Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym

    My daughter received this when she was 1 month-old. A little too young, but I set her in it periodically. She is now 4 1/2 months-old and has learned to spin herself around and will stay entertained for about 20 minutes. I have enjoyed it. I was not good at doing tummy time with my older daughter who did not like her tummy and needed to be entertained during tummy time....more info
  • Good product
    I like this product. My daughter is just starting to use it, because she was still a little too small when I purchased it. The mirror wasn't properly attached, so I had to sew down the velcro bottom the mirror attached to. Other than that I've had no problems and I love the bright colors. It is very sturdy and easy to clean....more info
  • Just okay
    It is a neat idea, but I don't think it is worth the price. Unless you find it on sale, it's not worth the money. It's just a piece of fabric with animals on it. You could make the same thing for much cheaper. Like I said, it is a cool toy, but for what you get, it's overpriced....more info
  • Tummy time tolerated
    My 11 week old daughter could not handle tummy time. She would lay on her tummy for 5 mins TOPS and then WAIL! Now when she is on the ladybug she moves herself around and has tripled her tummy time! She did not like it much as first but we worked up to it. She seems to do a little better JUST on the ground, too. Her favorite part is the mirror and will spin herself around everytime to find it! She also likes the bright yellow face of butterfly! :)...more info
  • Low Muscle tone help?
    I bought this for my daughter who has Down syndrome and isn't crawling yet (9.5 months). She has very low muscle tone, and I thought that this would help her use her arms and legs while it held her body up for her, since she can't do that herself. It works great; however, I was kind of upset to find that the weight limit for the center portion is only 22 pounds. She loves the playmat,and we'll still get use out of it after she exceeds the 22 pound mark. Had I known that limit, I may not have purchased it because she's pretty close to 22 now. For a "normal" baby, though, this seems like a great product....more info
  • Not interested
    I bought this for my daughter and she never liked it. She hated the base that you rest on. She did like the mat with all the various sounds. I wouldn't suggest this for anyone....more info
  • Cute Idea...
    My daughter is now 5 months old and has had this for about 2 months. She's not too thrilled w/it yet but each time I put her on she plays a little bit longer. I think w/in the next few weeks when she has a bit more strength and body control that she'll enjoy it more. I have purchased a baby play mat that has a small U shaped pillow that velcros to it and she definately spends more time on her tummy on that....more info
  • Waste of my money
    My son was/is not interested in this product. He may tolerate it for a minute or 2, but that's not worth $40 to me. I was really excited about this, in hopes that he would enjoy his tummy time more, but that just was not the case....more info
  • Absolutely LOVE it!!!!
    My 4 month old daughter loves the spin and play garden. It's the perfect tummy time play mat!!! I just wish it had been around when my son was that little. He's 19 months old and plays with his sister with the attached toys. It's a must have for any new baby! It is well built and even stands up to my son's not so gentle touch. It stores easy when not in use, and is easy to clean. This is definately worth the money you pay for it. I just can't help but sing the praises of this wonderful toy!!!!...more info
  • Great - if your baby likes Tumy Time
    This is super adorable, made really well and priced well. It is a great idea...if your baby already enjoys tummy time. My duaghter did NOT. I bought this hoping to help her become more comfortable with tummy time and help her learn to crawl....didn't work. She would stay on it for about 1.3 seconds. She has never crawled, went straight to walking by 10 months, so oh well. I sold mine to a friend, whose kid loves it....more info
  • cute product, isn't all that effective for us - yet
    this is a really nice looking product but my son isn't enjoying it as much as i would have hoped... he still doesn't like tummy time. it is getting better though and he does spin around easily and does enjoy (for a few minutes anyhow) the toys on the mat. just a warning - when we first used it, i guess he wasn't positioned on the ladybuy properly, and he slid off head first onto the mat. he didn't cry or get hurt, but just a warning!...more info
  • So cute and very durable!
    The colors on the product are awesome, the blanket feels very soft and got different toys on the different paddles, I wished they'd make something bigger for adults like that *haha*! The spintable with it is very good sized, supercute im Ladybug design adn spins very easily! though not meant for Toddlers my son gave it a try to and the Spinner did not even squeach under his 42lbs, nor break and still spun if he managed to keep all of his much bigger then a Babies limbs of the floor!

    My 6 month old daughter still fits on this toy very well at almost 26inches tall and 17lbs. She is fascinated by the colors just like me and loves the mirror especially whis is on one of the paddles fixed on Velcro!

    Like my son she does not like Tummytime very much either,and this toy doesn't seem to make it much better, but htat has NOTHING to do with the Toy. She just doesn't like being on her Tummy, probably since she has reflux! The spintable is very well formed lower on the hippart and a tinybit higher where she shoulders go, so she doens't mind the spin table, she just does not like lifting her head out of the floorposition, so she doesn't stay much longer on this one on her Tummy then she would otherwise but we'll keep trying!

    The flowermat I wished would be bigger, it is as big as described in the productlisting, but just for me I'm thinking to myself it wouldn't hurt to make the mat twice as big as it is, if a Baby doesn't like the spinner it can still use the beautyful flowermat for rolling around and checking things out ect.!

    I'd recommend it to anyone it really is worth trying just don't give up!...more info
  • ehhh....
    This is a nice toy, and very innovative. We bought it for my second child. However, I don't think it sped up any developmental progress in comparison to the first child. He does have fun on it though and it gives him something to do while I am chasing his older brother around....more info
  • Depends on the baby
    The usefulness of this product really depends on the baby. My daughter HATED tummy time and this product made no difference. I wouldn't pay full price for this again without trying it out first. It's a great concept, but doesn't hold up in reality. And it would only be useful for a month or two. Maybe the mat would be fun later without the lady bug in the middle......more info
  • baby gift
    The deliver speed is good but over packing. Online store need to think a green and environmental friendly for shipping.

    My friend love the little gym. After baby grow out of it, it can be use for lazy Susan for dinning table. ...more info
  • Tummy Time
    I think this product is great.. I bought it for my son who was 3 1/2 months old at the time.. The pediatrician said he needed to do tummy time 4x a day.. He hated tummy time so I got him this in hopes he would change his outlook on it.. He has, he is almost 5 months now and he love it, he plays with the toys on each petal.. Once he's tired of one he spins himself to the next.. Also to make this item even better, it is so compact.. You take it out to play with it than you can fold the mat up and take the tummy device and put it under his bed or in the closet or where ever.. It can go anywhere you go because its so easy to maneuver.. I would recommend this to everyone.. ...more info
  • Not for my child
    I bought the Lamaze Spin & Explore for my daughtet, when it got to my home I opened it and set it up which was really easy. When it was all put together it didn't look like something I wanted to put my daughter on. I was afraid it was going to tip over. It didn't look like it would suppport her. If she wasn't on it just right it looked like it would tip over. I returned it....more info
  • great for tummy time!!!!
    My 3 month old little girl was getting a flat side on her head and hated doing tummy time to correct it. I thought this toy was great to help her do tummy time and gave her new toys to play with. I also think it helped build neck and head control....more info
  • Not that great
    My son hated this. He cried most times I put him on it. It is great quality and the mat has great sensory items, but the ladybug was anoying and not fun for my son. ...more info
  • Good idea but my baby hates it
    I can see where this could be a good thing. My daughter is 6 months old and has had this for probably 3 months. She was too little when I got it. I try it again every couple of weeks. She is now almost 14 pounds and is 25 inches long. She just doesn't fit comfortably in it. I think if the ladybug was a little softer, she may like it just seems to hard for her to lay on. I wouldn't spend $40 on it. There are lots of other tummy time toys out there that seem to be better....more info
  • held head up in days
    My newborn hated tummy time on the floor. Would lay his head down and just cry, just like my daughter had. I bought the lamaze spin and explore, and he loved it. Within days, he could hold his head all the way up for minutes at a time, and now that he is four months old, he spins himself around playing with the different toys attached. Great buy!...more info
  • Great product
    My baby loves this new gadget which makes tummy time a fun activity. We started using it at 3 month and he was able to hold his head up for a minute at first, but I guess it strengthen his neck muscle pretty well because he is able to enjoy it for at least 5 to 10 minutes at 4 month. Kids that young only spin themselves accidentely, but he loved the bright colors and the cringing sound of the fabric his hands touch. He also loves when I spin him around. I can't wait to see when he will discover that he can do it by himself. I would recomend this toy, and since two parts are detachable, you can use a mat by itself for senses explorations....more info
  • Great tummy time product
    I bought this as a christmas gift for my daughters daycare center. My daughter has now out grown it but the younger kids still love it. It keeps them up off the floor so they can see all the little toys. It's really great product....more info
  • Great product that works for a short while...
    This tummy time "toy" is great for a small period between the newborn and crawling timeframes. If can be used as soon as your baby is able to lift her head up and have decent control (i.e., head isn't too wobbly).

    The base spins and allows the baby to see different sections of the mat. Now, from the picture, it looks as though the baby will be able to spin themselves, but for us that was not the case as my son was not able to push hard enough to spin himself. So the spinning part will be left to the parents. He also didn't interact too much with the toys attached to the mat, but that may just be him. My son loved the section with the mirror and one with a worm on it, but the mat didn't seem to increase his ability/willingness to endure tummy time, but he did seem more content during it.

    As soon as he was able to start spinning himself, he as just about to crawl and we preferred putting him flat on the ground and letting him get onto all fours to rock on his hands and knees or army crawl.

    Bottom line: I don't know if its worth getting... any other flat playmat will serve the same purpose......more info
  • Tummy time
    We bought this cute playmat to make tummy time a little more enjoyable for our 10 week old. She seems to like it for about 5 minutes and then she needs a break. The cute ladybug stool cradles your baby's torso and helps prevent them from rolling off. She likes all of the little activities each "flower petal" offers but I'd have to say the "crinkly" sound the leaves make seem to be her favorite. Or maybe she just likes the leave because she can get a good grasp on them and rotate herself around. I was a little surprised at how small the mat is but I'm sure it'll give our daughter lots of fun tummy time despite the size. I wish they had this when we had our other daughter 5 years ago....more info
  • Lamaze Garden Gym-Tummy Time Toy
    We received the garden gym as a gift and loved it instantly. Even though it was a little early, I would place my 3 week old on it and just spin her around, playing with each item. The fact that it was an "activity" and she didn't cry made it an instant hit in our house. Now that she is almost four months old, she is enjoying it even more. Its a great alternative to an activity mat, as the babies can actually see the colors and toys, while the "potato chip" spinner allows them to see a variety of things as opposed to being stuck with one vision. I will definately buy this gift for all of my friends who have new babies....more info
  • Great option for infants who hate tummy time!
    There weren't many things my daughter did not like...but, tummy time was a nightmare. Until, that is, I purchased this wonderful gym. I suspected that she would like it becasue she is naturally curious- and I was right. She squeals with delight as she spins herlself around....and that makes me very happy! ...more info
  • Love Ladybugs
    Bought it for my niece's baby girl who was less than a month old at the time and it has been a total success. Not only does she do her tummy time on it but it also compliments the baby's room decor that is accented with ladybugs. Very nice product. I would have loved this Garden Gym when my girls (now 6 and 8 yrs. old) were babies!...more info
  • Tummy time life saver
    I read about this product in a parenting magazine and immediately decided to purchase it. I looked on several web sites and read many reviews before coming to Amazon to buy. This is one of the top 3 purchases I've made for my child!!! Before this little item came along my daughter would scream in frustration during tummy time and become almost inconsolable if we tried it for more than 2 minutes. I did every conceivable thing to make tummy time better for her with no luck. The moment I put her on the spinner she was interested and alert, NO CRYING!
    Naturally we started slowly with 5 minute intervals and have been working our time up but the fact that there are no more tears of frustration makes this thing worth it's weight in gold....more info


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