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This new Lamaze Play & Grow Peacock comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained. Crinkly fabric, a peek-a-boo mirros, bold colorful patterns and soft fuzzy textures invite little ones to explore and learn. Jacques the Peacock comes complete with a Lamaze link, so you can snap it to a car seat, high chair, or anywhere else.

Designed for use from birth on up, the Lamaze Play and Grow Peacock has bright colors and multiple textures and sounds that are sure to stimulate and delight baby. Developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, this "first friends" toy comes complete with a Lamaze link for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags, so it's a snap to take the Play and Grow Peacock with you on play dates, errands, or trips in the car.

The Lamaze Jacques the Peacock offers:
  • Different textures, mirror, and colorful patterns encourage exploration
  • Soft velour body with several busy wings
  • A Lamaze link clip for easy attachment to strollers, carriers and diaper bags

Multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained. View larger.
Stimulates Baby's Vision and Auditory Skills
When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why the Play and Grow Peacock strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate baby's vision, and bold solid colors that give baby's eyes a place to rest. Sounds like crinkle, squeakers and jingles also help stimulate and develop baby's auditory skills. Finally, large, friendly eyes on the Play and Grow Peacock invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which helps calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.

Child-Safe Design
Whether they're playing in the crib or preparing for a nap, your little one will enjoy hours of delight with the Play and Grow Peacock. Safe and easy for little hands to manipulate, it features a soft velour body that invites snuggling and playing. And the busy wings have different textures and interactive components--like the mirror, which allows for both independent and parent/baby peek-a-boo play--to keep baby engaged as he grows.

The Play and Grow Peacock comes with a limited 90 day warranty.





High contrast Black and White
About Learning Curve
The creative force behind hundreds of award-winning toys, Learning Curve created the Lamaze Infant Development System by working in tandem with parents, babies, and childhood experts. Learning Curve understands that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy, and safe. The company's goal is to help parents do just that by offering products for every stage of a child's development--from feeding to playing to sleeping. Learning Curve's thoroughly researched developmental toys engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind. And their care, safety, feeding and soothing products give you solutions to day-to-day needs at mealtime, bedtime, at home and on-the-go.

What's in the Box
Peacock toy and Lamaze link clip.

Whether playing in the crib or napping in the car, your baby won't want to go anywhere without Jacques the Peacock. Safe and fun, this plush toy from Learning Curve is a winner with babies and young children of all ages.

Child-Safe Design
Lamaze Jacques the Peacock features a soft velour body and busy wings with a peek-a-boo mirror, multiple textures, squeaker, and crinkles to keep your baby entertained. The link is perfect for hanging from an activity gym and connects easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat. This friendly toy comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

About Learning Curve
Learning Curve offers developmental toys that engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are being inspired and enlightened by safe and high-quality playthings. Learning Curve created the Lamaze Infant Development System working in tandem with parents, babies, and childhood experts. Lamaze ensures your baby will grow, discover, and learn with the right toy at the right time.

  • Plush toy keeps babies entertained
  • Link for hanging from activity gym; connects easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat
  • Peacock design with soft velour body and busy wings with multiple textures and crinkles
  • Includes peek-a-boo mirror and squeaker
  • Recommended for babies and young children of all ages

Customer Reviews:

  • not a hit with a 6 m/o
    We bought this for our 6-months-old son. It's not a hit. The problem is that the tail consists of very hard and large pieces that barely bend. The kid has a hard time grabbing the toy and cannot really manipulate with any elements. Nothing here can be stretched, squeezed, rolled, pulled -- unlike, say, those long legs or necks or tails in other similar toys. Our son can't even stick any part of this toy in his mouth! So, he understandably doesn't want to play with it. The peacock looks pretty, but you don't really want to touch it. Our kid loves the elefant, the giraffe, and the monkey made by Tiny Love....more info
  • Glad I bought this
    My Lil' guy is just a few weeks old and already Jacques gets his attention. Not really able to mess with him too much yet but the black and white patterns on the back keeps him occupied with something to look at. I am sure he will get a lot of enjoyment out of this as he grows. ...more info
  • Great for Newborns!
    The Lamaze peacock was one of the first toys we were given for our son. Personally, I think he's fun to look at. Jacques the peacock made me want to run out and see what other toys Lamaze has... unfortunately, I think I've already got the best one. From the first week (and I mean, less than one week of age here), my son was enthralled by the back of Jacques. This is really a great toy for newborns to look at - the red, white, and black high contrast back is very interesting and stimulating to young babies (they can't see in color yet).

    I think this toy was a life-saver when my son was less than a month old, because he would get distracted by it hanging in his crib and he would actually agree to lay in there! Recently, he hasn't been as interested in this toy, perhaps because some of his others are easier for him to hold. We'll have to wait and see whether he decides to be interested again at some point. He's 3 months now, and just learning to hold things (and shove them in his mouth) - and this is a bit large and difficult to pick up right now. The toy does have a rattle, crinkle paper, and a squeaky thing, as well as a mirror (that you really can't see yourself in) that might be interesting to older babies.

    Since the toy was so interesting early on, I still think he's worth the price. But, I'd say get this one EARLY - before the baby is born - and introduce the toy right away (but remember to show the baby the back, not the front, because it will be more interesting and easier to see early on). ...more info
  • We Love Jacques!
    My 2 month old daughter LOVES Jacques. She holds onto his "feathers" and loves the noise the crinkle noise makes. We attached him onto her carseat so she can play with him while we travel. She loves to stare at his bold colors. We also turn him around so she views the back of Jacques, which is all black and white patterns. Jacques is such a good friend to my daughter....more info
  • Babies love it!!
    I gave this toy as a baby present for a 6 month old girl. The parents said that she loved playing with it, even more so than her other Lamaze toys. It was a big hit!!...more info
  • Our 4 month old daughter chews the heck out of the "feathers"-loves it!!!
    I used the have this dangling from her carseat, but it is a tad large, so I relocated it to her evenflow megasaucer. She just stared at it on her carseat (she was younger then though, now she's 4 months old), but now have smaller toys for that. So have this attached to her evenflow megasaucer via the chain link toys for infants and this makes the toy easily reachable plus won't fall on the ground when she drops just dangles over the side (so it stays clean). She gets so angry when this thing falls too. She loves chewing the "feathers". She just goes to town and this toy gets drenched!! Cute toy and the hook is awesome so you can attach it to anything really. I have other toys that are easily reachable on the megasaucer as well, but it seems like this is her favorite..I think it is the crinkle sound that she is drawn to. This will keep her busy in her megasaucer for a while, so I can get stuff done; she's a needy baby too. toy, lots of colors and textures and you can hook to anything. ...more info
  • Eh...
    Dont know what was the hype all about. Bought this for my son, he chews it like any other items I would offer to him otherwise nothing special about it. He's almost 5 months old...more info
  • 4 month old LOVED this!
    Our now 6 month old still LOVES Jacques who has great "foil crinkle" sounds and lots of edges for a teething baby to chew on. The "hang on hook"Lamaze Jacques the Peacock gets a good chewing workout also. I haven't washed it yet but so far Jacques is holding up great. An over indulgent MiMi...more info
  • My niece loves this
    I bought this for my niece and she loves it. It makes so many noises and has so many colors she mostly enjoys teething on it but then she is just 7 months old....more info
  • Great toy
    My daughter (she's 5 months old) just loves this toy!!! The colors are bright and fun. Great purchase...more info
  • His First Favorite
    My son's first favorite toy that he liked when only 2-3 months old and still likes four months later. He loves to chew on the feathers, squeals with delight over the squeaking feather, and loves the myriad colors and textures. The handy Lamaze clip on top means it can be attached to car seats, activity centers, strollers, or baby carriers, and the product has beena ble to withstand tons of baby drool and chewing....more info
  • Lots to do
    This little bird had lots to offer to my curious grandchildren and hung nicely on the stroller....more info
  • Awesome for a 7month old
    I purchased this toy, and the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly, for my 7 month old grandbabies. They both loved this, they spend a lot of time gabbing and chewing on all parts of this toy. Truely a good choice to keep them entertained for long periods of time....more info
  • Great toy!
    My son received this toy when he was 2 months old. He immediately began interacting with it~ smiling, cooing, and laughing! It's a great toy that is a hit with him every time he plays!...more info
  • always gets baby's attention...
    We picked this up after an aunt bought us two other Lamaze products for our 2-month-old. Just like the others, the Lamaze peacock never fails to grab our daughter's attention. The different things to touch, feel and hear give her plenty to keep her engaged.

    The product feels solidly constructed. We've clipped it to her play mat, her stroller, her carseat, and to a handle in the car - the plastic clip seems sturdy enough to survive many transitions from location to location.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the purchase - and dour baby girl seems to be as well. :-)...more info
  • Bright & Colorful
    I've found Amazon to have the best deals on Lamaze toys!

    Jacques is cute, colorful, soft and has shaker beads inside him, a squeaker
    puff ball on his left wing, a reflective mirror that distorts
    on his right wing and crinkly sounding material on his wings.
    His BIG eyes are embroidered. He has ribbon bits around a purple soft
    corduroy puff ball on his left wing. His backside is black & white
    polka dot, squares, wavy lines and small starburst prints.

    I'm happy with this purchase and 2 other Lamaze toys on Amazon, but
    plan to buy a variety of toys to stimulate my grandson's senses when he is born in May 08.
    ...more info
  • A favorite toy
    My daughter picked this toy out herself at Babies R Us when she was 7 months old. There was a wall full of similar toys, but this one grabbed her attention and held it, even when her grandmother and I tried to show her different toys. A month later, it's still a favorite and can distract her when she's getting cranky. It's very cute.

    I think it's nice that the back side of the toy has a black and white print on the feathers with a red backside for the bird. I think this would make it interesting for even younger babies....more info
  • great stroller/car seat toy
    love this toy, but it is very wide. very colorful & intriguing to baby....more info
  • What a cool toy
    This is great for babies of different ages. It's great for a newborn because newborns will be fascinated by the black and white patterns on the back of the wings. It's also great for babies who are discovering the use of their hands and are engrossed by the things they pick up and put in their mouths.

    I got this toy for my son was about 5 months old (he's almost 7 months old now). He loves to grab the wings that crinkles and explore the different colors, patterns, and textures. There is a lot going on in just one toy and it keeps my son busy because there's so much to look at and feel. I only wish I discovered it when he was a newborn so he could make better use of the black and white patterns on the back....more info
  • Jacques Rocks
    My baby has been obsessed with Jacques since she was very young, maybe five weeks old. Even people who have seen my daughter with this toy have commented on her fascination with it.

    Jacques has so many neat characteristics (rattle, squeaker, mirror, crackling wings, color variety, etc), and different elements have appealed to my daughter at varying stages of development.

    If we ever lose Jacques, I will be having another overnighted to our home.

    I've never written a review on Amazon, but I thought this toy should get the credit it deserves....more info
  • Fun, colorful, but challenging to hold and chew
    Like all the Lamaze animals this one is adorable and memsmerizing for an infant. It is harder to hold and chew on than many of their other ones though (the horse & dolphin are better)....more info
  • Great fun toy!
    This toy is lots of fun for our little one! Baby is just about 3 months old, loves to look at it and tries to reach it! I think it will be a favorite soon!

    It is pretty solid and does not hang well from the car seat handle b/c it is too big, sort of wacks the baby in the face.

    Great colors and fun for baby to look at!...more info
  • Love, love, love Lamaze
    My 5mo loves all the Lamaze link characters. They are brightly colored with great textures. You can never go wrong with one of these....more info
  • My baby loves it!!
    I purchased this for my daughter while I was still pregnant with her. It wasn't until she was about three months old before she took to any toys but she's now four months and she absolutely loves this toy. There is so much on this little bird that stimulates her and it clips on to anything....more info
  • Lamaze Peacock
    Lamaze toys are the absolute best. My son is 4 months and has loved playing with this toy for about 2 months. We have it attached to the car seat. He likes best the crinkle noises that it makes....more info
  • forget the baby, jacques is a winner with me
    I bought Jacques, after already buying Lamazes 'lil polly bird which looks just like Jaques but without the tail, 6 months before the baby was born. The baby is still not born but Jacques is a big hit with my wife and I. He will be a big hit with the baby, the baby will have no choice, its going to get 24/7 Jacques. I particularly like his psychelic overload of colours, textures and shapes. I find him fascinating so I'm sure the baby will....more info
  • Great toy for infants!!!
    My 11 week old loves this toy!! She smiles and coos to it for 10-15 min straight!!!Perfect gift!...more info
  • cute
    Such a cute little peacock. My 3 yr old loves to entertain my 2 month old with this toy. So cute....more info
  • Worth it
    He plays with this toy alot. The big eyes and crinkle sounds I think makes it more attractive for him to play with it....more info
  • Great Toy
    Our 3 month old daughter really loves this toy. She is really attracted to the bright colors and patterns and has started reaching out to the toy and trying to grab it. Great toy for young babies!...more info
  • A hit!
    My baby boy loves this peacock! He has played with him everyday for about a month. He is 4 months old and loves to see Jacque 'flying" through the air. He is very colorful and easy for him to handle. I also like him because he is big enough that he does not fall out of his carrier. ...more info
  • Great Toy!
    We saw this in Babies-R-Us and our little baby couldn't stop laughing when she saw it. I think it's the combination of the BIG EYES, the squeaker in one of the wings, the mirror in another wing, the krinkly sounds and the bright colors.

    The hook on top is useful for hanging from the carseat or from the swing -- however, if you are just trying to make Jacque dance for your baby, the hook kind of gets in the way but that is a minor note.

    Overall, I highly recommend Jacque -- she has not tired of him yet and everytime she sees good ol' Jacque, her face lights up and she babbles at him. ...more info
  • Mom-Mom H
    I recently purchased this Lamaze toy and my 3 month old grandson loves it! He smiles and coos whenever he sees it. It is easily moved from one carrier to another. It's colorful and makes great crinkly sounds. Definitely worth buying!...more info
  • So Cute and Colorful!
    Just as cute as he appears in the picture. The backside of Jacques has black and white patterns on him which we are currently using with our newborn. He is able to "sit" on his own and looks darling displayed on our baby's bookshelf when not in use. The clip will come in handy when we take the toy out and can clip it either to the diaper bag or stroller. I really love this whole series of toys from Lamaze....more info
  • Jacq the Peacock
    My son is 10 weeks old and loves the peacock. No sooner had I gotten it out of the box he was all smiles. He babbles at it and plays with it daily. We hang it over his carrier and he bats at it entertaining himself for long periods of time. It is a wonderful toy that he will be able to grow with as he learns to grasp and grip objects, and the squeaker on the green eyespot is an especially nice touch! ...more info
  • My 4mos old LOVES this toy!
    My 4mos old son goes crazy over this toy, because it has "crunchy" feathers and the dimensions are perfect for little teething gums!

    It clips onto my diaper bag or his carseat easily.

    Very cute! Black & white designs on the back and bright colors on the front are great for babies this age!

    AWESOME for a shower gift!...more info
  • Just get this toy and that's all you really need in the first few months
    Great colors and textures, the back of the peacock is in black and white patterns! My 2 month-old son loves to look at both sides and pull at the tags, I am sure he also likes all the different sounds the toy makes....more info
  • Mesmerizing!
    This was a Christmas present to my 3 month old daughter. Although she's too young to really hold it she LOVES staring at it. We can hold it or hang it and she will watch it and watch it and talk and talk and talk to Jaques. She gets very vocal and loud - it's so fun to watch. She likes both sides but seems to prefer the black, white, and red side a little over the other. I highly recommend this toy. It is larger than most "clip on" type toys I've seen. I think this is a fair price. I can see how it may be difficult for tiny hands to hold and manipulate (as brought up in other reviews)- but so far Jaques is well loved at our house!...more info
  • Our lad's favorite!
    I bought this toy on a whim for our little guy when he was about 10 weeks old, and it has been his favorite toy ever since. Whether he's chewing on Jacqes many wings, scrunching them to hear the crinkly noises, or just manipulating the many surfaces, he really keeps himself entertained! It's great to see such a wonderful toy, especially at this price. He's now almost 8 months old and he still loves it, although now that he's starting to appreciate things that make noise when he shakes them, other toys compete for his interest....more info
  • a really great toy
    my baby loves this peacock!
    he would laugh and smile at it, even when he's crying or fussing ... whenever he sees the peacock, he pauses, and smiles.
    hands down it's his favorite toy....more info
  • Baby LOVES Bird!
    We purchased the Peacock (we call it Bird) for our 2 1/2 month old for Christmas and it was a huge hit. It is by far his favorite toy. He gets the biggest grin as soon as he sees it and loves when we make it fly around for him. It comes in for a landing in his lap and he goes to town on it - chewing on wings, smacking it to make noise, feeling the little satin wings, even chewing on the feet. He absolutely loves it....more info
  • Cute, Colorful Peacock
    This Lamaze Jacques the Peacock, is so awesome. My 6 month old just loves playing with it, chewing it and loves listening to all the different sounds it makes. She is so amazed at the different color's.... I highy recommend this to everyone!...more info
  • My baby loves her peacock!
    My 4 month old loves her Jacques the Peacock. I was plesantly surprised when it arrived that it was larger than I had expected, but yet still is the perfect size for my baby to pull into her mouth. She loves the krinkly material in the wings, and all the different features. I love that it keeps her occupied in the car oor laying on the floor for long periods of time. This is my third baby, and the peacock is one of my favorite infant toys I have had for any of my children. ...more info
  • Crinkle Crinkle
    My son loves Jacques. He's enjoyed this toy since he first started batting at things and at 6 months old, its still in his must haves list. The variety of textures on the "feathers" continue to captivate him and he likes to explore both with his fingers and mouth....more info
  • Baby loves this for a "long" time.
    Our son loved looking at this toy when he was too young to reach out and grab it. Now that he is almost 7 months old, it is still a big favorite. He loves to chew on the wings and feel the textures. This toy is also a crowd favorite at playdates with even older children. This toy is well worth the money. ...more info
  • Cute toy.
    I bought this for my son when he was about a month or so old, and he really liked it. I took it everywhere with us, and it kept him entertained. Jacques comes complete with a mirror, a squeaker, taggies, lots of textures and colors, and a link so he can tag along. The entire back of Jacques' plumage consists of a variety of black and white patterns, which my son loved to stare at.
    He is now 7 months, and doesn't play with it as much as he used to since he is more into musical and talking toys, the jumperoo, and is busy crawling and cruising...but Jacques continues to never be too far from my son's reach....more info
  • Girlfriend
    This is my babies fav. I call it his girl friend b/c he will look at her and smile look away and back again smiling. i love how the peacock can stand on its own and doesn't have to hang....more info
  • We love Jacques!
    This little peacock is my 3 month-old's best friend. She's gotten very grabby with toys lately and Jacques is her favorite. He's light enough to fling around, and he makes the crinkly noises that she likes. And his feathers are thin enough for her to gum them, which is a big plus to her. Plus the back of his feathers have a vibrant black & white design that appeal to her as her vision is still developing.

    Best of all though is the mirror on his top left "feather". That alone mezmorizes her and makes her crave Jacques. I'd buy a hundred of him if I had to! This is the best toy I've seen for this age group. Any baby's best friend!...more info
  • Baby loves it!
    My baby loves this thing! We usually hang it from the carseat handle - she can't see it in the car when the handle's retracted, but when we're out and about she can see it and smack at it. When they're too small they'll probably ignore it totally, but eventually my daughter would stare at it entranced, and around 8-10 weeks she finally started trying to reach for it and a little later to "talk" to it. This was the first toy that got her doing either of those things! She's 15 weeks now and is still only smacking it and talking to it, so all of the bells and whistles aren't getting much use yet, but when we're out Jacques has also entranced 1-year-olds and even a 3-year-old, so I'm anticipating getting a lot of use out of it!

    My husband hates spending money and thought this was a rip-off at first, but he's had to admit it was worth it once he saw how much the baby likes it....more info
  • My son loves it.
    I got this Peacock for my son before he was born and he really didn't show interest until he was about 4 months old which increased with time. Now it's one of his favorites and I love to take it on short trips. He plays with it often. I love the vibrant colors....more info
  • Not only useful but esthetically beautiful to look at!
    We rec'd today and I am quite pleased with the quality of this item. Great value for a $10 toy! Looks like a high-end boutique toy, wonderful choice of color combo and fabrics/patterns used. I think I like this toy as much as my 6 month old son does! Beautiful and a 'smart' toy!...more info
  • Keeps 6-9 mo. old interest
    This is a great toy for a small child, under 1 year. My nephew is entertained by it for extended periods because it crinkles (noise) and is exactly the right size for him to grip. He also likes the colors. However, I like that it is small, so it can hang in the mini crib without taking too much space and he wakes up with a friendly toy that makes him happy and calm. It also hangs from his carrier and the stroller strap. Excellent buy....more info


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