Anolon Advanced Ultimate 12-Inch Covered Stir-Fry Pan

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Product Description

This Ultimate Pan is wide enough to cook a pound of bacon or flip a few pancakes and deep enough to accommodate a feast-size batch of chicken cacciatore or pork chops and sauerkraut. Useful as an open or covered pan (lid included), it's width and depth make it versatile pan for breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. It features a nonstick interior so that you may cook without added oils and still enjoy easy clean-up afterwards. Anolon Advanced is nonstick, hard-anodized cookware featuring Anolon SureGrip handles and the most advanced nonstick - inside and out. The comfortable SureGrip silicone handle adds sophistication and class to this cookware that will complement every kitchen. Restaurant tested DuPont Autograph 2 interior and exterior nonstick surface is ideal for healthy cooking and easy cleanup. The heavy gauge, hard-anodized aluminum ensures even heat distribution. Fast and even heat distribution for perfect cooking performance Twice as strong as steel, provides incredible durability

Prepare sizzling Hunan beef or spicy green beans with this quality 12-inch stir-fry pan from Anolon Advanced. The stir-fry pan includes a lid to both expedite the cooking process and contain the flavors and aromas of Chinese cuisine. Constructed in hard-anodized aluminum, the pan distributes heat evenly while deflecting dents, corrosion, and other signs of wear and tear. DuPont's Autograph 2 nonstick treatment coats the pan's interior for enhanced cooking and cleaning ease. To toss frying veggies or move the dish away from the heat source, a 10-inch 18/10 stainless-steel handle is securely riveted to the pan's side. Silicone rubber coats the handle for ergonomic comfort. The clear, tempered glass lid allows the chef to monitor progress without releasing hot air or grease splatters. To remove the shatter-proof lid, a loop-style handle affixes on top of the lid's dome. enables the chef to monitor cooking progress without releasing any hot air. The pan and lid sustain oven temperatures up to 375 degrees F for rewarming contents or other baking purposes. Wash the pan by hand, taking care to avoid abrasive scouring pads and cleansers to protect the nonstick surfaces. A limited lifetime warranty covers this item. Made in Thailand, the stir-fry pan measures 20 by 11-1/2 by 7 inches and weighs 6 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Anolon Advanced 12-inch covered pan for stir-fry dishes; durable hard-anodized aluminum construction distributes even heat
  • Nonstick DuPont Autograph 2 interior eases the cooking and cleaning processes
  • Shatter-proof glass lid contains heat for efficient cooking; 10-inch stainless-steel handle with silicone covering
  • Oven-safe up to 375 degrees F; wash by hand, avoiding abrasive cleaners
  • Pan measures 20 by 11-1/2 by 7 inches and weighs 6 pounds; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Pleased
    I am very pleased with this pan. I use it for stir frying, but it could be used for many things which might require a large pan.

    Cleanup is easy....more info
  • Anolon 12" Covered Stir Fry Pan

    Love this pan and I uses it everyday for not only stir fry....more info
  • Love my new cookware
    I have been very pleased with my Anolon Advanced Cookware! I searched several websites and stores and Amazon offered the lowest price. It arrived on time. I love the way it is easy to wash and I love the way it cooks. The only thing that I don't like is that it takes a while to heat up and you can't use high heat. But, it's very heavy duty quality cookware. I'm sure I will get many years worth of use out of it!...more info
  • Great Pan!

    I've bought pans that claimed they were non-stick pans but ended up being major disappointments. After reading all the great reviews I thought I'd give this pan a try. It's great! It really is a non-stick pan! I've cooked fried rice before using other pans and always find myself wasting time trying to scub the stuck on rice off or just ended up having to drown the pan in hot water overnight to get everything out. For this pan I was able to just clean the rice right off and it looks good as new. This is a keeper! ...more info
  • A must have pan
    I bought this for my daughter because I have one and love it. It's a great multi-purpose pan. Love having a lid and also the fact it isn't so heavy that when you have it full you can easily lift it. It's a bargain at this price....more info
    This is the best cookware, doesn't stick and lasts through cooking time-and-again without scratching....more info
  • Good quality pan
    I was looking for a replacement for my wok pan which I've had over twenty years. It was hard to choose, but after reading reviews for various pans, I decided on this one. Overall, I really like the pan. It's a great size for stir-fry and I love that it comes with a lid. That's a helpful feature because I always had to use a large plate for my other pan whenever I wanted to keep the meal warm a few minutes. My one complaint is that it doesn't come with a second handle because when the food is in the pan it is quite heavy....more info
  • Versatile, high quality pan
    The Anolon Advanced Ultimate 12-inch Covered Pan is an extremely versatile, high quality pan. I just love the comfort of Anolon's silicon handles and wish I could fit them onto my Circulon and Cuisinart products. This is a very large pan and the sides are so deep it's not ideal for making omelets but it can still be used for that purpose. The design is such that this pan is perfect for certain tasks yet is still suitable for many others. Anolon's nonstick finish is probably the best I've encountered and I hope it proves to be durable. The cover fits well and, unlike my Cuisinart Chef's Pan, the edge of the cover hasn't scratched any of the nonstick finish off the pan's rim. Cleaning this pan after use is very easy....more info
  • Nice pan
    I was surprised this had no reviews when I purchased it.
    This is a very nice nonstick fry pan. I wish it was a little deeper. Its depth(height) is more like a everyday chef pan than a true stir-fry pan.
    I still use it almost everyday and am very satisfied with it.
    One thing with its delivery was that it arrived with its end of the handle hanging outside the box. The handle must have punctured the box during shipment. However, there was no damage to the product itself.
    I still mentioned this to Amazon Customer Service, and they gave me a 10% discount on the price....more info
  • Great Pan!
    This is really a great pan so far. I do a lot of stir frying and use this almost every day. The material is excellent and retains heat very well since it's of a heavier weight. The lid also works really well and fits snugly without creating any kind of a mess like you would see with others. The size is also perfect esp when cooking bulky veggies. The only thing now is to see how long it lasts since I've only had it for a month or so. But so far, I'm very happy with this purchase....more info
  • The best Pan I Own
    Great nonstick, Unbelievave seal between lid and pan, great handle, nice balance....more info
  • Outstanding Pan!
    This pan is awesome! My parents have had this pan for many years, and I asked them for one just like it for my birthday present this year. I am a 46 yr old avid cook who owns an entire collection of "All Clad" and non-stick "Emerile Ware" by All-clad, so I am used to good cooking pans. I can cook pasta, to perfect omelets, and a mean stir-fry all in this pan. Extremely versatile and well made....more info


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