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Keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours with the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly. Designed for use from birth on up, and developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, this plush toy has a chain link that connects it to any Lamaze toy or play mat. It also comes with the Lamaze link clip for easy attachment to car seats, strollers and high chairs.

The Lamaze Freddie the Firefly offers:
  • Stimulates baby's vision and auditory skills
  • Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  • Tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae perfect for chewing

Large eyes. View larger.
Stimulates Baby's Vision and Auditory Skills
When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why Freddie strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate baby's vision, and bold solid colors that give baby's eyes a place to rest. Sounds like squeak, clink, and crinkle also help stimulate and develop baby's auditory skills. Finally, Freddie's large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which can help calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.

Child-Safe Design
Made to be safe for newborns and young children, Freddie features a soft velour body that's ideal for cuddling and busy wings with a peek-a-boo mirror for interactive play. Multiple textures keep your baby interested, encouraging her to explore. Additionally, the rings clink together, and the tethered ladybug teether--which baby can pull out or store in a cute little pocket--and knotted antennae are perfect for chewing. For added fun and to aid small motor development, there's also a ball that squeaks when squeezed.

Freddie comes with a 90-day limited warranty.


Click clack rings

Crinkle wings



Pull out teether

High Contrast Black and White patterns
About Learning Curve
The creative force behind hundreds of award-winning toys, Learning Curve created the Lamaze Infant Development System by working in tandem with parents, babies, and childhood experts. Learning Curve understands that what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy, and safe. The company's goal is to help parents do just that by offering products for every stage of a child's development--from feeding to playing to sleeping. Learning Curve's thoroughly researched developmental toys engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind. And their care, safety, feeding and soothing products give you solutions to day-to-day needs at mealtime, bedtime, at home and on-the-go.

What's in the Box
Firefly toy and Lamaze link clip.

Whether playing in the crib or napping in the car, your baby won't want to go anywhere without Freddie the Firefly. Safe and fun, this plush toy from Learning Curve is a winner with babies and young children of all ages.

Child-Safe Design
Lamaze Freddie the Firefly features a soft velour body and busy wings with a peek-a-boo mirror, multiple textures, squeaker, and crinkles to keep your baby entertained. The rings clink, and the tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae are perfect for chewing. The link is great for hanging from an activity gym and connects easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat. This friendly toy comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

About Learning Curve
Learning Curve offers developmental toys that engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are being inspired and enlightened by safe and high-quality playthings. Learning Curve created the Lamaze Infant Development System working in tandem with parents, babies, and childhood experts. Lamaze ensures your baby will grow, discover, and learn with the right toy at the right time.

  • Plush toy keeps babies entertained
  • Clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether, and knotted antennae perfect for chewing
  • Firefly design with soft velour body and busy wings with multiple textures and crinkles
  • Includes peek-a-boo mirror and squeaker
  • Recommended for babies and young children of all ages

Customer Reviews:

  • Cute Toy
    I ordered Freddy the Firefly, Jacques the Peacock & Stretch the Giraffe for my grandson who will be born in May 08.

    All 3 toys are similar: they all have embroidered eyes, a bell or rattle inside them and one puffy squeaker or squeaker foot and crinkly areas, soft textures, a clasp hook at the top that is stiff plastic and bright colors.

    Freddy has rings on his tail and a nubby red raspberry hanging from a green string off his right wing that appears to be a teether. He also has a small mirror on his right wing that reflects, but distorts shapes.

    His body jingles when shaken. His squeaker is a puffy ball on his left lower wing. His backside has black/white polka dots and b/w wavy lines.

    Based on the pics of babies holding the toy, I though Freddy would be alot bigger. He is a medium sized toy about the size of paperbook book.

    I'm satisfied with the toy, but will be buying other textured toys for a variety of stimuli and sensations for the baby to enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Captivating!
    My daughter continues to love this toy at 4 months. When she was a newborn, she took notice of this toy because of the black and white patterns on the back of his wings. It was actually the only toy that seemed to attract her attention at such a young age. Well, at about 2-3 months, she was able to reach out and grab the wings and little arms. I found it fascinating to watch her curl her little fingers around all the different parts. I thought by now she'd be bored of it, but I was wrong. Now at 4 months she's grabbing the rings and teether and putting them in her mouth. She also loves when I squeak the squeaky toy.

    I highly recommend this toy because it seems to captivate babies at many ages. Just a note, it is quite large and doesn't hang well from my Graco Tour Infant seat (blocks her whole face). However, it attaches very well to her bouncy seat!...more info
  • Great Toy
    This is a pretty cool daughter loves it. In fact she hates traveling in the car but this toy keeps her occupied for sometime. It has many interesting facets. ...more info
  • My baby loves Freddie!
    We got Freddie the Firefly from a friend and my baby cannot get enough of this toy! He's been using it since he was one month old, now he is five and Freddie is still strong. We attached the firefly to his vibrating chair an he spends a lot of time playing with it. Well worth the price....more info
  • Favorite Toy
    This is my little girls favorite toy. So many textures, colors and shapes for her to play with. Great for little kids. ...more info
  • Excellent fun toy
    This is a fun excellent toy for little ones. I have 2 girls and he was used with both of them. Both of them loved their bugs! Freddie has so many things to grab their attention. He also makes fun rustling and rattling sounds ~ and has lots of things for baby to eat! The mirror on the wing is a great addition! I've bought several Lamaze toys for my girls and this was the most popular by far!...more info
  • Lamaze Freddie the Firefly - great toy!
    My granddaughter loves this one too -- the bright colors keep her attention and she is quiet for quite a while playing with it. I'm glad I got it for her for Easter rather than a bunny!...more info
  • Great but...
    My 5 month old son loves this but with a week or so the red thing that hangs down came loose and could have choked him to death. Other than that, good product....more info
  • Favorite!
    This has been my daughter's favorite toy since we got it for her at about two months old. The colors are really fun on the front, then the back of the wings are black and white. It has a squeaker on one wing, which now cracks her up. The wings crinkle and there are little teething rings attached to the bottom by a short elastic band. This toy has entertained my daughter for hours, and there aren't any signs of her losing interest even now at seven months. In my mind a must-have. :) ...more info
  • Son loves this!
    My 4 month old absolutely adores Freddie! He especially loves the noise from the crinkling wings. The bright color are also very engaging! ...more info
  • Freddie!
    I purchased this toy based upon other reviews. My newborn is only a couple of weeks old, but when I place it in front of her during playtime, I can see that she's interested in this toy and her eyes move from left to right to look at the doll. I can't wait until she grabs and plays with Freddie....more info
  • Amazing!
    My baby is addicted to Freddie! He started with it at 3 months old and don't think he's put it down since (now 5 months) except when sleeping. We can't go anywhere without Freddie, Freddie soothes him and also keeps him busy with the crinkling wings, the soft cuddly body, and that "je ne sais quoi" that defies description. While Freddie seems very sturdy and washable, I'm actually here buying a backup. I can't imagine the meltdown that would result if something were to happen to Freddie. We like to say that Freddie and my boy have decided to become monogamous! He received Jaques the Peacock at the same time as a gift and won't even look at poor Jaques. A love triangle with a tragic end for Jaques. Anyone looking for a stray, heartbroken peacock that seems indistinguishable from Freddie to the adult eye, feel free to contact us....more info
  • Baby loves her dragonfly
    There are so many different "hidden" treasures on this toy. I didn't even notice the embroidered ladybug under one of the wings until a couple months of Sofia using the toy. She loves, loves, loves this one... even though she didn't get really interested in it until about 3 months of age. She is now 5 1/2 months and still loves to play with this.
    Her favorite part about this toy is the crinkle noise it makes, so we have bought many, many other crinkle toys. Still, this is her favorite....more info
  • Colorful!
    The firefly is so colorful and different things on it for a baby. My future grandson will love playing with it....more info
  • Ohh so fun!!!
    My little girl of 3 months loves this toy she likes the crinkling sound of the plastic wings. Before she could grasp she liked the colors. This toy is growing with her. I'm so glad I got it....more info
  • Great toy for newborns
    My daughter is 2 months old and loves this toy. (It was a gift picked by her 2 year old cousin, as he really liked it.) We've been playing with it for about 2-3 weeks now. At first, it was just the high-contrast patterns on the back of the wings. The next thing to draw her attention was the face of the firefly. Lately, she's really into the small mirror. I'm sure when she starts grabbing her toys more often, the crinkly wings and various textures will amuse her....more info
  • Great Toy for Infant
    This is the first toy I got for my 3 year old baby. I'm a first time mom, and I was very overjoyed to see how my baby react to this little butterfly. Everytime I moved it around in front of my baby, I can see his eyes following it. Also, when I make the squeaky sound from one of its wings, my baby just can't stop laughing, I'm just so glad that there's something out there that can make my baby laugh so happily. ...more info
  • Firefly
    My little guy LOVES this toy. It is his current favorite (he has the musical inch worm and sensory cube too) and he is always drawn to Freddie. It was a great buy....more info
  • Fun time with Freddie
    We bought Freddie when our little guy was two months old. He liked Freddie so much that we had to get Buzz a month later. He loved the black and white pattern on the back at first, and later on he liked to swat the wings to hear the crinkle noises (sometimes it looks as if he's fighting with him). Now he's trying his best keep the little teether in his mouth....more info
  • What a great toy!
    My 4 month old loves this toy! Great colors, textures, and good size. I really like the clip that holds it on - doesn't slip off easily like many other toys. ...more info
  • Great Toy for Infant
    This is the first toy I got for my 3 year old baby. I'm a first time mom, and I was very overjoyed to see how my baby react to this little butterfly. Everytime I moved it around in front of my baby, I can see his eyes following it. Also, when I make the squeaky sound from one of its wings, my baby just can't stop laughing, I'm just so glad that there's something out there that can make my baby laugh so happily. ...more info
  • Lamaze Freddie the Firefly - great toy!
    My granddaughter loves this one too -- the bright colors keep her attention and she is quiet for quite a while playing with it. I'm glad I got it for her for Easter rather than a bunny!...more info
  • This is great- and no batteries required!
    This is great- it's been hanging on my daughters car seat since she was about 1 month old and she loves it- I hear it "crinkling" and "squeaking" as I'm driving down the road. The "chew" piece has been great- We love it so much we've bought all the babies we know one for a gift and they love thiers too!...more info
  • Awseome toy for my 7 month old twin grand children
    I purchased this toy, and the Lamaze Freddie the Peacock, for my 7 month old grandbabies. They both loved this, they spend a lot of time gabbing and chewing on all parts of this toy. Truely a good choice to keep them entertained for long periods of time....more info
  • Lamaze Freddie the Firefly is Great!!
    I love watching my daughter pull, grab and smack Freddie. Sometimes she gets so excited. I crack up laughing watching her. ...more info
  • Awesome Freddie
    This toy is awesome. My son enjoys staring out all the different surfaces. His tiny hands can easily grab the wings and move the toy. It is entertaining upside right and upside down. We take this toy everywhere....more info
  • Love the bug!
    I recently ordered this for our son. He loves it! The second I gave it to him he started jabbering at it and trying to get the whole thing in his mouth. The crinkly wings make great noise and the colors are very vibrant. The reason I ordered this instead of another similar toy is because of the rings that hang from the bottom. At 3 months old his coordination is really starting to develop and it is easy for him to get and keep a hold of the rings. I would highly recommend this toy!...more info
  • Freddie is a great toy!
    My 15 week old daughter loves Freddie! We currently have him hanging on the headrest of our backseat so she can look at him while she's in her carseat. We also take him in with us when we go into restaurants. The baby gets very excited -- after looking at him she finally gets to grab him and gnaw on him! She really likes the colorful plastic rings and the crinkly noises he makes.

    All the Lamaze toys are great and well priced. ...more info
  • All 3 of my babies have loved this.
    I don't know what it is about this thing, but all three of my children have been infatuated with it. I think we were given this toy 6 years ago when my first child was born. My third child is 5 months now, and like her two older siblings, she is nuts about this toy. It's been the favorite for each of them. It's easy for them to grip, even at only a couple of months old. She won't stop manipulating it and crinkling it -- if there is any negative at all, it's that we can't give it to her at church or anywhere where we need her to be quiet because she's constantly shaking it and crinkling the wings. Nice teether toys, too....more info
  • Six Month Old LOVES It!
    My six month-old loves this toy. He is obsessed with tags, and this provides him with lots of different things to touch and feel. He loves to chew on the rings. Most importantly, it's light enough for him to pick up on his own. It attaches easily to a stroller or car seat with attaching rings (buy those separately). I would recommend this to anyone with a baby!...more info
  • Baby loves it!
    I bought this for my 7 month old, and he really likes it. The variety of textures and colors really catch his attention. There's even a little teether for him to chew on. He loved it as soon as I gave it to him!...more info
  • Hey, if Emma loves this, you will love it, too!
    This is a great toy with lots of funny textures to touch (and chew on!)

    Lamaze Freddie the Firefly became even more popular when Emma's manual desterity allowed her to get a better grip on him. That funny "rustling" sound he makes is a hoot!

    This toy is very well designed to hold a baby's attention and stimulate play!...more info


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