Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing

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Product Description

Baby takes a relaxing swing (side-to-side or front-to-back) as she watches plush rainforest friends in the mobile above play "peek-a-boo" among the leaves. While baby reclines in comfort, one of 12 different songs play, along with soothing nature sounds. And when baby's trip to the rainforest is over, the mobile swings away...until another day.

Swing includes: six soothing swing speeds (with a plug-in option that can save you money on batteries) two-position reclining seat and 3-point restraint. Folds easily for storage. Requires 4 "D" (LR20) alkaline batteries not included. Measures 43"H x 36"W x 28"L.

Designed for use from birth until baby becomes active and can climb out of the seat, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing lets baby take a relaxing swing while watching plush rainforest friends frolic in the mobile above. Both entertaining and soothing for babies, this swing promotes comfort, security, and healthy development. It also holds up to 25 pounds and requires four "D" batteries (not included).

Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing offers:
  • Comfortable cradle seat with leafy rainforest canopy calms and entertains baby

  • Six soothing swing speeds; relaxing music and sound effects

  • Three-point restraint keeps baby safe and secure

Two settings provide front-to-back or side-to-side swinging motion. View larger.

Motorized mobile with open & close "peek-a-boo" action. View larger.
Calms and Soothes Baby
This open-top swing features a comfortable cradle seat with leafy rainforest canopy, calming music and sound effects, and a gentle swinging motion that helps baby relax. Baby can swing side-to-side or front-to-back--either way, she'll be able to see colorful toys appearing to play peek-a-boo among the leaves. While baby reclines, one of 12 different songs and nature sounds create a peaceful environment, and six soothing swing speeds suit baby's mood. At the same time, watching leaves open and close and rainforest animals move in and out of baby's sight fosters visual tracking skills.

Safe, Sturdy Design
Sturdy and safe, the Rainforest Cradle Swing has a two-position reclining seat to ensure baby's comfort, and a three-point restraint to keep him secure while moving. A plug-in option helps save you money on batteries, and the swing folds for easy portability and storage. For added convenience, the mobile swings away so you have quick access to baby.

The Rainforest Cradle Swing measures 36 x 43 x 28 inches (WxHxD) and requires some assembly.

  • Open-top cradle swing with rainforest theme
  • Moves from side to side or front to back
  • 6 soothing speeds; easily folds up for convenient storage
  • Requires 4 LR20 alkaline D batteries
  • Folds easily for storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Keeps our baby happy.
    Was very useful (essential really) when our boy was younger. The plug feature meant that we didn't have to keep putting batteries in the thing. No, it isn't cheap, but we thought it was worth every penny....more info
  • Best Money Spent on My Twins!!
    My twins LOVE this swing. We never attached the tray. We always buckle them in, but the tray seemed too confining. Also, someone complained about not being able to take off the tray once you put it on. My daughters love to perch their feet on white bump between the legs.

    One girl has reflux, and the lower seat setting gives her relief from the reflux pain. She sleeps in it at night (near her parents.)

    Make sure you register it in case the motor goes bad. My motor hasn't had problems. We've owned it for almost 8 months. It doesn't swing as high as other swings, but I'm OK with that.

    It's like having a helper to hold your baby for you whenever you need an extra set of hands....more info
  • not good for chunky baby
    We thought this was going to be the perfect swing for our 2 month old. It plugs in, has a VERY cute mobile, good music, and swings in 2 different directions. Well, once we got it home and put our baby in it (2 months and 16 lbs) it looked like it was going to tip over! No matter what direction we put it in, the swing just wobbled like crazy. Although he loved it and smiled the whole time he was in it, it just wasn't safe for our little chunky guy. If you have a small baby, it would be great...but not for us....more info
  • Great Swing
    My 9 week old loves this swing. She will sit for hours watching the animals go around in circles over her head.

    There are a couple of issues that make me rate it a 4 star instead of 5:
    1) it is very noisy - you can hear the motor running
    2) the plugs come loose very easily and then you have to figure out if it has detached at the leg or behind a piece of fabric
    3) it is impossible to change the reclining position
    4) enormous
    5) you need to make sure that the legs are completely level or they will come off of the floor while in the highest speed setting - not enough to tip (yet???) but enough to make you spend about 5 minutes moving the legs so that it doesn't tip

    Great things:
    1) plug in no batteries, yeah!!!!
    2) colors
    3) variable speeds
    4) music
    5) ability to move seat different positions

    overall we love this swing and the pros definitely outweigh the cons...more info
  • Love this swing
    I absolutely love this swing. It has been great and who wouldn't love the plug in great is that!! I am a mother of 5 and this is the first swing with a plug in option which saves tons on batteries! My 2 month old loves to look at the mobile and likes the music. I also love the way the swing handle moves the baby either direction to swing. I highly recommend this swing! ...more info
  • Got Some Great and Some Not So Great Features
    I previously owned two ocean wonders swings but needed a new swing. I purchased this immediately due to the plug-in option. I have a son who has had chronic ear infections so he spent many nights sleeping in this swing. Here's what I like: the swinging motion is gentle. The ocean wonders swings were a little too forceful in the swinging if you ask me. I also like the fact that the swing has a open top and the mobile can move out the way. I bonked my baby's head a zillion times on the ocean animals getting him out with the other swing. The plug-in option is terrific. NO MORE D BATTERIES!!! What I don't like or should I say hate, is the fact that the tray table is permanently attached to the swing. I'll be the first to admit that the detachable tray was sometimes a pain because it would always be on the floor or there was never a place for it, but now, if you don't want to use the tray it's just there and now my son likes to grab on it and slam it down repeatedly. I have to always use it even when I don't want to. That is my chief complaint. Other than that, I have not had a problem and recommend this swing. ...more info
  • Best baby gift !!
    This is the best gift we received for our baby. She loves it, the swinging relaxes her. She can sleep in here for hours. First thing in the morning, I put her in the swing and she loves to scream and laugh at the animals moving around over her head. I highly recommend this swing...the colors and music are great too....more info
  • Must have
    I received this swing before I gave birth. I loved the bright colors much more than some of the other drab options out there. My son lived in for his first two months. He was in it so much that now he's too active to enjoy it, but it was an absolute life saver when we first brought him home. I would strongly recommend this swing to anyone, but first-time parents definately!...more info
  • would not recommend this product
    We bought this swing because of the ac adapter and also the music. We have had nothing but problems with it. After two weeks the music quit working, the swinging action sometimes worked. So we called Fisher Price and was sent a new mechanical part. Yet again the music has quit and the swing occasionally swings. I would look elsewhere for a different swing....more info
  • NEVER use batteries again!
    I got this swing because of the option to plug it in. Our last baby we used so many batteries on her swing it was nuts. This swing has lots of songs to play and is very soothing. The colors are good for a boy or a girl....more info
  • Fantastic Swing - BUY IT!!
    My husband gave me a lot of grief for buying the most expensive swing, but after the second day of owning it, he shut his mouth and made me dinner.

    The swing is a little more then the others, but well worth the extra money. It has the option to face forward or swing side to side, which is wonderful. You can reline the seat, so the the baby is able to lay back, a great feature when they're so small in the beginning. The Mobile turns around, which my infant never seems to tire of. The music has four different settings, and each song is so long it takes forever to repeat, so thankfully, you don't feel like you're hearing the same irritating three notes over and over. And, if you can believe, the music is actually soothing... not like nails on chalkboard!

    Also... you can plug it into the wall, so you don't use batteries! I can't even imagine how much I have saved with this feature. Its fantastic. Nothing else on the market plugs in now.

    My recommendation is spend the extra few bucks and get this fantastic swing, you won't regret it for a second, but you will kick yourself when you get the low end one without all the features....more info
  • Review on Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing
    This product is very nice for a baby but the powercord wouldn't work, it would only run on batteries. Had to call Fisher-Price and they are sending new cord....more info
  • Love it!
    We bought this for our son soon after his birth. It's fantastic; nothing bad to say! He always fell asleep in it, and it just always relaxed him. We used it everyday, until he was about 8 months old, when he started pulling himself up & trying to climb out! :) I just wish he was still little to get use out of it. Now, it takes a lot to relax him!...more info
  • Versatile swing with really good music
    I bought this swing for my 2 month old. He likes the music a lot. I use the slower music for naps. Now when he hears the music, he knows it's nap time and barely fusses. I can see him start to relax and go into sleepy mode. I also like that the swing moves front-to-back and side to side. It gives our baby some versatility in what he's able to see and aloows me move the swing to lots of spaces. I love that it also plugs in! My baby uses the swing a lot so this really helps save on batteries. It seems comfortable for him and it's also easy to clean. The only con: He's 4 months old now and rarely looks at the overhead mobile and when he does, it's not for long. I think it doesn't sit in a comfortable position for him. ...more info
  • Great Swing
    I had this on my registry after reading good reviews. I got it for my shower so it was ready to use when I brought the baby home from hospital.
    He is three months old now and we use it alot. We have set it up between my computer and my husbands. He spends time in it when we are working at our computers.

    I never thought the ability to change the way it swings would matter, but apparently it does, my son has a definite preference for swinging side to side rather than back and forth. So that feature turned out to be very handy.

    He really enjoys the mobile. It hangs at a good height for him to see.

    The big reason for choosing it was the fact it didnt have to run off batteries. So we have it plugged into the wall and never had to even put batteries into it.

    Only things I would improve would be the following:

    A longer cord.
    The tray should be easy to remove.

    The other thing to keep in mind, is its not very portable. So if that is a feature you are looking for keep that in mind. We were not, we had a set place for this in mind.

    We have other rainforest items. It seems like a good set to get. Nice and vibrant colours for the babies to enjoy....more info
  • The good, the bad and the blah
    There are aspects of this product that were really good. I enjoy the option to plug in the swing, instead of having to use batteries. I also enjoyed the option to switch from side to side or front-to-back swinging motion. The mobile held my son's interest for about a month, and then he got bored. The music/rainforest noises stopped working after about two months, which was very irritating. However, while they did work, they were not annoying or obnoxious.
    Overall I enjoyed this swing, but would not purchase it again. I will probably donate it to Goodwill....more info
  • Best swing I've owned
    This is my third baby and my third swing (I had a hand crank one and a battery powered cradle swing before). This is the best one I've had yet. I love the bright colors and great mobile toys that actually keep babies attention, that it has the ac adaptor (which is all that we've used), and the option of baby swinging front to back or side to side as different babies prefer different ways. Unlike others I don't find the motor too loud. It's as loud as other swings and the sound of the motor is usually soothing to a baby anyway. I put the swing together by myself and it went together quickly. I feel that it is sturdy. The seat is at a great angle for a newborn and can adjust when they want to sit upright. I don't care too much for the music or sounds (although my older kids like it) but I like that the mobile moves and the leaves on the mobile open and close. My baby is still small (about 11 lbs.) but I don't worry about the swing not being able to handle more weight since we have only had to use the lowest swing setting to keep it moving. The other swing I was going to chose was a papasan swing but the new style was on back order and I was nervous about the reports of babies tipping out of the seat. That's not a problem on this swing and my baby looked snug and comfortable even as a newborn. I'm happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Mixed thoughts
    Ok I have mixed thoughts on this swing, but overall I think it is worth buying. I know each kid is different, and my daughter could care less about the mobile part, and she really really wants to sit up more. The music startles her a little bit but she gets used to it. I think she would rate it low from her perception and interest in toys.

    My 28 pound toddler son on the other hand would give it a 4.5. He loves the thing even though he would have nothing to do with a swing as an infant. He has tried pulling the animals off at first and now just give them kisses as they go by. He loves the sounds choice that makes each animal noise and he names the colors as they go around. He can get himself in and out of the swing, and uses it as a bouncer type toy as well. The swing itself wont work with him in it because he is too heavy (instructions say 25 pound max), but it gives it a good try. He has not broken it yet even with all of his rough play. He tries to swing his sister "gentle", but gets carried away and he has not bent the metal rods or disrupted the swing yet.

    I personally would only give it a 3 from what I expect. You must realize that my son gives the machine a run for its money, and my issues are not "traditional" issues that a parent without a toddler or a more strict parent might not have. The seat cover needs more attachment points. The feet part keeps coming off and I find myself being worried that every time the infant moves alot she might end up out of it via her butt. It also takes up a lot of room in the vehicle when we go places, but I make room so that she has a place to sleep out of the way.

    I love the fact that the mobile swings up and over so its completely out of the way, and that is is both electrical and batter. I once just grabbed it and put it in the car for a weekend visit and completely forgot it used a plug in until I got 300 miles away. Thats where the batteries really helped me out, but mostly I just use it plugged in. The music is not timed and will stay on until I turn it off, and even though all the 4 options are not really my type of music (jamacan?) It is much different then what is usually heard. The stem that holds the seat allows me to attach via velcro a mirror that she loves to look at herself with, and I like the fact that I can simply rotate the seat any direction with no buttons to push or no "elbow grease." Oh the mobile stops moving when you lift it up without having to take the time to turn it off. I use this often to keep my toddler from ripping it off when pulling on the animals, and the animals are so great and vivid that I may just keep them when my daughter is done with it.

    I hope this helps. I have three types of swings I used trying to get my son to like any of them, and this is the fourth type in almost three years and I like this one the most!!!...more info
  • Love this swing!
    We purchased this swing when my son was about one month old. He loves it! He really likes the bright colors of the mobile animals and used to stare at them in amazement. As he has gotten older (he's now over 4 months), he gets bored a little more easily, so he doesn't like to stay in it for as long as he used to. I usually use the swing when I need to get things done around the house and can't take him along - like cook meals. I'm sad that he's quickly approaching the weight limit of 20 pounds (he's a big kid), so we won't be able to use it for a longer period of time.

    We bought this particular swing because of the bright colors, its ability to be plugged in, and because it can swing both side to side and front to back. We also liked the music choices. Most of the songs are easy to listen to and won't drive you crazy. There is even one choice of just animal sounds (birds chirping, etc). It's nice for when you really don't want music playing in the background of your phone call.

    Some people have reported problems with the swing stopping, saying they have a faulty motor. After a few days, we thought this was our problem as well. But then we realized that the seat wasn't aligned properly. Since you rotate the seat to change the swinging direction, you can change the center of gravity of the seat. Rotating the seat very slightly to the left or right and making sure the vertical swinging bar is centered in front of the plastic part (just under the picture of the elephant) will make it swing much better. As long as I check that the swinging bar is centered before turning it on, it works perfectly....more info
  • Slow, Slower...Stop
    This product seems like it would be a good buy when you read about it from purchasing descriptions. Yes, it is "pretty" and it has the "battery saving option" of a electric outlet adapter. Thing is that the swing starts out very slow--you almost have to give it push to get it going--and then it slows almost to a stop, even on the highest setting...and my baby is only 1 1/2 months old. The battery saving option is not really a plus because the swing never stays on long enough to get much use. It has a "reset" button which is supposed to make the improper swinging motion "snap back into rhythm"--but this feature just does not work. In fact about the only thing that consistently works on this swing is the rotating mobile.
    After having it at home for less than 24 hours, I have taken the swing back and will be buying a Graco Lovin Hugs swing (based on a friend of mine's much wiser purchase),a battery charger and some re-chargable batteries. Because when it comes down to it the price for all three items is nearly the same, with much better quality...and real music for that matter...not birds chirping and strange ding-dong noises....more info
  • It's ok...
    LOVE that it can be plugged into a wall instead of using batteries all the time.

    LOVE that it has an open-top design - no more interesting maneuvers to get baby in and out, especially while sleeping!

    LOVE that it's not completely hard-bottomed - from the seat up, it's like a sling.

    LOVE that it swings both side-to-side AND front-to-back.

    Here's what I DON'T love:
    1.) The swing power does seem to be less than other models. Our old Fischer Price Cradle Swing evidently has some good velocity to it (which our daughter favors) and this one is a much tamer swing.

    2.) The mobile moves sooooooooo slow that it doesn't hold my daughter's attention at all.

    3.) It's lower to the ground than our old model (might be a pro for most, but my back prefers it to be a little higher with our big girl!)

    4.) The music/sounds are pretty loud, even on the low setting. (You can forgo sounds altogether, if you choose.)

    5.) I wish the tray had some toys on it - not really sure what people do with the trays - suction cup toys maybe??

    6.) I like that it has a 2 position recline, but there's barely a difference between the two.

    It's a good swing, but I wouldn't purchase it again and I still might return it. I'm disappointed because I can tell my daughter misses her old swing, which still works - maybe she prefers the hard-backed seat or maybe the high velocity. The reason we bought a new one is because the mobile stopped working, we were tired of using so many batteries, and we plan on more kids. We also wanted a swing that went both ways. But now I'm kicking myself for not getting an Evenflo swing so we could use our Exersaucer toys on the swing tray...
    ...more info
  • What a great swing!
    My son has loved this swing from the 2nd day we brought him home from the hospital! Of course for the first 2 months he didn't care about the mobile, but the front-to-back and side-to-side motions and music were a hit! Now that he is 3 months he loves the mobile and is constantly talking to the animals as they rotate around. The music has different selections like quiet/lullaby, active/play, rainforest sounds, and just plain rain.

    I did have one snag - one day it just quit working! I have always used it with the AC adapter, so I was worried that the motor had given out (especially after reading so many negative reviews!). I called FP and they asked me if I had tried it with batteries (I hadn't, so I did). Turns out the motor wasn't bad, it was just the AC adapter! (Good thing, because the motors are on a 3 month backorder!) Within 7 days of talking to FP customer service I had a new AC adapter and everything works great again!!

    I would have given this 4 stars because the AC adapter quit working, but the FP Customer Service team were so great and I got my replacement part so quickly that it made up for the frustration of using batteries for a week (my son gets mad when the animals stop moving). We Love our Swing!!...more info
  • weird ghost swing
    OK just ok. the thing turns on sometimes without me turning it on. i would go with the papasa swing...more info
  • Maggie's dream machine
    I bought this swing from Scotland for my grand-daughter in New Jersey. I am told that she loved it from the start and her big sister chooses the tune for her. It fits in really well with the decor as it is made with neutral fabric and has become Maggie's "chair" in the living room....more info
  • returned 3 times
    I bought this swing because it was the only one that I could find with a plug in. Since this is not my first child I know how many batteries you can go threw. I have had to return this item 3 times and although I love the design and the colors, I would love it more if it worked all the time. I did by a forth one and I know your thinking why would you buy it four times.. I lost my reciept.
    The first one was unbalanced so when it rocked it looked like it was going to tip over. The second one wouldn't play the music. The third one wouldn't swing with the baby in it. My Forth one is working but four times shouldn't be your lucky charm.
    I just think that Fisher-price could do a better job on this item and I don't recommend it. ...more info
  • Cute and served its purpose
    I bought this for the early months when our son was waking/sleeping every few hours, to give us a break from rocking and walking. It was worth every penny just for the first couple of times that he fell asleep in it.

    The design is cute and my son was captivated by the mobile. I found having two directions to swing or rock was useful. The swing does take a minute to get up to full speed, but we never had any problems with it as we have a light baby. We also used it to feed him his first solids.

    After he was 7-8 months old, it was less used, but I would still buy it again. It folds for storage, but really it is still not very compact....more info
    My boy loves this swing. I didn't realize how fast these kids can get attached to things. So, I guess this does what swings are supposed to do.

    Recommend it....more info
  • Great swing compared to others
    We have used this swing for 5 months now and it works great. It is quiet and keeps the baby entertained when she is awake. Perfect for rocking her when she is asleep.

    We chose this swing because it is one of the few that can plug in so we are not eating through batteries. We have only had to press restart a handful of times. Folds up quickly, easy to clean. We ended up taking off the plastic tray because our baby kept kicking it and we were afraid she would hurt herself....more info
  • The Name Says It All...Rainforest!!!
    I absolutely love the different speeds of this swing and the different sounds of nature that this swing provides; it also has one or two of the standard baby nursery sounds...

    My grand daughter also seems to be fascinated with the leaves and animals that move in a circle above her head as the sound of the rainforest and motion of swing help her go to sleep everytime that is truly a plus for me when I have to babysit.

    I thought the swing had broke but there is a reset button on the swing that needs to be pressed from time to time nothing major...

    I also like the fact that you can use batteries or use the ac adapater...

    It also folds easily if you need to take the swing to another room which is great...

    The bottom line is this is a great product and I see swings have come along way from cranking a handle every 15 minutes or was that 10 minutes......more info
  • A Must Have
    Excellent swing. Love the plug in feature. Great rotating seat option. Volume control is parent friendly. Easy to set up. Cute mobile. Open top swing makes getting baby in and out a breez. You wont be disappointed. We had the Ocean Wonders swing before this one...wish we had this one since the beginning daughter falls right to sleep:o) Various nature sounds and lively music. ...more info
  • Not a bad swing, it's decent.
    Bought this swing for my 3rd son, it's a good swing, no problems so far. I like how the seat swivels and the mobile arm raises, those features wold have been nice on the old aquarium swing. The only downfall on this swing is it's a little loud, only has 2 sound options and there's no lights. The ocean wonders had a light fixture at the top. My son is only a month old but he doesn't even notice the mobile. Kinda wish I had bought the ocean wonders again just becuase my other 2 boys loved the lights mobile more then anything. All in all it's a good swing....more info
  • Just doesn't live up to the original
    We had the duckie cradle swing (short lived production period) when my son was a baby. That swing put him into a coma for naps from 2 months till 6 months and saved my sanity many times. The only drawback was the battery factor... it chewed through D cells like no one's business. We kept it, hoping for another baby... and ended up with twins.

    A friend of a friend lent us her rainforest swing and I was stoked - coma for naps and NO BATTERIES!

    Unfortunately it's just not as good as it sounds. It didn't swing as high and it didn't swing as fast ... the mobile was slow, one of the leaves stopped flapping before we got it, and it wasn't in a good spot for baby to even view it ... the seat is different. It's easier to recline and seems more comfy BUT instead of being all one piece that tilts back or forward, only the back tilts or comes forward, which is not so good for a reflux baby - squishes the stomach SLIGHTLY more. (one of my twins we have dubbed "the spit up queen" so I am more attuned to these things than I care to be... it's OK if the back is reclined but not it you try to tilt it up)

    Neither of my twins cared for this swing at all - they would sit in it and look bored and then start to fuss and then start to cry until you took them out - they preferred the duckie swing. It worked its coma magic on them just like my son. I ended up buying a used aquarium swing (same concept only with music and lights in addition to the mobile) and they are so much happier. The aquarium swing is rigged up to plug in instead of use batteries so everyone is happy.

    Skip the rain forest swing - look for an aquarium or duckie swing. For what it's worth - people are complaining a lot about the rainforest motor dying... my son's duckie swing and the aquarium swing i bought are from 2003 and both are churning away strong as ever - maybe the quality was better then?...more info
    My son is 2 months old (third child). He loves to be held all day long and I love to hold him. However, sometimes I need to cook or clean or something. He only takes cat naps all day long. Until I bought this swing! He loves it! He takes a two hour nap in it every day! He is so comfortable in it. If he has a burp, he easily can burp because he is propped up enough in this swing. I highly recommend this swing. You will not be disappointed! BTW I searched internet forums and blogs over and over trying to find ways to get my son to sleep on his own during the day without crying it out. This swing is the answer!...more info
  • Great Baby Occupier
    My son started enjoying this swing when he was only a week or two old. When he's awake, he stares in amazement at the rotating, brightly-colored animals. Since I keep this swing in my home office, I appreciate that there are four different music choices (or otherwise I might go crazy!). The papasan-style chair seems very comfortable to him - as evidenced by how easily he falls asleep in it. I like too that the chair rotates 90 degrees so your baby can swing either side-to-side or back-to-front. But most of all, I love that it plugs in instead of eating up $30 worth of batteries per month. The only thing I don't like about this swing is the volume control. There are two volume settings, but the lowest one is a little loud - too loud for nap time, anyway. All-in-all a very good purchase. ...more info
  • They finally perfected the swing
    5 years ago we bought the Ocean Wonders Aquarium swing, which still works, with the exception of the mobile. After finding out we were having twins we realized we needed 2 swings. So we got the Rainforest one. What a huge improvement over the Aquarium swing!!! It swings almost silently, big improvement. It folds up more easily. It has more and better music. It swings more softly, the other one swings so hard I'm afraid the baby will fly out! The flip top mobile is great. And my favorite feature is the fact that it plugs into the wall! Good job Fisher Price. ...more info
  • Short lived item for bigger babies
    This swing has it's good and bad points.
    The GOOD:

    -Easy to assemble
    -Comfortable seat for baby to fall asleep in
    -Most of the music is not annoying to me
    -Plugs in to the wall, I've never put batteries in it
    -Mobile swings out of the way
    -Swings both directions

    The BAD:
    -The tray comes down in between the legs, making it difficult to use when you have the baby swaddled or in a nightgown
    -Now that my baby is around 16+ lbs, the motor is working overtime, sounds noisy, and the swing itself is getting unstable. I think I may have to retire it long before he hits the actual weight limit of the swing.

    I'm disappointed that this swing is not going to last much longer. It seems to be one of the best things for my baby when he gets wound up. But lately one of the legs is rising up off the floor when he is swinging. If you have a smaller baby, it will probably work well for you. It would work better if the tray was removable or there was no leg center piece....more info
  • Motor problem and crooked seat
    I was so excited when the swing arrived today in the mail. My 11 day old enjoys car rides, so he will hopefully like a swing! But then I spent thirty minutes assembling it to discover that 1) the motor is bad and 2) the seat tilts ~20 degrees to the right as mentioned by previous reviews. The swing has the same (slow) speed at all settings and clicks loudly. I'm returning it and buying a different swing....more info
  • Rainforest Cradle Swing
    This product's best feature is that it plugs into a power outlet. I had the Aquarium Swing prior to this one and the Rainforest Cradle Swing is nice, I just wish it had more bells and whistles like the Aquarium Swing did. Overall, my daughter loves this swing. Another nice feature that is that the seat swivels 180 degrees and she can sit upright or recline in it. I just wish the tray had some toys that she could play with. My daughter is 4 months old. We just attached rings to the tray and she loves to bat at them....more info
  • Great Swing!
    Our first son had the Aquarium swing and loved it! I was hoping to get another one for our second son, but my husband came home with this Rainforest swing. At first, I didn't think my son would like it because it didn't have the glowing light ball from the Aquarium swing, but my son loves it! He is 4 months old now and is still captivated by the swing!

    We did have the crooked seat problem, but re-read the directions and the seat was fixed. The motor on this swing is great! Even on the slowest setting the swing is excellent. This swing is meant to be soothing, not an amusement ride. And, the A/C adapter is great! No more batteries to change!

    Overall, this is a great swing! I would have given it 5 stars, but the lowest sound level for the music is still a bit loud. Everything else is great! Just be sure to read the set up directions carefully! ...more info
  • Great features, but a space hog
    When my son started daycare at 3 months, they had a whole bunch of new toys and swings he'd never seen before. We already had the smaller Fisher-Price Rainforest Take-Along Open Top Swing, but it only went front to back, not side to side. My son loves the side to side motion for taking naps.

    We normally keep it in the side-to-side position because it's easier to interact with him this way. I like sitting on the floor in front of him and reading a book, holding it out to the side so he can glance back and forth between the pages and my face.

    My son likes talking to the animals circling in the mobile above, ducking behind the waving leaves. There's a wide variety of songs in various settings: lullabies, upbeat playful songs, nature sounds and a new-age-like nature sound/song combo. The seat can be rotated from back to side to front or anywhere in-between. There are 6 different speed settings, though my son normally doesn't like anything faster than the second speed.

    We like the fact that it can be plugged into the wall, although it can also take batteries.

    It's pretty huge and takes up a lot of space. It's also heavy and cannot be moved easily. If you don't have a space you can dedicate to this product for a few months, this swing will likely annoy you despite all its cool features.

    I definitely think it's worth the price, especially considering the smaller swing was about $60....more info
  • My Son LOVES this swing!
    We wound up getting this swing after returning another one, and we're glad we did! Our son absolutely loves this swing, especially the moving mobile that comes down from the top. And now at 3 months, its his favorite place to sleep in the evening after his bath. The AC plug is a great feature - no batteries! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Returned.....I guess it was defective?
    I was so excited to order this swing. My sister raves about her Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing. I ordered this one instead because it plugged into the wall.

    When I got it I was very pleased with the colors. It looked so nice and the assembly was pretty quick and easy.

    However, it would barely swing with the baby in it. Since we already have traditional swing from subsequent children I was really puzzled. The highest swing setting was comparable to the lowest on my other swing. Baby was not happy after being used to faster motion.

    So I boxed it up and will be returning it tomorrow. So far the return process to amazon has been very smooth and easy. Go Amazon! I choose to get a refund as the replacement would have been the same swing and after reading some of these review it might not have been defective after all. I might have to try out my sisters in person before I decide if I will reorder the Ocean Wonders. ...more info
  • A decent product for a limited time
    We bought this swing the day we brought our son home from the hospital. For a new baby, it is perfect. It reclines far so that a wobbly-headed baby can lay comfortably. The gentle rocking relaxes baby and puts baby to sleep. At that age, he wasn't at all interested in the mobile.

    As he has gotten older, the swing has grown fairly well with him. We haven't had issues with the swing petering out, the music stopping, or any of the other technical issues parents have mentioned in previous reviews. We have never used the tray, so I don't really have any opinion on that feature. I can say that from about 6 weeks through 3 months, our son LOVED the mobile and he has always loved the music, especially the natural water one with the animal sounds.

    Now that he is 4 months old, he is almost 26 inches long and he takes up almost the whole swing. I can't sit him with his bottom in the actual dip because his head nearly touches the metal bar that holds the swing. He also likes to sit upright now and this swing does not have a totally upright setting, so he gets frustrated in it unless he is tired. The swinging motion is starting to go a little slower at this point, so I think that at 16 lbs he is already outgrowing it. It is supposedly good up to 25 lbs, but I don't think it will make it past 20. It has been great while it lasted, though.
    We retired the swing when my son turned 5 months old at about 18 lbs. It could have gone longer, but it had started squeaking as it went back and forth, so it is definitely not good up to 25 lbs. It was difficult making the conversion from the swing, but we got through it! He REALLY loved his swing! Despite this not being good through the maximum weight limit advertised, I still feel that this product was worth the money....more info
  • Great for Babies and Parents
    Our grandson already had one of these and we found it so very useful and has wonderful features like the ability to run off household current as well as battery operation, the choice of settings for speed, sound and motion. The seat cover and animals all being machine washable and the convenience of folding for storage and transport make this so easy and useful for childcare. We purchased this one as a gift for a friends baby shower and she is sure it will be well used too. The seat is adjustable and sturdy construction well thought out product. Would highly recommend this item....more info
  • The Envy of Mommies Whose swing DOESN'T plug in!
    We have had this swing for 3 months. I like how the seat reclines in different positions, and that you can turn it front to side, to the other side! this allows our baby to look all over the living room and dining room. She can watch the couch, the dining room table, or even the TV.

    I have a small issue with the tray. I think it could latch a bit better. My daughter started putting her toes under the tray ledge at about 2 months and pushing up or kicking at it, and is able to unlatch it. This bugs me. She was not even 11 pounds yet and she could kick the tray open. Makes me wonder what will happen when she is older and stronger. Even if it is latched she can kick it open.

    I love how the swing is portable because with an (actually easy!) push of the button, the legs fold in and I can move it to another room, which I have done a few times with no issues.

    Of course I LOVE that it plugs in.

    I have had a scare or two where the swing wouldn't swing. I panicked, but was able to use the reset button and fix the issue. I am not sure why this happens. We probably only use the swing once or twice a day for about 20-30 minutes each time, because she isn't a huge fan of being in one place for too long. I often wonder why they don't make a swing that vibrates like a bouncy seat?

    My only other complaint is the VOLUME of this thing. The lowest volume is too loud. Although my daughter has no issues sleeping through it, the rest of us do. Sometimes my husband and I would try to take shifts, but whoever was trying to sleep would be instantly woken up by the swing music... even clear in our bedroom when the swing was in the living room.

    We found that annoying and have a "rule" that if one person is taking a nap, we don't turn the swing music on....more info
  • Alright
    Our twin boys didnt really like this swing until they were 4 1/2 months old...they would cry and fuss to get out (guessing the colors were too much stimulation for them?). Now they are mesmerized by the mobile and enjoy the side to side motion. Nice that it plugs in and has an electric mobile. Easy to change from side to front mode. Overall we are happy with this....more info
  • Wonderful
    This is great - no using a million batteries. My newborn would only sleep during the day in this swing - shes 5mths and 20lbs and still loves it. Shes in it 5mins and WHAM - shes asleep....more info
  • Too slow!
    We purchased this swing because of the plug-in feature (we were spending so much money on batteries for our Graco swing). It's an adorable swing, but it swings way too slow for our "daredevil" little girl. We had to take it back. I guess we'll just keep buying batteries. Too bad Graco doesn't make one that plugs in!...more info
  • Love this Swing!
    My daughter loves this swing. It is worth every penny. The swing has been a life saver on many occasions. We love that you have the option to plug it in or to use batteries. It does take up a bit of space but we opted for this one over the travel size swing. The swing offers several music selections and diffent levels of power on the swinging motion. Overall a great product. Our daughter is 6 months and still loves it....more info