Infinity Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Care System - NV31

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Product Description

  • Advanced cyclonic no loss of suction technology; passes IEC NLS test standards
  • Washable HEPA filter and bottom emptying dust cup
  • Quick release extension wand with 9' cleaning reach and adjustable-height handle with telescopic tube
  • Pet Care System designed for pet lovers for superior pet hair cleanup
  • Includes dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush and features 5 carpet height adjustments and 14" cleaning path with headlight
  • Features:
    • Advanced Cyclonic No Loss Of Suction Technology
    • Washable HEPA Filter And Bottom Emptying Dust Cup
    • Quick Release Extension Wand With 9
    • Pet Care Cleaning System Designed For Pet Hair Cleanup
    Customer Reviews:
    • Good Vacuum for the Price
      For the price, this is a good vacuum. It has good suction, and is easy to use. It is difficult to lift when you need to though, and its quality is undermined by the plastic used, which makes it seem cheaper than it is. ...more info
    • May not compare to Dyson, but still a great vacuum
      I've had this vacuum for over a year now, it has great suction, and picks up a disturbing amount of dirt and hair. My main complaint is the difficulty of emptying it. Pet hair and dust get stuck on the center screen and you have to either scrape it off or take it out and rince it every time. But for the money it's a great vacuum....more info
    • Infinity vac
      This is my least favorite upright vacuum of any I've owned. It replaced one of the original Fantom Fury vacs; I knew the Fantom would be a tough act to follow, and that the Infinity would take some getting used to. A year later, I'm not only still not used to it, I hate it. The keyword for this vac is "inconvenient". The electrical cord runs from the bottom and is in the way, which is a nuisance. Some molded parts on the casing have cracked or broken (including one of the cord clips that is supposed to keep the cord out of the way); not the kind of parts that can be replaced. The clip to hold the hose up out of the way doesn't work; the hose is too heavy for it, and the clip can't be closed tighter to hold it. Emptying the canister, dealing with too many filters, all a mess. This thing also overheats and shuts itself off faster than anything I've ever used. I am told that it isn't defective; it's just the way it is. Bulky to move around, the attachments don't work terribly well. Don't even think of putting those attachments where they're supposed to fit on-board -- everything is in the way of everything else. I did check out reviews before I bought it -- wish I'd paid more attention to the negative ones. Do yourself a favor and save your money. This one isn't worth it....more info
    • Not worth the $$$
      I thought at first it would be a good vacuum, if I had known it was made by Shark I would have never looked twice. Their other product I purchased lasted less than 2 months before failing. Now this vacuum has no suction, is hard to push and is louder than before. I clean the container every time I use it and I even checked for clogs, none. The vacuum is just an all around poor performer. Please don't waste your money on this brand....more info
    • Do not buy this vacuum
      3 months after purchase the plastic housing on the base broke. I had to ship the entire unit to the East Coast and wait 6 weeks before it was returned to me. 6 months after purchase it began overheating and turning off. Many thorough cleanings per instructions and calls to "customer service" and the problem is getting worse. Suction is great when it works. Handle is breaking. This unit is on its way to the garbage....more info
    • Infinity Vaccum Cleaner Pet Care System NV31
      I have owned this machine for about two years now. I have two dogs that shed all year round. This machine has lived up to it's claims as a Pet Care system. However if you do purchase this product and you need to get any service you are going to have one of the most frustrating experiences of your life. First of all you have to mail your machine to North Carolina. Second if you have not saved your proof of purchase then you are totally OUT OF LUCK. I have the machine, the manuals and what have you, but since I purchased this from Costco along with many other items I did not save that receipt. Now I am left with a machine that I can get no service on because I cannot produce a receipt. I had ordered a few belts within the first month of the purchase. They have that in their records. Yet now that I need service on the machine their call center folks told me that without the proof of purchase I am totally out of luck.

      The machine does what it claims, and does it very well. However if it breaks down then you are left out in the cold by the company unless you can produce the proof of purchase. So if you do decide to purchase this product then guard the receipt or else plan on purchasing another vaccum if you ever have any problems with it. In short the product is very good. However if you expect the kind of customer service that any other company offers, even without the original sales receipt, then the buck stops with Infinity.

      ...more info
    • only lasted 6 months, not worth the $, DO NOT BUY
      Purchased this in Jan08, and last month (Jun08) it started to overheat every time we turned it on. Followed all the instructions, took it all apart and found no clogs/hair/etc. The motor is just plain shot. It's under warranty, but you have to pay for shipping to send it back, which is $50+ dollars. What a rip-off. Buy a Dyson or save $100 and get a Bissell or something that does the same job....more info
    • This thing sucks- and not literally
      We were excited about having a 'new vacuum' vs the old school 1980s hand me downs. Fire engine red, see through, super cool right? yeah, for like 2 weeks. It's powerful, but the quality stinks. It'll overheat cause stuff gets stuck in the top of the nozzle. It's angled and not curved, so you'll have to remove the hose and bang nozzle on the ground to get the crap out. Second, the nozzle extension keeper broke, so the thing extends up to 8 feet as you vaccum, making it like a giant stick animal. The bottom round flapper of the dust bucket broke off, so you have to hold it while you empty. The top of the handle broke off too, so wearing gloves is required. Oh, and they put the electrical cord at the BOTTOM, so you run over it all the time. Hello? Did they even try to use it? You also must remove the inside mesh filter thing from the dust canister and get the stuff out. Other than that it actually does pick up fur and dirt, and the pet nozzle thing sounds like a race car when it's attached, so that's kind of fun. Overall, we wish it'd had actually worked, cause it's good lookin and all, but the 80's hoover beat it hands down. Thanks to China!
      ...more info
    • Can't handle it's own suction
      We have had this vacuum for 8 months now. At first, it was awesome. Then the problems became more and more frequent (even with regular maintenance and care):
      1 - We don't have pets, but we do have probably works better with pets. This thing embedded raisins into my carpet and it gave me a hard time with the remnants from the paper shredder. It just does not do as well picking up bigger objects (unless you are using the wand, obviously).

      2 - Although we were amazed at how much dust and hair it collected as opposed to our last vacuum cleaner, it started overheating easily a couple of months ago. Since then, it seems to overheat more frequently, even though we take care (as we always have) not to let it overfill and watch for clogs.

      3 - It requires a ton of maintenance: you have to clean the cylinders, the filters, and wash out the bin, in addition to the SEVERAL times you have to empty in one vacuuming session. Although I think it is awesome that it sucks up so much dirt and hair, it does not have the capacity to hold hardly anything! And emptying it out sends dust and fibers everywhere - no matter how hard I try, I can't do it without making a mess. That is in addition to reaching up into one of the filters to pull all the junk out that won't fall out.

      4 - Recently it is giving us problems with the belt...I have spent over an hour trying to figure out the problem and can't, but it smells like burnt rubber when I vacuum and the brush mechanism is performing sporadically.

      5 - The cord is long, and the wand is really long - I could vacuum up all my stairs while leaving the vacuum at the bottom. But the vacuum is constantly tipping over backwards (therefore using the wand is a pain and dangerous with kids around) and winding the cord back up is THE BIGGEST PAIN (I don't even bother anymore)...they just don't give you any room at all to do it.

      In short, this thing has some serious suction power...but it simply does not have the equipment to deal with it - and it is going downhill fast.

      Find something else....more info
    • Loose suction, hard to clean, and handle broke off
      Works OK but loose suction fast, hard to clean canister, and handle broke off after couple months. I don't recommend this Infinity vacumn...more info
    • As usual, cheap plastic from China, lousy customer service
      I purchased this vacuum and was initially happy with it. After 5 months, the plastic tabs that hold the internal filter broke off somehow. The filter then goes off center and causes the motor to overheat and burn out. I called to get a replacement since I felt it should be covered under warranty; I did nothing to cause the breakage and followed the owner's manual to the T when cleaning. I was essentially told tough luck, I'd have to pay for new parts.

      Lousy customer service, useless warranty. Save your money and buy a Dyson...more info
    • Good concept...poor design
      I loved the idea of a pet care system becaue I can never get all the dog hair cleaned up well. I have had the infinity for 1 1/2 years and made several calls to the customer service department ( which was of course outsourced). Each time they could not help me unless I wanted to pay to ship it to them. The handle broke at one point and for $30 I can get a part shipped to me. The suction and vacuum stopped working and my husband had to take it apart to get it working again. It also does not stay upright. It is constantly falling down. Very poorly designed product! Do not buy!...more info
    • Sounded good, but... BEWARE, it's well named, you'll need INFINITE patience with this one!
      I bought this in a hurry - I have two vacs and both died on me and I was expecting weekend guests, so I ran out to Kmart and grabbed this one. It's pathetic. I plan to have my Hoover windtunnel (with bag) repaired. It was cheaper and far better.

      This machine's unsatisfactory issues are:
      1. Suction is poor. POOR, POOR!!! I have to go over the same rug or floor area multiple times to get dirt up. (Dog hairs, tiny pieces of doggie bone treats, and the usual household dusty/debris. NOTHING excessive.) A single pass with the Hoover would have it all clean as a whistle. I just give up with this one before I have it cleaned completely.
      2. Has a loud screaming high-pitched whine above the normal vacuum sound
      3. Emptying the canister is both easy and difficult - there's a push button to dump, but then there's dirt up higher which has to be removed by sticking something up in there to dislodge it. Absurd.
      4. Additional tools come in a bag, don't attach (except for a couple), so you need to cart them around, too.

      This machine's good issues:
      1. nice extra long hose.
      2. Wand is in the handle - easy to switch between upright and wand.

      The 'good' doesn't come close to overcoming the bad. I really hate it.

      My Hoover Windtunnel is loud, but otherwise is a fabulous machine. After that suction, the Infinity is well named... takes infinity to get the dirt off the rug and floor. I thought for the price of the hoover, it would make sense to just get a new machine. Nope. If it's too much to repair, then I'll buy another just like it. And never again will I buy a Shark product.

      UPDATE: This piece of junk died on me just over 2 months after purchase. I had my old machines repaired, and this sits in the basement until I decide to either toss it or see if it can be fixed. NEVER AGAIN will I buy this brand....more info
    • infinity upright vacuum cleaner w/pet care system
      This is a very good vacuum and we enjoy it very much. Continued use will really be the test as far as the suction is concerned. But for now we are impressed....more info
    • Can't Get Replacement Parts and Clogs Easy
      I thought this would be a good vacuum to clean up all the hair from my three dogs. It cleans well but all other dealings have been a headache with this vacuum. First off, it picks up dog hair well but then you have to open the vacuum and clean out the clog the hair formed. I needed a belt to replace a broken one. Guess what! Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Sears, Lowe's, Target and Kmart do not sell belts for this vacuum, even if the company sells the vacuum. You can not get a belt for this vacuum from any website I have been able to find either including the comany's website. I finally contacted the company by phone and the only way to get a belt is to order through them and ofcourse it was three times as expensive than every other belt I saw at the above mentioned stored. If you are looking at buying a vacuum, I would not recommend this vacuum to a friend....more info
    • Awesome, good value for a vacuum
      I got this vacuum because my cheap $80 vacuum died about 2 weeks after we got 2 kittens. Hmmm. My best friend has a Dyson, but I couldn't justify spending $500 on a vacuum even if we had it spend. So I researched and bought this one about 1 1/2 years ago. I LOVE IT! We have had absolutely no problem with it. The carpet in my apartment is probably the first carpet EVER made, and between the crappy carpet and walking around with shoes on and 2 cats that shed like crazy, it does wonders. I've had no problem losing suction, it picks everything up, the telescoping handle is awesome, and the pet attachments really do pick up the hair. My one cat thinks he owns the recliner, so it's always hairy, and the vacuum and attachments do a fine job of picking the hair up. Emptying the cup is easy too, although with all the hair I sometimes have to reach in with my fingers to get it out. We clean all the filters on a regular basis to maintain the machine. I can see where some people with allergies have complained about cleaning it-I took everything apart today and cleaned it out and I was sneezing like crazy, and I don't have allergies. The dust and dirt it picks up are so fine. I suppose if I had allergies I'd just make my hubby clean it because the trade off of it working so well in my mind make the machine worth the effort to clean it. Hope this helps! ...more info
    • So disappointed!
      Much to my disappointment, I have had nothing but trouble and frustration with this vacuum since purchasing it 4 weeks ago. Here are the facts:

      1. The belt broke the FIRST TIME I used it. There is nothing like having to tear apart the vacuum cleaner you just took out of the box.

      2. It is EXTREMELY heavy to push, and top-heaving when sitting upright.

      3. It flat-out stopped working for no apparent reason today. After tearing it apart AGAIN, 45 minutes later, it was back to working, but now is making an awful sound in the motor area.

      My time is valuable, and I refuse to fight with my vaccum cleaner everytime I want to use it. I'm going to buy the Dyson Animal I should've bought to begin with. Do yourself a favor...don't waste time or money on this vacuum cleaner. ...more info
    • Doesn't work for me
      I am not sure if it's me or the vacuum, but when I switched the mode from carpet to bare floor, it started blowing stuff out. For $200, I will get something better....more info
    • Good at the beginning, bad after a few months
      I bought this about 5 months ago. I started noticing problems with it about 2 months ago. At first, it was great in picking up all sorts of stuff. I did normal cleaning and maintenance.

      Today I was vacuuming and it was balling up all the cat hair on the floor... and leaving them there. Literally, I could run this thing over small pieces of loose paper and nothing would happen. No blinking red light, either, but I disassembled the unit and cleaned out the filters (just did a dry cleaning, since rinsing the filters with water means waiting another 24 hours for them to dry and we have guests coming over tonight). Put the unit back together, and noticed some suction coming back, but now the red blinking light is on. It blinks when I pull the vacuum backwards and goes off when I push it forwards.

      Overall, it was a nice idea that worked for a couple months and then turned into a piece of junk. I'll be returning this to Costco next time I go, and getting something else. One of the other reviewers said something about a Dyson working well for him/her. Maybe I'll get one of those....more info
    • This vacuum is great!
      I love this vacuum. It picks up everything in its path as far as dust and dirt. The only problem is if you run it over a metal item like a coin or anything like that, the belt snaps, but i guess it is that way with any vacuum. As far cleaning it, these people who say it is difficult is just ridiculous. The chamber can be soaked in warm soapy water and it all comes clean, pet hair an all. I let mine air dry. I empty the dirt chamber over a trash bag and it comes clean. I ordered a new belt from their website easily and it was there within 10 days. I agree that stores should carry the belts, that is the only issue I had, but for the money, you can't beat it. It comes apart easily for cleaning. For all those people complaining, I am sure they are not being totally honest about what they are trying to pick up with this vacuum. It as VACUUM, not a change sorter machine. ...more info
      I was very impressed with this vacuum the first couple of times i used it. It sucked all the cat haor nice but we did have to empty it twice during one session. Than is broke. We paid 18$ for a belt, that did not fix the problem. Than we called and they had us pay for shipping to New York which is the only place they will fix it under warrenty. 6 weeks later we finally get it in the mail. Well, it is not our vaccum cleaner. They sent a lower end vaccum (not the pet hair system), and guess what? it showed up BROKEN. We called them and they said their system didnt have us there so now we have to wait till Monday to call their corpoate office.
      REALLY - horrible product, HORRIBLE service.
      We are now using our old vaccum until we hopefully get a refund!
      I will update this review with what actually happens....more info
    • Good for the price
      Pros: Excellent suction, effective furniture attachment, easy to empty and clean, telescoping metal handle, long hose, easy to remove handle to get high places.

      Cons: Easy to tip over even following the mfg instructions attaching the hose at the base, cord attachment at base makes it easy to run over.

      We have lots of different flooring from carpet to laminate to tile and we have very hairy dogs. This vacuum is easy to go from one flooring type to another as well as having a hard floor attachment that easily reaches under furniture. Even with all the dog hair, I didn't have the problem alluded to by other reviewers requiring some sort of tool to remove the hair from the dust bin. The bin emptied easily and only required one emptying during cleaning the 2500 sq ft house and one emptying at the end. I would highly recommend emptying the bin outdoors as this vacuum captures very small particles that easily become airborne thus defeating the whole point of the hepa filter.

      The most annoying thing about this vacuum is its tendency to tip over.

      The best thing about this vac is the furniture attachment. Wow! it really works, the brush spins up and sounds like a jet turbine. Even pressing fairly hard on upholstery didn't cause it to stop. Certainly scared the cat!

      Overall, I think the build quality is good for this price point. It feels more solid than most other vacs. And just playing in the store; I found this unit easier and more intuitive to use than the Dyson. ...more info
      I just returned my 3rd Infinity Pet Care Vacuum. Fortunately Costco has the best return policy and customer service in the world so I was only greatly inconvenienced and annoyed by this vacuum.

      I brought this vacuum home to replace an old Oreck that does not handle pet hair well. I hefted it out of the box and gave it a trial run. I too was amazed at how much fine dust and pet hair it picked up. When I tried to empty the canister, I had to pick out the pet hair from inside the filter and dust was everywhere. Had to use a shop vac to pick up the mess in the garage and wash my hands to my elbows to get the dust off- so much for low allergen. The red light was blinking with in a week. I fully disassembled all parts, washed the filter and still- red light, then the burning smell and it shut off. Bye Bye number one.

      Thinking this was user error, I got a new one- same story but I was more careful about taking 20 minutes to fully clean out the whole thing- 4 big parts that need cleaning and fit together- after each and every use. Within two weeks, the hose clogged at about the mid point. I tried clearing it with an air compressor and a long stick and after a couple of hours of fooling with it finally got the clog to the end of the tube which does not come off the unit but instead bends at a right angle- I had to pick it out piece by piece with tweezers but was still so impressed with all that it picked up. Couldn't get the red light off though so I took back number two.

      Being an optimist, I tried for number three and first used the handle to clean my curtains- it would not snap back in. The the clips for the cord both broke off and so did the the clip holding the hose in place causing it to be badly out of balance- red light came on, united heated up, cleaned thoroughly shut itself off...back to Costco.

      I still wonder if there was some seal I was suppose to remove because I can't believe I would have such a hard time with all three units but when the plastic pieces started snapping off I felt the vacuum just has a poor design. Had I not had my Oreck for 15 years and my Eureka tank for 40 years I might think the it was my fault.

      So, if your are considering this vacuum or had just bought it, take it back before it is out of warranty. It does suck well but it was not made or designed to hold up.

      ...more info
    • Shark infinity with pet care system NV31
      My unit is bright and a bit over the top green I am sad to say but other than that, it is the same as the red unit most often reviewed. It is typically European in design meaning it has a lot of instructions which are not perfectly clear and very poorly illustrated but are very necessary in order to learn to use this complex vacuum. There is one flaw in the unit which is the flabby connexion between the hose and the handle. It tends to disconnect and I will likely add some velcro to keep it inserted but still removable. Now comes the good stuff..It has extraordinary suction...keep it away from kids as it is just about industrial in its ability to draw air rapidly into its intake. As it is a complex design, it does have rather a large number of possible clog zones and one must learn where these are. I strongly suggest again to look at the instructions with the machine and go through it all several times. I found, for example, that an easy way to find out if the floor powered brush section is plugged and the light goes on that removing the wand and handle from the top and finding full suction there points out that the lower section is where the dog hair, leaves and whatnot has plugged the unit. No point turning it over until one knows that one has to. Another joint that might plug is the hose to handle joint. The dust tank fills rapidly and needs emptying rather often but the fact is, I had cleaned my rugs a week earlier and thought that they were clean using my old Panasonic dog of a vacuum and when I did it with the Shark, well, I had to empty the dust bin on the machine..6 kidding..from what I thought was a reasonably well vacuumed rug. That was incredible and so I assume that if I were to use this regularly, the amount of grunge coming off the rug would naturally decrease. I can only say that the amount of technical work with the vacuum which is rather a lot is made up for in spades by the extraordinary amount of cleaning this unit does. In terms of following the instruction vis a vis cleaning once every three months for the venturi..forget about it..I did it today after using the machine for the above work and though I could have let it just seems reasonable to wash and dry it regularly. The cleaning is easy with just warm water washing of all the polycarbonate plastics that get dust in and on it. It does not empty all that well from the dust tank and I have to reach in and get it out but that is due to the long hairs of my Golden Retriever but hey, it gets the hair off the rug and that is the goal, after all. I have overfilled the tank and it let me know it was unhappy with a rather muffled sound of the compressor and lower suction so keep track of the dust tank and empty it often as it is easy enough to do more often than waiting too long and having to disassemble it to clean it. The machine is loud when using the rug cleaning brush so I use earplugs and I think this is a good thing to do if you want to have good hearing for longer. It is not quiet but no vacuum is if it actually has enough guts to clean. Removing the handle from the top for wand cleaning is a cinch with my unit..not tight at all but secure when installed. The attachments are excellent and the brush edge on the wand floor attachment is long and strong and really grabs dust so one must naturally clean it off from time to time. As I am not squeamish about getting into the dust and dander, I just do it with my fingers but one could just vacuum it off as well. The fine screen which is in the dust tank got covered with fine dust and dander after the many emptyings and so I ended up rinsing it off along with the other components. I think it is easier to wash it than try brushing it off, actually. After reading comments regarding parts that did not work here and there on some of the machines, I suggest yet again that a new owner go over the instructions, disassemble the various and many parts of the machine to be certain as to how to do this and to make certain that all parts fit and can be taken off and on. Like I said in starting this review, this is a European design and as such assumes that the owner will actually follow the instructions and treat this machine in an intelligent manner. It is not an idiot proof design in other words..It is more than an on and off moron vacuum. It is a cleaning tool equivalent in its own way to a machine in a workshop. It is not a toy and not for kids so keep them away from it due to the moving components and the high vacuum. I did not consider a Dyson by the way due to the ridiculous pricing structure of that machine and the smarmy elitist superior snobbism exuded in the TV commercial. It might or might not be better but the Shark is a serious contender in spite of its little eccentricities, of that, I am certain....more info
    • Good Vac with some drawbacks
      I purchased the Infinity NV31N vacuum about 5 days ago now. After my first use I was both pleased and irritated. It did a good job picking up dirt and pet hair, however, the dustcup filled up much quicker than I anticipated. I had to dump it 3 times while vacuuming my 1100sq foot townhouse. When I was finished vacuuming I followed the maintenence instructions that came with the vac. Cleaning the multitude of cups, screens and filters was a bit tedious especially when I was used to my use it and forget it cheap-o Hoover vac. I found that the pre-motor filter system was impossible to open in order to get to the filters inside to wash them. I called tech support and was told I could BUY a new filter system. I pointed out to the customer service rep that I had just purchased the vacuum and the filter housing was 'stuck' straight out of the box. After some persistence, the customer service rep set up a free replacement of the filter housing and the filters which it contains-- the ones that are stuck inside that I cannot get to in order to clean as the instructions direct. These replacement parts will take 3-5 weeks to be delivered. Hopefully, the new parts are functional.

      That issue aside, the vacuum picks up a lot of dirt and traps a lot of dust in it's multitude of containers and filters.

      ...more info
    • Poor Design
      This product is poorly designed. First it tips over very easily. Second, you constantly run the vacuum over the cord. Third, it has a very small capacity for dirt. Fourth, you have to use your hands to reach in and take out the dog hair and carpet dirt. So what is save with the HEPA filter is lost when you empty it. Not good for alergies. So it is overrated and over priced. ...more info
    • Great suction on this vacuum
      I didn't find it heavy, or difficult to empty as some have mentioned. The removable wand is great and gives you lots of reach. I bought a refurb for half the price listed here and I love it. I hate to vacuum but this machine made it almost enjoyable....more info
    • Won't hold up.
      There's no doubt that this vacuum has great suction power, picking up massive amounts of dog fur. Unfortunately, after only one week, I have to return it because:
      1. The dog hair it picked up is IMPOSSIBLE to empty from the chamber without reaching in with my hand or a stick.
      2. The belt already broke. Granted, it comes with one extra belt, but I have to wonder how long that will last if the first one lasted only one week....more info
    • Oh, No! I should have bought the Dyson!
      Had to return it. Belt broke first time I turned it on! Then it started turning itself off after a few minutes. The book says clean filters. ???? It's brand new but I cleaned the filters. It still turns off after a few minutes use. Lousy customer service in India tries to tell me to clean out hose. No, it sucks great until it turns off. Nothing is blocking hose. Then they want me, yes me, to send it back to them. Not an exchange. If they find something wrong with it THEN they will send me a new one. Hello? Be without a vacuum for weeks? How about if I just take it back?

      I borrowed my friends all floor Dyson Pet Care vacuum. Its the thinner more expensive model. Works great! I loved it so much I used it to clean my blinds and ceiling fans. I don't know how Dyson's customer service is, however....more info
    • Save your bucks for Dyson
      I got the NV31 for three reasons. First, I was taking my Dyson DC07 in for warranty repair (cracked dust release level & needed beater brush), and according to the service personnel, it could take 3 weeks to get the Dyson back. Second, my stepdaughter needed a vacuum for her apartment, so I thought I might kill two birds with one stone and use the NV31 while I waited on the Dyson to come back and give the NV31 to my stepdaughter when I got the Dyson to replce her Dirt Devil. Third, the NV31 was on clearance for 65% of the price seen at Amazon.

      I was also taken in by the style, and the small details. One big selling point for me was the removable cyclone that can be washed. The Dyson cyclone is fixed in place, and it is difficult to remove and clean, not to mention that doing so voids your warranty. The other thing that caught my eye was the number of cyclones on the NV31 versus the Dyson DC07.

      The big question is, does the NV31 perform, and does it stack up to the Dyson DC07. Short answer: no. The Dyson DC07 has about 5x the suction power (and motor power) of the NV31. The NV31 also has a manual carpet height adjustment, where the DC07 is automatic. This means that you must bend over and flip a knob to raise or lower the height of the beater brush, which can be a big pain if you have to vacuum rugs and different types of carpet in the same house.

      The first time I used the NV31, smoke poured from the unit, and I realized that I had the carpet height on level 2...which was too much for the puny motor and belts, so the belts started to smoke. The suction power when using the wand and attachments is about 1/2 of the DC07.

      The DC07 also has a larger collection chamber for the dust, and better HEPA filtration. The NV31 picked up about half of what the DC07 nornally piced up.

      My advice your money and get the Dyson. The Infinity is a cut below the Dyson in terms of dependability, durability and power. Also note that I have had the DC07 for about 4 years now, and I used it every single day on a 1500 sq. foot surface of carpet, and I have two birds and two cats, so the DC07 gets a workout and keeps on ticking. I just put the DC07 in for service because the plastic cracked and the beater brush is spent.

      I am going to retutn this NV31 and get the Dyson slim for my stepdaughter.
      ...more info
    • Terribly Disappointed!
      What a rip off. I bought the Infinity Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Care System about six months ago. No problems at all for the first 2 months, but about a month later my husband had to take the Infinity to the repair stop to have it unclogged. Did I mention that only the sleeping quarters of the home has carpeting, and that we have no pets? So what's with the Infinity clogging so fast? What a waste of my money and a total disappointment. I guess it just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by it's pretty little cover now can you? Again, a waste of money and a waste of time!...more info
    • Worst vacuum ever
      Claims that it is simple to use and requires no filters, but is heavy and difficult to push across a carpeted floor, and does require one type of filter replacement.

      Filtration system consists of a foam chunk, which you remove to clean. You save money by not having to buy new filters, but now have to hand wash the foam and wait 24 hours for complete drying before using it again.

      Capacity of dirt holding cylinder is incredibly small. Only allows for about a square 10 foot section worth of floor to be vacuumed, then needs to be dumped out.

      You have to disassemble the dirt holding chamber to empty it, and then fit it back together in puzzle fashion.

      The claim that it is "designed for pet lovers for superior pet hair clean-up," is utter nonsense. Runway style rows of dirt and hair are left behind after a pass over an area.

      It does not provide any benefits towards removing pet hair, and was a total waste of my time and money, so I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone....more info
    • Not Bad
      All the pluses that other reviewers said are quite true. However, you should consider the downside before getting this vacuum.

      1. Emptying the dust cup can be a hassle. You would need a stick or very long fingers to reach inside to get everything out. 2. The cyclonic chambers are easy to rinse, but VERY DIFFICULT to dry. I live in CA, where humidity is low, but it still took over 3 full days before the chambers dried completely. The vacuum is out of service until these chambers are dry.

      Finally, I wish it had retractable power cord, like Hoover Elite or Dirt Devil 130000. ...more info
    • Cheap plastic parts break easily!!!
      Bought this unit for $250 (the most I've ever spent on a vacuum) thinking that it would last for years. It has lasted 8 months and is falling apart! Plastic parts abound on this unit. I understand the need to keep it light, however, there are critical parts that should not be plastic! Several plastic parts have broken off and forced my to glue or do without them altogether! The rotating pet hair hose attachment is junk. It clogs up almost immediately. Emptying the unit is a messy affair. Most of the time I have to reach up inside the canister and pull the dog hair out since it wraps around the wire screen filter in the canister. I've had the red light come on at least four times in eight months, which means having to disassemble the unit and do a thorough cleaning of its multiple filters. And last but not least, the wands retaining nipple broke off. I had to superglue it back on as best I could, however, the wand will no longer come out of the unit (yes, I waited for the glue to thoroughly dry before I put it back into the unit), effectively leaving me with an upright with no hose to get the corners, couch, etc.
      It's sad that we consumers must seemingly accept that we must buy a new $100 vacuum ever year or two. Or we can spend hundreds more and get nothing more than a bit more suction - same plastic pieces of junk.
      In case your wondering, no, I am not rough or clumsy with my household appliances. But then, should we have to handle them with velvet gloves? ...more info
    • So far, so good!
      I also have read many reviews for vacuums. I own, but no longer use a Kirby that I paid a lot of money for years ago. I have been using a Bissell that I have had for a few years that works ok. I went shopping to check out a couple of vacs that I reviewed online and tried them out in the stores, but didn't care for the way they handled. I saw this one at Best Buy for $250 and tried it out and liked the way it maneuvered and realized it might be the same one K-Mart had in the box on clearance. I went next door to K-Mart and purchased it for $138. (clearance price plus 30% off,including tax)Wow! It has some great features. #1-the metal extension wand is in the handle which is convenient, #2-long hose great for stairs, #3-brush on/off on base along with power on/off. (brush off works great when you need to vacuum scatter rugs) #4-it lays almost flat on floor to get under furniture, #5-the 14"base fits between small spaces like my dining room chairs. I have not had any problems with the unit getting clogged, but I DO clean the cup and the cyclonic chamber after each use. (I was told by a vacuum repairman that my Bissell lasted so long because I kept the filters clean). The cup IS small and I DO have to empty it 2-3 times during vacuuming, but I have a Collie and a cat, besides 4 adults and 1 baby in the house along with my kid's friends coming in and out! So a lot gets tracked in. I love that it has a washable HEPA filter! The big negative is it's pretty heavy and I wish it was self-propelled and that the power cord was longer than 30 feet. So far I'm loving it!...more info
    • Very Powerful & GETS the Cat and Dog HAIR the FIRST TIME
      My husband got tired of me pawing and scraping the cat and dog hair and other gunk on the bedroom floor BEFORE I vacuumed the floor. The 12 year old Dirt Devil had given up the ghost years ago and I didn't want to spend five-hundred bucks on a Dyson Animal or other big ticket vac. The Bissel stick vac we bought as an interim also couldn't handle the sheddings of our two cats and dog.

      The time had come. WE NEEDED A NEW VAC! While gathering up the day's newspapers, an ad caught my eye. It was more than an ad, it was a positive product review of the Infinity upright vacs. The price caught my eye, and what really got my attention were the words "Pet Care System". For fifty bucks more I could get a vac that would take care of that thin (and sometimes not-so-thin)coating of cat and dog hair covering every surface in my house.

      I found my NV31 at a newly opened Linens n' Things. My husband did the minimal assembly needed to get up and running. (It was so easy I could have done it!) Minutes later I was working on the hardwood floors. The GUNK that thing picked up was remarkable. I took it into the den where I had done the "paw and scrape" routine just the day before. It picked up even more gunk. Very impressive!

      With the pet hair removal attatchment it did a wonderful job of cleaning up the dog's favorite chair and the futon visiting humans sit on.

      I'm withholding a five star rating until I've had the vac a few months. But after the initial work out I've given it, I think it will indeed be worthy of a five star rating.

      In conclusion, if you've got cats and dogs at home, and would rather spend your money on pet food, human food, and other sundry things and not on an overpriced "Animal", get the Infinity Upright Vacuum Cleaner with the Pet Care System for about $250.00. The Infinity will clean up after your animals quite nicely....more info
    • A bad decision
      I read tbe reviews here on Amazon and elsewhere, and thought I was making a good purchase. WRONG! To give credit where credit is due, the suction is very good, and it rivals Dyson in maintaining suction power without slowing down. But that's the only thing in its favor.

      I bought this model because (a) I have allergies so wanted something with a true HEPA filter, and (b) I have a dog - short haired - who tends to shed in the spring and fall. Probably the most disappointing "feature" is how poorly balanced the unit is. When using the attachments, the base will frequently tip over. Once, the entire canister came dislodged when it tipped. BAD BAD!!

      But the WORST feature of this vacuum is the process involved in emptying it - there are 3 separate parts to be emptied, and getting everything clean involves coming in direct contact with all the junk that you are trying to keep away from! After emptying it (while wearing a face mask), I still ended up with a coughing and sneezing fit lasting 20 minutes or more.

      I do NOT recommend this product. ...more info
    • Just amazing
      I just purchased this vacuum today. It blew me away. My wife and I just cleaned the house yesterday. We used our old Bissell vacuum, with one room left the Bissell died. We have 2 dogs & 2 cats, one of which is a Persian. The Bissell could not hold up, over the last 3 years we went through 3 Bissells (one a year). The Infinity is amazing. It picked up so much cat & dog fur that the last vacuum had missed. It also picked up so much dust/dirt it looked almost like silt. I revacuumed the whole house. I had to empty the canister twice. The carpets seem to look newer as well. The attachments it comes with are also great. It is pretty easy to use. If this lasts for at least 2 years it will be well worth the price. ...more info
    • Changed my mind about this vacuum -- thumbs down
      UPDATE: This vacuum is great at first, but in one year I returned this four times because of a different problem with each Infinity. Costco doesn't carry it anymore so finally I broke down and got the Dyson, the original vacuum that the Infinity is copying. The suction is even better than the Infinity, and doesn't spit dirt backward when you are vacuuming bare floors like the Infinity did. The clean up of filters, dirt traps, etc. is a lot faster with the Dyson and simpler. I had a love/hate relationship with the Infinity; this is why I kept exchanging it for another new one. Read below, times this by 3 of how awesome it is and we are now talking about the Dyson. Again, the Infinity is great at first, until it breaks. With the four that I owned, they started having problems from the third time I used it to within a few months. Even with these problems, it still was the best one I owned, until I bought the Dyson.
      Original review: I can't believe how much fur, dust and dirt this vacuum picks up. When dumping out the canister it is unbelievable how fine the dust is. And after vacuuming my area rugs they are now back to their deep colors -- I had no idea how washed out the dust was making my carpets. I love how all the filters are washable. And I do rinse the top two out after every time I vacuum just to be on the safe side, not lose any suction. We have a golden retriever and three young athlete children who track in the baseball diamond dirt all the time so the filters get pretty dirty, plus we live in the AZ desert. I don't mind that I have to empty the canister often -- it just means my Infinity is cleaning so well. Earlier in the week I thought I would vacuum my house just for the fun of it. We have dark saltillo colored tile and area rugs. The tile did not look dusty and I could not see any dog hair. But after vacuuming I was shocked at how much was picked up. Also, my furniture has not been as dusty as it was before I bought this vacuum. It is awesome! I bought mine at Costco for $[...]. Plus, with Costco's awesome guarantee if it EVER breaks, they will give you a refund, so it IS like you are buying a warrantee when you buy it from Costco....more info
    • One year later...
      Update: It's one year later and my Infinity still works...but not quite as well as it did at first. Do I regret buying it? No.

      So it isn't a Dyson. That's okay. Maybe when this one dies I'll be in a place that I can afford the Dyson. In the meantime, I'm happy with the Infinity.

      I haven't had to make any repairs. You DO have to maintain this machine with regular cleaning. It doesn't bother me. Everytime I clean the cyclones I'm just amazed that all that crap came off my floors.

      I got my Infinity Pet Care vacuum about two weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's so easy to use and picks up so much junk off my floors that I am constantly amazed. This thing actually picks up ALL the dog hair out of the carpet. I got done on my hands and knees to check. Nothing has done that before.

      I guess the feature of this that I like the most is that you can press a button and the handle pulls out. You can use this to get underneath things and (best of all) use the wand to clean your baseboards without worrying about scratching your paint. I had honestly decided not to have ornate baseboards in my next house because they were such a pain to clean, but with this vacuum it is SO easy.

      Another great feature is that there is a switch located on the base you can use to go seamlessly between carpeted areas and bare floors so the beater brush won't scratch the floors. This is great for me because I have hardwood floors in a large percentage of my house. This means you can throw away your broom and the previously beloved Swiffer. I used to use about three or four Swiffer pads every time I cleaned the floors, so in the long run this feature will save me considerable money.

      All in all, this is the best purchase I have made in a really long time. I feel like I can finally keep up with my 60 pound foxhound's shedding. If another, more expensive vacuum picks up more than the Infinity I would be shocked. I was ready to buy the Dyson Animal and I am SO glad that I saved myself about $250!...more info
    • Doesn't suck... really.
      I'm really suprised by the comments that this has good suction. We've had it about 20 minutes now and I've found I can suck harder thru a straw than this unit.
      I have to litterally play with a small piece of dirt to get it to pick it up. So after about 30 seconds of playing with a speck of dirt, I get to move on to the next one.
      It just absolutely does not pick up by just normal vacuum motions.
      Our old vac was 3 times the vac before it died.
      We're taking it back to the store right now.

      ...more info
    • Helpful hints for an almost perfect machine
      This vacuum is fabulous! Great suction, great easy to use wand! All the good reviews I find true to my experience. I only wish clogs could be cleared easier in the one untouchable bend section of the tube near the floor. But luckily, we found that the old standard vacuum tool, the wire hanger, helped get all the dog hair trapped by a hair pin. I was worried I'd have to send my new toy back, but this solved the problem. The next version would be great with a removable section like the Dyson, and an easier to clean out filer that doesn't require a long wooden stick. But I won't buy the dyson, because it is not as easy to use as the Infinity.

      Thanks Infinity NV31....more info
      My husband and I purchased this and we love it!! We have 2 cats and a golden retriever. We're amazed at how much this picks up. The long extension wand is great for our vaulted ceilings....more info
    • So far so good - Hope it stays that way
      We bought this vacuum about a month ago to replace our current dirt devil bagless that performs worse with each vacuuming (it is less than a year old). We've had to have several repairs done to the dirt devil under warranty, as at varying points it lost suction and the belt broke during usage.

      Unable to afford a Dyson vacuum (one mortgage is enough, thanks), we tried this out as an alternative, as it *seems* to be the only cheaper alternative if you want the cyclone-type suction.

      So far it has performed quite well, we have a King German Shepherd who sheds a lot, as well as a cat... The Infinity picks up all their hair as well as a lot of dander (the fine white powder you can see at the bottom of the cannister). We are quite happy with it so far... Pros and cons :

      Pros : 1. Excellent suction, picks up just about everything. 2. Easy to use attachments that work well and are carried on the vacuum itself (except the pet hair attachment - too big). 3. The pet hair attachment is awesome, it's great for stairs, it works off the vacuum's suction to turn a brush inside, and will pull the hair off furniture and stairs (unlike the dirt devil where a similar attachment stopped spinning after it's 2nd use, due to insufficient suction that has never been recovered, despite the numerous repairs under warranty). 4. The detachable wand is excellent, the entire upper handle mechanism detaches, and it also extends by pressing a button (up to around 4 feet long, meaning you don't have to press-fit another tube on the end like a normal vacuum, very clever). 5. The cannister is easy to remove and empty (see cons below). 6. Because the entire handle mechanism can telescope, this is a good vacuum for someone who is very tall (not me!), whereas a non-adjustable vacuum would likely cause back problems.

      Cons : 1. Could pick up more on bare floors with the beater bar turned off, seems to perform better on carpet. 2. The cannister has an annoying lip on the inside of it that makes it hard to get the pet hair out. Because the hair has low weight it gets caught on this lip, we have to use a wooden spoon to get the pet hair out when emptying the cannister (our dirt devil cannister dumped everything into the garbage immediately, no cutlery required!). 3. The cannister does not hold much, the "Max Full" line is only about 1/3 up from the bottom of the cannister, make note of this when vacuuming! It fills up fast, we find we have to empty it 2-3 times just when doing the living room, it would be nice if the capacity were larger, but this may have to do with the cyclone-style suction.

      In summary, so far we are quite happy with it, seems like a good alternative to a Dyson for those of us with pets. ...more info
    • After the Honeymoon!!!
      Well Folks,

      I too, was in love with my Infinity vacuum. Mind you, I already have the Dyson, (four years old) and it is in need of an adjustment. So now I have a huge townhouse, --- yes huge, and decided that I would need another vac, voila--- Infinity. All was well. I have two huge dogs that match my huge townhouse... LOLOLOL!!!! Hairy Giant Schnauzer and Bouvier. So I was told to buy the Pet Care System. The first six weeks, it worked like a charm. But somehow, luck ran out when something got lodged up in the vacuum. The red light started blinking.

      The reason I am still giving it high points is this:

      I called Customer Service. After one fretful phone call, the representative told me to pack my vac up and they would send out a brand new vac shipping and handling paid by Infinity.... I actually got my new vac before I shipped my old vac back to the manufacturer. So my fingers are crossed but it appears that all is well so far with my new vacuum.

      I congratulate Infinity's customer service staff....more info
    • Infinity is Awful Do Not Buy
      I am returning my 2nd Infinity Vac to the store today. The 1st one worked great for about 2 weeks then it started having problems so I assumed that particular one was defective and exchanged it for a new one. I have had this Infinity 2 months which, after reading the other reviews seems to be this products shelf life, and it is not working right either. Like others, I also found the handle to be hard to snap back in and I worried it would break eventually b/c you had to mess with it so much to get it back in. This product is great at 1st but is clearly a bad design. I suspect anyone that wrote a good review on this product has not had it for at least 2 months....more info
    • Poorly designed. Poor customer service. Do not buy it!
      Defective design!!!! After only 2 months of normal use (we are a household of 3 plus one medium sized dog), the latch on the telescoping wand fell apart. This is also the latch that holds the handle in place to push and pull the vacuum. Mine is now taped together to make the vacuum useable. I promptly contacted the company, only to be told that I would have to ship the vacuum back to them at my expense. Then, they would keep it 4-6 weeks before it could be repaired. I was also told this was not a part that I could replace myself, although I found it on their products list for $19.95. Needless to say, I can have the vacuum repaired locally much cheaper and faster than I can ship it back. Maybe this is what this company wants.... Sell the vacuum with a "so-called" warranty, but no one will use it if you have to pay a fortune to get this heavy beast back to them to be repaired. In my opinion, the vacuum should be recalled for such a poor design. The entire company should be recalled for such poor customer service. DON'T BUY IT!...more info
    • Buyer Beware!!
      When I first purchased this vacuum, I thought it was great. I have now owned it for 2 months and two things happened. One a gasket came loose off of the debris screen (they just glue it on) and the company will not sell just the gasket, only the entire screen $19.95 plus shipping. Second the telescopic wand does not lock in place all the time, so you need to slide the wand up and down until it catches. This is a problem because the wand is also the handle of the vacuum. The company's response was to make sure I push the button hard. The button doesn't move! So the alternative is to ship the entire vacuum back to them, shipping paid and I will receive it back in 4-6 WEEKS!!!! In arguing with them, they would agree to only pay the shipping from the company to me, otherwise the consumer is responsible for shipping both ways! Not only did I pay $250 for a vacuum, but then I need to pay additional money to have them fix their manufacturing defect! Buyer beware, it works great at first, but in the long (or short) run it will cost you more than if you purchased the Dyson from the beginning.
      ...more info
    • Reviews are so helpful
      while shopping for items like a vacuum, I had to come back and write one on the Infinity. Like many others, I spent weeks and weeks doing research, reading consumer reports, customer reviews on many sites, etc. I was open to any type of vacuum (bag or bagless), just wanted one that worked WELL and would last. I've had this vac for abour 3 weeks and so far I love it. The first time I used it on our 2 most used rooms (with a cat, dog, and bird, I was amazed at all the embedded dirt and hair it picked up. The pet tools are great-excellent on pillows, upholstery, stairs. We have both central vac and another upright and this one tops them both easily. My only concerns...some of the plastic switches look a little cheap- only time will tell how they will hold up. I do miss the "dirt sensing" light on my old windtunnel, but I can see that this gets more dirt up anyway!
      The first time I read the instructions on the cleaning/care of the filters, etc., I thought it looked like a pain in the neck, to be honest. But after doing it a few times it is really easy and self explanatory.
      I bought it at Bed bath and Beyond with their 20% coupon, which made it 200.00. Target has the infinity vac without the pet care system at this time....more info
    • Wow, what a sucker!!! In a great way!!!
      I purchased this vacuum 2 months ago and i have a new love for cleaning! I had to change the cannister 3 times the first time I vacuumed the whole house (2500sq ft). And I thought my house was clean! It pulls up the finest flour-like dust/dirt, it's amazing. Great for anyone with allergies and pets!!!!!

      Great things about the vac:
      *Extra long telescopic wand to clean hardwoods and tile floors
      *AWESOME tools for picking up pet hair (one has a brush inside that rotates when attached - great for sofas or delicate rugs)
      *A carpet/floor and attachment switch (so the main beaters turn off and you get the ultimate suction with your hose)
      *not heavy and easy to push

      If I had to name a con...the telescopic handle detaches from the vacuum and you have to learn just the right way to get it to snap back in place. I felt like I was slamming it in place at first, but it's not a problem.

      I tested several models and did a lot of research on vacuums before purchasing. I didn't want to get a crummy machine. One of the GREATEST points...the way you empty the cannister, you don't touch the dirt. And it doesn't create a cloud of dust in the trash. There a little button you push and the bottom of the cannister opens completely.

      One last at Bed Bath & Beyond and use one of their 20% coupons!!! (store only) What a bargain!!

      ...more info
    • Quite Power Super Suck
      This vacuum sucks! its the best vacuum i've ever had the pleasure of pushing and pulling across our carpets. Its quiet, light, powerful, and has great accessories. I especially like the pet extension. If you are looking to get dyson quality and power at half the cost, look no further....more info
    • I Do Have A Dyson and Now I have a Shark Infinitiy too!
      I have two dogs a golden retriever and a yellow labrador. Anyone who owns a lab knows how much they shed, it is a constant battle to keep up with their fur all over the place and the human is not going to win.

      My husband bought me a Dyson 07 Animal vacuum for Christmas last year and I absolutely love this vacuum. It has incredible cleaning power and I really really like to vacuum.

      You may ask why then if I like it so much did I go and buy a Shark Infinity Animal vac. I own a summer home and I really hate my little Sears vacuum cleaner. Half the time it doesn't even look like the carpet was vacuumed. So as much as I love my Dyson, I didn't want to dish out another $500 or more for one. I saw the add for the Infinity and thought I would give it a try. I made sure though if I didn't like how it performed that I could bring it back for a full refund which I was assured I could.

      I brought it home today and my husband assembled it, pretty quick to do and away I went. First I went and did my berber carpet in the family room. This is where the dogs spend most of their time. I went over the entire room and I was happy with the results. I then took out my Dyson and went over the same area and was still able to pick up more dog hair.
      After that I did my formal living room which is emerald green plush, the Shark did a good job.

      Now the things I don't like about it are the tools don't seem to be too rugged. They are only the flimsy side. And the canister where all the dirt goes is very small. The other thing I found when I emptied the canister, I had to put my fingers up the into the middle cylinder and pull some debris out.

      But the bottom line is I like the vacuum. It is NOT A DYSON but it is a close cousin. The Dyson is definitely better made and it feels it. The attachment tools are more substantial and it is much easier to empty you don't have to put your hand inside to totally rid it of debris and the canister is much bigger.

      The Shark Infinity was a good choice for the reasons I bought it....more info
    • Some concerns but nice vacuum
      I have read a lot of great reviews on this vacuum however my experiences have not been the best. When you first open the box you see the red grab handle. I grabbed the handle to pull the vacuum from the shipping box and it broke off. I wrote it off to being a little rough on my part and went an got another vacuum. The vacuum does have excellent suction and depending on how you set the carpet height it can suck to the point you can't hardly move the vacuum. One thing I struggled with is getting the handle to latch into the back of the vacuum. I tried for literally days and it would simply not latch which caused a problem trying to use it as the handle would just slide out when attempting to vacuum. I went to another store which had one on display and noticed the display model had the same issue. Then when I got home that day I was finally able to get it to snap into place and I have just left it that way since. Tonight was the third time I have used it and the red light came on indicating time to empty the dust cup which I did and the light remained on. I read the manual and proceeded to wash the cyclones as well which isn't supposed to be needed until 2-3 months of use. In fareness to Infinity I have a new house and I could see some drywall dust on the one filter so that may be the cause. I am keeping the vacuum mostly because I don't like to return things I purchase and it does do a great job when its going. Not having a Dyson really makes the cleaning process difficult to compare but it wasn't that hard to accomplish....more info
    • The Dyson...
      I own the DC-14 Dyson and it is Awesome! The best vacuum I have ever owned. I have had it over a year and it consistently performs as though it is new. Well worth the value assigned by the manufacture....more info
    • Good Alternative to Dyson (Update 4/17/08... NOT a good alt to Dyson - 1 Star)
      I, like most others purchasing this vacuum originally looked at Dyson first. I looked, but just could not justify the cost (over double the Infinity NV31). I was about to settle for yet another $100 vacuum that loses suction almost instantly, while constantly breaking down... when I saw an ad for the Infinity vacuums.

      The NV31 (with the Pet Care brush attachment) is truly a great vacuum at a reasonable price. It is easily the best vacuum I have owned (but I have never owned Dyson, so I can't say it as good as that benchmark brand). It really suprised me how dirty my place was after even the first time using it. Suction on the vacuum is superb, and the attachments are useful for most people. It cleans bare floors quite well too, btw.

      I was more than a bit worried about buying another Euro-Pro vacuum, as the last one I had (a cheapy Shark Pursuit that I bought on clearance) was a poor performer... While the NV31 is made by the same company, it was evident immediately that this was a much better built and designed vacuum than their previous efforts. Just about the only thing I would improve is ease of cleaning is only average, with a decent amount of effort needed to get to the less used parts when necessary.

      Will this vacuum stand up over time? The answer is I don't know (as it was just released). The build quality and warantee give me a lot of confidence though.

      In short, this one is a winner... I could have just as easily given it 5 stars as 4, but I wanted to be conservative as I don't know its longevity yet. Good value for those who want a Dyson, but don't have the dough, or don't want to spend the money.

      Update 4/17/08... After two repairs and multiple clogs and other problems... my fears about the longevity of this vacuum seem to be well-founded. :-( Bottom line is I would now rate it 1 star (Amazon will not allow me to change my rating) and recommend the refurbished Dysons offered by Amazon. I ended up having to buy a refurbished Dyson Ball which has proven to be a much better buy than I thought it would be. Unfortunately the Infinity turned out to be a lemon like my other Shark products (just a better looking one). I am now off buying anything else from the brand and recommend others avoid it too. Too bad, as it was a great looking vac that was less expensive than even the refurbished Dysons and it worked extremely well at first. Oh well....more info
    • great product for your money!
      I really wanted a dyson... I have a long haired dog that sheds CONSTANTLY year around, its awful. I was impressed with the dyson animal model, but hated to shell out the $500 for one. Went to best buy, looked at this model and ordered one online. It works GREAT..if you are wanting a dyson, but not the price tag for one, I HIGHLY suggest this one. It picks up so much, i was amazed by how much was on my floor that I could not see!...more info
    • It's just a vacuum, right?
      Well that's what I thought too. I thought my husband was nuts (or just trying to be cheap) when he told me about this vac. I really wanted the Dyson Animal. I have to say... I am very glad I listened to him and checked it out.
      I spent the day yesterday shampooing and vacuuming my 1600 SF house. Today I decided I needed to replace my previous vac, because I am sick of taking the screwdriver out and taking it apart to remove the clogs. So I went out shopping and came home with this unit.
      I have re-done my whole house and I was shocked at how much this thing picked up. It almost made me blush, because I thought my house was clean!! It proved me wrong! I have 2 chihuahuas and 2 love birds to clean up after (Oh yeah, and a husband!)
      I love this vac, and for half the price of the Dyson that I have been wanting FOREVER, I say get this and go get yourself something really nice with the extra money that is left. ...more info
    • Not impressed
      I bought this thinking it would be a cheaper version of a Dyson. Guess I have to take the plunge and buy the real thing!

      After attaching the hose clip and inserting the telescopic handle, I did a quick pass on my living room carpet with my 10-year-old Hoover that I bought for $60 new. I didn't even change the almost full filter bag first. Then I vacuumed with the Infinity. It did get some more carpet fiber and pet hair out of the carpet, but not a significant amount. From what I have read about the Dyson, people are truly impressed and couldn't believe their carpets were that dirty. This was definitely not the case with the Infinity.

      With 3 kids under six, and 4 cats, I really think it should have found a lot more dirt than it did....more info