Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Only handheld that doesn't lose suction with double the suction power of other handhelds / 3 times faster charging / Cordless / Bagless Crevice tool Large debris pick up High velocity airflow tools LED battery indicator Durable tough construction Clear bin for easy cleaning

  • Bagless handheld vacuum cleaner with Root Cyclone technology
  • Twice the suction of other handhelds; recharges 3 times faster
  • Cordless; picks up large debris; 1-touch cup-emptying system
  • Battery charger, crevice tool, and combination accessory tool included
  • Measures 4-2/7 by 18-2/7 by 8-8/9 inches; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Amazing handheld vacuum, would buy it again if I had to.
    I'm surprised with how many bad reviews there are this handheld. Many seem to compare it to a regular vacuum, which it is not. I've owned two or three dustbusters in my life which collected more dust than they sucked up which is why I had given up on handheld vacuums until Dyson released this one.

    I've owned this handheld Dyson for over a year now and it is a god send! Yes it does have a short battery life - but again, this is a handheld. The battery life is comperable to the Dustbusters I have owned in the past. The suction on the other hand is outstanding! We use this to vacuum out the car, the stairs in our house and to tidy up the entryways. The vacuum sucks up so much so quickly that I really don't find the battery life to be a problem....more info
  • Dyson Handivac
    Dyson Handivac

    I love the power.

    It is a bit difficult learning
    how to take it apart and put it
    back together.

    The one drawback is the power only
    lasts 6 minutes or so, which is

    Would I buy it again,,,yes,,,for
    a handyvac I love it, inspite
    of the power not lasting long enough.

    ...more info
  • Best cleaning device I've purchased since the Dyson Ball upright.
    Seriously people - if the 6 minute battery life is an issue you probably need to start cleaning the house a little more frequently.

    This item is purely for small, quick jobs: taking care of the leaves or blades of grass you track into the entry way after checking your mail, cleaning up the little foam and cardboard remnants after opening a large package, cleaning dust off of ceiling fans, baseboards, and cupboards; sucking up the crumbs after the toddler's snack; sucking up cobwebs or the random bug; giving the dryer's lint trap an extra cleaning -- you get the idea.

    If you purchased this to use it for anything more you're going to be as just as disappointed as the people leaving the one and two star reviews. This device is about convenience. It saves you from having to break out the big vacuum for for jobs that don't require the big vacuum, period.

    I wish I'd have purchased this years ago. This is a great compliment to the Dyson upright or any upright for that matter. Plan on getting my parents one for Christmas.

    If your expectations are realistic going into this purchase you'll be pleasantly surprised.
    ...more info
  • Junk!
    The suction is great if you can finish the job in the 3 minutes before the battery dies....more info
  • Dyson DC16
    We have had ours for a year now and love it. Best handheld vacuum there is....more info
  • Disappointing
    I bought the Dyson handheld for my husband after reading many reviews. The power described by the reviewers of this product convinced me to purchase it even though several people said it did not hold a charge for very long. I did not think that would be an issue since he uses the handheld for very short periods of time. Even so, the battery died after a few weeks. We ordered another battery with no discussion from the company: they replaced it for free. However, within several months, the battery has again died. This is not acceptable for the price, for the low amount of use we have subjected the product to and for the brand name reliability, which reputation has been completely undone for us in this instance. We purchased a Shark in order to have a handheld available in another area of the house and it works reliably, powerfully and charges completely over and over again. What else can I say?...more info
  • Is it worth it? You bet!
    We have a two full-size vaccums; a Miele and a Dyson, both of which work very well. But sometimes you just need something small to pick up spills or cat hair, or to vacuum the stairs (we have 3 staircases) instead of wrestling with the big vacuum. Over the years, we have owned at least 5 hand vacs, all of which were unsatisfactory; they spewed dust into the air, broke, and had lousy suction. I was so impressed with our Dyson Slim that I decided to take a chance on the DC16.

    What comes out of the box looks like a cross between a ray gun and a coffee maker. There is no assembly required; just plug in the charger, slide the vacuum into it, slap on a nozzle, and wait for a full charge. (it takes 3 hours). It comes with 2 attachments as well as a nifty adapter that lets you use some of the attachments made for the bigger Dysons. I found the DC16 light and easy to use, and easy to maneuver into tight spaces. It has really impressive sucking power, and it doesn't lose suction even when the dirt bin is full. Then you go to the trash can, flick a lever, and the bottom of the bin swings open and deposits more crud than you ever knew you had in the trash. Simple!

    Reading all the reviews, I find that the most frequent complaints have to do with cost and very limited run time on a charge. As to cost: I must have spent over $150 on a succession of terrible hand vacs by now. Viewed in that light, the $130 I paid doesn't seem all that unreasonable.

    The DC16 isn't meeant to replace a big vacuum. It won't do a whole room. The instructions tell you right at the outset that running time on a charge is 6 minutes, which I have found to be ample for the type of cleaning I bought it for. I think the short run time is why you have to hold the trigger down to keep it running; anything else would waste juice. On my first test run, I did most of a staircase, got dust bunnies from behind a door, did a kitchen floor mat, vacuumed up some stray cat litter, got cat hair off a chair cushion, and still had some charge. There are 3 indicator lights that tell you how much of a charge you have left.

    The DC16 is the first hand vac I ever owned that did what it's supposed to do. It's powerful, convenient, doesn't throw dust in the air, is easy to use, and doesn't require you to buy bags. That's why I gave it 5 stars in spite of the short run time. By the way, my better half, who is not an enthusiastic housekeeper, has been known to bestir himself and use the DC16, because it's so easy. Hurrah!
    ...more info
  • Worth the money!
    I have the Dyson Animal (For Pets) and I love it! It works great at picking up pet hair and no filters to change. However, I wanted something smaller because the Dyson Animal weighs about 17 Lbs. I bought the DC16 with some doubt after reading the negative reviews but once I tried it I clearly saw a difference vs other handhelds. This handheld does have a quick battery life. Dyson clearly states 6 minutes but it is just for quick and small pickups. This isn't for a big job use a vaccuum for that!
    6 minutes is enough time to do small jobs. More importantly you cannot compare how well the DC16 suctions compared to other handheld. ...more info
  • Worst Ever!
    This product is a waste of money and a waste of time! I am shocked that Dyson ever produced this item. The battery life is so short (3-5 minutes)that I called Dyson customer service to find out what I was doing wrong. What I did wrong was buy this item! The customer service rep informed me that it only has a 5 minute battery life. Why would any company build a vac with 5 minute suction??

    This was my first Dyson and makes me very hesitant to purchase any other Dyson product. DON'T BUY THIS ITEM!!...more info
  • Awesome for short quick cleaning jobs, great suction
    We've had a dustbuster in the house for a while, but after a year or two, the battery was crap and the suction was never all that good. With all the hoopla, I bought one of these when a local Target inexplicably had a big sale on them. I loved it enough that I eventually got a Dyson upright as well.

    What it isn't good for is long jobs; you can't use it longer than 3-4 minutes. For that you'll want an upright with a long extension. But what I find it wonderful for is quick jobs. The cobweb that you suddenly notice. The dust left behind after you put together a new jigsaw puzzle. Spilled flour from baking. And the #1 use at our house: vacuuming up moths and spiders directly from the ceiling.

    On top of all that, you don't have to buy bags for it. That's just priceless....more info
  • Battery sucks but the vacuum does too
    So I might have a different model than others. The dyson product page says it will last 6 minutes. I get longer than that usually but maybe the battery life ramps down as it ages. The thing is, this is the only handheld vacuum on the market, at the time of purchase, that actually had any power. Most have little power or need to be plugged in. However, it would be nice to have the option of plugging this in. It incredibly useful for cleaning out your car. In your house, well, clean 1-2 rooms and you'll have to wait for a recharge to do the rest. It NEVER loses suction, even when full. I have not had a single problem with this other than the short battery. Oh and if you want to clean a flight of stairs that have carpet, this is useful, but it will only work 3/4 of the way. If you have pets, one flight of stairs cannot be done in one charge....more info
  • Shortest battery life ever!
    I was excited to try this new handheld. It worked great for literally -3 minutes, then died. I first thought there must be a problem with it malfunctioning, but then it worked again after I put it on the recharger -for another 2 minutes, before dying again. I don't care how good or bad the suction is - if it's not going to work for more than a couple minutes, it's pretty useless! I also had to take it apart to clean the filters after using it 3 times for 2 minutes at a time, which was a hassle. I would not recommend this product at all until it is completely re-worked....more info
  • Works as advertised
    The product works as advertised (indeed, right on the outside of the box). Six minutes of suction, more powerful than any other hand-vac I've used. As for design - a major improvement could be made in the design for battery charging; as has been pointed out, the charge connectors are in the vacuum, not the battery.

    To charge an extra battery, you need to disconnect the battery from the unit (a task that, if you're not careful, will result in scattering the various parts all over the room if your hand slips, since the battery is apparently held in by strong nuclear forces); fortunately, the plastic appears to be pretty sturdy. C'mon, Dyson, it's a battery - can't you just make it so I push a button and it slips out?

    Then you have to install a new battery and charge THAT in the vacuum. Don't know how long the charge on a spare would last out of the charger, but if you kept one charging it would add six minutes to the cleanup time. Suggestion: market a spare charger/battery combo and that would resolve the short battery life issue.......more info
  • Just a horribly engineered product.
    I don't usually go back later on and add any reviews of the products I own, because I don't usually feel it necessary. With this product, it's so bad that even with the number of accurately bad reviews already, I still feel the need to chime in.

    On the high points, it does have the easy-to-empty and easy-to-see-if-it's-full canister. So cleaning it out into a garbage can works well. The suction, while it lasts, is decent.

    On the other hand...

    1. Battery. The battery life leaves much to be desired. The product claims a 6 minute run-time on a full charge, I got about a minute out of it on first use, and roughly 4 or 5 minutes the second go round after a good 8 or 9 hour charge. The claim is that after 3 hours it should be fully charged. Extremely disappointing if you have anything remotely larger than the top of a desk to vacuum.

    2. Charging. You can't charge the battery without the unit itself because the charging contacts are built onto the vacuum and not the battery. So even with an extra battery, it's just as useless, because the entire unit has to be on the charger.

    3. Attachments. There's no place to store them on the unit itself or on the charging base, so they just have to lay next to it, I guess. Also, besides the two attachments for tight spots and brush cleaning, I seem to have gotten a third attachment that does nothing except extend out another inch. And it looks like it's supposed to attach to something else on the other end, but I've no idea what that might be, as it doesn't fit the other attachments.

    4. Instructions. The instructions were clearly made with an international focus in mind. The 8 page 'manual' is really the same 2 pages in 4 languages, and it's nothing but warnings. It tells you nothing of how to use the product. The other book they provide is nothing but really hard to decipher symbols and diagrams. Don't get me wrong, it's a hand-vac, I don't expect a dictionary, but at least a few paragraphs on use, storage, cleaning, and what that goofy third attachment is might help. The one thing I did gleam from the warnings was that you can't use it with smaller particles or hair, which kinda makes me wonder what I'm supposed to use it on...nuts and bolts?

    5. Power button. You have to hold it down continuously like a drill. Not a big deal when you figure in that it only lasts 5 minutes, but still a pain in the neck, or rather, your finger.

    If you buy this at all, make sure you use a coupon and get a good return policy. I'm lucky, bought it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% off coupon, so it only cost me 120 and I can return it without a hassle. Just make sure to save the box....more info
  • The best handheld vacuum with the worst battery
    For sheer suction power, this is the best handheld vac I've ever used. However, as much as I love my Dyson DC16 Root, I have to knock off some points for low battery life, poor ergonomics (trigger) and the high price tag.

    Battery life - I've actually timed this. After 5 minutes of use, the unit shuts down. It doesn't gradually lose power like some battery-powered hand-helds; it just stops. Five minutes is not quite enough time for me to clean the floors and cloth seats of my car, which means I have to vacuum the car in at least two sessions.

    Ergonomics - Overall the unit is fairly balanced and not as unwieldy as it looks. The problem is that you must keep the trigger depressed to operate the unit. If you have small hands and problems maintaining a grip (as I do), this is a big problem. Frankly, in 5 minutes of battery life, it becomes too painful for me to maintain pressure on the trigger.

    Suction - We have two cats. The Dyson DC16 is GREAT at touching up upholstery, drapes, and cleaning the stairs. I can't believe how much stuff it picks up, even from an area that looks clean. It is easy to empty and clean the unit. The unit "runs clean" too - meaning I can use it without aggravating my allergies.

    Attachments - hooray for Dyson for making all their attachments fit ALL their vacuums, even this handheld.

    What I would change - This unit needs a longer battery life, or at least the option to have multiple batteries so that a battery could be charging while another was being used in the unit. I would love to be able to use it while it is in its recharging base so that it could switch from corded to cordless depending on need.

    A tip for pet owners - While the Dyson is great at picking up pet hair, it can be slow - and short battery life means that you don't get much time to do a thorough job. When I clean a chair or sofa, I first brush the upholstery with a rubber bristle brush (the Rubba Scrubba found on flylady.net) and that quickly removes the bulk of the pet hair. I then follow up with the vacuum....more info
  • There are better products for a lot less money
    This vacuum has been nothing but problems for me. The battery doesn't last longer than 10-12 minutes of cleaning. After a few months the machine wouldn't work at all. I called customer service, and she said it's a common battery problem and sent me a free replacement because it was still under warranty. About 6 months later, the same thing began to happen, but now the machine was out of warranty. Battery replacements are very expensive, more than the cost of several brand new competing handheld vacuums.

    The cleaning power is not very impressive, and considering the short battery life, it is not worth the money. I strongly recommend that people avoid this purchase and find a better value....more info
  • great for hand held
    I love this vacuum. Yes, the battery doesn't last that long, but 6 minutes of powerful suction is plenty for a hand held vacuum. It is not designed to clean a whole room - it is for small spills or hard to reach areas. I highly recommend it. And for bigger areas I use my large dyson which I adore. ...more info
  • Great Suction!
    We love this handheld vac so much! We use it all the time and have had it over one year now and it has not lost suction. I found that with the KONE and other dust buster type vacs, the machines just push the mess around - like the vacs blow the items, do not suck them up. It's worth the price and if you get it at Bed Bath & Beyond you save $30 with the 20% off coupon!!! That's what we did :) My fiance loves this machine so much, he no longer uses the real vac, but walks around with this little handheld. We're excited to see that someone has bought us a real Dyson full sized vac off of our wedding registry for the rest of our home. We love Dyson!...more info
  • Ouch, hurts in a few ways ...
    wrist and wallet. Dyson definitely was charging for the ray-gun looks on this hand-held vacuum, which impressed the kids and dogs at first. I admit, that's why I bought it on impulse. Now I am really tired of sore wrist, sore finger (hard to hold that trigger back for long, yes I am a big baby) and the poor suction. The dirt-holding canister opens all too easily when you don't want it to, believe me. What an adventure. Really, it seems to be designed to pick up a few crumbs off an otherwise spotless kitchen counter, and who wouldn't use a paper towel or dishrag for that? Or your immaculately clean hands? Better off buying a much less expensive DustbusterBlack and Decker CHV9600 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster, though I don't like the redesign where the dirt, etc., has to go round a corner to be collected--really gets stuck in my 15.6V cyclonic action model. Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster...more info
    OK, first... for everyone giving this a bad review due to battery life READ THE BOX. In Yellow writing on the front... it says "For Quick Pick-Ups". So say you accidentally spill some cheerios on the counter (and it was when the box was almost empty so you get all the cheerio dust too)... Grab the Root 6, in a few seconds it's all cleaned up. It's not meant to clean your stairs or clean your ENTIRE car. That being said, this thing is GREAT! It's awesome for cleaning up the counter in our bathroom (hair and whatnot), behind the toilet, and pretty much anything else small enough to not merit plugging in the big Dyson. It is very easy to empty and charges in 3 hours. I love how it mounts to the wall. It comes with an adapter that will allow you to also use the Asthma and Allergy tools. The only thing I wish they would have added was a clip on the wall mount to hold the crevice and multi-function tools it comes with. When I'm not using the crevice tool I have to throw it in the drawer.

    Great hand vac! Don't listen to the battery complainers... if you use this for what it was designed to do you will be very very happy! ...more info
  • awful
    Battery is 21V and too small. This is the design problem. Compare, for example, an 18V brick for a DeWalt drill and you'll understand the difference. Dyson should have designed a lighter weight handheld and implemented a heavier, longer-lasting battery. His floor models are excellent, but the DC 16 needs a bigger battery. Look for Chinese-made after-market replacement batteries to add a second one as a backup or sell yours on Craigslist. ...more info
  • Can't imagine life without it...
    I bought this a few months ago after having read all the mixed reviews. Basically, I wanted a handheld vacuum with superior suction for quick, everyday jobs. My previous one (a Black and Decker) was a pile of junk. Not only did it not ever really pick up very much, the charger plug quickly developed an overheated, brown color that made me concerned it was going to catch fire and burn the house down. So I unplugged it for good, and was determined to replace it with something that actually works and would last more than a few months.

    I was a little hesitant to invest in the Dyson after reading all the reviews, but I am so glad I did. I saved the receipt in case it disappointed or I hated it, but I REALLY like it.

    My biggest problem is 2 cats. They like to sleep and hang out wherever we are, so we have a pile of cat hair on the couch and our bed every single day. The other place the cat hair congregates is our hardwood floor steps. The Dyson works great on all these trouble spots, and I hit these spots w/ the Dyson at least once a day. I've never once ran out of battery for the quick jobs I need it for. I always return it to the charger so it's it's fully charged the next time I need it. Do people realize how long 6 minutes is when you're concentrating on typically one mess at a time?

    It also does VERY well with heavier debris, such as crumbs, dirt, cat litter gravel. I consider myself a Dyson convert now, and would seriously consider investing in one of their uprights in the future, even though I think they are pretty outrageously priced. If they deliver as well as the Root 6 handheld does, I'd have to consider making the investment.

    There is just thing I would want improved in the next generation of the Dyson handheld. While it is fairly ergonomic in design, I would like to be able to turn it on and have it stay on without having to hold down the button. This is because I have carpal tunnel for many years, but this is really an issue all companies should give their utmost attention when they're designing handheld tools for the human race. Product design has come a long way as far as ergonomics, but I wish they would take it even further than they seem to do. The button holding bothers me a little, but not a lot. It's easy enough to switch hands....more info
  • Pointless Rip-off
    I was excited when I saw that Dyson had come out with a handheld vacuum cleaner-- with various animals I allowed myself to think that it was just what I needed. What a mistake. A real waste of money and space. How much money did they save by putting in a battery that lasts less than 5 minutes? How irritating is it to have the machine stop in the middle of a job? My old Black and Decker was so far superior that I'd rather look for a used one at this point. It also does not do a better job at cleaning, suction, or anything else, and the charger takes up a lot of space on the counter. This verges on a rip-off. They do have good marketing, though. I wouldn't buy any of their products now. They are clearly simply greedy. What a Waste!!...more info
  • Meets my needs just fine
    After reading the reviews on Amazon, I thought this tool was going to be a disappointment. In fact, we waited an extra 6 months to make our purchase. But I got frustrated trying to find a new filter for the handheld we were using.

    It has terrific suction - much better than my old dustbuster had. The battery life is limited, however, as advertised, the suction doesn't suffer at all as the battery drains down. If I need to vacuum for more than 5 minutes, then I figure it is probably time to pull out the big vacuum and get to work. But with 4 cats and a busy life, this handheld is great for picking up dirt, cathair, dust balls, and kitchen crumbs.

    It lost a star because it was difficult to figure out how it all worked at first. Also, we had to use it, and charge it a couple of times before the battery seemed to get fully charged. I really like how easy it is to dump out the debris without making a mess.

    Bottom line, I think this is a great tool. It's worth bearing with it when you get started....more info
  • Dyson handheld vacuum
    I'm very pleased with this product. The power of the vacuum is great. The best handheld vacuum that I've ever purchased. Highly recommend it....more info
  • Not impressed
    Well, I purchased the Dyson Root 6, and I must say, I am very unhappy with it. The 6 minute battery life coupled with the awkward heaviness of the item makes it extremely annoying to use. If the Root 6 had the capability to plug into a wall, I wouldn't be writing this negative review. I'd probably be okay with how heavy and difficult it is to handle, but it seems ridiculous to me that I spent $150 on a product that works for 6 minutes at a time. Not to mention it doesn't even lift pet hair off of fabric. My el cheapo Bissell does that with no problem.

    I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it does actually work, it's just not practical. Furthermore, it would be nice if the box said that it only stays charged for 6 minutes. I wouldn't have purchased it if I had known beforehand. Serves me right for not doing research, but at the same time, when you see a name like "Dyson" you expect it to be a good product, worth the extra money.

    Sadly, this was a waste. I'm returning it to Best Buy....more info
  • So expensive for a 5 minute battery?
    Wow, I am a clean freak and bought a $50 Shark from Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a lot of my dog's hair from our Pergo floors. So I decided to get the Dyson handheld to get those hard to reach places. I was so excited and it actually does pick up my lab's black hair. BUUUUTTTT, it's hard to pick it all up when the freakin' battery lasts only 5 minutes. I thought maybe mine was defective until I read other reviews that they experienced the same problem. I wish I would have bought the $30 dirt devil with the wedding gift cards I received. WHAT A WASTE!!! DON'T waste your money unless you don't plan on actually using it. ...more info
  • Price vs performance
    I'm torn on this product. I've been a fan of multiple dyson products but this one tends to have more flaws then the rest of the brand's products.

    Strongest power for any handheld vacuum.
    Great air filtering.
    Decent overall design compared to other handheld vacumm's.

    Battery life is horrible. At best it lasts approximately 10 minutes.
    Takes a long time to recharge the battery.
    High price

    The price is much higher then any other handheld, but the performance on this machine is the best I've seen for a handheld. The battery life is a pain to deal with, but after trying different brands over the years, Its something I can put up with since other rechargeable handheld vacuums tend to shorten in battery life as well.
    The other thing I wish was that instead of including a part designed to allow you to use optional attachments, they would have just included another one that worked with it.

    For what you pay, this is easily the best performance of any handheld vacuum. If you can put up with some of the design flaws, I'd recommend it....more info
  • good but doesn't last long
    I really like this vacuum. Great suction power and its pretty heavy duty construction. However like most people have mentioned, the battery only lasts for around 4 minutes. I have a plan all laid out before I use this vacuum; you will often see me race around the house non-stop to get the most out of my 4 minutes. I pay very close attention to how long I have left to use the vacuum - making it count by not unnecessarily holding down the trigger. Yes its a hassle but when this vacuum does work, it works great!...more info
  • Don't beleive the bad reviews, this thing is worth every penny!
    I have read all of the reviews both here at Amazon and on other websites bashing the DC16 Root 6 handheld and I had mixed feelings about them. I own a Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal and think it is the best vacuum money can buy, so I personally couldn't see why the Root 6 would be so bad.
    After a week of using my new Root 6 (I actually have the "Animal" handheld with the motorized brush bar), I can't understand why anyone would give it a negative rating. Maybe I have Dyson bias, but I don't see it that way. I prefer items that just work. I look at three things when I purchase any type of electronic device:
    1) It is well made?
    2) Does it perform the function intended without a bunch of fluff, or overly-engineered crap?
    3) Is it worth the money?
    After actually purchasing and using the device, I have to say yes to all three. Here is my reasoning:
    1) It is a true Dyson. It is VERY well made. I've read the reviews from people saying that the plastic is cheap on the handheld. If there is a better-built handheld vacuum out there, I haven't seen it. Not to say one doesn't exist, but they don't sell it to consumers and I would bet it would cost a few thousand dollars. I have owned several B&D handhelds, a dirt devil a Kenmore and a Panasonic. None of them comes close in overall design and build quality. Just like the Dyson upright, the Root 6 screams good design, excellent attention to detail and superb build quality.
    2) The suction is far and away superior to any handheld I have ever used. Period. It takes a couple seconds for the motor to spin up, but once it does, the suction is about half of what my DC17 upright is, which is VERY good for something that small and battery operated. Sure, any $30.00 battery-operated handheld can do a similar job, but what really separates the Dyson from the competition is that unlike all other handhelds, the Dyson runs at full power 100% suction for the entire run life of the battery. My last handheld was a $55.00 12.6v B&D cyclonic. That same handheld got a better user rating on this same website (go figure) After a full charge on a clean filter and an empty dirt bin, the B&D only kept operating at around 100% suction for about 30 seconds before starting to slowly loose suction. After about 2 and a half minutes of sucking up cat hair and slowly clogging the filter, the suction was down to about 40% at best. Once I got to about 5 minutes of run time, the suction was around 5% or so of the original strength, to the point where it could barely pick up anything. The Dyson on the other hand maintains 100% to 95% suction for the entire run life of the battery (around 6.5 minutes for me so far). I have NEVER seen or used a battery-operated handheld that maintained that level of suction for over two minutes and definitely nowhere close to six minutes.
    3) I personally think the device warrants the price. $200.00 for the Root 6 Animal is a lot of money, but you do get what you pay for. You get a lot for the price. For one, the device comes with three bundled tools (the motorized brush bar is only on the "Animal" version). Second, it comes with an adapter so you can plug any tool or attachment available for the full-size Dyson uprights. Third, you don't have to pay for additional filters in the future. And fourth, it comes with a two year warranty, where others stop at one. The price to some seems steep, but if you are one that holds quality, longevity and functionality higher than price, it is a sound investment.

    Pros: No loss of suction, build quality, functionality, design, ergonomics, warranty, bundled tools, motorized brush bar on Animal is excellent and class-leading.

    Cons: A little bulky and might be too big for small women or people with very small hands. Slightly heavy. Wall-mounting bracket well made, but poorly designed.
    ...more info
  • Very good and very bad
    I've had a Root 6 since November, 2006. It sucks better than most cheap handhelds I've owned, some of which are almost useless. It feels pretty balanced and easy to use. If you had to use it for 20 minutes at a time, having to hold the button down could get annoying. Cleanup is fairly easy, though sometimes junk gets caught in the dustbin.

    But as everyone else has mentioned, battery life is horrible. I never tested it with a stopwatch, but initially it would last roughly five minutes. Now, it dies after about one minute. You better have a small job! This alone is enough to knock it down to 3 stars for me. Too bad.
    ...more info
  • Not good with dog hair
    Do not buy if you have dogs. The input has an air restriction that quickly clogs with dog hair. Also as the hair is light it stays at the top of the dirt hold.
    ...more info
  • not worth the money at all
    Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum CleanerI am extremely disappointed with this product. I had heard so much about Dysons that when I needed a handheld, it was the only one I would consider. The problem is that the battery, fully-charged, only runs for 5 minutes. I never get to finish a project- whether it's my car, kitchen, steps, etc - before the battery runs out. Not worth this kind of money AT ALL!...more info
    As an owner of several Dyson uprights, I was excited about the Root 6. Finally, a portable vac for quick pick ups around the house. However, as it turns out, this vacuum poorly performed from the time it was out of the box: it has horrible battery life; a charger that doesn't charge; a main unit that will work, if you are lucky, around six months.
    After contacting Dyson customer service I was told Dyson was having supplier issues. I was promptly sent a remanufactured unit (I was told I was getting a new unit) which failed to work after less than 10 days. I've also been sent two new batteries and two chargers. Today, the unit hasn't been used more than 10 minutes and is no longer functioning.

    The reason for all the defects? It doesn't matter which customer service agent you ask, all of them wil tell you Dyson is currently having "supplier issues" in regard to the Root 6. Manufactured in China, it appears Dyson root 6 has more than a few dissatisfied customers and more than a few poorly performing hand held vacuums. This vacuum is a real disappointment. It looks great but performs poorly. I was recently told to send the unit back and Dyson will determine the cause of the problem. Without sending it in, I can tell you this vacuum is pure junk. I've never owned a piece of equipment with which I've had so much trouble. The Dyson Root 6 is the biggest piece of garbage I've ever owned. Don't believe the Dyson hype on this vacuum. Stay away from the Dyson root 6 at all costs. It is a complete waste of money and you will most certainly be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great Product-Love it.
    I got this for a Christmas gift and 4 months later still love it. It has great suction and it is easy to empty. The charging stand is very convenient.

    I read the reviews about poor battery life and that's what prompted me to write a review. I have never found the battery to lose power, but I use it for cleanups and small jobs around the house, which I what I presume this product was made for. It is not, after all, a shopvac.

    Don't be afraid of the battery life, unless you plan on cleaning your whole house with this. ...more info
  • The perfect analogy for the Dyson Root 6
    Would you rather have 6 minutes of glorious ecstasy, or 30 minutes of completely boring Stiffy McStiffish?

    The DC16 gives you 6 minutes of glorious sucking. But minus one star because 12 minutes in heaven is better than 6 minutes in heaven. I imagine if someone at Dyson set their mind to it, 12 minutes would be possible....more info
  • My favorite vaccuum
    When I bought this vacuum, I was so excited to get it out and try it right away that I opened the box in the car on the way home from the store. I almost made my husband turn around and drive us back to the store when I read the "Lasts up to 6 minutes!" on the box...somehow I had missed reading that before I checked out. But we were already on the thruway, so I shrugged and said, "It better be a spectacular six minutes."

    It was. I'll break it down a bit more for you.

    * Great suction! Amazing. It really doesn't lose suction. When it's dead, it's dead...no winding down transition that I have noticed.
    * Charges quickly. A couple of hours and you're good to go again. It also has little lights that let you know about how much power is left and when it's on the charger they let you know when it's at full blast again.
    * Attachments (crevice tool, duster brush, also it appears as though you can use other Dyson attachments not included)
    * So easy to maneuver when vacuuming out the car as compared to something that uses a hose...hate hate hate a hose catching on everything. I didn't even use the crevice tool because the regular attachment seems to get everywhere.
    * Easy empty...you push a button, the bottom drops out, dirt falls into trash. Pet hair tends to end up in a ball that you might have to swish out with your finger or a pencil, but it's still quick and painless.
    * No filters to buy! Directions say to hand wash a part, but I havent gotten it dirty enough yet, so I dont know if it's a pain or not.
    * Sucks up big klunky things seemingly without any damage. I know this because my son broke a salt shaker, and I tried to pick up the big pieces by hand but missed one. It sucked it up with no problems. It's also picked up pennies and stuff like that with no damage.


    * not the greatest with dog hair embedded in a couch, although, to be fair, it's the same with dog hair as any other vacuum that doesn't use brush rollers. It'll get it up, but you have to run over it a zillion times.
    * advertised run time is 6 minutes but actual run time I found to be a bit longer...maybe 7-8 minutes, and the nice thing is that as long as you aren't holding down the button continuously that whole time, you have enough time to vacuum a big staircase, or a car. If you wanted to do both right in a row, you're out of luck.

    I'm so glad I didn't take it back, because I dont have time to tackle a lot of vacuum projects at once anyway, so it's not an issue for me. I like that it's small enough to just always keep out...no dragging the big vacuum out and then putting it all back. I've had other hand vacs and never ever used them because they didnt suck anything up. I mean NOTHING. It was literally quicker to pick lint up with my fingers. This handheld Dyson is like having a mini full sized vacuum.

    I highly recommend this vacuum for multitaskers like me who move quickly from one chore to the next...if you have 15 minutes here and there to clean, this is the one for you. I vacuum something, then move on to dishes and laundry as it's charging. If you're flexible like me, it can work. If you're hoping to use this to clean your whole house in one shot, you should get a full sized vacuum instead....more info
  • must have for parents despite short battery life
    Yes, the battery life is barely long enough for a quick car cleaning. But because of how easy it is to empty and how well it sucks up our kids' mess this vacuum is a lifesaver. Before spilled cheerios or rice krispies were a big headache. Now we just grab the dyson off the kitchen wall, suck, and empty. Mission accomplished. The key factor is you don't have to touch the mess with your fingers. I purchased two black&decker pivot nose vacuums for my business at a third of the price but I hate using it. The nozzle and canister clog up frequently so that you get to use your fingers to fish out the mystery hair-garbage-dust ball. For a $150 handheld dyson, you expect the best which it is except for the poor battery life where it loses 2 stars. ...more info
  • Good looks but NOT practical
    When fully charged, lasts for 6 minutes only. Then you have to wait for 3 hours to recharge so you can use it for another 6 minutes. Not practical....more info
  • Good and bad
    Good powerfull vacuum, just what I am looking for. But you will only happy very short time the batter need major improvement.
    ...more info
  • low battery life, ok suction
    I received this for a gift and was ever so disappointed! I am going to ruturn it for a much cheaper model like black and decker which has much better reviews. The battery life on this vacuum is 5 minutes at best and the suction is minimal! I am really surprised since we own the Dyson full size vacuum for our house and it performs much better....more info
  • What a Bug Sucker!
    I need to touch-up between vacuums, and living in the SW, things tend to crawl in. Crickets and spiders have their place, but not in every place in every room! So, suck them up! But emptying a bug-filled cloth bag by hand is not my idea of a really good time. With this bug sucker, just push the latch and they all cascade into your trash bin...hands-off!
    Plenty of power for even the 100-leg bugs, and even flies (resting) submit to the power.
    This unit is about power and convenience, not about endurance....more info
  • Horrible
    I am very upset with my new Dyson purchase and wish I could send it back. The problem is that the attachments are extremely hard to use and once they are attatched it decreases the sucking power by 95%. I would send it back, but I stupidly threw the box away....more info
  • Battery Life - don't bother
    I love my Dyson upright vacuum and was so excited to hear about having a hand held for cleaning my car, hard to reach places, and basic spills, but because of the HORRIBLE battery life none of those basic things have EVER been done in completion! Almost instantly the battery life gives out and I am stuck holding this huge disappointment of a purchase! DO NOT waste your money... I'm actually horribly disappointed that they even released this to consumers with this major flaw. They should issue a replacement battery base free of charge for those of us who trusted that Dyson would deliver a quality product for the price....more info
  • finally
    I am very satisfied with this vacuum. I bought it for the two carpeted stairways we have and it is perfect for them and area clean up. Works great, easy to clean. hold charge long enough...more info
  • Too expensive for 6 minutes
    This is a lot of money for something that only lasts for six minutes, and needs three hours to charge....more info
  • Don't expect a weed wacker to perform like a lawn tractor!
    Don't listen to the folks who gripe that the battery life is too short, or who complain that they can't vacuum their whole dang car with it. They are missing the point: this is a CORDLESS HAND VACUUM and it is only intended for small, 2-minute jobs like stray cat litter around the litter box or when your toddler knocks a box of cereal off the kitchen counter. This is a fantastic cordless hand vac. Pricey, yes, but IMHO it's worth every penny. It's built to give flawless performance for years, and designed by a guy who knows vacuums.

    If you want to vacuum out your whole freaking car or the entire floor of your garage get a Fein 9-11-55 Turbo 8 Amp 6 Gallon 1.11 Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum with Auto-Start and you'll be extremely happy. But don't buy Dyson Root 6 and expect it to run for a half hour. You wouldn't use a weed wacker to mow an acre of lawn. So ignore the folks who complain that this doesn't run long on a charge. ...more info
  • Love it for quick jobs
    I love this product for quick cleanups. Its grip and trigger make it easy to handle and operate. The included crevice tool and small brush tool make this unit much more versatile than other hand-helds with their snub noses. It's so easy to grab and use quickly, I use it often. Yes, the battery life is ridiculously short, but swiping around floor edges and corners, sucking up crumbs, cleaning out drawers and cabinets, vacuuming computer keyboards and the like, are usually fast jobs. The motor runs only when you are squeezing the trigger so it's an on and off type arrangement rather than constant on, which extends working time. It can sit unplugged from the charger for a couple of days and still operate when needed, although they recommend storing it in the charger--which generally I do. I've only had the battery run out on me once, but it recharges quickly so I was not all that inconvenienced. Overall, I've found it far more useful than other hand-held units I've tried....more info
  • Battery is dead after a few months use. $85 to replace.
    What a horrible mistake it was buying this product. The battery will not hold a charge now after using it a few dozen times. That wouldn't be that big of a deal if I could use it while it was plugged in, but this vac doesn't allow that. Oh, and replacing the battery costs $85! That's ridiculous considering the price of the vac itself.

    I'm very disappointed in Dyson. ...more info
  • Battery Life
    This is a great little vacuum, but the battery life of less than 5 minutes needs to be fixed - perhaps wih a bit larger battery. ...more info
  • Nearly Useless
    First let me say, that I am a mechanical Engineer who designs Electro-Mechanical products for a living. I know when something is well built, and when it is not.

    To sum it up, this product is nearly useless. 6 minutes of battery life for $150??? Are they joking??? My $79 DeWalt tools last hours!!! And the suction is not "powerful" compared to non-cordless handhelds; their advertising is misleading, it should say "2x as powerful as other *cordless* vacuums". We bought this item to vacuum one small 11 step carpeted stairway. The vacuum is so weak, that it takes major "Scrubbing" to get all the debris off the carpet; and because it takes so long to use, the battery dies before we can finish the job. This vacuum goes down as one of the most disappointing purchases I have made in 40 years. I am going to Target, to buy a $50 corded model......more info
  • Leading Edge Hand Held
    No offense to other reviewers up here, but complaining about the battery life of this unit is just silly....any amount investigation before purchasing would have revealed that Dyson plainly states in all advertising that the battery life is 5-7 minutes or thereabouts.

    It's easily the most powerful hand vac I've used, and like the rest of the Dyson family, no filters to replace, and one button opens the cannister for quick dumping out of the dirt.

    How long does it last?

    I did my car just fine in the 5-7 minute window it gives you (I think it's closer to 7). Think about the automated vacuums at gas stations....they don't last any longer than that for what...a dollar in change?

    I use it on my computer each day (on the vents on the front to keep dust out), I use it on two tiers of steps in our home which are carpeted, and I use it for the car. It's much faster to grab than using the attachment on our big Dyson vacuum cleaner, and works great.

    It's well designed, recharges very quickly, and I find it very easy to hold an operate. It's expensive, but isn't everything good in life.

    Highly recommended.

    Tom Hartman...more info
    Excellent! The most suction in a handheld ever. No permanent on switch but this saves the battery. Battery life no long but it is sa fast you don't need it. Lots of extra available accessories for sale....more info
  • Great handheld vacuum
    Despite what many reviewers have said about the battery life of this unit, I went ahead and purchased it anyway. I'm very glad I did. It does exactly what it says. It lasts just long enough and never looses suction. Please, keep in mind that this is a handheld "dustbuster" type of vacuum, not a plug in vacuum cleaner. If you need something to vacuum your floors and last for an hour, get a regular vacuum. For everyday pick-up and mainenance use, it's perfect. I am very satisfied with mine. Great purchase. ...more info
  • Are you kidding?
    I hate this stupid little dust collector! The exhaust air blows right in your face..it is sooo annoying! The constant air blast like a strong gust of wind aims right toward the eyeballs... makes your eyelashes flutter! Perhaps you can rig up a long pole or a stick to keep it away from the face.
    It is heavy and awkward. This over-priced hand-vac was an anti-climactic "run of the mill" performer, go buy a dust buster!


    ...more info
  • Disappointed.....
    In spite of the not so hot reviews, I ordered this vacuum anyway based on how much I love my other Dyson.
    The battery life was not an issue for me, 6 minutes is lots of time when the vacuum works well. I thought the suction on this machine was very disappointing, not at all what I expected in comparison to my other Dyson. I would be better off to haul my bigger one out to the garage and use it on my car. We have the dog in the car from time to time and a toddler. Not a crazy amount of debris, but enough to give the handheld a good test. I had to really work at the few dog hairs that were there and the size of the thing makes it awkard to get into every nook and space. With the crevice tool attached I thought the suction was even less.
    I am sending mine back and will wait it out in hopes that future models are better. Too much money for a not so great machine.
    I am very disappointed!...more info
  • Awesome power, bad battery life
    Title says it all. Works great!! However, batter does die quickly with NO warning. Should include better battery or another for backup. ...more info
  • The Most Powerful Handheld Vacuum I've Ever Had!
    Love the suction power! However, the attachment tool is not that great. Plus the price is not attractive at all!...more info
  • Unacceptable performance for $150
    This handheld vac is flawed in many ways. 1) battery life is about 5 minutes. 2) The unit is heavy and unbalanced. 3) the dust cup release requires painful amounts of pressure to release and finally, 4) the on/off trigger must be squeezed while vacuuming. This was truly a disappointing purchase and it will keep me from buying any other Dyson product in the future. I sure am glad I held onto my trusty old Dustbuster. ...more info
  • DySon hand held, more like dissappointing
    i brought this product from Amazon, charged it , and started to clean my car, and wasn't even done from the driver side mat when the battery died, and had to re charge the battery again for 2 hours. vacuum has good suction but no battery life.

    Final Review. BUY it is you are desperate for a car vacuum, and even if you are still don't buy it, waste of money....more info
  • Poor Battery Life, User Instructons Inadequate
    I LOVE my Dyson upright. It does a great job of picking up dog hair from 3 large dogs who shed...A LOT. So I was anticipating equal satisfaction with the Dyson DC16 Root 5 Handheld Vacuum. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Like many others, I have found the battery life dismal. I don't think I receive 6 full minutes of use. And you are not able to fully charge the vacuum, then remove it from the charger and let it set for a period of time prior to use and have it still work. In other words, it does not retain its charge even when not being used. I am someone who worries about possible fire risks from a constantly plugged in charger, so would prefer not to leave it plugged in 24/7. But, if I want the Dyson Handheld Vacuum to function, I have to ignore the fire concern. Also, when I purchase a product, I expect to see detailed instructions that are thorough and easy to understand. That was not the case with the instructions with this machine. There are some drawings...but, I did not find them helpful, and you have to sort through various languages to find information in English. And, even then, it is very limited and incomplete. I did not try any handheld vacs prior to purchasing this Dyson, but, had I done so, and knew of the drawbacks I would encounter with this machine. I doubt I would have felt this was worth the money it cost. ...more info
  • Nice power and design, short battery
    For what we bought this portable for, it's great. It cleans up cheerios and lint and crumbs quickly and easily. It's easily the best cordless I've tried, powerwise. I don't think we would have spent the money without a coupon (a bit overpriced, otherwise), but we've certainly used it a lot in the past few weeks! I do wish the battery lasted longer, but for quick pick-ups, this is perfect. ...more info
  • Good Handheld Vacuum
    Over the past five years, I've owned four different hand-held vacuums, all of which were either practically useless at cleaning from the start or didn't last very long. So, I decided to try the Dyson. I am happy I did!

    the GOOD:
    -high quality suction power in a hand-held!
    -easy to use, intuitive
    -easy to clean (emptying the cannister and cleaning the filter)
    -the six minute battery life is sufficient for my needs when I'm in the house
    -easy to use with one hand (because the power button is like a trigger, you can press and unpress it as you move around the room)

    the BAD:
    -the battery life is too short for me to vacuum my entire car
    -it's awkward to hold - it's shaped like a hair dryer, and heavy, with most of the weight in the back and the grip is just a cylinder of hard plastic
    -the included attachments are okay, but I did end up purchasing the attachment kit from dyson...more info
  • This thing sucks in a good way...
    This thing is powerful and lasts a really long time. If you already have a dyson you can use all your attachments too. Makes it so you dont have to pull out the big vack. It is worth every penny. ...more info
  • dyson
    Gave it as a gift to my mother-in-law for her stairs &/or furniture. So far she is very pleased with the handheld dyson....more info
  • Dyson Hand Held Vacuum
    This little machine is amazing! Works better than I ever expected. I'd say the only drawback is that the charge only lasts 6 minutes, but it does more in 6 minutes than most hand helds could do in an hour!...more info
  • Dyson Does It Again!
    I love this hand-vac! It's powerful and maintains the same power until the battery runs out, at which time it just stops. It does not gradually lose power and then stop. It's very maneuverable...easy to handle, not awkward or bulky. Emptying is a breeze! There's no separating two pieces, banging the pieces against a trash can, banging the filter and trying to snap it back together. You just push a button over a trash can and slap the flap back into place. It fully charges in three hours. I've read negative reviews regarding the fact that it only lasts for six minutes, but consider this: this is a hand-vac. It's intended for quick clean-ups, not routine vacuuming or detailing your car. If you have a mess that takes longer than six minutes to handle, then you need to get out your regular vacuum. This is so perfect for dry spills, pet and human hair on bathroom floors, air vents, laundry lint, cat litter, and all kinds of quick clean-ups. This product is well worth the price in it's quality!! ...more info
  • Nice piece of equipment!
    Got the Dyson Root 6 for Christmas and I have been loving it. Yes, it only has six minutes of battery life, but it recharges quickly and I have not yet needed to use it for more then the six minutes. It is great for cleaning up that small mess that you do not want to get the big vacuum cleaner out for. ...more info
  • Dyson really dropped the ball with the Root 6 DC16
    With decent performance from my Dyson DC15 (the ball), I finally bought this handheld vacuum after reading honest but mostly negative reviews. I even waited 2 years after its initial release hoping Dyson engineers would refine it based on sub par early adopter feedback.

    Here's the summary based on using the Root 6 in my car twice:

    -It's portable. In my opinion, it's not really heavy as some reviewers have posted. My wife agrees weight is not really an issue.
    -No bag design
    -Reusable filters.
    -If purchased for under $130, it should be a good deal if not for my cons listed below.
    -I actually like the idea of having to keep the trigger pressed while using. It does save battery life. However, it should have an optional trigger lock like other devices.

    -Suction is average at best. Ample dirt was left on my black interior carpet.
    -Attachments cause suction to decrease slightly.
    -Couldn't really get under my car's seats even with the crevice attachment.
    -Dyson should really offer a cigarette lighter / car charger feature. I twice ran out of battery life before finishing my car's interior. At 176 inches, my car is on the smaller side. I can only imagine larger cars and SUVs... A car charging feature would eliminate this problem.

    The battery life is as advertised. Expect 5 to 6 minutes for every 3 hours of charging. If you can live with that, this vacuum is for you. However, I can not....more info
  • Dyson Hand Held - AWESOME
    this hand held vacuum is THE BEST and soooo worth the money. My husband wanted this to clean the cars. I thought it was a bit steep for a hand held vacuum but once we started using it I have to say it has got soooo
    much power it is unbelieveable and the quality is superb. the attachments are not cheap - they are solid!!

    I would highly recommend this item - I am so impressed that I am saving my money to get the big vacuum....more info
  • What's wrong with the battery?
    I see reviews bashing the product battery. This is a handheld vacuum, it's not designed to vacuum your whole house. I have found that this is the absolute best handheld I have used and our household has gone through many. This is the strongest, quietest & most durable that I have used yet. Oh yea, and the most expensive. You get what you pay for! As for the battery, I have yet to do a clean up job that the battery didn't last for the entire job. Battery life is conserved due to a simple trigger design to turn the product on and off. Simply squeeze the trigger to turn it on and release to turn it off. This gets five stars simply because we have gone through at least 10 different model handhelds and this beats all of them hands down. Worth the extra money....more info
  • Good vacuum, but worth the price?
    Okay, this was my first foray into the world of Dyson, which I've been putting off because of the product line's high price. I have been intrigued by the product line, but just couldn't bite the bullet. After reading some of the reviews, I was a bit worried about the six minute battery life, which is very clearly stated on the Dyson website BTW for those of you who were surprised by it. But since I got a gift card from Linens N' Things (sorry Amazon) and had a 20% coupon and couldn't think of anything else I needed/wanted from there, I decided to give the Root Vac a shot.

    Honestly, while the suction is quite nice, I can't see how this is any better than a suped up dustbuster. The six minute battery life is not really a problem for me, since I usually just use my hand vacs for quick pick ups; for larger jobs that I know are going to take longer than 6 minutes I drag out my upright that has all the attachments. My dustbusters don't last longer than 6 or so minutes on a charge either. It does have an interesting design, which took me about one use to get used to, but I don't think that's a reason to get this in and of itself.

    Overall, unless you're a Dyson fanatic, or you have some money to burn, and while the vacuum does work really well, I can't recommend this over a high voltage dustbuster....more info
  • Your battery will give out in a few months and a new one costs $75
    I drank the Kool-Aid. I convinced myself that 4 minutes was enough battery life. But the life grows shorter and shorter until the battery dies for good and then you need to pay $75.00 for a new one. I may have been stupid enough to purchase this thing the first time around on Dyson's reputation but I won't be fooled into replacing the battery. ...more info
  • Better!
    I just received the Root 6 and have been testing the battery time. It's not as bad as other reviewers have mentioned (still short). It is heavy if you are holding it for a long time. It easy to empty dirt. The power is better than most can vacs. I gave it 4 stars because of the weight, large size and shorter than needed battery time....more info
  • Great Portable but has limitations
    I was searching for a portable vacuum that would be better than a Black & Decker Duster Buster. This Dyson is a great product. However, read the description and reviews online carefully. It works great and as advertised. Keep in mind that this is a portable to be used for small areas, dropped items, and for touch-up. If you keep it's targeted use in mind, this is a great item. We use it for touch up, crevices, and for kitchen spills and it is wonderful. The units will only run for about 5 minutes. Watch the battery indicator carefully. The indicator is the only warning that power will run out soon. Suction great, dust chamber somewhat small but this is only designed for small runs so that is OK. The only drawback is that some of the construction feels cheap for the price. I've used it for a few months and did not break it anything. I would definitely recommend but wish that the price was lower, the construction a bit better, and wish it had a slightly longer run time....more info
  • Great suction for a portable
    I've always been a fan of the Dysons and was glad when they came out with a handheld. It has much better suction than other battery-powered vacuums I've had, and is super fast to empty. The 6 minute battery life many annoy some, but it's just as advertised, and I knew that when I bought it. I would rather have this Dyson with great pick-up power for six minutes than a wimpy vac that does a lousy job for 15 minutes....more info
  • Very good, but short battery life
    This worked well for what I planned on using it for, small projects such as auto cleaning and spills in the house. The battery life is short but I noticed almost no decrease in performance for about 5 minutes, then it suddenly dies. It would be a 5-star product with a better battery. If you need a long battery life this isn't for you....more info
  • Rubbish - avoid like the plague
    Do not purchase this beautiful looking waste of money. After 5 minutes of use, the battery dies. This fact is written is rather small writing on the side of the box. But what it doesn't say is that it takes 3 whole hours to recharge! Do not buy. Do not buy. Do not buy! I had to give it one star, as Amazon requires that you add a rating, otherwise it would have received no stars.......more info
  • don't buy!
    the dyson does not work and there is no way to figure out what is wrong because the paper that passes as a "manual" is only pictures--and not even accurate pictures!...more info
  • Disappointed
    Was hoping to use this for quick cleanups for my car or kitchen. I'm so disappointed in the battery life. Probably around 5-6 minutes of cleanup time before you have to recharge. You have to assume you need to cleanup small spills and dust. If only we could use the unit while it is plugged in to the wall. For the money spent, not worth it at all....more info
  • Couldn't imagine being without it!
    This is not a car vac, shop vac or wet vac. It is more like a battery operated dustpan!
    Dog hair on baseboards, dust bunnies, small spills, dust on ceiling fan blades, etc..etc...etc....etc? This is a perfect answer.
    We have 4 dogs and wood floors. We use it a lot! Just a few minutes at a time.
    The first one we purchased died within 2 weeks but let's face it, no one or nothing is perfect. I returned the defective one and was hoping that the store had another one. I did not want to be without it after just 2 weeks of owning one.
    Like the Dyson Animal we own, overpriced but worth it!...more info
  • Battery life is terrible
    A great tool, but battery life is miserable (3 minutes), charging takes forever (3 hours), and the charging station is a joke. You have to mount it on the wall in order for it to charge well. The lead engineer on this was Mickey Mouse....more info
  • Perfect for picking-up animal hair from non-carpeted floors!
    We have many dogs & cats, plus tile floors, in our house. I spend 4 or 5 minutes twice a day sucking-up pet hair, and the Dyson cordless does just a wonderful job. Its long flat nozzle gets way under the furniture, hair never clogs in the nozzle. It has much more suction than any other cordless vacuum -- I've recently tried three others because I hated to spend $150!

    Battery life is fine with me, this is strictly for minor clean-ups. For your $150 you also get a solid warranty. After 9 months, mine started cutting off after three minutes of continuous use. Dyson mailed me a charger to try, then mailed me a new battery, neither helped. They then sent me the main motorized 'body' part which solved the problem, I was back to 5 or 6 minutes of running time. Dyson really stands by their warranty! They didn't require the old parts back.

    I see Dyson just released a $60 4-piece tool kit for this vac, but doesn't seem necessary to me. The two tools that ship with the DC16 are plenty adequate.

    So I love it, and just ordered a second one to keep at the other end of our house. We have a large bird cage on the patio, and I use the vacuum to quickly clean seeds off the floor. Works prefectly. Bottom line, it's worth the $150. ...more info
  • Excellent machine that fits the bill
    Prior to buying this machine I researched it on the net which include visiting the Dyson webpage where it very, clearly and without hesitation or prevarication states that the battery lasts for six (6) minutes. I thought about how big a mess would you have to have that would take more than six minutes and concluded that such a mess would require a full size vacuum. So I bought this machine.

    I have never owned a battery powered hand held vacuum before. However, I do own two wired hand held machines that are essentially toys. They have poor vacuum and even poorer attachments. The Dyson does not have these problems. The amount of suction is excellent and the attachments nicely designed and easy to attach and detach from the machine.

    As to the overall design I find it very ergonomic. The grip is such that it is easy to hold the switch in the on position when using and it actually lends itself to pulse mode (quick bursts to suck up a solitary item).

    Five stars without a doubt! ...more info
  • Battery operated vacuum cleaners suck--and not in a good way.
    All battery operated vacuum cleaners I've tried work for maybe 5 minutes, then they're worthless because they have no cord to keep them running after the battery goes dead. This Dyson is just like that. Believe me, you can't do much cleaning in only five minutes. To make matters worse, the heavy battery makes this model too clumsy to manuver easily. If you really want to have a vacuum handy for a small spill, buy youself a less expensive Dust Buster and have done with it. There are many hand held models on Amazon to choose from for only $20-$50.

    If this model had a cord, I'd buy it in an instant. Dyson makes great quality upright vacuum cleaners which last and last. Unfortunately, all this model has is a battery.

    Dear Dyson Engineers:
    Are you listening to your customers? How hard can it be to add a cord to this thing? And forget about creating a more powerful battery; I don't want a vacuum which works for only 9 minutes either!...more info
  • Battery Life is GREAT
    Most of the reviews are OLD, from 2006. Dyson must have fixed the battery issue. I used it for more than 15 min to vacuum TWO, yes 2, cars (a 4-door sedan and SUV) without any problems with the battery.

    Great suction.
    Quick charge time
    easy to empty.
    no filters to buy...more info
  • After 147 reviews...
    I read almost all the reviews here and wasted $60 a couple weeks ago on the top-of-the-line Black & Decker handheld because of the complaints about the DC16 battery life. Earlier today I vacuumed with the B&D. I had to go over and over each little spot on each rug to get up the dust and cat fur. Sometimes I had to pick it out of the rug and stuff it into the vacuum nozzle. During cleanup I got wet power-spraying the dust out of the miserable little filter from the B&D. Every time I used the B&D, the filter had to be washed. So I sat down and reread these reviews, looking for the positives. One thing that occurred to me was that 6 minutes is a long time for my space.

    One of the reviewers mentioned Bed Bath & Beyond's liberal return policy, and I had a 20% off Linens n Things coupon, which B3 honors (sorry Amazon) so I picked up a DC16. Charged it up and revacuumed the same space that I had just done with the B&D. It took 1/10 the time to clean the rugs well, and, like another reviewer noted, it was embarrassing how much extra dust and fur the Dyson picked up.

    I think the hold and vac button is smart, because it's easy to release to save battery time while moving from spot to spot or changing attachments. I'm 64 and didn't find the pressure required or weight of the vacuum a problem. Emptying the dust chamber is so much easier than cleaning the B&D. Granted, the release button is a bit tight, but I think there's a technique to releasing and reclosing that I'll figure out.

    As for the 6 minutes, I was running out of things to do. I was about to start vacuuming my socks just to run down the battery. Decided to give up instead. I have a 24' motorhome with cloth walls, which also need the Himalayan cat's fur vacuumed off now and then. It worked great, and the narrow wand got into little spaces.

    I'm relieved to be back to a Dyson. I feel things will be clean again. The Dyson canister I had before was just too large and cumbersome for in this small space, but this handheld is perfect. The attachments provided are sufficient. The wand could be a little longer. They might consider a short, maybe 2 feet long, 1 inch in diameter, flexible hose attachment to which the other attachments could be added. I found such a hose quite handy vacuuming under car seats. I've used the Dyson flexible wand and found it pretty awful.

    The DC16 motor is surprisingly muffled. Much quieter than the B&D.

    I think the suggestion to make an a/c adapter to attach to this vacuum is quite apparently worthwhile. I would hate to see such a good handheld discontinued because so many people need more run time....more info
  • The Dyson Root Works
    After extensive research, and being tired of our beast of a vacuum cleaner, we bought a Dyson DC17 Animal upright. Not inexpensive, but it is great! So when we wanted a new handheld vacuum we went for the Dyson Root 6 DC16. It also works great. True, it last only 6 minutes, but the charge stays strong until then, and then it is done. It recharges relatively quick, and is ready to go again. Six minutes is a long time to be using a handheld. Typically you grab it, use it on a small area, and you're done. Other handhelds don't hold charge all that long either. You empty the dirt similar to how it is done with the upright. Hold it over the waste can, the bottom opens up and the dirt falls. Click the bottom shut and that's it. And the "gun shape" design is easy to hold and use. I recommend this product. Both of our Dysons work as advertised....more info
  • Useless Vacuum
    LIke many other reviewers of this item I too am a long-time Dyson owner. I love my upright Dyson vacuum so I was excited to receive an email from the company announcing this new handheld version. I trusted Dyson so much I purchased the vacuum without conducting my usual internet research and that was a big mistake. When I first used my new handheld vacuum it only ran for four minutes. At first, I thought I had not fully charged the unit so I put it back on its charger overnight. The next day, I got the same four minutes of run time--not enough to do any useful work including vacuuming out the interior of a car. Initially, I thought I had received a unit with a defective battery, but then I read the Amazon reviews for this unit from other users and I realized that the vacuum is only designed to run for 4-5 minutes per charge. As noted by the majority of other users this short runtime is outrageous and effectively renders the product absolutely useless. If you are considering the purchase of a handheld vacuum I strongly encourage you to avoid this one as you will quickly be disappointed with its performance relative to its extremely high price. ...more info
  • Very satisfied with my purchase
    After reading the reviews I decided to purchase the Root 6. Battery life is around 5 minutes. That is a well established fact. I have pulled out my Root 6 numerous times and the battery is more than sufficient for situations where one should use a handheld. Anyone who purchases a handheld and expects to vacuum their stairs should take their Dyson and whack it upside their own head. Who does that? I use it for small messes, my SUV, an occasional big spider that I don't want to smash, etc. It works great! Good suction, easy to empty canister, finger trigger works perfectly, I can't complain. The only time I run out of battery is when I run around the house looking for more stuff to clean because I like using this so much. If you can live with 5 minutes of battery, buy it. You won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Don't buy it!
    Having the Dyson Animal, I thought this model would be of similar design and function. This is an over priced and virtually useless handheld unit. The battery life is too short for any real job and without an AC adapter you're limited to cleaning area area about the size of a door mat. It's also very loud and the attachments poorly designed (read - can't get into any small areas). Don't waste your money on this product!...more info
  • Great suction, for the brief time you have to use it...
    Like most other reviewers, I love my Dyson upright and thought this would be a great item for quick clean-ups. The battery life is abysmal. Forget about leaving it off the charger for any length of time and then trying to use it. I would almost rather have one with a cord....more info
  • design more than function
    i was totally psyched about getting a dyson after seeing it on a documentary. this hand held has low suction, is noisy, battery life is not good. i am disappointed after using it, i mean it powers down before a filter might clog in another. it looks good but its bulky.
    i don't think its worth the price
    ...more info
  • Battery life on this thing is a (bad) joke
    Do yourself a favor and wait for Dyson to improve the battery life on this thing before you buy one. It only runs on it's battery (you can't plug it into a wall jack for power) and the battery (which requires 3 hours to charge fully) only powers it for 5 minutes! No exaggeration. Cross my heart and hope to die. 5 minutes of vacuuming is all you get, then it's back to the charger for 3 hours until you can use it again. Good God. WHAT were they thinking? I have a full sized Dyson that is without a doubt absolutely worth every dime I paid for it, but this little hand-held is fatally flawed because of it's miserable battery life. ...more info
  • Nice looking, awful performance, no practical use
    I wanted to like this cool looking cleaner when I bought it at Target. I was sure I had finally found the ultimate vacuum to clean in and around our laptops and computers, various electronic equipment. Or just to clean anything - it looked so cool I would have been happy to keep it had I found anything at all that it is useful for.

    I never did. Suction was not even enough to pull lint off a table top. It will not fit or maneuver well into any small or tight spaces - what looked like a slick design quickly proved to be a completely useless one for the things you'd want a portable cordless vacuum for.

    We tried it to pick up dog hair from the corners of wood floors - it did but left as much as it picked up took forever to do it due to the low (almost non-existent) suction.

    Battery life was not impressive. Nothing about this vacuum was and not nearly to the tune of $150. When you're done using it you will still have to drag out the canister vac or real vacuum to do the job - or you'll get so tired of moving this weakling back and forth over the area forever trying to pick anything up you'll find it's not a worthwhile effort.

    This seems more like a gimmick you'd find at Sharper Image than from Dyson and put us off ordering the Dyson DC15 Animal we were considering.
    If they'll sell junk like this much less make it the main feature on the Dyson website - no thanks.

    ...more info
  • Dyson Root 6 is great
    This is by far the best hand held rechargeable i have had being that I used to restore old cars as a hobby I have a lot of experience with hand vacs. Keep in mind it is a cordless hand vacuum. If you are doing major cleaning like your whole room or a full carpeted staircase take out the old plug in as that is not what this is for. it can easily do a whole car (less than 6 minutes) the power is great and it has a lithium battery so it is better for the environment and has no memory effect on the battery meaning it will last a lot longer (years) for this type of use....more info
  • Waste of Money
    DYSON DC 6 HANDHELD I bought the Root 6 based on my experience with the 2 Dyson uprights I own, however was very disappointed. While the suction is great, the short battery life makes it worthless. 3 hours of charging for 4 minutes of use is not acceptable, it's big and heavy and you must keep finger on trigger to power which is uncomfortable and pinches the skin. I'm returning mine and bying a new dirt devil and saving myself $120....more info
  • Just What I Always Wanted
    This is THE ONE. I've used at least half a dozen, none powerful enough and ALL the others too difficult to clean. This machine has a large capacity, and dumping the dirt is so easy. I have NO COMPLAINT ABOUT BATTERY LIFE. I don't use it for housecleaning. I use it for quick pickups, like before guests come, or if some spot is annoying me. I have two cats, and when they scatter their crystal litter, or their fur clumps in corners, the Dyson works great. I also use it for my car. You simply keep it in the charger. Which has its own little place in my house. I've never run out of power. I do recommend this item. Worth the extra cost.
    ...more info
  • Love this product!
    I just received my new Dyson hand held. The price was a little high but I own an upright dyson and it is AMAZING!!!
    I know a lot of people complain about the battery life but I think the life of the battery in between charges is plenty.
    The suction is phenomenal!!!! I have been vacuuming up stray cheerios from my son's high chair since I unpacked it.
    The only reason this did not make 5 stars is because of the weight... it does get a little heavy after a few minutes.
    I would totally recommend this product for anybody, especially those with kids still in highchairs....more info
  • waste of money
    The battery life is a joke, and makes this thing obsolete. I tried cleaning 12 stairs and couldnt finish! Do I sit around 3 hours to finish the job? If the best part of this vacuum is its suction, who cares about suction if you are only using it for 30 seconds to pick up some crumbs. Do not buy! ...more info
  • Very good vacuum, but pricey
    The Root 6 is a damn fine hand held vacuum. It's well balanced in the hand, holds a charge well, provides good suction, and is much easier than a "Dustbuster" style vacuum to empty. Is it worth the price premium? Time will tell. It's held up well over its first two weeks of heavy use. Several drops from 3-4 feet in the air onto linoleum tile floor have left it none the worse for wear. ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I was so disappointed in the Root 6. I know that Dyson makes an excellent product and I was sure that this one would come up to their standards. Not at all -- nowhere in their literature does it state that the cleaner runs for onloy 6-7 minutes after charging for 3 hours. I called Dyson to verify this and they stated that it is just for quick pickups. 5-7 minutes is really quick!!! It would be great if the cleaner could be used with a cord, but Dyson said that this option is not available. I found that it was absolutely useless and am returning it. The suction is great, but what good is it if you have to stop after moments and then recharge for 3 hours? $149.00 for absolutely nothing!...more info
  • Dyson Root 6 DC 16 Vac
    It would have gotten 5 stars if the battery life hadn't been so short. It does recharge rather quickly though. It is a really good "sucker". I mean, it gets the dust!...more info
  • Longevity
    What this product needs is a power source (electric cord) rather than the battery it runs from. It only runs for 4-5 minutes, hardly enough time to do most jobs. Other than that, it does a great job!...more info
  • The right tool for the job
    To spot vacuum the floor, dust off your computer, and clean the car -- all jobs that can be knocked off in six minutes or less -- this is the perfect tool. For as long as the charge is sufficient, it works at 100% efficiency. (None of the RRR-Rrr-rrr of the conventional handheld.) For any job that takes more than six minutes, you wouldn't want to use this anyway. One reviewer wanted a one-hour battery life. Why, so you can vacuum your living room on your knees?...more info
  • unimpressive
    I bought this to keep near my cats' litterboxes to vacuum up the litter particles they track onto the floor.

    Dyson went out of its way to make a futuristic looking vacuum, but it seems as if the vacuum is all style and little substance.

    First of all, the nozzle is very narrow, much narrower than a dustbuter. It barely picks up anything.

    And, I have found that if you are not using the vacuum, and just holding it with the nozzle pointing downward, pieces of whatever you just vacuumed up will fall out of the nozzle.

    Finally, the battery charge did not seem to last very long, even after staying in the charger when not in use.

    Overall, a very unimpressive product from Dyson.

    Stick to a good old Black & Decker dustbuter. It will do a much better job at less than half the price. ...more info
  • unhappy
    Love Dyson and I got this little one in spite of the reviews. I shouldn't have!! Terrible Terrible suction---I don't use it long enough to know whether the battery dies!
    It picks up so little I have never had to clean out the container!!...more info
  • Awesome little bugger
    The Dyson root-6 shall not be compromised. Excellent suction. Get ready to throw away those brooms....more info
  • Great hand vac for quick cleanup jobs
    First of all, don't expect miracles from this. It is a battery-powered hand vac. Although it has very good suction for a hand vac, it is necessarily less than the full-sized Dyson vacuums (and probably most other full-sized vacuums, too), as power consumption needs to be lower for battery operation. There is also the trade-off between battery life and battery weight (to run this for 30 minutes, for example, would probably make it unacceptably heavy for a handheld unit). So, don't plan on using this for big jobs like stairs or cars. That's not what it's for.

    If you have frequent small cleanup jobs (picking up spilled dry cereal, crumbs, flour, dirt, etc.), I'd recommend this. We have two small children, so small spills like this are inevitable. Rather than getting out a dustpan and brush, I just grab this from the wall-mounted charger. It's always ready. It is easier than the dustpan (and does a better job), and takes less time than getting out the full-sized Dyson. I'm usually done with the cleanup in less time than it would take to get the full-sized cleaner out and set up.

    If you're looking for something for the stairs, the car, or other larger projects, this isn't it. Get something with a cord so you aren't limited by power or battery life. Get this for the quick cleanup jobs.

    ...more info
  • As Advertised
    I've tried 3 or 4 dirt-devils, sharks, etc. down through the years in the hand-held category, and none of them have been worth a dime. This is the first one that actually picked up dirt and hair, all the others you'd run over the spot 20 times then finally give up and grab it with your hand and stick in down the nozzle yourself. This one actually picks up dirt without your aid. I bought one on Amazon that was used, although it didn't look as though it had ever been taken out of the box. It seems to recharge easily and it looks like a raygun, too, in case you ever need that added feature.

    I've now had this for a few months, and can give an additional fact or two. I still like it overall, and still find it by far the best hand-held vac, battery powered or otherwise, that I've ever used. My major complaint, mentioned by other reviewers as well, is that the charge lasts only a very few minutes and goes out with no warning. It then takes quite a while to recharge. I can live with that, but wanted to note it....more info
  • Great, but no stamina and noisy
    This portable Dyson works as well as our floor model, but it runs out of power very quickly so multiple cleaning projects will not be accomplished in one session. Also, the motor is so powerful that it literally screams--and this powerful motor is why the battery runs down so quickly....more info
  • This is a hand vac -- NOT a full-sized AC vac
    I can't understand why people are criticizing Root 6's battery life so heavily. This is a hand vac, okey! If you need to vacuum more than 4-6 minutes you need to use an actual vacuum cleaner (the kind that is connected to the AC). I might be wrong here, but I've always thought hand vacs are for quick vacuum jobs (spilt sugar, a bit of dust in a corner et cetera) and not for cleaning up the whole house. So while a better battery life would be nice, it isn't mandatory.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is the best thing ever. I think it's a bit overpriced and the design, while cool to a gadgedfreak, makes it tough to think of a place to keep it. Moreover, it isn't the most ergonomic hand vac out there: a little heavy, not that ergonomic. However, it has easily the best suction of all hand vacs and, as advertised, as the battery is wearing down it doesn't lose power at the same rate.

    Is this the best mainstream hand vac? It might be. It isn't for everyone, though. On the other hand, if you are like me and have bought several hand vacs only to see them break or lose their power after 1-2 years, you see that the actual performance of Root 6 redeems its flaws in design, price and even the battery life. Just don't compare this to a full-sized AC-driven vacuum cleaner. After all, you don't compare an iPod to an amp, cd-player and a set of B&W -speakers now do you?...more info
  • Useless, marginal performance for the price, not at all impressive
    I've had too many Black & Decker dustbuster type handhelds and they were all whimpy. I figured I'd try this after all the great reviews of the $$$ upright (which I don't own). The packaging is like a toy water gun (which I don't actually mind), but it stays charged for a very short time (which is well documented so I wasn't unaware). I was hoping that it would actually be the best at being a handheld and pick up all small objects and hair 10x better than the cheap B&D dustbuster. NOT SO. It worked even worse with the useless brush attachment. It's like the brushes interferred with the suction. I returned it (thank goodness for the great return policy of Bed, Bath & Beyond - forget Amazon's return, it's useless if you plan on opening the box and trying it out)....more info
  • Poor battery life
    I am very disappointed by this handheld vacuum. You're lucky if you can get through vacuumming your stairs before the battery dies. I contacted Dyson and asked about the batttery life a woman responded that the battery should last you about 5-6 minutes. Are we kidding!! I would not recommend this until they can fix this problem. Thank god the upright doesn't work off a battery.

    Also what I didn't like about this vacuum is that you have to hold the power button down while you're using it!! After about a minute, your hand is killing you. But luckily, since the vacuum cuts off about three minutes into your cleaning process, your hand will only hurt while using it for a short time.
    ...more info
  • For Those Who Cannot Read . . .
    For those who cannot read, I suppose this review will be pointless; but, perhaps someone else can read it to you ---- which, incidentally, is what you should have done before purchasing this gorgeously designed tool! ON THE BOX, it says "6 Minutes" --- and, yet, there are so many, many, MANY complaints about it 'only' lasting 6 Minutes!!!! Gee . . . Dyson SURE FOOLED YOU!!! -- I mean, they said 6 MINUTES, and, oh WOW! -- It only lasts 6 MINUTES!!! --- AMAZING! ;-)

    Okay, here is my review . . . I purchased, along with the Dyson, the top-of-the-line Black & Decker for $65, and a lower version for $20. The more expensive B & D worked better than the $20 model (naturally), but, both were COMPLETELY blown away by the Dyson. In addition, the Dyson's long, skinny nozzle gets behind (and under) so many things, it is truly indispensible. Another thing to note, my $65 model says it takes 21 Hours, TWENTY-ONE HOURS!! to charge -- now, even if I got the 20-30 minutes out of this machine, lets see --- 24 hours, divided by 3 is 8, times 6 minutes --- is 48 minutes of time, versus 30 minutes of the other---- okay, so Dyson still wins, by 18 minutes! ;-) . . . Another consideration, it picks up TWICE as much, TWICE as fast -- so, that 6 Minutes, is like 12 minutes with my $65 model--- which really gives my Dyson 96 Minutes, to the Black & Decker's 30 -- So THERE! The ROOT 6 WINS!!! :-)

    I really like the trigger hold -- it only requires a light touch, and is a part of the grasp, so that, it is precisely where you would have placed your finger anyway! The weight is EXCELLENT -- compared to the other 2 Black & Deckers I tested, it weighs about the same as the $65 model, but is balanced so much better, that it feels to weigh about a third less -- so impressive! (Note -- probably too heavy for great-grandma -- but 'light as a feather' for those accustomed to toting way heavier things -- like, 30 pound briefcases or toddlers! ;-)

    Plastic is -- plastic. But, the Dyson plastic is FAR-Superior to the B & D -- much heavier weight -- and smoother/more attractive in appearance. I share the same sentiment as other reviewers about the inadequacies and inherent cheapness of plastic, but it appears to be a necessary evil -- and I will say that the Dyson plastic is TWICE as nice as the $65 B & D -- none of the rough edges from the molding process, and the paint is glossy and has depth, as opposed to cheap, and easily scratched off. Very well done -- if it has to be plastic (of course, can you even imagine the weight, or the heat transfer for that matter, if this thing was made of metal??! ;-) . . .

    Last thought -- as a busy mommy of 2 toddlers -- I need a handheld that moves fast, works fast, and recharges fast --- the Dyson was the only one that could do all 3 -- sure, it would be great to make that 6 minutes into 20 (without sacrificing power), but, honestly -- if I left my two (ages 2 and 3) unattended for 20 minutes, I would be needing the upright vacuum instead! ;-)

    LOVE IT....more info
  • Good Look, Good Action, bad bad bad power
    Great design, looks good.
    Great action, good suction.
    But very bad, in power. With full charge it does not work even for five min....more info
  • phooey
    I am relieved to see others have had the same problems with battery life, but now mine has quit powering the unit all together. I bought it in March to keep a new car clean, and it worked okay if I worked fast. Now it shows that it's charged, but will not turn on at all. I was considering buying a Dyson floor model, but due to this fiasco I have doubts; it's a big investment and my experience so far is that it's not worth it....more info
  • Works Good
    The vacuum is great for very small clean-ups and small areas. I am just disappointed that the nozzle is so small. I was hoping to use it on my stairs but realized it would take way too much time and effort to do that. I wish I would have know that in advance because I have two sets of stairs and bought the vacuum for that purpose...now I use it to clean window sills and small spills....more info
  • Works OK, short run time, stuff gets stuck easily
    OK product but the short battery life (down to 3 minutes after 5 months of light usage) is unacceptable. Worse, stuff larger than fuzz or dust gets stuck in the upper part of the chamber, requiring a pencil to scrape it out. Not recommened...more info
  • Getting to the problem of the Root
    While others have noted that this vacuum works well (not superbly) for the 5 minutes the battery lasts, how many of your cleaning jobs are finished in 5 minutes? I would assume that many people envision using this for cleaning cars. You can vacuum one car on one charge if you rush. But you will wait hours to recharge before cleaning a second car. Even the relatively simple job of cleaning a sofa and a couple of chairs will use up most if not all of the battery charge.

    If you really have only 2 or 3 really small jobs on any given day (a minute or two in duration) then perhaps it will suit your needs. The price for those few minutes, however, seems unreasonably high.

    The short battery life is a major flaw for a product at this price. Dyson really ought to take this off the market and back to the drawing board....more info
  • Totally worth every penny, regardless of run time
    I also, was very apprehensive about buying this vac due to all the feedback on the 6 minute battery life. The packaging makes NO SECRET that it will only run for 6 minutes at a time and then turn off. Those six minutes will totally blow any other handheld out of the water, so you are getting more done in those 6 minutes than would with triple the time on an ordinary vac. I bought this to combat cat hair on my couches and bed, and even thought I vacuum and lint roll them regularly, this first time with the Dyson sucked almost a full tank of fur, dust, and other total nastyness. Don't think twice about getting this vacuum!!...more info
  • Works great while it's charged...
    This is the most powerful handheld vaccuum that I've ever used. However, after 6 minutes, it needs to be recharged (for quite a while). I would rate it 5 stars if they had included a power cord so that you could plug it in and keep using it. For most cars, though, 6 minutes is enough to vacuum the carpets and it does a great job. ...more info
  • It's still the best thing in town.
    Was worried about getting this item because of the battery life issue mentioned in the reviews, but went ahead and glad I did. The battery life could be an issue, you can run it a little over 5 minutes then it's recharge time, but if you are aware of this and don't diddle around, you'll get more done in the 5 minutes than you could in 20 minutes on any other hand held vac on the market today. I like spending less time cleaning ! Still, they could have done better here. They could have made it so you could switch batteries (using an extra), or made it so it would plug into a 12 volt socket in your car (it draws 21 volts, but they could have fixed that)... in your car you could use up your 5 minutes if you leave it running while you move around getting into position, but it's trigger operated, and I found being just a little careful I could do my SUV, but you have to be smart and conserve, which is a bit troublesome, so I couln't rate this a 5, but it's a good strong 4. I have many other top of the line hand helds, none of which I would give a 2 rating to....more info
  • HORRIBLY disappointed :-(
    We are still in love with our Dyson Animal vaccum, which was way worth the overpriced ticket price of $500. So, when we spotted this hand vac, we were so happy and did not hesitate to splurge for the way overpriced handvac because we love our other Dyson vacuum so much.

    I am writing my review, as so many other reviewers, to prevent another consumer from throwing $150 out the window. We are just so unhappy with this handvac. Like all the other reviewers, we couldn't believe how fast the battery life was. We were using the vac for spot jobs, so we never knew about this problem. Then last week I wanted to vacuum my mini-van. Halfway through the job, the vacuum stopped. I figured the canister was full, so I emptied it. But, it would still not power on. With all our previous handvacs, the machine would slowly lose power. This vac just stops. So, my minivan is still half vacuumed because I never found a free moment to go outside to use it.

    Just now, I wanted to vacuum my stairs. There are 14 stairs to vacuum... I was only able to vacuum 8 stairs!!!!! The vac cut off after three minutes of use. I am putting this problem on my list of things to do: contact Dyson, express my disappointment and try to return it to them for a refund.

    Also what we didn't like about this vacuum is that you have to hold the power button down while you're using it!! After about a minute, your hand is killing you. But luckily, since the vacuum cuts off about three minutes into your cleaning process, your hand will only hurt while using it for a short time.

    DO NOT BUY!...more info
  • Nice handheld vac
    Powerful hand held vacuum. Charge lasts awhile. Great for dry spills and the vehicle....more info
  • Dyson Handheld
    Item does a very good job on cleaning up. Only thing that could be engineered better is the catch/closure to empty the cylinder of debris. I find it hard to open and shut. The push button does not always want to release the cover and it is sometimes hard to close....more info
  • Excellent Handheld Vacuum!!!
    There have been some pretty negative reviews here about this item which made me pretty hesitant about ordering it.I have the Dyson DC15 Animal and have been amazed with it.I will not even consider another brand when this unit dies. It'll be another full size Dyson for sure.The Dyson handheld is pricey but you are getting a very high quality item. I have a Black and Decker handheld which does an OK job but compared to the Dyson DC16, not even close. Yes, the battery life is around 5-6 minutes of continued use.I have yet to use this vac for 5 minutes straight.(If doing a very large set of stairs or the interior of a car--sure.I'd use a regular vacuum for those chores though)It is designed for a quick pick up as are all hand vacs. It does this very well. The suction is excellent. The ergonomics of the DC16 are excellent as well.It has a spring trigger on switch.Sqeeze,you get suction, release, machine turns off.Well balanced as well.It is however a bit bulky if you need to get into a tight space. There is an included crevice tool for tight spots.What I love about this is the continuous full suction (until the battery dies then the unit stops) and the very easy emptying of the debris bin. With the Black and Decker vac I have, the collection bin is a weak design.The suction intake has a flimsy plastic flap that is supposed to close when suction is off.Doesn't work.Stuff can come out of the bin.. You also have to clean the filter very frequently which is very dusty and if you don't, the suction quality diminishes greatly.Again, while the cost is prohibitive,this is a highly recommended buy.The time spent cleaning the other vac I have and the aggrevation has disappeared since the arrival of my hand held Dyson. I would get another one if it ever dies....more info
  • Would gladly purchase again and again
    I'm not usually a big fan of small appliances for Mother's Day gifts, but my husband got the Dyson Root hand vacuum for me as a Christmas gift this year, and it has been the best gadget-gift he's ever bought me! It's super powerful and easy to clean/empty. The old "dust buster" type vacs were too bulky and impossible to clean much of anything because the sucking surface was wide and flat. The Dyson Root has a vacuum-attachment type sucking surface with different heads you can switch out. Pictured is the brush head, but I like to keep the skinny nozzle thing on. It's perfect for every job...slides easily between the couch cushions to get every crumb and dog hair, great to use in the car to clean crumbs from Reese's car seat...I honestly use it multiple times a day around the house! And the design of the handle is great. The old "dust busters" had that button on the top and a really uncomfortable hand position. The Dyson Root has a trigger button, sort of like a water gun, that you squeeze to turn on. By simply changing the design and angle that you hold it, Dyson has made this hand vac very manuverable and super handy.

    If you're familiar with Dyson products, they are a little more spendy than other vacuum makers. But we have a Dyson vacuum, and now this Dyson Root and I really feel we got our money's worth.

    If there are ANY negatives, I wish the battery lasted a little longer. When I'm on my "cleaning marathon" the battery doesn't last the whole time. But I can't complain. The benefits FAR outweigh the medium-length battery life! And this is a hand-held vacuum, which is intended for spot clean ups, so I don't expect a long battery life. Especially when it's pushing SO much power. If I wanted to do a long hand-vacuum job, I'd just use the hose attachment from the regular vacuum! You can't beat the performance of this machine. Just know you can't clean your entire house on one battery charge!...more info
  • Great power but a little awkward
    I figured using it regularly for the car. I can clean the whole car on one charge which is great. Only downside it that is a little big and awkward and thus difficult to get into tighter spots....more info
  • Great hand vac
    Besides looking like something from Star Wars, this vacuum is easy to use and easy to empty....more info
  • It really sucks.
    If you want a portable, dust-buster type vac for quick clean up, you can't beat this. I almost didn't buy it due to all the negative reviews about battery life and lack of suction, but I'm glad I did anyway. It's not a replacement for a regular vac -- you can't vacuum your entire house with it before the battery dies. It doesn't have the suction and volume intake of a shop vac. But, it's not supposed to do either of those things. It is much better than the Dirt Devil and Dust Busters that I've had in the past. Battery life is a function of the size of the battery and the current draw. If other vacs have longer life, the very likely have lower current draw and correspondingly lower suction. Yes, it's a bit pricely, but in this case I think you get what you pay for. And, just for the record, I just vacuumed both sets of stairs in my house and it took me, like, three minutes -- plenty of battery life for that. I'm not sure how many stairs these people have who are complaining, or how big each step must be if they can only do five steps in six minutes. Perhaps a gym membership would help....more info
  • RUBBISH !!
    I purchased a Dyson Root handheld from Comet yesterday. Having been assured that it was ideal for cars and stairs, I duly gave it the required 3 hours charge (in fact, overnight). This morning my wife attempted to vacuum the stairs, but after the first 6 or 7, the cleaner stopped operating. I rang Dyson to complain and was told that the expected operating time was 5 minutes for a 3 hour charge ! There would therefore be insufficient power to clean half a car, let alone a complete flight of stairs. At least Comet have refunded the purchase price, without query, having been informed of the battery life....more info
  • What's the point?
    What's the point of having a handheld if the power lasts less than five minutes? The reason I bought it was for portable vacuum power. The battery life is pathetic. The suction is not all that good either and the clear plastic dustbin seems as if it would break if it hit the ground. I won't find out, because I'm returning this high priced junk tomorrow. Too bad for Dyson, when I buy my next full size vacuum it will be another Hoover....more info
  • Dyson Root 6 DC16 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    I read the comments of others about the short life of the battery charge. However, I wanted the machine to supplement the I-Robot so I was willing to take a chance on the hand-held vacuum cleaner. The machine does as advertised, that is, it's suction is strong. I have no complaints about my purchase.

    ...more info
  • Mixed feelings - good performance but at what cost??
    I'm not sure how to feel about my Dyson hand vac. It does what it's supposed to very well. It has excellent suction power. The "limited" amount of time that is avaiable on each charge does not bother me; I feel it is ample amount of time to do that "spot" vacuuming that a handheld is intended for. But, like all Dyson products, it comes with a high price tag. I have the Dyson animal vacuum and love it except sometimes I feel it has too much suction power. I'm not sure if this handheld vacuum is actually worth paying this much for. There are other new-generation handheld vacuums that will probably do just as good a job but for less money. Although it does have great suction power and has a lithium battery, there are some small dislikes I have about it. It's shape is a bit cumbersome and bulky; it's kinda big for a handheld. And when the dust brush is engaged, I feel it loses some of it's overall suction ability so I don't really use it that much. I think if I had to do it over, I probably would not have purchased this vac and went with a less expensive model. So if the price is what has you hesitant about purchasing this, I'd suggest going with another vacuum with good reviews on suction power that is less expensive. ...more info
  • Average cleaning performance, sub-standard battery
    Suction is ok - it does not lessen over time, but it also doesn't start off that terribly strong. You aren't going to pick up anything that isn't right below the nozzle. I was able to clean the tile stairway without a problem, though. I don't know how effective it would be if it were a heavy carpet - suction just doesn't seem strong enough for that. What really brings this product down is the horrible battery life. I had just finished the last stair and it died. A full charge only lasted about 6 minutes. And, when I sent an email to Dyson questioning if this was expected behavior or what could I do to improve the battery life, no response at all. So, between high price for the quality, 'OK' suction, and rotten battery life and customer service, 2 stars is all it gets. It would be down to 1 if the design wasn't so nice, as far as functionality and appearance....more info
  • Dyson DC16 Handheld Vacuum
    This little monster has a lot of power. Like most people who own the unit claim that the problem is the battery which only last about 15 to 20 minutes of use which could be improved. Otherwise, it is a functional handy tool....more info
  • Pricey, but worth it.
    After owning many other hand vac's I finally ponied up and bought a Dyson. It was expensive, but worth it. If it continues to perform as well as it has been, I may actually buy a full size Dyson....more info
  • not enough sucking power
    i was very surprised that it doesnt match up to its reputation...more info
  • Coolest Handheld Vacuum on the market!
    The Dyson handheld is great. It has a ton of suction and is easy to use. I am the butler in a large residence and when we're having a party and something gets broken, I pull out the Dyson to take care of business. It's the talk of the party from that point on, everyone wants to hold it and look at it. We can't use the Dyson uprights because they tear up antique rugs, but the handheld is just what the Butler ordered!...more info
  • It won't pickup a 2 x 4.
    While popular science raved about the suction power of this handheld vac; I can safely say it's been a quality addition to our home for 60 days. It is powerful, easy to empty and has a very good battery life. The mounting cradle is secure and it has an excellent grip. While expensive, the cost/benefit ratio is very good.

    ...more info
  • Dyson DC16 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    I am pleased with the power of my Dyson DC16 handheld vacuum but I'm disapointed in the stamina of the battery. My wife says she can't even vacuum the carpeted stairs in our home. The battery goes dead after 9 of the 12 steps. I don't know if the battery is defective or if it can't power the vacuum motor for any length of time. I would appreciate any feedback from either Dyson,Amazon, or any other owners with a similar vacuum. In case people are wondering,my Dyson is plugged in and constantly charging when not being used....more info
  • Dissapointed
    The handheld does a great job cleaning, however, I don't believe it states in the features that the maximum operating time when fully charged is 5-6 minutes. If it is in the info, we missed it. Bottom line, my wife loves it, but by the time she finishes the once over on the couch, it is out of juice. The unit needs an AC adapter to supplement the short operatiing time. If you plan on using it for quick pick ups you will love it, anything more intensive you may be dissapointed. It takes me more than 5 minutes to vacumn my car floor mats!...more info
  • Over priced
    The Dyson DC16 Root 6 works as advertised, but is over priced. It's run time is only five (5) minutes, and at five minutes it shuts down, no questions asked, and must be recharged before it will run again, sometimes taking three (3) hours. There is no on-board storage for the attachments either. In my opinion, the Black and Decker Dustbuster is a better bang for your hard earned buck....more info
  • not much power
    i was very disappointed with this vac having heard all the hype over dyson. first off, not much suction power. i don't know the volts of this, but the dustbuser 15.6 and 18v i tried at the store worked better. worst of all, a fully recharged battery lasts only 6 minutes! i barely had time to vacuum my sofa when the power ran out and it still takes 3 hrs for the battery to fully recharge!! so in essence, you are only allowed to clean in 6 minute increments.
    i am returning mine immediately. not worth the money or hype....more info
  • It Sucks!
    Do not waste your money at this time. I love my Dyson upright which is why I bought this one.. My upright is a dream to use and the best I have ever owned. This hand-held has too short a battery life. Oh, you can order a second battery from Dyson for 75.00 (too high), but you must keep the vacuum on the charger or it leaks the charge. Stuff sticks at the top of the feed tube and you have to stop every now and then, pluck it off and feed it in manually. I in all honesty cannot recommend this until it is re-designed or changed. It is an expensive book-end. Lets face it, our spills are longer than 6 minutes. You spend 150.00 on an item, you expect to be able to use it. Waiting 3 hours for it to re-charge is not an ideal situation. And Dyson... they won't even answer your e-mails on the subject. Their customer service must get so many phone calls on the bad bad design, they are angry and rude. They won't entertain any discussion on the product. They have no plans to change it at this time. Well, they should just recall it or take it off the market. I don't know about you, but it takes me longer than 6 minutes to clean out my car. I tried to use it quickly, but I should not have to race to clean it before the battery runs out. I think it should have a cord option, or at least a 15 minute battery life. This is awful for the money. If you have money to burn, and want the most elite of "spot cleaners"... that is all it is good for. Save yourself some aggravation (and money) and hit the discount store for the old standby. It will save you lots of grief. This item really sucks in every single respect....more info
  • Weird design and BAD BAD BAD Battery
    The design on this vc is very weird. You have to hold the ON switch for it to work (like a hand drill). Air exhaust blows straight in your face if vacuuming at an angle. It looks as if a power tool engineer that shouldn't have quit his day job designed this product.
    No motorized attachment. This VC only has two basic attachments - brush and nuzzle. Even thought the suction is better than others, don't expect it to pick up cats hair off a velvet couch.
    Pathetic battery life. 5-6 minutes per charge. I dont know what was in Dysons head when he thought 6 minutes of charge is enough. Enough to pick up serial from the table? I don't need 150 dollar, hand drill wannabe to pick up the serial.
    Cannot use the VC from outlet source.
    Cannot use the VC from cigarette lighter plug in the car.
    Impossible to have a second battery to swap while the other one is charging because the entire vacuum cleaner has to be plugged in to the charger. You cannot just plug the battery.
    Cheap plastic. Because of the plastic used, this product has a very cheap feel to it.
    ...more info
  • Dyson's lack of honesty with the public
    the root 6 unit works fine - but what wasn't mentioned is the charge only lasts approximately 6-7 minutes then requires a 3 hour charge - I called Dyson and they said its a spot vac - nowhere on the box, in there literature (which calls it a vacuum cleaner) or on TV ads is it called a spot vac or the short run time noted - when I called Dyson customer service I requested to speak to an executive I was told they don't accept calls from customers - called amazon noting that I wanted to return the unit - a return authorization label is being sent - I feel Dyson thinks since they have become successful they can brush the customer off and layer the executives in this manner I am notifying the Better Business Bureau and any other agency of Dyson's lack of honesty with the public...more info
  • Dyson Root 6 DC16 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    Great handheld vacuum cleaner at a great price!...more info
  • Six Invaluable Minutes of Vacuuming
    The Dyson Root 6 performs flawlessly for a full six minutes - and you won't be disappointed, if you know going in that the battery always needs recharged after six minutes of use. That's usually more than enough time to clean up the messes created each day with a three year old in the house. I would highly recommend the Dyson 6. While it is more expensive than other handheld units, the performance is far superior....more info
  • Dyson sucks!!!! LITERALLY
    This is a great addition to our cleaning tools. With three cats there always seems to be an area to clean This is the hand vac to beat all! I love it. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    While the suction on this portable vacumn is good the battery life is very short. Unless you can vacumn in 1 minute or less this is a waste of your money. I purchased this because of the brand name and I am VERY disappointed. I would give this zero stars but one was the lowest....more info
  • The BEST handvac I've ever purchased
    I reviewed all of the comments on Amazon.com before I purchased this Dyson handvac, and I'm glad I ignored the whining about short battery life.

    Yes, the battery only lasts about 5 minutes under constant use, but we don't ever do any hand vacuuming that takes any longer. For larger vacuuming tasks we always use a corded vauum, usually our big Dyson upright model.

    Our only (minor) problem has been that my wife can't seem to open the canister to dump it into the trash, she has to ask me or one of our daughters for help....more info
  • Don't Buy
    Don't buy. You get very little life from one charge. You get about 5 minutes of continous suction for each charge. It then takes about 3 hours to recharge....more info
  • Just Like a Dyson - Only Littler
    We're big fans of Dyson full-size vacuums, and this one is just as excellent only smaller! Two things that could have been better: it could have been invented SOONER, and it could have a little extension hose to reach those impossible-to-reach areas in our vehicles. Other than that, it's perfect...just like all of the Dyson products....more info
  • Fouth Hand Vac
    This is my fourth hand vac that I have purchased in the past 7 years. This one is excellent (especially compaired with the other ones. I paided more, but the succion is great and does the job....more info
  • Dyson Root 6
    I believe this product was supposed to be used for small clean ups!!!!
    For that, it's GREAT!!!!!
    Now, if you want a portable, cordless vac, for something longer than 10 minutes, with continuous power, for the entire time it's ON.....buy a plug in vac!!!!

    For what this vac does, in the short amount of time it does it, I don't understand why people complain about the short battery life!!!

    It's supposed to be a high powered vac for small jobs!!!
    I use it to vac my car, which takes 5 miniutes and what "I" purchased this unit for!!!!!!
    If you're looking for a portable vac, that lasts longer than 10 mins................look for something else!!!!!
    Even the 12 volt plug in vacs do "NOT" have the power this vac has!
    Their advantage....you get continuos power, but no where near the suction/cleaning capabilities of this unit!

    It works as advertised!!!
    No more ...no less!

    If you do enough research, before spending what this puppy costs, you'll understand what you're buying and why it costs what it does!...more info
  • Short but sweet
    Now that I've had the vacuum for a while, I love it. When we first got it, I almost returned it b/c the Root 6 means the charge lasts for only 6 minutes. I thought that sounded ridiculous, but in reality, who uses a handvac more than 6 minutes at a time? The other ones that "last longer" don't really b/c the suction just gets weaker and weaker. This one charges for 3 hours and is ready. We even bought a DeWalt wet/dry handvac, but it was SO loud, I couldn't tolerate it. So we kept this and it has come in handy many times. Perfect for quick cleanups....more info
  • Is dyson suicidal? This handheld is horrible!!!
    This is a terrible handheld vacum. It works, (as everyone else has complained) for like 6 minutes after 2 hours of charging! So, you can only use for 6 minutes at a time. And, this is not al all strong suction wise, which just baffles me! Isn't that the point of dyson? The pet hair sticks and large chunks to the outside of the tool, sort of like static or to that fabric strip. Then, I have to grab the clump and place it by hand into the suction tube!! What a pain. It does not pick up large debris. It may initially, but as the entrance through tool gos from wide to very narrow, anything larger than dust gets stuck (at this point beyond reach to remove it). I am almost to shocked to be mad, they must be planning a re-call or something, becuase this is an insanly bad product! I have a Meile vaccum, which works brilliantly, thank god. I was thinking of buying a dyson, but no way now. I guess the uprights are better, but that a company could even release a product this bad scares me. I wanted to use this to clean my car (haha) but its kept at a parking garage, so i would have to chill out all day and borrow they outlet,,,it would take hours! There are much cheaper handhelds that are so far superior to this. I just hope dyson gives me a refund....more info
  • Great Product!!!!!!!!!
    Best handheld I have ever owned. I have a Dyson Animal Upright and had hoped the handheld would be as good. It certainly do not disappoint.Highly recommend!!!!!!!...more info
  • Dyson Root 6 DC16 Needs to go Back to the Drawing Board!
    This was the worst handheld ever - do not buy! The battery charge only lasts about 10 minutes before it has to go back on the charger for 2 hours - what a waste! As far as I'm concerned, this is a major defect in the design. What could Dyson possibly have been thinking when they designed this? The suction is good but what good is that if you can never use it for more than 5 to 10 minutes? They should have made it as a "plug in" to keep the power if this was the best they could come up with for a rechargeable!...more info
  • Give the BOOT to the Dyson ROOT!
    I love the full-size Dyson vacuum that I've had for several years now. My hopes and expectations for the Dyson Root 6 DC16 were very high. However, I must agree with the review by S. Raymond. The very short battery life is what ultimately kills this cordless vacuum. I didn't actually time it, but it can't last for anymore than about 5 minutes. I too could not finish vacuuming my car interior with one battery charge. When the battery is charged, the vacuum's suction is quite impressive for its size, but after several minutes, it dies suddenly, without warning. The first time you experience this, you're scratching your head, wondering, "That's it?? That's all it's got??" Then you shake your head when you realize that you've got to wait 7 more hours to use it again, providing you remember to put the vacuum back into its charger!

    Maybe this vacuum would be perfect for parents who have to quickly clean-up after their young kid's minor messes.

    What would make this vacuum absolutely perfect would be to extend the battery life MUCH longer, make the trigger lock in the ON position, make it slightly more compact, and, hey, while Dyson is at it, attach an AC power cord to it! Give it a locking trigger and a power cord like the one used on Milwaukee power tools (can disconnect it from the tool for easy storage) and I'll buy one to keep in a heartbeat. In the meantime, I couldn't wait to return mine -- dead battery and all!...more info
  • Not recommended - VERY POOR battery life
    Don't be sucked in (forgive me!) by the cool looks of this handheld. As noted in several other reviews, I can confirm battery life on this model is extremely poor. I have a Mazda 3 (a smallish compact sedan), and on a full charge, this could not cover the car (and I was moving along briskly so as to make sure I could do the whole car). The suction on this is no better than the Electrolux Pronto I purchased, so the premium price does not seem to buy you much. Other hand held models are easier to manage also...... the design of the Root 6 works against itself. It is clumsy to hold, and the odd shape makes it next to impossible to get into tight spaces. The power button does not stay in "on" position permanently, so you have to hold the trigger with a relatively high amount of pressure. By the time I ran out the battery doing my car, my finger felt like it had lost its muscles. Even worse, the skin on my hand kept getting pinched in the trigger when I would release it - for a company so focused on product design, this is a huge ergonomic flaw. I found that this was a very poor value for the money, and will be selling mine on eBay....more info
  • Not ready from prime time
    Do not purchase this product, it is a complete waste of money. The battery lasts about 3 minutes between charges and it does a very mediocre job of vacuuming in those 3 minutes....more info
  • I like it!
    I'm quite happy with this dyson. The vacum, in my opinion, is meant for quick clean ups and has awesome suction. Never had an issue with the battery, as many reviews have mentioned, i've always used it briefly and used my full size dyson for regular cleaning.

    The design rocks the house and looks super cool.

    The onle design flaw i can comment on is the trigger. It looks cool and is a novel idea, but kinda annoying that it needs to be pressed at all times. ...more info
  • Not a miracle product
    The Root 6 Handheld by Dyson works pretty much like many other handhelds. It is large and fairly heavy and quite loud, but it is no great miracle machine. I'll keep it, but I was disappointed....more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    Seeing all the negative comments about battery life for this Dyson vacuum, I sent a letter to their Customer Service asking about battery life. Their two sentence response "There are no plans at this time to lengthen the life of the battery. You are more than welcome to check back periodically for future updates!"

    I'll give Dyson credit for honesty and clarity, but I just removed this item from my Amazon cart....more info
  • Dyson Handheld
    This item was great! I gave 2 for Christmas presents and both people have told me how much they love it...lots of strong suction power and very portable!!...more info
  • Not a good investment
    I had the opportunity to check out this Dyson. I was interested in it because it looks like a space gun. And I wanted to see if it had a powerful suction.

    However, even though it 'doesn't lose suction', I wasn't overly impressed with its suction capability.

    I have a Black and Decker 15.6V Dustbuster that I got for a fraction of the cost of the Dyson. It has incredible suction, the battery lasts a heck of a long time, and takes a few seconds to dump and clean out. The issue of clogging never really comes up cause it is so quick to dump the litter out of it.

    The Dyson, in my opinion, would be money poorly spent....more info
  • Dyson Root 6 DC16 Handheld
    Well worth the money spent. I have seen complaints about battery life, but you will find none here. I was able to vacuum my crew cab seats, carpet, and truck bed carpeting in one charge. It was powerful enough to suck the hair from my golden retriever out of the carpet and seat fabric, which was no simple feat. I prefer power over charge life for my applications, since I have an upright to do the big stuff. If you want power, this is the vacuum for you. However, if you like longer charge life and less power (e.g., prius over a V8 engine), this handheld is not for you....more info
  • Right tool for the job
    I bought this as a companion for my Roomba, to get the places the Roomba cannot. It picked up the dust in the corners, the Christmas-tree needles in the gap between the hall runner and the wall, the dust on my desk, the lamp shades, and so on. One unexpected use was to clean the Roomba's filter, where the previous tactic was to bang it on the side of the garbage can.

    It does the job. I entered it into my budget for replacement every two years to match the warranty, but seeing as its workload is a half an hour per week, I hope it lasts longer....more info
  • I am keeping mine...and no I am not complaining about battery life.
    So you charge the battery for 3 hrs and use for 6mins. So what. You have any idea what kind of motor this bugger has? Pple fail to realize the voltage needed to power up for this kind of suction.

    Over the course of 5 days of owning this little joy, I have come to adore it more and more. I have used a few handhelds in the past and nothing can beat the suction on this unit.

    DC16 is meant for a quick clean up around the house. I do a lot of home improvement and fabricate small car parts. This is the perfect machine to have around. Hold the trigger for less than 10 seconds and every single particle is sucked into the chamber of no return.

    There is a reason why it's only 6 mins. DC16 uses a 21.6V motor. Yes it does. Check out Dirt Devil cordless handhelds. Their top of the line uses 14.4V. Oreck's XLAUTO Car Vacuum uses 12V. Euro-Pro Shark SV736 uses 15.6V.

    Now voltage may not mean anything. So let's look at milliamps. The DC 16's Li-ion battery is rated for 21.6V---1080mAh.

    That translates to 1.08Ah. Amps-hr means the battery can deliver 1.08A for 1hour of use. Let's convert time from hr to minute: so we have 1.08A-60min or 64.8 Amin. So suppose the battery is fully charged and we use it for 6mins straight. From here, we can calculate the amount of current being delivered, ie 64.8Amin/6min = 10.8A.

    Let's move on to computing power.

    P=VI = 21.6V x 10.8A = 233.28 W or 0.31 hp.

    Go do some research and you will find that this IS one of the most powerful cordless handheld ever.

    However I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 stars due to the mounting brackets. Seems a little odd for me to have the DC16 mount sideways. But hey, just fab another bracket or something.

    Go out and buy this machine!...more info
  • Dyron Root 6
    We love this little vacuum. It sucks stuff up like crazy. I also like the space age look and the fact that you don't use bags. If you want a vac that works for whole rooms, look elsewhere. If you want something that picks up all those fuzzies, crumbs, small pieces of broken glass, etc. this'll do it. We have the Dyson animal vac and I'm a Dyson fan....more info
  • Almost a homerun
    I bought the DC16 last week and have really liked it overall.

    The battery life though is the one set back on this unit. I bought it mainly to use in my car and around the house, but I have yet to spot clean my entire car before the batteries die.

    I have contacted DYSON about larger capacity batteries and will probably break this thing open next week to see about installing my own larger capacity lithium batteries to get maybe double the battery life of the current ones.

    Other than the batteries, the unit is excellent. It picks up more dirt, pet hair, and whatnot than the small shop vac the DC16 replaced.

    I know that in 2 years or so we will see an updated version of this vacuum from DYSON with double the battery life and a 10-15 foot detachable power cord to make the unit perfect.

    I ended up just ordering a second battery pack from DYSON so I can just switch out the packs when needed to continue the job. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I bought the vacuum for my Mother. She has Parkinsons and she has no problem handling it. It has a lot of suction. Nice product...more info
    I, too, experienced the frustration of short battery life, even when fully charged. I think other user's estimate of 5 minutes quite accurate. The suction is good, the appearance is sleek, it's easy to empty, but the battery life is extremely disappointing. And the inability to lock the unit on is also a miss on the designer's part....more info
  • Dyson Root Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    This product was given a One Star, only because there was no ZERO rating.
    This expensive vacuum is a worthless piece of junk. The battery quits - dead stop - after exactly five minutes of use. There is no "always on" button, so one must continuely hold the switch in order for tis vacuum to operate.
    I had sent an email to the Dyson Company, via their direct site. No response. Still waiting. I would just like a complete refund and forget about it.
    Just another prime example of "never give a gift with a handle on it, as it usually means it's something to work with. Most of the time, that is!
    B. Ritter
    ...more info
  • Terrific Vacuum, Almost
    This sleek hand held vacuum has plenty of power and battery life. It picks up like no other hand held I have used before. The only improvement I would suggest is for Dyson engineers to modify the on/off spring loaded trigger that you have to constantly squeeze to keep the unit running. It can be tiring on your fingers after a while. Also, the wall bracket is kind of flimsy, but it does hold the unit OK. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • No problem with battery life, good suction!
    I read reviews and was skeptical about battery life, but am pleasantly surpised to say that it lasts long enough. For quick pick ups, and even spot cleaning a room or two doesn't seem to be a problem. So far I have run out of things to clean before the battery dies. It does have very good suction, and is very easy to empty. I have had dust busters before and they were never as strong as the Dyson....more info
  • Good Suction and Good Battery Life
    I have not had the battery life problem discussed in previous reviews. I bought this to use as a companion to my Dyson Animal. After reading some of the other reviews, I set my kitchen timer for 10 minutes and started vacuuming. I went around the house vacuuming pet hair off of furniture, dusting, etc. I ran out of things to clean after 10 minutes and the battery was still charged. The vacuum was not running the entire time. I turned it off as I moved from area to area. I think this is a perfect tool for someone who needs to do quick cleanups. For big jobs I use the Dyson Animal. I love this product and would purchase it again....more info
  • Pleased in spite of shortcomings
    The most often mentioned shortcomings are battery life. My purchase was with full knowledge of that shortcoming. The unit works as advertised, handling minor cleanups well. Somewhat better than the standard handheld....more info
  • Dyson Root 6
    Great little vacuum. Suction is stronger than any cordless handheld I have ever used. This is not a 'Dustbuster'.

    Because this is the Internet I must complain. Luckily, I only have 2 complaints:

    Like all Dyson products the Root 6 is made from that cheap feeling plastic. It just doesn't feel like it could withstand a drop on a hard floor. It probably would withstand a drop but it doesn't "feel" tough enough.

    My second issue is the battery life. A full charge will get you about 15 minutes runtime. This hasn't been a huge factor since the device is typically used to clean up one small mess at a time. However, I thought I would mention it in case some potential buyer is hoping to use this as their primary vacuum (if that's you, don't invite me to dinner). Luckily, it doesn't take long for the battery to re-charge....more info
  • At last, a handheld rechargeable vac that works!
    I received this vacuum for Christmas 2006 and have been using it constantly since. What a treat to have a rechargeable vacuum that really works well. It smoothly slides on and off the charger. The attachments are great too and similar to the ones on full sized Dysons. It's easy to use and empty. We had given up on rechargeable vacuums until this one. I'm a very satisfied customer....more info
  • A vacuum that really sucks, in a good way....
    Alright, I could have bought five hand vacuums for the cost of this one, but I love it! I have the Dyson Animal and love it, but I couldn't use it to clean my car, since the instructions say not to take the Dyson Animal outside. Might damage the wheels or something. I hate using the big vacuums at the car wash and I hate having my change stolen by the people who vacuum the car. So I bought this little Dyson. It works great for me. My only problem, besides the cost, is when to use the big Dyson versus using the little one. I get started and before I know it, I think, I should have used the other one. Oh well, it's a great gadget....more info
  • Dyson does it again!
    I have been buying cordless vacs for years in several brands, and all were disappointing until this one came along. It is the most powerful hand-vacuum ever. It is heavy because of the higher voltage battery, but the weight is evenly distributed so you don't notice. The battery cuts out completely when discharged after about 10 minutes, rather than just getting slower and slower like the rest. No bags to clog, buy or empty. Just pull the lever to open the clear cannister over a garbage can. Only complaint is the instructions- just pictures, no words for an international use....more info
  • Works like it is suspose to.
    I read the reviews that are not so positive about this hand held. I also realize that it is not meant to do all your cleaning. It does a very good job at cleaning up small areas. I do the nooks and crannies while the wifes does the large areas with the floor model Dyson. I also let off the button inbetween spots so I have not run out of battery yet.
    Easy to clean out the canister and wipe it off/out.
    I fully recommend this unit.......more info
  • Powerful and long lasting
    It does the job. It is very powerful and lasts much longer then the old Dust Buster we had. It is fairly large and the charging base is a bit awkward if you want to mount it somewhere, but we were able to find a suitable place without mounting.

    For those long cleaning sessions it would be nice if the trigger had a lock on switch....more info
  • Cool hand held cleaner
    This little gem charges quickly (and runs down just as fast) and is a synch to handle for those pesky crumbs and lints that hang around in the corners of your home - my fave useful gadget of '06 - look no further...more info
  • Dyson Handheld
    I like the vacuum cleaner do to it's being easy to empty. In comparison with a full sized Dyson it wouldn't begin to match up. The suction is less and the batteries run down quickly. I'm hoping the battery problem is just a defective set. It's very easy to set in the charger and have it ready at a moments notice. I give it four stars....more info
  • Root 6 the best hand held.
    Very powerful, better than any I've used. The only complaint, at this price I would think the battery would last a little longer. ...more info
  • Dyson
    This is a great product. Does everything you expect. Great suction power, easy to use, and useful accessories. Only has one negative, battery runs down too quickly. Last only about 15-20 mins with continuous use. ...more info
  • Amazing handheld vacuum with tremendous power
    I am so glad I purchased this odd looking handheld vacuum. Looking more like a weapon from Star Wars, it gets dust and dog hair and dirt fast and in abundance, where it looks like there is nothing to get. Worth every penny it cost....more info
    6 minute run time! Nowhere does it ever say that - or that is inteded for ONLY quick pick-ups. Also, you have to hold the on botton to make it work. Hard on the hand. Come on Mr. Dyson. You hood-winked us on this one. The regular vacuum is hard to do steps by using the extension. It tips over - I thought this was the answer for all the jobs the big one can't do. I'd NEVER buy this one and have apologized to the person I gave it to as a gift....more info
  • not the handvac for me
    I have 3 toddlers to clean up after all day. Cheerios, playdoh, flying food...you get the picture. After using the Root for a few weeks, I'm considering bringing my Dirt Devil back in from the garage. I love the suction and cool whirly riot you get as the dirt flies around. What I dislike is the weight of the vacuum, the size of it and the odd backing it into the charger; which you do quite often. Also, who wants to hold the switch 'on' the whole time while you are vacuuming. Would it have been so hard to make it on and off? And one more thing...the suction area is very small. I routinely get it jammed up with things that my Dirt Devil would eat for breakfast. Yes, it's sooooo cool, but try to stick it under a bed. Good luck....more info
  • Powerful, but very poor battery life
    I guess there's a price to pay for the great power and that's 5 mins of battery life.
    Seriously, this is a great vacuum, but it is REALLY annoying as you just start to get into cleaning out those hard to reach places - the ones like on top of the wardrobe that the normal hoover can't reach - and the battery goes flat and you have to wait 3 hours for it to recharge! I would have tolerated a larger heavier battery for longer life. Come on Dyson, get it together!...more info
  • As Advertised
    This is a great hand vac! I have the large Dyson and it's by far the best vacuum I have ever had. For a quick pickup vac, I had bought an Electrolux Pronto which worked fine for a while and then the floor roller stopped working. The hand vac still worked but why have something that big for just a hand vac.

    I wondered if Dyson might carry a small vac and sure enough they do. I was very excited. I read the reviews before ordering and I researched online and saw that the charge time was no more than 6 minutes. Well, after using it for several weeks now, I love it! It works exactly as it is supposed to. I use it several times a day for quick pickups everywhere in the house.

    In my opinion, if you need to vacuum more than 5 minutes you should get your big one out. Six minutes is plenty of time to clean the stairs. For the car, I use the big Dyson. With the handy hand parts for the hose, it vacuums our car better than the carwash places.

    All the above to say that this little vacuum is up to par with the super quality of Dyson. ...more info
    This little Dyson hand held is just as great as the full size Dyson. It has great power and picks up things from far away. It is wonderful on stairs and for pet hair clean up on furniture. It is great for quick clean ups so you don't have to haul out the vacuum. I LOVE it!...more info
  • Almost
    I was literally on the phone with Dyson, giving my information to make the purchase while reading Amazon reviews. I commented to them that the reviews were at the extremes, either 5's or 2's and the 2's all centered around the run time. That's when Dyson confirmed that on a full-charge the Root 6 will last for about 6 min. It was designed for quick pick-ups and not the uses I intended, such as cleaning the stairs and vacuuming my car (I own dogs). She couldn't tell me if Dyson would produce a better battery anytime soon. I own a Dyson, so I was already sold based on my experience. But I can't use a cordless vacuum with a runtime of less than 20 minutes. THANKS, Amazon reviewers - you saved me some money and I'm hoping to do the same for someone else. By the way, Dyson's list price for an extra battery is $80....more info
  • Nearly perfect hand-vac - Do your homework
    Alright, reading the other reviews on this hand-vac made me realize how foolish some people are. The Dyson website clearly indicates a 6 minute runtime on the battery. Giving this product a negative review because of poor research doesn't make sense - this product works as advertised. It would be *nice* to have a longer battery life, but this would probably entail a larger (thus heavier) battery to maintain the suction. If 6 minutes isn't enough time for you, consider another unit (or a corded/hybrid unit). Having used the Black and Decker Cyclonic for over a year (15.6 volt version), the runtime is now less that the Dyson (quickly losing suction strength after 3 minutes). Time will tell if the battery on this unit will maintain its 6 minute runtime. Dyson has ingenious engineering, and this unit reflects that in every other aspect. A wonderful hand-vac. Be a savvy consumer and make sure you do the basic research first.

    ...more info
  • You talking to me or are you talking to my friend...
    You will feel powerful when using this machine. Not only can it pick up anything it can get its little mouth on you will also have this overcoming feeling of domination when using it. People seriously cower in your presence when you start wielding this thing around....more info
  • We love this vacuum!
    We use a hand vac a lot and seem to buy one every year because the battery life on these things are normally so poor and they lose suction. The dyson vac is very powerful and we love that you just push a button and the bottom of the dust container just opens to easily let you remove the dirt (in fact it just falls out). Much nicer than other vacs you have to open and remove some filter and shake while dust spreads out everywhere....more info
  • Worst Product I have ever bought in my life. Really!!!
    If I could, I would give this product zero stars. Suction is great, recharge time is best-in-class, emptying is easy and overall balance is acceptable. But horrible run-time makes this product pretty much useless for anything but superficial vacuuming.

    My Root 6 ran countinuously for about 2.5 minutes after a 24-hour charge (only 4 hours is claimed as maximum needed). With its lithium-ion battery, this run-time will only get worse with time!!! As Dyson says, normal vacuums "lose suction" after 2 minutes. My Dyson simply stopped after 2.5 minutes!

    The 16V Shark handheld that I bought to replace my Dyson runs for more than 20 minutes. It does lose some suction but I could theoretically clean its filter 10 times before the battery runs out (truthfully, cleaning the filter every 15-20 minutes is more than sufficient).

    Dyson must bear some responsibility for the large number of bad reviews here and elsewhere. Run-time is NOT mentioned in the user manual. A reference to "5 minute" run-time is shown on the side of the box in very small text. Needless to say, many buyers, including myself, did not see this statement and obviously expected more. Dyson should declare "5 minute or LESS run-time" as clearly as they tout other features (I think we can all guess why they don't). My experience with 2.5 minutes of run-time would have been tempered if I knew 5 minutes was as good as it gets.

    Buy this product if you must have state-of-the-art technology or you want to own one of the "10 worst products of 2006". Don't buy this product if you have anything more than a few stairs to vacuum. I could not vaccum my car with this product.

    ** I don't normally write reviews (please check for yourself) or generally make such negative comments. This product was truly exceptional for me (not in a nice way). **
    ...more info
  • Let's be practical and realistic . .
    I'm a huge Dyson fan and their full-sized vacuums can't be beat. I read all the reviews and decided to try out the Root 6. For simple tasks like cleaning up dry spills, detailing the cars, cleaning up after the kids, picking up dog hair (in my opinion, Dyson vacuums are the only brand that can do this well . . .) this is a perfect complement for a Dyson user. This is a well-balanced battery powered unit that is perfect for small areas that standard handhelds are not strong enough to manage. I got more than 5 minutes of continued use with far superior vacuum power compared to any other handheld with enough time to detail both of my cars. The recharge time is much shorter compared to recharging Black & Decker VersaPaks. I would highly recommend buying this product if you are looking for a high-powered handheld vacuum that is characteristic of all Dyson products. If handheld time of use is more important than vacuum stength and quality, look for something else. Here's another interesting observation I made during our recent holiday travels, JetBlue airlines has endorsed the Root 6 and they have units on all their planes and at all airport gates. This is a strong statement from an airline recognized for consumer comfort and efficiency. Hope you find this helpful. ...more info
  • Outstanding for the job it was designed for
    Yes, I'll admit that, at first, I was a little concerned about the comments about a six minute battery usage time for the Dyson handheld.

    But this tool was not intended to vacuum your whole house! Get a big corded vacuum for that use. This one was intended for quick small clean-up jobs, or things like cleaning your car.

    I cleaned my car with power to spare. And yes, the Dyson maintains full suction for the entire running time.

    Other pluses:

    The Dyson has a good feel to it. It is extremely lightweight and seems to point naturally where you want it.

    Emptying is so easy it takes only a few seconds.

    It uses Lithium-Ion batteries, which do not develop "battery memory," and the designers have also set up its easy-to-use charge station, so that you can keep it fully charged and always ready to use.

    No, it's not a full-house vacuum, but it is great for quick clean-ups and cleaning your car--the things handhelds were designed for....more info
  • Excellent HANDHELD
    This Dyson handheld is powerful and effective in picking up dirt, animal hair, dry spills, etc. It is somewhat awkwardly shaped, but no comparable handheld is tiny. The shape is much more ergonomically friendly than other handheld models I tried. I already own a Dyson upright, and was not sure I needed a handheld, however it is very easy to pick up, use and drop back into the charger, making small cleanup jobs much easier.
    Much has been made about battery life on this model. This is NOT a full size vacuum; it is battery operated. Expect that it will not clean your whole house on one charge. However, since it is trigger operated, it does not have to be on continuously. I found the battery life enough to vacuum my car completely, probably the largest job I would expect to have to do with a hand-held. Based on convenience, strong and effective suction, and adequate battery life for appropriate jobs, I give it five stars. ...more info
  • Believe the battery horror stories!
    I had hoped the other reviewers were exaggerating, but they weren't. My husband and I timed it... The battery died after **5 minutes and 7 seconds** of active vacuuming. I don't expect to do my whole house with the thing, but the first cleaning adventure was to include the stairs to the basement, the stairs to the attic, and the (small) back porch. It ran out of power before I could finish this very reasonable amount of vacuuming.

    They really hype up the fact that the battery charges in 3 hours. Well, super. So I only have to wait 3 hours to vacuum the rest of the attic stairs? Is that supposed to make me happy? For $150, that is really not acceptable.

    Also, it comes with a different nozzle attachment, which is great, but there's no on-board storage of that nozzle, nor is there a space for it on the charging station. Kindof basic stuff.

    It is lightweight, has great suction, and is easy to empty of dirt. But the battery life makes all of those points moot. I'm switching - possibly to the black & decker 18V pivot head......more info
  • Ranks with BB gun as Christmas Gift!
    Well, almost, and it won't put your eye out!
    The whole Star-Wars ray-gun design is easy to get used to; it points and has a trigger, and short bursts will make everything last longer. My old Dustbuster is a toy in comparison; this little Dyson sucks almost as hard as my big Dyson. I have read about battery time complaints, but my 7.2 Dustbuster runs way down way faster, and how long does anyone really use these things? A car-lighter connector would be useful, I'll concede, but with the far more powerful suction than other hand-helds, the tasks at hand take way less time. An added benefit is that the Root 6 appeals to Grandkids, who may then clean up their own messes......more info
  • battery life is an issue
    It is a shiny gadgety vac and I must admit that sucking up crumbs and dust is a quite bit more fun because of that. I bought one of these despite the reviews warning about battery life. I also thought that one would indeed use a bigger vac for jobs over 5 minutes, but boy, was I wrong! I have a small one bedroom apartment and amazingly 5 minutes aren't enough even for just a quick clean up. I ran out of power dusting some surfaces that can't be reached with a big vac or require a softer, more controlled touch. Having said that, I'm not entirely unhappy with my purchase. I now just consider it's shut-off time the perfect length for dusting duty... I'll do another 5 minutes tomorrow! Otherwise the thing works as advertised. Is it so much better than competitor's handhelds to justify it's steep price tag? I don't know. Decide what is important to you!...more info
  • It sucks wonderfully!
    The battery life is short, true. However, this unit sucks WAY better than any handheld vac I've used before. Vacs like the "dustbuster" are hardly useful because of the poor suction. This vac is as strong as a full size and allows for quick and convenient clean up. If you need more time, then you probably should be using the full size vac.

    I LOVE THIS VAC!!...more info
  • But how well does it vaccum?
    iPods don't last 24 hours if you use them and cell phones don't last a week if you actually use them. An electric motor uses a lot more power than an iPod or cell phone, and the more powerful the motor, the more energy it uses, so such comparisons are absolutely pointless. Dyson may be able to reengineer the motor to use less power and hence extend battery life, but it's ridiculous to compare the battery life of any power tool (vacuum, drill, circular saw, whatever) to that of an iPod or cell phone. What would be reasonable? I don't really know. I have a cordless drill and circular saw, but I only use them for short bursts, not several minutes continuously. I'm sure I couldn't get an hour of continous use out of them. One person compares the Dyson to his old Black & Decker products, but doesn't mention the difference in performance. Does the Dyson have more suction than they had or than a Dust Buster does? I agree that five minutes isn't much, and hopefully Dyson will work on improving that in future iterations of this product, but let's try to keep this in perspective. As one person said, I'd rather have five minutes of really good suction than 20 of mediocre suction. I have corded vacuums I can use if I need to vacuum for a long time. The reason I want a cordless vacuum is so I don't have to hassle with a corded vacuum for a 10-second job. I appreciate hearing about the battery life, but it's too bad no one has commented on how well this thing vacuums or what it's like to use it otherwise. Battery life is just one factor....more info
  • Awesome power for 5 mins is better than a limp vacuum for 20
    Having owned probably a half-dozen handheld vacuums, the Dyson Root is by far the best. Simple reason: It provides massive suction at 100% power time and time again. I'd rather have a vacuum that sucks powerfully and consistently for 5 minutes than one that limps along at 30% power for 20 minutes.

    When you see some crumbs on the floor, or have a spill, you want something you can reach for, make ONE pass over the mess, and be done with it. To me it is much more frustrating to have to brush over things 3-4 times than to know that I can't do my whole house with it. It is NOT a replacement for an upright vacuum, a Shop-Vac, a lint brush, etc.

    It recharges in 3 hours and has a clear set of LEDs showing power level. If you need to more than 5 minutes of cleaning every 3 hours, then you've got an environment this wasn't designed for. The Dyson Root also has some neat design concepts: e.g., two attachments cleverly combined into one, so less to carry/lose.

    (We also have fallen in love with the Dyson upright vacuums which also beat all other vacuums we've owned hands-down, again due to consistent power and clever design.)...more info
  • never loses suction because it shuts off right away
    I just received my new Dyson Root 6 last week. I was extremely dissappointed by the horrible battery life. I have cycled the battery a few times. Draining it and then charging it for 3 hours. It lasts less than 10 minutes per every 3 hour charge. I wouldn't spend $150 on just anything. This is a Dyson. I love my DC15. This is just unforgiveable. Its absolutely ridiculous. How much can you get done with a 6 minute battery life. I wish I would have read the reviews before blindly dropping a buck fifty on what was supposed to be a superior handheld. I want to speak to someone at Dyson about this. I have attempted to contact them and they won't reply. They should at least provide extra batteries or a way to keep extra batteries charged at all times....more info
  • Not for Cat Fur
    I bought this unit to pick up the odd tufts of cat fur that blow around the premises. Unfortunately, cat fur tended to collect up at the top of the collection chamber and get stuck there. Even removing the chamber didn't dislodge it, so I had to use either a finger or a chopstick to dislodge the wads of fur. Since I am allergic to cat fur and wanted to be able to pick it up and dispose of it with minimum exposure, this wasn't satisfactory.

    Also, pulling the trigger to start the vacuum required a bit too much finger movement. A more sensitive switch would have been less fatiguing to use.

    Other than that I liked this unit. I kept it on the charger most of the time and since I was using it to clean up just a few trouble spots the battery life was more than good enough for me....more info
  • bought it based on the name Dyson - big mistake
    This is no better than any other portable vacuum that we have owned, and believe me we have been through several. I am really disappointed in this vacuum. It has a short battery life, and hsa such an odd shape that it makes it less than ideal for vacuuming in tight spots such as under car seats. ...more info
  • Something you need to know
    I read in a review of this prior to it's release that as soon as the battery looses voltage, the unit shuts down. As designed, this is because Dyson wanted to have no loss of suction when the battery performance gets lower. This is why you have a short run time.

    I have this and a Dyson DC14 ....both rock. You will not find a better vacum. I give it 4 stars only because they cost so much. ...more info
  • POOR Battery!!
    I like the performance of the machine. The BATTTERY Sucks! I contacted Dyson for a replacement battery pack, $$$75.00!!!! plus shippimg!

    THAT SUCKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • i think the battery is OK
    the first time i used this, i did run out the battery. haven't since. i run around the house sucking up stuff with this puppy. i especially love it for sucking crumbs off of my ceramic top stove. or picking up the pile of cruft left after swiffing. if you have issues with cleaning crumbs off of counters (i usually end up dumping most on the floor), or getting your sweeping/swiffing piles up from the floor (I can't get crap into a dustpan for anything), you will love this product.

    what i don't like is the brush attachment. it is too hard to push it back to reveal the clean edge attachment. so i just leave it open....more info
  • a dyson must mean bad
    This is pathetic. I keep hearing about Dyson, Dyson, Dyson. I could find a better vacuum anywhere. Like maybe a garage sale. Don't buy this. Bad, Bad bad....more info
  • good for its intended use
    i agree with other reviews that the battery life is sub par. the thing is, you have to realize that this is for quick cleanups (well, that's what i think it's for), and not big jobs. i have a floor vacuum that i use every week. the handheld dyson is just for times when i see an extra build up of dust behind the tv, behind my computer, in the corners of my rooms, etc, that i feel is a waste of time to whip out the floor vacuum for. i have the dyson mounted in my closet so it is very quick to just slip it out if its holster and vacuum up the dust/hair balls that accumulate throughout the apartment. it's trigger operated, so 6 minutes is a decent time (you're only powering it when you're actually picking stuff up).

    overall, if you're going to use this for a pick-a-target-and-shoot type of vacuum, then i think you would be pleased with it.

    my next purchase is going to be a dyson floor vac which i hear nothing but good things about. i think the combination between the handheld and upright would be perfect. ...more info
  • Horrible battery life makes this a luxury purchase
    I am a huge fan of Dyson and own TWO Dyson uprights. Dyson sent me an email to offer registered owners first crack at purchasing this handheld which recently arrived to the US market, and I jumped at the offer, but I am extremely disappointed in the battery life.

    This otherwise great tool is deeply flawed for running only five minutes. It's really a shame Dyson released this product with such a short battery-operated running time. ...more info
  • Does not lose suction, but loses power almost instantly!
    When I first heard that Dyson was going to make a hand unit, I was very excited, but excitement has turned into bitter disappointment as this product has failed to deliver on the most basic requirement: FUNCTION!

    It simply has terrible battery life, in fact its worse than my old Black & Decker products from five years ago. I think it lasts about FIVE MINUTES, even if that. In this age of iPods with 24 hour batteries and mobile phones that last over a week, you would think Dyson would have at least develop a battery that could last an average house cleaning of say one hour.

    Shame Dyson, shame. ...more info
  • A bummer for a Dyson lover
    I couldn't wait to get the Dyson Root 6 - I've had my Dyson DC 07 for 4 years and I LOVE it, so I figured the mini-version would be fantastic. I have 3 Dustbusters (one on each floor) and I was looking forward to the Dyson version, which I was convinced would be top notch.

    I'm so sorry to be wrong.

    First off, having to press the button continuously to make it work is a pain. And speaking of pain, the Root is so heavy and unbalanced - all the weight is in the back which puts a lot of strain on your wrist. I haven't noticed any difference in suction to a Dustbuster, but then again, I don't suck up bowling balls. A Dustbuster picks up lint and cat litter just as well.

    Save your money - this Dyson ain't worth it....more info
  • Great vacuum, tiny battery
    The other reviews pretty much sum it up, but I'll put my thoughts in too.

    (a) It's a great vacuum. It fills the niche that I was hoping it would fill perfectly: I want to vacuum something small or far away from an outlet, and I don't feel like fetching and plugging in the upright. Suction is great, the tools are great, the canister is great, etc. 5 out of 5 stars for the vacuum.

    (b) The battery life is ridiculous. I got 5 minutes of hard vacuuming. The way the charger is designed, it wouldn't even be that easy to keep a spare battery, because the actual charging contacts are on the handheld itself. Come on, Dyson, lithium batteries aren't even that heavy! You could have doubled the power with no problem. You could have designed a backup charger like all the cordless power tools have. 0 out of 5 stars for battery/charger design.

    I give it 4 stars overall, despite the battery issue, because I don't ever plan on using this thing for big cleaning jobs. If it's bigger than a 5 minute job, I'll just use the upright anyway. As a light, effective portable that's easy to grab for a specific job, this vacuum is very good....more info
  • Exactly as described!
    This little number is perfect! Powerful and gets the job done. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • Battery life is the killer
    (Revised after ~1 year) Suction is good, and is much better than a dustbuster. I mostly bought it for the attachments, which are very well designed, and because it just looks so freakin' cool. But I am really disappointed in the battery life, which is not mentioned anywhere on the website or the box. After about a year of using it every 2 or 3 days, the battery life is still an issue (I find myself "Speed vacuuming") and now the battery is starting to die, which apparently costs $75 even though on the commercial you can see it's just a pack of li-ion AAs. I still say go with the $30 dustbuster....more info
    If you only have a few minutes of cleaning to do with this cute little dust buster, you'll be happy with this Root 6 expensive little vacuum. I had hoped to be able to clean blinds or the back of my car with this, but 4-5 minutes is not a lot of cleaning time. NO WHERE on the Dyson website did I find this information before buying this item. I emailed Dyson for the address of where to send the item back for a return and never got an answer. I called customer service and they did not provide me with the information and told me they were there for product information only! Now that I seem to be stuck with this item, please tell that guy to come up with some better colors for his machines!...more info
  • Dyson Root 6 handheld does the job!
    This is a great little tool. Lots of power, lightweight and EZ to handle. If you are planning a *lot* of cleaning, forget it, because this tool was not intended or designed for that purpose. However for cleaning up after the kid's cookie and milk session or dads crackers and beer, it is terrific. My wife uses it in the bathroom after a hair trim and she is tickled with the job it does. One has about 8-10 minutes of good power on a full charge, and if the job takes longer than that, you have the wrong tool. The Dyson Root 6 does what we expected it to do, only better. Running the tool for a total of 4-6 minutes fills the dirt cylinder a little over half, and emptying the dirt is a breeze. The rating given is the rating it deserves!...more info
  • very disappointing
    Just a few minutes of battery run time make this near worthless. Get a dustbuster, or for the same price, get 7 of them. ...more info
    I reviewed this Dyson for days before I purchased it. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Keep in mind this is a handheld vacuum and is not meant for long constant minutes of use. The power and suction is BETTER THEN "ANY" cordless handheld on the market no doubt about it. Handhelds are so notorious for having such weak suction and leaving debris behind after a minute or two of use. FORGET ABOUT EVER HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THAT! I have seen some consumers complain about a short battery power time frame (about 6-8 minutes of constant ON use)but you must realize that this is for all those dust bunnies, crumbs, glass, grit, sand, dirt caked up dust, difficult corner dust, and pet hair, couch cleaning, great for kitchen area type of jobs. It excels in sucking up that junk. I was shocked at the power when I first used it because one pass over ANYTHING and it's GONE...so point being you will not have to make pass after pass like we are all used to with other handhelds through history. Like I said even that stubborn corner and crevice dust that can get caked in on moldings and and so forth just VANISH CLEAN! Very good work, my advice for the short battery life is DO NOT keep that trigger finger down as you are walking around using it just squeeze it from job to job. there should be plenty of time to get any small jobs cleaned well. Because of the battery life I gave it four stars..otherwise it is primo. I would very much like to see one or two more attachments like a small hose or fabric brush available too. GET ONE!...more info
  • Sir James you did it again!
    Wow the power on this hand vac is to die for. I was able to test out the new model and after watching this hand vac perform I had to pre-order one for my self. I had broken a wine glass on the carpet and this handheld power house cleaned the carpet up with little effort. There was not a piece of glass left on the floor. I also did not have to mess with the broken glass when it was time to empty the canister. You just flip off the bottom and the glass empties right in to the trash can. Sir James you did it again!...more info
  • Great for a small space with some reservations
    We picked up one of these this weekend for our small NYC apt. and had it up and running after the first full charge was done(about 2 hours for the first). It has an amazing amount of power and is really easy to handle.

    We have cat hair to deal with and after about 5 minutes the house was all edged and cat hair free. I tested the limit of power after another full charge and it lasted almost 10 minutes. Keep in mind that this is not a replacement for a vacuum and most of the work it will be done is in that amount of time. It is a great tool for a small, high-maintainence space. The one-click disposal works well, though on the first run I had to dig into the dirt chamber to pull some debris out.

    I know we will get a lot of use out of this, picking up dirt gathered in the corners, etc. and really enjoy the no-extra-cost(i.e filters, bags) of using it.

    ...more info
  • Works great -- but serious battery problem
    I had high hopes for this vac and it does do a fantastic job for a handheld. The Root 6 is a little on the heavy side, but the design makes it easy to use and empty. The biggest problem is the ridiculously short operating time you get out of a battery charge. I got maybe 8-9 minutes of use on my first charge and that's being charitable. Maybe the performance will improve after "conditioning" the battery, but if I can't get 20-30 minutes on a charge, it's going back for a refund. As it stands, it's a toy and not a serious cleaning tool....more info