Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

"DYSON" DC17 ANIMAL UPRIGHT VACUUM Level 3 root cyclone Quick-draw telescope reach The most powerful upright for pet hair Brush control to protect rugs and delicate floors Mini turbine head cleans pet hair from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and car Carpet care kit Low reach floor tool Gray and purple Replaces Ace no. 1306745 Mfr no. DC14 5 year limited warranty Boxed

  • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar
  • Level 3 Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Quick-draw Telescope reach; mini turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • Hygienic 5/8-gallon dust bin; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 26-2/3 by 13-1/5 by 43-1/2 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Suction; Poor Service
    This vacuum rocks for suction power. It takes our dog's black hair off of our light carpets with ease. It is heavy and I cannot get under my sofa, but I have made adjustments.

    While I think it is a good vaccum, trying to get warranty service for it is awful. I either had to drive it 90 minutes from my house or send it back to Dyson. I opted for the latter. They had it three weeks and offered to provide updates as the repairs went along. However, the SEVEN times I called, they had no idea what was going on with it because their "systems were down." I guess face to face interaction doesn't work at Dyson. Anyway, I got it back only to find out that a plastic part that held the extension tube onto the main vacuum was broken. Guess what? I had to return it AGAIN for another THREE weeks!!!

    I will NOT buy another Dyson because of the service problem. If you feel the same about being inconvenienced when you pay $500 for a vacuum, I suggest you do the same....more info
  • There's vacuuming, and then there's vacuuming w/ Dyson!
    When our old venerable Kirby vacuum bit the dust (after so many years of good service) and my wife suggested Dyson, at first I was real reluctant because I could easily bought 2 vacuum cleaners for 1 Dyson. But after reading a bunch of reviews online about Dyson, I thought to give it a chance. Thus far, it has proven to be a great bet. I actually enjoy vacuuming now because I feel like I actually clean our carpet w/ the DC17. In my opinion our investment of $319 for this DC17 is well-worth it.

    Remanufactured Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Impressive
    It works, and it works well- very well. My wife is a stickler for cleaning our carpets. Our dog, a short-hair, does her best to contribute to the cause. Our previous vacuum was a Eureka Sanitaire. I've seen my wife vacuum the living daylights out of the carpeting with it only to follow up with a canister unit until she was satisfied. So when this Dyson arrived I felt that there wouldn't be much left for it to pull out. In less than a minute the Dyson was full of dog hair.


    There's a lot of plastic in the construction, but it appears to be "well done plastic."

    If you want an upright that will take the dog hair out of your carpet, it's hard to believe that any product could do it better than the Dyson DC17 "Animal." It really is that good....more info
  • Own a pet? Than this is it!!!!
    My wife and I thought our old vacuum was fairly decent. We own an American Eskimo ,which if your not familiar with the breed, sheds a ton with it's long hair. After opening our new Dyson DC 17 Animal we've come not to expect too much of any vacuum since owning our dog. We were happily proven wrong! This Dyson made our old vacuum look like an ancient artifact picking up the dog hair from the thick carpet plus the old dust that our old vacuum never had picked up. This was great!! I have a dust allergy and I've even noticed a decrease in my reaction because of the dust it has pulled from the carpet. BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY if you have a pet. It's backed by a 5 year warranty if you buy it new!! If you don't buy new be sure to pick up a warranty for it just in case. This vacuum has some serious power! Worth every dollar! Thank you Dyson! ...more info
  • Dyson's Animal Rocks!
    I have had the Dyson Animal DC17 for about a year now. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I was so fed up with hair everywhere. I was giving serious thought to shaving them all bald, and got a Dyson as a last resort.

    Today, the animals are intact, the house is clean, and I am one happy woman. I love this machine.

    I love how the hose nozzle pops out without having to attach anything so I can get all the edges and corners without missing a beat, and the hose itself is so long, I can do the whole staircase without dragging the vacumn up the steps behind me.

    The attachments are so easy to slip on and off. The mini-rotating head attachment is fantastic on steps and furniture. I've had this type of attachment on other vacumns, but they never worked well. This one sucks hard! I bought a bunch of extra attachments but really, the ones that come with it are all you need unless you turn into a vacumning addict, like I seem to have become, thanks to Mr. Dyson and his Fabulous Animal! About the only things in the house I don't clean with the Dyson are the dishes and the toilets.

    Turn off the rotating bar for suction-only with one push of a button, and it cleans my hardwood so well, it feels like satin under my bare feet. Or use the bare floor attachment. (That one is great, because it lays flat, you can get under the table, sofa, bed, etc.)

    It's easy on the shoulder & arm, as it's self propelled, and the long power cord is fantastic, can get several rooms without moving the plug.

    The dust bin pops off and empties with a push of the thumb. With the amount of hair and yuck I pulled out of the carpets the first few times I used it, I took the cannister apart and cleaned it really well. It was simple to take apart and put back together, like a child's puzzle toy. Very basic.

    Still not sure? Well, go ahead and buy one. If you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. It has a 5 year warranty. Oh- if you are worried about repairs, don't be. I called the service dept once with what turned out to be a stupid question...but the lady who answered knew the machine backwards and forwards, and was nice as could be about it. I wouldn't hesitate to call again. She answered the phone right away, too. If it's something they can't fix over the phone, they actually arrange to pick the vacumn up at your house and take it in for repairs for you! Wow. Fabulous service.

    I have never had a belt break or any parts break or come loose, and I use it several times per week, over about 3000 sq feet of house. It gets a lot of use, and it's held up like a champ. I've caught my fair share of drapery cords, sheet corners, towels, etc. in it but no harm done.

    I wouldn't take another vacumn if you gave it to me for free. In fact, after using the Dyson for a few days, I took the 5 (!!) other vacumns I had out to the curb and put a "free" sign on them. There was a very expensive Wind Tunnel, a Eureka, a Dirt Devil, and a few other Hoovers. I had so many because I had to keep buying new ones every 6 months or so as they all lost suction thanks to the zoo I have here... I kept planning to take them in somewhere to be professionally cleaned, some day, but never got around to it. Now I won't use anything but the Dyson; it rocks! ...more info
  • Love my Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    I just received my Dyson yesterday. I am amazed (and embarrassed) how much dirt and dog hair it picked up. I did a once over in my living-room, bedroom and office and managed to almost fill the canister. My Hoover would only wrap the dog hair around the brush. It didn't pick up much. The Dyson was also easier to push around than my self-propelled Hoover.

    In comparison, the Dyson does its job better, is quieter and easier to push around than my Hoover.

    The only complaint I have is that the "instructions" that came with it were minimal at best. I went to Dyson's website to see if they had more in-depth instructions on what each attachment was for and how to attach it. Nothing there. My daughter has a Dyson so she came over to show me how to use them.

    My daughter has had her Dyson for several months and she loves hers also. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
    ...unless you're 100% sure you're ready to see what's been hiding out in your carpet!! So after much debate, the wife and I finally decided to breakdown and purchase one of these "Animals"(I wanted to give this to her as a x-mas present but I lost her at "I"... don't recommend trying this fellas). Anywho, having built this house a little over 17 months ago, I really didn't expect there to be TOO much stuff hanging out in our carpet. I mean, we do vaccum with our 1 year old Eureka Altima (with "wide track surface, bagless container and side brush" psshh) once a week, so how bad could it be right? Wrong! After bringing home this purple beast, which we picked up at BB&B with a 20% discount coupon, we decided to put it to the test (as most nerds would who get excited about buying a vaccum cleaner). Side bar: the instructions weren't all that helpful, but I'm the kind of frontiersman who likes to forge ahead not having read the instructions, so for me it was a non-issue. With assembly complete, I reached down and fired it up. After 4 or 5 passes I had to stop and take a gag break! I couldn't believe what was being sucked in to that clear canister. Gross! So as any good husband would do, I turned it over to my wife and let her finish the rest of the house(what can I say, it's Thursday NFL football night). At one point, she emptied the canister after vaccuming the area where the x-mas tree was last year and we noticed glitter from the x-mas ornaments that had wedged deep into the carpet (or at least deep enough for the Eureka not to find it). Unbelievable!

    Simply stated... this thing SUCKS! Literally! There's something to be said for a vaccum cleaner that can make an early 30's couple get excited over seeing dirt, hair and a multitude of other things being sucked from the carpet in the house of which they live. It could be, we just need to get a life... but whatever. I highly recommend this suction machine to any and everyone! It is a bit pricey, but hey, with a coupon from the paper and a credit card you're on your way ;-p! Ok, I shouldn't have said that given the current economic crisis. Just go get one, I promise you'll be grossed out! Especially if you have 3 dogs as we do! ...more info
    My Oct/08 shopping came down to a comparison between the DC-17 and the DC-25 Ball models. I ended up buying the DC-17 for its much greater capacity before it needs emptying, because its cleaning power is rated best of all Dysons, and also because its construction seemed more substantial. At the store (not running), the ball model was much easier to maneuver, but when I actually ran the DC-17 at home, I was very pleased to discover that it is also super-easy to turn. With the floor brush running, it is almost self-propelled and turns almost effortlessly. This is the easiest vacuum to run and to empty that I have ever used. I now see no reason to buy the ball model.

    As others have mentioned, the main floor brush will tear up your delicate carpets (I learned this the hard way on a wool carpet runner I had custom made in Greece). I now use the small turbo brush on the end of the wand for my runners and area rugs, and this works fine, but is too small for really big rugs. I think the main floor brush should be fine for wall-to wall carpeting, unless you have shag, which it will probably destroy. Other cons are the way-too-stiff hose and rather cumbersome wand. The 35ft cord is plenty long, but lacking a retractor.

    Suction is superb, and much less prone to clogging than my previous vacuums. Overall, a great machine, but be careful with you delicate carpets....more info
  • So far, I am impressed!
    The DC17 arrived in the mail today and I put it to work right out of the box. I am very impressed with the power of this vacuum. Easy to push and pull, easy to empty the canister. The thing that impresses me most? It is extremely quiet for a vacuum! I could actually carry on a conversation with my wife while using it. It picks up a load of dirt and hair, I have 2 labs and need all the help I can get with dog hair clean up. It's only been one day, but I'll continue to post positives or negatives as time goes by....more info
  • Dyson lives up to it's reputation
    The Dyson "animal" arrived the day that the carpets had been vacuumed. I went over the carpets again with the Dyson and collected an amazing amount of dirt, dog hair, etc. Very impressive!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever used - I have dogs, cats, birds & kids
    I've never left a review before but this vacuum is so great I felt compelled to. To be able to vacuum the carpet and then roll off onto the tile and keep going is a dream come true. My other vacuums always threw stuff everywhere when I tried to vacuum on the tile so I had to switch to a broom or stick vac. I can get under the bird cages and get any cobwebs in corners all at once - oh yeah - forgot that I can also grab that darn cat hair that gets behind doors and on baseboards, with this vacuum it only takes seconds. I hate cleaning so I love being able to do everything with one machine. Emptying the bin is a breeze too. I've also never had a vacuum where the attachments were so easy to use.

    Hope this helps someone!...more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal
    Great vacuum, but the attachments will not stay attached to the vacuum. Design flaw?...more info
  • Great vacuum and great customer service
    After owning this vac for about a year we broke the belt. I was on the phone with Dyson for less than 15 minutes total to have a new belt and brush roller bar sent to us. The woman on the phone was super nice and apologized for any inconvenience. I couldn't be happier with the customer service! It turns out that I forgot to register the cleaner; if I had they would have sent this belt and roller sooner since they have "enhanced" them since production. What a great company!

    This vacuum cleaner is WORTH EVERY PENNY! This vacuum really SUCKS, in a good way. It is also very easy to use, our 9 and 7 yr old vacuum with it and even use the attachments. Although on first use I did have to actually read the manual to figure out the attachment hose. We have 2 dogs with a lot of hair and this vacuum keeps up, no problems.

    It has even helped clean up after a hurricane!

    I highly recommend this product and would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Gets the job done and some
    I bought this vacuum because we have two cats and I needed a machine that has attatchments that actually work. When I got the vacuum i wanted to see how much it picked up as comared to my old one which is a Fantom. The fantom has more suction than anything I had used before so I thought this would be a good test. I wnt over my carpet with the Fantom and then went over it again with the Dyson. The Dyson picked up twice as much dirt as the Fantom on the second pass. Is the Dyson expersive, sure is, but it gets the job done and then more. I am a Dyson customer for life.

    ...more info
  • Great
    This by far the best Vacuum I have ever owned. It made my carpet look like new again....more info
  • It can vacuum, but not the best design
    First let me say this vacuum can really pick up the dirt compared to other vacuums I have purchased, but the design, which is supposedly the key to Dyson, is actually not that great.

    We have had numerous problems with the brush design that just gets clogged with hair (we have 2 long haired dogs), and eventually (even without hair) there is an unbearable vibration and sound that comes from the vacuum brush. We have replaced the brush and belt twice and taken it to a repair store to try to get fixed, but to no avail. It's a plastic brush roller so I guess you should be aware that won't last that long.

    I find it asinine that to get the vacuum from the upright position you have to reach your foot around to the front and hold it down, and then pull the handle down. This is extremely clumsy and unnecessary.

    The extension pole while conveniently put away in the handle, it is extremely difficult to use. Also with this vacuum forget about getting under beds or furniture because it has a high profile that prevents this. The upper cyclone has to be cleaned frequently because it does get clogged. It edges horribly, so you can forget about that.

    When we took the vacuum to the repair store they recommended a Sanitaire from Electrolux, which is a commercial grade vacuum. While simple, it is just a phenomenal vacuum. Comparing the Sanitaire to the Dyson, the Sanitaire has 2 motors one for the brush and one for the vacuum, A STEEL brush roller, significantly quieter, extremely long cord (which makes a difference), low profile to get under furniture, edges great and vacuums dirt better than the Dyson, the bags are the easiest to put replace compared to any any vacuum we have ever had. The only downside you have to go to a vacuum specialty store to get it.

    Compare that list to the Dyson and there is no way I could even recommend a Dyson. Especially when you can get a commercial grade like the Sanitaire at the same price point.
    ...more info
  • Dyson Animal DC17
    Purchased this Dyson in addition to my current 3 year old Dyson DC14. What a difference! There is no comparison. The DC17 seems to have a ton more suction and the turbo tool works much better on pet hair than the previous version. I would recommend to anyone with and older to Dyson to sell it and buy a newer one. It is well worth it the upgrade. ...more info
  • The canister clogs and needs use of hand to empty it.
    I have had DC17 for more than an year. The suction is great but the backside of the canister gets clogged very often. When I try to empty the canister, the dust / debris never drops off, the only way to clean it would be to remove the transparent canister, use the hand to remove. The place becomes a mess as the dust falls off in this process. Really annoying, irritating messy chore. I called up the customer service and they asked me to take the vacuum to the service rep.. which I had to drive for 45 mins. The rep did not give a replacement vacuum and he took more than a two weeks to repair it as he had to wait for a replacement spare. I was very much annoyed because of this.
    Later I returned the vacuum and got it exchanged hoping that the problem would go away. But the problem has been continuing. I am really disappointed with this vacuum.
    Giving 2 stars just for the power of suction......more info
  • Not My Choice: Upright v. Canister
    I really really wanted to like the Dyson. I read and researched extensively everything I could and was impressed by how passionate people were for the Dyson. My intent was to go to Sears to "kick the tires" and see what all the fuss was all about and then come home and order mine via Amazon.

    Instead of the Dyson I came home with a Sears canister.

    For roughly the same price or a little less, I got something that was better built, easier to use particularly with attachments and had more features (retractable cord, LED light). Normally the retail was $600, but with a $250 sale price I added a five year extended warranty matching the Dyson and still came in lower than the Dyson.

    I have had a Kenmore canister for eighteen years and was ready for something new and different. I came home with the new Kenmore Intuition and felt it was far superior and now Consumer Reports agrees.

    As much as I wanted to love the Dyson, I thought it was awkward and definitely designed by an engineer which is not necessarily a good thing.

    I finally came to the realization that in eighteen years I never once wished I had an upright and felt if I purchased an upright would I feel the same way.

    I was ready to jump on the Dyson bandwagon, due mainly to marketing and buzz and in the end I remained a canister guy.

    I am only adding this review as to those who have not considered a canister, that there is a whole dimension of floor cleaning beyond the upright and there are much better vehicles to do so than the overpriced and clumsy Dyson.

    BTW, the Dyson "canister" is terrible!

    Good luck. ...more info
  • It is not an animal it is a BEAST!
    After using Kirby for years I've decided to try Dyson Animal. We have 3 dogs and a house with carpets. So, I have to tell you, Dyson delivered!!! Oh my Goodness, I didn't know my house was THIS dirty. Thanks to Dyson it is much cleaner now. And not only the floors but the furniture also. If you want your carpets and furniture dust free - get this beast. I have horrible allergies and would alway sneeze when cleaning but not with this vacuum. I can't say enough about it!
    It is also so easy to clean, no more silly bags! I think I've already saved $200.00 on bags alone!
    Anyway, I am very happy with Dyson and with the price I got through Amazon....more info
  • Lots of power BUT One MAJOR DESIGN FLAW
    I feel compelled to write an honest review albeit warning about the Dyson DC-17 Animal Cyclone vacuum.

    Yes this vacuum has lots of power with incredible suction. However, having owned this unit for almost two years now there is a fair amount maintenance that as prospective owners you need to be aware of.

    First off, nearly every component is removable for cleaning/removing debris. So this is positive - you can clean the unit BUT who ever heard of having to clean a cleaning product - a paradox of sorts.

    BUT Most importantly is that the most integral component on this unit - the top "Level 3" cyclones (middle part of the canister) is sealed and this is where any large debris, i.e.: hair, pet or human, gets clogged and CANNOT BE REMOVED.

    Yes there is a 5 year warranty on Dysons' so I called customer service on this issue. The Dyson response verbatim "yes this is a problem we aware of for 'this unit' and there is nothing we can do about it other than send you a new canister" - which I ordered for free.

    It turns out the issue is not so much the canister but the rubber gasket seal at the bottom of the canister which is supposed to form a air-tight seal between the canister and the base unit. The problem is that when removing/re-inserting the canister for emptying (a normal part of operation), this rubber seal is easily moved. When this gasket is offset by even the slightest margin, your large debris gets sucked into the filter (which then quickly clogs) and the hair has no place to go but into the cyclone housing. A general rule with Dysons' is that you are not supposed to see any hair or large debris on the filter - if so, this is indicative of a problem - i.e.: IT LOSES SUCTION.

    I think now knowing this issue exists I will thoroughly inspect this gasket each time I remove/re-insert the canister but if had I known you had to be so delicate with such a routine vacuum function - I would have not purchased this vacuum.

    I also think this unit will last a long time knowing I can (have to) periodically maintain it, but for $550 I wish I didn't have to.

    The irony here is that Dyson vacuums which are heralded as engineering marvels "that never lose suction" are not as brilliant as Andre Dyson would like you to think. All DC-17s are susceptible to this design flaw, you can call Dyson yourself 1-866-693-9766 to confirm.

    Now I can't speak for the other models, perhaps the cyclone component can be opened for removing debris or there is a different gasket mechanism, but as for the DC-17 their most expensive unit, I would caution not to purchase this specific model and investigate if the other models do not have this design flaw. If the other models do not have this issue then I would recommend the Dyson brand in general because of the power, it is unrivaled compared to other brands plus the 5 year warranty is better than most companies.

    Now you know and knowing is half the battle. :-) ...more info
  • Beware Vacuuming Berber Carpeting
    This vacuum sucked up my high quality Berber carpeting and left a bare spot 8" X 1" that I now need to get repaired. And when I called my carpeting store to schedule a repair, they said they had 3 other complaints of the Dyson destroying carpeting. I will be returning it today....more info
  • For $550, I expect a little better quality
    I have cats, two domestic longhairs and a Siamese. When they started shedding the the spring of last year ( 2007) I bought my "animal" It does have great suction IF you keep the filter clean. After you empty the dust container be sure the rubber collar makes a good seal with the bottom of the dust container, otherwise the filter will clog in only a few minutes. The cyclones do fill with dust and there isn't an easy way to clean them. I have soaked it in water and Is seems to have done some good, but it would be nice if you could disassemble it for cleaning.

    The beater brush housing is cheap plastic and broke when I hit the fringe on my oriental rug. Should the belt ever break it will be near impossible to replace. The little channel the belt runs in stays full of dust.
    It will go under only the highest furniture.
    ...more info
  • Good product for the money
    This product surpassed our expectations. The amount of dog hair and dirt that it picks up is incredible.We had heard good things from people that owned one and they were right about everything. The only negative would be that the extension wand is a little bulky and somewhat hard to get used to. But overall a well put together product. ...more info
  • I have only had it about 5 weeks, but so far it works wonderfully.
    Ok, I really like this vacuum. I have had it about 5 weeks, and it works very well. I own a Siberian Husky, and a Shepherd mix, both long hair. I also live in Texas, so summers are warm, and that means lot of shedding, I mean a lot. Vacuuming my house I pick up 7-8 canisters worth of dog hair, weekly. I have no doubt that at some point the Dyson will need some maintenance to keep working so well, but other vacuums I have owned were absolutely unrepairable after cleaning my house for a few months. The Dyson will last me for years, I hope. If it breaks I will amend this review. But so far so good. It is a little heavier than most vacuums, but not much. Also it does not clean close to wall very well, I mean about 0.5 inches(use an attachment), other wise it picks up great, and the Hepa filter even makes the air smell cleaner. The Dyson does make noise, but it much quieter than other vacuums....more info
  • Un-shielded belt WILL cause problems
    We bought this vacuum as a replacement for our Kirby. The first thing I noticed was that this vacuum has MUCH better suction than our previous Kirby, and it was quickly able to pick up pet hair from our carpet that the Kirby would leave behind. HOWEVER -- after about 10 minutes of use, the vacuum started making a very loud, high pitched noise. We called Dyson, and their support team had us remove the spindle and clean all the pet hair off of the belt. We started vacuuming, and the noise went away -- for about 10 minutes. I flipped the vacuum over and looked, and again the vacuum had sucked pet hair into the belt. Investigating further on the Internet, we found that many other people have had this same problem. Bottom line -- this vacuum is NOT for anyone with long haired pets (ours is a Golden) since it has an UNSHIELDED belt. Dyson made a mistake in the design of this vacuum, especially since it is being marketed to pet owners. Dyson makes other models that have shielded belts, and we returned the DC17 for the DC25 -- it is a better choice if you have long haired pets....more info
  • great vacuum - and a couple of things that could be better
    I have 3 Shetland sheepdogs that shed continuously, so I was desperate for a vacuum cleaner that could handle all that fur. I didn't want to spend this much, but my old Dirt Devil was just not making it.
    This vacuum is just amazing - it handles the hair with no problem. The brushes are easy to clean and the canister is easy to empty. The retractable cleaning wand stores in the handle and is very convenient to use.
    There are 3 things that I think could be improved. First - the instructions are just terrible. They are mostly in symbols rather than explained in words and are almost impossible to figure out. I still don't understand some of the attachments. If it weren't for the photos on the carton I probably would still be trying to assemble it - and there isn't that much to assemble! In my opinion the terrible instructions are a major pain. Second - it doesn't have a light, which is only a minor inconvenience and third the attachments don't lock on to the hose wand - they are a friction fit and can fall off if you use them to vigorously.
    Overall, I am extremely happy with this vacuum. You get what you pay for - and the Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal is worth every penny.
    ...more info
  • Love the Dyson
    We bought our first Dyson about 4 years ago. We got it to help keep the dog hair and bird dust down since we have a German Shephers and a parrot. We got the DC-14 Animal and it blew us away! After vacuuming with the old vacuum, it picked up canisters full of hair and dirt. When the new model came out, I thought how much better could the DC-17 Animal be? My hubby was the one to say let's get it and find out. We ran the old Dyson, then the new Dyson DC-17 and had pretty much the same results as when we bought the first one. We had run the old Dyson until the canister was pretty much coming out empty. The new one found dog hair and extra fine dust the old one missed. I vacuum everything with it, got the attachments for dusting so I can run it on the ceiling fan blades and furniture. It does a decent job dusting, but the brush attachments could be better. I like that the older DC-14 brush attachments heads swiveled easily, but the DC-17 ones are fixed. Also the hose can be awkward, but I can cope with it. Just detach the handle and use the attachments directly on the hose....more info
  • Sucks. No, really.
    The old vacuum and the new dog were not a good combination. Wanted to try the Dyson, and The Animal was a natural choice. Wow, I think the vacuum picked up about three dogs' worth of hair the first time out. Now I know where all that food is going.

    My vacuuming trip through the house today had me empty the dustbin four times. Very impressive pickup. The dust from the bedroom was tinged red, from the red sheets we've used. Impressive.

    Physically, the vacuum is quite heavy. My wife won't lift it, but it glides very nicely when in place and gives you a solid feel. The clear dust container lets you know when it's full and gives you the satisfaction of a job well done as you see it filling up. The attachment hose is long enough for my house with its half flights of stairs.

    The mini brush head is nicely effective. The rest of the attachments are useful, though nothing special. The connection to the vacuum hose is frictional, doesn't lock, and is mildly inconvenient.

    The Animal's suction is excellent and maintains from empty to full. The brushes are powerful enough that it messes with rugs more than most. When it does eat a rug and the brushes stop, however, it doesn't start burning any rubber belts.

    Certainly the best vacuum I've ever owned....more info
  • A real sucker
    There are just two things you need to know about this product:

    1. With virtually no written instructions it's confusing to understand how the vacuum's features work. A written manual including photos would be much welcome. The illustrations that Dyson include are not good enough.

    2. When you use the vacuum on a good quality wool rug it's going to remove too much of the rug's pile and eventually destroy the rug. This will happen quickly because it picks up so much of the actual rug in addition to any pet fur and dirt.

    3. Whoever designed this product is an idiot (I know this is a third thing to know).

    Also, if you order accessories or the vacuum itself directly from Dyson in the USA your order is processed through England and you're charged a bank fee for processing the order which sucks (like this product)....more info
  • An Animal Indeed!
    We purchased this vaccuum ti prepare for our new house which will be almost wall-to-wall carpeting. We have lived in houses with some carpeting. We have 2 large dogs (including a very sheddy Newfoundland Mix) and 3 cats. We have been using a Kenmore Canister vaccuum which we had been very happy with, but now that our baby is about to start crawling, we wanted to be ready for the new carpeting in the new house. This thing is indeed an animal!! It does a terrific job of picking up the dust and animal hair on our floors. It is very powerful, and we are very happy with this purchase....more info
  • OK With Limitations
    This is the second Dyson. The first one broke at the neck when I was using it. We have 2 dogs that shed tons of hair. Dysons are great at picking up hair on carpet. They are lousy at cleaning bare floors. As mentioned this is the second Dyson and I hope this one will not break after only 3 years of service. I don't think making vacuum cleaners from plastic is a good idea. The vacuum is used at least 3, often 4 times a week in a house. Still it should not have snapped after 3 years. At least with the DC 17 we have a 5 year warranty. ...more info
  • Dyson DC17Animal
    The vacuum came damaged from delivery but Instock helped get the product back out to me quickly and handled the issues with delivery damage. The vacuum works great!!...more info
  • Not perfect, but very good.
    We bought this about six months ago and so far I'm pretty happy with it. We've lived in our current house almost ten years and during that time have gone through about half a dozen vacuum cleaners. It was getting to the point of absurdity. My husband was fixing them for awhile, but obviously he has better things to do with his spare time than fix broken vacuum cleaners. Finally when the last one broke down we were thinking about buying a Kirby, since some friends have had one for many years. Instead, after reading the reviews, I decided to try a Dyson. So far so good. It's not perfect, but it's not bad, and more importantly it shows no signs of breaking. The design is very simple and straight forward and it feels sturdier than the other vacuums we've had. The hose is long enough so I can reach up our stairs and the main compartment is easy to pull off for cleaning. It's also very powerful and there hasn't been anything yet that I've had trouble vacuuming. My only complaints are (1. It doesn't pick up well on the sides, so I have to go over the baseboards with the hose attachment. (2. The dirt inside the cylinder is sometimes hard to clean out, since it gets wedged up pretty high. (3. It tends to blow the dirt around on non carpeted areas. It still picks it up, but it scatters it first.
    Despite these few annoyances, this is still the best vacuum I've owned and I would buy it again.
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I've had the vacuum about a year now, and have had no problems. The suction is as good or better than any vacuum I've used before. The predecessor to the Dyson at my house cost about $120 and only lasted for 5 uses. For the Dyson to continue performing as well as it has for the last year makes it a far better value than anything I've owned before. Should it last for the duration of its 5 year warranty, it was money well spent....more info
  • After 47 years of buying vacuums, finally we bought the right one!
    We haved owned just about every vacuum on the market except the "K...." and the "O...." Finally we bought a refurbised Dyson DC17 from Amazon and it is amazing. You can't go wrong with this product. We have pets and it picks up all the pet hair from the carpet or furniture. Get it as soon as you can. ...more info
  • run!!!
    if you need assistance (ie, need a part), you will be better served asking your dog for help....more info
  • This vacuum cannot be beat. Hands Down the BEST
    Okay I will give you a bit of background about me. I live in a zoo :) 2 dogs( lab and golden) 2 cats( maine coon and short hair) and a rabbit. Yes I need a good vacuum. I have had them all. I always wanted a Dyson but thought it was too expensive/ So I went out and bought the cheaper ones( Hoover, kenmore, Bissell etc). Well one by one they would break after a short time. They couldn't handle the heavy use I was giving them until I found the DYSON. NONE can match the dyson. I have had mine about 2 years now and it is worth EVERY penny.The amount of hair it picks up is amazing! And the best part? it is easy to unclog so I don't spend hours trying to get my vacuum working again. The parts comes apart nicely and you are back to business. It's true that you don't lose the suction. I just cannot say enough good things about this vacuum except I would go nuts if I didn't have it. With all the animals I have, I need the best and this IS IT. Don't let the price deter you. It is worth every penny!...more info
  • WOW
    I've had this vacuum for a couple months now. Each time I use it, I continue to be impressed. I'm a bit of a clean freak and ask visitors to take thier shoes off at my front door. Because of that, I thought my carpets were fairly clean. I was amazed the first time I vacuumed, after vacuuming with my original vacuum, how much dirt and dust the Dyson picked up! I haven't missed my old Eureka for one second. This vacuum is well worth the price and I can't recommend it enough! The pop up telescoping handle is very handy and effectively designed. Vacuuming my household is fun again! ...more info
  • It's even better than I imagined..
    I finally bought the Dyson Animal DC17 and I must say it's by far the BEST vacuum I've ever had. Unfortunately, about a year ago I went with Consumer Report's recommendation and bought a Kenmore (#1 at the time) and wasted my money. I am thankful for all the reviews on here that helped me make my decision. They are all right on - this thing is amazing. I had to empty the canister after my living room, bedroom and kitchen floor! I have a lot of dust in my house (from having older carpet and 4 teenagers)with all the dirt this vacuum has pulled up I am seeing a big improvement. I enjoy vacuuming with this one..it is lightweight and the sucking power is by far the best I've seen. Thank you. ...more info
  • I don't get it
    I don't get how everyone raves about this unit(DC17). I'm wondering if the one I purchased was just defective. As soon as I started vacuuming a small area of my carpet (like 2ft. by 2 1/2 ft.) the dirt (mainly carpet fibers and animal hair) immediately got stuck at the top of the dirt cup. Most of the regular type dirt fell to the bottom of the cup (as you would expect) but the dirt that stuck at the top (which was carpet fibers and animal hair)just acted like a magnet to continue to fill from the top of the dirt containment area. It made the fill line on the cup useless as a gauge because before the dirt even reached close to the fill line the whole top and down the back of the cup was FILLED. So I emptied it. Mind you it was mostly carpet fibers. This vac seemed to pull out alot more carpet fibers than my last vac. When I emptied it the dirt stuck in the top wouldnt come out. I tried banging on the sides of the cup, some fell out but some stayed stuck and I had to dig it out with a stick. This was a messy and disgusting process. I know that emptying my old vacs dirt cup you'd get some dust kick back - but this process was 100 times that. So I tried again and the same thing kept happening...basically filling up more from the top down and the dirt getting stuck in there but good. (you can actually take the clear dirt cup apart from the top fairly easy, as opposed to digging up with a stick but I bought this vac to make my life easier not harder - the whole point of the flap at the bottom of the cup is so that you dont have to really go near the dirt right?)...anyway - I called the company(which I had no prob getting through and not to answering system either, it was a real person)...and the woman told me that I should try wiping it out with a dryer sheet that its static electricity...well I did that and the same thing kept happening. The dirt that was stuck in the top of the cup was STUCK more than just static cling. Anyway I wasnt going to go through this everytime I vacuumed so I had to return it to the store. I cant believe that I am the only person who had this problem. Maybe people just leave the dirt stuck up there and dont bother to empty that each time??

    On another note...I cant see how this flap at the bottom is a good system. I thought it was bulky and cumbersome...I guess especially because the dirt just didnt fall out....but you have to hold the container higher while emptying because this flap is hanging down. its so much easier to just flip a container over to empty.

    There were things I liked about the vac....Long cord!!! It was the first upright I've owened that didnt tip over when using the hand tools...it didnt even threaten to tip...on bare floor while using the hand tools of course the whole unit pulled toward me but when the unit hit a little throw rug it stopped and I was able to stretch out the hand tools pretty darn far without this thing tipping. Thats impressive to me. I like the way the handtool wand stores in the handle, pretty cool. I also had no problem with the weight of the machine as far as regular vacuuming goes...I thought it was easy to push...its a heavy machine but not much heavier than other uprights and I think its design or proportions make it easy to manuever.

    So maybe I just got a defective machine?? Anyone else have this problem with the dirt sticking at top? Anyway the clouds of dust rising out of my garbage and the thought of having to dig the dirt out everytime made me pack it back up as best I could and return it to the store. ...more info
  • It can't be beat! I have been proven it's the best!
    Ok, first let me tell you I was extremly skepticle of this seemingly overpriced product that claimed to be the best vacuum you've ever owned. My husband and I have allergies and have 2 dogs that stay indoors. He had did research on the Dyson DC17 Animal and insisted this must be our next vacuum to purchase. I was floored when I saw the price tag, I laughed at thought what could this vacuum possibly do to convince me to spend $550 + of my hard earned money on. Well, I admitted the vacuum we had was one of the top sellers at that time and I was not impressed on the hair and dust issues that plagued us. So off I went to take this vacuum for a test run at our local dealer. The salesman was very knowledgable and showed us how the product differs from others. He was honest about the returns and told us he has not seen this model come back yet. Believe it or not 15 minutes later we were carrying our new Dyson out the door. Now folks here comes the true reason why I am sharing this with you now. It REALLY is better than any vacuum product and the proof IS in the performance. I could spend a week vacuuming everyday and not come close to the Dyson in just 30 minutes of vacuuming. We took the first day vacuuming the whole house and had to empty the canister 3 times! My old one would go almost a week without needing it emptied. My allergies are so sensative my eyes would burn often, and walah, no burning itching and certainly no more pet hair on my work clothes. I am a manager of a hotel and I have gone through 7 vacumm cleaners of three different brands and none can compare! Yes it is a little awkward at first, know why? Because it's a whole new concept of vacuuming so it takes a little getting use. A 3 year old could figure it out with out help. My carpet looks better, seems to be fluffed and my family and I are feeling much better allergy wise, (disposable heppa filters go fly a kite it has you beat!). Not convinced yet then you must be dead and yes I'd spend another $550.00 at the drop of a hat!...more info
  • Not worth the price
    We have owned the Dyson DC17 Animal for about 14 months. We bought it based on reviews and recommendations. But it has been a disappointment and at times, a huge hassle. Its suction is no better than many other vacuums and it has a "feature" that is absolutely maddening. If we happen to catch something in the brush, it shuts down - which is a feature designed to keep the motor from burning out. But it's almost impossible to start it up again without taking it to a repair shop. It just happened again for the third time, so it's back to the repair shop again. Any other vacuum would allow you to just push a reset button and you would be back in business. But this vacuum just won't start the brush again, even when you follow the instructions on their website.

    I would NEVER buy this vacuum again, nor recommend it to anyone. There are better vacuums available at a lower price. Check out Consumer Reports vacuum ratings, where the Dyson is rated only average with many better vacuums, including ones with better suction....more info
  • Excellent on Pet Hair
    This product is great! I have a black labrador retriever and cream colored carpeting. This picked up the dog hair so well.. I didn't want to stop vacuuming. It was awesome. I would recommend it to friends and family in a heartbeat....more info
  • Great product, great service
    My wife and I are getting ready to move and have to put our house on the market. We have 3 long haired cats and shedding has always been an issue. We tolerated it with our standard vacuum but now that the house needs to be sold, we wanted something to go that extra step in helping us keep the floors and furniture as clean as possible of cat hair. We searched all over and found the price and options here to be the best. She works for a major department store and even with her employee discount the price was more than we would have to pay here. What we didn't know was that not only were we getting a great price, but the item shipped for free and was over-nighted! We expected a 5-7 day wait, which was fine by us, and were amazed and impressed to learn via tracking number our Dyson would be arriving the very next day.

    This is the second time I've ordered a high dollar item from Amazon (last was a Samsung DLP 61" HD-TV) and both times shipping was free and the item showed up only a day or two later. Thanks Amazon, keep up services like this and I will be back many times for my future purchases....more info
  • I Should Have Bought one Last Time!
    It all started out innocently enough, my wife suggested we needed a stick vacuum for our kitchen and hardwood floors, showing me a $22 corded model in a flyer. I came back with a cordless 14.4 volt vac (Dirt Devil extreme) costing 3 times as much, but we were pretty impressed with what it could do, except it only lasted 10 minutes on a charge.

    On a hunch, I tried it on our carpeted stairs, which I had vacuumed a few days previous, and this cordless stick vacuum picked up plenty more. This was my first mistake. Then I took a few passes in our bedroom with this thing, mistake number 2. It was picking up enough to make a nice swirling dust bunny in its see through bin.

    This began to bother me folks, in a nagging, something's wrong with this picture kind of way. If a cordless stick vacuum is out performing our old hoover, what else is still in our carpets, I thought, over and over, repeatedly again and again.

    So I turn to Amazon, and recall a brand my wife had mentioned a year ago or more. Dyson. Something about an English chap and a plugged vacuum. So I begin to read all of the testimonies of you people. Mistake number 3. The dyson pulling up crap like no tomorrow. Clean air. Happy pets. I looked at my carpets and began to get worried.

    Long story short, I picked up this model because it's got the new root3 technology and came with several accessories, plus I got a gift card from Target. I got it home and tried it out. My first impression was that it was quieter than my old vac, and lighter. As I moved it around, it hit me: this thing feels and sounds like a quality piece of machinery, and it actually pulls itself along making it easier to use. It picked up all the crap in my carpets the old one was missing, and the air did seem cleaner as well. I verified this with my movie projector on. With the lights off my projector used to show all kinds of airborne dust that my old vac did not reduce, but now I noticed about half as much dust. I'm pretty sure with continued use the dyson will improve this issue throughout my home.

    Yeah, the telescopic wand can be a bit unwieldy and you have to move the cord to use it, but honestly, to me those are quibbles, not deal breakers. I got curious and turned it over. I noticed it has a separate motor for the beater bar and how easy it was to access. You can actually take apart many parts of this vacuum to remove that pencil you sucked up and is blocking suction, for instance. This thing was engineered with the end user in mind.

    It is expensive, but with a 5 yr warranty and no bags or filters to buy plus a better product that keeps the home cleaner, it's more than worth it. I noticed that Consumer Reports rates Dyson's repair history, and they have the second highest rating when compared to all other upright brands. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Dyson....more info
  • Leery, Picky Mom is Duly Impressed!
    I purchased this vacuum with great expectations after reading all the reviews. I was leery due to the price, but let me say that it has been worth every penny! This thing is simply amazing. I have 2 dogs, a Lab and a Pomeranian, each with different types of hair. This gizmo has no problem sucking up my Labs coarse unyielding hair, or my Poms willowy, fly away type hair. Both types are equally hard to pick up with just your fingers or a lint brush! The DC17 sucked them both up with no problem. In fact, the first time I used it, I was made literally ill by the sheer volume this thing was able to pick up! After years of using average vacuums, a build up of pet hair and dander was living in my carpet. I had to empty the cannister halfway through my small living room, as it filled quickly with all the dog hair of days gone past. I had no idea we were living in such filth, and am thouroghly disgusted with myself for not buying one of these pricier models sooner. When I think about it, I probably could have saved money by buying this one first, as I've gone through a number of $100+ vacuums. This is one buying area I will never be afraid to pay premium pricing for again! I'm sold on Dyson!

    Sign me,
    Satisfied Pessimistic Tidy Consumer

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    I'm writing this review after using this vacuum for about 2-3 weeks, with about 10 rooms cleaned.

    --Great suction!! It's ridiculous how much it picks up even after vacuuming with our old vacuum.
    --Easy extension wand use.
    --Easy to maneuver, even without the ball.
    --Looks cool.
    --Even though it's heavy, the handle is located in a good spot so it doesn't feel THAT heavy.
    --A LOT quieter than our previous vacuum (old maroon bag Hoover)

    --Expensive, I got mine for $380ish and I still think it was a bit much.
    --Canister does kick up dust.
    --Stiff beater brush, does kinda pick at your carpet, but then maybe that's a good thing to get all the loose fibers up?
    --Unwind power cord to get to wand.

    After seeing what was left in my carpet from my old vacuum, I would most definitely buy again. I still can't believe everything that was in there.

    ...more info
  • Very happy with my Animal
    I was very leary to purchase this vacuum after reading some reviews and knowing the cost. As soon as I got it I was looking for everything to be bad ! I had vacuumed with my old vacuum, BEFORE I tried the Dyson. I was so surprised to see what was in the canister ! It was like I didn't even vacuum before trying the Dyson. So my vacuum was missing alot. And I vacuumed in the same exact spots. My husband even enjoys using it. The wand is great and has great suction. If I had to say anything negative it was just knowing what to do with everything when I first opened it. Once its all figured out, its a breeze. The vacuum is not heavy, which wouldn't be an issue for me anyways. With my Hoover, the filters are over $24.00 just for one, and with purchasing those for years I will save money with having the Dyson. And trying to clean one of those filters to be re-used is horrible, it is very messy and dusty. And the dusty filter is what makes the vacuum not have good suction, so it only made sense to buy a vac that doesn't need one of those filters. And my husband loved the fact about the 5 year warranty. I was one of those people who looked at this vacuum for years and wanted one, and I was also afraid. I don't have that kind of money to throw around on a vacuum, and the reviews made me afraid. Then I finally took the plunge after earning quite a few Amazon certificates. I am very happy with it and the suction is great !...more info
  • worth every penny
    best vacuum ever built. I tested its power by using our old vacuum and then using the dyson and I picked up what amounted to a small animal of fur in the dyson. Needless to say, we will never complain about the price of the dyson again....more info
  • Pretty good, but expensive
    In general, I've been happy. Spent a lot of money on this, and it works, but it could have been better with some design tweaks.

    - Good suction. I guess I was hoping for black hole level power, but for a vacuum, not bad. Certainly the best suction I've seen in a vacuum. Then again I don't spend my days seeking out vacuums by their suction power. It's too bad there's no unified standard of measuring vacuums so that you can choose based on sucking power.
    - Good retracting handle
    - Easy to empty dust/trash bin
    - Cool design. Keep it in the living room and have the neighbors over to gawk at it!
    - Mini rotary brush does OK job
    - Some users say the unit is heavy. I think it's fine.

    - Cost. Break out your gold AMEX for this one. Sell blood. It ain't cheap. No wonder Mr. Dyson's net worth is north of 1 billion pounds.
    - Main brush area always stays on the floor. If you clip the corner of a rug, with a normal vacuum you can tilt the base back until the brushes rise up off the ground. This model's pivot doesn't let you do that. Just more difficult to go over some obstacles or clear carpets/rugs that get snagged.
    - No place to store animal attachment on the unit (the Hoover Claw model I had before allowed this)
    - Hook where you wrap the cord is small, and seems like it's ready to break off. Ideally I'd like a large solid hook where I can casually drape the cord if I want to, or if I choose, carefully wrap the cord back between the top and bottom anchor points.
    - Connection to the animal hair mini rotary brush accessory is marginal. You jam the hose into the brush and hope it stays. Seems like they took the brush from another Dyson model and didn't redesign the connector to properly work with this unit. There's no solid "click" like you get when connecting the hose to the extension arm.
    - Retractable cord would have been nice
    - Be careful if you dismantle the animal brush unit. There's a small foam gasket that can fall out. If you lose the gasket, you lose all suction power....more info
  • very dissappointed
    My husband bought me this vacuum based on rave reviews from two of my close friends. I was not convinced I would like it, having hated a previous bagless vacuum we owned, and having read reviews from Consumer Reports that did not speak highly of it, AND it having such a high price tag!

    Well, I was saddened that his very good intentions came to such disappointment. Because of the $600+ that he spent, the convincing words of my dear friends, and the fact that we had brand new carpet that I wanted to take very good care of, I WANTED to like it!

    Unfortunately, I have hated it since the first time I used it, over a year ago. I am about to return to a much cheaper model that I actually liked better, the one that this vacuum replaced. It just grates on me that I must now spend even more money on something else.

    Negatives: The very distinct pattern it leaves on the floor is annoying. The fact that my "cheap" vacuum actually cleaned up against the walls but this one does not is quite irritating. I hate the canister emptying process! It is so dusty! I'd much rather pull a vacuum cleaner bag out and place it directly into a trash bag. Then there is always dirt stuck in/around the holes in the filtration system. You must store all the attachments separately. I dislike the long wand because it is awkward on stairs. ***AND the very stiff bristles on the brush seem to be wearing out my new carpet very quickly. At first I thought it was just regular (though distressingly premature) wear but then I realized it was not just in the high traffic areas but rather all over the entire carpet. After reading more, I found that excessive carpet wearing can be an issue with this vacuum. Wish I had known!

    The only positive I can think of is that it is lighter and easier to push than my old twenty pound vacuum. But I'd still take the old one back in a heartbeat.
    ...more info
  • The BEST Thing to Happen To Cleaning!
    I bought the Dyson DC17 Animal Vaccum 2 weeks ago. I was blown away with how wonderful it is. I have 2 kids, a dog and a cat, and I try to keep the floor clean as much as I can. I vaccumed the day before I got this vaccum and as soon as I got the Dyson home, I vaccumed again. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I GOT OUT OF THE CARPET! I could not believe how dirty the carpet was even though I vaccumed the day before. Vaccuming is my least favorite chore, but I find myself wanting to vaccum now. It comes with amazing attachments and carpet care kit. I would DEFINITELY recommend this product. My carpet has never been cleaner and looked nicer since we had it brand new!...more info
  • Not Worth the money.
    I've researched and read so many positive reviews before I bought this Dyson DC Animal 17.
    Yes it sucked very well and I was very happy for first 3 months or so.

    Well then the problem started.
    It stopped sucking. It does suck but not as much as it should. I used to see dust flying in the cylinder and that's how powerful it was and it should be but not anymore. We cleaned the filter and did everything what Dyson web site tells.
    Unfortunately we don't have Dyson dealer near by and whatever we did didn't fix the problem. I am a clean freak but I take care appliances very well. I am very disappointed about this performance. I emailed Customer Service but I hear nothing from them.
    I'm planning to call them and hopefully they will help me and fix this problem I have with DC animal 17. We used to have year-round shedding Dalmatian and the vacuum sucked all the hair from the carpet and I was very happy. However this vacuum is just sitting in the closet now since it's not working and sadly our old, old vacuum works much better than this DYSON.
    Now I get so upset whenever I see Dyson commercial and that inventor Dyson guy! It's not worth to pay that much amount for this kind of performance. It doesn't last long! The vacuum should last at least 3 to 4 years not 3 months!
    I'm very frustrated! I need money back. I would never buy DYSON! Besides NBC morning show didn't even mention about Dyson when they had vacuum comparison which works the best and worth to pay the price and etc.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic if you have pets
    I never write reviews, but I just had to write one for this product. It's amazing! We have two dogs, and normally we use the Roomba regularly in addition to our standard vacuum. The Dyson DC17 Animal is replacing our standard vacuum now - not only does it pick up everything off the floor, the room smells fresher every time!
    One note: the mini turbine head doesn't "snap" in, even though it looks like it should. Dyson does need to provide better instructions. However, that's really the only drawback to the product experience.

    ...more info
  • Incredible Product
    I bought the Dyson DC17 Animal for my cleaning crew to use in this house with two cats. Both women -- who work as a team -- can't stop talking about it. They have been in the business for almost 30 years and use whatever vacuum the household has on hand... which means they've worked with about every vacuum-cleaner brand name there is.

    Mine was their first experience with a Dyson, which I bought in June 2007, and they continue to be amazed at how much cat hair and other debris it picks up every time.

    My cleaning crew now claim that I have spoiled them: they get depressed when working at other households without a Dyson!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!
    I purchased my Dyson Animal DC17 in September 2007 and I am so happy I did!! I have two dogs, I do foster care for a dog rescue and I never felt like my vacuum could stand up to the dog hair in the house. A friend let me borrow her Dyson and I went right out and bought one after using it. I've had a Hoover Windtunnel for years, but out with the old and in with the new! Some reviewers say the Dyson heavy, but it's not any heavier than any other vacuum I've used. Here's why I LOVE my Dyson:

    1. The x-tra long cord allows me to do my entire house without ever having to walk back to a room to unplug it and plug it in another room. That's a real time saver.

    2. The beater brush is self-adjusting to the carpet heighth or bare floors, no messing with a dial or lever to raise and lower that everytime you go to a new room. Another time saver.

    3. I don't have to unhook the hose from the machine and put together the wand to attach to the hose, I just pull out the wand, attach one of the two attachments I need that are right on the machine and go. Another time saver. Some people put in their reviews they don't care for the length of the wand, that it's awkward to use and inconvenient to pull it apart and put it back together to use a shorter section, but I like the longer wand, it saves my back, I don't have to bend over so much anymore!

    4. Since I purchased such an expensive piece of machinery I treat it as such and therefore I expect it will last longer! AND I vacuum slower with it so I don't bang into anything and slow is the best way to vacuum, so that's a good thing!

    5. I don't have to keep buying vacuum cleaner bags. Having so many dogs in the house, I would have to change bags often, dog hair fills bags up quickly. So even though I spent extra money on my Dyson, I'm not buying bags anymore!

    6. If I suck up something by accident, I just open the bottom of the cannister over some newspaper and find it very easily. I didn't know an earring had rolled under a piece of furniture and my Dyson found it for me!

    7. But the No. 1 BEST reason is - it's got the best suction I've ever seen. I LOVE watching the cannister fill up with what it's pulling out of my carpet. I think it's still sucking up years of dirt left behind by my old Windtunnel.

    The beater brush doesn't have a good edge cleaner, but I always use the wand around the baseboards anyway, so that wasn't an issue for me. The one important thing I want to point out is, after you empty the cannister (which I just do right over the kitchen trash can, you don't have to do it outside as one reviewer wrote) if, when attaching it back to the machine, you don't hear that definitive "click" that means it's locked back in place, the vacuum will not work as effectively. The third time I used it, I wondered why it wasn't working so well - I had to keep running the vacuum over the same areas. I tried to see if the filter was clogged and when I put my hand on the cannister it gently "clicked" into place. When I started the machine up again, it was now working at it's full capacity again. So if someone says it "stopped" working well for some reason, maybe they should have checked to be sure everything was securely in place first. Also, the instructions DO state you should wash the filter every six months and I think that's important for it to continue working well. Hey, you maintain your car's filters, right?

    I'm thrilled with this machine and feel I've made a great purchase. My husband is sick of me running to him with the cannister after vacuuming a room showing him what a great job my new vacuum cleaner is still doing!
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this vacuum because we have a big, hairy, year-round shedding dog. The good points are: it's fairly light-weight; the self-propel feature is great, almost making vacuuming effortless; the long hand-held tube is also nice and reaches all the way to the top of my stairs without having to lug the whole machine. While the Dyson does an awesome job on carpets, it fails to reach the corners or along walls/cabinets. When you have pets, hair tends to settle in these places, and I have to constantly use the hand-held portion to reach these areas. We then adopted a cat. Here's where my frustration comes in: Dyson's POOR performance in picking up cat litter! It merely pushes it around my floor!! I resorted to using my cheap, old Dust Buster for the cat litter! VERY disappointing considering the price of the Dyson Animal....more info
  • The Animal
    My last vacuum was a Hoover Windtunnel. In two years the on/off switch broke, the self-propel stopped working and the brush attachment stopped spinning. Oh and did I mention it smelled.

    For my next vacuum I did a lot of debating. I have a boxer and am allergic to every pollen possible so lots of people recommended the Dyson. I was a little hesitant because of the price but figured I might as well try it and hope for the best.

    And the best it is! I read complaints about it being to heavy but did not think so at all. The handle is perfect to distribute the weight. I also read that it was rather loud. Now I think that a vacuum should have a certain level of noise, how else are you going to know its working right. In reality though it is not loud at all. Just a bit higher than a hairdryer.

    I live in California so sand is a constant pain. The Dyson seems to keep that under control better than anything I've ever had. And when it comes to dog hair...I don't see any!

    The directions are simple. The vacuum is super easy to use. And cleaning the canister is a breeze. Well worth every penny....more info
  • In one word - WOW!
    I compared the different versions of Dysons for months before deciding on the DC17 Animal. I would get excited to get a vacuum cleaner but when it showed up on my doorstep I tore into the box like a kid on Christmas day. The instructions on putting the Dyson together and using it are basically pictures and based on that I was able to get it put together quickly (it's easier than it looks really). However it would be better if they also provided text instructions to go along with the pictures.

    When I plugged it in and started moving it across my carpet I started seeing dirt, almost powder like in the container and I had only moved it a foot or so! I was amazed as I finished vacuuming my living room and saw the container continue to fill up. I thought my carpets were fairly clean. I always vaccumed the house at least 2 times a week with a Fantom but the Dyson showed me while my carpets might look clean, they were anything but. It was gross to actually see how much dirt, pollen and whatever else it picked up had been ground down in my carpet for no telling how long.

    I have used all the attachements and found all of them to be really useful. Since I have 2 cats and a dog the small turbine is great for my furniture and gets up most off the pet hair. One of the other attachment has been perfect when needing I need to get under the couch, bed, etc. And of course the telescopic wand provides gets the baseboards and all those other hard to reach areas.

    Bottom line is every time I vacuum my carpet looks brand new and I am always amazed at what it picks up each and every week! The only "con" in my opinion would be the price. I used my Amazon credit credit card to pay for everything for a year (yes, I paid it off each month) and accrued enough gift certificates to get my Dyson for free! If it wasn't for that I may still be sitting around debating about getting one. At any rate you will not be disappointed with this Dyson!...more info
  • Unbelievably wonderful
    I was a little leary to buy a rebuilt item. I happened to receive the vac the day my cleaning lady was here and used it after she left. I couldn't believe my eyes! We have a golden retriever, that we love dearly, but sheds terribly. I got almost a full cannister full of hair with the Dyson. I would highly recommend this vac to anyone with a dog or cat. It is amazing....more info
  • very nice piece of equipment
    After being married for 18 years and having four kids,two cats, and one large dog, I have been through 6-7 vacuum cleaners. I finally decided to buy one of a decent quality. I am incredibly cheap so I was hesitant in spending this kind of money but I had a gift certificate given to me for amazon. One year ago I made the mistake of getting red carpet throughout my house. I soon realized that with two cats, one hairy dog, and four kids I would have to vaccuum everyday to keep my carpets looking decent. After getting my dyson something strange happened! I didn't need to vaccum for a whole week! I think it was because the suction is so good. I also love the attachments! It was a little hard to figure out at first. The beauty of the attachments is that a pole comes out of the handle and a second handle is on this pole which allows you to use your crevice tool and small flat attachment without bending at all! Another wonderful thing is that this pole for the attachments is connected to a hose that will stretch up an entire flight of stairs so you don't have to balance the vaccuum on the stairs while vacuuming. I agree though some of the plastic on it does seem flimsy and I certainly hope that it all lasts considering the price I paid. It is slightly larger than other vaccuums but it is not too heavy to push or carry up the stairs....more info
  • I love it.
    I had wanted a Dyson forever! Finally my old vacuum bit the dust and I was justified in purchasing a new one. I frequent a store that carries 20% off coupons, so I received a substantial amount off my dyson. I brought it home and was excited to see it had lived up to all my expectations. The only thing I can find to complain about is it won't go under low furniture. That's it, that's the only thing. Anyway, I would definately buy it again and again and advise any of my friends and family to do the same. It's worth it!...more info
  • Does a great job but has it's short commings
    I purchased the Dyson DC Animal about a year ago because my wife was unhappy with a Kenmore Progress I had just bought her. The Kenmore is Consumer Report's best buy but in our house with 2 cats and dogs it is constantly clogging. Consumer Reports did not rate the Dyson very highly but I bought it anyway.
    Well, it is very powerful and it has never suffered a clog from pet hair. My wife loves it. It really does clean better than any other vacum we have owned. (We have owned 6 in the last 5 years.)
    But it has it's short commings. The owners manual that comes with it is worthless. I still have not figured out where all of the assessories are suppose to fit, or even it there is a place for them. The machine is bagless and easy to emply with a push of a button. But to really clean it you need an air compressor and dust mask. Getting all of the dust out of the multi chambers is a nightmare. The power cord is suppose to be wound behind the handle. So if you want to use the wand you must let out all of the cord. It's in convient to rewind the cord, so my wife almost never does. Worst part is that is pick up everything. That includes socks, ribbons and even carpet yarn. When this happens it jams the brushs and burns a flat spot on the belt. The flat spot makes the vacum sound like a tank just drove thur your front door. While replacing the belt is not too difficult, it is impossibe to find anyone who sells them. The only way I have been able to find replacement is on the web. The belts are not sold here at amazon, or sears, or home depot, or bed bath and beyond or any other local store that sell the vacum. In the year that we have had the machine I have had to replace the belt 4 times. Dyson is no help, the belt is not even available on thier website.
    So would I buy it again, yes, but have a back up machine to use while you wait for replacement belts. Or buy the belts a dozen at a time. ...more info
  • short and sweet
    i will make this short and sweet. i was a diehard fan of the dyson and purchased one within 6 months of them coming out several years ago. i just bought a hoover carpet steamvac to get some of the stains out. what did i end up sucking up? white styrofoam beads from almost a year ago that i assumed my dyson had picked up on the many times i have used it. apparently not, so now i am searching for a new vacuum....more info
  • Great suction but design needs work
    This vacuum does indeed have powerful suction. It made my carpets look new again and I love it for that, but I have to agree with other reviewers that the instruction manual was for the birds. I have never had a product come with so little helpful information, let alone a product with such a hefty price tag. However the biggest problem I have with my 2 Dysons are the hoses. The hose is so stiff and the spring inside is so tight that the tools are very hard to maneuver. Even my husband who is a pretty big guy has trouble handling that hose.
    I am currently looking for a small canister vac that I will be able to carry around with a hose that is easy to use. This does not make me too happy since I paid such a big price for these uprights. They've turned out to be even more expensive.
    Oh yeah! The cord situation is a pain. You have to completely remove it to perform absolutely all functions and it tangles easily....more info
  • Really?!?!?!??!!!!
    I have had this vacuum for over a year now. It was challenging to figure out how it worked, the odd way the attachments worked...but I was VERY optimistic.

    I guess that I HAD to be optmistic to pay nearly $600!!!!!! for a vacuum cleaner.

    So...how do I feel about this vacuum a year later?

    I feel like a sucker. I did buy into the marketing hype. I have animals and mostly hardwood house. Here is my list of cautions:
    * The suction is NOT as good as my traditional hoover was. I have to go over and over and over some spots to pick up small, lint specs, and such. EVEN after cleaning out all hoses, etc. (a MAJOR job, by the way)
    -No edge cleaning at all (I REALLY miss this a lot from my other vacuum_ There is a puny brush that does nothing positive
    * Attachments are really odd/not intuitive to use. Overly complicated hose/extender...multiple attachments...oy!
    * Poor suction in corners or against walls...you really need to be ON TOP of something to suck it up. I have not seen much evidence of this having MORE suction than my other vacuums I have owned. A large part of this is due to the fact that you have to ON top of what ever you want to vacuum.
    * Hardwood Floor setting very poor..I have to vacuum ALL my hardwood floors in the "carpet" mode. The brushes are definitely needed to suction up dirt and hair, etc.
    * Cord coils around attachment hose and bar. You HAVE to completely un roll the power cord in order to use the attachment hose and bar. This just is one of many things that are much more work than necessary.
    * The stairs attachment scratched my wood stairs when set on hard surfaces....just use everything on the carpet setting to be safe.

    What I do like (unfortunately has become features on many vacuums now):
    * no bags
    * easy to empty dirt canister...

    I SOOOOOO wanted to LOVE this vacuum (in spite of its looks)....but I am sooooo disappointed. ...more info
  • Got a Great Deal on a Great Vacuum!
    We waited several years and several vacuum cleaners on finally deciding to try Dyson, particularly the Animal. Expensive, yes, worth it, EVERY PENNEY! I did buy this from Sears as they have a great sale going on through the end of 2/19/08. Sorry Amazon, as much as I buy from you, I had to go elsewhere for this one.
    When I did pick this up last night the bottom housing underneath the cleaner was cracked and broken with pieces missing. It had to have been packed that way as there were no pieces in the box or bag. I took it back, got another with no questions asked and away I went. I was very pleased at what it picked up compared to my Eureka "The Boss". I always thought The Boss did a pretty good job until I went over the same area with the Animal and saw what it was picking up. There were no carpet fibers, just hair and dirt.

    I have to say in defense of Dyson that they do warn about picking up carpet fibers in their manual and what to do in case that happens.
    Here is what the manual states:

    (23) Consult your flooring manufacturer's recommended instructions before vacuuming and caring for your flooring, rugs, and carpets. Some carpets will fuzz if a rotating brushbar is used when vacuuming. If this happens, we recommend vacuuming in bare floors mode and consulting with your flooring manufacturer.

    With that being said I went upstairs where we retired our Hoover "Wind Tunnel" and vacuumed over that area, same results. The amount of hair and dirt it picked up made me realize what the other cleaners were not picking up.

    All in all this is a great vacuum and is well worth the money. Did I mention the 5 year warranty? Now let me see, which one of the afore mentioned vacuums besides my new Dyson have a five year warranty, hmmm........more info
  • To Tell the Truth
    I just bought a Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright to replace my aging Hoover. How could this cleaner have sucked up all that stuff right after I vacuumed with my old cleaner? I was alarmed to discover that a large amount of the "stuff" that was sucked into the Dyson dust canister was fibers from my carpet, rather than hair from my pets.

    I have several different carpets and rugs with different piles in my house. One after another I saw the color of the lint in my canister change as the carpet color changed. So, I took a closer look at the gunk........yes, there were dog and cat hairs (we have two pets that shed a bit)and dust particles but most of the "hair-like" stuff were fibers from my carpets!!! I have no doubt that all vacuums pull some carpet fibers, but it appears to be a matter of degree here.

    I tried another test by running the Dyson several times over the same small area of my carpet and then my tight-pile area rugs. The results? No more pet hair, but a lot of carpet fibers. I could actually see some fuzziness in the pattern edges on the tested tight-pile area rug. The red and brown fiber of the rug were clearly visible in the Dyson canister.

    In my circumstance it is not as much the suction that is scooping up all this material, rather it appears to be the coarseness (very stiff bristles) and high rotational speed of the Dyson beater brush. I believe it is pulling or scraping the surface of my carpet in excess to my previous vacuums. I am concerned it will hasten the wear on my carpet either by continuing to pull fibers and unwinding the spiral carpet threads.

    Then, I went online to check out a couple of carpet manufacturers and re-sellers' recommendations. I had to look no further than the first flooring contractor, who on their web page stated they did not recommend using Dyson vacuum cleaners.....

    Do your homework, call a trusted carpet retailer.........for me. The cleaner goes back!

    Since initially writing this review I have read other purchaser reviews stating similar observations about the Dyson. For all the positive reviews I have read on how this cleaner picks up where others have left behind, I would suggest taking a closer look at what this vacuum is really picking up.
    ...more info
  • Expensive but worth it
    The worst thing found with this vacuum was the price. I also wish it had a light and an edge cleaner. You expect these upgrades when your paying this kind of money. Another issue I found is that the hose extension for the accessories was abit stout, meaning it took some effort to get the hose to full workng legnth without dragging the vacuum along.
    Having gotten all the negatives out of the way first lets start with the positives. This vacuum has more suction power than you will ever need. It seems to never loose it either. One manufacturer claim that actually seems to be true. It will pull itsself across carpet. I questioned the price when doing research on vacuums. Our house is almost entirely laminate flooring and ceramic tile. A positive on the dyson is the easy to reach and operate button for turning off the rotating brush. I questioned how much better would it be than a good broom, to my surprise there was no comparison. I used the Dyson immediatly after using the broom and it picked up half a canister the broom missed. We have two large dogs a wolf hybrid and a lab both constantly shed. Our wolf sheds in big clumps which are no problem for the Dyson (they were for our old Hoover Wind Tunnel. It even cut down on dusting in the house.
    In closing I recommend this vacuum with no reservations to anyone who wants their hose cleaner than its possible with anyother vacuum. It is an investment that will pay for itsself in longevity and fewer carpet replacements due to dirty carpets (this thing will suck dirt out of the padding)! So as long as your willing to part with a few "C" notes to have the best look no further....more info
  • Dyson
    The ONLY way to get up black Lab hair. Works like a miracle! Worth every cent....more info
  • More than worth the price
    I mulled over this decision 3 months before I finally bought it. I just couldn't see paying that much for a vacuum. I finally bought it yesterday and can't stop vacuuming. Definitely pricy, but worth every penny. I can feel the house getting cleaner. The carpet looks, feels, and smells different. Much more fluffy. And for someone that HATES vacuuming, having a vacuum that makes you want to clean is priceless....more info
  • problem with replacement belts solved
    Once I gave up trying to use the attachments (hose too stiff, documentation incomprehensible), I fell in love with this machine because it cleans carpet like nothing I've ever owned, including two Kirby's. Then, alas, I ran over a shoelace and the belt broke. An Internet search revealed that replacement belts were not sold retail and that it was next to impossible to get Dyson to fork one over. I expected that I would be using my expensive vacuum cleaner, as one gentleman suggested, as a coatrack. Not so! I spoke with customer service at Dyson on 2/1 and received a newly designed roller and wider belt on 2/8, and I live in Alaska where sometimes the mail comes and sometimes.... The customer service representative couldn't have been more helpful. Whatever the problem was, Dyson seems to have solved it....more info
  • Durable n Excellent
    I have 1980 sq. feet of living space with carpeting - a husband that doesn't take his shoes off and three cats and two dogs running around my beige carpeting - Everday when I vacuum its like walking on freshly steamed carpeting that's just been installed and you broke it in flufiness! ITs just a great machine that never NEVER loooooses suction - completely easy to use and my parents own one too for the last 4 years and it still runs like they bought it yesterday - my main reason for getting one myself - totally worth the cost after the fact I went through 4 vacuums in one year it totally is worth the COST for me :)...more info
  • Awesome Product
    This vacuum meets all my high expectations. Have used it on varying floor types as well as the extendable wand attachments and have been extremely pleased. Somewhat pricey but well worth it. ...more info
  • I love the vacuum... but, where can you buy a replacement belt?
    I love the Dyson animal. But, where in the world, if a beater bar belt breaks, can you ever find a replacement belt.

    The company doesn't sell them... there are none on the internet. For what should be a top-of-the-line...super customer friendly company.. considering the price of this rolls-royce. you might as well throw it away, if you can't buy a belt.

    DYSON..if, you're listening...help please..!!!...more info
  • Awesome Power--Awkward attachments
    We purchased the Dyson this past Christmas. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. It seems to kind of drives itself. It isn't very loud and I like that. I feel like it cleans very deeply into the carpets. I have enjoyed the automatic pile height as I can roll from the bare floor right onto my rugs. I turn the brush off for the bare floors and it cleans them great. I was dissapointed in the way you are required to use the attachments. The turbo pet hair attachment works very well and I use it with the metal wand with the handle to clean my throw rugs in the bathroom. The thing that I have a problem with is if you want to use the handle on the wand along with the pet hair attachment, it is way too long to manuveur over your furniture. You can attach it straight to the hose but then it is awkard because there isn't a handle to grab. Also, the suction is so strong that it seems to draw up the flexible hose when you are using the attachments and you have to use two hands to pull out the tension. You have to completely unwrap the long cord before you can use the wand. Cleaning it out is a little bit of a chore. If you hold it over a large trash can and dump the bottom, then open the top and clean around it this gives the best results. Overall, I love it. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the under the bed attachment. If I could make suggestions to the company this is what I would say: Make the attachments easier to use or make the metal wand with the handle shorter with a telescoping extension. Give it a retractable cord. Make it thinner on the front and give it a better baseboard or edge suction. Include better instructions (this was a joke). A headlight would be nice. Include the dusting brush with the attachments. I am anxious to see if the suction lasts after I've had it for a few years. TIP---go to Linens n things or Bed Bath and Beyond and get a store employee to write down the price using their 20% off coupon. Then go to Lowes and show this to them. They will give you a price match plus 10%. This is unbelievable but I paid $380.00 for mine by doing this. This was less than the old ugly yellow model. ...more info
  • Some good...some bad
    Let me start by saying that my current vacuum is a bagless Hoover Windtunnel, and it's about 7-8 years old. I was looking for a replacement vacuum because the Hoover is a bit heavy to move around, and I hate having to clean the filter when I empty the dirt cup.

    I was initially looking at getting a bagged vacuum to avoid the dirt cup/filter issue, but the overwhelming positive reviews of the DC17 got me to think about getting one, even with the $550 price tag. I finally bit the bullet with a 20% off coupon and brought one home. Unpacking and setting up was quick and painless, and I was vacuuming in no time.

    After reading the reviews of this vacuum I really expected to see a big difference in the results, but it worked about as well as my Hoover at getting dirt out of the carpet. As I continued to work around the house I found some things I liked about the Dyson, and some things I did not.

    The Positives
    -It is definitely easier to push and move around than my Hoover, and it is quieter as well.
    -Emptying the dirt cup is SO MUCH nicer. I love just popping the button and dumping the dirt out into the garbage. Compared to all the dust that gets spilled when emptying the Hoover's dirt cup, this was a great design.
    -I like that in the upright position, the brush roller stops, and all suction goes to the handle.
    -The automatic carpet height adjustment was nice as well. No more stopping and bending over the machine to raise/lower the vacuum height.

    The Negatives
    -A lot of what ended up in the dirt cup was carpet fibers. Maybe we have cheap carpet, but I assume the more I vacuum, the more carpet will end up in the dirt cup. A lot of fibers got stuck in the beater bar as well. Those bristles are STIFF! I wonder if some damage is done to the carpet by using this?
    -It seems to me that the compromise of not having a filter is that you need to empty the cup more often. And the claims that the vac does not lose suction is false. I definitely noticed a lack of suction when the cup was not yet at the "Full" mark. Given the fact that it's very easy to empty the cup it was not a huge deal, but I would rather not have to stop vacuuming several times to empty the cup each time I vacuum the house.
    -I did not like using the powered hand tool. It is very bulky and although it has nice power and suction, it was tricky to move it when cleaning the couch. The Hoover hand tool is not as powerful, but smaller and easier to handle.
    -Vacuuming the stairs was very awkward with the wand and powered hand tool.

    The Final Verdict
    I ended up returning the Dyson to the store and staying with the Hoover. I would bet the more I used the Dyson I would get used to things like the hand tool and other attachments, but given the price tag it was not enough to warrant keeping the machine. It's a nice vacuum cleaner, but just not the "super machine" I had come to expect from reading so many good reviews. Perhaps my expectations were too high....more info
  • Lovin' it!
    OK, so I didn't want to be caught up in the hype of the Dyson, but....
    Before I purchased I did my homework - I knew I wanted a bagless vacuum. I have a large black lab that stays inside and sheds enough to make another dog. I also have asthma and have really been suffering lately and am on daily meds.

    After reading Consumer Reports, the review for the Kenmore Direct Drive was glowing, and about $200 less than the Dyson. From what I gathered on teh Dyson review, they rated it lower because of the cost.

    So, on to Sears I went to try them out. I was not impressed with the Kenmore, it was akward to empty and just did not seem very well made. I then tried the Dyson. The quality of the product was evident immediatly, but $550 seemed like an awful lot- until you factor in the cost of replacement filters for the Kenmore: it has 2 filters, one of which costs $20 (I don't know what the second one costs). The Dyson's filter is washable (reusable). The Kenmore also came with a 1 year manufacture warranty with the option to purchase additional coverage. Dyson comes with a 5 year warranty. I should also mention- in testing the Kenmore, the handheld power tool (with the beater bar in it) broke when it was accidently dropped from less than 12" from the floor. In addition, the power tool was flat, no angle, so attached to the bar, you had to have enough room for the long tube to move, Dyson's is on a 45 degree angle, much better to manage. The Dyson is self propelled, the Kenmore was not.

    So I settled on the Dyson, got it at Linen's and Things. It replaced my 7 year old Hoover Wind Tunnel.

    I vacuumed my floors with the Hoover first (which has been a very reliable vacuum, but uses bags and filters). I vacuumed a second time with the Dyson Animal. OMG! I could not believe how much teh Dyson picked up! I filled the canister of the Dyson AFTER using the Hoover! So, what does this mean?
    Picked up dirt teh other vacuum left behind.
    Very easy to push and manuver (self- propelled)
    Quieter than most
    Tools were easy to use and most are on-board
    Has power tool for vacuuming the dog hair off the sofa
    Easy to empty (I empty it in our "outside" trash b/c I know the dust can be an issue)
    Little to no assembly required (put the tools on)

    Made a mess of a snag in my carpet (but this tells you how powerful it is- the Hoover has gone over the same snag for years!)
    Emptying can be dusty if you want ot empty inside

    After I have had it for a while, I will update this review.
    By all means I recomend this vacuum!...more info
  • clogs
    I thought I had found my issue with the hepa filter, but I continued to have problems. I have since taken the entire top canister apart to find a whole lot of carpet shag and pet hair clogging the cyclone chambers. My impression on this vacuum is way lower after the trouble I had taking it apart and cleaning it. I had to buy a bunch of odd ball tools and spent 2 hours removing debris. I now believe this to be a bad design for a vacuum and would not recommend it....more info
  • It really isn't hype... this thing WORKS!
    First off I have to admit I didn't buy this thru Amazon... my Hoover Windtunnel had broken (again!) and I needed it too quickly to wait even a couple of days to have one delivered. I live with a 75 pound Golden Retreiver who sheds heavily and things get out of control fast. Besides I wasn't sure this was the model I wanted and didn't want to go through the return process if it didn't work out. I shouldn't have worried... this machine is amazing!

    The first thing I cleaned was the 8x10 rug in my family room. I had just vacuumed the rug with the Hoover two days before but this machine got out hair from between the fibers and sucked up dust that was buried deep in the weave! The bottom layer in the container was mostly dog hair but on top of that was a fine gray powder. That rug gets moved and the tile under it cleaned on a regular basis so the dust had to be inside the woven fibers of the carpet. There was enough 'stuff' in the container to fill a bag from my Hoover and I think I could have knitted a new dog with all the hair that got sucked up by the Dyson!

    Most of my house has tile or wood floors but every carpet I ran this machine over gave up stuff that had apparently lodged itself in there for the duration. On tile it sucks dog hair several inches from the head into the machine! The house immediately smelled cleaner... and it was clean, or so I thought, in the first place. I've noticed that I can go a day or so longer between dustings since I got this machine too. Probably a result of less dust being in the carpets after vacuuming.

    True, the machine is mostly plastic but so were almost all the vaccum cleaners I've owned and none of them suffered broken parts after multiple years of use. The canister is really easy to remove and empty although you might have to give it a wiggle to dislodge clumps of dog hair. You don't have to touch it to close it up again either- just set it down gently on the floor and pick it up again. The cord does have to be off the machine in order to use the wand but chances are it's going to be off anyway... how much cleaning do you do with the cord wrapped on the machine anyway?

    I've heard about problems with sharp edges on the machine cutting material on furniture. If you don't bang your furniture with the machine by shoving it too far under you won't have any problems. I can't find any sharp edges on my machine anyway.

    The machine is easy to take apart to clean. Someone whose name won't be mentioned here decided to try and vaccum up a spot where the dog had gotten sick and coated the insides of the machine with dog barf. The parts came apart with just a quarter as a tool and were very easy to clean. It's as good as new but Dyson privledges were still revoked!

    The machine seems to pull itself along with the beater brush on but it's surprisingly easy to pull back as well. I like the fact that I can turn off the brush so it won't scratch delicate floors or pull carpet fringes. It's nice to not have to adjust the height for different floor types as well but I've noticed the brush head bounces sometimes when pulling it back over the edge of an area rug. A minor irritant.

    This machine is basically the same as the DC17 Asthma+Allergy except this one comes with some different attachements and it's purple instead of blue. If you need the mini turbine and low reach tool instead of the soft brush and mattress tool it's a good deal; if not get the other model and save $50. Most extra tools don't store onboard though so keep that in mind - they need a home of their own for storage.

    The instructions for this machine flat out suck! You won't need an engineering degree to assemble it but it may seem like it at first. You have to attach the hose to the wand and then attach that combo to the machine. The picture directions DO NOT help and it doesn't fit together like you think it should.

    Here's how to do it: The wand/handle is packed seperately - pull the metal wand out of the plastic handle by grabbing onto the red part and pulling it straight out. The red part is where you connect the attachments so the hose attachment is on the other end. Attach the hose to that side and then push the wand back down into the hose. As you do this the assembly will be brought closer and closer to the machine... now just slip the assembly into it's slot and click it back into the base. Now wasn't that easy? Not if you follow their instructions!

    To use the wand just grab the red part and gently pull straight up. There is nothing to click or release. When you're done slip the wand back inside the hose and click it back into place on the machine. Simple... if you know how!

    There is no release lever for the vacuum head either - to use the vacuum you step gently on the indented section at the front corner of the machine and gently pull back on the handle to release it.

    All the plastic parts seem to be high quality. If you don't manhandle this machine I can see it lasting for years... get a little rough or handle it carelessly and you'll be buying some expensive parts quickly. This means adolescents, angry teenagers who don't want to vaccum for you and people who think dog barf is vaccumable probably shouldn't be using a $500+ machine unsupervised! Common sense will keep you from damaging it.

    I never thought I'd be happy about spending this much money on a vaccum but I'd buy another one tomorrow! I've had a Kirby, an Electrolux, a Hoover, a Dirt Devil AND a Roomba (which I still love for different reasons) but this is by far the best machine I've owned. If you get one I hope you'll love it as much as I love mine!

    ...more info
  • So worth it!
    I decided to bite the bullet and spent almost $500 for this machine. I am so blown away by the performance. I vacuumed all the rooms the very first day. I was amazed as was my family by the fresh smell of the rooms when I was done. Yes, it really does pick up!
    Considering the fact that I hate to vacuum, I have a new hobby!
    Love it.
    ...more info
  • Self Propelled Suction!
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record after reading the other reviews, this vacuum really, really works. I know its pricey (I am very frugal) but I figure the savings will kick in when I dont have to replace it every two years. I have owned lots of vacumms and FINALLY I have one that does the job!

    I live in an old house with plaster walls and the dust is never ending. Add to that 2 long haired dogs, a cat, and the fact that I have better things to do than clean house, and you have an idea of the kind of vacuum I need.

    I purchased the DC 17 Absolute Animal today after months of extensive research, reading reviews and drooling over it. I was nervous after spending so much money on a vacuum but when I got it home I was not disappointed in the least. It comes with so many extra attachments and the zorb powder and a spray etc...that I felt I got a really complete package for my money.

    The instructions seemed TOO simple as I was used to textbook manuals with appliances but the little illustrated folding card was truly adequate because all you have to do is attach the wand and plug it in. It also comes with a booklet showing everything in simple, easy to understand pictures.

    Suction? You want suction? You got it! The air flow is so strong it feels like those self propelled vacumms (yea, I had one of those too) as it glides effortlessly, almost by itself, picking up stuff you never knew was living in your carpet. I use those carpet fresh powders because the old vacuum was so smelly and the Dyson canister was full of it even thou I havent used powder in weeks. Now thats suction!

    The wand is long enough to reach the corners of my high ceilings and easy to use since it is attached. I do not enjoy cleaning but this made it a joy and I havent even tried the other attachments yet. It even leaves those lines in the carpet, the ones I like to see after I mow the lawn. Animal? Its a work horse alright and I'm getting ready to put my other duct taped, waste of money vacuum out to pasture.

    ...more info
  • Drywall dust not an issue
    My input is following 3.5 years of service in a pretty strenuous household. I've got 2 dogs and 2 cats which is why I purchased it, and I have no regrets. The latest brag I have on the product is how it handles my clean up of my interior home improvement projects. I recently skim coated my hallway and sanded it smooth. After I picked up the drop cloths, I had deep piles of drywall dust along the edges. This Dyson didn't loose suction during this clean-up which captured about 3 inches of drywall in the canister before I emptied it (3 times). After the project was done, I blew out the hose and vacume chamber with compressed air and the DC17 looks in great shape. If Dyson would make a shop vacume, I would seriously consider buying it. ...more info
  • I love dyson... just not this one
    My complaint is that you have to use to much force to empty the canister. It takes everything I have to get it to open. The old style dyson had a nice triger you pulled and it opened up. I am on my second one because when I called dyson after using this for 2 weeks we couldn't get the thing to open. They wouldn't send me a new canister part they told me to take the whole thing back to the store. I asked why they woulnd't and they made it as to that I didn't know how to follow directions and that I was to stupid to push the button. So I took it back to the store... and after 2 months I am in the same place again. So now I have to get my hands dirty each time I empty the stupid thing. I wish I would of stayed with the older style.

    Second complaint is that using the attachements is very hard... if I am trying to get anything close it is hard to hold the handle and is aqward.

    Besides those two complaints it does an excellent job of getting the dirt up... just who wants to get their hands all dirty when they are cleaning it? ...more info
    Dyson did for Vacuum Cleaners what Toyota did for the Auto Industry years ago. He is the Rock Star of Vacuum Engineers. I owned the DC14 and was totally impressed. Now I have the DC17 and I'm blown away. It's even better at getting out dirt. It also does take out more fuzzy carpet fibers but so far doesn't seem a problem. Maybe that's just what older carpets do--shed.The carpet looks as close to it's original state as I've seen it in years. Since it is a heavier vaccuum, I also bought the DC18 SLIM for stairs and upstairs. Very fun to use. I refer to my new duo as Beauty and the Beast. It's a perfect combo. The DC18 SLIM is highly manueverable and lighter and the other is powerful. Both are the most user friendly vaccuums I've owned. I read most of these on line reviews before I decided. I also subscribe to Consumer Reports online but I didn't even bother to refer to it because I'd rather hear it from those who actually own them. We have each other, we almost don't need Consumer Reports. I especially liked the review of the DC18 Slim by the guy who was horrified at the cloud of dust mites visible thru the streaming sunlight when he pulled back his bedroom curtains in the morning. Made me laugh. Can't we all relate? He went on to say that the DC18 Slim took care of that problem for good. That alone made me want to buy it immediately. I recommend buying both the DC17 and 18 if you can. If not get one this year and the other next year, or if there's only room for one vacuum in your heart and hall closet, chose based on size of your place and traffic plus pet hair etc. If you have a small place, low traffic and hairless pets the SLIM is the one for you. HAPPY VACUUMING!...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!
    This thing is Great!! I was a bit nervous after buying this Vacuum due to its ridiculously high price (got it at linen and things for $549.99 minus 20% off coupon, sorry amazon) Once I got it home I was extremely happy with my purchase. The dust and pet hair that came up from my supposedly just vacuumed carpets was crazy. You wont be disappointed and will breath easy in your home....more info
  • Best vacuum cleaner ever!
    Worth the price and all the hype! Does exactly what it says it's going to do. I can vacuum my carpet two or three times in one day and it still sucks up more dirt and pet hair. ...more info
  • I love it
    I've always used a Hoover, but it broke down again; it needed a drive belt, what a pain, third time this year. That's the one I can't change by myself and my husband wasn't home. I always had to take it to the Hoover service store, ugh. So I checked Sunday's newspaper for the ads to see what the sale price was for a Dyson. Then I checked with Amazon ( my favorite store) and it was so much cheaper and free shipping too! I was sold. Since we have two long-haired cats, I got the animal one and it is easy to use and gets the job done better than my Hoover. I have wall to wall carpeting and some area rugs around. The Dyson goes easily over the scatter rugs and I love that the hose attachment is easy and handy to use. It did take a while for me to learn how to release the hose, turn the vacuum on and empty the canister but after I mastered it and it works easily. It arrived a day earlier than promised and I was able to finish my house cleaning better than ever....more info
  • Beats other dyson models
    I received DC14 full kit as a wedding gift, it worked pretty well but I was somewhat disappointed after hearing all the dyson hype. My old vac is a hoover from the late 70's which is a real beast, it is extremely loud and you have to change the bags frequently but I felt it had more suction power than any 'modern' vac I had tried, including the DC14 and the DC15 which my parents have.

    After reading the reviews here I decided to give the DC17 a shot, since several people claimed that the new level 3 root technology actually made a difference, and I am glad I did. This model puts the older ones to shame, I assembled it at my parents house and vacuumed over a rug that had just been done with their DC15 a few days before and got a full can of fine particle dust.

    Also when you put the turbine attachment on you can physically see and hear that is is propelled much faster by the DC17 than the DC15. The turbine attachment is louder when connected to the DC17 due to the increased velocity; however, the actual noise from the units motor is noticeably quieter than the other models.

    While all of the Dyson vacuums are good, this one really lives up to the hype, and it is the only model I think justifies the price tag.
    ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum!
    I just used this vacuum for the first time and it's simply amazing! I had no idea all *that* was in my carpet! After vacuuming one room, I had to empty the canister. Simply incredible!

    It was fairly easy to assemble, but like other reviewers have mentioned, the instruction manual leaves something to be desired. It wasn't very informative on everyday use, such as what each attachment does. I had to look at all the other pamphlets and little booklets that came with the vacuum in order to figure out what to do with the many attachments. You'd think that would be in the manual, but not so.

    I'm grateful for the 5-year warranty as well. I hope I will never need to use it, but it's good to know it's there if I do....more info
  • Tough to clear clogs
    Its' suction is comparable to my shop vac but due to right angles at the base of the unit it clogs easily and re-installing the pieces after clearing the clog is fusstrating to say the least. A couple of times I wanted to tale my sledge hammer to it. I can fix almost anything but the engineers were on brake when developed the bottom suct. tubing. I would not purchase another one but give it to the marketing wizards, they could sale a glass of water to a drowning person. Hopefully the newer ones will have a larger diameter piping and less angle degree on the bottom piping. I should of listened to cons. reports instead of my relatives and Mr. Dyson. As I read in another review you are on your own once you have taken it apart to clear an obstruction. In retrospect we do own four labs, maybe it's too much hair for the Dyson to handle. Just remember this is not a shop vac so be cautious when suctioning large debri or dog hair. F. Batch...more info
  • Worth the money so far
    The sad thing is, I don't even have carpet. But I do have a German Shepherd, and after spending half an hour one glorious Sunday morning unclogging my old vacuum, I decided to bite the bullet and order this...but not from Amazon. There are deals out there. So far, I have been nothing but thrilled. It sucks up all the hair and everything off every surface I have tried it on. It is a good thing it came with the little turbine head, because it also sucks up the smaller rugs...my rugs are mostly thin and crappy however. I love the hose, the hose is my new best friend. The vacuum is heavy, but I have not yet had to actually carry it anywhere, and it rolls just fine...and thanks to the fabulous hose, I can clean my stairs without finding out in the worst way just how heavy the vacuum is. The tools provided with this thing are great. That stair tool, that's my other new best friend. But for sheer satisfaction, there's nothing that beats just unholstering that hose and aiming it at a dustbunny--poof! The bin is really easy to empty and not too messy, which is good, because with all the stuff this vacuum sucks up, you'll be emptying the bin pretty frequently. There are only two annoying things so far about this vacuum for me..number one, you have to uncoil the entire cord to unholster the hose. number two, all those fabulous attachments don't actually have a home on the vacuum. Both of these I consider more than worth living with. This thing is my new favorite toy, and the only reason I don't give it five stars is I haven't had it that long, and if it does break I am going to cry, big time....more info
  • Very good so far
    We have two dogs, and we aren't very good about vacuuming every day (once a week is about the best we can do). We had a succession of cheap bagless vacuums that clogged up or fell apart. About a month ago I was trying to vacuum my daughter's bedroom carpet with yet another vacuum that wouldn't suck and I just lost it. My husband and I hated to spend $500 on a vacuum cleaner, but spending $100 at a time on vacuums that didn't work wasn't getting us anywhere. We used the 20 percent off coupon that came in the newspaper to get a Dyson at a retail chain that specializes in products for the bed and bath, and so far, it has been great. It really gets the carpets clean, and there isn't a lot of dust in the air. My husband has asthma and is usually bothered by the dust stirred up by vacuuming, but this one has been fine. It does smell like burning rubber after we use it, which is one of the reasons I only gave it four stars; the other reason is that it is pretty heavy and a pain to lug upstairs, but I guess that's how it has to be for a vacuum with enough power. I hope the burning-rubber smell is because it is new and not a sign that there is a problem....more info
  • Five stars for customer service!
    About a year ago, we bought this model. I was really wary about spending a whopping $500+ on a vacuum, but my husband insisted this was a well-engineered machine (he's an engineer with experience in hands-on product prototyping and testing for mission critical applications). It's worked really great, but I was expected a 2 year lifespan like my Eurekas of days gone by.

    Well, yesterday the little latch broke that holds the cyclone and the clear cover together. I called the toll-free number that they STICKERED to the front of the vacuum (yep, the factory put a toll free support phone number on the front of the vacuum!). I told the lady what the problem was, she looked up my warranty registration (we registered online when we bought the vacuum), and she informed me that we needed a new cyclone in order to replace that little latch. I was thinking, "How much is this going to cost me?" She then proceeds to tell me that it will arrive in about 5 days. I'm like, "What, no charge?" She says, "Nope. No charge."

    Then, she goes on to say that the belts on this model were breaking too easily, and the company was not happy with the performance of the brush; so, they redesigned them. She's including a new belt and brush in my package. STILL NO CHARGES WHATSOEVER -- NOT EVEN A SHIPPING CHARGE!!!

    Three cheers for Dyson!...more info
  • Really bad design
    I bought this vacuum because so many were raving about the design of previous models and the brand. And I have a German Shepard. It has a number of design "features" that make it really difficult to use.

    First the positive. I like the purple color.

    The things I find to be design flaws...

    First... could it be any heavier? I laughed at the diagrams in the instruction manual telling you not to locate the vacuum at the top of the stairs as you could pull it down on you. Well... if the hose won't reach the length of the stairs, how else do you do the upper and middle upper stairs? With another vacuum?

    The accessory hose has such tight accordion action that you absolutely will not need to go to the gym for a bi or tri workout if you attempt to clean anything with it. The hose is effectively too short for most of the tasks you'd want it which means you'll struggle pulling and pulling to stretch it while you're cleaning. Including the stairs. Personally, I'd rather be at the gym than straining my muscles fighting my vacuum cleaner.

    In some reviews people complain about the cost of vacuum cleaner bags - I can assure you I'm bigger in the hole just paying my housekeeper to carry this tank around. One reviewer commented she had an upstairs model and a downstairs model. Now that I have one I know it's because it's sooo heavy you really wouldn't want to carry it up and down if you could find away around it.

    There is absolutely no edgecleaning with this unit. You will have at least a 1" strip around your baseboards that this vacuum doesn't have a prayer at reaching... Unless of course you take out some hand tools. Talk about adding to the work load.

    The bulbous design of the front end means it is impossible to slip the vacuum under your toe-kicks in the kitchen. Better get our your hand tool. Or more likely you'll give up like me and pull the swiffer out.

    Re the hand tools, this must have been designed by someone who doesn't vacuum at all. Who wants to have to disassemble half the vacuum to use a hand tool? Sometimes I want to just use the hand tool. Maybe plug the vacuum in nearby and do a little pick up. Well with this machine you have to un-attach the entire length of the power cord from the vacuum in order to get access to the hose. This is something you almost have to work with to realize what a cumbersome chore any little task is with this vacuum.

    The turbo accessory is usless. If you want to try it you'll need some aviation quality noise reduction head sets. It's Loud. And frankly, completely ineffective. What was Dyson thinking? Ditto on the wood floor tool. These tools also don't fit on the vacuum so be prepared to pack them in a backpack and tote them around with you so you can pull them out as needed. You're trying to spend more time and work at this so you can skip the gym right?

    Careful on wool! I used this vacuum on a very high quality wool carpet and it actually damaged the carpet by creating too much friction and pulling the wool out and creating a fuzzy mess.

    And my number one peev about this vacuum, I like to see my carpets clean - not clean with a superimposed rake pattern on them that the spacing from the brush makes. It doesn't matter if you push forward or pull backward, you can't go over your work and "erase" this. So be prepared for rugs that look like they were raked clean.

    And hey, if anyone still wants this. Call me. I'll make you a killer deal.
    No wait, I'll pay you to come get it. I would have taken mine back to the store but it too heavy and bulky to get back in the box....more info
  • Decent product
    I bought this sweeper a few months ago as a couple of friends had one and my old vacuum was giving out. I like it, but it isn't really that much better than the Bissell I had. I guess I gave into the hype of the name. I'm not saying it doesn't work well, because it does, but it doesn't pick up along the edge and if I turn off the beater brush for hardwood floors, it seems to leave items on the floor. If I turn the brush on, it throws things out the back. Otherwise, it's a good sweeper....more info
  • Wow!!! By far the best vacuum I've ever used!
    This product is amazing. I recently purchased a home, and since I would be a first time home owner I've been oogling this vacuum for a long time.

    First thing I was looking for was a vacuum that would clean up after my dog. I love him to death, but he is a big hairy beast of a Lab / Retriever mix. He sheds on command it seems. (Well he always sheds, but if you tell him to he's doing it!). At my previous home I'd used a hoover wind tunnel and was constantly fighting the battle of vacuuming the dog hair, and it seems that I always lost. I've since moved, and the dog is staying with family when I had an apartment. The vacuum moved with me, and while it cleaned up ok, it just seemed like it was on its last legs. It smelled like a dog when I vacuumed.

    When I finally purchased my home I took the plunge and bought this vacuum. Just tonight I unboxed it and was trying to figure out how to put it together. You just click 2 pieces together and its good to go. Thats impressive! This house was vacuumed before the sale of the house and it was very clean. After I got the boxes and all moved out I fired up the vacuum with about two swipes of around 6' or so and I immediately start seeing dust and carpet fiber piling up. Its as if they almost didn't vacuum at all! So far I've only vacuumed the living room, and I can already tell that its not necessary to even take the thing back.

    Being new to the vacuum I wanted to empty the container and I couldn't figure it out. So I hit the red button, and that dumped dirt / dust all over me. No problem, I've got a live demo for the wand. It sucked up all of that stuff like nobody's business.

    The wife hasn't had a chance to use it yet, and It was all my idea to buy it anyways! However I dont think that she is going to be too happy with how heavy it is. It seems like its going to be a bit heavy to lug upstairs. The vacuum is pretty loud, but I wouldn't expect it to be quiet being a vacuum cleaner in the first place.

    Bottom line. Its a very steep price. I've debated about this for months, maybe even longer than that. I've used it less than 20 minutes and I do not regret the purchase price. It is a bit heavy, but I wanted the most powerful model they had for the pet hair. ...more info
  • Animal alright
    If you want to know about this vacuum, just look at the reviews. 5 star reviews outnumber all other reviews almost 4 to 1. People are going to find things to complain about just because they like to. This vacuum rocks. We have 3 dogs, 2 labs and a coonhound, and there is always dog hair everywhere; this vacuum sucks it up you will be amazed at the amount of stuff your old vacuum left behind. We have had our vacuum for about a year and the only problem is one broken belt. My wife vacuums all the time just because she loves the vacuum so much. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This vacuum works wonders for upholstery. It picked up more hair, dirt and dust than I thought possible. ...more info
  • Wow
    I bought this about three weeks ago and am Very impressed. The first time I used it was after I had just shampooed and I was amazed at all the sand it was pulling out of the carpet. The mini turbine head is awesome and made my stairs look like new. The suction power on this is amazing. I do have a few complaints however.

    1. the wand tends to be a little awkward and does not reach as far as I'd hoped.
    2. it feels cheaply made... but it does have a 5 year warranty
    3. it is fairly heavy

    Overall I would give it 4.5 stars.
    ...more info
  • 11.4 lbs of Dirt!!
    I have been dying to get this vacuum for ages now, but my husband just wouldn't budge on the price. He said my Kenmore worked just fine, and he wasn't about to spend so much money on a vacuum. This morning I popped in on his mother and discovered that she bought the DC-17 and just loved it. I borrowed it and immediately started vacuuming. Hubby came home and freaked out, thinking I bought it, and couldn't believe that his very frugal (tighter than bark on a tree) mother actually did! Then he started to use it. When we were done, we pulled up 11.4 lbs of sand, dust and hair from the carpet. My living room is 35X14 and bedroom is 12x12, and that's all the carpet I have.

    You should also know that we live next to a lake, and I have 7 dogs, 2 teenage sons, and a husband (not sure who's worse). I am constantly vacuuming to keep up with everyone. My Kenmore just didn't suck!

    To seal the deal, I showed him my 20% off coupon from Kohl's and the flyer showing it on sale! As a side note, last January I canceled my Kohl's card because I never used it. Well, for reopening my account, I got an additional 10% off. This impressed the heck out of my mother-in-law and husband!

    Now, if there was only a dog brush attachment, I'd be in heaven. I'm a bit afraid of vacuuming any of the dogs with so much suction. I'll have to use the old Kenmore for that.

    ...more info
    I currently have a dc07 all floors. I am looking into getting either the Slim or the DC17 Absolute Animal. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE FAST!!!...more info
  • Heavy, awkward, loud, frustrating; works great with w-t-w carpets, but--
    May not be worth it for the expense . . . .

    The attachments are awkward and frustrating to use--for me, short and "older," but my husband detests this vacuum more than I do. The main problem is the incredible stiffness of the hose. You get very little stretch and freedom with the hose. It probably has to be this way because the hose has to go back down into the handle and fit there compactly; nevertheless, it's a pain in the whatever. It's very loud, too.

    No quick n easy cord-stowing solution here.

    I have just finished vacuuming with the Animal again, doing baseboards and behind furniture in a large playroom-office, and after a year of going back to the Animal to "try it again," I have to say that using it does not get better with time. I do wrestle it into submission to do upholstery sometimes, but have not found it worth the trouble with blinds and other jobs. I believe that it may damage Orientals, and would not use it on older ones.

    Does the vacuum "pick up"? As an upright, certainly it does. That's its best feature--and no expensive filter to buy--but other brands are likely to improve as time goes on, too. If your purchase is not a family health emergency, and money is an issue, you might want to look around.

    So . . . if your need is about cleaning wall-to-wall carpet in an area formerly or currently inhabited by pets, especially if you/loved ones suffer from that type of allergy, and have the money, go for it. That's the job it does.

    Buy it expecting it to be on the loud side and somewhat hard to handle. If you have a great need, those things and the price may be worth it. The price is probably better than some kinds of one-time professional cleaning, depending on the size of your place and how often this need arises. And you can steam clean after the Animal has done its work and get an even better job on a steam cleaning, is my guess, since the Animal would probably extract a lot of particulate stuff out of wall-to-wall.

    Buyers of this model should ask about the belt. Ours broke after about 6 months of pretty light use--no pets, two adults, no wall-to-wall. Some will claim that it does not have a belt, but it does. We had delays, confusion, and some expense replacing the belt, and in the end, we had to buy an extra something or other to replace it----?? Ask those questions of the vendor or manufacturer before you buy. There is a lot written about the belt issue, so look around for that on the Internet.

    You can identify this vacuum by the number and by color pictures of the vacuums on the sites----here is more than one "Animal," so watch it.

    Would I buy it again? No. It's too difficult to use to make the value/cost ratio come out for my situation.
    ...more info
  • Sucked up more than I thought I ever had!
    I have had a Simplicity and not really impressed. I researched the Dyson based on a friend's rave of it. WOW! I have 2 Labs, a Great Dane Shepherd mix and a very fine tomcat - all who produce a lot of dust, dander and dirt. I could not believe how much dirt and hair it sucked up the very first time. I completely filled the canister each time with my family room and bedroom - so gross but so effective. Totally worth the price! I paid $447. through Factory Direct Superstore through Amazon with no shipping and no tax. I bought the D17 Absolute Animal. My biggest complaints are the directions suck - very hard to figure out but once you do - your home will be clean and you will be shocked you waited so long to make such an important purchase. And it is "self-propelled" - it is effortless to tool around. Don't like hauling from the first floor to the second, but a small price to pay. Buy it - you will not be disappointed!!...more info
  • Perfect
    Perfect Vacuum for allergy sufferers. I am still baffled at the dirt this machine can pick up. The roller brush is extremely powerful so I would not recommend using this on shaggy type carpet.
    The only downside is having to clean off the inside of the dirt chamber when the small holes get clogged. I am allergic to dust mites and this has help me tremendously. I have never owned a vacuum that produces such wonderful exhaust air. ...more info
  • Sucked up things I didn't know I had!!! LMAO
    I've owned Hoovers and Dirt Devils in the past. I purchased my Dyson DC17 Animal in Jan 07 and to my amazement, it found things in my carpet and furniture that could not be seen by the naked eye. I'm a little OCD with my cleaning and I couldn't believe that on the first go round, I emptied it 5 times! I was so impressed. After owning it for almost a year, I am still so overwhelmingly satisfied with the suction, power, thoroughness, and cleaning capacity that I want to vacuum just to see what I'm gonna get! I LOVE IT! Highly recommend!!! ...more info
  • Everything they say it is.
    Fantastic cleaner. Performance unbelievable. Everything and more that all the good reviews state. The last cleaner I will buy....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum!
    This vacuum is truely awesome! Worth every single penny. Here was my situation...

    We are a young family with a 3 month old baby. We don't have a very stellar history of cleaning...in short we absolutely HATE it. But with our little one getting ready to crawl we figured that we better find something that could get our carpets clean!

    What stood in the way? Our 3 year old Border Collie/ Black Lab mix. She is precious and very cute...we love her and getting "rid" of her was totally not an option. She has a gorgeous coat of fur...thus the problem. We have Frieze carpet and she sheds like mad year-round...with her long hair weaving it's way into our long carpet fibers...UGH!

    I vacuumed on Tuesday night with my trusty Dirt Devil...pulled up a ton of hair. Got my Dyson on Thursday...pulled her out, put her together (really, really easy...) and started vacuuming (yeah, you know where this is going...) and pulled up 2 CANISTERS out of my living room carpet alone. Pulled about as much out of the bedroom. I vacuumed again this morning (Friday) and pulled at least another Canister full.

    This vacuum is fantastic. I have read reveiws that say that it doesn't work on Frieze carpet...well, it works fantastic on mine...It has actualy pulled all of the fur out of it! It is easy to push...on the shorter-pile carpets it does push easier...it is almost self-propelled on my area rugs. It is also relatively qiuet. Look, no vacuum is going to be truely "quiet" but this one, well, the sound it producing just isn't nearly as irritating as most vacuums. For all the suction it provides I am a bit surprised at how almost-gentle the noise is.

    Honestly, my carpets haven't looked this good since we got them put in 2 years ago. This vacuum is well-worth the money. In the end it will save us a ton of bucks...we won't have to replace our carpets with something more "fur-friendly" as we were thinking we were going to have to.

    Spend the money...it only hurts until you see how much it was worth it! ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Especially for Animal Hair
    This vacuum cleaner is excellent at picking up dog hair, human hair, and dust. I am amazed at how much it picks up. I had not steam cleaned my carpet in a few months, so I figured it was time. I steam cleaned my carpet last weekend and the water was almost clear. I contribute this to the Dyson DC17 picking up so much dirt, etc. that there wasn't much left for the steam cleaner to pick up. It is an expensive vacuum cleaner but really worth every penny. ...more info
  • Dyson Vacuum
    This vacuum does a very good job. Very powerful.
    My only complaint is that the extension wand is unweildy
    and hard to use. More flexible estension tubing would make
    this feature work a lot better. Other wise it's an
    excellent vacuum....more info
  • I'm embarrassed!!!
    I've always took pride in cleaning my house. With two dogs I vacuum OFTEN!! My vacuum of three days ago was a Miela. It's now retired to the basement. I now am a proud owner of the C-17 Animal. It's a tad bit heavier than I'm used to, but the results are well worth it. I've vacuumed every day since I've owned it and I'm still pulling up dog hair and dirt! By the time I'm done, I'm wondering if I'll have a carpet left. My carpets are brighter, softer, and even smell better. I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone, especially to the homes that have canine occupants. The directions weren't the greatest, but if you've ever vacuumed before you'll get the hang of it. I can't wait to try it out on my car interior.......more info
  • Don't be fooled by Dyson
    I fell for the Dyson campaign. We have miniature Dachshunds and 2 times a year there is a shedding process. This vacuum was supposed to be wonderful for pet hair. The first month was wonderful. To be fair to Dyson I first vacuumed with my regular vacuum cleaner then used my new Dyson. I was astonished at how much stuff it picked up that was not visible to the naked eye. The air smelled clean I had found my vacuum for life.
    Then I noticed a problem. Dyson recommends you check the filter once every 6 months. I flipped the cover off the filter and the filter was covered with dog hair, dirt, dust etc.
    I notified the company right away, I was instructed to make certain all my parts were sealed on the vacuum when putting it back together. I followed the instructions and had my husband verify.
    We have to stop and clean off the filter while vacuuming. It is a washable filter and I have washed it to no avail.
    Then the holes in the top of the vacuum where the dirt is supposed to be transported into the canister were plugged up. My husband had to take a sturdy wire and pull out debris, dirt, hair...just normal things you find on a floor. This is a regular occurrence with this vacuum. Where is the suction when you need it.
    Maybe I have a lemon.
    When contacting customer service first they wanted me to take it to a vacuum repair place located over an hour away from my home. I said no I want Dyson people to look at this vacuum. I was then instructed to clean the vacuum thoroughly (I had sent photos you see) I was astounded. You want me to clean the vacuum cleaner? Yes, he replied. I stated I thought the techs would want to be able to see for themselves what the vacuum was doing. The customer service person said no, they want to know if YOU know HOW to clean a vacuum cleaner!
    Needless to say both my husband and I are furious. He spent 2 hours today dislodging hair and dirt from the "holes" where it gets trapped instead of being transported into the canister.
    I also reported to Dyson the plug was hot after only 15 minutes of regular use. The reply "that is probably because the filter is clogged". The evidently did not hear me say I had just washed and dried the filter prior to vacuuming. The plug got hot the very first time I used this vacuum it is a wiring problem (cheap wire) not a clogged filter issue.
    Dyson is paying for UPS to ship the vacuum to them. We will see how they handle my problem in the long run.
    DO NOT only check the filter once every 6 months.
    My husband and I along with 4 small dogs share our home. We do not vacuum up things that should not be in the vacuum cleaner. We are very particular about our appliances as we wish them to last a long time.
    Pet owners beware! We bathe our dogs regularly. Their feet are wiped before they enter our home. They are combed and brushed daily. We should not be experiencing the problem with this vacuum. We are not youngsters and have owned several different models of vacuums over 4 decades.
    The other problems with this model: The edge clean does not work, the tools are difficult to use. The Quick draw telescope reach you must use with the crevice tools, is not kind to your back on low areas.
    I am disappointed as I had saved my money for this ultra cleaning machine and got more problems than I ever bargained for.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Vacumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My wife has been hounding me to buy a Dyson. Since I never vacumned in my life before I said what does it matter a vacumn is a vacumn. Then my sister in law bought one and my mother in law bought one. All I heard was nagging on how we must get one. When I purchased it I was astonished on the cost. It was 4X the cost I was willing to spend but I purchased it. It was a ceremony, since I shelled out the cash for this I am going to use it myself. I opened the instructions and was befuddled on how they were written. There were no real pictures and graphics on how to put it together. Being the man that I am, I threw the instructions aside. It was fairly easy to put together. It took me about 15min to understand the mechanics. Since I never vacumed in my life my wife explained that "I shoud turn it on and go thru a back in forth motion to clean the carpet." I assumed it was the right way since Ive seen her do that before. I was astonished on the suction. The canister was filled in no time and I got so into it the next thing I new the whole house was cleaned. This product is worth all the money!!! ...more info
  • Does what is supposed to do VACUUM!
    I will recommend this vacuum, worth the price. Being a previous owner of a Hoover, this surpass it by leaps. With hoover I have to pass a speck of dirt 2 to 3 times but with Dyson, dirt is all gone in 1 pass.

    Cons: poor instruction manual, you have to figure out where goes what and what that attachment is made for.
    - you have to take off all the power cord if you want to use the attachement ...more info
  • Good vacuum, horrible instruction manual
    The other reviews pretty much tell you what a great vacuum this is, but the user manual is AWFUL. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get the handle on, and another 30 trying to figure out how to get it back out to use the attachments. And I have no idea what the attachments are for...there's no mention of them in the manual, and they aren't labeled in the box. The manual consists of drawings of the already intact vacuum cleaner with arrows pointing to it, as if to say "Yes! There it is! There is the vacuum cleaner!" I can't believe this company can be on the cutting edge of technology, but they can't find a freelance tech writer to put together a decent manual. ...more info
  • Good Cleaner but broke down
    I bought this cleaner 4 weeks ago. Awesome performance. Suddenly the "ON" button cannot be kept down. I went to dyson website, followed their suggestions, cleaned the filter etc...nothing worked. I called Dyson and I was referred to the service center. The customer service was friendly and courteous. They referred me to the service center. The problem was easily solved by opening the casing that covers the "ON" button and resetting it.

    However, I was shocked to hear from the service center "this is a piece of plastic crap..., often breaks down, you better be prepared to deal with expensive repairs, this will happen more often..and the comments contd"..

    I bought this expensive cleaner based on positive reviews. I still love the performance of the cleaner, but I wish I had read the warnings from other reviewers carefully. Anyway, be prepared if buy this cleaner, you may end up going to your service center often or you may be lucky and will get a great cleaner with no problems....more info
  • dyson
    we got this item in a box that was trashed the first time and the dyson was broke it cost us 20 dollars to send it back but amason sent us another one before they got the broken one back ...more info
  • It's a miracle product!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just used this today-incredible!! I have three cats-long haired-it's like I've never vacuumed before. After vacuuming a 8x8 area, I had to empty the cannister. I've had a Kirby, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Kenmore, central vac and many Hoovers-Mr Dyson, you are a miracle worker- I put you on a pedestal!! The wand takes a little getting use to-still working on it, but I LOVE it. No offense, but men don't usually design good cleaning products because they usually don't clean or have very low standards on what is actually clean. You are my hero! ...more info
    My husband and I own a vet hospital, so suffice it to say we have LOTS of animals in our house (10). We specifically purchased this machine because we have heard so many great reviews on how well this thing sucks.

    Well, suck it does, in more ways than one!! Yes - it has lots of power & will pull your wisdom teeth out of your head if you get it too close. HOWEVER: we had this for LESS THAN ONE WEEK and used it ONCE and it broke. Got something stuck in the hose, and when I went to empty it the part that I had to take off to empty it wouldn't go back on. I'm usually very good at mechanical things, and played around with it. After 45 minutes of trying to put it back together, one of the pieces then came off and wouldn't go back on. I called Dyson, and they told me that since it was MY fault it broke they wouldn't honor the warranty. It's that kind of customer service that will make sure I NEVER buy a Dyson product again. ...more info
  • Best sucker ever!!!
    Simply the best vacuum. I use it on both hardwood and heavy carpets and it gets to every piece of dirt / dust in the place....more info
  • It Really works!
    I was searching for a good vacuum just like you are, I kept reading all of the "hype" about Dyson vacuums, I took a gamble and bought the DC17 Animal (Target was giving a $100 gift card with purchase). I brought it home and vacuumed just to make sure it worked, it pulled so much dog hair and dirt out of my carpet that it filled the canister! (my carpet had been shampooed 2 days pryor) I was disgusted but very very happy with my purchase! I would say it is worth the price!...more info
    I have to admit I was skeptical after reading the reviews and hearing the hype but I decided to buy a Dyson. I can't believe how much dirt and pet hair was embedded in my carpet! I used it to clean the couch...which is a favorite place for my dog and cat...and it sucked up so much fur, I had to empty the bin before I could even finish!

    I am not going to get technical...you can find out all that stuff for yourself...but the bottom line is...this is a GREAT vacuum! I can't believe how much softer my carpet is after just using it once!...more info
  • Excellent suction picks up everything, but it "sticks" to my tight-weave area rug.
    The suction on my Dyson DC-17 Animal is excellent. I love it for my hardwood floors, couches, and hard-to-reach places.

    Works well to remove dog hair from cushions, cracks, and other places.

    Long-reach tools are great, but heavy and awkward to use at certain angles.

    The only problem I have is with one of my area rugs that has a really tight weave. The vacuum, literally, sucks itself to the rug and is nearly immovable! I am not able to move the vacuum with the brush on or with the brush off. A quick call to the Dyson Helpline reveals that there isn't a quick-fix to this problem. The helper suggested using the mini-turbine head to clean this rug. This can be done, but it's not really practical for a 12x10 foot rug (the mini-turbine's about 6 inches wide.) Since the height adjusts automatically to the height of the rugs, there's no way to control the distance from the vac to the rug. If air can't pass through the weave of the rug, the rug will stick to the vac. This is a problem if you have, as I do, area rugs to cover your hardwood floors.

    This is not a light machine, and it can be difficult to drag around in some places.

    You'll never know how filthy your house is until you use this vacuum. I was amazed, like other users, how much dirt and junk this thing picks up. It feels great to know that the dirt's getting picked up, but it's disgusting to think about how much was left behind by my previous vacuum!

    ...more info
  • LOVE MY VACUUM!!!!!!
    Our carpet seriously looks different after using this amazing machine. It looks new. This vacuum picks up everything!!! I vacuumed only a few days ago (we have no pets and no kids) and once using the dyson yesterday, it was actually full. Who knew my carpet was still so dirty, and my old vacuum was so horrible. I will never buy anything else. I have the best vacuum ever, and I'm so pleased with my purchase. It was worth ever penny. Plus it came with a carpet cleaning kit and so many attachments! This is the ultimate vacuum. And hey, my husband loved it so much, he was eager to help me vacuum. And hey, that's worth the money, right?! :)...more info
  • Fragile
    We've had our DC17 for about a year now. It does a great job on the carpets picking up dog hair. The problem is the belt-driven beater bar. The belt snaps easily and it is nearly impossible to find a replacement. Turns out, Dyson knows of this design flaw and has replaced the brush bar with a new one that takes a wider belt. All well and good except that the part is back-ordered indefinitely.

    I've owned a Panasonic cannister for 20 years and have replaced the belt once.

    ...more info
  • The Real Deal
    I do not work and I am not affilated with Dyson. I am also a bit of a nerd when it comes to audio/video/gadgets and tools - I like the good stuff. I have had my eye on Dysons for years and love the story behind it, but the bottom line is the price tag seemed steep, and most bagless vacuums are awful. With my recent hoover in decline, it was finally time to get a new vacuum.

    First, I am glad I waited, there are definate improvements in overall design with the DC17. The hand wand is great, and the increased performance is always good. The hepa filter is wash, dry and keep going, another plus. The DC17 does come with some nice accessories as well. Now, for the part you really want to know - cleaning performance. Bottom line: it is simply amazing. My wife and I keep a very clean house and vacuumed thoroughly with the old vacuum right before getting the new Dyson. After picking up the Dyson, we had to play with it right away, and re-vacuumed the living room and the children's bedrooms. I _filled_ the canistor. It scared us to know that much dirt and pet hair was still in the carpet.


    - Cleaning power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Ease of use - smart design
    - No need to buy more attachments, bags, filters
    - Dyson gives a 5 year warranty - I have only read good reviews on this
    - Hand wand is slick, convient and easy
    - It really doesnt loose suction - power stays high


    - Price
    - Canistor needs regular cleaning - just dumping the dirt doesn't quite get it all, the little holes clog
    - May be harsh on rugs that are old or need special care - it pulled some wool(not much) out of an expensive persian rug I have. I have to add, it cleaned the heck out of the rug and it needed it. The hard bristles are something to think about though with certain carpets and rugs
    - I wouldnt mind a big bright light on the front of it - but that is minor

    Some people consider the weight a Con - but lets be serious, all the large vacuums are slightly heavy and for the performance you get, it is going to have to have a little weight, and they have the slim model DC18 out now.

    Overall - if I get 5 years out of this vacuum, that is 5 years of a cleaner house. Spending $150 - $250 every 2-3 years is about the same price in the long term. Not having to buy bags, parts or filters is another savings. If you can afford it, if you just have to have the best, or if you are a clean freak - I highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • So many problems for such an expensive tool
    This is indeed a very powerful vac. It cleans great- I have three dogs and vacuum a lot! It picks up a ton of dust. I can run my regular vac and then run the Dyson and still pick up so much dust....

    So why the poor review?

    Well, I have already had three Dyson DC17s! It's not like I am vacuuming up a ton of stuff. I am pretty easy on this vac. I use my cheap old vac for more heavy duty stuff and then run the Dyson.

    So here are the reasons not to spend SO SO SO much for a tool that does not perform. It's frustrating to keep paying top dollar for something that does not last.

    - First one- the belt broke by the third time I used it. I had only had it a week or two so I simply exchanged it.
    - The second one, the hose was very stiff, and stopped working within a short time, so I took it back.
    -I was obviously very hesitant to get another, but I really liked the way it cleaned, made the air smell fresh and since the 2nd one just seems to have defective parts I figured I would try again.

    Now, I am sitting here....two weeks into my third DC17 and it's broken. The brush bar on the bottom is broken. I just don't understand how this vac can be so sensitive.

    It's so powerful that it can be hard to use. I saw a demo on QVC of the vac and a selling feature was how when you use the hose the vac is so powerful the base can fly across the room....that's not a SELLING point. And it does do that on tile or wood floor. So it can be hard to use.

    It's very heavy- 20 pounds- so it's not ideal for cleaning stairs. The vac is so powerful it's hard to vacuum small rugs.

    The canister is quite easy to change if you do it right. It is possible to do it wrong if you use the small clip on the middle back, instread of the release button on the top and then push to dump from the bottom. It took me a few times to figure that out. Seems very cheaply designed but again if you do it right you should not have problems. It's actually easy to remove the canister and put back on. Because you can put it into a trash can and dump it- it's easier than a lot of other vacs. I have another vac that the dust and dirt hangs out, and so it gets on the floor and is messy.

    So, some great features here. And is still by far the best for getting animal hair up. But, I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for....and Dyson just isn't delivering.
    ...more info
  • No vacuum cleaner can get anywhere close to this
    It's about time you found us

    First off, I would like to congratulate you for reaching this page. I want people to know about Dyson, because they actually work, last, and clean like no other vacuum cleaner.

    Let's see, I currently own 3 different, and expensive Hoover vacuum cleaners: a Hoover fusion, Hoover Z 700, and finally, a Hoover WindTunnel Canister I was about to get my 4th one, Hoover WindTunnel 2 bagless, but my Worst experience with Hoover yet has blown that from happening. Instead, I spent my money right after Christmas to get a Dyson DC17. I wanted a Dyson, because after 2 years of researching and reading 4-5 star reviews, my mind forced me to get one. I was looking at this Dyson the same time I was looking at the Hoover. I'll organize my review by starting from bottom to top of my Dyson.


    The first thing that I wanted to look at was the hose that was exposed on the left side of the Dyson, where all the dirt went through. It was very durable and could easily be taken off incase of an accidental clog. I've never have had a clog in this area, and I do suck up large things often. The next thing I noticed was that the brush bar plate was easy to take off. With just a coin, you turn three knobs 90 degrees and the plate comes right off. This makes cleaning the brush bar so much easier. Did I mention that cleaning the brush bar was adjusted to be easy? It's easy because on the brush bar, there are small notches; where you could slide the scissors on to cut strings, hair, carpet lint, etc. off. Also, on the brush bar plate, there is a rubber line that prevents any shooting missiles (dirt) from hitting your feet. But I doubt that will happen because there is an automatic brush shutoff right next to the power button, which turns the brush bar off and keeps the CONSTANT suction on. I also like the fact that this doesn't have WindTunnel technology, but has a plate in front of the brush bar, so then dirt can't fling back down, but will eventually be sucked into the vacuum cleaner. By the way, I emailed Dyson a while back before I purchased a DC17 from Dyson and one of my questions were: "Does your vacuum cleaner pick up much better than a Hoover? With all of that suction it would seem so." They replied and answered that question by telling me:

    "The ASTF international test F608 says that in fact a Hoover with WindTunnel technology does pick up more dust when it achieves the most suction it has possible. However, when Dyson was introduced, and WindTunnel technology JUST came out, a Dyson picked up more than a Hoover because of it's suction, so Hoover decided to make its agitator much rough and hard on carpet so that the suction can pick up more debris. And because of its rough agitator roll, it can wear and tear the carpet more than the dirt itself."

    I didn't disagree with her at all, because when I clean my shag carpets with my Hoover Z 700, most of the time, it's just carpet lint. One of the last smallest details is that this isn't a vacuum cleaner with a belt. Ok, if you look, there is something that LOOKS like a belt, but that's not how it works.
    A belt laps over a turning cylinder, which so happens to be the motor for suction. This has a separate motor that turns a belt with bumps on it. So if you try to stop the agitator from spinning, you are trying to stop the motor from continuing. But you can't stop a motor from turning without hurting yourself can you? Nope. It's perfect. This means that you don't have to buy any belts.

    Despite all of the small details, one of two of the biggest reasons I bought this Dyson over all of the other ones, is because of it's agitator roll, beater bar, whatever you want to call it. It was specifically made for American carpets. Dyson was invested and created in Europe, and those European vacuum cleaners were cleaning American floors, which works mostly perfect. I like this agitator because it's not that thin agitator like the DC07 and DC14. I have read some complaints that the agitators break on the DC07 and DC14 because they are flimsy thin plastic. And this so happens to be just a round, durable plastic that is the same as the plastic on helmets. But one of the cons about this is that I wish that they would put the wide channel on this one. This vacuum cleaner can "snow plow" dirt on hard floors, and that makes it hard to pickup the dirt. You can't just tilt the vacuum cleaner back because it's auto adjustment. You may need to whip out the hose. It's really easy and quick to do that, but I will talk about that later.

    So this concludes the part about the agitator, and it's compartments. Now it's time to talk about the Dyson's bin.


    What makes Dyson different from any other vacuum cleaner is it's famous technology, the Root Cyclone Technology. I HATE other companies that try to imitate its technology and sell it for less, because those people don't realize that the imitators don't have what Dyson has. Sure, the Hoover Fusion, the Bissell Healthy Home, and some others claim to have Cyclone technology, and they do, but it isn't as well as you think it is. Dyson started cyclone technology, and will always be the best because they come up with the best ideas first. Then the other companies take over.
    The Hoover fusion has only 2 cyclones (aka: Dual Cyclone technology): the outer cyclone where you see the dirt, and the inner, large cyclone. One cyclone cannot filter all of the dust, so most of it gets trapped on the filters. The Second reason why I chose this Dyson over all of the other Dysons is because of its Level 3 root cyclone technology. Instead of 8 cyclones, there are 11, unlike the Bissell Healthy Home. Most bagless vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter directly into the bin are considered a Level 1 Cyclonic vacuum cleaner. A vacuum with a set of several different cyclones and a bin is considered a Level 2 cyclonic vacuum cleaner (like the other Dysons), and because this vacuum has a set of pre-cyclones to first filter out sand and grit, then microscopic dust particles, it's considered a Level 3 cyclonic vacuum cleaner. And that's really good because that means there are more air watts (suction power that is) and there is more dust being filtered instead of being collected on the washable filter. Another thing I like about the bin is that the shroud doesn't get clogged easily. The shroud is the part inside the bin where it separates the large dirt from the smaller dirt. Smaller dirt is allowed in, but big things like pet hair cannot get inside. Unlike the Hoover Fusion and the Bissell Healthy Home, The Shroud is perfectly straight, instead of an angle, which means that dirt doesn't get on the shroud easily, and to help even more dirt from blocking the shroud, there are 4 stoppers at the bottom of the bin. This is very important, as Dyson said, and it helps stop the dirt spinning inside the bin, and trap it from moving around to block the shroud. These four stoppers are at the bottom of the bin, and they do a very good job at preventing the dirt from constantly spinning. I personally like the fact that the dirt spins because it's really cool looking, but it makes a huge difference. Dust and dirt still spins, but it doesn't towards the bottom part of the bin.
    Emptying the Dyson's bin is very easy. You put your hand on the carrying handle of the Dyson (which is at the top of the bin), and press a button with your thumb. The bin comes off the vacuum, and you are able to bring the bin to a trashcan. Place the bin right over the trashcan, and, again, with your thumb press the red button to release the bottom part of the dirt cup. There is a LOT of dust, especially if it's your first time of use, so it's probably better to do it in the garage or outside. And this thing will always pick up a large amount of dust, so you probably should make this a habit. However, if you have allergies, then you can take a trash bag, and place it under the bin, then empty it out. You may have to shake the bin a little until all of the dirt finally comes out. If there is still a remainder of dirt that cannot come out with the basic technique of emptying the bin, (here's the second technique) then there is a button that is on the back of the bin. You press this button, lift up, and the bin is separated from the cyclone chambers. Then you can empty it easily. Either way works, however, I would do it the basic way, because there are rubber feet that separate the dust from the large debris towards the bottom of the bin. You don't see these until you empty the bin, and if you try to empty the bin the second way, it's hard to remove the bin from the cyclone chamber.

    Oh, by the way, if you would like to find out how this Dyson's Cyclone technology works, you can go to: http://www.dyson.com/range/feature_frame.asp?model=DC17-ANIMAL&sinavtype=pagelink . There, you will find the page on Dyson's website that explains everything about this vacuum cleaner.

    And to conclude, the last detail I like about this is that it has a large bin (about 1.73 gallons).
    Ok, so this is what I have to say about the bin, now a short discussion about the Buttons on the Dyson


    This Dyson has exactly 2 buttons. They're both located above the easy carry handle, or also know as: "Ergonomic carry handle". One is a large red button with a power symbol. I suppose you can guess what that one is. The next one is smaller with a picture of the agitator and it has the words "on" and "off" on it. Once again I bet you can guess what that button does. A Japanese toilet has about 10 buttons on it ok, so compared to that I don't think this is complicated. But, just incase, the large red one is the power button. You need to press it a little hard for the vacuum cleaner to fully turn on, or else it turns back off. The grey button turns the agitator on and off for hard floors and gentle carpets/rugs that move easily, etc. Again, you will need to be rough on this button, press down on it hard. Both of the buttons are easy to press, but you need to fully press them, that's all I'm saying. But remember, when you turn the Dyson off, the agitator's settings reset, so if you turn the vacuum cleaner off when you originally had the brush bar off, it will be set to on the next time. Also, before turning it off, put it into the upright position, because sometimes it doesn't turn off when it isn't in that position.

    So that does it with the buttons on the Dyson's buttons. It's really easy; just remember to press down on them hard to fully activate the button.

    So now how about if I explain the features of the extension hose/wand/hose/ whatever you call it?


    You may be wondering at this point where the hose is, right? You've been holding onto it the whole time you've been vacuuming. That's right, it's your handle. Let me explain. At the very top of the vacuum, there is a grey handle with a little red in front of it. The red part is your wand. To pull it out, put it into its upright position, take off the power cord on the back of the DC17. Then just get a grasp of the red part of your handle at the very top of your Dyson, and pull upward somewhat rapidly, and it will release the hose and detach from the Dyson You need to be quick, otherwise your hose can be locked into place on the vacuum, but that's OK, just try again. Once your hose is removed from the Dyson, you can then add tools to the end of the hose, or you can take off the wand (by pushing in the hose into the wand while pressing the red button) and add tools directly to the hose itself. The wand is a little short I personally believe, so if you have an older vacuum with separate wands, you can try to put that on to the hose and the Dyson's want like I did with my Hoover Z 700 and my Hoover Fusion. The hose and wand are both very strong, so they don't break, but if they do, you can contact Dyson. Their phone number is on their website and on the vacuum cleaner itself (5 year warranty).

    Ok. I'm done talking about the greatest things about this Dyson, so now it's time to cover the things that I wish were adjusted.


    Again, I will recap, or for the first time state the things that I wish were different about this Dyson. I will start from Bottom to top like last time.

    *****The agitator and its compartments*****

    I didn't like the fact that the Dyson can "snow-plow" large debris on hard floors, because I had to take about 10 seconds of my life and whip out the hose and suck it up.

    *****Buttons on the Dyson*****

    I kind of wish that the buttons were a bit more sensitive, instead of me having to press hard...I don't even know if that's really a con. Maybe just a bit of an error to tweak. I also wish that you didn't have to put the Dyson in its upright position to turn it off 100% of the time.

    *****Dyson's Extendable hose*****

    I kind of mixed up the Details about the Extendable hose, the tools and accessories. So in that section, I said that I didn't like the fact that the powered-hand tool wasn't the most powerful. However if own or have previously owned a Hoover, you can try to slap on their version of the powered hand tool. It's REALLY powerful and much better than on a Hoover. That means if you have had a Hoover Fusion for example, you can take it's powered hand tool, and attach it to the wand of the Dyson. Most of Hoover's powered hand tools won't fit directly on the hose itself.
    I also was hoping that Dyson Zorb would make my carpets look a little nicer. I don't think I should judge this yet, but it doesn't work well on those rugs that don't have large tassels like SHAG carpet. I haven't tried it on my SHAG yet.

    Well, thank you for reading my review; I really hope this helps you with your decision on this Dyson, and maybe on any other Dysons.

    *2,579 words

    Go to www.dyson.com for more information on all Dyson Vacuum cleaners...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading the many reviews here on amazon. Have three small dogs we needed a powerful machine and the Hoover just wasn't cuting it! I received it in two days, started it up and vacuumed my entire house. I can not beleive what I thought was clean prior to the ANIMAL, I had to empty the canister four times!! and I vacuumed every day with the Hoover. This has been the best purchase I have made in years! It actually makes my rugs look as if they were shampooed. Don't wait another minute - get yourself an ANIMAL!...more info
  • good enough to make me happy
    after nearly 6 years my last vacuum, a Fantom Lightning was finally in need of a new motor, instead of replacing the sub-100USD part and living with the broken attachments that meant having a separate vacuum with a beater brush, I decided to replace both. with the Fantom as the reference, the bar was already set very high, it too picked up a large amount of the particulate dirt that everyone raves about the dysons getting, but Fantom was bought out by another company that their vacuums aren't what they used to be, so I researched for days on a replacement. I had it narrowed down to the DC17 and the DC15, the DC15 indeed looks cooler, handles better, and is a more blatantly piece of engineering (I'm an engineer myself and want my things to be the best that I can get in both engineering and performance), but the DC17 had the newer, more powerful technology, and was a tad easier on the wallet.

    I had read tons of reviews saying the DC17 was great, and tons saying it wasn't, and I found that it has it's good points and it's bad ones too, but overall, I say it's a wise investment. I have a long haired cat and vacuum every few days due to the hair, every time I get a full canister of fur, dirt and anything else on the floor (it readily picks up anything it comes across). the Fantom was a wonderful machine, and always impressed me, but I'd say I'm a bit happier with the Dyson.

    What's good about it? it's not obnoxiously loud. all vacuums make noise, and to get good suction, there will be a fair amount of it too, but the DC17 is very quiet for the suction it provides. It picks things up well, even fur. the attachments are easy to use, and the telescoping wand is ingenious. the canister is stupidly easy to empty and clean, and everything is built quite well. I have no worries about breaking this unless I am blatantly abusing it. Yes, the parts are plastic, but they're not cheap plastic. it's easy to get around everything and cleans close to the edge of the carpet. I could keep going, but you get the idea.

    what's not so good about it? well, not much. firstly, I like canisters, they're easier to store and use in small rooms, it's not a canister. the attachments don't latch onto the wand, they just pressure fit on, no biggie. the cord doesn't self retract, no biggie. not all the attachments attach to the vacuum for storage, well considering the ones that don't attach are bulky and are part of the "animal" package, I can live with it. this vacuum is a bit bulky to try to use the main beater bar to vacuum stairs with, this isn't a flaw with this vacuum, but a problem with ALL uprights, canisters beat uprights at this all the time. yes, there's a small "turbo" beater bar attachment, but it's not nearly as good for general carpet cleaning as the main bar (though it's excellent at cleaning car carpets and getting long, thin cat hair out of canvas chairs). the beater bar is not for delicate carpets, but none really are.

    overall, I'm happy, the noise level is fine, the weight is acceptable, the cleaning is acceptable, even for a cleanliness freak like me. now if they could make the dc21 stowaway as powerful as this, I'd be even happier. ...more info
  • I love to vacuum!
    I could go on and on about this vacuum...suffice it to say that dog hair is actually PICKED UP rather than blown around on my tile & hardwood floors. I love it. It picks up hair really well from the furniture too.
    I replaced my G6 Kirby with this one and I couldn't be happier. I know some people say that it is heavy, but this thing is as light as a feather compared to my old Kirby!...more info
  • Just two drawbacks
    There are plenty of excellent reviews, so I'm going to leave out most of what this Dyson does well, and jump to the negatives. Of course it does an outstanding job of cleaning the carpets, it sucks up hair and lint, not my oriental rugs, and I love using it most of the time as much as it's possible to enjoy using any vacuum. You hear tales of 'body soil' on certain tv commercials, but I had no idea 2 people and 2 BALD cats could shed so many dead skin flakes before the Dyson - ewwww, ewwww, ewwww!

    But I don't love using the wand. The entire electrical cord has to be detached to pull the wand up. There is a simple rotating lever to get it off, but re-wrapping that long cord that is such a blessing at other times is a pain. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss part of my mother's Electrolux: the retracting cord. Then the stiff end of the hose is too long for me to use conveniently. My refrigerator only has 18 inches of flat wall beside it. With the permanently attached long tube at the end, there's no way to vacuum behind it without pulling the refrigerator nearly all the way out. This is not fun. Having a single piece permanently attached rigid tube on the wand provides more suction than the usual cheap multi-piece system, but it isn't convenient. Two shorter pieces that lock securely together the way the attachments connect to the wand would make it make easier to use for some tasks (the fridge being my personal pet peeve). Most vacuums I have used do it badly, but there is a reason they usually have multiple, shorter, stacking stick attachments....more info
  • Can't Live Without It!!
    I love my "purple monster!" I vow never to buy any other brand of vacuum other than Dyson from this day forward! It is by far the BEST I have ever owned!...more info
  • Dyson DC 17 Animal
    Pricy but buy it! It's amazing how much it picks up all the way to the jute. I thought my carpets were clean and ready to shampoo--it would have been "mud". Love the long cord; three rooms without unplugging. The Dyson DC17 is heavier than what I'm used to but I'm thinking that's a good thing. It stays firm and doesn't just roll over the lint. Honest I could stuff a teddy bear with the lint and hair that it picked up from my upstairs "clean" carpets. It was a good buy that will extend the wear of my carpets, and it has a five year warranty.
    My only recommendation is that the Dyson should come with better instructions and pictures. I used a wire to release the lint from the top of the canister before I noticed there's a button on the back to release the whole cylinder. It's so easy. I called Dyson's (very courteous) customer service to ask why my attachments don't snap on and was told that on later models you have to push/force them onto the wand. ...more info
  • I Love this Vacuum
    I was very hesitant about purchasing such an expensive vacuum, but after reading review, and 2 of my friends having one, I broke down and now am the proud owner of a Dyson dc17 Absolute. I love this vacuum. We have 4 cats & 1 dog, and all the hair gets picked up without having to dump the canister 3 times per vacuuming session.

    But Wait!!!!!!

    I love 2 other important issues about this vacuum. First is the cord, I don't have to change plug-in's 3 times. Second, my back DOES NOT hurt after vacuuming. I have always complained that after vacuuming my back would hurt, now it does not. The reason, is the handle is longer and it practically drives it's self.

    My recommendation is buy it. I got it at Best Buy for 521.00 on 6-7-07.
    ...more info
  • Broken Belts
    This vacuum does indeed clean well, but we've had two broken belts on it in just a few months. The belt driving the brush roller. I've seen reviews saying ' no belts to break'. I don't know what vacuum they are using, but our Dyson DC17 Animal DOES have belts that can break.

    Except for that issue, it cleans better than anything else we've ever had...more info
  • Awesome Animal
    I can't say much more then AWESOME! This machine blows the competition out of the running. I have never seen my carpets look so good. They look almost as clean as when I've just had them steam cleaned. And my furniture looks almost new.

    It actually pulls the carpet up a little it has so much suction. I will not own another brand after using my Animal....more info
  • Consumers Reports is correct
    Consumers Reports is correct, this is a very poor vacuum. We have light wood floors and you can see our dog's hair on the floor after we vacuum. When we called Dyson they told us to use the hose with the floor attachment to clean to floor. We have in/door carpet in the garage to collect up debris before we get in the house and after vacuuming this carpet you can still see grass on the carpet. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I've had mine since January 2007 and love it's performance. I had a dirt devil before this and what I did when I first got it home was vacuum an area in my living room then vacuumed over it with the Dyson. Oh wow! The Dyson picked up so much stuff even though I just vacuumed!

    So why only 4 stars? Well two reasons.

    1. I hate the hose. Instead of a "hose" you have a handle attached to the hose which makes cleaning up stairs or hand held jobs awkward.

    2. Don't use this if you have shag carpet. I have a red,throw rug that is shag and it nearly ate it. I noticed it when the canister started becoming red that it was eating my carpet.

    ...more info
  • This Really Sucks :-)
    It is an amazing vacuum. My biggest complaint is some of the attachments don't stay attached when they aren't being used. And the extension isn't long enough to do stairs correctly. But the stair attachment does do a good job. We have two golden retrievers and this vacuum is up to the challenge. And, while I wouldn't call it light, I'm not worried about my small wife carrying it up and down stairs if she needs to. We bought it for our carpeted basement but she likes it so much she sometimes takes it up a spiral staircase two floors from the basement. (We have a Rainbow for the main floor.) It's much quieter than the cheap models but the dogs are still properly scared of it. :-)...more info
  • Unbelievable Vacuum Cleaner
    I have one dog and two cats and WOW do they shed. The DC-17 Animal from Dyson does an amazing job picking everything up and I am incredibly happy with it. I wish I was able to buy one for all of my friends....more info
  • I've had mine for 3 years and I still love it!!!!!!!!
    I would never buy the Kirby or the Electrolux or any other lame pyramid schemed brand! This is the best best, best, best, best! I hate detail but I just wanted to say that I love it! My husband has allergies and it's helped so much...more info
  • The Best Period
    We bought one DC 17 tried it, and where totally amazed and discussed at the same time. Amazed at how much the Dyson sucked up and Discussed with what we had been living with BD, "Before Dyson". This machine is incredible and worth every dollar, so much we bought another Animal for the downstairs too. No matter how many times you sweep weekly, 1-7 days the Animal is always sucking up the dirt and dust, unbelievable. Mr. Dyson should be proud of his machine, it is the BEST....more info
  • DC-17 causes damage to the carpet!!!
    I have read all the reviews here in amazon. I agree with the fact that it is a powerful vacuum. But when I see there are a lot carpet fibers in the vacumm canister, I wonder does DC-17 stiff brush causes damage to carpet?...more info
  • Nothing short of love.
    I waited two months to write this because I wanted to make sure it wasn't the infatuation of a new "relationship." But it's true - I LOVE this vacuum! With two cats shedding during the spring and early summer, this machine has not only kept up with the hair, but my carpets look better than they did when I moved in - and that's saying a LOT. It's so easy to use, I have had zero problems with the extended handle or the dirt canister. I definitely take the time to make sure I've dumped all the dirt/hair, as well as clear out the little holes that can get clogged with dust buildup (this takes very little effort). But it's definitely true, you reap the rewards of taking care of your machines. Plus.... I really like to watch the hair swirling around in there. I also find myself vacuuming more often because I love the immediate sense of accomplishment and seeing what a drastic difference it makes.

    I can't say it enough... this baby is worth every penny. ...more info
    My Dyson DC-17 is awsome, I love it, however every review I read says the Dyson DC-17 Does not need a belt, and infact IT DOES. my belt broke within the first month of ownership (was my fault, ran over a small power cord from a gameboy and it tangled) I checked Dysons website and many others and could not find a place to purchase a replacemnet belt (very easy to replace, the brushbar comes off with just a 90 degree twist of two big screws (you can do it with a quarter or nickle)
    I called Dyson and was told that because the vacume was under warenty the replacement belts are free and as such you can not buy them anywhere, not even aftermarket(good news so far, I can't think of any other company that would put a 5 year warenty on a belt, so I asked them to send me one) but since I have moved to canada they will not ship it to me. And because Dyson canada does not sell the DC-17, they will not help me. I'd call Dyson USA and they would refer me to Dyson Canada, I'd call Dyson Canada and they would refer me to Dyson USA. Very anoying until I finaly got mad and Called Dyson USA one last time but this time I asked to speak to the DEALERS (you see you can choose Consumer or Dealer) I told the dealer I had a dyson and the belt broke and all I want is a new belt for the DC-17 and noone will help me. He put me through to a supervisor (Nicole) she was very nice, she told me that they will not ship belts to canada from the shipping office, its a leagal thing, but she will have them ship her a belt and then she will forward it to me.
    I spoke to nicole on June 192007 and I recievd my belt June 21st and now my dyson is working great, Nicole also sent me some extra belts just in case and her personal phone number in case I have any future needs. Because of my move this was difficult, but in the end I'd give dyson a 5 because I can understand the problem of international shipping, however I think someone should have helped me before it got to that level.


  • Best Vacuum ever
    I have owned the dc-17 for about 4 mons now. By far it was well worth the money, I had contemplated is it worth the almost 600 dollar price tag, and yes it is. I have 2 dogs now, and it picks up all the hair, too much hair, my carpet always looks clean.. My whole house is carpet and i consider if anyone is looking into buying it you wont regret buying it. i had a hoover windtunnel v2 for about 3 years and with less than year of owning it, it would smell herendous, my husbands friend wouldnt want to come over it he knew i vacuumed with it, because it smelled that bad, and i hated buying bags, and the suction was really bad, and i spend 300 dollars on that one, so the dyson with double the cost is the best ever.. i love the easy push of the button, all the dirt comes on out, and the washable filter, AGAIN i love my DYSON!!!...more info
  • Fabulous DC-17 Animal vacuum for pet hair
    Dyson DC17 Animal

    This vacuum is fabulous for vacuuming pet hair. I have 3 cats - with one having long baby fine hair (the vacuum terminator). I went through 2 vacuums in 6 months after I got the long hair cat. (a Hoover and Eureka)

    This vacuum not only handles the long hair from my one cat, it was amazing and disgusting how much hair & dust was collected in the vacuum dust bin he first time I used the vacuum. I highly recommend this vacuum for those of you with pets in your homes!
    ...more info
  • NOTHING Beats this Vac!
    I have 6 dogs, 3 cats, allergies and house full of carpet. Because of this, I needed a vacuum that can keep up with all the fur and dirt, help trap allergens and stand up to heavy, frequent use. I originally purchased a Dyson DC14 Animal and, while it was an excellent vac, the DC17 Animal is head a shoulders above it.

    Not because I have a lot of extra money lying around, but because a top flight vac is imperative in this house, after much thought I traded my DC14 for the DC 17 a few months after it came out. The difference between the two is AMAZING. A lot of the problems that the DC14 was known for (clogging roller brush, less than stellar turbo brush, etc.) are a thing of the past. We looked at Oreck and a few other commercial/industrial grade vacs that cost into the four figures, and none of them were as good as the DC17.


    1. Unbelievable suction! I am always amazed at the crud my Dyson picks up. After I vacuum a room, my allergies know the difference. Never have I had a vac with pick-up power like this one.

    2. Non clogging roller/brush bar - I used to have to flip my other vacs over, including the DC14 - to manually cut the hair and stuff off the brush every few times I used the vac. I have never had to do that with the 17. As an added bonus, the roller is encased in clear plastic, so you can see if it is getting dirty or if something is stuck.

    3. Powerful attachments - because of the mega suction, the hose attachments work much better. Electric powered attachments are the best, but these are the best suction driven attachments I have seen yet.

    4. Improved design and sharp looks

    5. Included 5 year warranty - Dyson provides an included 5 year warranty, saving you the expense of purchasing a service contract somewhere.

    6. No Bags! - And as much junk as this vac sucks up, it's a very good thing, you'd spend a fortune on bags otherwise.

    7. Cleanable filter

    8. Nice long hose and cord - you can clean for a long time before you have to unpplug to find a new outlet.

    9. If you suck up something too big, it is easy to take the vac apart to get it out.

    10. Ease of emptying, great for people with allergies. I do recommend emptying it outside if you can, though. The vac picks up a ton of very fine silt, some of which goes airborne as you empty. I solved this by either emptying into a plastic grocery store bag wrapped tightly around the bottom or taking it outside.

    11. Very easy to operate, nothing complicated at all about it.


    1. It is a little heavy, but nothing extreme. The big handle on the top of the canister makes it easy to carry.

    2. Price - of course it is expensive, but with this vac I firmy believe you are actually getting much more cleaning power than you are paying for.

    #. Need to clean the inside or the canister - but this is a VERY minor thing, because it rarely needs done and is very easy to do. Sometimes you may need to open the canister and scrape the dirt off the top part where the little holes are. Takes less than a minute.

    I would recommend this vac without hesitation to anyone; after owning it, I would never feel that my carpets are clean with anything else....more info
  • Powerful, easy to empty
    It's a vacuum, it's not too complicated to review.

    It is powerful, we have 2 cats and it gets an amazing amount of things out of our carpet.

    It is easy and clean to empty, I have allergies and I don't feel like dying when I empty it like other vacuums.

    I love the fact that the HEPA filter can be cleaned, rather than always replaced.

    Edit: 4/30/2008 - After this much time, we're still using this vacuum. No problems, still empties very easily, my wife is still in love with it. It seems very well made, normally we would have broken something (string tangled in it, etc), but we haven't had any problems.

    Edit: 7/12/2008 - Still using it, still no problems at all. Someone was buying our house and borrowed it when my wife explained how she kept the carpets clean. The buyer was impressed and will be buying one for herself....more info
  • I still hate to vaccume but love this machine!
    I couldn't believe the dirt my Dyson pulled out of my carpets! It was disgusting and it proved to me that my Miele canister vac wasn't doing it's job at all! There is no smell when I vaccume now, before when using the Miele it smelled like I sucked up a wet dog or worse, even with the filters replaced monthly. The Dyson is also much easier to do ceilings and mouldings with because the hose extends right at the handle and the tools are within reach at the base of the handle, before I had to open a compartment door on the body of the vaccume and dig around for the right tool and then disassemble the power head and wire that plugs into the handle before vaccuming edges or mouldings and reverse the above steps to return to vaccuming the floor! The Dyson is alot less of a hassle to use and does an excellent job....more info
  • Best vacuum ever
    I cheaped out and bought a Bissell about a year ago, and it clogged and malfunctioned in the middle of a very messy vacuuming job. I went out that day and bought the DC17, and it blew the Bissell away, on both bare floors and thick shag rugs. It picked up tiny specks the Bissell simply pushed around, and I had to empty the bin five times with dust and lint the other vacuum couldn't get without clogging. Worth the price....more info
  • Wow!! I was living in filth!
    I just got my Dyson in this evening and could not wait to use it. My little Dirt Devil has been broken for about a month (and I have 2 cats!) and wasn't really working to full capacity even before it broke. I vacuumed one room and a hallway with the Dyson before I had to clean the bin out. I vacuumed my entire apartment and emptied it out 3 times total. I can't believe what filth I was living in! My carpet is as clean now as the day I moved in. I didn't notice any damage to the carpet, as has been mentioned in some reviews.

    I'm still experimenting with all of the different attachments and learning the best way to use the vacuum. I only gave it four stars because I do have a couple of minor complaints: 1)Instruction manual is pretty skeletal. For such an expensive appliance, I would expect a thorough and clear manual; 2)The bin is a little awkward to empty and it is difficult to get some of the finer dust out of the bin; 3)A retractable cord would be nice. With any other vacuum I would not complain about these things, but for this much money, I expect perfection. Still, I love this vacuum so far. I used to hate vacuuming but I can't wait to use this one again!

    ...more info
  • Better than most but ......
    I have the Dyson Animal. It does suck up the dirt really well. But the filter chamber can get caked with dust and dirt. Those tiny holes have to be scraped off at times. (by hand) I do not like bagless vacuums as a whole because of all the dust. A bag keeps it contained and less gets in the air. Altho the Dyson empties easy, if you have to reach into the filter and clean some of the caked dirt either on the holes or in the chamber it is awful....
    It does do a good job of cleaning a rug , but I will probably go back to a bag and hepa filter next time. The dyson is also heavy. Most good vacuums do have some weight, but you should be aware of that if you cannot handle a heavier vacuum.
    It's better than some vacuums I've had, but I think the hype for this machine is probably a little too much. This is a Good vacuum and seems to do a good job. But so do many other vacuums for this kind of money. I will look a bit more next time.
    ...more info
  • For a vacuum, this piece of equipment is IT!
    I usually read reviews rather than write them, but I felt I owed Dyson this one. If you have pets and want a no nonsense vacuum that works like it should, this one is it. Don't waste money on any thing else. I have two large Dobermans and a lot of carpet and I am in awe of this machine. I have used other equipment including a whole house - built in vacuum system with a brand new $1600 motor and this Dyson is much more effective. You will be shocked at what is hiding in your carpet. As great as the Dyson is for vacuuming it doesn't do it all. If you want a complete cleaning system also consider purchasing a Bissell Proheat 2x for shampooing. The Bissell even picks up pet hair left by the Dyson, which seems unbelieveable. Both the Dyson and the Bissell are worth every penny....more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    This vacuum is amazing! I shudder to see the amount of dirt my former vacuum cleaner (an expensive one) did not remove.
    We have two large dogs and are constantly fighting with dog hair. Finally, we feel that we are winning the battle. Thank Dyson for making a product even better than advertised....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal
    I love cleaning with this machine. It gives such a feeling of satisfaction when you see all the dirt it picks up. I have 3 dogs and a cat and my carpet can get really messy. This machine is amazing. I've never had such a clean house. The hose is a little stiff - maybe will loosen up over time? I highly recommend Dyson....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum
    This vacuum sucks up everything! I can't believe the stuff it picks up. The dog hair disappears finally. It is also easy to push, (even being 8 months pregnant)it glides easy. Love this vacuum, my friends are jealous:) ...more info
  • Go buy one!
    Let me start off by saying WOW! Like other reviewers I was slightly hesitant to get this vacuum because of the price but our old Hoover Bagless would leave a "dirty dog in the house" smell after vacuuming. We have a lab, a sheltie, 2 short haired cats and one long haired cat which all live a pampered indoor lifestyle. I love animals, but don't like my house to smell like I live in a zoo. To combat pet odor, we own our very own rug doctor (also recommended) that we use very diligently every 6 months to clean our carpets. I am also a stickler about bathing our dogs on a weekly basis to keep the dog smell out of the house. So, I was VERY surprised at how much fine dirt and carpet fuzz (in addition to all the pet hair of course) this vacuum picked up. The best part... this vacuum must miraculously suck up odor too! Our house smells so fresh and clean and that's without using any of those odor absorbing powders before you vacuum. I agree with another reviewer, the Dyson also makes your carpet feel softer right after vacuuming.

    It does an incredible job getting every last little bit of short or long, course or fine, piece of pet hair (plus dirt and unseen carpet fuzz too).

    Another amazing feature is that the vacuum automatically self adjusts it's height for carpet or bare floors. You can just plug it in, suck up all of the pet hair tumbleweeds off of the kitchen floor and just push it on into the carpet in the next room off the kitchen without stopping... quick and easy!

    Go buy one of these vacuums you will love it and find it worth every penny!...more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!!
    I've always wondered if the Dysons really are as great as I've heard...
    Well wonder no more... It's the best vacuum we've owned!! we keep vacuuming & it keeps finding more dirt. I swear my carpet even FEELS softer!...more info
  • Darn Good Vac
    The Dyson does a great job picking up after my dog and getting all the small bits I track in....more info
  • Great for carpet/ upholstery not so hot for bare floors
    This is my first upright vacuum. It does an amazing job on carpets and upholstery, as well as sucking up any trace of cat hair (I have 5 cats). But on bare floors it's hard to manouver, and you have to fight the retractable hose. Plus if a particle on the bare floor is a little too big it will just push it around, because there's not enough clearance. The only other problem is that it is too big to fit under furniture, and even with the smaller rotating attachment you can't get it flat enough to get under some furniture, it makes it hard to vacuum under the bed, etc....more info
  • Tough to rate this one
    I had a tough time rating this product due to its cost.

    I think it does a good job of cleaning and it has a decent array of tools.

    However, compared to my Eureka 4870 that costs 1/5 - I've not really gained anything. My Eureka cleans just as good though it lacks a low floor and a turbo brush. Those are why I bought the Dyson and they disappoint me.

    The turbo brush is suction powered and very average performance. The low floor tool has no brush roll making it very average.

    I thought the unique Dyson wand design would make tools easier to use - not really, again very average.

    Cleaning my steps with the Dyson is just as painstaking as firing up my hand vac.

    Dyson's claim to fame is not loosing suction. My Eureka 4870 performs just as well until the bag is full. I guess I would expect that - full bag, crummy performance, time to change the bag. I would very much bet that if you let the Dyson bin get completely full for a true comparison that it would lose suction then as well. The reason the Dyson won't loose suction is that it requires you and allows you to see how full it is so you empty more often than a hidden bag. I suppose that is good, but if you are dilegent replacing bags then really no difference.

    I find the bag on my Eureka easier to manage than the Dyson bin. The Dyson bin is a pain to remove and so large that I take it outside to the garbage can to empty it. With the Eureka I used to toss the back directly outside in the garbage. So, again no real gain.

    Also to release the handle and start using the Dyson is actually a little tricky and clumsy in my mind. I found that while using it to that sometimes you go too far and almost latch it again. The Eureka release is much, much better though I find the foot button on my Eureka requires a lot of pressure.

    On the good side, the Dyson seems a little lighter and easier to manuever. Miles better? no, but better.

    The price is what makes this review tough - my Eureka 4870 would get 4 stars for being 1/5 the price - the only thing I'm not crazy about on the 4870 it the tool suction is not stellar. The Dyson gets 2 stars because it is so very expensive. If the Dyson were 1/5 the cost then it would get 4 stars as well. It has more tools, but it is actually more difficult to use and those additional tools perform just average.

    I'm undecided what I will do with the Dyson. I may use it a couple more times and then decide if I want to return it. At least right now I see it as so very expensive and I don't see that its going to make my life any cleaner or easier.

    Hope that helps someone. My opinion would be get the Eureka 4870 if you've not yet made a purchase. You'll save money, be just as clean and have a little easier time using it. ...more info
  • The Best
    i have always had no luck when it comes to sweepers. That has all changed since getting the Dyson DC17. It practically runs itself. I steam cleaned my carpet today & usually it brings up a lot of hair ( I have 3 dogs). Today it didnt bring much hair up because I have been sweeping with the Dyson. It is easy to use easy to empty & does a powerful job !! Worth every penny...more info
  • I like the DC17!
    The Dyson DC17 Animal lives up to its reputation. It's amazing how much dirt and dog hair it picks up. My only complaint is the directions - or lack of... The 800 customer service number is great. Maybe the instructions are virtually non existant because they want you to call them.

    I'd recommend this purchase....more info
  • Highly recommended
    Brilliant product -- I love it and highly recommend it. Powerful cleaning capability, easy and almost fun to use (how weird to find vacuuming fun, but it works so well, it does feel fun and like a worthwhile way to spend time). Pushes itself along, quieter than my old Hoover, only need to go over a spot once or maybe twice so vacuuming is much quicker for me than it used to be. Reclines really far so you can get under tables and chairs. Self-adjusts to carpet height, which I love for taking that step out of the process.

    We have five cats, and this vacuum, though more than I ever thought we'd spend on this kind of appliance, has been well worth the money....more info
  • I wish I would have bought it sooner!!!!
    I just got the animal home, and I cannot believe it. I have a large german shepherd and two large cats, they shed like it is going out of style. My wife stays at home, and has been asking for this vacuum for over a year, I have resisted because of the price tag. I believe it was money well spent, I am amazed at the amount of pet hair and dirt it picks up. With my old vacuum, I would have to pass it several times , and finish up with a lint roller, to somewhat pick up pet hair. The animal only does one pass, and all the hair and dirt is picked up. I bought the vacuum for my wife and I have not let her touch it, believe me she doesnt mind. My wife and I suffer from allergies, and she cannot take any medicine, because she is expecting, I used the mini-turbine head on the matress and bedding, we slept and woke up feeling great, with no sneezing and no watery eyes. I cannnot express how happy I am with this vacuum, now if my wife would just stop saying I told you SO!!!! ...more info
  • Review of Dyson DC 17
    I love my new Dyson. It makes my carpet look like new. The amount of pet hair it picks up is amazing. My daughter has allergies and asthma, and her breathing has never been better. Well worth the money....more info
  • Good vacuum, bad customer service
    I must admit that the vacuum itself worked great. I have 4 dogs and my carpets were never so clean. I had 6 months of great suction and clean carpets before disaster struck. My belt broke and I went to 4 local stores in search of a replacement. I called Dyson and they reported that this is a common problem and they would send me a replacement beater bar and belt but it is backordered indefinitely. I waited a few weeks and called again. It has been 3 weeks that I have not been able to vacuum. Now I just asked to return the vacuum and get a refund since I have to go buy a replacement. Dyson said no and they could not help me and they have no idea when the belt will be available. I now have a very expensive Dyson coat rack and another vacuum that works great!! I will personally never buy a Dyson again and would not recommend it to anyone. When you spend this much money,register your vacuum like you are supposed to, and then develop a problem that no one can help you with despite repeated calls then it is time to move on to a different product....more info
  • Amazing~
    A friend of mine purchased a Dyson, and he challenged me to purchase one too. So we took the test, after my Hoover broke, and we both vacuumed our place with our old vacuums and then vacuumed the same area with our new Dyson. It was as if the Dyson went UNDER the carpet and picked up everything from underneath. Someone complained earlier that the Dyson canister was too small and had to empty it several times during the job, but this is imho evidence that Dyson picks up far more than your regular vacuum. A year ago, I purchased a Hoover for over $200, badly constructed, flimsy and inexplicably heavy, the weight difference was negligible between my Dyson and my Hoover (unlike what most people have claimed, using a Dyson was no different than a Hoover, weight-wise), but unlike the Hoover that you have to PUSH around, the Dyson does self-propel almost, making the back-and-forth motion of vacuuming far more effortless than with the Hoover or any other vacuum (remember, over time, this motion requires a little more arm stamina). As soon as I took my Dyson from the box, immediately, the difference was obvious. It looks tighter, feels tighter and sturdy, and the extra few hundred dollars are obvious. It is like having a steak at Sizzler's and then having a steak at Mastro's in Beverly Hills, the difference begins with the ambience and as soon as you enter the neighborhood, you begin to see the difference (in this case, even my Dyson box looked far more sophisticated).

    I have used a Dyson before, one imported from Germany (a canister Dyson) which we purchased while traveling. We loved it, and it was very practical and it did very well. Nevertheless, I must admit that the DC17 has amazing suction power compared to my old Dyson. I can't attest as to the difference between the CD17 versus any of the uprights imported into the U.S., but having owned a very old Dyson before they were brought into the U.S. market, I can honestly say that Dyson does improve its products when they release new models -- unlike some tech products for which the improvement is almost unnoticeable. Hence, a DC17 is probably a good upgrade, if you've been using a very old Dyson.

    As far as how long they last, I can't comment because I just got my Dyson. However, the old one (which was kept by my ex and still uses) has lasted more than eight years without a blink. It did not loose suction during the five years I've used it, never broke, never gave us any trouble or grief, and this is an understatement considering that it is ME who used it -- I am INFAMOUS in making anything last, I'm phenomenally good at breaking anything I own (gone through watches after watches, five iPods, two vacuums, a treadmill, etc., you get the idea).

    The instructions that come with the Dyson are bad, I admit. This may be partly due to the fact that it is made by engineers, not fancy writers, and it is marketted worldwide to a very large audience. However, the pictures are not that difficult to figure out, if you have at least half a brain; besides, I never really read instructions anyway, does anyone else?

    The cord is long, as mentioned by other reviewers. The Dyson is not as wide and as ignorantly large as my Hoover -- if put side by side, my Hoover is unnecessarily and obviously much larger than my Dyson. Perhaps it is the way they designed the Dyson that they didn't provide an easier way to manage the cord, but who am I to complain when my Hoover's got the EXACT same problem? The cord is in the back and must be manually coiled unto the handle. However, the only reason why this is more of an inconvenience than with my Hoover, is that in order to pull out and use the extending arm, is by uncoiling the entire power cord first.

    Moreover, unlike my Hoover, when my Dyson is parked, it stops sucking from the upright and the suction automatically switches over to the extension arm. Neat feature you won't see in any other vacuum. Lastly, it is easy to measure the suction of your Dyson compared to any other vacuum. Notice the amount and power of air coming out of the vacuum while it starts to suction. On my Hoover, I could hardly feel the amount of air coming out, air that made me sneeze, but on my Dyson, it literally blows every piece of paper nearby (is THAT powerful), and you can literally breathe in the air coming out, is so clean.

    I'm most certainly impressed, and I can seriously see how one would and/or SHOULD vacuum with a Dyson if you have children around. I can't imagine all the dusty and contaminated air coming out of any old Hoover near children, especially babies. I have two little nephews and a niece, all between 1 to 2 1/2 years old, and I wouldn't have them over until I was done vacuuming, but now I am not worried about vacuuming while they're over and I'm babysitting.

    The Dyson is worth its price and the quality of the product that you'll receive will be apparent once you open the box. You get what you pay for, and I love mine.

    ...more info
    I read reviews on several vacuums and kept coming back to this one. I put it in my shopping cart on Jan 17th and finally ordered it. It came in 2 days which impressed me on its own, but after I vacuumed (w/o moving furniture out) the canister was almost to the max fill line. I am a stay at home mom and take pride in keeping a clean and tidy house. When I saw how much it picked up I almost cried! I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants their carpets to be in the best condition possible without buying new to achieve it. I pulled up sand, pet hair, litter, dust, and some other unknown stuff. I do live in a rental but had previously used a rug doctor and then my own personal steam cleaner 3 times in 6 months while vacuuming once a week at least. I just felt that my carpet was cleaner than that. There are too many good reviews on this product for you to have doubt in your decision making when it comes to purchasing this model of Dyson. There are too many picky people that have way too much to complain about which shows you just how great this product is. ...more info
  • Maybe TOO good of suction
    This thing really does have awesome suction ... but maybe too much. When using the hose with attachments, there is SO much suction that the hose wants to collapse down still. Takes lots of strengh to use the hose with attachments. Otherwise as a vaccum, it is awesome. ...more info
  • There is a reason they call it the Animal
    We used it to catch a mouse in the house. Seriously. Excellent. We used the thin attachment and reached behind the tv cabinet and we heard a small "thud" as the little bugger got sucked up. We could see it in the container and it wasn't breathing and so it seems the trip through the tube killed him.

    In the past we would chase the little critters around the house for an hour. The cat has proven useless in these matters. We like our Dyson!...more info
  • The Best Vacuum Ever!!!!!!!!!!
    I read all the reviews on all the Dyson models before I decided on buying the DC 17 model. I have 3 dogs and I'm ALWAYS fighting dog hair. As much as I love my canine buddies, I HATE their constant shedding. Those who say Lab's don't shed are liars!!

    I just got my Dyson today, and like a child on Christmas morning I could not get it out of the box fast enough. I wish the instructions were better laid out instead of in picture form-I like descriptions to go with the pictures. But after a while and trial and error I figured it out. I have a central canister vacuum system that runs through the house (I've hated it from the beginning) because my husband thinks that's the way to go. The canister is out in the garage and he thinks it's healthier for him to not have the dust in the house when the vacuum is emptied. The 25' hose you drag from room to room always gets in the way, and I never thought it cleaned that well in the 1st place. It's always been a sore spot.

    So I decided to put it to the ultimate test. I vacuumed my rugs and carpet with that old relic and then came behind with the Dyson. MAN, [...]that came out of my so-called "just vacuumed" rugs was beyond belief!!! I expected to get a lot of junk, but was still amazed at how much it actually picked up!!! What everyone else has said before me is true!!!! And the fact it has a Hepa filter that you clean every 6 months, and it appears pretty easy to clean from the pictured instructions, and I can take the bin outside to dump it out if he freaks out thinking the dust will run rampant in the house when it's time to empty it.

    I have wanted a Dyson for quite a while. I've herd nothing but good things about them and the reviews I read about the DC 17 model made me finally decide to take the plunge. I'm sure glad I did. I can now feel secure in knowing that when I vacuum the floors from now on that they will actually be clean when I'm done!! And Dyson has extended their warrenty to 5 years-what other company does that for their vacuum cleaners?

    I will recommend Dyson to everyone and anyone who will listen! And thank you Dyson for making such an outstanding and amazing product!! ...more info
  • A shockingly good vacuum!
    OK this vacuum makes me WANT to vacuum like everyday! It picks up everything before it first pass. and it fluffs up the carpet fibers so well it literally makes my 5 year old carpet look brand new! I would highly reccomend this vacuum to anyone who needs a top of the line vacuum. And even if you think its too expensive, this thing will outlast ANY cheaper vacuum you could name. But NONE of them will perform like it will.

    Buy this Dyson. Its amazing!!! And worth every single penny....more info
  • Dyson Does It Again
    I just love my Dyson!! It's everything that the ad says, which is something new in itself. I would highly recommend any of the Dyson products. Difinitely worth every penny!...more info
  • Our first Dyson
    Good vacuum cleaner that really picks up a lot of stuff from the rugs we have. I rated it only three stars because the wand is somewhat difficult to remove for use....more info
  • Best Vaccum I've Ever Owned!
    My daughter purchased a Dyson DC17 Animal and was so impressed that I decided to purchase one as well. With four dogs, dog hair is a condiment at our house. After the first use, I was astounded! Granted the canister had to be emptied many times but that was to be expected. It so easy just to hold it over the trash can and press the button. It is well worth the price and a dream to use....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Outdoes the Dyson DC14
    This vacuum replaced my Electrolux Oxygen Upright. The Electrolux was an excellent vacuum but died after two months of very light use. I tried a DC14 vs a DC17 and the DC17 slightly out cleaned the DC14. Although more expensive, the DC17 has several more accessories and a carpet cleaning kit included.

    - Unbelievable cleaning; it's true what the other reviews say about the dirt, grit, lint, etc. that comes out of what appears to have been a clean carpet.
    - Very easy to maneuver; it's almost like a self propelled vacuum.
    - Quality fit and finish; it fits together perfectly and is well finished unlike my previous Electrolux.
    - Relatively quiet for such a powerful machine.
    - Easy to empty dust container that minimizes escaping dust when it is emptied;
    - 5 Year Warranty.

    - Cord has to be wound manually; it should have an automatic rewind.
    - Clear plastic covering the brush bar; I assume that the clear plastic is so you can see any obstructions, hair, etc. that might jam the brush. This appears to be the trend in vacuums but I would rather not see the brush and dirt. I liked that about the DC14.
    - Slightly heavier than the DC14 but weighs less than my previous Electrolux Oxygen.

    One word of caution, this is a very powerful vacuum with very stiff bristles on the brush-bar; it may chew up a more delicate carpet....more info
  • Good vacuum cleaner but needs some improvements
    I just had new carpeting installed and wanted a vacuum cleaner that would do a good job of keeping it clean. I also have dust-related health issues that I felt the DC17 would keep under control. I have to say that the vacuum is very sturdy and not as heavy to push as I expected, and even on brand new carpeting it brings up an enormous amount of fluff. Of course, much of this is probably of its own making, since its brushes are very stiff and the beater action is powerful. It is essentially de-fuzzing the carpet with every vacuuming. It does leave grooves in the carpet as one reviewer stated, but this does not bother me since I am more interested in having a scrupulously clean carpet.

    The unit is a quality product, so why did I only give it three stars? Several reasons. First of all, for a product that costs a whopping $549, the documentation is abysmal. Dyson would have done better to hire a mime and photograph him using the sweeper. My impression is that Dyson wanted to sell the sweeper around the world and didn't want to pay to have the manual translated multiple times, so they just stuck to illustrations instead of including helpful step-by-step instructions. Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, the pictures in this manual say nothing to me, and I had to log on to Dyson's web site and watch the demonstrations to figure out how to use everything. Second, I cannot imagine designing an expensive vacuum cleaner without an automatic cord reel, especially on a unit with a 37-foot cord. The cord becomes an incredible nuisance without a cord reel; it tangles and gets in the way. Third, the unit only houses three attachments, and these are small and toy-like and must be snapped into place just so or they fall off. The other attachments are nicer (and much heavier) but need a home of their own somewhere in the house, where it is not convenient to use them in the middle of vacuuming. Fourth, the bin needs to be emptied twice in the course of vacuuming each room, about six times for the three main rooms; this is a lot of emptying. Just hitting the red button to open the bottom of the bin does not empty out the carpet fluff, which clings to the inside of the container; I have to detach the bin as well, to break the vacuum seal before the fluff will empty. This is quite cumbersome for what is again a very pricey vacuum cleaner. Although I want it to pick up a lot of dirt, I don't want to make emptying it my life's work; I'd like to see a bigger bin or an easier mode of emptying. Fifth, the nice, stiff brushes get up a lot of dirt but also need to be cleaned virtually every time I use the vacuum. That's a job my old vacuum only needed done every few weeks or even every few months. Dyson does not, as far as I can tell, supply a tool to make this job faster or easier, nor do they have a built-in device that strips the fluff off on its own to prevent the user from having to do what is a dirty job, particularly for people bothered by dust. Finally, I read in a blog that someone used the Zorb powder as directed to clean their carpet and woke up the next day to find that their goldfish in the same room had all died. I would expect Dyson to provide a warning for products that toxic and/or otherwise dangerous.

    I am not entirely convinced that this vacuum picks up tons more dirt than my old vacuum, either, considering that what you see in the clear bin is not compressed like the dirt in your old vac's bag was. I'm guessing that if you weighed what comes out of the old bag and what you empty from the bin, you would not find that huge a difference.

    Will I keep this vacuum? I haven't decided yet. I do want a clean home, and I think the Dyson does a good job of cleaning the carpet. It also keeps a tight rein on dust; unlike my old vacuum cleaner, it never has a layer of dust on it, and I never smell dust after vacuuming. On the other hand, the inconvenience of all its design flaws--particularly the lack of a cord reel and the constant bin emptying--is a weighty problem. I have yet to decide. A really stupendous design would include a brush stripper that keeps the brush clean by stripping off the accumulating fluff on each revolution and allowing the DC17 to suck it up into the bin. Would that be so hard to design? I would be willing to pay money for an add-on cord reel, by the way; do you read me Mr. Dyson?

    Update: I did end up keeping this vacuum, and I'm satisfied that it does a good job of cleaning my carpets. It doesn't create quite as much fuzz as when the carpet was brand new. However, it is not well designed in terms of convenience. For example, I routinely pull it out so that I can use the wand to suck up spiders, which apparently find our area of the Midwest a perfect habitat. It's impossible to use the wand, however, without removing the wound-up cord (which I had to painstakingly wind by hand) from the hook/lever that it is wound on, otherwise the wand cannot be pulled from the machine at all. I've tried carefully pulling the wound-up cord off and trying to put it back on the hook when done, but this never works no matter how careful I am. Thus, even for a quick 10-second job, I have to rewind the entire cord again when I'm done.

    In all, the vacuum has good suction so far, although the holes on the motor casing are clogging with dust and I will need another vacuum to get them clean. I thought about getting a Dyson handheld for that job but read reviews that said that it only holds a charge for 6 minutes before having to be recharged for several hours, so I nixed that idea. This vacuum is just very poorly designed in terms of being convenient to use. ...more info
  • Dyson vacuum cleaner
    This vacuum has excellent suction and is very user friendly. It is made well, and designed well. If you like the tools on board, the DC17 Animal does not have that, but that's a minor complaint. It has great edgers on both sides (gets close to the wall) and sucks up animal hair like you wouldn't believe. This is by far the greatest vacuum I've ever owned. Worth the money!...more info
  • DC17 Animal is an animal
    What can I say other than WOW! I spent a lot of time online looking over and reading reviews on many vacuums. I personally have owned a Dirt Devil and a Bissel. The Bissel was my current vac. It worked great until after only a few short uses the telescopic wand lost all of its suction. The owner's manual said to clean the filters so I followed the instructions and did that. After having to wait 2 days for them to dry completely, even by a heater, I finally could vacuum again. This did not last long. After about two rooms I noticed that the wand again was losing suction. This problem has gone on for the last year and I was finally fed up. I keep a clean house so there is no way my vac should clog this often. I also have no pets and just my husband and I live here. After researching the Dyson and convincing my husband that $500.00 was not more than any vacuum could be worth, I got the DC17. It works just like all the reviews claim. I can tell, even after only using it once that my carpet and house seem to smell and feel cleaner. I cleaned the whole house including dusting furniture with it and it never lost a bit of suction. The canister is so easy to empty and because it is completely sealed it is clean to carry around to the trash can. The ability to turn the rotating brush bar off makes it quick and simple to go from carpet to hard floors and on the hard floors it did not blow the dirt around the way most other vacs do. It and it's accessories are made well and seem very solid, unlike the cheap plastic of my previous vacs. Although the vac is not self propelled it almost seems to pull you along as you use it making it easy to manuver. I also have older finiky carpet that with previous vacs could only be easily vacuumed in one particular direction. With the Dyson I can go in any direction with ease. Many reviews said that using the attachments was tricky, so I went to a local store and played with one to get used to them. They are simple to figure out. This is by far a solid vacuum that does what it says it will. Absolutely worth every penny you will spend on it if you are the type of person that wants a clean house. Check back for updates as I will let you know down the line how things are going....more info
    WOW WOW WOW! I finally purchased my first Dyson. This thing is a beast! It is quite gross to see the kind of stuff it picked up out of rugs and off the hardwood floor! I don't have pets, but still like strong suction for good deep cleaning. It was well worth the price. I was using the Electrolux wand, which didn't work worth crap. I took it back and made the BIG upgrade. The DC17 comes with every attachment you will need, both for small spaces and under furniture cleaning. I also used it on my Saab yesterday afternoon. It rocked! I opened a card at Target and got it 10% off. Hey I saved 50.00:) ...more info
  • Must Have For Pet Owners - Well Worth the Money
    With three cats, I'd pretty much given up on vacuuming (just didn't seem to do anything) - opting instead to "brush" the carpet to get the cat hair out. After reading the great reviews (thanks everyone), I bought the Dyson DC17 today for a grand total of $475 using a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon. Even with just one use, it's worth every penny. Just one sweep with the Dyson and the carpets look great - almost as good as after they've just been steam cleaned!

    Only drawback for me was emptying the dust canister -I've always used a vacuum with a bag - so I thought the canister was way messy. Maybe that's the price you pay for better suction - an acceptable compromise in my book. I also miss the retractable cord on my old vacuum, but you can't have everything. On the plus side, the cord is VERY long - so I can vacuum the whole apartment on just one plug in. I checked the dust canister every time I emptied it and didn't see carpet fibers - so I don't think I'm any worse off than when I was "brushing" the carpet.

    And, the other reviewers are right:

    * the hose is short and awkward - I didn't particulary think it did any better job than any other vacuum on upholstery (I would think you would face the same problem with stairs)
    * the vacuum does leave tred marks on the carpet and
    * the instructions are minimal at best.

    But, since my main focus was getting my carpets clean, I can live with the drawbacks.

    If you have pet hair hiding in your carpets, this vacuum will find it =^..^=

    For that reason alone, it's worth the money....more info
  • You have got to get one of these!!
    After months of complaining and breaking my latest $100 vacuum..my husband caved in and bought me this for my birthday...yes..it was what i had been asking for..he had said for months he was NOT going to spend THAT much money on a vacuum cleaner. Let me assure you..it is worth it..he was impressed after 1 pass how much dirt and dog hair it picked up. We have 5 dogs, so you can imagine how easy it was to clog vacuums, and for the first time in years i didn't get dirty emplying the thing. It is as easy as pushing down a button and the dirt falls out the bottom. I had read reviews and other than a rare not happy, the only complaint is the price.

    If only after a few minutes, my husband( who is an engineer) thinks this is great, we have a winner. My daughter was following me around and kept asking is it full yet...I did have to empty it 3 times, that is how much stuff it pulled up out of the carpet. She can't wait to clean her car out with it, maybe i can get her to do mine...probably not......more info
  • The perfect Vacuum
    After owning a Electrolux for 25 years I decided to buy a Oreck. This was a terrible mistake, the Oreck has terrible suction and always smelled like it was burning. I decided to try the Dyson DC17 and hoped it preformed better that the Oreck. To my surprize it worked better than any vacuum I had ever used. In a house with 2 kids and 3 cats and bad alergies, the Dyson already has been worth the money. It removes dirt not only from your carpet but also from beneath it.This vacuum has already saved me from buying bags, air fllters and has calmed all our alergies. I never thought a vacuum could work this good. It's worth every penny....more info
  • You get what you pay for!
    My review of the Dyson DC17 Animal: I can't believe I spent so much money on a vacuum cleaner, but... I love this machine.

    Let me count the ways...

    - Super long cord. I can vacuum nearly my entire upstairs (2 bedrooms and a 20x20 loft) without having to jump from outlet to outlet. Also, the cord is positioned towards the top of the handle, so it's easier to keep from running it over.

    - Canister has huge capacity. (It needs it, with all the dirt this thing finds!)

    - Canister is easy to empty. With my old vacuum, I had to pull the canister off the machine, then remove the top filter (spewing dust throughout the area), then dump the canister upside down (spewing more dust). With this Dyson, the canister is tall, so I can hold it over a garbage can with the bottom deep towards the bottom of the can. There's a release latch that you press, and the bottom of the canister flips open to dump the dirt from the *bottom* of the canister. No dust flies up in my face, and I never have to touch the dirt.

    - Easy to maneuver. This isn't a "light" vacuum, but it almost seems self-propelled. It moves easily along the floor, and I was able to one-arm it while holding power cords/etc out of the way without any problems.

    - The brushes stop spinning automatically when you park the vacuum upright while powered on. Nice - doesn't wear the carpet in that spot while the machine sits there.

    - One-touch buttons for power and brush spinning are easily accessible on the handle.

    - The ability to turn off the brushes to clean hard floors - great for quick pick-ups (like getting stray cat litter granules from the laundry room floor).

    - Five year warranty. My old vacuum only had a 2 year warranty.

    - Allergen certification.

    - No filters to replace! The lifetime HEPA filter is washable. They recommend washing it once every 6 months.

    I haven't used the telescoping wand or the other floor tools yet, but I have no doubt that I'll be pleased. The wand is cleverly designed and is easy to remove from its cradle and replace.

    The construction of the vacuum is sturdy. Everything appears to be plastic, but it's solid. I don't fear breaking any of the clasps or buttons, as they are all very solid pieces. The machine is also very thoughtfully designed. You can tell that a person who uses vacuums frequently designed it. I was able to assemble and use the vacuum without the instructions (which is good, because the documentation is not very good. The instructions are illustrated, but the illustrations are hard to figure out. I got more info from the visual demonstrations of the Dyson web site than I did from the instruction manual).

    This machine picked up ridiculous amounts of dirt from my carpet. I can't believe the filth I've been living in!

    I'm 100% pleased with this purchase, and I wholeheartedly recommend this vacuum. You definitely get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Worth the extra money spent.
    I just bought the Dyxon DC17 Animal a week ago. Assembly was easy; just attach the handle. I had an old Electrolux, which was my grandmother's. I'm not kidding; it was over 50 years old. So when I used my Dyson for the first time, you would think that I hadn't vacuumed in over 2 years. We have 2 dogs and I didn't think the dog hair was that bad, but when I could see what was in the bin after I vacuumed just the living room, I was appalled. The bin was about half full and I didn't vacuum a large area. I could not believe I let my kids play on this filthy carpet. Our house is almost 3 years old, so the carpet is fairly new. I have shampooed our carpets and the water was always dirty, but I had no idea. And emptying the dirt was easy too. I just held it over the garbage can and I was surprised when the bottom just popped open and the dust and dirt just landed in the garbage. I should have bought the Dyson years ago. I am extremely happy with it and would recommend this to anyone who truly wants clean carpets. The one thing I have to get used to is that it weighs more than my old Electorlux, which was an old canister vacuum, so the separate brush head and hose was the only thing to maneuver. I don't care though, with the quality of this machine, it could weigh 100 pounds and I would still use it....more info
  • This machine sucks...
    but it's a vacuum cleaner so that's a good thing.

    We have 2 dogs and 3 cats in our house. One of the dogs is a golden retriever and she sheds everywhere. There are tumbleweeds of golden retiever hair rolling through the house when a breeze blows through. The first time this machine was used it justed sucked up all the hair and anything else. We used it on the chairs the cats sleep on, in a once over 98% of the cat hair was gone, most vacuum cleaners need several tries, and then you still have to use a hand brush or something.

    The Animal is so well thought out, everything has a place, the extender handle fits into the extension hose, which connects securely to the back of the machine.

    So far in the last 24 hours this machine has been used to vacuum a carpeted floor, go over a tile floor where a kitty litter pan is (there is not kitty litter on the floor anymore), go over a wood floor (picked up a combination of cat & dog hair), the extender piece was used to clean the edges of the carpet next to the base board, it's been used on chairs, blinds, everywhere that dust could be. And it works great!...more info
  • Dyson DC17
    We love this vacuum!! It gets our carpets super clean and we love the fact that you can see what you're getting in the canister. It just emptys right into the trash can without touching it or making a mess. The only downfall is the instructions....they are limited and it's hard to tell what a couple of things do but there is an 800 number with helpful people to answer our questions....more info
  • DC17 Animal
    We just purchased a Dyson DC 17 Animal for the house and it was amazing. We've owned a Kirby for years and this vacuum took the Heritage II to the cleaners. In the first couple of minutes the Dyson picked up almost a complete cannister of dust, fibers, pet hairs, and debris (no kidding). WOW! My wife loves it and we'll all benefit from a cleaner home. ...more info
  • WOW!
    I am so glad I waited for this model to come out. As many of us have done, I waited and waited trying to justify the expense of this vacuum. I purchased it a few days ago (from BB&B-20% coupon) after researching the heck out of it. I was torn between this and the DC15 Animal. When I went to BB&B I was able to compare them side by side. This one, I thought, was MUCH easier to maneuver and felt more substantial even though the DC15 had the "ball".

    I have now vacuumed my entire house and have never felt so confident that my house was clean. The amount of fine dust it pulled out was unreal. I was so tempted to buy a canister vac for the ease of maneuverability, but they aren't known for their "sucking" ability. With the dyson, you have the low-reach head it comes with that nearly duplicates the feel of a canister vac. However, be warned that the suction when using this is STRONG so it actually forms a seal to the bare floor you're vacuuming and can be a bit tough on your back dragging it back and forth. There is a lever you can push on with your foot that breaks the seal (Ah! They thought of everything).

    Only real problem I've had, as a few others have mentioned, is that it isn't easy to do stairs with this. By the time you get to the last 3 steps you feel like it just isn't going to make it all the way and you struggle with it. I ended up having to use the mini turbine head for the steps, but had to go back over them with the crevice tool to get into the corners. I've only had it a few days, so have only done the stairs the one time. I may find an easier way of doing this, I hope, but if that's the only real problem I have with this vacuum, it still deserves the 5 stars I gave it.

    I'm not sure if I would spend the money on this vacuum if I didn't have 2 dogs/2 cats, but the amount of animal hair that this vacuum gets out compared to my previous ones, makes this one of my best purchases.

    Hope this helped!...more info
  • Love it.
    Expensive, sure. But exactly what I was hoping for. It's a little loud on bare floors, and getting the hose out can be a pain in the b*tt, but as a vaccuum, it does as advertised....more info
  • Oh my lord, could this machine work any better???
    I've never considered my wife and I, our children, and our two large dogs to be pigs in human and dog clothing, but after 10 mins of using the ANIMAL I am now convinced otherwise.

    We have been huge Hoover Windtunnel fans for years having purchased a number of them. We liked the bagless concept, the HEPA filter, and what we percieved was the excellent cleaning capability found in the Hoover models. Our tune has changed. After a friend purchased a DC4 and raved about it for weeks, my wife wanted to see what else Dyson offered. After reading the many reviews out there and looking at the different models we chose to get the DC17 Animal. What a great choice.

    We vacume often to keep control of the dog hair and dirt brought in from outside. The old Hoover looked like it picked up most of it. Now we know how wrong we were. The ANIMAL is FANTASTIC. It picks up the hair the Hoover was leaving. It picks up dust and dirt we never even knew was there. It would suck the dimples off a golf ball if you let it. We emptied the container many times on the first pass through our house and now that the disgusting stuff the Hoover was leaving is gone we see the real carpet that had been hiding underneath. It is soft, fluffy, and clean when the ANIMAL gets done with it.

    Fantastic, incredible, great value. There just are not enough words in the english language to say how well this thing works.

    We chose the DC17 because it seemed more heavy duty in the store. The attachments are great and work just as well as the main head. The long hose and convienient handle took some getting used to, but now feel very natural. Other reviews commented on the noise level, but I think it is quieter than our Hoover.

    The Dysons are a bit more spendy, but now I am a firm believer that they are worth it. I agree with one of the previous reviewers in as much as I would buy one for each level in our home. Central Vac and the old Hoover Windtunnel are being retired. We are now a full blown Dyson home. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    We compared the DC14 and the DC17 along with our current Hoover Wind Tunnel. The DC17 is the best of the three. It picked up dirt the other two left behind. In particular, it picked up finer dirt, which I assume came from deep in the carpet pile.

    The brush bar on the DC17 worked far better than the DC14. One of the reviews I read stated this is because it has its own motor and that it is designed to work on American carpets while the DC14 was designed for European carpets. In addition, the DC17 is based on newer technology.

    To save 20% we bought it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% coupon. ...more info
  • AMAZING....
    The DC17 Animal is amazing. After just vacuuming with my Hoover and then using the DC 17 after I could not believe the gunk that it picked up. Yuck....I do have a black lab and white carpet (stupid huh????) and that means lots of hair but this vacuum is like a sucking tornado. It gets everything. It seems lightweight and easy to manuever. If you have pets, kids, or are just plain not into housekeeping, this vacuum will amaze you with what it picks up. These seem pricey but if you are smart and shop around you can get a new one for way less than the 549.99. With a five year warranty to boot, you cannot go wrong with this. It is worth the money.....more info
  • Great first impression
    I was sick of our old canister and picked up this vacuum the day our maid had just cleaned the house. Over freshly vacuumed carpet I filled up the canister with cat hair our old Kenmore canister vacuum left behind. The included accessories with this are also very useful and effective. I was expecting to see an exceptionally well built vacuum and have to admit I was still surprised and impressed at how well this works. I guess that is just the engineer in me. With the 5 year warranty I fully expect to get my a great value for the money :-)...more info
  • Amazing.
    I had a DC07 and loved it. When it bit the dust I bought the DC17. It manages to be even better. The amount of dirt and pet fur it gets is incredible....more info
    We love our Dyson DC17 the Animal. We have animals, but the machine is up to the task! Great suction. Easy to empty. No complaints.

    In shopping it is very difficult to determine the variations among the models. We went to a store and received demonstrations to make our choice, and we have no regrets.

    The size of the machine is a bit bulky, but not an insurmountable obstacle, especially given its cleaning efficiency....more info
  • Amazing vacuum!
    The Dyson DC17 Animal picked up more dust, pet hair and whatever than I care to disclose publicly on a single oriental carpet in my home! The colors of the carpet were unrecognizable and my wife vacuums regularly with an Oreck XL! The first time we used this Dyson we literally filled the clear Dyson bin three times! (We never imagined we were living in such filth!) We have one eight year old English Springer Spaniel and she sheds. This machine is made to order for her! The Oreck which cost about the same as the Dyson DC17 Animal is going to vacuum heaven.

    This vacuum is a little pricey but if it holds up, it will be worth it. We also bought a handheld Dyson which is a little bulky but works well for small jobs.

    ...more info
  • Incredible Machine
    I researched what vacuum to get after our Hoover WindTunnel bagless died after six months, and I was curious about Dyson vacuums. I love this vacuum, and if my son will ever let me use it I would love it more!

    We have two long hair cats and this DC17 Animal is amazing with how it picks up the hair and doesn't lock up the roller on the vacuum. With the Windtunnel I would have to use scissors on the roller, so that the roller would work again.

    It is a expensive vacuum, but I am hoping it was a good investment. I am a bit worried about repair and parts issues mentioned by other Dyson owners, but so far this machine works perfectly, it's quiet and easy to use.

    I believe I picked a winner, and if that proves not to be true I will let you know.

    Cat in AK...more info
    What an awesome machine. Great suction. Took the fur from three cats off carpets and didn't break a sweat. After Miele, Hoover, Eureka and Oreck, I think I have found a great vacuum! Yes, it is heavy but it glides well and is maneuverable enough. I can see how someone on the small side can have problems with it. The wand is a bit too long for cleaning chair upholstery, but overall this is the best machine I have had in years!...more info
  • Dyson vacuumes are unbelievable!
    The DC17 Animal is the latest in the series. I have also used a DC14 Animal, but disliked some of the design (e.g., the tools can fall off when you dump the dust). The DC17 re-engineered all of the things I found flawed with the DC14.

    If you've never tried a Dyson, find someone who owns one and try it. I've had a commercial Electrolux for years and though it was a good machine-- both the Dyson
    DC14 and DC17 put it to shame.

    From my perspective, there are only two drawbacks--

    First: price. A DC17 is a lot of $$$ for a vacuum. Considering it's mostly plastic, it's hard to swallow the price tag.

    Second: the size of the dust container. Since it does such a good job of picking up
    everything, the dust container fills quickly. Emptying it can get annoying if you haven't cleaned in a while.

    I have several dogs and this machine does exactly what it advertises-- the amount of dust, hair and dander it picks up is simply amazing!...more info
  • NOT what I expected!
    I have wanted a Dyson since they first came out but was always so skeptical and didn't want to pay the price. I kept watching and reading reviews as more and more Dyson came off the line. Finally, I decided it's time. I have to have one!

    I got it home and after my husband exchanged it due to a bad part, I vacuumed my entire downstairs from one outlet, pretty impressive for me! (Always had to switch before) I am pretty impressed by what it picked up but having 2 cats and a dog on top of 3 kids, it didn't look to pick up more than my old vacuum did. I was eager to try out the attachments and get to work on the stairs and furniture. This is where I found a MAJOR flaw in design! The attachment hose is way too hard to use, especially for furniture. It needs some flexability to it to get around the short places which it does not. Not to mention the hose is pretty short. On the stairs, the turbo brush failed to pick up quite a bit, very dissapointing. I went to empty the canister and found it kind of hard to take out and put back in, not to mention the fact that it doesn't feel very durable! The other thing I don't like is that there is no handle release button. You have to put your foot on the front and pull back on the handle. Kinda awkward if you ask me. It's not any quieter or louder than other vacuums out there though.

    I'm very disappointed, after wanting one for so long then to have such a disappointment after I finally get one. Needless to say, it's going back tomorrow and the Bissell Healthy Home will be purchased!...more info
  • Love it - keeps up with the animals...
    No other vacuum we've had has managed to keep up with all the fur generated by three long haired cats and a dog. The Oreck lasted only about a year. The various Hoovers and others were soon burned out. The Dyson picks up all the fur and keeps on going. ...more info
  • As fun as getting a new car!
    Just like the others...I LOVE this vacuum cleaner. I've had my DC-17 for
    2 weeks, and it is actually fun vacuuming. All those other reviews you've
    been reading are soooo true. I guess getting a product that actually does
    what it is marketed to do shocks us into sheer amazement!
    The Dyson is probably twice as heavy and bigger than my trusty(?) old
    Hoover, but because of the great ergonomic design, is much easier to use.
    Go figure...
    And as far as the price ~hey, it's about 25% of the cost of vacuums in it's "league". The VALUE is there.
    I would buy this vac again in a heartbeat. ...more info
    I purchased a Rainbow vacuum shortly after moving into my first place. My husband and I were expecting our first child, and I loved the results from that purchase. As the years passed it started to wear out and the cost of getting it fixed was a little too much for a young family. Of course twenty years down the road, I would kill to have that machine back. Short of spending thousands of dollars to get another one, I was intrigued by the Dyson commercials. Mind you, dozens of crappy vacuums later, I was looking for the "one".

    I purchased my Dyson in November. LOVE IT!! This vacuum really sucks! So be careful! I accidently sucked up the edge of my dogs blanket. This in turn stretched out the belt and caused it to make a terrible noise until it ultimately blew out on me. I am now on WEEK #4 !!!, still begging someone in the world to find me a damn belt!! Basically I have a $550 worthless vacuum sitting in my closet. Even a call directly to Dyson has given me no results. The woman I spoke to at their 1-800 number assured me that they had finally gotten in their "back-order" of belts and would ship one to me (at no cost) within three to five days. That was a week and a half ago. A man I talked to at a local vacuum repair shop (while I was pounding the pavement looking for a belt) said he has had parts on order with Dyson for two months now and still hasn't received anything from them. He also assured me that the machines are quite costly to repair (if you can ever get the replacement parts!). I was crushed, as I really do love the machine (when the belt is on it). What to do now?? Hopefully the belt shows up. If they ever do get the belts stocked on shelves somewhere, I would suggest you stock up!! I certainly will. ...more info
  • Finally a vaccum I didn't return
    After my 6 year old Sharp died I began a search that took much longer than I expected. I read Consumer Reports, went to 2 vaccum cleaner shops, cleaned the floor at Sears with everyone of their floor modles and even sat through a Rainbow demonstration. Who knew finding a vaccum cleaner would be so time consuming and quite frankly expensive????

    I tried a Riccar upright....sale price $399 and took it back the same day. After the home demo of the Rainbow, and not wanting to spend $1895 for something I might not like, I borrowed a friends (she is s really good friend to lend me her relatively new Rainbow) and tried it for a weekend. I found it to be combersome and after it was all said and done I had strined a muscle in my neck with all the cleaning I did and had to see a chiropracter. The Rainbow did not cause all my muscle problems as I have been treated by a chiropracter for a little over a year, but I can certianly say it didn't help it either.

    I have a 2000 sq ft home with hardwood floors throught and several antique rugs...all with fringe (this vaccum will automatically shut off the beater bar if I accidently suck up the fringe....that was worth $500 to me). My husband is an oriental rug dealer and these rugs are very old and have lots of deep down dust in them I'm sure. So I wanted something that would clean the wood floors and rugs with as much ease as possible.

    January 17th was my birthday. I met my mom for lunch but before we ate we went to the mall. I was making one last ditch effort to find the "perfect" vaccum cleaner. And there it was.......the Dyson 17. I had looked at it once before but for $500+ was it really worth it? The salesman was quite patient as I asked quesiton after question as I vaccumed most of the appliance department. Still a bit uneasy I sucked it up and made it purchase.

    When I got back home I put it all together (not hard at all) and began to vaccum.........WOW!!! I could not believe what I was seeing? The Rainbow was just used on that some rug and the Dyson still picked up more dust and dirt. Then came time to empty the canister. I expected this to be the point at which I would pack it up again to take it back, but no, it was so easy and the dust didn't fly everywhere. Yeah a little flew back into the air so now I have started using a plastic shopping bag and I just empty it and tie it up and throw it away. Very little , if any, mess is made now.

    The attachments are terrific. I love the low floor tool for getting my bathroom floors and it even fits behind the toilet. The dusting brush is great for my plantation blinds and even ceiling fans. The upholstry tool is great for throw pillows. I have leather furniture and that is all I have used it on so far.

    I know this is a bit lengthy but if someone else is out there reading reviews like I did I wanted as much information as anyone was willing to give, especially when you are considering spending $500+ for a vaccum cleaner.

    One of the most important things to me was getting one that would suck up pet hair. We have a 1 yr old black lab and he sheds, not too bad but enough that my husband thinks our house is never clean. The greatest thing is that after using the Dyson 17 he said everything looked cleaner to him. WOW! He is a wonderful man and tries to be supporative but spending $500+ on a vaccum cleaner was not top on his list of things to do but he is glad I did it now. I have yet to try the mini turbine tool but I think it will be great for vaccuming out the car.

    I would strongly recommend this vaccum to anyone who wants to make cleaning a little easier. I have not had a problem with the hose as some people have stated. It is easy to pull out and has a very long reach. The cord is longer than most I have tried. Auto shut off of the brush beater bar is a huge plus for me as is the bagless feature. I just cannot say enough good things about it. Go ahead.....spend the money and enjoy cleaning for a change....more info
    I read several reviews before purchasing the Dyson DC17 Animal because of the cost of the product. Let me tell you.....it was sooooo worth it! We recently purchased a new home and had all the carpets cleaned, so imagine our surprise when we used our Dyson for the first time (and having just vacuumed a week earlier) and the canister needed to be emptied after just the living room and hallway!!! After going over our upstairs twice, the living room carpet looks cleaner than it did after it was steam cleaned. We had to empty the canister 3 times for our downstairs! You can't even begin to imagine what is in your carpet that you don't know about! I highly suggest product. It is well worth the money!...more info
  • The Animal is Amazing!
    Like most of the other reviewers here, I have had a great experience with my DC17. I have plush carpet, and have not found any evidence that my carpet is being ripped up. All that I'm picking up is lots and LOTS of fur from my two cats along with fine silt and dirt.

    The attachments are great, and the mini-turbine is awesome. They must have changed the design because this tool does not stop turning if I press down on the upholstery or whatever fabric I'm cleaning. De-furring my furniture and my duvet cover is a snap with that thing.

    The 'directions' are laughable. I went on to the Dyson site it figure out what to do with half of my tools. That's pretty much my only complaint. I found the DC17 to be much more quiet and lighter than my previous vacuum.

    I returned my 3rd Hoover Windtunnel vacuum, and bought the Dyson. The Dyson picks up about three times the amount of stuff that my Hoover did, and I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Ahnold Dyson the Wonderful Strong Dream Vacuum
    I was just diagnosed as being allergic to dust mites. I opted to buy a really good hepa vacuum with my budgeted funds to remedy the problem in my house. I selected a Dyson because my brother told me last year he bought one and thought it worth every dime. I bought one last Thursday and spent Saturday and Sunday "Spring Housecleaning" the entire house. My Dyson Animal is an absolute joy and, I agree, worth every dime. I have six cats and am fortunate not to be allergic to cats, but the little darlings shed enough fur to clothe several other cats. Last year I returned to using my 20+ year old Hoover upright and Kenmore canister vacuums. After all the bagless, Hepa, hotdog vacuums I had bought and killed with only a year or two of use I could always rely on them with a large enough stock of bags and belts to pick up more animal fur than all the newer ones combined. Their drawback was the lack of Hepa and the need for the bags/belts. If I had bought a Dyson 10 years ago I am sure I would still use it and love it now, as opposed to all the other $150-$200 vacuums that I kept trying and gave to Goodwill because they just couldn't handle the pet requirements.

    Using a Dyson for the first time is an unusual experience. It does not come with a multi-numbered instruction manual to put it together, nor a detailed instruction manual on how to use it. It has two pages of picture instructions that could be understood with any language. The Dyson works so sensibly and simply that it throws you off. It is not complicated with lots of switches and buttons to push. To lower the handle there is no latch to step on, you simply place your foot on the indentation on either side of the front and lower the handle, this activates the beater bar. To use the extension hose return the vacuum to the upright position and pull the hose straight up. When the tube end of the hose is totally up it releases the rest of the hose. Returning to the upright position stops the beater bar and sends the suction to the hose. A total no-brainer. It took me awhile to figure out because it was SO-O simple. My only advise is be sure to have the canister over a trash recepticle or bag before pushing the red button to empty it. Again, super simple and easy to do. Push the red button and the bottom of the canister drops open and everything falls out. The quality of the plastic and construction make this vacuum worth its weight in all the stars you want to give it. The long hose and nice long heavy duty electical cord make it easy to go from room to room. And no, it does not clog. After two days of intense cleaning I picked up everything but a complete cat without one clog.

    I named my vacuum after the dear Governor of California due to its incredible strength and enduring charm.

    This would make a great wedding gift!...more info
  • Awsome Machine, well worth the money
    I had been using my old vacuum for the last 5 years until it died out on me recently. I went to Best Buy to purchase a Dyson since I had heard so much about them. At first I was hesitent to spend the money for a vacuum so I was considering the DC-07 vacuum. Fortunately for me, I also work at Best Buy so I got a nice deal on the DC-17 model.

    Lemme tell you, My other vacuum NEVER picked up like this thing. It makes all the carpets look brand new. We have a Golden Retriever and a Black cat, so there is plenty of hair to go around on the beige carpets. The DC-17 has so much power, you only have to go over the areas once to get it all picked up. I was amazed how much it actually picked up when I ran it for the first time.

    We have a 1 year old daughter who loves to play and read books in the middle of her room and living room, It makes me feel a lot better knowing that the carpet is practically new when she decides she wants to sit there.

    Occasionally the roller gets pet hair wrapped around it, but it's very easy to clean off. The canister is very easy to empty as well. If anything gets stuck at the top of the canister, a little shake usually gets it all out. The suction power is amazing, it's literally like running a shop vac in your house without half the noise.

    Definately worth the money, especially if you have pets in the house. Once you try the thing, you'll see why so many people here are giving it positive reviews. I was skeptical before I bought it, but all the positive reviews are acurate. Hope this review helps someone who is on the fence make the jump....more info
  • CAUTION Before buying!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading the great reviews because i wanted a vacuum that really cleaned since i have 3 small dogs and am a neat freak. I was soo excited when it arrived. I started cleaning right away...imagine my surprise and delight when the bin was full of stuff! Then i vacuumed again..and it was full again...I started really looking at all the "wonderful" dirt i was removing from my carpet. It was then that i realized that it wasnt just dirt..it was MY CARPET!! I have plush carpeting that is is great shape and it is 9 years old and should not be "pilling or fuzzing". I vacuumed again for the third time in a row and sure enough ..more carpet! I looked at the manual and noticed it said if this occurs you may have the wrong carpet for a dyson!! Plush carpet?! Doesnt half of america have plush carpet?? I called the helpline and they agreed that this machine is super powerful and the brush bar is very stiff..they suggested that i send it back rather than keep pulling up my carpet. So for all of these 5 star reviews..perhaps they should really look at that fuzz and dirt and make sure its not their own carpet they are thrilled to be sucking up!!! Besides that the hose for using the tools with is very stiff and hard to use. The vacuum is also heavy to haul around. :-(...more info
  • Awesome Product
    This product was well worth the money. I couldn't believe how much dirt and animal fur was pulled out of our rugs. It was amazing. I have been extremely pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Piece of junk
    We purchased a brand new Dyson DC-17 on 11-14-06.

    After a few weeks of use, the belt broke.
    I spent two weeks going to different shops to purchase a belt, but no one sells belts.

    On December 28, I wrote to Dyson Customer service, because every time I call the 800#, it was busy.

    Finally on January 2, Someone wrote me back. After a phone conversation, I was assured me a new belt was going in the mail the very next morning.

    It is now January 17, and we still have no belt.

    We just called the customer service line, and we're told the belts were out of stock. We requested one be over night-ed to us as soon as possible, and we were told Dyson can not so this. Customer Service said there was nothing she could do for us, other than we would just have to continue to wait, with no time period when we Dyson might mail a belt to us. We asked to speak to a supervisor, and were told that was not possible.

    We paid over $500 for a vacuum cleaner that does not work.
    No one will help us get a simple replacement part.
    We are just given the run around.

    It worked for 4 weeks, and has been broken,unable tobe repaired, for 8 weeks.

    It is obvious that a Duson vacuum cleaner is just a piece of junk, and that the Dyson company is not interested in taking care of their customers.

    I wish I had never purchased this useless product. ...more info
  • This vaccum sucks! And I mean that in a good way.
    1. Best suction even among other Dyson models due to new Level 3 Root Cyclone.
    2. Excellent build quality. Each piece is not an after-thought.
    3. Best design - shape, color, material and operation.

    1. Price - but you do pay for the technology it has to offer.
    2. Heavy! Well at least we know this will last for years and years.
    3. The cones gets clogged from fine dirt in time.

    Summary: This is arguably one of the best "bagless" household vacuum cleaners money can buy. Dyson's root cyclone technology really does perform. And this latest Level 3 Root Cyclone trumps even its other models.

    If you're serious about having a real clean environment, this is THE product to buy. I just moved into an apartment a month ago and they replaced the carpets in most of the area and steam cleaned the others that they deemed need not be replaced. I used the vacuum in both and I can tell you that steam cleaning old carpets may get rid of surface dirt and stains, but Dyson is your friend if you want to suck out most (if not all) the dirt hidden below the surface. I could not believe how much dust it was picking up in such a small area. The bin filled up pretty fast so I was on to round 2 in the same patch of rug. This time it was picking up very find dust. Dust that may have been stuck for years and was never sucked out from other vacuum systems. Round 3 time and you will smile when you realize there is nothing else that's being collected in the bin. As for the newly installed carpets, I could only collect find dust until no more could be collected.

    Unlike other vacuums in the market, this is one heck of a quiet vacuum in a relative way. Of course it's still noisy, but as with other brands this won't hurt your noise environment. In fact I am able to vacuum even at night with no fear that my neighbors beside and above my unit will hear me.

    You're not only paying for the suction technology, you're also paying for the build quality. Each part has quality reflected on it. While the design is modern.

    Of course nothing is perfect. This thing is heavy. DO NOT vacuum the stairs while the machine is on the top stair because if this thing falls on you, there will be serious injury and damage.

    The quick-draw expandable hose is a good idea. But it's also not as flexible as I would have imagined it to be. It's easy to expand and retract, but the long handle commands that the vacuum is at a distance from where you want to use the telescope handle if you want to operate it comfortably.

    Among other bagless vacuums, this is the easiest to dump the contents. But just like all other bagless vacuums, dust will certainly be flying away from the trash unless you have a very deep trash can. Plus the fine holes around the cyclone technology gets clogged from fine dust in time so you will need to clean those tiny holes from time to time if you want the Dyson to perform it's best everytime.

    The lifetime Hepa filter is a great addition below. They recommend only washing with water and drying at least 24 hours near a heater/radiator - and they really do mean 24 hours. It's big and thick so it won't dry out quickly. So if you find the need to frequently vacuum the next day, I recommend getting an extra Hepa filter to use.

    The motorized brush bar helps pick up stuff from the carpet. This can be turned off for delicate rugs and floors. Just like other vacuums, hair and other long items can be trapped around the brush bar and need to be removed from time to time. It is also belt-driven so this can snap and break especially if inadvertently caught on a loose item. So be careful of this.

    Overall, Dyson is a wonderful machine to have and will surely last longer if properly taken care of.
    If you are extremely allergic to dust, I believe a better alternative is to go with Oreck XL as it ensures you will not be in contact with the dust particles due to it's ingenious bag design that closes shut when removed....more info
  • Best vaccum I have ever used
    I like the way it works the sucktion is great it really gets the dirt out of the carpet and picks up the pets hairs very good. I have used the rainbow for years this one is even better in what it can do and it is lighter now the weight is a factor that I use to not think about last year I had surgery for colon cancer and now I cannot lift anything that is heavy I can take the Dyson DC17 Animal up stairs without worry about lifting something too heavy as I have also a hernia it has help to make the house work enjoyable thank you for your help in getting this vaccum
    cleaner I am sure that I will be ordering other thing from you in the future.

    With warm regards

    Robert Chambers...more info
  • Could anything be better?
    This is the best vacuum by far. I'm a foster mom for a dog/cat rescue group and really needed a superior cleaner for all the fur that runs loose in my house. This vacuum really sucks it all up, from the area rugs to the bare wood floors. The attachments are perfect for cleaning upholstery and under beds. I was truly amazed when I first vacuumed an area rug that I thought was 'clean' - all the loose rug fibers and the DIRT that I had been walking on thinking it was clean. Keep in mind I do steam clean my carpets regularly but with this Dyson now I KNOW they are clean. On my 2x4 area rug the Dyson actually picks up the rug when I vacuum it, how's that for suction. A trick I learned from a professional house cleaner is to vacuum over the carpet slowly, it'll pick up more dirt. Now I'm seeing all the dirt they Dyson picks up. From dog fur to silt Dyson sucks it all up baby....more info
  • great vacuum
    This is a major improvement from our 10 year old hoover. sucks up alot more dirt and fine particles. It is easy to clean with no expense for bags! the filters work great here is a good example when we took our christmas tree down we sucked up all the needles and there was almost no smell our old one didn't do that. This machine pulls itself along so it is easy to run. My wife only minor complaints are it is heavier than the old machine to lift up and down the stairs and the detachable handle for the attachments is a little awkard to use. But she also said she would'nt give it back. It really does do a good job. I got a real good price on it but it is still worth the money without a discount....more info
  • Dyson DC17 Animal
    This vacuum cleaner is an engineering marvel. We just had our house vacuumed last Friday with our Hoover and 2 days later , I still was able to fill the Dyson canister!! Well worth the money. I bought it at Kohl's who had it at $549 on sale and was able to take another 15% off when I used their charge card!...more info
  • OMG!!! You HAVE to GET one!
    YES! It's true! These reviews are right on! I got one last night from Target. My wife thought I was nuts for even buying one cause we bought a very expensive vacuum 5 years earlier (a Rainbow that cost $2K). We still have it but I'm thinking it's not as good as before. I said, "if it's (Dyson) not good, we'll return it, okay?" Anyway, we had vacuumed earlier that day and after we returned from dinner and shopping at Target, I opened the Dyson 17 RIGHT AWAY and I vacuumed all night long! Vacuumed wall to wall, all the rooms, furniture, couches. I took pictures of the first batch of dirt! It was nasty as hell! (BTW - the family room ALONE filled up the clear dust housing!) The clear body really showed what was getting sucked up. Carpet, dust, hair, dirt! My wife said, "Okay, we're keeping it!" HAHAHA. Now we can park that other "vacuum" in the garage. Finally I bought something she can agree on! Price? Are you kidding - when you SEE what gets sucked up, you FORGET REAL QUICK! It's really really worth it - especially when you have kids! DEFINITELY FIVE STARS!!!!...more info
  • A FIVE STAR Vacuum but for one thing...
    This is my second vacuum purchase from Amazon. I really couldn't see spending so much money on a vacuum and settled for a bagless Eureka, however, it soon became apparent you get what you pay for. I did LOTS of on line research and kept coming back to the Dyson, and after reading all the reviews for each one, the DC17 seemed to be the best choice.

    One reviewer said they do not like how the canister has to be emptied because you have to reach in and get the hair, dirt etc. off, however, I found if I use an old toothbrush it works great, and of course, you don't have to 'reach in' as the whole outside container comes off. Took me a few trips to the garbage can to see that. My carpets now look fantastic, in spite of a big yellow lab who thinks he is a house dog and two long haired cats.

    I would love to give this vacuum 5 stars, but one of the main reasons I bought it was to use on stairs and it just doesn't work well at all. Now that is not to say it doesn't get the stairs clean, it does. However, the hose is much too short and it was quite cumbersome to use. It is also heavy and would not be something I would want to take up and down stairs.

    I agree with one reviewer who wishes the instructions were clearer. I'm not even sure what to do with some of the attachments! The pictures which were included were different (and they said they might be) than the ones that came with my machine.

    All in all, if I had it to do over again, and even knowing what I now know, I would purchase this Dyson again.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Machine!
    I bought this for both my son and dauaghter for Christmas. I knew my daughter would be happy with it because she's a neat freak. What surprised me was that my son was just as happy. He said his wife had wanted a Dyson for a long time but they never thought they'd own one. They have 3 cats (and my daughter has 2) so both of them REALLY needed a vacuum that could handle all the cat hair. After my daughter used the vacuum the first time, she totally filled up the basket with hair and had to dump it before she could go on to the next room. That's what a fantastic job the Dyson does. I know the price might seem high for anyone who thinks it's "just a vacuum" but you can't even compare it to other vacuums. It's worth every penny. I wouldn't have shelled out the money for two of these if I didn't believe it was the best vacuum on the market....more info
  • Dyson DC17 animal
    WOW! what a great vacuum. I shopped around and Amazon had an incredible deal going. We have 2 dogs one that sheds ALOT! We used this vacuum and the stuff that was in the container was incredible. You can actually tell that I have vacuumed. It empties with a press of the button and has useful attachments like the one for steps, no more dragging a vacuum uphill! so far we love it and hope it lasts longer than our 2 previous vacuums which pooped out after 2 years....more info
  • Like getting new rugs and getting rid of the cats. Only without doing either.
    I got the DC17 this December when old vacuum finally croaked. I have a couple shabby rugs and two woolly cats. The house always seemed a bit dusty. After twenty minutes with the Dyson, the rugs looked brand new and the cat hair was GONE.

    This thing is worth the money. Take out a home improvement loan if you have to. It's like redecorating your house.

    The long handle device makes a good spider-sucker, too. ...more info
  • You never knew how dirty your house was until you get a Dyson
    What an awesome machine! Just like the other review said, that the chamber is still getting full after days of use. Same in my experience. The DC17 motorized brush combs my wool rugs so well they look brand new! Almost does too good a job. Not sure if my front room rug is going to have any wool left on it in a few months because it's so powerful. This is like the Apple(computers) of vacuums. Better looking, more thoughtfully designed, More functional, more powerful, and more reliable. My husband and I fight over who gets to do the vacuum like fighting over who gets to drive the new car. It's so fun to use, I think, because you're curious how much dirt it will pull up. I think having the motorized brush is very important part of why it is working so well.

    The only downfall is the poor design of the Mini Turbine Tool, but I would have bought the vacuum anyways with knowing how well it did my rugs and floors. I can use an old spin brush tool on it to do my sofas until they figure out a new design for the upholstery tool. What happens is the brush spins very slowly, then as soon as you touch the fabric of the sofa it stops. So it's basically worthless.. the turbine tool that is....more info
  • Greatest Christmas Present of my married life
    Everyone thought I was nuts asking my husband for a vacuum for christmas - until I told them I wanted a Dyson. After one use we never questioned the price!!! With a Lab, three cats and a Westie puppy we needed something for pets - this was the ticket. My carpets are SPOTLESS ! ! I was aghast at the dirt it picked up. I purposesly ran my old Sears Progressive Christmas Eve to see if it was as great as the previous reviews I read on here were really accurate. What an understament they turned out to be. I am still in shock at how much dirt it pulls from the carpet and I have been running it every day since Christmas. The dirt chamber is still being filled every day. YIKES ! I thought my house was clean before, little did I know. I had also read a previous post about how their carpet felt better after using the DC 17. Mine feels BRAND NEW. My husband is amazed how soft the carpet is now. A bonus is there is no nasty smell from an old bag when you vacuum now. I can't think of one bad comment on this vacuum, not even the price - it was worth every penny....more info
  • Once you go Dyson...
    I know I'll never go back. This thing is incredible. The crap it pulled out of my carpet the first few times I used it was disgusting (and really quite embarrassing). My carpet hasn't been this clean since it was new. I have a cat and my allergic friends can tell a huge difference when they come over. It truly never loses suction. The attachments and tools are convenient, effective, and easy to use. I find myself getting it out and using it for the smallest things just because it is so easy. I was very skeptical at first when I was looking at that big price tag but I can honestly say that it is worth every single penny. I will never buy another brand of vacuum. And for the money - go ahead and get the DC17. I know a few people who skimped and got other models and they are not quite as thrilled as I am....more info
  • Best Gift I could ever get
    My girlfriend and I both got iPod's and acccessories this holiday season.. we then proceeded to return them so we could get this Dyson instead. It was the best decision we made! The DC17 picked up more dirt and cat hair from our carpets than we ever thought was down there.. and we just vacuumed with our Bissell last week! It is truly a wonder.. finally I can make lines in the carpet when vacuuming, and I love the hose that detaches and you can get in the small crevaces and beneath the couch with the low-reach tool. If you're looking for a vacuum regardless if you have pets or not, this is the one. Well worth the investment!! Especially with their new 5-yr warranty. Go Dyson!...more info
  • Pricey, but worth the $$
    My husband was thrilled when our nearest hardware store received a shipment of these in a few days before Christmas. They had only received 3 of them at Noon and by time he got there, they were down to 2. The vacuum was not on sale and pretty pricey, but he darted off to get one. I thought he was nuts .. until I used it. Of course he bought it for me to use. It's a rare day to ever see HIM clean the house! I don't have many bad things to say about the Dyson DC17 Animal. All along I thought our other vacuum was picking up the dirt from our carpets just fine. I was terribly wrong. I was amazed at how much dirt the Animal picked up. I had to empty the canister many times before vacuuming our entire 3,000+ square foot house. After going over the upstairs & downstairs a couple of times, the canister has less dirt and I feel like our carpets are much cleaner. The vacuum literally glides on the carpets. There's no heavy pushing needed. The cord is super long, which is a huge plus! I love that there are no bags to buy. And again, the sucking action is superb! The only gripes I have are that it's kind of heavy, so hauling it up and down our steep stairs is somewhat trying. And the dirt (especially if there's carpet fuzz, etc.) in the canister doesn't always want to come out on its own, so I have to stick my hand/arm in there. Otherwise, this vacuum was a great purchase made by my husband and worth the $$....more info
  • Very powerful vacuum -- almost too powerful
    I used to think that our floors were clean until i ran the DC17 over a small runner in our hallway. Just 2' wide, I vacuumed 4' of it and looked into the DC17's clear dirt bin to see an amazing 1.5" of gunk at the bottom! This vacuum cleaner is quite simply the most powerful vacuum I've ever seen.

    In the process of vacuuming out 2000sq/ft home (hardwood and carpet), I had to empty the bin twice, which was quite easy. The powerful brush actually seemed to scrub some high-traffic areas clean (tip: move the vacuum slowly for best results). A range of peripherals helped suck up dust bunnies from every nook and cranny in our home. The upholstery cleaner was VERY effective in cleaning cat hair and other crap out of our couch.

    The only complaints I have are that there were almost no instructions in the box, just a bunch of warnings. (The dyson website has a few good videos and FAQs, though.) Also, the extendable hose says it's 16' long, but getting it to reach much past 8' is difficult because of the sheer force of the suction on the hose. When the hose is extended, moving the main base is difficult because there's no handle attached.

    Overall, though, I'm really pleased and think that this vacuum is well worth the money....more info
  • Wicked Beast indeed!
    Someone called this a wicked beast. No Kidding. I am amazed at what it got out of my area rug, which I had cleaned the other day. I have one small dog and don't think in two days, he could have tracked in all of what came out of my carpet. My neighbor tried to sell me one of those expensive $1,200 jobs, by the time you finance it it is close to $1,400. When he did a demonstration, he got out a bunch of carpet fibers that had been cut from all the sand in the carpet. I did the same test as he did, but with my Dyson ... sweep one area then go over the exact area with the dyson and all this stuff that came out. Three trips to the garbage can! I then moved onto a smaller area rug, which I have even had steam cleaned and the dyson sucked out dog hair that was from my Golden Retriever that died two years ago. I suffer from severe allergies and I am going to order the mattress attachment. The only thing I have to watch out for is the fringe on my area rugs, sucked those right up, but the brush immediately stopped, just scared the daylights out of me, then I couldn't get the suction to work, but when I pressed the button, next to the on button, it worked again. I just wish they had less vague written instructions for those of us that need more than a bunch of pictures to assemble things! I can't wait to clean the rest of the house!...more info
  • I'd Give It Ten Stars If I Could
    I used to wonder how ancient cities ended up buried under layers and layers of dirt - after I got my Dyson I could see how it happened - it seemed it had been slowly happening in my house too when the new Dyson picked up all the "stuff" in my carpets. That's about how much dirt and stuff my other vacuum was leaving behind. If I had only known . . .

    If this vacuum were a man, I'd marry it. With four dogs, all long-haired Shetland Sheepdogs, a cat, three grandchildren, and 3200 sq. ft. to vacuum, it is a godsend. I nearly had a stroke when I saw what the Dyson picked up from a 1-month-old carpet, even after having just vacuumed with a top-of-the-line Kenmore vacuum. After a full two days of vacuuming, about ten times total, the amount of dust and dirt appearing in the dust cup started to trickle to nothing. Enough said, I LOVE this machine and vacuuming is now a sort of adventure. I do have carpal tunnel syndrome and the nozzles are a little difficult to pull from the holders, but with a 130 IQ I certainly can figure a way around that problem. Otherwise, the thing is just perfect, and it still amazes me how much it picks up each time I use it. Oh - one thing - with textured ceilings to vacuum, I wish someone would come up with an attachment to make that nasty job easier....more info
  • Sure beats our Hoover Allergy Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum we have owned. We have a pug that sheds alot, a whole lot. Our last vacuum always left dog hair all over the place and the DC17 picked it up. When I got the Dyson home I took it out of the box and put the handle on. I wanted to fire it up but first I put a clean bag in my old vacuum and vacuumed the house. I then vacuumed the house with the Dyson. You really can fill the canister 2-3 times vacuuming the house the first time. I was amazing the amount of hair and dust that it picked up and it never clogged. We live in the desert so sand and dust is always a problem in our house. I know that the price is a little steep but it is well worth it. Look for sales, we found ours for just about $425 after an all day door busters sale and a 15% off coupon....more info
  • Very nice but not perfect
    After reading these reviews I was hoping this was the perfect machine that could replace my other two vacuums, but as it turns out, now I have three, which all together handles my needs.


    - It is cool to see the dirt and pet hair swirling around in the clear container like a cotton candy machine making candy out of swirling air.

    - It is nice to not have to worry about bags or filters. If you ever suck up anything damp a bag grows bacteria and the next time you use the machine, it really stinks. Even after replacing the filter bag, the outter material bag will always stink. That won't happen with this bag-less model.

    - Its plastic materials (compared to my cast iron Kirby G5) makes it light and easy to move around, even up and down stairs.

    - Its built-in, long, self-storing hose makes it easy to do stairs and other tight areas without going to look for the right parts to swap out. On a Kirby it's too hard to carry the hose, tubes, vaccum, and heavy carpet head around with you.

    - It's quiet, pets appreciate that.


    - The bagless container doesn't hold anywhere near as much as the Kirby, so it has to be emptied constantly during use.

    - The dirt doesn't all just fall out, especially if fur or hair is in there. If you shake it, dust flies around back into the air and sticks to the outside of the plastic container from static electricity, then you end up wearing it. I don't like reaching my hand into the grime to pull the mat out. While it may filter the air great while running, emptying it is not as clean as a Kirby bag.

    - The brush on the roller is extremely stiff, somewhere in the middle between a tooth brush and a steel wire brush for removing rust. The bristles are too tough for carpeting. People who were amazed at how much stuff it picked up after using another vaccum first, I have bad news for you, the bristles are ripping the fibers out of your carpeting. When I went over pile carpet, the canister filled up with carpet fibers constantly by ripping them out, and there were whole clumps of carpet fibers stuck between the roller bristles like pulled hair. This was not a problem on my berber carpet with closed loops.

    - The Kirby blows away the Dyson in raw sucking power. You can hardly tell when the roller is turning on a Kirby without looking. On the Dyson, you have to turn on the rollers to get the same cleaning power. The Dyson is half vaccum and half broom sweeper that both together results in a clean carpet. Again, not a problem on berber, but too harsh for pile carpet.

    There you have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing's perfect, and I will keep this one, as I need something to do the kinds of things that this one does better....more info
  • They got it right with this one!!!
    About five years ago my hubby and I spent $1500 on a Tri Star vacuum. Now, while we LOVE that vacuum, it is a pain to haul up and down steps, so we wanted a second vacuum for the downstairs. We were not going to spend another $1500, so we decided to look around. I read the reviews on Amazon and decided the Dyson DC17 would be worth a try. We bought it today and I LOVE it! I vacuum every other day with my Tri Star, so my house is generally clean, but the Dyson picked up dirt and dust that my other vacuum missed. I couldn't believe it! My house is constantly under construction, so I worry about dust, especially since I have bad allergies. I am no longer concerned. The DC17 clearly sucks all the dust out of the carpets. My husband is a flooring installer, so he's very picky about what we use on our carpets. He's VERY happy with the performance of our new Dyson. Well worth the money!!! You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Outstanding!
    Once in a great while a company gets it right.
    They make a tool that transforms a task into something you actually WANT to do.
    Delta's Unisaw, Stihl Chainsaw, All-clad pans and now Dyson DC 17 vacuum are among those few.
    Until yesterday, I figured all vacuums were more-or-less an equal pain. After all, the Bissell (junk) we bought had the same 12 amp, bagless design as the Dyson. I figured "How different could they be?" ( Answer -- LOTS!)
    I bought the DC 14 "Animal" yesterday, not realizing there were _2_ Dyson "Animals". (I should have paid closer attention and also realized Bed/Bath/Beyond and Linens-n-Things carried out-of-date merchandise.
    They neither one can even get the DC17. )
    The DC14 was a good machine. The finest vacuum I had ever used.
    As I was about to write my Amazon view (which I should do more often - thanks to all you who take your time to do), when I discovered there was a newer, better, machine -- this one, the DC17. I figured "what the heck." After going over living room 3 times with the Bissell then going over it with the DC14 and being amazed at what it picked up, I thought I had thoroughly cleaned the house with the DC14. After my discovery and subsequent return of DC14 and pick up of DC17 I re-cleaned the (I thought) clean house and was amazed as the dirt the DC17 picked up that the DC14 left behind. Multiple compartments worth!
    The DC17 has significantly better suction than the 14, has a more powerful (wider?) head, puts out cleaner air, ...
    Buy the DC17.
    Be happy.
    ...more info
  • My 2nd Dyson - and this one is even better than the first!!
    I was a happy owner of an old-school DC-07 for about 2 years when it started to have problems - it wasn't picking up dirt the way that it used to. It was still (barely) under warranty so I took it in for repair. The repairman told me he couldn't find anything wrong but, nevertheless, when I got home it worked better and I was happy for another 4 or 5 months. It started having the same problem again recently but by this time it was out of warranty so I decided to look into a new one.

    Despite the problems, I was happy with the Dyson overall and friends and family also had good experiences so I decided to give it another try (esp now that they have a 5 yr warranty).

    I was able to pick up a DC17 with a store coupon that brought the price under $400. The main selling point for me was the new brushbar that is supposed to trap less hair - I have very long, thick hair along with a couple of pets and I was forever breaking out the scissors and cutting away the hair from the brushbar on every vacuum I've owned. After 3 weeks with the DC17 I am thrilled with the performance. The see through cover makes it easy to see that there is virtually no hair/string/thread buildup on the brush (which is unheard of for me) and the overall performance is fantastic. This version is much easier to propel than my old Dyson and I appreciate the improved quick-release hose. I've also noticed that this model seems to pick up a lot more fine dust than the older model did, even when it was working well.

    All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Just bought one! Love it, but a warning!
    We bought a DC17 over the weekend, and we're incredibly impressed!

    We were discussing breaking out the steam vac because our carpet looked so nasty. After months of begging (suprisingly, his begging - not mine), my husband bought a Dyson. With price match we got it for $[...], including tax! Needless to say, we were thrilled not only with the price, but the performance. After running the DC17 over our carpets, we saw the the "nasty" aspect of the carpet equated to only 2 or three spots that were easily removed with spot cleaner.

    Result? Our carpet looks brand new!

    We have to give a quick WARNING, though - when the handle is down to vacuum, the hard plastic corner on the right side just above the wheel is pretty sharp. My husband took the dyson on it's first joyride around the living room and the corner cut the side of my leather recliner wide open. :(
    ...more info
  • I had no idea my carpets were such a lovely shade of champagne...
    In the last seven years, my husband and I have gone through 2 different vacuums. Our first was a basic dirt devil and within 6 months, it was useless, even in our tiny apartment. After moving to a bigger place (with what we thought was beige carpet), we decided to upgrade to a Shark Euro Pro. Within 3 months, it was junk. We made due with it for a long time, spending hours, literally, cleaning our two bedroom apartment.

    Last year, my mom got a Dyson DC15 and raved about it. We finally decided to invest in what my mom said was the last vacuum we would ever buy. We ended up getting our DC17 at best buy for $[...]. Pricey yes, but after trying it out, worth every penny.

    We started out in the entry way and hallway and had to empty the container 4 times. It blew me away. I was amazed and kind of grossed out at the same time. You never want to think your carpets can be so filthy. It sucked up EVERYTHING from cat hair to my hair to dust. I was impressed by how it seemed to propel itself and how it manuevered easily. It is a little heavy but I'm kind of a weakling.

    My husband tried it out in the living room and just went on a rampage (anything that will get my husband cleaning instead of me is worth any amount of money). After he finished, we noticed no matter how dim or bright the room was, the carpet looked great. We can now see what spots need professional cleaning. I can deal with spots knowing that there isn't creepy crawly things lurking in the carpet fibers that can only be seen with a microscope.

    In short, this model is the most expensive but very, very worth the money. Especially when you take advantage of the 5 year warranty. But then again, you can't put a price on clean and more sanitary carpets in my opinion....more info
  • It SUCKS like there's no tomorrow!!!
    The Good: It filled the container with so much gunk and cat dander I was shocked, elated, embarrassed, angry at my cat, all at the same time (I used to vacuum weekly though with my previous vacuum). It worked fine on all of my three rugs too. Now they look like new. This model looks more durable and sober than the precious dyson models whose gaudy colors don't instill confidence as this one does. Will have to wait to check long term reliability.
    The Bad: Keep it away from thin or delicate rugs, curtains, and curtain strings. Even though it is reasonably light for carpet vacuuming, hauling it up and down the stairs may be difficult for some. The rolling brush has bristles spaced far between compared to other brands. Also the flexible tube is too short for the use of accessories - cleaning stairs is almost an impossibility.
    The Ugly: Pricey, but looking back at all the cheap vacuums I've had, not to mention the allergies, this is worth it. I got it at $[...] + tax. With the right deal (store credit card discount/holiday sale/etc), some have gotten it for less than $[...]....more info
  • BEST PURCHASE I EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is by far the best thing I ever bought. Spendy but worth every penny. I thought I was a pretty clean person till I got this.....WOW...It is unbelievable the stuff that came out of my carpet. It makes the carpet look and feel new. I go barefoot all the time and does it ever feel good on your tootsies.I got free shipping and $[...] off. It is well worth every penny. I keep buying $[...] machines that last a year or two then I go get another so this should last me for a long time. It has the best warranty too. If you are needing a new one get it now. It is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Positively Amazing
    Believe the hype - this machine will pick up stuff you never knew was lurking in your house. Works like a charm! [...]....more info
  • Wicked Beast!!
    This is an excerpt of my review from another board I frequent:

    This is compared to the DC14 that I purchased on the 3rd of Oct 2006. Now I realize there are many Dyson haters, Hoover haters, Electrolux haters ect. I have NOTHING to gain by sharing my results. I am a Midwest housewife that likes a clean house and this includes clean carpets. Our carpets are professionally steam cleaned every 4 months- get a great deal because we own rentals and use this service alot. Additionally, the steam kills any dust mites in the rug. For the last 4 years I have had a Hoover windtunnel that didn't seem to be picking up after the two Chihuahuas Long and Short hair, (NOW I know it sucked) and was THRILLED to get the DC14 a Linen's and Things for about $[...] including tax. I used the DC14 EVERYDAY since my purchase and was pleasantly surprised and disgusted at the stuff that ended up in the bin. Husband and sons just shook their collective heads at my delight and constant running of the Dyson. But eventually there was no more dirt to be had from my carpets. Just alittle fine powder- I smiled smugly! LOL! The ranch house we were about to move from will be clean for our tenants- so I thought!
    Anyhow, since the DC17 was available I wanted one for the upstairs of the new house (which is in the process of being built). Why two you ask? The house is 5,500 square feet so I didn't want to lug one up and down the stairs. So yesterday I did some googling for Best Buy coupons (since that is the only place I have seen them) and found that I could get the DC17 for $[...] online and schedule an in store pickup. The store price was $[...] so I saved about 5%-not much but it helped. Within 90 minutes of ordering it I was home vacuuming.
    I was truely speechless at what the DC17 pulled out of the carpets with ONLY 12 minutes of vacuuming. (The Steelers were about to play and I didn't want to miss any of the game.) It was soon obvious the DC14's brush was not up to snuff because of the dog hair that was pullled from the berber weave by the DC17. Add to that the grit and fine, fine powder in the bin. The DC14 is a bit difficult to push on my bedroom carpet but the DC17 feels more self propelled than my Hoover. It really moves itself!
    Another great feature is the bare floor/carpet button- it is now located by the on/off switch. Additonally the wand set up is GREAT and easy to use. The noise of the DC17 is clearly quieter than my DC14- not so shrill.
    All in all- I would trade my DC14 for another DC17 anyday.

    BTW- The really long red hair in the bin is mine (the short red/buff hair is my LH chi's)- NONE got caught in the roller- much to my amazement!

    NOTE: I posted photos with this review. Not sure if I can post them here so I will leave them out so the review will show up.

    ...more info
  • What a Vacuum!
    You know how sometimes, you vacuum your carpet and it looks clean from one angle but when you look at the carpet from the other side of the room you can still see stuff that the vacuum cleaner left behind? That was an increasing problem with my old vacuum cleaners. I vacuum from one direction, then end up having to make a second pass from the opposite direction to make sure I got everything.

    My husband and I bought our Dyson DC17 Animal yesterday and tried it. Now I know we just got it, but I CAN tell you that with the Dyson, even if you vacuumed only once and in only one direction it's clean from ALL angles. THAT'S impressive. We just ran a Rainbow vacuum twice over our carpets a week ago and the Dyson STILL picked up 4 canisters' worth of dust and hair. It's kind of funny because after running the Dyson through our beige carpet, it's so much more obvious which spots need professional cleaning :-). And it wasn't kidding about the "Never loses suction" part, because the last room I vacuumed was just as clean as the first room I vacuumed.

    Sure it's expensive, but my husband and I have already gone through 2 of those $100-range vacuum cleaners. At this rate we were going to end up spending our way to the cost of a Dyson, so may as well get a Dyson NOW :-). ...more info
  • Once you get a Dyson... You'll never own another vaccum...
    That's what my mother has been telling me for the past year. The other day, after my old, very reliable Hoover broke down, I borrowed my neighbor's Dyson All Floors to finish my cleaning. I couldn't believe the difference. I was sold. I am a vaccum FREAK and I couldn't believe all the dirt that it picked up. So today, my husband and I went out and decided to purchase this model. I brought it home and took it around for a test run and even though I JUST cleaned... The canister was FULL by the time I was finished.

    I have a toddler, a dog who sheds, a cat who sheds even more... Not to mention a mechanic for a husband. I LIVE with the vaccum in my hand and I thought that my old Hoover was cutting it. I can't believe how much better the Dyson is. It's easy to push around as well. Also... With this new model, with just the push of a button you can go from carpet to hard floors, which is really nice. It's nothing short of AMAZING. I'll be singing the praises of it for YEARS. It's so worth the money. Especially now that they offer a 5 year warranty. ...more info
  • After using a Dyson who could go back to a Hoover or Dirt Devil?
    I have tried alot of vacuums in my day Hoovers, Dirt Devils, Eurekas, and commercial uprights. This Dyson is absolutely the best upright I have ever used. It is light and smooth when used on carpet and easy on your arms. Easy dirt removal from the bagless canister. The only slight problem is sometimes you have to go over carpet one more sweep in some areas to pick up larger dirt particles. But don't get me wrong it still sucks up more than nearly all of the others. It is just so easy to use. After using this thing I could never go back to any of the stansard brands which are all TV commercials and "hype".

    PS: Some people have said the vacuum is great but warranty service can be a problem. I hope mine doesn't break. I would still buy this thing hands down over any other vacuum....more info
  • Beware that Dyson too will get CLOGGED if not properly maintained
    Dyson is a great product but it's certainly NOT perfect. The 'Never lose suction' tagline is a marketing ploy, since Dyson too will get clogged and lose suction if not properly maintained. All other vacuum machines will NOT lose suction either if the filter bags are replaced often enough.

    Overall, however, its performance beats all other vacuums (including the over-hyped Oreck, which is simply a rip-off) hands-down.

    - Every few months, the user must clean out the central cylinder of the very fine dust, or it will get clogged and lose suction. The way you do this is by removing the dust collector and then separate the core cylinder from the glass casing. Use another vacuum to suck dirt out of the little holes on the side of the cylinder. Also, if you look up the cylinder from the bottom, you'll see caked dust collected at the top of the cylinder. If you gently bang the cylinder (upright) on the floor, you'll be shocked how much fine dust (about two cups worth) will fall out of the cylinder. Use the other vacuum to suck them away. Also, take out the 'permanent' filter and wash them. They, too, get clogged with the very fine dust.

    - The machine is very heavy and bulky, and it's quite a chore to transport it between floors. The hose extension is very awkward to use because the point of bending is near the tip. The high profile of the vacuum head makes it impossible to vacuum under the bed, couch, etc.

    - The instruction manual is poorly written, and setting up and maintaining the machine takes a steep learning curve. Dyson should include a video instruction.

    - I, too, and concerned about how much carpet fiber the Dyson is tearing off the carpet, which you can clearly see in the dust collector. However, you can also see the amount of coarse and fine dust it's picking up as well. One impressive feature of Dyson that lived up to the hype is that it will pick up much dust from carpet that was just cleaned by a regular vacuum machine.

    - Dyson rarely goes on sale, but I bought mine at Sears, which had Dyson on sale last year for $379. Also, buy the regular Dyson and avoid the 'Animal', which is a rip-off. The rotating brush that comes with the 'Animal' is air powered and is too weak to work well on the stairs.

    Summary: If you have a large house with a lot of carpeted areas, then Dyson is for you. You may also build some muscle by carrying this behemoth up and down the stairs. However, you may need another vacuum for the stairs and also for a quick clean up in the kitchen.

    ...more info
  • Dissapointed with my Dyson
    This very expensive vacuum doesn't pick up noticably more than my old bagless vacuum. I can't vacuum throw rugs or certain areas of my large area rugs without it making a very loud rubbing/grinding sound. I think it has to do with the automatic carpet height adjustment. I can't use it on half the rugs in my house because of this. The wand is a joke. Due to the angle you have to hold the wand to vacuum the floor, the hose kinks and it picks up nothing. Not worth the money at all....more info
  • Dyson Cyclone is AMAZING!
    I bought a new Dyson Cyclone about 2 months ago. I am totally amazed at the amount of dirt & animal fur that it sucks up! I have 1 large dog & 2 cats which means that cleaning is a constant chore. This baby does the job!
    PROS: great suction, long cord, easy to empty, automatic height adjustment with bare floor setting, very quiet for a vacuum.
    CONS: detachable wand is a little awkward for me to use.
    Overall, I was skeptical about investing this much for a vacuum, but very glad that I did. I hope I am this happy a year from now....more info
  • Dyson Vac - incredible!!
    Bought a refurb model here on Amazon after hearing so many good things about Dyson. We have 2 dogs, German Shepherd & a Chow. Needless to say, they leave a lot of hair all over the place.

    We had 2 different vacuums when we bought the Dyson and neither came close to doing what the Dyson can do.

    The first day we tried it out on an area rug - it literally picked up a canister FULL of hair that our other vacs missed earlier that day!

    Pros: Quieter than most other vacs, accessories snap in tight, amazing suction power, long power cord.

    Cons: hose wand can be unwieldy.

    Would love to see an automatic retractable cord.

    Overall, my wife and I are extremely happy with this purchase....more info