Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

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Product Description

Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while you're preparing his meal or cleaning up? How about giving baby a rainforest of his very own to play in' The Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair has a toy that gives baby just that. Snap it into the high chair tray, and baby can play with different rainforest animals in lots of different ways, including activating music, lights and sounds. There's also a tethered toy that stays with the tray.

While baby's enjoying the rainforest, you'll enjoy conveniences like a one-handed tray removal, 7 chair height adjustments, a dishwasher-safe insert tray and more. Toy requires 3 "AA" batteries. Look for more wonders from the Fisher-Price Rainforest collection. Holds up to 50 lbs. Measures 16.87" x 13.37" x 23.6".

  • Snap the toy into the high chair tray, and baby can play with different rainforest animals in lots of different ways, including activating music, lights & sounds
  • You'll enjoy conveniences like a one-handed tray removal, 7 chair height adjustments, a dishwasher-safe insert tray and more
  • Keep baby entertained while you're preparing his meal-or cleaning up
  • The Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair has a toy that gives baby everything they need to enjoy meal time
  • Healthy care high chair keeps food area sanitized

Customer Reviews:

  • Great High Chair - for parents and kids
    This was a great purchase. We had read some reviews saying it was tight and if your child wasn't really small, it wouldn't work. I don't know why this was said. You can decide how far in you place the tray so we've never had a problem. The removable, dishwasher safe tray is great. It is so easy to clean. The toy is wonderful. Our daughter's eyes light up when she sees us bringing it out, and it keeps her happy while we make dinner. The music is fun and there's a lot for her to do. I'm really happy with this product. Easy to clean and adjust, and pretty easy to put together, too. ...more info
  • So far so good
    I just received this highchair yesterday. I put it together last night. It wasn't hard to assemble, although some of the screws took a lot of force. I put my 8 month old in it for the first time this AM and she loved it. I had the toy on the tray, and she was very captivated by it. She loved the tethered toy as well (she chews on everything she gets her hands on) although it might be a bit big for her.
    My only complaint is the design of the hanger in the back for the toy. It's designed so that the toy hangs with the tall part facing toward the back of the chair. When the toy is on the hanger, you can't push the chair up against the wall. They should have the hanger designed so that the toy hangs with the tall part under the seat.
    Otherwise, no complaints....more info
  • Not a Healthy Choice
    We selected this product for my baby registry based on the recommendation in Baby Bargains and the good reviews. It wasn't until after we received the high chair as a gift that I learned that it contained at least one toxin and possibly more. The back of the high chair is vinyl, which the Children's Health Environmental Coalition has called "the worst plastic, from both an environmental and health standpoint." According to the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, the chemicals released by a new vinyl product "have been associated with developmental damage, as well as damage to the liver, central nervous, respiratory and reproductive systems." Their study found that some chemicals have been found in the air a full 28 days after a new vinyl product is brought into the home. A commentator on the Soft Landing blog -- a resource for non-toxic eating gear -- also reports that lead is sometimes used as a stabilizer for vinyl so suggests swabbing any vinyl highchair backing with an over-the-counter lead test to see if lead is present (and if it is either recover the seat or find a different high chair). It is also not clear whether the high chair tray -- which babies often eat off of -- or any other part of the high chair contains BPA. BPA can leach into food and is a known neurotoxin that is potentially dangerous to infants. I called Fisher Price to ask whether the high chair contains BPA and phthalates (which is a hormone disrupter) and was told they could not release information on the contents of the high chair but that it complied with federal safety regulations. Alicia Voorhies, a retired nurse specializing in developmental disabilities who runs the Soft Landing blog, suggests not allowing a baby chew on any part of the highchair, since Fisher Price won't share what materials are used or where they're located in the product. As a parent of a 5 month old, I know how hard it is to prevent my son from chewing on anything, particularly toys like the ones that come with this high chair. It also makes me suspicious that Fisher Price won't release any product information when there is so much concern recently about BPA in infant feeding products. I highly advise that other parents do not make the same mistake we did in selecting this product for our registry - this is a product that your child will use daily to eat and will sit in your kitchen, and it seems important that it be as non-toxic as possible. Go with Graco, Stokke, Peg Perego, or Svan high chairs, all of which appear to have trays that are BPA-free and chairs without vinyl backings and are made by companies that will disclose product information so that parents can make informed decisions. ...more info
  • Great highchair
    I really love this highchair, safe, easy clean up I ahd no issues with this. My son refuses to sit in it now but it served the purpose and it was entertainment for him as well ...more info
  • Better than I Expected
    I am very happy with this high chair. My grandson is 7 months old and I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect one within my price range. I didn't realize that this chair also has a couple of reclining positions for smaller babies that are ready for 1st foods, but need to be slightly reclined while eating. If I had known that, I would have purchased it sooner. It was pretty easy to assemble. My grandson stays occupied with the table top toy that comes with it while I am fixing his meals. He also likes to sit and play with the toy for the 10 minutes it takes me to clean the kitchen....more info
  • excellent highchair
    We love this high chair. It gives great support to our 5 month old and the tray is very easy to use with just one hand. Our son also likes the toy that comes with it. I would definately recommend this product....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this high chair. I bought it for my 8 mo grandson and he likes being in it. The activity center keeps him occupied for quite a while. EASY to clean, even the straps can go in the dishwasher. I just wish I'd had one like this for my kids. The instructions do say the tray goes on and off with one hand, but for some reason I can't do it. I would highly recommend this chair....more info
  • It's the best
    I've used this high chair for my daughter for about 6 months now. She won't use anything else. I tried several other smaller chairs but she hated them.

    My only complaint would be that it's a little hard to clean in some nooks and crannies on the tray. Don't let that discourage you from buying this chair though. It's a great chair. I own two of them - one for my house and one for the grandparents house. ...more info
  • wonderful Highchair.
    It is a great product. I love how bright and vibrant it is and it matches all of my other rainforest collection. My son will sit forever and play with the toy on the tray. It is very easy to adjust the height, position and the tray is a breeze one handed. We already had a wooden highchair with a pad and my son could not get comfy. This is no longer a problem. The seat cover just wipes clean or is machine washable. I could not find a cuter highchair and I think it has everthing you could want in a highchair. It rolls very well on the wheels and I have had no problem with sratching the floors. it is super easy to use. Love it, love it!...more info
  • Solid high chair
    We bought a similar model 4 years ago for our first child and now with twins, we wanted the same thing so we could interchange the dishwasher safe tray inserts. Our original had 3 trays - this one only has 1 - which we knew before we bought it - so now we have 4. I recommend getting a highchair with multiple washable trays! Wouldn't have purchased this one if we didn't already have an inventory of trays that would fit it.

    -1 star for only having one tray

    -1 star because the wheel lock tabs are on a hair trigger - barely tap them and they engage (which you will do - because you'll end up putting your feet on the front crossbar as a footrest while you're feeding your baby)...more info
  • Worth the money
    This is such a great high chair. It was a little bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but I definitely don't have any regrets now. Everything about this chair is easy, from folding it up, to adjusting the height of the seat, to how easy it cleans up. My son plays with the big tree toy on the floor but when he's sitting in the high chair, he plays with the little toy attatched to the tray. I think this chair is very safe with the harness and the piece in the middle of the seat to block my son from falling out. The wheels easy lock up too so the chair won't move around. What a great buy and I would definitely recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Great for my baby!
    My son loves this high chair. The toys keep him entertained while I get his food ready and he is snuggly secured into the seat so there are no worries about him wobbling about while I try to feed him. He evens sits securely while the tray is off. ...more info
  • Good Product but unhappy with delivery
    I tried to buy this product from, but I landed up buying from somewhere else. I ordered it from amazon, but when it arrived it was a damaged box so I didn't accept the delivery. They then sent another one 2 days later and it also was damaged. The next day I bought it from a brick and mortar store and I am very happy with the product.
    It is a very functional high chair, my daughter loves it, but it is not sleek or pretty.
    ...more info
  • GREAT highchair!
    We decided to get this high chair for our daughter since she has done so well with the other Rainforest products. This one didn't disappoint! She loves the toy on it. You can remove the toy and put it on the floor for your baby to play with. The chair is sturdy and well built. It's easy to clean and comes with a removable top place setting to wash or store away if your child doesn't need it just yet. I highly recommend anything and everything from the Rainforest line! ...more info
  • Best High Chair!
    This is a great high chair. In my opinion and my Engineer husbands it is very well made and designed. It came flat pack and was very easy to put together in 20 minutes. My son loves the toy which is easily removed and put back. For anyone with a back problem the height adjustable feature is fantastic and so is the fact that you can wheel it around the kitchen or dining room with you. You can have it high enough for the dining table or low enough for you to sit on the floor. The reclining feature is great too and allows for a easier feed if baby is not yet sitting without support or is a little tired. The padded chair is colourful and easy to clean and the characters match those on the Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Gym. The music is not too irritating and the batteries are lasting for a long time....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    We have two children and this is our second highchair and I love it! more importantly my son loves it too! It keeps him (4 months) and my daughter (2 1/2) busy while i prepare meals. It is sturdy and safe and colorful and easy to clean. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Love this highchair!
    We love this highchair! We have been using it for about 8 months, and it has been a good fit for my daughter the entire time. She really enjoys playing with the tree toy and tiger teether while I prepare her meals. The recline feature was excellent as she was learning to drink from a sippy cup, as she was not able to drink while sitting upright initially. Now that she is older and eating some with the family, we can pull the chair up to the table, and her tray fits right on top of the table. I like the way the tray fits close to her body. This makes less mess by keeping food from falling in her lap. I am also really pleased with the harness.

    We have used several other brands and models of high chairs while visiting relatives and friends, and none have measured up to our Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair. We love it and highly recommend this highchair....more info
  • We Love This Chair
    My daughter owns the entire Rainforest collection (jumparoo, bouncer, swing, tub, high chair, car mirror, etc.) and adores it. Of course we just had to buy the chair to match. Well, I am so happy we did. This is the best high chair I've ever seen! It has so many height and angle adjustments. The toys that come with it go a long way in keeping my six month old occupied while I prepare her meals. An added bonus is that after she eats we can put the toys back on and let her stay in the chair for a while to let her food settle (she spits up a lot otherwise). The chair is easily cleaned - the tray is dishwasher safe. I love this high chair almost as much as my daughter....more info
  • Love it
    I love this product it is very easy to use the only neg. thing I could say is that I wish it had some storage in the back for wipes and bibs. But thats hard to find in a great highchair....more info
  • almost prefect
    I got this chair because it got high reviews on every websites I looked. We started using the chair when our baby girl was only 3 months old, she can't really sit up yet, but the chair worked well on her. I am happy with the chair and I will only point out the bad things that I didn't like:
    1. it is very easy to step on the wheels' lock. It is good to have locks on the wheel but we don't use it. However, we keep accidentally stepping on it and can't push the chair. Little annoying that is all.
    2. The tray(s) should be releasable with one hand. My hub and I could never pick the tray up with one hand. Not it is heavy. It is just that single release button never quite able to release the two locks completely to allow the tray(s) to be picked up with one hand. One of us is always holding our daughter while the other one taking care of the tray with two hands.

    Would I buy this chair again? definitely!...more info
  • Great!!!
    This is a great chair. I have researched for the best one. With all of the recalls on toys for lead and such, I was worried even about high chairs. My little girl had a lead test done and she passed with 0 lead in her system so I can only asume this is safe!!

    She loves the tree toy that comes with it and attaches to the tray.
    I love the dish washer safe tray and the ease to clean. Also several hieghts so no matter what chair I choose to sit in, the high chair is just the right height for feeding.

    I would recommend it to everbody....more info
  • Reliable and Entertaining High Chair
    While our 6-month baby is a little young for this product, the chair is still comfortable for her. The small entertainment piece attaches nicely to the eating board. Product was easy to assemble and very adjustable. Seems sturdy as well. Can even store nicely for trips! Harness is safe, keeping baby in place without becoming restrictive. An excellent overall product. We'll probably still be able to use it for our next baby!...more info
  • Best in its price range!
    I searched for every high chair on the market and decided to buy this product and we are using it comfortably. My son likes the toy a lot! The best part of the product is the TOY! It is attached to the tray so it doesnt fall of like every other toys my son plays. The only negative part is; it is hard to assembly!!! The screws are so hard, and set up takes more time than expected....more info
  • BEWARE if you have hardwood floors
    I have an older version of this highchair and loved it until moving into my new home. The wheels on this chair are destructive to a hardwood floor. After the highchair rolling back and forth on my maple hardwood for 8 months I have serveral gouge marks on my floor. My flooring people were out and said that it was due to the highchair not having rubber wheels. The wheels are a hard plastic. They suggested I replace the wheels ASAP or get a office chair mat to put under the high chair. I searched high and low for replacement casters buy it is a non-standard size. When I called Fisher-Price they offered free replacement casters like the ones on the highchair. The operator also commented that she has never heard of this problem before. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person that has had this happen, since it is recomended that you use soft rubber casters on hardwood floors.

    Hopefully with a good buffing we can get the scrathes and ridges to fade. I am going to invest in a new highchair from Peg Perego. They have one listed as having rubber wheels safe for hardwood floors.

    Other than this, which is a biggy, I really liked the highchair. I just wanted to warn other parents and homeowners about the potential damage to hardwood floors so that they don't have a brand new house with marred ...more info
  • 4 Stars!!!!!
    I can't say enough about this high chair...except buy it!!! You get what you pay for, and there is no money wasted on this item. It is mere peace of mind. The high chair is easy to use, easy to clean, and works beautifuly. The detachable toy allows your child to play while you prepare a meal-I love it! Second it has an attached teether. My daughters likes to throw spoons or passy or whatever as a game, I throw it , mommy will pick it up and give it back to me so i can throw it again, and again. Not with the teether she can't! LOL! And the large toy incerts in tray locks into plae, can't be thrown either. I got mine when they first came out,so I paid closer to a hundred but I tell you if they sold for $300 I'd buy it! No kidding! This is the best high chair on the market that is made with both the child and parent in mind....more info
  • Okay but bulky, unsure on safety for height adjustment
    I love Fisher Price products but I was not overly pleased with this chair. It takes up a large space in my opinion, the height adjustment seems easy to fail (as other children can unlatch the sides with ease and the chair part will lower unexpectedly). The toy that came with it, that attaches to the tray, did not snap in correctly and I was unable to get a replacement [...]. Fisher Price website does not have a contact address but I guess they do have a replacement store which I did not check out yet. I've had this for awhile now and I just don't like the size.

    the tray is easy to snap on and off but this also is hazard when you have other children who might lean on it and/or snap it off when baby is in. The safety straps are great though and a recommendation given the risky side of its construction.

    One can find this cheaper, I think, at other stores online. I always look for online coupons too when ordering big items like this....more info
  • Totally Cute
    I had a Peg Perego for my daughter 10 years ago. I was looking for the same features that made that chair worth the tag so many years ago. I was very pleased to find it in a cheap chair these days. The seat does not get as low to the ground as my old chair but it comes pretty close. The seat reclines nicely.

    I love the little extras with this model like the 5 pt harness. My daughter was quite the Houdini baby. This harness might have actually given her escape routine a bit of trouble. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. My old chair was blue and white gingham. Yuck. This is so cute in person. The toy that locks into the tray contains his familiar friends from his jumper chair and swing set. There is a food tray also that locks into the tray.

    In the end the only complaint I have is the fabric piping much like everyone else. I do not move the chair often so I have not honestly paid attention to the wheels much. ...more info
  • Does not stay folded
    This high chair is great it even has a place to attach the play jungle onto the back when not in use. It has a lot of adjustable features and was easy to put together. The only thing that I am not happy with is that the feature to fold it for storing does not work if you want to stand it up in a corner, etc. because it does not stay folded unless you lay it down or prop it up....more info
  • Great value - everything you need in a highchair.
    It's nice to find a highchair that is gender friendly. I looked at other, pricier models and they all seemed to be frilly, girly and too complicated. This is everything you need in a highchair. I'll break it down into pro's and con's:


    The toys are great. They keep my baby entertained while I'm fixing his food. The buttons and knobs are easy for him to activate so I don't have to stop what I'm doing and turn it back on for him. Also, the songs and lights play longer than most other baby toys, which is nice. Plus, they are easily removable and store out of the way so they don't distract him.

    It has lot's of adustments - recline to sitting and in between, lot's of height adustments and tray distance adjustments.

    I also like the inner tray which is easily removable and dishwasher safe.

    All parts of the chair are easily cleaned and stain resistant except for...

    The Cons

    ...the padded insert is not made of the same fabric as the rest of the chair and it cannot be wiped clean. It's not much help so I eventually just took it out.

    The chair seems to make my baby sweat if he's left in it any longer than to eat. Then again, my baby is hot natured and this may not be true for you.

    The fabric design can be distracting so if your baby loses focus easily, this may not work for you.

    The wheels do not roll very smoothly. There's not much difference between "locked" and "unlocked" in regards to roll quality.

    All minor annoyances. Overall, I am very pleased with this chair. It is well made and from a brand I trust. I highly recommend it and everything in the Rainforest line....more info
  • Fantastic Chair for a Great Price
    I looked at many other high chairs for my 6 month old son and this one stood out. I purchased mine for $80 and free shipping. Besides the great price it was one of very few high chairs I saw that was gender friendly. No ruffles for my little man. It also has a very secure harness that my wiggley little guy can never seem get out of. Lastly one thing I could not live without is the toy that it comes with. We also have the Rainforest play gym and jumper so while I prepare his meals he is so entertained by the oh so familiar music, lights and toys that he has grown to love. I could not live without this high chair. ...more info
  • So comfortable and fun
    My son loves this high chair, he is only 6 months old and just started eating real food! I feel he is very safe in this chair and it rolls so easy over the floor. I do agree the wheels sometimes lock on their own but that is probably because we move it from one end of the dining room to the other and may accidentally kick one of the levers. It wipes down easily and the snap on/off tray is great to put in the dishwasher. I did not have a problem with my child needing to be "skinny", he fits just fine in this chair and he is over 16 pounds for 6 months old. I may change my mind as he gets older but the tray still snaps out 2 more clicks and his thighs do not seem restricted at all....more info
  • great high chair
    I'm a mother of seven and I've went through a lot of highchairs. I love this one because it's easy to clean, the straps are easy to adjust and remove for cleaning. It also has wheels which make it easy to move around. My daughter loves the toy tree that snaps on the tray, it keeps her entertained while I'm preparing her meal. This is the perfect highchair, I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • rainforest high chair
    The only thing that i did not like about this high chair is that my son slides down in the seat. I know the plastic cover is easier to clean but he always slid down in the sit. We had to keep it reclined so that he wasn't slouched down....more info
  • Great item
    This highchair is great! When we first started using it (baby was around 5 months) it seemed to swallow him up and he couldn't reach any of the fun things on the toy. Now that he is is over a year old, the chair is holding up great. The toy still entertains him, for the most part. I think it would be a great addition to have interchangeable toys for the tray, though. I like how the straps are easily removable and washable. I do wish the highchair cover itself was washable, however. Overall, a great product! We've been very happy with the whole Rainforest line....more info
  • Awsome high chair!
    It was easy to assemble, it took us less than 15 minutes to put together. The vinyl seat cover is really easy to wipe clean, and it really bright and cheerful in color. We love the toy tray, great for entertainment while in the kitchen. Also, the price was great!...more info
  • Great Hight Chair EVER!!!
    This high chair couldn't be better. I can clean the kicthen, prepare food, do anything w/ my baby on it. He'll enjoy so much of the toy that I'll have time to prepare his food w/ no problem. It's so cute and sturdy. It's is indeen a pain to put it together but is sooooo worth the effort.
    Great price too. If you want this high chair don't look any further for a better price, TUST ME!!! This is the best price in the whole internet!...more info
  • We love our high chair!
    This high chair is great! It took less than ten minutes to assemble, which meant we could use it right away. The material on the chair is easy to wipe down, and the detachable tray is great. I can just give it a rinse, and the mess is gone. The harness is nice too since my son is a squirmer. But my very favorite part of this high chair is the toy. It keeps my son completely enraptured while I'm getting everything ready for him to eat. I would recommend this high chair to any parent! ...more info
  • don't like the tray.
    the rainforest collection is really awesome, never seen cuter toys, they are so big that baby thinks they are real, colors are so live, the chair reclines well so baby can sit the way he wants even recline backwards to feed with a bottle, the height is adjustable so it fit wherever you sit and for different height feeders, the toy is great has lights, sounds, music, rattle, rotates, buttons, separated to put on the floor or anywhere, and my baby loves it so much, the wheels are good , they lock with any touch though, the only thing that is bad is that the tray keeps falling off, you can't take the baby out of the chair without removing the tray, because it is almost out, you can't push it well then it will bother the baby, everything else is great......more info
  • rain forest high chair
    This was purchased for my granddaughter, who is 11 months. My daughter told me it was hard to put together. The first time my granddaughter played with the toy jungle she dropped it maybe about 1 foot and now the yellow light does not work. The tilt part according to my daughter doesn't work to well either.It does look comfy for the my granddaughter and it does secure her very well....more info
  • Cute and functional
    My grandson loves the highchair. He sometimes pushes it around the room. The toy is perfect for keeping him occupied while food is being prepared. Cleans up like a dream....more info
  • The brakes totally stink
    I own one of these. It is a good product except for the brake system on each wheel. I hate hate hate the brakes. Each wheel has a small lever. Pushing down activates the brake on each wheel. Sounds great yeah, but we constantly engage the breaks when we do not want. The slightest touch and the brakes lock down. My dog steps on the brake levers and they engage - for heavens' sake. Truly frustrating to have to always reach down and lift the lever on each wheel. It would have been nice if the designers came up with an easy way to release the all the breaks with your foot while wearing a shoe. Overall a good product, if you are moving your high chair around quite a bit, this product will frustrate any parent. ...more info
  • zero2none
    This is a great highchair.There's nothing it doesn't do to help make my great nephews meal time a wounderful experience.I would highly reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • Great item
    well i got this highchair for my son when he was a few months old and used it a year later for my second child. the highchair looks very nice which enticed me to buy it and both my boys loved the toy that came with it. its pretty light-weight so its not a problem if you need to move it around. you can lock the tray in and out using only one hand which is great. the only thing that i disliked was the way they made the tray to lock in. both of my boys figured out how to unlock it around 12 months, therefore u can no longer keep them in there unattended. overall, its a good highchair and i love the rainforest design. i would recommend this product....more info
  • Nice And Sturdy
    I like this high chair because it has wheels. Also is dish washer safe. Very durable material and easy to clean up!...more info
  • Highchair
    My grandson loves the chair and toy. We love that there are 2 trays and the food tray is dishwasher safe. The chair was hard to assemble and it doesn't fold completely straight for storage....more info
  • I wanted wooden but ended up loving this plastic contraption.
    I searched and searched and searched for an alternative to a big, plastic, cartoon-themed high chair but kept coming back to the supreme quality and functionality of the Fisher Price Rainforest Highchair. And, you can't beat the price for something that will be plastered with mushed food.

    I pined away for a Tripp Trapp or Svan wooden high chairs because of their lovely design qualities but kept coming back to the reality that my 6-month old needed a tray and more support than those chairs could offer. Plus, I wasn't really ready to spend $300 just so it would look good in my dining room.

    So, I told myself to just suck it up and buy the ugly one. It was an easier decision when I vowed to myself that I would upgrade to a European wooden chair when she was more ready to eat at a table with us. I was burned before on a infant bouncer/rocker that had high design and a high price but proved to be useless in the end. It looked damn good, but our baby hated it.

    What sold me on the FP Rainforest model was:
    -Baby Bargain's review
    -5 point harness
    -Crotch bar so they can't slide out when you're unbuckling them
    -Tray can be nestled up close when they are sitting so the food doesn't slide into their lap
    -Tray liner that can be put in dishwasher
    -Straps that can be put in dishwasher
    -Seat cover that can be pretty much hosed down

    The only thing that bugs me about the chair is that the brakes on each wheel are always getting bumped and thus put into the locked position accidentally. But, all in all, it's not a big deal at all.

    And, as for the cartoon theme and colors I dreaded? It's really not that bad. honestly, and it could be worse. I could be numb to these things now though ... I do have an exersaucer in my living room, so what was I worried about?


    Other chairs I seriously considered:
    -Stokke Tripp Trapp
    -Chicco Polly

    BUY this high chair and stop worrying about the style. Think function, function, function when it comes to something you will be using several times a day, every day for many, many days to come.
    ...more info
  • Fabulous-- up until about 18 mo!
    We have loved this high chair. The center toy had a problem after 3 months and FP sent me a new one right away for free. Easy to clean, great features and I felt totally safe using it. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars, is that once the toddler can grasp the sides of the tray, they can unlatch it and knock it (and all their food) to the floor. A better design would have made sure the kids cannot unlatch their own tray. But from 6 mo to 18 mo, it was the cat's meow and I certainly do recommend it. It would have been useful for another 6 mo if it had a different design, but frankly my toddler is happier in a booster seat anyway....more info
  • Great Highchair
    I purchased this highchair for all the features, especially the wheels. My little one does not like to be out of my site and love to "help" me cook but you can only do so much with one hand. So this chair was great to be able to have her in it in the kitchen with me while we cook, she eats and plays. Then we can just wheel her right over to the table to enjoy dinner with the rest of the family. It is very easy to clean up; I only would have liked the little head insert to be made of the same material as the larger section. It's a bit harder to clean without having to launder it constantly. The toy has been a fun item as well. My daughter plays with it more on the floor than on the chair though. It does help to measure how she's grown since she wasn't able to reach the spinning part when we first got it but now can reach it just fine. It helps to have the tray out a bit so she can lean forward as well. This chair is definitely worth the money!!!...more info
  • really well designed
    I was given two of these as baby shower presents for my twins. I'm so glad I was because I'm not sure I would have sprung for the cost of them myself but they are totally worth it. They are really well designed. The tray toy keeps the babies happy while I prepare their food, and they continue to play with the tethered toy while they're eating. Assembly and adjustment are quick and smooth. They're very easy to clean which I really appreciate now that the babies are eating three times a day! Even the straps clean off well with a sponge and vinegar. I use the segmented areas of the snap-in tray for their food rather than putting it in bowls - it lets them play with the food and practice feeding themselves while avoiding having the bowl flung to floor and spilling all the food....more info
  • Good, but BUSY
    This is a nice high chair. I picked it because it was one of the best recommendations from Baby Bargains and the reviews were good. I've been very pleased. So far my son enjoys the toy (don't buy because of that). The only down side, it is very BUSY. It doesn't blend in at all. I know they had a higher end and lower end with less busy patterns, but they didn't have the features we were after. Yes I've noticed the wheels locking up, but not a big deal on my hard woods. I don't move it around more than 6 inches at a time. ...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    We learned about this product from our friends, the kind of new parents who do all the research on the very best the market has to offer. They were right on this one! This is a great purchase, and we are extremely pleased. Our daughter loves it, it's a secure chair, colorful, comfortable, we like the wheels - easy to clean. A few minor downsides: a bit of a project to build, and the toy tree that is included is not the most stable. But don't think twice, it's a good buy. ...more info
    I read the review that said the buyer better have skinny kids to fit in this high chair. NOT! My boy is 8 months and has been above average for his height and weight since he was 4 months old. He now wears 12m clothes. I almost didn't buy this high chair because of those reviews that said I'd better have a skinny kid. Who ever wrote those reviews must have a "Baby Hughie" for a baby. Interestingly, I thought I had a "Baby Hughie" until now. Frankly, after shopping online for days, I finally went to Toys or Us and saw this high chair in person. I placed my son in the display model and saw that he didn't have to be skinny to fit in it and he had lots of room to grow. It has many different adjustable heights and the tray extends giving him lots of room to grown. It was easy to put it together and its very colorful and lively. He likes to play with the big toy which is a nice extra. Its easy to clean up, of course Im still feeding him. I'll let you know after he begins to feed himself. I use the Boon Spoon and I recommend it highly. I bought it a few months ago and on a whelm I tried it one day recently hoping I could eliminate the torture of keeping my boys hands out of his feeding bowl. Its a God send. No more messy anything. I still sometimes feed him out of a bowl so he can have the experience of holding his spoon but for now the Boon Spoon is the way to go. All in all, I recommend this highchair. Its one of the most economically priced chairs out there (under $100) and you get much more than you pay for. Its is a well made high chair with lots of perks. Add the Boon Spoon and you're ready to feed your hungry baby!...more info
  • Great High Chair!
    I love this high chair! It's colorful and very very safe. I love the locking feature that stops the chair from sliding around. Its very secure and also very easy to take apart and clean. I'm hopeless at putting things together but this chair is easy to take apart to clean. Its also super comfy.
    The only negative is that its hard to clean the detachable toy that sits in the tray but other than that its great!
    ...more info
  • Both kids love it!
    I learned my lesson with my first kid so I was looking for a high chair with 5 point harness. I looked at Graco ones but found the foot rest is at a very strange angle (honestly, I don't know how you can put your foot on it). and some of the reviews concern me. After reading the review of this chair, I decided to give it a try. It turns out to be great!

    I bought the chair for my 6-month old but my 4-year-old loves it so much that he is also sitting in it (without tray). Now I wish I bought 2 at that time (the price already went up since I bought it)

    The only thing is that it is a little bit hard to assemble by one person. You will need two people....more info
  • Rainforest Healthy Highchair
    Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

    We absolutely love this highchair. It is very functional, easy to clean and the toy keeps the baby occupied while her food is being prepared.
    ...more info