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My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has alternately described his band's third album as "completely over the top" and "borderline psychotic." But even those words can't adequately prepare fans of the group's 2004 platinum major-label debut, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, for the onslaught of twisted song suites, glam-rock cannon fire and drama-club theatrics that make up The Black Parade. Tracks like "Mama" and "The End" make "Bohemian Rhapsody" sound like "Blitzkrieg Bop." It's no coincidence that the disc feels as dizzyingly monumental as Green Day's American Idiot--after all, the two albums share the same label, producer, studio, janitorial team, and sense of apocalyptic dread. Similarly, The Black Parade will cast its creators in a completely new light. Despite its overly histrionic tendencies and a totally oddball cameo from Liza Minelli, it offers a clear signal that My Chemical Romance is ready to be taken seriously. --Aidin Vaziri

The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance's follow-up to its 2004 platinum major-label debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, "is way more dramatic, way more theatrical, completely over the top, borderline psychotic," says Gerard Way. "It's the most pure, intense thing we've ever been involved in." Producer by Rob Cavallo (Green Day), the album is a celebration of lvoe and death and darkness. Join The Black Parade.

The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance's follow-up to its 2004 platinum major-label debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, "is way more dramatic, way more theatrical, completely over the top, borderline psychotic," says Gerard Way. "It's the most pure, intense thing we've ever been involved in." Producer by Rob Cavallo (Green Day), the album is a celebration of lvoe and death and darkness. Join The Black Parade.

Customer Reviews:

  • Caution, this album changes lives!
    I write this as a warning to all who may order this cd! Before I purchased this album, I was a healthy, heterosexual male in the prime of my life. I took one listen to it, and the effect was instant. I awoke the next morning to discover that I had...changed! My hair grew into a carefully groomed swoop that covered one of my eyes. I noticed scars on my wrists where there previously WERE no scars. I traded my girlfriend for a boyfriend, and I started keeping a diary full of my deep and insightful thoughts on how hard life is. Oh by the way, look out for my bands new album coming out this fall, Avenged Chemical Boy....more info
  • Love this album!
    (daughter of user)
    I bought this album, having only heard "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "Famous Last Words". I was so excited to learn that the rest of the songs were absolutely amazing too! There's not one song on this CD that I don't like. My personal favorite, "I Don't Love You" was so different from the rest, a bit more mellow, but still great. Anyway, keep up the great work, MCR! ...more info
  • Thus far my favorite...
    I love this angsty over top rock album! Probably my favorite My Chemical Romance CD thus far. ...more info
  • If you're a fan of My Chemical Romance...
    You really should own this product. Whether you have a turn table or not, it's a piece of MCR memorabilia that's completely worth having. The art on the album is reason enough. Otherwise, The Black Parade is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard, so I can do nothing but praise this product....more info
  • Bought for 13yo Daughter
    Like the other parents that have enjoyed this music because of their kids, I have to say it is very theatrical, musically progressive and fun.
    Yes, there is a parental advisory but I suggest you listen first before you judge. It has a few "potty words" but nothing extreme and I don't feel its really worthy of the label like some of the current mainstream music today.
    If your kids ask for this one, give it a shot- you will most likely end up enjoying it yourself....more info
  • The Amazing Parade
    'The Black Parade' has been out for almost a year, and it has not lost one single spark. This album holds meaning and truth towards topics that some other so-called punk rock bands never dare touch apon, and My Chemical Romance have topped off their previous records with one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Despite their 'EMO' appearance, My Chemical Romance / 'The Black Parade' have proven all people wrong with their deep, thought out lyrics and the perfect ending to an out of this world album, the track 'Famous Last Words' with the fist-pumping, sing-a-long chorus that will always remain in your heart after listening to it: 'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone.' With this album, My Chemical Romance have showed a maturity and caring that I have never seen in any other band, and it shows 100%. They re-created themselves, they toured non-stop, and it looks like they're here to stay. My Chemical Romance are definitely worth the listen, and it's a mystery of what's to come next. ...more info
  • big surprise
    i heard amazing hype after this album droped. i mean magazines were saying it was awesome and my freinds dont get me started on them. so lo and behold i downloaded it and to my complete and utter surprise i LOVED!!! it. i thought bullets was overated and three cheers was meh but this one was on a whole nuther level. awesome anyone who is a fan of punk of goth oughtta pick up this album u wont be dissapointed...more info
  • Very moving.
    This CD reminds me of that choked up feeling you get when you listen to Queen and you feel like the music is bigger than yourself. It really is beautiful, and passionate, and makes you feel alive. Epic....more info
  • Nothing new
    Its the same type of punk rock music you've heard for the last few years. Absolutley nothing new or original. I wouldn't say its a bad album, just mediocre. I would only really listen to this album if I was bored and needed to kill some time....more info
  • Not too old to love this album
    I am a 55 year old attorney and the mother of four children. My youngest son started listening to this album and I got hooked. This is the first album since the 1980's that I have enjoyed and listened to repeatedly. I even went to see the group with my son.

    I urge anyone who loves this album to ask their parents to listen to it. The melodies, the words and the theme are riveting. Although all the songs are great, I particularly like "When you Go" and "Famous Last Words."

    ...more info
  • What made MCR.
    I thought that this album would just be the same as the others but wow was it different! It was slightly like other songs in the way that they have taken bits of them to improve there old songs but I am not saying that the original stuff wasn't good but it could be better. The one song i am not sure about is i don't love you. This album has slightly gone over the top with things about death and breaking hearts. But I would suggest buying this album if you liked there previous stuff.

    (Note: Written by JG)...more info
  • An old dude likes The Black Parade
    It's refreshing to see a young band out there that's musically ambitious. With all the disposable music floating around out there, it's nice to see an album like this. The title track, "Dead," and the "Yesterday" song stand out.

    This album reminds me a little of Queen, a little of the tune-smithing of Foo Fighters . . there's a little of everything thrown in.

    This review comes from an old guy normally into Wilco or U2.

    Bravo....more info
  • The Dark Parade
    This is a very provacative work. I have been listening to it nonstop for weeks. I love it. MCR is a great band and I will be waiting for their next endeavor eagerly!...more info
  • This Album is AMAZING.
    This album is amazing because it's so different from the last albums, but it's still classic MCR. What really made me love this album was the ue of interesting sounds and effects for the songs like "Cancer", where it sounds like Gerard Way is altering his voice. These songs are just amazing to listen to and my friends love this album, too. ...more info
    For this album, My Chemical Romance just copies the melodies and song structures on bands such as the Styx and Queen. Go and compare "Come Sail Away" by the Styx with "Welcome to the Black Parade". They are ironically similar. Even the singing tone is almost an exact replica of the lead singer of Styx. For several months, I even thought it was the Styx!!!
    Being a musician myself, I can appreciate well written music from an original band but when their is nothing original about it, there is not much I can say but SAVE YOUR MONEY!...more info
  • Love
    I LOVE this CD. Quite possibly the most amazing CD I own. After a week of owning it, I decided to go to a My Chemical Romance concert. I knew they were good, but I didn't know they were this good!!! I listen to every single song on this CD and know every single word to every single song. I LOVE THISSS!!!...more info
  • bone chilling to use a pun
    I ordered this to hear what the band played and was appalled at the lyrics to the one song "DEAD"! There is a warning for explicit lyrics, but I would never have imagined that ANYONE would find this music(?) appealing.I am a concerned Grammy! Has anyone heard Bob Dylans latest cd? It's the best- thanks Bob for some real class. Stay well everyone. Much love. Grammy Vance ...more info
  • Why are people giving this album five stars
    Why do people talk a big game on this pile of puke. I'd call this garbage, but that would be an insult to real garbage. The music is basically written in the generic "Look we have passion and real emotion" but that really means that we tried to write an album but we just can't escape the generic lyrics our fans want to get shoved down their throats. I have looked at the lyrics to this album and really find it amusing that people think they have talent(which they really don't) and they can play better than many bands. "But they have solos now" they add, but they are not too impressive and basically novice like. Overall, I hope emo fades soon, but the good thing I'm starting yo see a decline in the popularity of emo and soon it will all end. ...more info
  • Disturbed?
    I've only listened to the previews on all songs except for Welcome to the Black Parade. These guys seem like they are disturbed. I would not recommend this for anyone, especially children or young adults. ...more info
  • what can be said
    a pure work of art. one of the most creative artist's in the industry in my opinion. great music and lyrics. :-)...more info
  • another great cd by my chem
    =] I don't see how anyone can NOT like this CD. My friends (who have no taste in music, haha) actually like this CD!!! Even my DAD likes it. My favorite track at the moment off of this album would have to be Famous Last Words or Cancer. And one more thing, MCR is NOT, NOT, NOT emo....more info
  • Good CD
    I bought this cd on a whim while buying another album. Find myself listening to some of the tracks on this more then the other....more info
  • Really good album!
    I think this is My Chemical Romance's best album yet! I like every song on the album except about two. This album feature's great vocals, solo's, and most importantly a great rock sound! 5/5!!!!...more info
  • By all means, welcome to The Black Parade!!!!
    When lead-singer Michael Way called the album "psychotic", he wasn't kidding. Upon my first go-round with The Black Parade, I didn't get it. I sat there for a moment thinking, "Wait, what?" However, having listened to "Three Cheers...." and "I Brought You...", I knew better than to go with first impressions, so I listened to it again....and again....and again...and I'm still listening to it almost a year after it's release.

    What a superb Junior effort by this group of alt-rockers (if that's the genre you choose to place them in). This album has a little something for everyone. I enjoy this albgum so much, I would love to write a review for each song on the album. However, that would prolong you from doing what you should be doing, which is listening to the album. Stop reading and start listening.

    One listen and you'll hear influences ranging from Green Day to Pink Floyd to Queen. All superbly brought together with the brilliant musicianship of My Chemical Romance. If you're even remotely interested in My Chemical Romance, buy this album. And, even if you're not interested, buy it anyway. WOW!!!...more info
  • A blemish to the facade of My Chemical Romance
    As an avid fan of My Chemical Romance, being a fan since 2003, much longer then most of their fans, I understand the quality of their music and this CD did not meet par as compared to the message that their other CD's carried. This CD was meant to be "dark" as the band has said, but it didn't capture what they wanted it to. Granted there are good songs on this album, but this CD has received too much popularity because of Gerard's physical changes then the quality of the CD. Most fans that like this CD don't even know that Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge isn't their first CD. If you want to hear them raw and what they are really about, listen to their first CD. I call it Bullets for short. It sounds a lot different than the Black Parade era, but if you adore MCR, you can appreciate its subtle uniqueness. It shows them struggling to become a band and I appreciate it for that. Revenge is probably my favorite not for looks or the songs, but for the message it carries. Revenge. It is a story about people being hurt by death and being psychologically messed up. It if anything let's you know that there are other people in the world who re not okay and that you are not alone. The Black Parade is good, but not the best it could be. I went to see them in concert and you could clearly tell that they had the most vigor in singing their older songs. And that is what MCR is about. Being alive, facing death and overcoming it. Getting through the bad to be better. I wish that people would stop making such a big deal out of the Black Parade when they don't know anything about MCR's history, or what they have gone through. If they understood the hardships they have gone through, they would view the Black Parade in a more realistic sense.

    Listen to Demolition Lovers if you want to feel their pain. Listen to Cemetery Drive to feel the betrayal. Don't listen to Welcome to the Black Parade and think you understand them....more info
  • My heart now belongs to My Chemical Romance :]
    The Black Parade is another amazing album from My Chemical Romance. Just as awesome as Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and Bullets. Here's a review of the songs:

    The End:10/10- It's basically an intro for the cd. It starts with acoustic guitar, a first for MCR. I usually don't like intro's but this one has that special thing were it dosen't sound like an intro just a short, amazing song.

    Dead: 10/10-I love this song! Good lyrcis and it's super catchy so its fun to listen to.

    This Is How I Disappear: 10/10- i don't really understand it but it's one of my favs :]

    The Sharpest Lives: 10/10- Really good. Kind of in the spirit of "To The End" from TCFSR. It sounds a lot like their old stuff and its's really good!

    Welcome To The Black Parade:10/10- Their first single. It's a great song! 1 of my all time fav songs ever!

    I Don't Love You: 10/10- This is an amazing song!Gerard pts so much emotion into the way he sings and the lyrics are very powerful. Amazing song!

    House of Wolves: 10/10- i love this song! Great guitar and drum and i really like the lyrics.

    Cancer: 10/10- I love this song! MCR suprises with the slow songs but i'm extremly pleased with this song. AH-MA-ZING!!!

    Mama: 10/10- This song is very cool.I love the beginning especially and the way Gerard says stuff in this song.

    Sleep: 8/10- Love the lyrics but it just dosne't stick like the other songs.

    Teenagers: 10/10- Love this song! A bit overplayed but the most fun song to jump around and head bang to. :]

    Disenchanted: 10/10- this song is so powerful. I love the way its put together and the lyrics.

    Famous Last Words: 10/10- i love this song with all my heart and soul! Its an amzing way to "end" the album...Blood technically ends it but whatever, :]

    Blood (Hidden Track): 10/10- i love this song so much! its hilarious and disturbing and fun and i love listenign to it :]

    Great album from MCR. They just keeping getting better and i can't wait for there next album! :]...more info
  • my new favorite cd
    this is a really really really amazing cd. this music is not usually what i listen to but i love it so much. My favorite song is "I Don't Love You" i find myself listening to the song over and over again. It is such an amazing song. Other highlights from this album are: Dead! The Sharpest Lives, House of Wolves, Mama, Teenagers,Disenchanted, and of course Welcome to the Black Parade. This album is definitly worth the money!...more info
  • A review I did of The Black Parade
    My Chemical Romance's third album is The Black Parade. it was released on October 24, 2006. Their first single from the album was Welcome To The Black Parade, witch first aired on the radio on September 11, 2006. On September 26, 2006, the music video for Welcome To The Black Parade was released. It reached number one in American October 15. Famous Last Words was their second single, it was released on January, 22 2007. Third single was I Don't Love You, witch was released only in UK on April 2, 2007. The forth single was Teenagers, witch was released July 9, 2007.

    The Black Parade World Tour started on February 22 2007, with Rise Against, Thursday, and Muse as support acts. At the first concert of the tour in Manchester, New Hampshire, My Chemical Romance announced the addition of Reggie and the Full Effect frontman James Dewees, who will play keyboards/synth on the tour.

    The Black Parade is their alter ego for this album. the premise for this record in The Black Parade Press Conference Gerard says "when you die I'd like to think, that when you die death comes for you however you want. and I feel that it's your strongest memory ether your childhood or adulthood. and for this particular character in this record called the Patent, his strongest memory is of being a child, his father is taking him to this parade. so when death comes for him, it comes in the form of the black parade."

    I love this album, It's not a was of money at all!!!...more info
  • just....epic
    this entire album is just epic , start to finish , its an emotional rollercoaster of musical bliss and although less angst then 3 cheers it wont dissapoint...more info
  • If I hear that "back in black" joke one more time....
    Now I am sure there is at least one kid right now who is reading this, still holding a gruge with MCR for "selling out", and you know what I have to say to that kid. I completely agree with you, but Im okay with it. This album is not Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge part two, nor is the Bullets part 2.
    This album is nothing like old MCR, this is more of a show, its a spalsh a spectical (forgive me Billie Joe for using your words) it was meant to get attention from fans, not media, just fans and in that case
    it is amazing.

    Even the most hardcore scenster has to admit for the most part this album rocks, sure WTTBP was played WAY TO MUCH, but hey we werent complaining when people started to play Helena every 12 seconds so why start now?

    Yes Yes, its not old MCR
    Frank doesnt wear X's on his eyes
    Mikey lost the glasses
    and Gerard has turned into Gerald
    but these are boys have still made an amazing album that still has the classis MCR heart and energy, but with a less basement show sound

    The album is a combination of punk, old school rock, and some bad 80's hair dye
    and all around good fun
    minus bert mccracken...more info
  • Like the greats, but sometimes too much like them
    First of all, I love theme albums. To me, an album should feel like a whole entity, not a shuffle of stuff that happen to be from the same artist. Theme albums aren't the only way to pull this off, but they are a great way to do so.

    The Black Parade is the campy pop sensibilities of Queen, the dark epic story telling of Pink Floyd (a la The Wall), the drums of Smashing Pumpkins, the bass and rhythm guitar of Green Day, and the lead guitar of Guns n Roses. These are all things that I admire deeply. So why the uneasy feeling when I listen to this album? I think it's because it's too close to all of those things. If you told me that this was a super-band made up of members of those groups, I'd believe you. The similarities to The Wall are especially over the top. I love The Wall and was at first really excited to see the influences of it on The Black Parade. But as the album went on, the similarities became just too numerous. I can tell MCR is extremely creative but there was too little that was uniquely MCR among the homages.

    This rant aside, I do still really enjoy The Black Parade. I don't purchase many CDs anymore but I'm very glad I got this one....more info
  • If you like MCR, you'll like this album!
    That one star review was from an idiot that doesn't get the band. if you like the band, this could arguably be the best album they've come out with, so just buy it!!!!...more info
  • I joined the Black Parade
    Hands down the best rock album of the decade. I loved their first 2 albums and this one tops em all. Every song is a winner and the subject matter is very cool. My only problem is where do they go from here? Not much more to say that hasn't already been said. Buy it and rock on!...more info
  • Top Ten pick ups of 2007
    I am a huge My Chem fan and after Three Cheers I didn't think they'd be able to top it. Damn was I wrong, I saw these guys in concert over 3 times and they're even better live. This album though is quite possibly one of the best albums i've ever purchased. Across the board the album is strong, has different styles and tells amazing stories like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (through hell). I don't know how they'll beat this!...more info
  • "Will you be the savior of the beaten, the broken and the damned?"
    The Black Parade is an attempt at a grandiose, operatic concept album; an emo epic. Or is it?

    The problem with emo is that everyone claims to hate it but no one seems to know what it actually is. Everyone can identify an "emo kid" by his dopey haircut and the extreme angle of his myspace photo, but the only characteristic of the subgenre they can think of is a predilection for suicidal lyrics. These ad hominem attacks rarely identify specific bands, instead relying on generic joke ones like Rip My Heart To Shreds or something. One of the more commonly cited actual bands is My Chemical Romance, although their singer Gerard Way himself declares that his band is not emo, and he hates the music himself. This begs the question: what are these bands creating all this music that everybody hates? In the end, it doesn't matter what you want to label the makers of The Black Parade. It is entertaining in parts and a little boring in others. There's a lot of simple chord progression. There are some ventures into older styles of rock, including noticeable influence from Queen. There's a story in there somewhere about someone dying of cancer and what he leaves behind. Most of the more interesting parts are a little over-the-top and perhaps beyond the honest reach of the band's abilities. But if you can stomach the eccentricities, it's not a bad modern rock album.

    The first track is "The End." It mixes soft strumming with loud parts as Way sings or shrieks as appropriate. "Dead!" is a more normal song in line with what they've done before, although you see some of that influence from recent decades past. "The Sharpest Lives" has a sharp, repetitive baseline that adds a bit of a metal feel while Way growls a bit to fit the mood. Just a bit. "Welcome to the Black Parade" is pretty outlandish, a typical pop-punk song wrapped inside a minimalistic piano ballad. "I Don't Love You" delves more into their strength at writing simple but effective songs in their genre. "Cancer" is a softer song that hits you over the head a bit before "Mama", another song that's perhaps artificially odd, with a calculated strangeness and a guest appearance by Liza Minnelli. "Teenagers" is the purest retro track, and kind of doesn't fit in. "Famous Last Words" has one last sweeping chorus before the hidden track "Blood", which is, again, a bit silly. If you think you won't like this, you won't. But there are some fun songs....more info
  • the best alternative cd i've heard in a loooooong time...
    i always heard people talking about how great that one band, "my chemical romance" was, but i never really cared. so i heard the song "famous last words" on the radio, and i was like, "who is this?" my friend told me it was mcr and i was like, "whoa, they're better than i thought they were!" i went on itunes and wasted a bunch of money downloading songs from this album like crazy. my personal favorites (in order) are "the sharpest lives", "teenagers", "dead!', "house of wolves", "famous last words", "mama", and "welcome to the black parade". anyway, this cd is really worth buying, and you should check out their other stuff, too....more info
  • The Black Parade
    Dark, depressive, bombastic and full of hyper energy! "The Black Parade" brings back the days of Queens "A Night at the Opera" and "A Day of the Races". Who would have thought that death could be so much fun? ...more info
  • Devastatingly Brilliant
    I spend most of my time listening to metal and 80's style AOR (Journey, Foreigner et al), so I probably have no business reviewing the latest release by My Chemical Romance. I had long since given up on most modern rock artists, but I was hearing enough good things about The Black Parade (plus I thought the band's Sergeant Pepper meets Tim Burton image was cool) that I took a chance and picked it up.

    Dear God this album is brilliant.

    Seriously, there is so much to love about The Black Parade, even if you can no longer identify 90% of what you hear on the radio. Besides being one of the catchiest albums I've ever heard, the band wraps elements of pop, punk, metal, and even arena rock (it's like throwing Green Day, Queen, Styx, the Who, and Bon Jovi in a blender) around a concept album about...ghosts? death? cancer? I still haven't figured out what it's all about, but I do know that I've owned it for the better part of a year and still can't go more than a few days without playing it. This is How I Disappear, a neck-snapping tune that's bound to please most metal fans, is by far my favorite song, but Famous Last Words is just as heavy, and songs like Dead and Welcome to the Black Parade are standouts as well. Really, the entire album is just about flawless. There's an incredible amount of energy and emotion at work here that is just impossible to deny. The fact that some of the same behind-the-scenes types that worked on Green Day's American Idiot (another favorite) also worked on The Black Parade is icing on the cake.

    I have no idea what emo is, and my younger brothers laugh at me over this one, but I still think that The Black Parade is by far the best album I've heard since American Idiot. It's one of those rare albums that leaves you exhausted, gasping for breath, awestruck and reaching for the "play" button once it ends.
    ...more info
  • Amazing
    This CD is multiple things...but mostly...AMAZING!!! Eveyone's always like "we'll there sell outs and there so mainstream"...2 there not...and who cares? this CD is one of the best CD's i've ever heard. It's got great music, great singing but most of all great lyrics! the lyrics are probably the best part...ok well i lied everything is the best part! Buy this CD and you will not be dissapointed!

    -Haley...more info
  • Brilliant, breathtaking, powerful
    MCR is a band I was hesitant to like for a while as I take pleasure in enjoying music most of my friends haven't heard of. However, despite an appearance on Saturday Night Live, I think you could say they're still pretty far from mainstream.

    The Black Parade is a strong, brilliant album. The song "Welcome to the Black Parade" deservedly takes center stage. Its style of several songs rolled into one reminds me of Queen's 'The March of the Black Queen' and Green Day's 'Jesus of Suburbia.' I'm a big fan of complex arrangements. Other standout tracks for me include 'Teenagers' and the theatrical 'Mama,' which features cameo vocals by, of all people, Liza Minnelli.

    I hope MCR has staying power. I'm looking forward to more....more info
  • a new twist on an old band
    The Black Parade quickly became one of my favorite albums. I just couldn't stop listenting because of the haunting guitar solos and catchy refrains that threaten to stay in your head forever. Having been a fan of MCR for quite some time, I was looking forward to the release of this album, but was blown away with how different the band sounded. Every song on the album is unique, which takes a lot of creativity when audiences expect a certain sound. My Chemical Romance has found a way to take their music to a new level while maintaining everything that made you fall in love with them in the first place. The boys are creating music that you can fall in love with and having a good time every step of the way. The message coming across in the album is "If you're going to feel sorry for yourself, you might as well have a great time doing it." And thats exactly what they did....more info
  • Better than I ever would have expected
    Their first CD is raw. Their second CD is so emo even I get depressed from it. The Black Parade is as close to a masterpiece that any modern band has been able to achieve. Of course, this band borrowed quite a bit of the musical feel from the '70s. From infinite harmony parts to beautiful stadium-rock guitar solos (thank you, Ray!), this album just screams classic rock with a modern twist: Gerard's voice and a theme of death and agony. The comparisons with the Smashing Pumpkins that have been made are justified after this album: both bands disappoint their old fans in a wonderful, interesting way. With time, maybe those disappointed fans realize what a great new sound the band has created (or half-recreated, in MCR's case), but what is certain is that new fans will be brought along with the new sound. I'm one of those fans. I'm not a big lover of their earlier works--too sappy and boring and similar to other bands--but this album is really something. MCR are a rock band again, not emo, not soft punk, but rock....more info
  • a must have
    this is a must have cd. cross between punk and rock-great! cancer is one of the many great songs on the disk....more info
  • Couldn't Get Much Better Than This!
    I Absolutely LOVE this CD!!!! It can be dark & up-lifting at the same time!! Fabulous talent! It just amazes me with it's complex lyrics & hits deep! You fall into the music & can't get the songs out of your head & you can't wait to blast this CD over & over!! I LOVE it!!!!!!...more info
  • Quality Album. No Filler
    My issue with music lately is as follows. Two or three singles per album and ten or so filler songs. So, I stopped buy music by the album. I bought this album. All of it. No filler here kids, this is a hard hitting rock album that hails back to greats like Queen and does not falter. Way to go guys!
    ...more info
  • One of the best albums that I've heard in a long, long time
    I was driving home one night, and I heard this song playing on the radio. It was epic, big, and unlike anything that I had ever heard. My wife said that it was from someone called 'My Chemical Romance.'
    I had heard of them, but I thought that they were some sort of punk rock band. I love alternative music, and hard rock. I grew up on it, however, I could never get into punk rock.
    I mentioned the song to someone at work, and they said that they had the CD, and said that it was great, and that I should try it.
    So I did.
    I was totally blown away by this album! There's not a song on it that I would skip through. From the opening lines of 'The End.,' to the almost inspirational chorus of 'Famous Last Words,' My Chemical Romance brings an album with a wide range of styles that all seem to meld into on fantastic album. 'The Black Parade' is one of the all-time greats, and 'Disenchanted' near the very end of the album really stand out as songs that could stand the test of time.
    This is an album that I could anticipate picking up ten years from now, and still like it as much then, as I do today. And THAT sort of album does not come along very often.
    So I say, that if you like music, any kind of rock music, pick up this album....more info
  • From Aversion.Com
    "My Chemical Romance's confusion of maudlin with dark, light-metal riffs with rock and overwrought teenage melodrama with substance? Lame.

    The replacement of its signature mascara-and-Hot Topic encrusted pop punk with an equal love of Styx-like prog wankery and glam-metal glossy riffs? Lame. Totally lame.

    The marching-band drums, singer Gerard Way's over-pronounced delivery and fumbled attempts at epic arrangements in "Welcome to the Black Parade?" Lame.

    Finding out "Cancer," the track Way tipped as the "darkest song ever," is a mere tear-jerker piano ballad that's more like Elton John's tribute to Death Be Not Proud than anything mustered by The Birthday Party, Joy Division or The Cure's Pornography? Lame.

    Pretending to be The Black Parade instead of My Chemical Romance when recording this album? Lame.

    The Queen-like operatic intro that opens up "Dead" and continues in "The Sharpest Lives?" Lame.

    Shooting for the housewife and schoolgirl vote with a piano ballad that's the collaboration between Keane and Fall Out Boy we hope never happens in "I Don't Love You?" Lame.

    The feeling you get after The Black Parade ends, when you can't figure if you just heard the worst prog-rock album ever, the worst off-Broadway soundtrack ever or the worst Goth-punk album ever? Lame.

    Knowing it doesn't matter which of the three The Black Parade leans to most, as, when it's all said and done, over-the-top crap is over-the-top crap no matter where it comes from? Lame."

    -Matt Schild

    Now, I'm not exactly a goer of this website (I really don't care about professional websites, anyway), but I thought this was an apt description. This album bites and it still warrants another hideous one star review.

    -/10...more info
  • A Nice Try
    I was pretty pumped for the release of this CD. I have their DVD and last two CDs. So I got home and put it in the CD player ready to rock out. Having heard the Black Parade song on TV, I thought that I was going to love this CD. Welcome to the Black Parade was an ok song. I thought it would be the opener... anyways. I listened to the whole CD and just sat there in my computer chair, not in awe, but in dissapointment with the exception of Teenagers.

    Am I the only one who thinks that all they did was take most of their songs off the last CD, add in some more bells and whistles, and then put it back on a new CD? I can't say that I was impressed as much as I hate to say it. Gerard's singing style on the BP sucks. He is not a smooth singer. He is a punk rock singer. He has no place in ballads. They said that this was going to be an epic CD, and it is to an extent. It builds up but to the point where I am like enough with the epic sound. Let's hear a real song.

    Well if you like this CD then good for you. I don't. This is the end of MCM for me unless they do something totally more like their older stuff next time because I don't think I could stand myself if I spent more money on them. I recommend any cd by Incubus (my favorite band ever) or the newest Smashing Pumpkins cd. It rocks and I don't care what anyone says. The new Senses Fail cd was even better than the Black Parade. Check it out too if you haven't. Until next time..... ...more info
  • So Enchanted!
    This album is the coolest album I've ever heard. The lyrics are so interesting and original. The music is mysterious and creepy, yet so energetic. Each song is so different from the next. The album is a total blast to listen to. I have to dance everytime I hear it. I listen to it everyday and it always leaves me wanting more. The Black Parade is destined to be a classic. I also recommend the following product links. They include awesome singles not heard on The Black Parade. Welcome to the Black Parade (CD2) and Famous Last Words ...more info
  • The best album I have heard in a long time
    TBH I had never listened to this band until a few days ago. Being 37 my tastes are more older school metal (Queensryche, older Metallica, Dream Theater etc...) with some newer stuff mixed in (HIM comes to mind.) I was looking for something new to listen to and this caught my eye. Well give it a chance. This album is excellent. My Chemical Romance has the sound of an updated Pink Floyd mixed with Queen mixed with commercial punk (ala Green Day.) Also what I enjoyed was the drummer and guitarists really pushed themselves. They worked hard on this album if that makes sense. Too many musicians today seem to take the easy way out with beats that are simple with no high hat work....little to no guitar solo's and down tuning with the same old sound. This band made the best album they could and it shows. It shows on EVERY song. If you work hard and take chances (expose yourself artistically) anything is bad more bands chose not to....more info
  • Good Album
    I love the intensity of "The Black Parade" and "Famous Last Words" so I had to buy this CD. I also found that I couldn't stop listening to "I Don't Love You", and "Cancer" moved me so much that I started crying. "This is How I Disappear" is also a great track.

    All in all, I enjoy this album immensely and listen to it all of the time....more info
  • An Amazing Album
    This album was a pleasure to listen to and it was even better to watch live. It is full of energy, which comes across stronger in some songs like "Mama" and "The Sharpest Lives." When these songs come on, they just make you want to go to a concert and mosh or jump around your room. Plus, it shows that they didn't lose their ability to make the album fun, which is a great balance for the tone of the album.

    Furthermore, the lyrics to this album are a lot darker and a lot more intense than the previous two albums. A touching and heart-wrenching song is "Cancer" because even though it was one of the shortest songs, it packed an incredible punch that affects anyone whether they are personally affected by cancer or not. The singles from the album showed a pretty good representation of the lyrics within the album. "Welcome to the Black Parade" showed the dark yet hopeful lyrics that a listener can find took on a different sound in "Famous Last Words." Then "Teenagers" is their fun and full of energy song, that reminds me a lot of "I'm Not Okay."

    All in all, I think this album has a lot to offer to a new MCR listener and to someone who has been a fan since the first album. Also, I know that this spring is the last leg of the tour, but if you get a chance, definitely check them out live, because it is the best way to hear the album. Enjoy!...more info
  • Excellent album.
    The Black Parade is an excellent album for all My Chemical Romance's fans. The songs are all very "catchy"; I've been listening the album non-stop for a while now. Don't particularly LOVE like 3-4 songs but they are still worth listening to, but all the songs are great! The songs The Black Parade and Teenagers are particularly good, so listen to their previews or watch the videos online and you'll see by yourself.

    Hope you enjoy the album! :)
    ...more info
  • Darkness and light
    I don't know that I would agree with one of the spotlight reviewers who says some performers from Jersey have a blue collar work ethic that is manifested in their styles (to wit: Springsteen and Bon Jovi with an "everyman's character" that supposedly translates into musical drive-), but there certainly is an undeniable energy that My Chemical Romance brings to its music. It's enough to pique your interest if only because it beckons in such a lively manner. But there's much more here (that is, in the MCR effort on The Black Parade). These guys demonstrate that they are not merely another motley crew (sorry) of angst-ridden boys who smear their faces with makeup; they are genuine, contemporary balladeers with an original sound of substance. So while you may detect hints of Queen and undisguised influences from other bands, what My Chemical Romance provides on this CD is their own interpretation of alienation, irreverence, and nihilism. Further, amidst the seamy morass, there is a seemingly contradictory message as well: the brighter image that is camouflaged within. Communicated at times in a somewhat cheeky manner (you can feel the smirk), the suggestion is nonetheless present. If you will, just when you thought it WASN'T SAFE - from the darkness (read death)comes the light (rebirth); despite the absurdity, there is still reason; in the midst of despair there can be hope (perhaps a continuing homage to the band's original 9/11 inspiration). This lyrical irony produces balance and at the same time reveals a sophistication in this group that belies their ostensibly typical character. With that in mind, there are several selections here that will catch your ear and hold your attention - like THIS IS HOW I DISAPPEAR with its pronounced rhythm accents and flashy guitar riffs- and surprises galore, including MAMA and its Liza Minelli insert. Then, not incidentally, if you thought you were only being led on a journey of alternative rock, you will suddenly realize that you've also become the unwitting captive of one of their fetching pop hooks. DISENCHANTED is an example, matched in type, if not tone, by FAMOUS LAST WORDS (is that an optimistic, confident chorus? - "I am not afraid to keep on living . . . "). By the way, these two tracks are clever pieces of song-writing craftsmanship that allow the band to stretch out and enable the front- man vocalist Gerard Way to enchant us even more.

    In the end, The Black Parade is entertaining both in its thematic approach and musical diversity, making for an almost Sgt. Pepper-like display. Truth be told, this was my first exposure to MCR. The experience has been a refreshing delight....more info
  • freak nasty awesome
    it defies everything negative anyone ever said about them.

    Energetic, honest, somber, thoughtful, awe inspiring, and basically AH-MAZZZZING!!!...more info