NutriMinC? RE9 Set Special

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Product Description

The six day & night NutriMinC? RE9 anti-aging system products for the face, plus a FREE NutriMinC? RE9 REversing Gel¨¦e, Transforming Lift, a $38 value. Set includes: REnewing Gel¨¦e Cr¨¨me; Hydrating Wash; REstoring Mist, Balancing Toner; REality SPF8 Day Cr¨¦me; REpair Corrective Eye Cr¨¨me; REactivating Facial Serum, Day & Night; REcover Night Cr¨¨me; and, FREE REversing Gel¨¦e, Transforming Lift.

  • Botanically-based: A combination of science and nature based on herbal and botanical principles.
  • pH Correct: Skin care pH of 5.5 insures maximum benefit.
  • Hypoallergenic: No dyes or chemical fragrances and voluntary human testing-never tested on animals.
  • No animal products or by-products--plants and herbs offer superior benefits.
  • No mineral oil--occlusive oil interferes with skin functions.

Customer Reviews:

  • This product really works
    I tried the RE9 set for the first time this July. I was skeptical that it would do all that was promised. After three days, I was amazed at the difference in my skin! It felt smoother, and it wasn't as blotchy as before. Now, after using the set for three months, I have actually noticed an improvement in fine lines around my eyes, and my skin feels smooth and polished without painful, expensive and dangerous peels! You have to try it!...more info
  • RE9 is FABULOUS!!
    I had skin issues for years, tried many mainstream department store products, I even bought products from Japan, none would help my skin. I saw a NOTICABLE change in the condition of my skin after the first use! Now, over a year later, my skin is in top condition and I wouldn't use anything else on my skin now but Arbonne products....more info
  • OK, now that you have heard from all the consultants out there...
    Listen up gals! There is nothing spectacular, different or even all natural about Arbonne products. The only difference is in the price! Let's face it, if you want good skin, your going to have to earn it - eat healthier and drink an abundance of filtered water. You might have a daily cleanser, maybe an exfoliater of some sort and a decent moisturizer (maybe even two, one for winter and one for summer), but it doesn't and shouldn't cost you an arm and leg. There are many books on natural beauty ie: using things in the natural world to create NON Preserved lotions, oils and cleansers. A few books that I can recommend right off are "Your Skin From A to Z" by Dr. Jerome Litt and "Natural Beauty" by Gail Duff. Save your money for shoes! ...more info
  • Great products/poor selling method
    Selling thru Amazon is in direct violation of Arbonne Policies & Procedures and your contract with them could be cancelled. These are very pure, high quality products you would do best to get direct from Arbonne or your Arbonne Rep. to ensure they're new and unused! With less then 1% preservatives, the products have expiration dates. Arbonne International will be contacting the Seller....more info
  • Arbonne NutriMinC products are great
    I have tried many of Arbonne's products and now have been using them almost exclusively for over a year, especially this NutriMinC anti-aging line. For many years I used Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Biotherm and even the pricey La Mer line. Arbonne has products for all skin types; you can see details on their web site. I will admit when I first used the samples for a week or two, my skin broke out and I was flipping out and ready to never use them again, but it turns out it was bringing up junk and purging my skin of debris way under the surface. After 2 weeks my skin was clear, any 'sun spots' have faded away and I get many compliments on having smooth, young-looking skin -- often enough that even strangers will ask me what skincare products I use. I highly recommend them (and they're in line or slightly less expensive than major dept. store brands.) I have not tried many of their makeup products yet since I'm well stocked on that stuff for awhile. The full 'set special' of skin care products is definitely the best deal. ...more info


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