Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender

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Product Description

Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes and go! Blend and drink from the same bottle. Crushes ice instantly. Just blend and go! Convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender crushes ice instantly, fits in car cup holders and easy to clean. A quick breakfast solution for families on the go! Add fruit to create a healthy fun snack! Blend a different drink for each of your friends! The perfect size for a light meal or treat at work. Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym. At home or on the road, just blend and go!

  • Blend and drink from the same 16 ounce bottle
  • Compact size fits auto cup holder
  • High-powered base motor and spill-resistant, flip

Customer Reviews:

  • Shake N Take
    The Shake N Take blender works great! I bought this as a gift for my wife, as she loves making smoothies. The instructions say to be careful using the blender with ice, but my wife has had no problems whatsoever when she has used ice in it. I am going to buy more of the shaker bottles, so she doesn't have to wash out the only one she has everyday. I would recommend this to anyone who drinks a lot of smoothies, protein shakes, etc. and likes to take them with them wherever they may go. Just blend and take the top of the blender with you-that's it!...more info
  • wife loves it!

    I researched this before buying, and it was a good choice. I got it for my wife, who makes shakes most days per week to carry with her out of the house. She loves this little unit and has not had any complaints. It is much better than using a big blender and pouring into a to-go cup. ...more info
  • wonderful compact personal mixer.
    I purchased this item months ago so I can blend my healthy drinks and I use it more everyday. This item is great for mixing powdered diet drinks, or just whipping fruit juices in a hurry. Never had any problems....more info
  • Shake and Take is a great buy!
    For anyone who enjoys smoothies, or wants a quick meal this is a great purchase. Add some yogurt, fruit, protein powder with fat free milk or orange juice & mix it up and it is a terrific breakfast or lunch! It fits perfectly in the drink holder in your car as you head out for your destination....more info
  • Shake N Take
    I was really excited when I received my Shake N Take. Unfortunately I only used it 5 times and the motor stopped working. It would be a great product and convenient if it would last longer.

    ...more info
  • garbage product - made in China
    Worked great for only a month or two, using it a couple times a week to make fruit smoothies with protein power. Just this morning the motor gave out, and now when I press the button, nothing happens. It's going back to the store first thing tomorrow. What a poorly-made low-quality piece of rubbish, I should've read the label - Made In China. BUYER BEWARE!!!...more info
  • Great idea, great product!
    I've been using the Shake n Take almost every day for 8 months. It's still going strong and I LOVE the convenience and blending capability in a portable size! It's terrifc!...more info
  • I use mine every morning!
    This is a great take along product. I use mine every morning and drink my smoothie on the way to work. I recommend it for anybody that wants to do the same thing.Shake 'N Take (IP700)...more info
  • Shake 'n Take
    I purchased the Shake 'n Take personal blender about 3 weeks ago locally (Meijer). I use it twice a day to blend up a mixture of juice, frozen and fresh fruits, and protein for pre- and post-workout nourishment. I love it. I haven't had any problems blending anything I've thrown in. The motor and blades seem very capable. It's the perfect size. It's quick, it's easy, and was well priced. The only negative is the bottle can't take hot dishwasher temperatures. This is a minor issue as it is easy enough just to hand wash when necessary. ...more info
  • Shake 'N Take is Great
    I tried this product at a friends house while on vacation at the shore and knew I had to have one. Went on line and ordered it while I was still there. Great for protein shakes, smoothies and those tropical drinks you drink while you are on vacation...more info
  • Makes life easier!
    I was given this as a gift for Christmas '07, and I loved it. I used it almost everyday for an east breakfast meal. There was never any problems with anything I added to blend. Ice was chopped up nice and smooth. It lasted a little over a year and I am buying a replacement!...more info
  • Individual blender
    This is great to make individual smoothies and take with you. The bottles fit in the car holders....more info


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