Excalibur 2900 Economy Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator - Black
Excalibur 2900 Economy Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator - Black

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Product Description

Excalibur 2900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator The 2900 Deluxe Series is a 9-Tray food dehydrator that is great for families that love eating healthy! Drying food is fun! The Excalibur Dehydrator allows you to dry anything evenly and efficiently. The unit can dry all fruits, vegetables, meats, and more! Make fruit leathers and home-made jerky - FRESH! The Excalibur has a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system which dries foods perfectly evenly on all the trays. Dehydrating is a great way to add a new way of consuming foods without damaging valuable nutrients which may be lost during high heat cooking! Dried foods are a great treat to snack on because they hold almost all of their nutritional value and flavor. This unit differs from other dehydrators because of its unique horizontal drying system in the rear of the unit. This provides a sure way to provide an even dehydration process as the warm air removes moisture and is pushed out the front of the machine. There is also no need to rotate trays because of the horizontal drying. Includes instruction manual with over 50 recipes!

  • Deluxe Non-Timer Heavy DutyFamily Model
  • Polycarbonate Trays with Polyscreen inserts: 15 square feet of tray space
  • FREE! Preserve it Naturally Book
  • Heavy Duty 7" fan, 600 watts, Adjustable Thermostat: 85o - 145oF - Built In On/Off Switch
  • Americal Made - 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty - 5 Year Extended Warranty Available

Customer Reviews:

  • Very pleased
    We got the 9 tray that is on top of the line directly from Excalibur company about a month ago.

    It is a little noisy but we have gotten used to it. Generally it is one of the best investment we have made as far as food preparation is concerned.

    The best thing about our dehydrator is that, it has a 26 hour timer.

    I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Great dehydrator
    I love how much space this provides. I have done so much in this thing, and they turn out great! I love that you can use it even if it isn't completely full. I have done cookies, crackers, tons of fruit!, veggies and more in this. They turn out great. It is a little loud, I usually run it in the basement or living room, but it isn't to bad. I researched a lot of dehydrators before buying, and I am really happy with this one. I feel like it has better air circulation then most, and more options for what you can do in it. It is well worth the money!...more info
  • Great Dehydrator!
    This is a very good product for dehydration of food. Volume of food that can be dehydrated at one shot is good - I dehydrated 5 lbs of beef jerky in one cycle, and also dehydrated about 25 fairly large apples in one cycle. The unit has a fairly large footprint, so we store it in the basement when not using to conserve our counter space. The unit is light though, so it is not much trouble to bring it up to use. Not very noisy either... less than our dishwasher for sure!...more info
  • I went from a Newbie to a Junkie! Great Machine
    I recently purchased this unit direct from the manufacturer on sale ($160) and so far I have had great success with it. I've made flax crackers, corn chips, plaintains and bananas and currently I've got some macaroons in there. My model does not have a timer, but I purchased a heavy duty appliance timer from the hardware store for less than $20.

    The unit noise doesn't bother me, it's comparable to a microwave hum when you're cooking something in the microwave. I could see that being a bit distracting for someone in a studio apartment, but I'm in a house, so it's not a problem.

    Since I don't have the counter space in my kitchen I have it on the floor in my dining room. Since getting the dehydrator my husband and I have started eating a lot more raw foods. All in all, I would have bought this appliance years ago had I know how easy it is to eat raw when you've got the right equipment....more info
  • Great dehydrator - But the 9-tray model is very noisy
    I started with the 9-tray Excalibur and it was too noisy for my small home. I sold it to a friend with a porch and bought the 4-tray model, which is much quieter.

    ...more info
  • Makes you a guru in a day!
    I had a Ronco dehydrator and needed to move up. I work all week and could only prepare foods to dry on the weekend. We get an organic farm share each week and my family was having trouble eating and processing it all before the next batch arrived. Once I got the Excalibur 9 tray, I was able to get all of my food dried with NO LOSS OF BATCHES. This thing has a thermostat and fan instead of relying on convection alone, so it works much more quickly. Now my family has gone RAW, and we make all sorts of food in the Excalibur. We use it several times per week and it is plainly AWESOME!!! This is what you need if you are really serious about drying foods or eating raw. Don't mess around - get the 9 tray and make BIG batches and save a lot of time....more info
  • Top of the line - and lets you know it too.
    It's true, this is an awesome machine. Very fast, fairly even drying, large trays, huge capacity. My main complaint is that the fan is rather loud, and when it's on for many hours in a row it's a bit grating. Don't bother with the Paraflexx sheets for fruit leather - unbleached silicone parchment paper (NOT waxed paper) is faster and less expensive, and you can just cut and store the finished leather with the paper still on. ...more info
  • I've never understood why people would buy a round food dehydrator

    Forget every other food dehydrator you have ever seen. All you need is The Excalibur. I use this machine many different times during the year but it is extremely helpful around the holidays. My family expects Homemade Beef Jerky in a wide variety of flavors and with nine large trays there is ample room to explore with different marinades. If you want to make your own Beef Jerky this machine is all you need. Meat and Spices not included....more info
  • LOVE this machine !
    OK, let's clarify the amount of noise this machine puts out ... it is equivalent to the sound of the exhaust fan in our bathroom ceiling. It makes NO more noise than our dishwasher.

    Yes, it's a bit distracting if you are watching TV, but it's nothing that should stop you from getting this 9-tray machine. (We moved it from our kitchen to our garage because we have a small kitchen and needed the counter space. The noise was not a deciding factor.)

    It is absolutely WONDERFUL!

    We dehydrate chicken and beef for ourselves and our dog so that we NO LONGER have to purchase expensive, irradiated jerky made in China. (We can season it however we want to, with ingredients that we can tolerate in our digestive tracts - in other words, we no longer suffer from gastric disturbances.) We have also dehydrated pineapple rings and tomatoes.

    It's easy and fun, plus saves money. We run a batch at least once per week, sometimes more.

    I researched dehydrators for quite a while because I only wanted to buy ONE and keep it for a long while. This is the machine to go with - the fan and heating element are on the back wall of this unit versus on the bottom like in other machines. Therefore, the drippings stay out of the mechanical workings and do NOT effect the durability of the machine.

    I highly recommend the 9-tray model so that you can accomplish a lot of dehydrating within a minimal amount of space vs. 2 of the 4-tray models - they would need to be set side-by-side as the heat would be a concern if they were stacked directly on top of each other. I would only consider stacking the units if you had a SHELF in-between them.

    The Excalibur is easy to clean and easy to use. I give it my highest satisfaction rating, and encourage anyone who wants a quality dehydrator to purchase this one. ...more info
  • worst customer service
    I ordered directly from the factory following a link here -- the factory sells a model with a timer and they offer a better warranty to drive sales. This review is not about the unit but is about customer service. I ordered 7 ParaFlexx sheets (about 1/3 of the cost I paid) with the unit and 2 sheets were part of the sale. NONE arrived with the unit.

    I called and was told they would be sent the same day via Fedex. When no tracking number was sent to me I emailed asking for the tracking and was told the sheets were mailed via postal mail -- the Fedex address they have for me does not receive postal mail -- they assumed they could use the same address I gave them for a Fedex delivery. I quickly notified them again that I cannot receive postal mail at that address. No answer. I called again to ask for assistance and was told they would call me right back to help with the problem but they had to pull out the file. A day has passed, no return call. If I have to wait for them to get the returned undeliverable postal items and then for them to re-send the sheets it will be weeks before I can get the unit operational. Fedex took more than a week to deliver the original box. Postal service back and forth and another mailing or Fedexing would take perhaps 3 weeks more.

    I think I will return the unit. I want this unit and it is highly rated, but all the sellers of Excalibur rely on the factory to drop ship -- so I wonder if there is any way around this issue of missing parts and poor service. I don't even know if the sheets are perhaps out of stock!!

    I was so anxious to get this unit operational and now I am just disgusted and disappointed. My calls and emails are not being replied to at all!!! I don't see how they can operate this way.

    Another day of email, fax and calling. I have the RMA and will return it now! ...more info
  • Love it! One of the best machines ever.
    I'm lovin' my dehydrator. It's elegant, efficent and nearly perfect. Easy to load, easy to clean and provides a TON of drying space.

    The fan is a little strong (blows some of my dehydrated onions right off the tray) and a little loud, but it certainly has earned its keep - the befenits far outweigh any detriments, and I am now a huge Excalibur advocate.

    I didn't get the model with the timer, instead I added a Noma indoor/outdoor timer for a few bucks. It works wonderfully, and makes for one less component which could potentially go out on my dear, handy dehydrator. I'm as happy as a clam at high tide. ...more info
  • Kitchen Essential
    I use this machine all the time and am so glad to have the full 9 tray version! I really do use all those trays quite often, making my own nutritious snacks that I can baggie up and eat later at home or on the go. It also fills my home with the scent of whatever I'm dehydrating at the time (which is generally some kind of delicious fruit)... very pleasant to come home to....more info
  • Dehydrator
    I bought this for my husband who likes to hunt. He uses it all the time for making Jerky....more info
  • The best
    I use to burn out lots of the round dehydrators you can buy at Target, or similar stores. I make a lot of Beef Jerky and the drippings would get into the fan/heating elements (located at the base), eventually leading to cracking and malfunctions (smoking).
    After a lot of research I decided to go with the 9 tray Excalibur. This unit is AWESOME!! You can dehydrate anything! I had so many hot peppers from my garden this year that I just cut them in half and dried them out. You can also dehydrate larger items by skipping a tray or two, something you cannot do in the round types. Since the trays are square you do not have to twist and finagle (sp) beef an other products like the round ones.
    As stated by someone else in these reviews the fan and heater are located on the back, so they stay clean. It does have a large footprint and is about as noisy as our hood over the oven, not overly annoying but not super quiet either. Definitely worth every penny if you make a lot of jerky or like to preserve your summer bounty from the garden!...more info
  • The best food dehydrator... period.
    I've owned this model for over a year. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

    Noisy? No louder than a quiet kitchen fan, so unless you sleep in your kitchen, it shouldn't be a problem. It's important to get this nine tray model instead of the 5 tray. I always fill mine up and find myself wanting even more space (even though the thing is already huge.) You can always dry a small batch in a large dehydrator, but you can't dry a large batch in a small dehydrator. ;)

    This is one of the only food dehydrators that you don't have to rotate every few hours to get everything evenly dry, and you can put things of any size in there. Worth every penny and more....more info
  • A Mistake
    Don't get me wrong - Excalibur makes the most wonderful dehydrators. They're the only ones on the market that allow you to dry tall things, like tomato halves and raw breads. But this 9 tray one is SO LOUD that I cannot recommend it unless you have a service porch or someplace close to the kitchen with a door that closes off the sound from the rest of the house. It is far too loud to use in the average kitchen. I should have kept my 4 tray one and simply bought another. The smaller ones make some noise, too, but at least it's bearable....more info
  • Amazing dehydrator
    My boyfriend and I bought this dehydrator and absolutely love it. He loves making Beef Jerky and prior to this purchase we were using a small 3 tray Nesco brand dehydrator. We decided to upgrade to a bigger and better dehydrator so that we'd be able to make the Jerky faster than we were eating it. We were able to make a batch of Jerky in like 5.5 hours in this, and the next night we used the lower temp setting and made a batch of apple chips that also turned out great.
    Several reviews said that this thing is too loud and it sucks but it's actually quieter than our old 350 watt Nesco and it really only makes a low humming noise, but something like that should be expected considering it's got a fan in it.
    It dries stuff so evenly too... we used to have to rotate the trays but now w just turn it on and wait for our stuff to get done. Couldn't be happier with this thing :)...more info


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