Wolf Flag T-shirt 100% Cotton ADULTS Short Sleeve Shirt

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Product Description

The Mountain T-Shirts are premium, hand-dyed shirts screenprinted using environmentally safe, water based inks. They feature a leather feel label so comfortable there is never a need to cut it out. Special Order Item. Usually ships in 5 business days. Your shipping method will determine how quickly it arrives after it ships.

  • Premium, hand-dyed shirt
  • Screenprinted using environmentally safe, water based inks.
  • Features a leather feel label so comfortable there is never a need to cut it out.
  • Special Order Item.
  • Available in Child Sizes 2/4, 6/8, 10/12, 14/16. (And in Adult Sizes too)

Customer Reviews:

  • The Pack
    If you ain't born within these borders and raised under these stars-n-stripes then you ain't part of the PACK. Go home or you'll get bit!...more info
  • This and Andy Gibb...
    I bought one of these T-shirts and noticed immediately that an uncomfortable rash started to spread all across my abdomen. I brought it to a local CSI crime lab and had some of the fibers tested; turns out that this shirt is woven from hair donated by Native Americans in a display of extreme patriotism. Unfortunately, being of European decent, some of the germs and viruses that live comfortably in my body seeped into the shirts fabric and disintegrated the material at an exponential rate. Luckily I look awesome with a torn up, half-ripped shirt hanging off the gyrating muscle-mass that's called upper half of my body - otherwise I wouldn't be able to grade this item with the highest score of five stars, an honor shared only with Discount Creatine and a 1970's issue of Play Girl Magazine featuring Andy Gibb. ...more info
  • More essential than dental health!
    Those nickels and dimes was piling up in the jar on my nightstand in the hopes of getting my teefs fixed up...but then I saw this t-shirt and the Good Lord set me straight. I still have a few teefs left, after all, but if I took my time getting this shirt and it stopped being made, then what where would I be? Okay, maybe I'd be at Walmart, but the bus don't get closer than two mile away, and the battery on my Rascal can't take that sort of thing. Teefs aren't much use for anything but chewin hard stuff, anyhow, and chaw is just fine. You don't need teefs to be a real American, but you do need this t-shirt. I hope to be buried in it, along with my Holy Bible and collection of painted state quarters....more info
  • God Bless America
    When I first saw this T-Shirt, I think I cried for at least an hour. It is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I've seen the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, so I know a thing or two about beautiful things. I bought myself three of this shirt, and one for all of my family members' and friends' upcoming birthdays. All I can say is, I plan on wearing this shirt everyday, alternating between the three and doing my laundry every week or so, so that I never have to wear another shirt ever again. I was referred to this shirt by an aqquaintance, who told me how many women he picked up at Peep's, the local biker bar, with it. I can't wait to get mine!...more info
  • Art on Cotton
    Sitting atop the grassy plains, the majesty and power of the three wolves (which represent the three branches of our government) proudly watch and defend our land from terrorists and gays. I am looking for the artist of this exquisite print. I am an art history professor at the University of Arkansas and I am absolutely in awe of the artistry and power of this print. Bravo artist, bravo....more info
  • Unwritten information necessary for purchase
    The manufacturers have forgotten to list two important facts about this product. You need to know the following prior to purchase:

    1.) If this shirt comes within 100 yards of the 3WM shirt, the theme from Team America World Police will start to play so loudly it will literally obliterate all matter within a 1 mile radius. Only the wearers of the shirts are protected, no other technology can guard against this.

    2.) This shirt comes with a secret version of the 1040 form that allows you to not have to pay taxes again ever because you are too patriotic. Any further attempts for the IRS to collect any tax will be dealt with by wolves, possibly wolves with laser eyes. No agents have ever survived, so eyewitness accounts are sketchy at best....more info
  • More fluffy than a pet rabbit!
    First, let me say that I have never done this before (written a review, NOT used the internet, lol!) In fact, its been a little hard for me to do much of anything lately. See, a few weeks ago, my pet rabbit Professor McFlopapus died suddenly after eating some chicken wings that I gave him. So, as you can imagine, this has been a hard time for me. A few of my avatar friends got together and through micropayments saved up enough money to buy me this shirt AND send it to me via air mail. The joy I felt the first time I slipped it over my undershirt made me forget all about that fluffy little professor for a while. I'm actually heading out this weekend to do a little semi-professional Larping and I plan to don this shirt under my armor. Last night, I wore it to go see my favorite band - Salvation (they're kinda like the All American Rejects only Christian and they don't have a drummer). The shirt was a big hit. It's probably the best shirt ever. It is amazing that people from Amazon know so much about America, about loss and about Christian values that they were able to make this shirt that so clearly conveys all of the above. The big, friendly American dogs on this shirt remind me of the dogs that the Professor and I used to look at on Animal Planet's Puppy Fest every year during the Super Bowl. Thanks again!...more info
  • I aint no werewolf, but I do ware wolf
    These colors don't run, but the wolves do, fast. For your best chance of survival, hold very still and avoid eye contact. I got this shirt because it is a smokey blue. (the only blue I'll ware) The graphics were just a bonus. But more and more I've grown to love these guys. See, I think the wolf should replace the bald eagle as our mascot because the wolf is only found in the United States, and they're bad. The bals-eagle, however, has been extinct for years and when they were alive, they were everywhere....more info


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