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Who Reads Coastal Living?
Coastal Living captures the timeless romance of life by the sea. It gives readers the relaxed feeling and sense of renewal that you can get only at the beach. By providing the escape route, Coastal Living helps break the routine of everyday life. Its readers are young adventurers, savvy travelers, creative homeowners, everyday gourmets, aspiring beach dwellers, affluent boomers, and coastal connoisseurs.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • CURRENTS: Each issue opens with an "I want to be there" beach image along with a Top 10 List. The section continues with 1- or 2-page articles of decorating ideas, products, shops, and beach beauty. One of the new favorite columns is "What's in Your Beach Bag?" where a famous, semi-famous, or quirky beach personality tells us his/her must-haves for a day at the shore.
  • HAVENS is the homes and gardens section, featuring aspirational and practical ideas for beach-chic decor, design, architecture, and landscape. Columns include Signature Style, Shack to Chic, Natural Beauty, ECO-tecture, Seaside Style, and Creative Outlet.
  • The R&R section is a resource for anyone who's beach bound, and a voyeuristic escape for everyone else. With columns such as Hideaways, Waterfront Weekend, Dive In, and ECO-trip, Coastal Living provides readers with a variety of vacation options, from relaxing spa vacations to environmental adventures to family-friendly resorts.
  • COASTAL KITCHEN gives readers ideas and inspiration for weeknight seafood suppers, casual get-togethers, and the lowdown on coastal cuisine—including restaurants and chefs from all U.S. shores and the Caribbean. Columns include Fresh Catch, Local Flavor, Dinner in a Breeze, and Toast of the Coast.
  • Feature Articles: Features showcase the best of Coastal Living, including all of the content pillars. Recent examples include an artist cottage in Key West, Florida; a coastal community in Northern California built in the '70s that was 'green' before green became mainstream; the annual Best Seafood Dives roundup—a guide to the best in local casual fare on all coasts. The Marshall garden in Maine proved that if you can grow gorgeous flowers on these rocky shores you can grow them anywhere, and the Upcountry Maui story provided a glimpse of the island that only locals know about: the lavender fields, flower farms, goat farms, and volcanoes off the beaten track. We get decorating advice from a Florida surfer with great style and a hip, laid-back vibe , and readers learn how to throw a summer supper—lobster for 4 or 40—with all the tabletop accessories, wine recommendations, how-tos, and side dishes included.
Magazine Layout:
Amazing photography is the driver: The coast, in all its glory, is the star. But Coastal Living doesn’t shy away from providing readers ideas, tips, how-tos, break-outs, and other service-style elements to give them all the information they need to live the lifestyle. The clean, uncluttered design organizes all the helpful information and makes reading our magazine a pleasurable experience. The editors want their pages to provide an everyday escape to the beach.

Click on any image below to see select pages from Coastal Living:

Coastal Living works with the country's best photographers, writers, stylists, and producers. Most of the scouts live in waterfront communities on the East, West, and Gulf coasts. Coastal Living chooses contributors who share its sense of relaxed style, passion for adventure, love of entertaining, and environmental stewardship.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Coastal Living provides readers with a stronger, more balanced variety than they get with the competition. The Coastal Living reader gets high-end but practical decorating ideas and products to get the look of a casual beach style—more specific and in-depth than a typical homes magazine. The travel pages give 'where to go' and 'what to do' details—everything a beach vacationer needs to know without all the extraneous information travel magazines tend to provide. For healthy weeknight menus and casual entertaining, at home or on vacation, it gives readers recipes, menu ideas, drinks, how-tos, and shopping guides—specially tailored for seafood or beachy fare.

Coastal Living advertisers span a variety of categories, from travel to real estate, home products, automotive, food/beverage, health/beauty, pharmaceutical, and more. Advertisers may run national or regional ads in a variety of sizes. Ad pages make up approximately 50% of the magazine.

  • Freelance photographer John Sylvester has been awarded second place in the 2009 Northern Lights Awards For Excellence in Travel Journalism and Photography. His photography illustrating the feature story “Of Ice and Men,” about Newfoundland’s northern peninsula, appeared in the June 2008 issue of Coastal Living.
  • 2008 Printing Industry Association of the South Graphic Awards: Award of Excellence for Coastal Living July/August 2007 in the “Magazines/Periodicals 4 or More Colors” category
  • 2007 Printing Industry of America, Inc. Certificate of Merit: The Premier Print Awards Certificate Print Awards Certificate of Merit for Coastal Living May 2007 in the “Magazines” category
  • 2007 Folio: Magazine Eddie Award: Gold Winner Shelter/Home-March 2007

COASTAL LIVING is a national lifestyle magazine edited for those who live or vacation along our nation's coasts. The magazine emphasizes home design and travel, but also covers a wide variety of other lifestyle topics and coastal concerns. Articles offer information on home interiors and building materials; coastal recreation; food and entertaining; travel tips and destinations; environmental exploration and preservation; gardening; and financial and real estate concerns.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very impressive!
    Love the decorating, cleaning, gardening & travel tips! I'll also be trying some of the recipes! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the different coastal areas. Can't wait for the next issue! Thanks for a great magazine at such an affordable price!!...more info
  • This magazine is DEPRESSING lol
    Only cuz I wish I could live like this everyday...but I live 60 miles from the beach alas! Still when one can't make it to the coast, then Coastal Living brings the coast to you every month with all those wonderful pictures and articles. So many excellent ideas on home decor, cooking, travel. I've incorporated many of the decorating ideas into my own apartment so now I feel like I'm always at the beach...only I don't have to worry about tracking sand in the place! Coastal Living is such a well put together magazine...well worth the price....more info
  • Enticing Photos and Great Articles
    Coastal Living is a professionally- made magazine with lots of enticing photographs, personal stories, and general advice on making the most out of life on the coast. The emphasis in Coastal Living is on waterfront property and the events and entertainment that often take place in cities with a large coastal area.

    Much of what you read in Coastal Living pertains to better- known waterfront areas in the United States. Such popular destinations as Boston, Miami, New York, Long Island, California, Cape Cod, South Padre Island, and other tourist- oriented places comprise a large portion of the featured articles in this magazine. Many of these places (like New York City) have very expensive waterfront property than can often be next to impossible to buy. But these areas also include lots of tourist activities, which is why they are so frequently highlighted in this magazine.

    Besides the well- known destinations, Coastal Living also includes a good number of featured articles on lesser- known places. Many of these lack the fast- pace and the extensive nightlife of the more popular destinations, but they also offer better deals on property and an opportunity to get away from the chaos of the larger cities. Such places as the Delaware coast, Michigan, Ohio's Lake Erie coast, and others are often very quaint and interesting. Also, they offer property that is far more reasonable in price and is often within the affordability range for many buyers.

    Much of the properties you see and read about in Coastal Living are quite expensive. But remember- the majority of the homes are on major coastlines, so you can't expect to find them for selling for a low cost. These are high- demand, low supply properties and they vary greatly in price, but they are all expensive. In a popular area, these homes can sell up to the tens of millions of dollars. But in less popular areas, you can sometimes find some bargain prices on waterfront property. For example, Coastal Living has highlighted many Great Lakes properties that are priced very close to the overall U.S. average. They are not as cheap as most areas of the inner cities, no. But they are priced within the reach of many families.

    The emphasis in Coastal Living seems to be on properties- both main residences and vacation properties that are adjacent to a major coastline. But there are other items promoted for sale besides property. And much of this other merchandise is also quite costly. In the "Currents" section, for example, it is common to find things like lawn furniture, cufflinks, fancy pitchers, and other things selling for many times the usual price. Most of it is intended for those who want a little bit more and are willing (and able) to pay the price.

    Coastal Living is a personal magazine. Most of the stories involve families and couples who enjoy the coast. They share with the reader such things as how they keep their homes protected from the sea, what they do for entertainment, how they like to decorate, and why living on the coast means so much to them. Photos of families and couples often grace the pages of these types of articles, giving them a friendly, domestic feel.

    Most of what you will find in Coastal Living relates to the United States coast. There is only an occasional article about other coastal areas, like those of Mexico, the Caribbean, and other places. True, you will sometimes find an article about Hawaii or Alaska. But for the most part, Coastal Living tries to keep its journalism concentrated on places that lie within close proximity to the majority of Americans.

    Overall, Coastal Living is a very good magazine for people who enjoy vacationing on the coast, finding entertainment on the coast and, of course, living on the coast. The photography and presentation are excellent and it's interesting to read about the big- city life on the coast as well as some of the more "unknown" destinations. It provides great reading and a useful reference for people who already live on the coast or who are interested in purchasing waterfront property.
    ...more info
  • great magazine
    Whenever I read this magazine, it makes me think of vacation! I am relaxed and inspired and develop a desire to remodel, renovate & go visit whatever I read about! Great job, Coastal Living staff...more info
  • very upset it was a gift for begining of feb 2009 and they did not get it yet
    I oredered it they said to me that many magazines I wanted instead would take 6-12 weeks. I said that I wanted for a gift,they said this one would go out right away,then I purchased it and they sent me an email letter that it would get there by March 17th,not good at all!!! It was for her birthday was Feb 10th,terrible service . I have had other items ok,and most times problems with all orders,don't want to order again(and most people I spoke to had thick foreign accents that is OK but I could not understand them. I am a BC survivor and not supposed to have stress and this was a stressful experience from themCoastal Living (1-year)I love the magazine I would get it somewhere else next time the Products are goood the prices too,but not the servicemore info
  • From Decorating To Environmental Issues
    You don't have to live on the coast to enjoy this magazine, you only have to love it. "Coastal Living" is informative and enjoyable reading that covers everything from decorating a beach home to getting involved with environmental causes.
    From Alaska to Rhode Island,from Hawaii to Florida, and everyplace in between that has a coastline, you'll find well written articles on the best vacation spots,places of historical interest,great seafood recipes,architecture,saving the coastlines,travel and decorating tips.

    If you are a lover of beaches or boating,a sunworshiper or have a strong interest in the coastline, the price is right for a subscription. For those just looking for some ideas on travel or a few decorating tips, you may just want to pick one up from the newstand and check it out first.It is a good size periodical,with many articles and beautiful pictures, that will make you just want to pack up and head for the coast...any coast!

    Nice change of pace for the coffee table too....enjoy...Laurie

    ...more info
  • Only white people on the coast?
    I had heard good things about this magazine and so ordered a sample. It is a lovely magazine, beautiful photos and it is interesting reading about "other coasts" (besides east and west). But, at least with the most recent issue, in every article about families or couples and their coastal homes the people were all caucasian. Even the advertisements had only white people (save for one about vacationing in Mexico that had some cute Mexican children in it). While I doubt this is intentional, I would encourage the publishers of this magazine to put their attention on this issue. There are plenty of people of color living on the coast who have interesting homes and lives that readers would enjoy learning about....more info
  • D Richards
    Coastal Living is a great magazine. If you like the beach, you'll love the articles, pictures, and decorating ideas. I can't wait to get mine each month. It gives me that sense of escaping to the coast for a brief period....more info
  • Life is a Beach !
    My family as well as myself absolutely love this magazine. The wife enjoys the articles and I enjoy the recipes. Have tried numerous resipes and have turned out as tasty as they look. We enjoy the whole relaxing coastal atmosphere due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I save all my latest for camping so I can enjoy the whole magazine. Highly recommend you try it, you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • magazine gift
    I ordered this as gift; this is one they wanted and it was delivered as scheduled. I think people need to take this in consideration when they order magazines for gifts; it doesn't ship immediately....more info


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