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  • Erin Brockovich
    This movie is a excellent movie. I have watched it many times now due to alot of my paralegal classes require me to watch it and write a paper on Erin Brockovich herself. ...more info
  • How do you rate entaining lies?
    First off, "Erin Brokovich" is an entertaining movie. How then does one rate a movie that, while entertaining, is promoted as a true story, but is in fact entirely half-truths, distortions and outright lies?

    I thought it deserved 3 stars as entertainment but since it is promoted as "based on a true story" then it's entire premise is undermined.

    The first giveaway in any Hollywood production is simply the phrase "based on a true story". This usually signals major departures from reality. "EB" conveniently leaves out crucial facts.

    For example no mention is made of the fact that the lawyer Albert Finney portrays was in real life a convicted felon. No mention is made of the fact that two high powered law firms were called in to actually handle the litigation. No mention is made of the fact that the settlement was paid out to plaintiffs in an arbitrary fashion with friends of Brockovich gettting larger shares, some got none. (In fact people with identical maladies got differing settlements. Some have yet to get anything. Attempts to contact Brockovich and her firm by these plaintiffs are ignored.)

    Natually no mention is made of the fact that the toxin in question is proven to not be the cause of the ailments described. The plaintiffs themselves called the movies "lies".

    No mention is made of the fact that the winning law firms hired a cruise ship for a celebration party at a cost of $350,000. Three of the judges on the arbitration panel that gave the $333 million judgement were at that party.

    No mention is made of the fact that the lawyers took 40% of the settlement. Pretty good pay for "fighting evil corporations" isn't it? In fact there are few corporations more vicious and capitalist than movie companies. Julia Roberts herself get over 20 million per flick. Maybe these hollywood hyporcites should pay the plaintiff's legal bills. The settlement in actuality is passed on to the ratepayers of the State. If you live in California YOU are paying this money, not the "evil corporation". So if you think this is a victory for the little guy you are fooling yourself.

    There are true stories of local heroes who take on the criminal acts of corporations and governments and win. Why the shakedown artists in "EB" were picked to be lionized is a true mystery.

    So while this flick is entertaining it is in reality a promotional piece for a gang of shakedown artists, the leading one being Erin Brockovich. Are the Director and screenwriters idiots or are they willing accomplices of this shakedown?

    This movie is the worst sort of pandering....more info

  • LM McMillin
    It was and excellent movie and the interviews with the real Erin Brockovich and Ed Masry made the movie even better. ...more info
  • Erin Brockovich Review
    Erin Brockovich is an outstanding and realistic true story filled with emotion, real life situations, great humor, and a sense of satisfaction. You won't see a better example of Justice in action. Highly recommend this movie for those who actually had to work for a living and scratch and claw their way to the top. This movie is also a vindication of the theory, which I have also found to be true in my 28 years in the corporate world and in government, that when hiring individuals for a specific job, experience and education is less important than the quality and character of the individual you are hiring. You can train a good and intelligent person to do about anything, and do it better than most. The extra investment in time and attention pays back tenfold. ...more info
  • CINE 285k-IMOS- Erin Brockovich

    Erin Brockovich: Julia Roberts
    Ed Masry: Albert Finney
    George: Aaron Eckhart
    Donna Jensen: Marg Helgenberger
    Pamela Duncan: Cherry Jones
    Kurt Potter: Peter Coyote

    Directed by Steven Soderbergh/ Written by Susannah Grant/ 126 Minutes (Rated R).


    While many movies have subtle and underlying themes, "Eric Brockovich" blatantly screams female empowerment and the fracturing of feminine stereotypes. This movie tells the amazing true story of a woman who against all odds and against many hardships was able to turn a court case around. At first glance Erin Brockovich with her skimpy clothes, bad manners, tough attitude, kids and mediocre job seem to frame Erin as a promiscuous, ill mannered and irresponsible mother type. It seems as though she is capable of nothing but mediocrity. Yet, throughout the movie her behavior, intelligence, courage, hard work and use of femininity help her become something even more special then she could have ever imagined.
    Erin's appearance is an entity of its own throughout the movie. In the movie she is an extremely good-looking female who dresses to impress. With her breasts in plain view, tight clothes that show her curves and the way she carries herself; they all combine to objectify her as a "piece of meat", and not a person. Men cease to see her as a woman and only as a commodity/object of which to look at or try to acquire. This phenomenon is not in vain; it serves a purpose for Erin. The objectification in the eyes of all men allows to her to unsuspectingly acquire knowledge and to get her way without any resistance. This concept is not unique to only Erin. All women whom radiate these qualities are deemed a sexual prize to admire or try to win, they loose all personality and substance. It is a common theme within society today and will always be. Ironically, this objectification that seemingly decreases her human feminine substance is just the thing that allows her to become the staple of female empowerment throughout the movie.
    This movie also works to explore some feminine stereotypes that society has built through the last couple of decades. The fact that "a middle age mother, fairly non-educated and of the middle class" is able to achieve so much in law/ humanity is really amazing. She proved that someone of the middle social and economic class can achieve greatness. Most importantly, she proves that women can take processes that work against them and turn them around in their favor. Erin also took the notion that someone so attractive and expressive is just a nitwit/ "sexual prize" and destroyed all precedent with her achievements on screen and in reality....more info

  • Tedious
    If you watch this film more than once, you find yourself sitting back, and letting it wash over you. This isn't one of my favourite Julia Roberts movies, but it's an OK one. OK, sure, some people talk about her big mouth, and she works it out quite a bit. But we have to give a big hand to Wonderbra - they worked wonders on Julia!

    This film gets bogged down by a lot of jargon about the world that Julia's character works in. Not enough attention is paid to her attention of her kids, or their father(s). Some will say the highligh of the movie is Julia prancing around in a low cut top, belts, and sky scraping heels. True. But put that aside and you've got a potentially good movie on your hands. It could have been cut, and been much more interesting. I wouldn't have given Julia an Oscar for it though....more info

  • Horrible.
    Erin Brockovich is a slow, boring, and contrived film. Julia Roberts didn't deserved that Best Actress Oscar, that honor should've been given to Ellen Burstyn for Requiem for a Dream. Robert's acting is pretty bad in this film, she's given better and heartfelt performances than this! Albert Finney is the only one who makes a lasting impression. The story sounds good but doesn't translate through film. Don't waste your time and money on this turkey....more info
  • Good, but not great
    Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts), a hard-working single mother, manages to get hired as a lawyer's assistant and ends up spearheading a multi-million-dollar civil suit against PG&E. Though not in the same league as a great film like the similarly-themed "Silkwood," I found this to be an entertaining and satisfying tale of the little guy triumphing against the system. Roberts is very good as a tough, tired, disappointed woman who flaunts what she sees as her only asset--her physical beauty. Albert Finney fleshes out the underwritten role of Brockovich's boss, Ed Masry. The character of George, however, is a misstep. He is some kind of working woman's fantasy man--a tough, good-looking biker who is also sensitive, domestic, and good with kids. He comes across as a blatant plot device--a convenient way to show that Brockovich's kids are being cared for while she works overtime as well as provide a love interest whose only real purpose is to be neglected so we can see the impact of her job on her personal life. Aaron Eckhardt never really figures out what to do with the part. Nevertheless, it's an entertaining film....more info
  • Even better now in HD
    I love the HD DVD version of this movie. There is much more detail and it just makes for a better experience. I've seen the movie about 15 times and the HD DVD version was the best....more info
  • I always thought...
    ... that the first reason why Americans did elect Bush was sheer stupidity. The second was gunslingers and oil-moguls needed some puppet to get them freeway in BS-perpetrating. I can now see there is a third one (not altogether unworthy) : to help huge corporations benefiting from those who are voting so they can get the worse (although there is a lot of competition) crapmongers messing with their lives. But, since U.S. (I wouldn't say America since US citizens managed to wipe the America's citizens out in a way that would make Hitler look like a choirboy) seems to pride itself as the world's rule, and Bush has given more than enough proof that perjury is the best way (if he could get a third mandate, the MacDo's/crap's addicts (sorry for the redundancy) would have given him.
    I must say I'm always surprised when anyone get some compensation, but I would be more surprised if REAL compensations were awarded to those who deserve some : how about those people who would have been better if the Bush Family had been put out of business at Nuremberg???????...more info
  • She brought a smll town 2its feet & big company to it knees
    this amazing movie has touched my heart. based on a true story, it was made in to a motivating box office hit. with a small suply of heroes, this truly tells us what we can accomplish and what a difference we can make in any1z life. with memorable lines that you can remeber such as..
    "They're called (...) Ed"
    "You want my number? How about this for a number, 6, that's the age of my daughter, 8 is the age of my son, 2 is the number of times I've been married and divorced and 16 is the number of dollars left in my bank account."
    "Not personal? That's my work in there, my sweat, my time away from my kids ... if that's not personal I don't know what it is."
    I could just watch this movie over n over again......more info
  • Great Movie again
    Finney and Robets are both at their best in the true story. I just read that they again obtained a huge settlement in Cal. from the same company that made the first one look like nickles and dimes. Good for them!!!...more info
  • Inspirational
    Julia Roberts is my favorite female actress of all time, she never seems to let me down on a movie. I think the story is extremely motivating. The movie is about a middle aged, divorced, mother of three that takes on a multi million dollar company to make them pay for families living in a town that was affected by dangerous chromium. Based on a true story I thought the movie really portrayed the good in a person and to what extents they were willing to go to in order to try and help a total stranger. Everyone that is a fan of Julia Roberts or not should watch this movie. Inspirational!...more info
  • Super movie
    I saw Erin Brockovich a couple of years ago and a recent episode of "Shark" on CBS reminded me of it so I bought it to see again. I am so very pleased with the movie and the persons I bought it from - it came lickety split and I couldn't be happier....more info
  • A Remarkable True Story
    Erin Brokavitch is one of the best "true to life" movies I have ever seen. Julia Roberts gave the performance of her career in this film about a young woman who strives to save a dying community and still handle three kids ans a relationship. The other performances that were played really well were the roles of Aaron Echeart and Albert Finney's. The movie also has a good score and soundtrack. The film is definately one of the best films of the 2000s. I highly reccomend this film....more info
  • a very serious movie with a comic touch
    I loved this movie. I have watched it several times and enjoy it every time. It is a movie about a very serious and true event that adds enough humor and comic touches throughout it to keep it interesting and entertaining.

    A down and out, twice divorced, single mother desperately looking for a job finally bullies her way into a job in a law office using the excuse that since her lawyer lost her injury case that he said she would win that he owed her.

    She ends up looking into some real estate files that have medical records attached to them and is confused. As she delves deeper, she is shocked and horrified at finding that a major energy company has been dumping toxic chromium waste knowing that it is getting into the water system and making people sick, etc. She convinces her boss to help the people by taking the matter to court. Absolutely fascinating!

    Her choice of clothes is not the demure business type but more on the floozy side. The cast of characters are absolutely outstanding and work perfectly together. I highly recommend the movie! Enjoy!...more info

  • Another David vs. Goliath
    Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich, a single mother of three takes on PG&E to prove that they are poisoning the town's water supply. She manages to get a job with a law firm run by Ed Masry (Albert Finney)just in time to break open the biggest direct action corporate lawsuit in american history. After a lot of hard work, no family life, and insulting everyone in her path, she wins the victims $330 million dollars and herself a hefty two million dollar bonus. The movie is not as much about the courtroom battle with PG&E as it is with the battles that Erin was facing in everyday life, a single uneducated working class mother raising three kids on her own in a very uncooperative world....more info
  • A Strong Character Study
    Although highly overrated, this movie is far from being great, as it is distant to Z-grade filmmaking. Overall, "Erin Brockovich" is an above average Hollywood flick that suceeds due to two relevant elements: the director Steven Soderbergh and the lead actress Julia Ruberts. Frankly, I have never been a big fan of any of them, but I`ll admit that they make this movie work.

    Roberts gives a solid and convincing performance, probably her best ever, and proves that she can do better than formulaic romantic comedies. Soderbergh creates a film that is somewhat like many predictable TV-movies, yet he manages to present a couple of details which turn this effort into a peculiar and distinct one (professional and appealing direction, competent character development, a familar story told in an absorbing and gripping perspective).

    Despite the typical Hollywood ending that certainly won`t surprise anyone, "Erin Brockovich" is an interesting cinematic experience that doesn`t need to rely on high action, multiple twists or shock-value scenes to offer enough dramatic tension. This is a subtle and well-crafted effort, not the great film ever but not a disappointment either (however, the huge hype that it received may work against it).

    A compelling mainstream product....more info

  • Erin Brockovich
    This movie is a must have. This true story makes you think about things and helps you realize that you can change things if you put your mind to it. ...more info
  • Great Film + Krispy Kreme Publicity
    The year of 2000 belonged to Steven Soderbergh, directing two of the year's best films, this and "Traffic" (the year's BEST). "Erin Brockovich" partially served as a foreshadowing of "Traffic" through its vivid and bumptious style, utilizing different color tints and handheld cinematography. However, its main glory is obvious: Julia Roberts.

    With her impudent, dauntless and saucy performance, the character of Erin Brockovich perfectly mirrored Soderbergh's style of filmmaking. Susannah Grant's screenplay contained impeccable lines to quote, ranging from, "They're called boobs, Ed," to, "Bite my ass, Krispy Kreme." Roberts pulled it off graciously and unflinchingly, finally winning the Oscar on her third try.

    And, while there may or may not have been a boost in sales of actual Krispy Kremes from that now-famous quotation, the true Krispy Kreme of the film is certainly Roberts, without whom Soderbergh's film would have been bland, tedious and ultimately unmakeable, although Soderbergh could certainly have come up with another brilliant film on the flip of a dime.

    The point is, Krispy Kremes have new meaning, and as such, Julia Roberts can tell anyone to bite her ass....more info
  • Julia Roberts is Great!
    I enjoy true story movies, and I thought Julia Roberts does an excellent job portraying Erin Brocavich, as well as the great supporting cast with her. Kept my interest and was very compelling....more info
  • Excellent watcing on HD DVD
    I have always loved this movie. The look and feel of the golden hues makes the desert setting feel hot to the touch. It also gives the movie a time in history. You feel as though the movie is about something that happened back in the 70's, yet the content and the message is clear. Colorful is not where this movie shines and on HD DVD it might seem like a waste. But watching this movie in hi-def is worth the price of admission. HD DVD may be dead, but it still looks great and my HD DVD players don't lock up constantly.

    I am still amazed at all the whining about the death of HD DVD. I have got so many movies for literally nothing. Will I ever buy blu-ray? Maybe when they are giving them away under $100 and the movies are less than $20. Otherwise, I won't be surprised at the monetary losses that will continue to occur in the blu-ray camp. Still too bad that the experimental blu-ray succeeded when a format that had a standard like HD-DVD died. Oh well, that is what is great about capitalism, the best can lose and the mediocre can win.

    Back to Erin Brockovich. If you like Julia Roberts acting like a regular JANE and appreciate her drive and blatant honesty, then you will love this movie. If everybody had a backbone, a desire to make things right, and not be afraid to tell the truth the world wouldn't be so sc**wed up. Did Erin make the the best decisions? No. Did she run the risk of getting snuffed by PG&E for exposing their illegal activities? Yes. Regardless if it is all true, it is a movie that gives the little guy hope that the big corporations can not get away with murder....more info
  • A New Kind of Role for Julia
    This movie is worth seeing for a lot of reasons, and for Julia fans, it's a movie that definitely isn't Julia playing Julia, as she has so many times. I have a feeling she had to stretch to portray the brassy, pushy, rude Erin, and she did so brilliantly.

    Erin is one of those ladies you love to hate, until you see the goodness and intelligence that may not be the first thing that most people notice about her. And she's a bulldog. Once she gets moving in one direction, there's no stopping her which is a good thing, at least in the true story that this movie portrayed.

    This is a funny, heartwarming, and eye-opening movie that's really worth seeing.

    ...more info
  • Julia Roberts Formula Picture
    Roberts makes a lot of formula pictures...but this one wasn't too bad. Movie was a little too predictable, and I could not imagine Roberts as a poor person, because in real life, she is a multi-multi millionaire.

    Nice story, but could have been better acting involved. Too dummed down!...more info

  • A Single Mother with Determination
    Erin Brckovich, Directed by Steven Soderbergh was an outstanding movie in my view. This movie was about a single mother who was determined to make ends meet for her three children and herself. Erin Brockovich's had to struggle to get her job by being turned down, and everything in her life was being challenged by car accident,undependable babysitters and a house with cockroaches crawling on your food. Erin was so determined to make a name for herself that she didn't take no for an answer with a law firm who tried to turn her down for a job. As Erin persued her career with this law firm she still was encoountered by challenges with the employee's at the firm as she was not very well liked by fellow workers. This just seemed to make her want to even work harder to prove to this firm she was well worth her weight. Julia Roberts definetly played this role perfect as she was able to be a single mom but,also a very educated woman who had the will,and determination to make things happen for this law firm.
    In my view I feel this is one of the best movies Julia Roberts played as an actress who made her way to the top in this movie. She had so many obstacles in the way which made her give it all she had to succeed. This is a must see movie!!!!...more info
  • Gritty, Gutsy, Heartfelt...Julia Roberts Best Work
    What a great movie Erin Brockovich is. I usually don't write reviews on DVD's/Movies unless they are typical guy movies, war movies, etc. However, I had to make an exception for this wonderful, outstanding acted movie.

    Julia Roberts portrays true life Erin Brockovich. A lady who came from a not so glamerous background who with the help of the law firm she worked for took on big and powerful Pacific Gas And Electric (PG&E) and won a huge settlement for the townspeople of Hinckly, California. This is a true life case where PG&E used Hazardous Chemicals in their electric turbines and took the waste from the turbines (Chronium) and instead of safely containing them in lined waste ponds, decided not to make the ponds safe and thus the Chronium seaped into the ground soil and contaminating the town's water supply.

    Erin Brockovich (Roberts Character), needed a job desperately and was able to work for a law firm who had the case "pro bono". THANK Goodness for the law firm and Hinckly that Brockovich worked for the lawyers (even though she isn't a lawyer).

    Overcoming a tremendous burden (single mom, low paying salary), Brockovich researched the cases, got to know the townspeople, gathered evidence, and to make a long story short, won for the "little people", over 300 Million Dollars!!

    This is a movie that everyone would enjoy. Roberts rightfully won the Oscar for Best Actress from this movie. All actors/actresses in this movie did an excellent job. The plot is true life captivating, intelligent, and will keep the viewers interest from the very first scene.

    Highly Recommended!!...more info

  • A champion of justice... Erin Brockovich
    Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts is a film about a woman who stands her ground against all odds, as the divorced single mother who works as a clerk for Ed Masry, an attorney played by Albert Finney and they join forces to champion clients that are wronged by a powerful corporation.

    Erin takes on the case against this corporation that is spoiling the environment with toxic substances, not only poisoning the water supply of a town in California, but also responsible for the illness and death of many residents.

    Erin is a woman who has lived through hardship, so she is able to relate to those suffering. She earns the trust of these clients, as they tell her all about their condition. Soon, we see Erin gaining ground against corporate greed and secrecy as she uncovers the details necessary to win a court case against the company that, while not returning individual claimants to health, at least they gain the financial strength necessary to withstand the consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals.

    ...more info
  • Drama in a Civil Suit
    The film opens with an interview of a young woman. "Look." She leaves disappointed, and her car is hit when someone drives through a red light. The testimony in court doesn't go well; inappropriate language for this young mother may prejudice the jury. [Unfair, but that is life.] She applies for jobs over the phone. No experience? Erin gets a job at that law firm. She meets the new neighbors. Does she have problems at work? Erin learns why there are medical records in a real estate file. The Jensen family has medical problems. Chromium is involved, it can be deadly. There is a factory a few hundred yards away. Erin searches the records at the water board and finds evidence of pollution. Was she a beauty queen? [Looks aren't everything, manners count.]

    Lawyer Ed Masry drops by for information. Erin gets even more information. Did PG&E pay for that doctor? The illnesses of the Jensen family can be explained by exposure to chromium hexavalent-6. "Wow!". Former neighbors of the Jensen's visit the office for advice. Lawyer Ed explains the laws, Erin explains the costs of litigation. Erin wears sandals in a barn yard! She talks to other neighbors. There are four more families involved. Can Erin find the evidence for law suits? Will she be threatened? Will the case become too large for a small firm? The judge upholds the suits, they will go to trial. Erin's job made her respected by people. [Feared rather than loved?] Masry has a new partner with the most experience in toxic tort law.

    PG&E wants the case settled by arbitration. Erin still has a problem in dealing with people. Lawyer Theresa does not have the common touch. There is a problem in their suits, all of the plaintiffs must agree. If they don't use binding arbitration the case can go on for 15 or 20 years. Erin gets the signatures of the plaintiffs. Would a chance meeting bring new evidence? "How did you do this?" The judge decides for the plaintiffs, the amount is on the high end. Erin, ever abrasive, gets a surprise from Lawyer Ed. "Do beauty queens know how to apologize?" The settlement in Hinkley vs. PG&E was the largest award in a direct-action lawsuit in US history. Other suits against PG&E were pending.

    This film dramatizes the events behind the law suit. The real Erin plays the part of the waitress early in this film. Note how the story of this law suit was boosted by personal drama. Compare it to "A Civil Action".
    ...more info
  • Erin Brackovich is brilliant
    Erin Brockovich is a superb movie. Erin's determination, passion, and steadfast desire for justice are an inspiration of human spirit. With her persistence and the wholehearted desire she applies to her job, she uncovers undetected criminal activities of a major corporation and manages to build the biggest class-action law suit in American history....more info
  • Great movie...
    There are not a lot to say about a great movie... You can see this movie as a comedy, social interests film, law film.... everything...
    And above all, starring is Julia Roberts... ...more info
  • Great entertainment, even if it is predictable.
    Erin Brockovich is a real woman with real problems and a real will to do something good. So what does she do? Something good. And, quite honestly, it's fun to watch her do it.

    Brockovich (Julia Roberts, Oscar-winner for this role) has three kids, two ex-es, and a realy foul mouth. When she lands a job at the law office of Ed Masry (Albert Finney, Oscar-nominee for this role), she finds herself initiating the investigaiton of a local power plant, which has apparently contaminated the water of a small town nearby and caused numerous illness and deaths. Erin keeps pushing Ed and the townspeople, and ends up being a participant in a 333 million-dollar lawsuit, one of the biggest in American history.

    Besides a heartwarming David-and-Golliath story, this is essentially a star vehicle for the winning Julia Roberts, as well as an ego trip for the real-life Erin Brockovich (who gained MUCH publicity... after the release of the film). The film is not perfect: it sometimes lacks a sense of coherence (one scene ends and the next begins without flow), and some performances are mediocre. However, Roberts finally frees herself from her previous stereotype of the candy-colored heroine and Finney is wonderful as usual, and also noted is a quite moving supporting performance by TV-veteran Marg Helgenberger, who plays Donna Jensen, a victim of the contaminated water due to the power plant's carelessness. Her performance, above all, makes you glad that the good guys win....more info

  • Outstanding.
    Ordinary folks triumph in this quite pleasing look at big corporate greed and how the quest for the almighty dollar puts human life in the back seat. Stellar performances from Roberts and the rest of the cast make this an affecting piece.

    Very highly recommended!...more info

  • The Best and Worst of Erin Brockovich (CE)
    Erin Brockovich is an exciting, motivating, movie for all people who might need a confidence boost. This is a movie about a young average woman searching for jobs to help raise her family. It has both physical and mental thoughts. If you are looking for a genuine movie, this is a great movie for you to watch as Erin works as a lawyer helping people sue a poisoning water company.

    As the movie begins we watch as Erin Brockovich begins searching hopelessly but excited for jobs. The first job interviewer does not say anything to her after her interview, that's probably a no. As the movie continues Erin begins searching even for more jobs, as for one day she gets hit by a car and gets a lawyer. Of course the defendants' lawyer has to try and annoy Erin to get the truth out of her. Erin ends up not winning and because of her loss she demands her lawyer for a job. At first he says no but then he gives her a chance and that's when Erin's job search finally ends. As her first case she investigates about a contaminated water company PG & E. At first no one believes her when she tells them that the water they drink, bathe in, and swim in, is contaminated with an illegal chemical chromium 6. Later on all of her clients start coming to her with information and things that have been happening to their families. Finally they start believing that it is not just for the money.

    Later on watching the movie it disappoints me how it never shows much scenes of Erin in Trial with the company. For example, it shows a scene with a judge but then it goes to another scene immediately. It was pointless when the movie took me from one place to another. For example, when Erin was done arguing with one of her clients about how all she is trying to do is help , it skips all the way back to her job scene. Another thing I disliked was that the ending was practically clichd it was as if..."and they lived happily ever after". For example, the ending was that something good happens and then it just shows how how she keeps on going to other towns solving cases about the PG & E company.

    Obviously between all these scenes, I did enjoy how this movie was unique, it did not copy of other stories or have its crazy ups and downs scenes. Also this is a very realistic/inspiring movie, (its based on a true story). This can happen again anywhere in the world. For example, there could be another lawyer or person investigating about something that is harming and affecting humans and getting paid for it. Another thing is that I loved whenever she had something negative come by, she still didn't give up and stop the case.

    If you are looking for a good heart felt movie, this is the movie for you. It is filled with good confidence thoughts and messages. It had many real life objectives. Erin Brockovich is a genuine movie. ...more info
  • True story of David and Goliath in modern terms
    PG&E, Pacific Gas And Electric company, unintentionally polluted ground water for the town of Hinkley, CA, but tried to cover it up rather than admitting they had caused a major health problem to the residents. This cover up went on for a long time, until a barely-employable spitfire named Erin Brockovich, working for the lawyer Ed Masry, uncovers a strange file of real estate documents which include medical records. Curious as to why a real estate file would contain medical documents, she begins to research the case.

    What follows is the true story of a woman named Erin Brockovich, who together with Ed Masry uncovered a major cover up of a health hazard resulting in one of the largest settlements in history. This film is extremely well done, dividing its time between Erin the worker, Erin the single-mom trying her best to raise her three kids, and Erin the human being. The movie skates over the fact that the real Erin got sick along with the rest of the town (although you can see some cut scenes of her illness in the "deleted scenes" feature).

    The movie is definitely a dramatized reproduction of the true story, though it still manages to hold very close to the truth. A&E has done a special on the Erin Brockovich case which proves the movie stays true to form. Julia Roberts as Erin and Albert Finney as Ed Masry both give excellent performances. The movie isn't necessarily fast-paced but the dialogue is intriguing, intense at times, and funny at times, keeping the entertainment level high. The acting and dialogue alone are enough to carry this film.

    If you're a fan of the little guy taking on the giant, or a fan of Julia Roberts, either way you won't be disappointed. Like Grisham's fictional 'The Rainmaker', you'll feel satisfied that sometimes the little guy can win ... in real life. I recommend a 'buy'. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • Zowie!
    It's my sister who's the REAL fan, and while staying at her house for 3 days last summer, I 'got' to watch this movie 5 times, so I think I can speak from some experience when saying I enjoyed it anew each time. Plus: I've seen it twice on cross-country plane trips, once in the local theater, and once on home video. Lordy!
    This fact-based movie earned Julia Roberts an Oscar, deservedly. It captured her ability for slapstick, pathos, drama, etc. Twice-divorced and flat broke Brokovich forces her way into a job in the office of a lawyer who failed to win her a big award in a traffic accident injury case, then goes on to make herself indispensible in the investigation of toxic chromium contamination of the groundwater of little no-place, no-count Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a plague of pain, death and disease. With her common-folk ways, she succeeds in winning the confidence of 100% of the distrustful and jaded populance - and a huge award in a personal injury case against big business.
    5 stars for the movie, 5 stars for Brokovich and J. Roberts, 5 stars for the little guys of the world who triumph against the big bucks of corporate arrogance....more info
  • Inspiring and blunt
    "Erin Brockovich" proves that you don't need a college degree to make a difference in the world. This true story was wonderfully written and directed By Stephen Soderborgh. He has his unique styles in displicting certain important scenes so the audience can understand the deeper atmosphere that these characters are in. Julia Roberts was well-deserving of her Oscar for Best Actress for the portrayal of this feisty, strong-willed woman. Her emotional and financial struggles prove that there is always hope for a brighter future. The real-life Brockovich isn't a bad actress as performed in her small role as a waitress. The screenplay has many creative words giving it a broader emotional edge. Some are funny. This will force the audience to listen closer to what every character says, especially Brockovich.

    I've owned this movie for two years, and I still find new and better reasons to love it everytime I watch it. I'm sure you'll think the same....more info

  • Have you all lost your minds?
    Nothing against Ms Roberts, even if she does despise a political party that represents the views of half of all Americans. But this film was boring, didactic, pretentious, condescending, long winded, predictable, cartoonish and stereotyped. Name one character, just one, that you haven't seen in another movie. Sheesh. Let Ms Roberts win an Oscar for something good, like Notting Hill....more info
  • Not her best
    But certainly a good message, and excellent acting. Roberts has always been better at the romantic-comedy, but she does well in the role of Erin. Yet the acting is overtaken by the plot; one gets more involved with the story than with the actors (which can be good) and is good in this case. Not a family film, but certainly inspirational.

    DVD is good, movie is great. Well deserved A.A. and long overdue....more info

  • Erin Brockovich
    This movie had a real STORY to tell and what one person can really do, if they're committed to doing something about a company who thinks it's above anyone and anything else! I enjoyed it because I thought it was very well done and was also a TRUE story.

    Very course language (probably for authenticity) and not for anyone under 17 or 18, I would suggest. Anyone younger probably wouldn't get anything out of it anyway. Its geared for adults anyway due to the subject matter (chemicals seeping into private wells, etc.). ...more info
  • Goes Down Like Water
    Julia Roberts is like the vanilla ice cream of movies. Everyone pretty much likes her more or less, and for a dessert, she'll do in a pinch.

    And I don't mean that literally.

    Of course, vanilla ice cream isn't really all that memorable, and, I'll admit, there are a few memorable Roberts moments. But despite these fleeting moments (think Thelma and Louise or Steel Magnolias) there is one thing you cannot deny about Ms. Roberts: she is the same in every movie.

    There are many subtle variations, I'll give her that, but when you boil it down to its essential elements, Julia's performances coast by on a few melancholy looks, a few shy smiles, and a lower lip that juts in the cutest way. If you think about the movies Julia has shined in, they are typically the films with intense plots. But when you stop to imagine her in some of her more shallow films, the parallels are impossible to ignore. Her latest film Erin Brockovitch is such a film.

    Don't get me wrong. It's entertaining. But it's formulaic. A cinematic experience made with a cookie-cutter plot. The story: Julia is brash young unwed mother of three Erin Brockovitch who manages to score a job filing forms at a small-time law firm. Erin's take-no-sass attitude and foul-mouthed pluckiness soon take her far, and she ends up with a raise and a new car. This woman with no traditional schooling beyond a few years of high school manages to bring together some 600+ members of a big chemical scandal, memorize all of their families, diseases, phone numbers, and life histories, and does it in this no-nonsense, down-to-earth, sassy way.

    They win the lawsuit and the big mean corporation has to pay up 300+ million dollars to the working man. Hip hip hooray!

    I didn't ruin the movie for you. It's not a surprise. This movie floats on the same emotive capacities that all based-on-a-true-story enterprises bank on. Because of that, its basic story is only interesting as something off of which to bounce Erin's personality. Which is entertaining enough, although I don't know if I would call it good theatre.

    With a storyline with about as much subtlety as a Three Stooges movie, Erin Brockovitch's basic accomplishments fall in the same vein as the Stooges. Just as no one ever watched Curly to see a well-constructed plot, so Erin Brockovitch's exploits become an excuse just to watch her act all tough and in-your-face with everyone.

    Vanilla isn't the best flavor, that's true, but it's a fail safe. Likewise, I wouldn't recommend Erin Brockovitch to anybody with uncompromising and discriminating tastes; but anyone looking for basic, well-commercialized entertainment and prepackaged humor should come with a spoon and a bib. Erin serves it up piping hot.

    And she won't take none of your lip, neither....more info
  • A Woman On A mission
    Thiis was a good movie with solid performances.I'm not a big Julia Roberts fan butshe did a great job. The story and pacing were great. Some of the facts were embellished (but that's Hollywood!...more info
  • Julia's Best Work
    Julia Roberts plays Erin Brockovich, a struggling mother from
    Los Angeles trying to find a better life for her and her children
    It just so happens that when a dumb guy hit her car with his Jag,
    She gets a job in a lawyer's firm. In Hinkley, CA, a family,
    the Jansens are really sick. It was a poison in their water.
    Chromium 6. that, well...kills you. So, since all of the symptoms
    that these people have is because of the chromium. So, Erin takes
    matters into her own hands. An intristing story and sharp
    dialouge and acted brilliantly. A Must-see for anyone....more info
  • DVD - Erin Brockovich
    Great movie about an unemployed, divorced, injured woman with 3 children. She feels abandoned by the lawyer she hired to get her compensation for her injury, so she pushes him to hire her, complete with her unconventional ways of working. Highly recommend it....more info
  • Outstanding Movie-Must see!
    Everyone must see this movie! Julia Roberts does a fantastic job playin Erin and really makes the movie worth watching. One of my all time favorites....more info
  • Cheeky, brazen and extremely clever; this is a film to love...
    I don't understand how anyone couldn't love Julia Roberts. I mean I guess I can see how maybe she just isn't your brand of actress, but truly, she is extraordinary. She has turned out classic performance after classic performance and is a standup person to boot. Her portrayal of Erin Brockovich may actually be one of her most challenging roles and she delivers it with such precise determination and dedication that she becomes so real and engaging and truly memorable. The best thing about `Erin Brockovich' though is that Roberts is not the only reason to stay and watch. Sure, she has everything a movie star needs to keep her audience at her beck-and-call, but Soderbergh (who had such a marvelous year in 2000) doesn't rely solely on Roberts to carry his film.

    `Erin Brockovich' sports a brilliant script penned by Susannah Grant that utilizes fact with Hollywood drama and peppers in enough humor and charm to make the film stand out apart from your everyday biopic.

    The film tells to story of Erin Brockovich, a brash young single mother who winds up working for attorney Ed Masry. Erin doesn't always rub people the right way, but her blunt self-confidence carries her a long way in the legal world, especially when she takes it upon herself to investigate further a case involving a power company and their blatant disregard for the health of the citizens of Hinkley, California. As Erin becomes absorbed in the case her personal life starts to take a turn as she meets her kind-hearted yet gruff-exteriored neighbor George. `Erin Brockovich' does a masterful job of melding this woman's personal and professional life together in a way that makes both sides of her interesting and entertaining, never once waning.

    One of the main reasons to watch this film is to witness the rapport between the actors on the screen. Julia Roberts is a standout, obviously, but everyone involved pulls their weight and works wonderfully together. Albert Finney is flawless as Ed Masry and should have won that Oscar. His chemistry with Roberts is beautiful to witness, just beautiful. In infuses this sense of paternal concern into his performance that makes Masry a likable and relatable character. Another standout is Aaron Eckhart who marvelously captures the heart of George. He plays to Roberts strengths and helps keep the personal side of this story lively and tender.

    In the end, `Erin Brockovich' is a film that stands on its own, a film that deserves to be seen and lauded. Roberts received countless amounts of praise for her performance (and a much deserved Oscar to boot) but I think the Academy Award nominations for Supporting Actor, Screenplay, Director and Best Picture speak for themselves in declaring just how impressive this film really is. ...more info
  • Not what I thought.
    This DVD would not play in my machine. I did not know it was HD, my fault because I did not read it.
    Shipped fast great service....more info
  • Okay movie
    This is a good movie. it shows how far a single mother is willing to work to provide for her family.

    Amazon Unbox was easy to use and watch. I would tell anyone to just rent the videos. The reason for this is Amazon is uing 2 channel audio and standard deff....more info
  • "I hate lawyers. I only work for them."
    The 2000 film "Erin Brockovich" is named for the woman whom this true-life story is about. Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) was an unemployed, poorly educated, single, twice-divorced mother of 3 young children trying to find work to make ends meet. Following a car accident, her attorney, Ed Masry (Albert Finney), was unable to win her lawsuit against the other driver in part due to Erin's irascible and antagonistic demeanor. Frustrated, Erin storms into Ed's office following the trial and demands a job from him. He reluctantly hires her and sets her to work on a seemingly simple real-estate deal, but the deal is anything but simple as medical records of the involved homeowners are included in the file. As Erin investigates, she meets the homeowners, Pete and Donna Jensen (Michael Harney and Marg Helgenberger respectively), who have been repeatedly sick for a long time, as well as their children. The potential buyer is not an individual, but a major corporation that has an industrial plant very close to the couple's home. Erin's investigation leads her to some potentially damaging information about the corporation's doings near the Jensen's home that has also affected many more people within the immediate area.

    Though the story about sick homeowners and corporate doings is powerful and thought provoking, the time in the film devoted to Erin's homelife is far less compelling in part because of Julia Roberts' acting. Julia Roberts earned the Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Erin Brockovich, but that was probably due more to the politics surrounding the film rather than the quality of actual acting. The film was also nominated for four other Oscars including Best Supporting Actor (Albert Finney), Best Director (Steven Soderbergh), Best Picture and Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. Other notable actors in the film include Aaron Eckhart as Erin's unemployed biker boyfriend George and the real Erin Brockovich doing a cameo as a waitress.

    Overall, for its engaging story about sickened residents in a small community but less than stellar acting, I rate "Erin Brockovich" with 4 out of 5 stars. If you have never seen the film, I highly recommend seeing it at least once....more info

  • The Value of an Academy Award...Sell Now!
    I didn't have much of an opinion after watching this movie. It followed a cookie cutter formula of good v. bad and of good going through tough times but triumphing.

    ...that is until Roberts got the Academy Award.

    I've developed an unsophisticated,unscientific and frankly childish opinion: This movie ... Again, I am rating this against the background of extradinorary elite recipients of oscars. Giving Roberts a best actress award is akin to a booger on your Picasso.

    Perhaps its just been a long winter here, and I'm in a mean mood. To be a bit fair, this flick will do as a snowy/rainy day afternoon....more info

  • Engaging + Disturbing + Touching = The best movie starting Julia Robert so far (2008).
    This is the best movie starting Julia Robert I've ever seen so far (2008).
    It's engaging, disturbing and touching. It deeply moved me seeing Julia struggling to raise her kids by herself and doing a good job at work. It vividly potrayed the cruelty of the corporate which knew their waste was killing people. But they arrograntly denied it.

    Julia's acting is superb. The fact that this film is based on a true story does increase its entertaining value....more info


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