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  • Shallow Hal is hilarous
    What can I say about this movie, I have seen it about 20 times and each time it gets funnier and funnier. NO, its not funny to laugh at an obese person, but Jack Black is funny looking so how can you not laugh at the movie.

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  • Good comedy; too many awkward moments
    Jack Black and Jason Alexander are masters of the art of comedy. We all know Alexander from the show "Seinfeld" (I think he and Cramner are much funnier than Seinfeld himself), and Jack Black is in the band Tennacious D (sp?), and has been in such movies as High Fidelity and Orange County. In Shallow Hal, these two don't dissapoint, especially in the scenes where they are together. I was on the floor laughing during the scene where Mauricio (Alexander) and Hal (Black) are at the bar and Mauricio first notices that Hal is dancing, and ultimately desiring, people that most Americans would find physically unatractive. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow plays her role very well, and isn't a sappy romantic leading woman like most are these days (ehhhhem.....Julia Roberts). She plays Rosemary, a kind, but overweight woman who, after some therapy that only allows him to see the inner beauty in future woman, appears to Hal to look gorgeous. This should, potentially, set up some very funny situations, and it does at times. However, it doesn't always tend to.

    More often than not, this sets up too many awkward situations where realistically, Rosemary would have said something like "I never wanna see you again, you a$$hole!" Such moments include the scene where Rosemary and Hal are at lunch after they just meet, and the two argue about her beauty. Hal tells her that she must be "what.....110, 112 pounds?" I don't know in what world the directors must have been in to honestly let that one slide, but most overweight women would have slapped Hal, and been out the door. And that's just one of many scenes like it. They make the some parts of the movie uncomfortable to watch, at best. Fortunately, Black and Alexander manage to keep you laughing after scenes like the aforementioned. The second flaw in this movie is the spell that Hal is under. If the spell was supposed to make Hal see the inner beauty in people, then their looks should not have changed. In other words, this spell that Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins) puts Hal under doesn't allow Hal to beomce less shallow; he STILL only goes after women who look like models to him. So, all of a sudden, at the end of the movie, he is instantly able to look past Rosemary's weight, and falls for her THE FIRST TIME HE SEES THE REAL HER! Bogus!!! I don't buy it one bit!! However, the amount of genuine laughs this movie contains still merit it 3 stars....more info

  • not the best but not quite that bad either
    when i got this DVD, it thought it would be hilarious. It turns out that Shallow Hal has a few funny parts, but some are insanely boring. The plot was shaky, but Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black were great in this movie.
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  • A very entertaining comedy!
    Before watching this movie, I was expecting a half decent romantic comedy but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it!

    This movie surrounds the life of a man named Hal. Hal's problem is that he loves beautiful women and won't even look at women that are even remotely unattractive. After a run in with a man that puts a "spell" on him, he starts to look at women in a completely different way. Every woman he sees is beautiful even those who are unattractive to everyone else. Hal ends up meeting Rosemary and falls in love with her inner and outer beauty. The truth is that she is actually obese. When the spell is broken, what will happen?

    So what's to like about this movie? First, fans of Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow will like this film. Jack plays his typical comedic self but this particular role shows his softer side as well. The storyline may seem typical (Guy is shallow. Guy only dates beautiful women. Guy meets unattractive woman and ultimately falls in love.) however the twist makes this movie rather entertaining. As mentioned above, this is a comedy and I found myself laughing out loud a couple of times. Although there's a theme of romance throughout the movie, it's presented in a more comedic way so that even guys will like watching it.

    And what's not to like? Although some may want more from the ending, I didn't want it to end any other way. This movie is not meant to be earth-shattering. Don't expect TOO much from it.

    If you're looking for a romantic comedy with a couple of twists, this movie is it....more info
  • Funny, no matter what size you are.
    This is actually a typical Farrelly brothers movie, but it does attempt to get deep about seeing the inner beauty of people, and does succeed in that way. But the real winners here are the stars. Jack Black is as animated and funny as always, and Gwyneth Paltrow is smoking hot (on the inside of course). The only bummers here are a few draggy spots, and that Jason Alexander is/plays the same loser he did on Seinfeld. Overall though, if you enjoy that "Dumb And Dumber/Something About Mary" kind of humor, this is for you. Plus there's an awesome shot of Gwyneth in a thong (she's such a nice person). ...more info
    This movie is superbly endearing and charming! the bad: I HATED Jason Alexander's character; and I also hated the "nurse Diesel" type nurse who was nothing more than a shriveled-up old sourpuss (and what was that scene in the car where her & Rosemary were talking? She was gorgeous in THAT scene, but not when Hal saw her! whazzupwidthat???)
    the good: Hal was SO likeable, even as a jerk! (but I'm a big fan of Jack & Tenacious D-I even saw them in concert in Bham Alabama in '02); K.G. was gratuitously included in a small part; Gwynneth was actually kinda sweet in this one; I LOVED Rosemary's parents!; Leeboy was SO fat-yet-adorable!; they really did an awesome job of making the Ralph character look ugly and dorky, he is in fact a VERY gorgeous man!; Tony Robbins really did an excellent job!; Brooke Burns did an AWESOME job as both the beautiful AND ugly Katrina!; the scene in the hospital toward the end, where Hal finally sees what's wrong with little Cadence, brings tears and chills! JUST GET IT-GET IT-GET IT!!...more info
  • It's Okay, Shallow
    Farrelly Brother's specialize in sexual innuendo and raunchy comediennes with rubber faces. Their funny men are Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, or in the case of Shallow Hal, Jack Black. Boy, I loved Jack Black in High Fidelity and Almost Famous. He's a terrific second banana, but the problem is, he's not a first banana. I panned School of Rock also. There's not enough in his insipid, look at me, I'm a fat boy, to keep an audience interested for ninety minutes. But that's not the Farrelly Brother's fault.

    Comedy today, we're not going back to mass-produced Abbott and Costello's. Hope and Crosby, the kids shrug their shoulders. What did the WW2 generation see in Hope's lame jokes? If my parents wanted to hear some wild laughs, they had to go the Catskills. Make sure the kids are asleep. Shecky Green or Buddy Hacket talked gynecology non-stop.

    The Farrelly's are giving mass audiences Catskill laughs with film savvy. Their themes mostly make use of the Hope, Woody Allen, everyman shlump idea, and put in situations where the schlemiel is out of his league. Then they trot out the prettiest actresses and models in Tinseltown and the fun begins. Gwunth Paltrow seems to be taller and more stacked than I remember from Shakespeare In Love. I'm not sure if it was camera angle or padded panties, but her figure as the fantasy of zapped Jack Black seemed less real than the stand in fat girl.

    Look, the message: don't be shallow, there's beauty inside. Can't go wrong there can we? Yeah, we can!
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  • Funny Movie With a Good Message
    I think this movie makes a great statement in an entertaining way. I want to add to the comments below that the DVD has a lot of good special features on it. There is an HBO special, as well some commentary from the actors. There are also a number of deleted scenes....more info
  • Shallow Hal is Done Backwards
    I could see that the objective of the film makers was to show how stupid obsession with the outsides is...but I think they could have made the case so much more convincingly if they had the Paltrow part played by an actress who really is obese, and let us, as the audience, fall in love with her as the real person, while only occasionally showing that the Jack Black character sees her as skinny gorgeous Paltrow.

    Instead they lead us to fall in love with skinny gorgeous Paltrow...and watching her in a fat suit with prosthetics still is not an actual obese woman. At all. In any universe.

    The Spina Bifida guy was done the way they should have done the Paltrow part (not the actress's fault). He was so amazingly appealing, precisely because he was not fake.

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  • 2 stars for the inner message that I saw
    This movie was a big dissapointment to me. I thought that it was absolutely terrible. It was boring, delivered probably 2 laughs but.. This movie wasn't what I expected to see after watching There's Something about Mary and Me, Myself and Irene. This movie was sweet, I guess but just wasn't funny at all. I don't know how to write this review but I just thought that it wasn't funny AT ALL. I actually gave the 2 stars for the inner message I saw in this movie. I thought that what the movie deep down inside was trying to say was that looks don't matter but that how you get along and your friendship with the person you love matters most. But this is a comedy, right? Shouldn't it be funny?...more info
  • Couldn't fool me!
    Everyone puts down the Farrelly brothers as gutter-minded boors. And sure, they try to drag this story down from the start. But no matter how many jokes and putdowns they piled on, and no matter how many warnings the critics gave saying this is just a way to mock out fat people, they can't hide the simple niceness of this movie.

    The message of valuing truth and inner beauty over image and perfection is too hard to conceal. If you have a heart for that sort of thing you'll like this movie no matter what....more info
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is not really fat
    Jack Black thinks he see's a beautiful but his eye's play tricks on him when some doctor granted him the power to see a woman's inner beauity. And the women that are actually beautiful his eye's will only see ugly. She doesn't give him a time of day cause she doesn't want to get hurt. In the end his eye's go back to normal but that doesn't stop him for still having the hots for that same fat woman....more info
  • hil-a-r-i-ous!
    DVD in perfect shape. Quick shipping from amazon.

    This movie is so funny. I love it.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow's best performance is a Farrelly Bros. film?
    What is the world coming to when a movie by the Farrelly Brothers makes me cry? I knew I was being set up for something when Hal (Jack Black) goes with his new girlfriend Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow) to the Children's Hospital where she volunteers and has a great time with the kids. I knew that Hal was missing something and I could not figure out what it was either (except that it was not contagious), and when the revelation came it floored me almost as much as it did Hal. We live in interesting times, to say the least.

    You all know the basic premise of "Shallow Hal." Our hero is only interested in what women look like. There is an unnecessary prologue in which Hal's dying father imparts some drug-induced wisdom that supposedly programs Hal to be shallow. However, he apparently learned how to be inept with women all on his own. Then he has a chance encounter with self-help guru Tony Robbins (played by self-help guru Tony Robbins in a brilliant bit of casting). Now when he goes off into the world, Hal will see the inner beauty of women. Actually he is told it will apply to any "person" he sees, but it does not work on Hal's best friend, Mauricio (Jason Alexander), which would have been interesting, and apparently only works once in "reverse" over the course of the film. Hal is suddenly having great success with a bevy of beautiful women, but it is Rosemary with whom he is completely smitten.

    Granted, there is an inherent flaw in turning inner beauty into outer beauty for a man who has been totally obsessed with the latter, because on the intellectual level that defeats the whole purpose of the fable being told here. In a sense, Hal now gets to have his cake and eat it too. I wonder if this film would have worked the other way around, where we always see the truth and get only brief glimpses of what Hal sees. But then Gwyneth Paltrow is not going to be playing the lead, and that would have been a shame.

    As long as I am making outrageous comments about this film I might as well say that Paltrow's performance in "Shallow Hal" is better than her Oscar winning performance in "Shakespeare in Love." Forget about the scenes where she wears the "fat suit," it is the rest of the film where she does a marvelous job of acting like an overweight person. Usually Paltrow's character is like fine porcelain china, but this time around her character has some weight (sorry, you knew that was coming), and in this film she is the most attractive she has ever been as far as I am concerned. For most of the film Black tries too hard, clearly aware he is in a Farrelly brothers film, but in the key scenes (including the one that made me cry) he is on target and when it comes to playing an annoying sidekick Jason Alexander is in a league by himself. But everybody's favorite supporting character is Walt (Rene Kirby), who has spina bifida and establishes the standard by which we judge Hal and the rest of the males in this film (Why doesn't the "inner beauty" charm work on him? Because he is male? These things bother me). Remember that this is one of those films where you have to watch the credits because there is something at the end.

    The trailer for "Shallow Hal" gives away virtually every major sight gag in the film, which is actually good because you gloss over those while you watch it and keep your focus on the relationship between Jack and Rosemary. One of the other surprises of this film is that most of the jokes are at Hal's expense and not Rosemary's. But once you get past Paltrow's performance and a tearjerker scene, this ends up being a relatively minor surprise. In the end, "Shallow Hall" is the least funny Farrelly Brothers movie, which is actually appropriate....more info
    Muchos de nosotros acostumbramos a enamorarnos de lo que vemos a simple vista, pero dejamos a un lado los sentimientos y el corazon de la persona a la que amamos, volviendonos superficiales e hipocritas; este es precisamente el mensaje que esta graciosa pero increible pelicula nos deja, en la cual Shallow Hal (Jack Black) es el tipico tipo que busca solo sexo y placer en chicas bonitas, hasta que un maestro hipnotista le "modifica" su mente y le hace ver el INTERIOR de las personas y verlas a travez del corazon, lo cual lo lleva a enamorarse de una muy "regordeta" mujer (Gwynet Paltrov) a la cual el ve tremendamente hermosa (y delgada); este amor hace a Shallow aprender a ver mas alla del sexo y la atraccion fisica, volviendose incluso un romantico y serio enamorado; una pelicula muy apropiada para aquellos que buscan el amor verdadero y quieren amar mas alla de lo fisico....more info
  • Kuckoo... Kuckoo...
    Shallow Hal brings to the screen the story of a guy who is so obsessed with beautiful women that he overlooks inner beauty altogether. Things get a bit more complicated when he finds himself hypnotized and his priorities reversed...
    Shallow Hal is a film about human relations, hope and second chances, but most importantly about trust, love, and inner strength.
    Needless to say, Jack Black, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the rest of the cast have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)!
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music are all wonderful!
    In short, it is a movie definitely worth watching!
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  • Shallow Hal
    "Shallow Hal" is an amusing romantic comedy. "Hal," a very shallow man portrayed by Jack Black, is hypnotized by Tony Robbins to see the inner beauty in people. (An interesting idea, but how do you see INNER beauty before getting to know someone?) All in all, it's a pretty good film with a good story....more info
  • How ComeJack Takes His Pants Off In The Lift? Please Advise
    In this movie we see Hal , a wannabee "lady killer" who haunts the singles bars at night.Then he meets self help Guru Tony Robbins in an elevator and for some reason unknown to the viewer Jack walks out of the elevator without his pants on!!! Why this happens is a total mystery to me and if anybody can explain it please write to me at my Email address. Tony has convinced Hal to only see the "inner beauty" of women and then Hal falls in love with the Weight Challenged (I think that is the Politically Correct Term???) Rosemary played by Gwynneth Paltrow. Hal's best friend tries to get Hal to see Rosemary as the rest of the world sees her but to no avail. I give this movie 5 stars because it introduced me to the term "cankles" which I have never heard before....more info
  • Sweet...this movie grew on me
    I'll admit I was not that enthusiastic about this movie when I first saw it--I thought that Hal seeing those unattractive women as looking like models was a painful reminder of how narrow the standards of beauty for women are; that Hal was only attracted to these women because they looked like models to him under Tony Robbin's hypnosis. Then I kept watching it and saw what the Farrelly Brothers were trying to get across. This movie grew on me, and each time I watched it, I liked it more and more. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and in Hal's eyes, the physically unattractive become beautiful, whereas the physically beautiful become unattractive (Nurse Peil, for example).

    I love the fact that the Farrellys always have unusual characters in their movies, and they use actors with physical or mental disabilities with great sensitivity that really add to the story. Such characters add interest to the film and it's refreshing to see actors that look like ordinary folks instead of the the pretty boys and anorexic, unrealistically beautiful women so prevalent in most Hollywood films.

    The story has been already told by other reviewers, so I will say that Jack Black, Gwynyth Paltrow, and Jason Alexander do a great job as the main characters. It is a charming story, very upbeat and enjoyable to watch. Hal starts off being shallow and obnoxious but redeems himself in the end. It is Hal's progress from superficial buffoon to a decent, actually nice guy that's so enjoyable to watch....more info
  • Bighearted, but scripty dialog and less-than-convincing acting
    It's tempting to give this a high score for the sweet message behind it: you can't judge a book by its cover. I love those type of movies because there's always a sweet surprise in it. Big-hearted.

    But the acting surprised me. I think it had something to do with a script that didn't handle the message particularly well; of course you know there's a message, and a good one, too, but it has to be worked naturally into the story through events and outcomes, not through scripty, artificial dialog that preaches at the viewer. More effective to charm the audience with warm, likable characters and their weight-related struggles. Maybe the forced, artificial dialog had an impact on the acting. Moreover, they don't need the gratuitous sensuality-this story idea can carry itself just fine without it. With the right dialog.

    Otherwise, a great message and a big heart....more info
  • 'Shallow Hal' (20th Century Fox) Running time: 114 minutes
    Review no.239, I give it 4 1/2 stars. An outrageous comedy in which office geek Hal Larsen (Jack Black) goes out of his way to find 'perfect' women. His friend, Mauricio (Jason Alexander) is even worse than he is when it comes to over-looking any small defect on the women he dates. Hal has somewhat like a 'spell' put on him that makes him see people ONLY how they wish to look on the inside. In other words,the homeliest person(s)he comes across will a have movie-star like appearence to him only. Hal accidently runs across a 350-pound woman, Rosemary Shanahan(Gwyneth Paltrow) who looks beautiful JUST to him. I've known several movie goers who simply refused to see this movie because they believe it down grades fat people, which isn't the case at all. Believe they used three(3)different actresses for Rosemary. Paltow, the stand-in you see from various angles at times and Rosemary AFTER Hal gets his regular vision back. Spoke to a friend that saw this film for the very first time here recently and he thought it was GREAT! Best scene: in the park when Mauricio has a fit about a girl he recently dumped because of her 'extra big toe'. These guys need to get a life! A must-see and possible should-own DVD....more info
  • There's A Little Bit Of Shallow Hal In All Of Us
    "Shallow Hal" is a modern fairy tale. Like the beast in Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," Hal (Jack Black) is obsessed with outward beauty. One day, Hal is hypnotized by self-help guru Tony Robbins. Now he only sees inner beauty. Soon he is falling in love with an extremely overweight Peace Corp volunteer, Rosie, who has a heart of gold (Gwyneth Paltrow). This is a very heart warming movie that teaches the viewer the importance of inner beauty. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is more important and everlasting than having a temporary romantic fling with someone you've met at a nightclub. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of Hal in all of us.

    I wish the language and the sexual innuendoes in "Shallow Hal" had been toned down to give it a PG rating. Everyone in the family needs to see this film because it has an inspirational, upbeat ending and an excellent message. Everyone should treat people with respect and kindness no matter what their handicap, deformity, appearance, etc. The world would be a nicer place in which to live.

    "Shallow Hal" is hilarious thanks to a great cast and a great script. Hal is constantly opening his big mouth and getting himself into embarrassing situations, but he manages to come though them unscathed. At the beginning of the film, he is driven by male hormones; however, he experiences a character transformation and it is his heart that drives his actions. "Shallow Hal" is in the top ten of my favorite romantic comedies. It is my desire that everyone watch it and learn to concentrate more on inner beauty and less on exterior appearance. Furthermore, I must also add that the soundtrack is wonderful. I especially love the song during the closing credits, "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)."
    ...more info
  • A very funny comedy with a serious message
    Jack Black stars as Hal, a shallow, less than perfect man with high standards who only sees woman as they appear. After a chance encounter with Tony Robbins in an elevator, he is hypnotized into only seeing the inner beauty within woman. So what used to be offensive in his eyes, suddenly becomes endearing and desirable.

    Hal soon learns woman who he thinks are very beautiful and sexy are the very same woman he would look at in disgust and run away from. Thinking he has some sort of sex appeal to be able to attract stunning woman, he finds himself all of a sudden attracting woman wherever he goes, until he meets Rosemary, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, whom he quickly falls in love with.

    Black plays the part of Hal perfectly, superbly mixing comedy with a blend of drama. There are many messages to be picked up throughout the movie, mainly that everyone can be a little shallow and that real beauty does come from within. I was surprised to learn that this was a Farrelly brothers movie as it does stray from their usual brand of humour, but definitely in a good way as this is their most mature film to date whilst still delivering some of their comedic brilliance at the same time.

    I was also surprised to learn that Black regretted ever being a part of this film and considered himself a sell-out afterward, saying that this was not the sort of film he ever wanted to make, but was just lured to the attraction of working with the Farrelly brothers.

    There are negatives to this film, Paltrow's acting was very blend I'm sorry to say, but in saying that I have never been a big fan of her's and Jason Alexanders charcter became very annoying as the film played out. But I have seen this film many times and still enjoy it and will keep on enjoying it for years to come. It was a great buy and one of the most treadured DVD's in my coleection. The best Farrelly brothers film in my opinion....more info
  • A great funny movie
    this a great chuckle a minute movie desitined to became a comic classic that you can watch time and time again...more info
  • Fans of the D... Look away
    This is certainly not for fans of Tenacious D.

    I was expecting to see Jack Black doing what Jack Black does best, but this is not his brand of humor. This is simply his first attempt at mainstream comedy. He basically succeeds, yet this film will leave some of his fans wanting.

    The movie has its moments and is decent overall. As long as you don't go into it expecting too much, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • not funny
    This movie was really bad. It is about a guy named Hal who is shallow who suddenly sees fat people as thin because they are thin and beautiful on the inside. He falls in love with a girl named Rosemary who is played by Gwenyth Paltrow and even though she is fat, he at first sees her as thin until he discovers that she is fat and then he dumps her. This movie is dumb because they make fun of fat people and do way too many fat jokes. The whole thing is just an excuse to laugh at those who are overweight and big. Also, they should have recasted the part of Hal. Jack Black is not an attractive man. He is not really fit himself or exactly Brad Pitt. With him playing Hal, it was hard to believe Hal would be so picky about his women. A guy that looks like Jack Black would be lucky to have any woman, even one that is a little heavy. Is the audience supposed to believe that he ever had a chance with model types and was used to dating them all the time and going with Rosemary was the exception to the rule for him? Yeah right. In the movie when he got mean with Rosemary, I was expecting her to laugh in his face and tell him that he was lucky that she even gave him a chance, regardless if she was fat or not. what a joke....more info
  • If I'd known it was a Farrelly movie...
    I would have never got it.
    It's a mix-mash of a movie.
    You may still enjoy it, but it's almost like 3 movies in 1:
    1. The comedy - Shallow Hal
    2. The tasteless comedy - complete with Rhino and Water Buffalo jokes, breaking chairs, and other insults
    3. The social commentary and heartwarming feel-good romance.

    Mostly, it's #'s 1 & 2 that don't jive with each other. This isn't a 'straight' comedy, because it's marred with insensitive jokes that COULD have been used just to enhance the feelings at the beginning, but even at the end of the movie they're still throwing them around. It's just a mess of a movie. They add some feel-good commentary, but *other characters* don't act consistently, and when they do stir up more responsible feelings, they let them die under the next rhino joke.
    Pathetic. If I want low-brow humor, I'll watch a Kevin Smith flick and love it. This was a stinker....more info

  • a classic from the minute it hit the screen
    The plot centers around Hal, a superficial twit who, to make a long story short, is hypnotized into perceiving every new person he meets as they really are inside. To him, the appearances of others become faithful representations of their inner natures.

    A surprisingly deep premise, and the script certainly doesn't stumble with it. It's just hilarious.

    Unfortunately, you kind of wish the writers had gone even further. The film shows how people who are fat or ugly on the outside can be beautiful on the inside.

    What would have been nice is an exploration of how people who are ugly on the inside can also be ugly on the outside, or how those who are beautiful on the outside can also be truly beautiful on the inside, two possibilities that are cleanly overlooked by the filmmakers. Instead the film suggests that the nature of everything you see is, in fact, belied by its inner reality, quite a radical philosophical assertion when you think about it.

    By the way, it may interest you to know that, spurred on to moral action by this film, I decided to finally go out on a date with an enormous woman who had repeatedly expressed interest in me. For a few days, I completely overlooked her appearance and listened to her carefully, making every effort possible to discover and appreciate the person inside.

    Alas! She was truly as hideous on the inside as she was on the outside. So it's back to superficiality for me.

    Oh well. The point is, this movie's full of laughs. Don't forget to check out the deleted scenes....more info
  • It had me bawling like a baby
    I honestly don't know what it is with this movie, but EVERY single time I watch it, I end up crying like a little kid.If you're expecting typical Farrely brothers fare, you'll be dissapointed.While this film is short on humor, it more than makes up for it with heart and sweet sentimentality.I think that everyone is familiar with the plot by now, and if you aren't, then I recommend renting this film and accompanying it with some popcorn on a Saturday night in. It's THAT type of movie-its entertaining, lightly funny and VERY touching ( at least for me), but it's not something which requires heavy analysis or interpretation.

    I love Jack Black-he can be a total cheeseball, but when it is required, he can rock the more emotional scenes just as well.A real comic-I recommend you check him out in the School of Rock-YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.As for Gwyneth Paltrow, she absolutely MAKES this film. She is just so sweet and understated, and she can make you smile and cry in one breath. She simply glows in this movie- with or without the fat suit.

    Shallow Hal really isn't that funny, but it is entertaining and light-hearted, and I swear to God, it makes me well up with tears every time....more info
  • SHALLOW hal! 15th april 2004.
    Hal wants to meet a perfect woman. He just sees her going into a shop. He dosen't know her but he likes her it is like love at first sight. It is so funny in the shop what he says to her and it is funny in other parts too. He Sees women thin when actually they are fat. But in the end his mind comes back again to see people what they actually look like. Still he still loves her and when they go away together, she goesin one side of the car and i'm surprised the car didn't break. [SO ]FUNNY....more info
  • Funny, ironic, and oddly enough thought-provoking
    What you get out of "Shallow Hal" probably depends on how you watch it. You could just coast along, brain in neutral, and enjoy the gags and comic situations. On this level, it's a very successful movie - hardly a minute goes by without something funny happening, or (from time to time) a moment of pathos.

    Or you could pause a moment to absorb the moral message - never mind physical appearances, concentrate on the beauty (or ugliness) within. That's more or less valid, up to a point, and lets you reinforce your amusement with satisfying feelings of moral superiority. Just the thought that a beautiful girl (and there are plenty of them in "Shallow Hal") could somehow be lurking inside someone who looks plain at first sight, might be enough to stimulate a new interest in wallflowers.

    Most fun, though, for those who are that way inclined, is to analyze the message to death! You get all the scope in the world. For instance, how come Hal sees dozens of "inward beauties", but only one physically good-looking woman who is an "inward hag"? And how come he seems to go on seeing his friends just as they always were? And why doesn't he suspect something when, as the girl of his dreams approaches him stark naked and playfully throws her panties at his head, what he catches is something about the size of a bell tent? Come to that, how does he even survive the ensuing grapple?

    OK, a little of that sort of thinking goes a long way, and a lot of you are probably annoyed with me already. So, to close the loop, here's one last question that set me meditating for quite a while - if Hal can't help seeing people as they really are, is there any merit in his behaviour? Intuitively no, but after all couldn't virtue be just the natural result of seeing people clearly?.. ...more info
  • Realistic Hal
    Rather than looking at this movie from an optimistic perspective, one in which the viewer is supposed to believe that this movie's plot is supposed to be about seeking the inner beauty in another, I choose to think of this movie another way. I view it as a sign of recent times of individualism and me-first attitudes that permeate Western culture.

    Hal Larson (Jack Black) is a guy who is by all standards normal, or maybe even below average. Somehow, however, he thinks that he is only supposed to be with women of exquisite beauty. Of course, the only beautiful women who would actually go for him are ones with wretched insides, women who have incredibly low self-esteen and can't see their beauty. Along with Hal's best friend Mauricio (Jason Alexander) - another sub-5 on the 1 to 10 scale - they go after nothing but beautiful women.

    Early in the movie Hal attends a speech by the square-jawed evil that is Tony Robbins. Sure enough, Robbins plants something in Hal's mind so that he does not see outward beauty, and has a visually projected form of body dysmorphia. In a matter of no time he has fallen for Rosemary Shanahan (Gweneth Paltrow), a mobidly obese, land-mass of a woman who has a redeeming personality.

    Eventually Hal's subliminal messages subside, and he sees the actual outward reality. Whether or not Hal and Rosemary stay together is of no real importance, but it's the message that's important. In my opinion, the message is a problem. The message is one we see a lot recently: accept who you are. It's a fairly recent trend that tells people to be happy with themselves regardless of their shortcomings. I find this way of thinking sad, because then what goal or accomplishment is there? Should one even attempt to better oneself?

    Aside from The Honeymooners, Fred and Wilma, and an assortment of unrealistic sitcoms, most people can't overlook the fact that the morbidly obese are the antithesis of beauty. Hate me for being truthful, but if you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that the great majority do not find an unhealthy excess of body fat to be appealing. Maybe the character Jack Black plays shouldn't have been going for the most beautiful, because, let's face it, he's not a top of the line sex symbol; however, I know for a fact he shouldn't have been with the 500lb. sea walrus named Rosemary Shanahan. And rather focusing on loving oneself, maybe she should have been doing something to lose weight and live a better life....more info
  • "Would You Rather Have A Woman With One (...) Or Half A Brain?'
    After taking gross out comedy to new heights with "There's Something About Mary" and "Me, Myself And Irene", Bobby and Peter Farrelly decided to tone it down for their next film. The result was this wonderfully offbeat comedy about a womanizer who learns the hard way that there is indeed beauty on the inside.

    Jack stars as Hal Larson, a relentless skirtchaser who, ever since his dad advised him on his deathbed, has always looked for the right women. However, instead of a woman who's kind and accessible (ie, the average looking, marrying type), Hal's idea of a perfect woman is one with a nice (...), long legs and big (...). Along with his friend Mauricio (Jason Alexander, trying desparately to add some life into his post - "Seinfeld" career), Hal scowers various dance clubs looking for beautiful women. One day, everything changes. Hal gets stuck in an elevator with self help guru Tony Robbins. Hal and Tony have a discussion. Tony is bothered by Hal's superficiality when it comes to women, and puts a spell of sorts of Hal. Hal is now able a woman's inner beauty. In his eyes, all women are beautiful. The problem is, in everyone's else's eyes, they're really not all that attractive. So when Jack meets the 300 pound plus Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow in a fat suit), he sees her as the typical stick thin blonde he's used to. Hal hits it off with her without ever knowing what she really looks like. As Mauricio becomes increasingly worried about his friend, Hal and Rosemary fall deeper in love. Until the spell is broken. Of course, by the end, everything wraps up in a preditable fashion, but it still works out.

    The film is every funny. I applaud Gwyneth changing her look for her role. Most actresses would balk at the idea, but Gwyneth is about showing off her acting talents rather than her looks (though she is a very beautiful women). Jack Black is very funny as Hal, and though as I said earlier he's trying shamelessly to revive his career, it was nice to have Jason Alexander along for the ride. Loaded with extras, this is a dvd that I would recommend to most people....more info
  • Shallow hal is a must see movie!
    Shallow hal is the story line of an unsuccessfull bachleor who is basing all of his "relationships" on looks. He falls in love with Rosemary(Gwenyth Paltrow) until his buddy cures him of his hypnotisation and shows him he has fallen in love with a girl who is the opposite of all his previous partners
    ...more info
  • Pretty Funny Film With A Good Message
    Do you judge a person - particularly a woman - by her outward appearance? If you do, you're "shallow" and that's the message played out in this comedy.

    The humor in here is good, very funny in spots. There are plenty of jokes and sight gags. If you are obese and very sensitive, then skip this film because you won't appreciate some of the humor. But, if you can laugh at yourself, you'll enjoy it too - and especially the message this film brings in the end.

    Jack Black was pretty much of an unknown actor when this came out, but he's well-known now. Gwyneth Paltrow everyone knows. She looked very pretty in here, maybe the best I've ever seen her. Jason Alexander and Joe Viterelli provide good supporting help. By the way, it was strange hearing Viterelli with an Irish accent. This is a guy who almost always plays Mafia types.

    The only thing offensive to me was the beginning with some irreverent humor that was not needed, not part of the story, just a cheap shot against ministers. Also, for a lightweight comedy, the profanity could have been less. Can't someone make a modern-day comedy without language and sex issues? It can be done - just look at the classics!

    Anyway, this is still a pretty funny story with, of course, a good message about judging a book by its cover. ...more info
  • A sweet and good-hearted film
    I know the Farrelly Brothers reputation preceeds them, but this movie takes what they are infamous for and adds some heart and soul and the result is a nice little comic-romantic offering. Jack Black is, well, Jack Black as the title character, which tells you all you need to know. Jason Alexander is, well, Jason Alexander as Hal's buddy and does his George from Seinfeld best portrait in smarminess and manic exasperation. Gwyneth Paltrow is understated as the self-image challenged Rosemary and gets the job done without maudlin overacting. The movie comes with a heavy-handed but well intentioned moral and you come away from this movie with a bit of hope and even possibly a dash of inspiration opposed to just coming away from it with something in your hair or mustard down your throat. ...more info
  • Beauty in the Midst of Stupidity
    I finally decided to watch this movie. It has a good premise and a good ending. The idea of teaching a shallow man how beautiful people really are is a great thing. The problem is that they fill this great plot with tons of fat jokes. Yes, we understand she is heavy, but no one breaks large booth chairs at restaurants! I find things like that offensive. I understand a bit of character development when his friend speaks poorly about Rosemary, but so much of the other jokes is just a cheap way to get a laugh at the expense of people who are heavy. So what they are saying is: You should see people's inner beauty no matter what they weigh, but it is ok to laugh at them for their weight. It doesn't make sense to me. ...more info


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