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Kids will love learning their letters with these wooden letters. Newly redesigned, themed set includes plenty of colorful, generously-sized wooden magnets. 52 pieces. Measurement 8" x 1.5" x 5.5".

  • Newly redesigned, alphabet-themed set includes plenty of colorful, generously-sized wooden magnets
  • Includes upper and lower case letters
  • Enrich a child's imagination
  • Makes learning fun
  • Exceptional quality and value

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for toddler!
    This product says age 2+ but my sixteen month old has been interested in letters and numbers for months now. I spelled out 'Hot Oven' on the oven door and throughout the day we go spell words on the fridge. At night we spell out Bed Time. Let your imagination go crazy with them. I look forward to purchasing the numbers. The magnets are great, can not be swallowed. The product would be better if there were some laminating over the letter. My son got ahold of little 'L' while teething and the layers of wood separated but did not splinter. I can't blame the product when I gave it to him younger than recommended. Overall terrific and will give your child a great head start to reading! ...more info
  • Great Product!
    Purchased these for my daughter. She was a little too young for them, but her cousins (6 and 4 years old) love them. They are learning to read and they use these to spell words and visualize sounds. Love Melissa and Doug products. Quality made and very durable....more info
  • THESE CONTAIN LEAD in the Magnets!
    I thought these were SO COOL, then I had them tested at a local free lead testing for kids toys and they came back POSITIVE. Further research at Healthytoys dot org showed that the magnets contain a MEDIUM level of LEAD!!!. If you child is extra careful not to touch the magnet parts then I guess these are fine, but if your child is like mine and likes to touch the entire thing and then put his fingers in his mouth, these are too dangerous.

    Healthytoys dot org lists lots of toys as both safe and unsafe, according to brand. It's good to be careful these days. ...more info
  • Wooden Letters
    This toy seems to be a good product. My son isn't receiving it until Christmas. It is well built. The pieces are simple and brightly colored. The lower case letters are smaller than I expected. Since my son is only 17 months, I plan to remove the lower case letters until he is bigger. They are small enough to swallow....more info
  • Love It!!
    We were looking for magnetic alphabets for our 2 yr old daughter but we were really concerned with the ones available in the stores. We were finding the alphabets that had small magnets that if they fell off she could swallow it. The entire back of these alphabets are magnets.

    Our daughter absolutely loves playing with her letters. My only complaint is that while there are 52 pieces, I wish there were more pieces because some words take more than 2 of the same letter. Also, you need to be careful with them near water. We have a water and ice dispenser on our fridge and our daughter put some of her magnets on the little shelf of the dispenser when we weren't paying attention. After a few minutes the wooden letter had soaked up some of the water from the tray....more info
  • ABC's
    I wanted to introduce lower case letters to my three year old, so I bought this set. The entire backing of the letters are magnetic so we never have a problem with the letters not sticking or slipping. The only negative I have is some of the lower case letters are very chunky and sometimes don't look like the letter they are suppose to be. This would be good for a child who already knows a lot of their lower case letters....more info
  • Buy more than 1 set.
    I bought a set of these for my sons 2nd birthday and as soon as I opened them I ordered another set of letters and a set of numbers. If you really want to spell words with them you'll need more than one set, since you only get one upper and one lowercase of each letter. We don't always use them as magnets, sometimes it's fun to just sit on the floor and play with them!...more info
  • Great magnets!
    This toy has so much potential for teaching your young ones. My daughters and I invent a number of learning games through these letters. I love the lowercase letters especially, since they are usually hard to find. The durability is good and they are nice and solid in weight; not the usual flimsy construction you usually see. ...more info
  • Better than the plastic ones...
    I like this set because it's a reasonable price considering the quality which is quite good...I would definitely choose these letter over the cheap plastic ones because the backs are a complete magnet which makes them hold on without drifting down...The colors are satisfactory...The coloring scheme is simply an alternation of red, yellow, blue, and green....You may want to refrain from giving these to a child who is still put things in their mouth because the paper fronts will dissolve and come off...

    BTW...There's a set available with letters & numbers together.
    ...more info
  • Magnet Part is Super
    The best part of these letters is the fact that the entire back is a magnet. There are no small magnets to fall off and the refrigerator is not scratched. The letters are also very colorful. Our 2 1/2 year old grandchildren enjoy them very much....more info
  • learning tool
    This is a wondeful learning tool for children learning there letters. My daughter and I have a wonderful time with our imaginations and having fun while we learn....more info
  • Great product
    These were purchased to help us teach a 3 1/2 year old her letters and their sounds. They are very durable and hold better than the plastic letters that we have all used on our refrigerators. We use these on magnetic wall paint in her bedroom-it is a fun and relaxing place to learn.
    I would recommend these to any preschooler....more info
  • Magnetic Letters Making Learning More Fun
    Love these but would like to have twice the number of small letters in the box....more info
  • Not what I expected
    It would have been nice to have been informed that these pieces are only a few inches long. I assumed by looking at the photos that these were about twice the size, so I was disappointed. My children only played with them once for a little bit and haven't touched them ever since.

    Arlen...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    As my toddler began showing interest in alphabets, i started looking for some magnetic letters with which she could play while i cooked the meals. I initially was going to purchase the fridgephonics ones but the when i heard the letters , I decided the sound was too annoying to be heard everyday and bought these instead. Like any M&D fan, I did not think twice once i saw these. really nice looking, seem sturdy enough ..most important a whole magnet instead of little pieces which can easily come off. The only con though is that they are too easy to be misplaced.. especially when a toddler grabs and runs them around the house..not a real con of the product though. i emaild the customer service and got a very prompt reply that as of yet they do not sell individual letters so i made a couple of alphabets at home to compensate the ones I lost.
    Overall a great product which pleases the eye and is wonderful to handle....more info
  • Great Teaching Tool
    These letters are great. They are durable, solid wood with a whole magnet on the back. There are no small pieces like on the plastic magnetic letters. They are great for teaching upper and lower case letters. My daughter likes to match up the (upper) Mommy letter with the (lower) baby letter. She just turned three and knows all 26 upper and lower letters. I will add that I have purchased two sets though so that we can spell words and names with them. ...more info
  • Great educational product
    The wooden letters are very sturdy and the magnet covers the whole back of the letter which keeps them in place on the fridge or magnetic board. The box has a see though plastic cover to keep the letters from getting lost. I bought another box to make longer words since only one capital and one lower case of each letter is included....more info
  • Safe magnetic letters
    These are very safe! the magnetic's are so big your kids will never swallow them. ...more info
  • Grandma Loves M&D Magnetic Wooden Alphabet
    My sister takes care of her two grandsons often. At 2 and 3 years of age she had used the magnetic alphabet to teach the boys to spell their names.
    The little goobers can recognize and spell their names. Bravo!...more info
  • Not Typical Melissa & Doug Quality
    I have purchased many Melissa & Doug toys, because I feel quality and safety is worth the higher price tag. But I was not pleased with the magnets. All of their other wooden toys are painted, so I expected the letters to also be painted. They aren't. Instead, it is a paper lining over the letter, which easily came off into my sons mouth moments after opening the package. My friend purchased cheap plastic letters at a local store, and is much happier with hers. I wish I had done the same. For now, they are packed up until my son gets over his sucking on everything phase.

    If your child likes to put toys in their mouth, these letters won't hold up to the drool....more info
  • A++
    I love these, I feel they are safe for my children to use. thank you for fast delivery...more info
  • Sturdy
    Since the entire back is covered with the magnet, these are so much better than the cheapo plastic letters with the tiny magnets that can fall out.
    ...more info
  • Could be better
    I ordered these for christmas gift and was expecting a bit better quality. The letters are wood but have paper covering that is colored. If these get wet the paper part starts to come off. I was a disappointed in quality of all Melissa and Doug products I ordered. Pkg. was nice and I like the little wood box they came in but I thought they should have been a painted rather than paper on front.

    If I had to repurchase alphabets I would get different kind....more info
  • rosemarie
    I bought this toy for my 3 1/2 year old neice who I babysit. I put the letters all over my frig. She already knew the alphabet song but did not recognize the letters. In just 2 weeks she could go up to the letters & point & say them all. I also bought extra sets of letters to use for spelling & a magnetic board. It is a great educational toy & makes learning fun.
    ...more info
  • Value Value Value!
    These alphabet magnets are so nice! Wooden lowercase and uppercase letters painted in primary colors with a magnet covering the entire backside of each letter. Comes in a sturdy and very cute wooden storage box with a sliding, clear, hard plastic cover and a built-in wood divider. High quality and a better price than a lot of the plastic magnetic letters out there! I used these magnets as rewards whenever my son would learn a letter....more info
  • Great for learning preschoolers!
    All I must say is that these letters are soooo durable. The back of the letters are all magnetic where as the plastic ones only have a little piece of magnet to hold them to the refrigerator, so everytime the fridge closes one always seems to fall off, but NOT these they hold on and I really like that. The colors are very bright and they have helped my 2 year old learn her colors. I only wish they made more differnt colors than just 4. Another thing I love is that these come in upper case and lower case so you have more letters to make into words. They do cost more than the other ones but well worth it....more info
  • magnetic letters
    Great to use on a big magnetic board. I bought this for my two yr old and she has really enjoyed playing with them. ...more info
  • All Children Should Own These
    Fridge Letter Magnets are wonderful. My three year old enjoys learning to spell new words while Mom is at work in the kitchen. We enjoy these together. However, you'll need two sets of these, as they only include one set each of uppercase and lowercase letters. These are durable and are packaged in a small wood box for future storage. An old-fashioned favorite all young children enjoy....more info
    The letters are large, the whole backside is magnetic, they are made of two pieces of wood stuck together. One piece is magnetic while the other has a piece of shiny paper stuck on it. Unfortunately, you can't wash them because the paper slowly detaches from the wood and they end up looking very ugly. I decided to remove the paper, and remained with the brown wood. If they were washable they would have been the best letters out there. My kid prefers the plastic letters because we get to clean them when they are dirty and still look attractive.
    I am buying another set of letters and it won't be these ones....more info
  • A picky homeschool mom likes these!
    I read reviews online and looked at products in stores for a month before buying this set of wooden letters for my 3 year old. Overall, I love the product.

    There are three flaws that do irritate me, however. One, like others have stated, these letters are covered in paper, which comes right off when you chew on them. But they still hold up well and look good, and of course they are still perfectly functional. And children digest paper just fine :) We have the paper-covered Melissa & Doug jigsaw puzzles and have not had a major issue with the paper coming off, and this product is made the same way. The other imperfection, to me, cannot really be resolved so I deal with it. I don't like that the lowercase letters requiring a dot (i,j....) have the dot attached to the lower part of the letter. Maybe this will confuse some children. But, there is really no way around it, so I realize this is more my issue than the manufacturer's. Lastly, I do not like that the lowercase "p" and the lowercase "d" are identical, although they are different colors. This may also cause confusion. But again, there's really no way around that.

    I do like the fully magnetized backing on each letter, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these letters are not jumbo-sized. An uppercase H is just under 2" tall, for example. Perfect size for small hands on a magnetic white board. I also like that the letters look the way they are typically taught in school. For example, the uppercase J has no top bar and the lowercase a is not the way it appears when typed.

    And most importantly, my daughter loves the toy and asks to "do school" with the letters and her white board several times a day. We bought two sets to spell things easily....more info
  • Wow! These are awesome!
    This is one of the greatest toys I've ever seen. The letters are made of wood and the front is painted with a smooth, bright, shiny enamel. The best part is that the entire back of the letter is magnetic, not just a little piece like those cheap plastic magnetic letters. These will not fall off and they are plenty strong enough to hold artwork up on the fridge. The come in a durable wooden box with a clear plastic top that slides on and off. They are much bigger than the plastic alphabet magnets so they are easier for little kids to handle without choking. There are both upper and lowercase so there are plenty of letters to make words. My daughter loves playing with them on the fridge and dishwasher. We even gave a set to her 1 year old cousin as a birthday present. I would recommend them to anyone. Believe me, they are well worth the price and your kids will be able to hand them down to their children....more info
  • Good learning tool but not as tough as plastic letters
    I purchased this toy because my son had lost some of his plastic letters and I liked that there were both upper and lower case letters so you can make more words. My eighteen-month-old boy can already identify many of the letters.

    Unlike the usual plastic letters, there are only four colors. No orange and purple. Kids like lots of different colors.

    Also, my boy chewed on the little "o" and marked it up right away....more info

  • Kids can learn to read with this
    My grandson was 2 1/2 years old when his mother started with this. He is now a year older and able to recognize letters easily. Many words he also reads with no problem and recognizes them outside his home in other places such as church, the grocery store, etc. I bought the second box because we need more letters. He is learning to read in English even though his native language is Portuguese....more info
  • Letter Perfect
    Like their Number counterparts, this Alphabet Magnetic Set is a great, inexpensive teaching aid. The letters come in both upper and lower case and in a variety of colors. They are stored in a handsome wooden box which has two compartments to segregate the lower and upper case letters.

    I highly recommend this set. You can use them on a fridge, sure, but we like using them on our Melissa and Doug Table Top Easel. Our son really gets a kick out of these letters.

    ...more info
  • Kia's review
    The letters are pretty nice but unfortunately my daughter still chews on everything so they look pretty bad now. The paint is chipping, but she still plays with them. ...more info
  • Great Toy
    My 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son love their magnetic letters. They spell their names and my son is starting to spell some words. The magnets and container are wood, which is much more durable than the plastic set we had before. This set is a little more expensive than the plastic sets, but is much more durable and the letters are larger. I highly recommend this toy...more info
  • These letters/numbers are the BEST for your money!!
    Yes, they're a little more pricey than what you can buy at Walmart, but they're worth it. They've stood up to my 16-month old chewing on them. And best of all, no worries about a little magnet coming off the back and being aspirated or swallowed because the entire back is magnet. They hold on great. So, redecorate your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer with these great ABC/123 magnets.

    Update -- The paper starts peeling off when your kid dunks them in the dog's water bowl. I don't think the manufacturer should be faulted for that. I still think they're great. We bought a second set because daughter has learned about the trash can and several letters were missing. ...more info
  • Still using them after 2 years!
    I bought these when my oldest son turned 3. He is now 5 and his 16 month old brother plays with them. They are durable and fun. Now that my 5 year old is learning to read he uses them a lot more than just for letter recognition. They are a great buy at an excellent price. Don't buy the cheap plastic ones, get these!...more info
  • Great toy
    I bought this for my grandson who is 2 1/2 years old. He loves to try to spell words, and this was a perfect gift because the letters are magnetic so he could put them up on the refrigerator (his mom got him a magnetic board to have at home). He spent a good deal of time running from the family room to the kitchen to proudly display each letter, lining them up in no particular order and then asking, "what that spells?". The bright colors of the letters made it fun. The entire set was a little smaller than I had pictured it to be, but it is a great size for little hands....more info
  • The Word on these Letters
    So far (a month) we are very pleased with these letters.

    They are colorful and larger then the plastic letters many are accustomed to. But we like that because although we bought these for our three year old, our one year old is drawn to them as well. (I am not saying there are necessary safe for the little ones, but by a mile harder to swallow then the plastic ones of yesteryear.)

    There are some signs of wear, a few bite marks. But no peeling like other reviews had mentioned.

    We like that they have upper case and lower case letters so that we have the ability to create words like Jello or Eggs.

    The magnet part is the whole back of the letter so they stay stuck really well. They hold papers on the fridge with great reliability but still are easy to unstick (even for little fingers) when you want to move them around.

    All in all - worth the money....more info
  • Magnetic Letters are Great!
    We put them on our fridge so the children have something to play with while I cook. They are an easy way for children to manipulate letters and learn with more than one sense. They are tactile in that they are cut out and the child can trace the letter with his or her finger and feel the letter. They are easy to play with and fun.

    We have also taken them on trips with us in the car. I bought an old cookie sheet for each kid and they can use this as magnet holder while they play and manipulate the letters.

    Enjoy....more info


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