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Bullet Witch is set on a bleak Earth, in the year 2013. The human race is almost extinct as hideous demons and monsters dominate the planet. It's been decided that only a combination of ancient and modern combat can beat the se creatures. Alicia is a highly-trained soldier who also know ancient magic. The fate of the human race is in her hands, as she ventures into the world of monsters and fights them with her mix of magical arts and military equipment. Manage Alicia's health & magic meters to avoid running out of ammo or power -- be strategic & play it safe, or the world dies with her.

  • Fight off legions of hideous and powerful undead, as you try to reach the demon lord Akuma
  • Upgrade your guns as you go, then combine them with your magic for incredible destruction
  • Collect 10 magic spells that can defend you -- from building Ancient Walls to Sacrificing bodies, even calling down Thunder and Tornadoes
  • Action adventure with story sequences intermixed with gun fights and magic
  • Advanced physics engine showcases the environmental damage; Special Xbox Live content can be downloaded for even wilder gaming

Customer Reviews:

  • A world of destruction.
    I'll do this one level by level.

    Lvl. 1: Starts out dull and boring. Enemies look dumb and their AI isn't any better. To progress through the level, you have to shoot brain-monsters, which allows you access deeper into the area. My first impression was, 'This is incredibly outdated gameplay.' Still, it was nice blowing things up. After a bit, you reach the enemy tank, and you're given a powerful lightning spell. From here on, I was all smiles. The major spells in Bullet Witch are ridiculously overpowered and it's great fun pushing flaming cars into enemies, or blowing up entire buildings.

    Lvl. 2: City level. It's a bit too spacious- too many wide stretches with nothing going on. What makes it worse is that the main chacracter, Alicia, cannot run very fast. You can't hit 'A' for example and sprint. It's just click, click, click of her high heels, over and over again. I did have fun taking out the enemy soldiers as they collected in a big group underneath their helicopter, and for the first time, you face snipers. These guys can do one hit kills, so there's a lot of dodging going on. In actuality, I kind of appreciated the one hit kills. I like playing as a sniper in most games. Snipers don't get enough credit.

    Lvl. 3: Down through the manditory sewer level. Every game has a sewer level. After the sewers, it's on to the airport terminal. More enemies, more snipers, you can shoot out the overhead glass, and you face these weird creatures that look like the exploding enemies in Halo, but with Asian Ghost Girl faces. From the terminal, you head on to the plane. There is a boss fight on the plane, and you're literally ON the plane. Not IN the plane. I thought this was incredibly inspired game design. Of course, the boss kicks your butt over and over again until you figure out how to cast your third Lightning spell. Hint: Jump to the tail to shoot it in the mouth, and go from there . . .

    Lvl. 4: Now walking along train tracks, heading towards some mining-type facility. Big explosion here. Good fun. Just be careful where you are standing when it all gets blown to hell.

    Lvl. 5. Arriving at the militia HQ. Lots of gunplay. Plus, you get the tornado spell. Cast it as much as you can. It's awesome. AWESOME.

    Final Lvl. It's back to the city again, to finish off the boss. The boss fight is kind of tedious, especially because the boss' shields recharge over and over again. Why couldn't it be a one and done? You'll do a lot of dodging, healing of soldiers and tons of shooting. Personally, I enjoyed the boss fight. It was long and drawn out, but thankfully straightforward. I never got thrown a curve, like, NOW THE BOSS CAN DO THIS, DIDN'T WE WARN YOU? That kind of stuff feels cheap to me.
    Once you beat this monster, it's game over. Still, you can replay the game and keep levelling up your spells / weapons.

    Of course, there are some bad things-
    -Alicia cannot sprint, and worse, she cannot dodge and shoot at the same time. The game SCREAMS for this simple ability. Also, the crouch feature is useless.
    -Enemy AI is all over the place. Some enemies stand still, letting you blast them away, while others dance around like they're at a rave. There's very little middle ground.
    -The game is incredibly short. A playthough, even with the endless final boss fight, takes all of 6 hours. If I had bought this game new and at full price, I'd probably feel cheated.
    -Bonus content (new costumes / different playable scenarios) is LIVE download only.

    But the destruction . . . that makes it all worthwile....more info
  • Bullet Witch - Platinum Hit worthy
    Bullet Witch could be described as an `undone' Devil May Cry with Resident Evil thrown in... but still a good effort for graphics and sound (and ugly demons). Bonus downloads of costumes and blowing up tanks and a gas station... fun. ...more info
  • An average time killer
    I seriously picked this game up on a complete whim. The games concept, to me, was hilarious, at best, and this game would either be very sad or mediocre, again, at best. I will admit I was mildly drawn in by the main characters looks and costume; I was actually looking forward to battling my way through hordes of enemies with her, much like I did with Blood Rayne. On that note, I think users can expect a bit of influence from the Blood Rayne concept that has seen a good amount of success.

    You play as Alicia, who is a scantily clad witch that also happens to walk around in stiletto heals and carry an oversized gun. I really don't understand this penchant with oversized weapons like we see in Final Fantasy, for example. They're just unwieldy and no one could logically use these things. I realize the developers want it to look like her "broom", but that's just kind of goofy. Ah well, either way she is definitely the best developed character in this game and basically the best scripted during the video sequences. You end up learning about her history as the game goes on, but when it starts you're in a small suburban town on the outside of New York City and it's being attacked by these undead looking creatures. Apparently demons are attacking the world and when the army was sent in they were possessed or something, because there are vast amounts of soldier demons. However, Alicia certainly isn't defenseless for she has magical powers and a gun rod at her disposal. Basically you fight your way through the stages, meet up with some other human defenders, and learn more about the story behind why the demons are attacking.

    Yeah, it's a pretty basic game, but it was decently fun while it lasted. There are some really cool things you can do in this game, but there are some major hang ups as well. Character control was pretty decent, I really like the fact that Alicia can jump really high in the air. She manages to execute some really intense jumps; similar to what we saw on Blood Rayne, but it naturally makes me wonder how she lands in those high heels... Anyway, the user view feels a little weird because you're basically always focusing off to the right and even more so when you use the zoom function. The zoom function is hugely necessary, but it has some serious problems too. Such as if you're trying to hide or have some sort of cover and there's something behind you don't expect to be looking at the enemy you're aiming at... yeah the camera doesn't compensate for objects behind you so you see the inside of them. This is even more frustrating with some of the human defenders that follow you from time to time, they constantly step in front of you while you're trying to aim at something or stand RIGHT in the way blocking the camera. They seriously need to adjust some parts of the AI for this game, because it's pretty twitchy. Like the game should know I'm trying to zoom because the view is so limiting so get those extras out of the way! I was pretty glad when they were eventually killed off half the time. The same goes for the enemy AI. A lot of times you're in a situation where you need to completely kill all the enemies in the area before you can progress only to find out there's some random soldier demon too stupid to realize he's walking into a box.

    The world you're put in is very lush and well developed. I would put it on par with Half Life 2 even, in terms of quality. However, it's much less interactive. I really wanted to be able to go into houses and explore many different areas. You really don't get to do any of that with Bullet Witch, unfortunately. The world and levels is actually surprisingly large and there are a lot of places your character can go, this is especially good in a city setting because you get to explore a lot of cool alley ways. However, Bullet Witch left out some very important things for maps this large. Basically, there is no map function. I have basically no idea where I'm going or what my position is and when you're in the forest it's sometimes hard to tell if you've gotten turned around until you find that tank you blew up. It looks like the developers learned from Halo only half the time, a Nav point does show up from time to time to help you out, but it's quite a rarity. With levels this long and large where there is a lot of walking, and you have no map, a Nav point is almost essential to your success without wandering around for an hour like I did in some cases. Don't get me wrong, I like to explore the game; I just don't like it when it's forced on me.

    Another part that was really cool about this game was that it has a degree of Role Playing feature in the fact that you get points and you can upgrade your weapon and magic abilities. I thought this was a great feature and I'm really glad they included it so I could choose what I wanted. These options and the different feel of guns or magic that you could use was probably the best part of the game. My favorite magic weapons were the "rose spear" and "lightning". Lightning was absolutely essential for this game when you came across tanks or large enemies. Meteor Shower was awesome in concept, but somewhat impractical because it caused so much destruction. However, the destruction it wreaks is quite awesome. The one problem with the magic is that you have to go through a menu of sorts to pick out what you want to use. However, the game isn't paused while you choose your spell, things just keep going. The most annoying aspect was when you use a big spell like Lightning or Meteor Shower it goes to a cut cinematic every time when you summon the power. Again the enemies don't pause they keep shooting at you and they keep moving, I realize that's more realistic, but it's not useful in a game. This is immensely frustrating with Lightning because after the cut sequence you then have to aim where you want to fire the lightning and the enemy you want to shoot may have moved by then and is now out of range!

    Overall this game had its good moments and its bad moments. The story wasn't anything spectacular and the script during the cinematic sequences was pretty terrible at times. Like the guy playing the male love interest (which I don't know why that's even in this game) he has the worst lines. To the point where he just sounds stupid and annoying! Regardless the graphics during the videos was great and rather akin to Final Fantasy's "The Spirits Within" movie. As a gamer I wouldn't expect a huge amount out of this game. It can be frustrating and challenging at times (especially that lengthy final boss battle), but I think the degree of fun I got out of it outweighed those poorer moments. The length is pretty decent and took maybe ten plus hours on easy, granted a lot of that is because I got lost in some areas for a while. Either way, I'd recommend this if you're really itching to play a game of this style. The closing scene kind of left it open for a possible sequel, I can only hope they improve upon some of the parts that made this game annoying, because it certainly has the potential to be quite good....more info
  • So Bad I Had To Write A Review
    I'm glad that I didn't shell out the money to buy this game. I wasn't expecting it to be game of the year but I was hoping to be entertained at least. The graphics are so-so and the controls aren't too horrific. The AI might as well not be added into the equation at all and the environments are expansive..........too expansive in some cases. There were many a time when I couldn't move forward in the game till I found the glitched out zombie hidden in some corner somewhere in the city. I really wanted to get the gamerpoints as they are pretty easy to achieve but I was so disheartened by the game that I had to return it. If you really have the urge to play this then I highly suggest renting it over buying it. Afterwards then you can take comfort knowing you only blew a few bucks on it. ...more info
  • You like it or hate it!
    Well i really like this game, it have all the graphics problems but in the end is a fun game.
    People are going to like or hate this game depending how fun you think its is. ...more info
  • Lost potential..... But give credit for the effort.
    Yes this game isn't the best of its class but it was a very hard concept to make and by this 3rd party Developer Atari that made games such as Enter the matrix and so on, One can't really expect an Award winning "Game of the Year" Franchise to follow through. This game would have been more successful had it been Rated Teen since the gameplay is simplistic as Devil may Cry and there was no need for the ultra gore. Overall Its an above average game that didn't do too hot in the market that was targeted for a small group of gamers. Not too bad but not too great either. ...more info
  • Pretty OK
    This game was alright if you like demons and witches and all that stuff, but my real only complaint was that it was way too short and that really made me mad. I thought it was a good game, but the shortness of it was one of its greatest downfalls. ...more info


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