White Egret Earomatherapy Ear Candles, Beeswax, 12 candles

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Product Description

100% Natural. Made with 100% cotton muslin cloth and 100 % Beeswx. For entertainment use only. Made in U.S.A.

  • 100% Beeswax
  • Ear Candling Instructions Included
  • Family Owned for 30 Years
  • NO Excessive Wax like other Candles
  • Quality Guaranteed

Customer Reviews:

  • I can't believe this...
    I personally have to question why someone would put a lit waxy candle into her 4-year-old's ear (in response to a comment on another's review). It's amazing how completely backwards and primitive our society can be in an attempt to find a quick fix that avoids those demonic doctors, right? People will believe what they want to believe, and unfortunately, I can't change anyone's stance on that. But I can certainly support your comment.
    To all of you who love ear candling, please try this one experiment for me: burn one in your ear, and then burn one outside your ear. Open it up, and look at all of the "ear" wax you find in both. It will be identical if you used the same brand of ear candles. If you aren't open-minded enough to try that, then I suppose that would explain why you would be ear candling to begin with.
    I have yet to see any possible way or even a logical explanation as to how a lit candle can create a "vacuum". Again, try this type of experiment outside your ear and see if you get any form of result. The thing is, it really can't work, and the explanation for how these candles are supposed to work is really just another example as to how people really will believe anything without thinking for themselves. Please, do some research on your own if you don't believe anyone else (it's part of being responsible for your own health)... which brings me to another point. Another commenter here said that research can be found on both sides of any argument... and that leads me to challenge anyone to find just one peer-reviewed double-blind study that supports this practice. There aren't any. There are, however, SEVERAL studies proving the latter. It is very easily proved that a candle cannot create "negative pressure"... you can even try it yourself without having to endanger your poor ear.
    Agreeing with the (sadly) 1 other reviewer who sees these candles for what they really are, they can do nothing but harm. Possibly, they could be relaxing, but nothing more. There most definitely is a placebo effect, which to some might be like finding out there is no Easter Bunny. Again, if you don't believe me, look it up absolutely anywhere and see for yourself.
    Unfortunately, probably for many of you with this "chronic" earwax buildup issue, the simple explanation is that you simply have not been helping it. Throw some wax-softening drops in your ear for a while each day and then flush it out (and trust me, just because they're FDA approved does not mean that they are "unnatural" or "unsafe" or untrustworthy for that matter.) There is a reason that no licensed physician will encourage you to light a fire near your ear canal. There is a reason they are not FDA approved, and interestingly, are illegal if their packages claim any medical benefit.
    Unless of course, anything that has to do with everything involving doctors, science or the government is a giant conspiracy and can't be trusted. No one is looking out for your health. Please continue lighting fires near your baby girl.
    ...more info
  • Works great
    When the local health store went out of business I had problems finding the ear candles at a discount price. I checked out Amazon.com and again they fixed my problem. I got free shipping with the bargin price for the product. I will be buying this product again. ...more info
  • Up to you
    I have used ear candles several times before, even talked my husband into trying them. I bought them through amazon this time and used them. My husband was skeptical (as usual) so I did some research. I found a lot of negative things, but I also saw people claiming the candles did things that are impossible. They do not clear your sinuses. They do not clean the brain. These are ludicrous claims. What they do do are relax you. I am undecided if I believe the residue left in the candles are ear waste or not. This time it did not smell like ear wax. Of course they can be dangerous, use your brain. Ears are delicate, and you are sticking something on fire into them. I believe if you use them occasionally there is no harm as long as they are used properly. I was amazed to find out the following information:
    They are praised in Europe, illegal in Canada. I will probabaly continue to use them every couple years or so. Remember that frequent use can dry out and cause harm to your ear. Good luck. Be safe....more info
  • Wicked Good Ear Candles
    These candles are fantastic. They burn evenly and smoothly. I used them to clean the heavy wax build-up from my ears and clear my sinuses. For the first part of the treatment I used 3 of these candles in each ear at one time, then 10 days later 2 candles in each ear. I got great results....more info
  • good value
    I was a little nervous ordering these on line. Sometimes the cones are small,can be very pricey. These cones were perfect size, good price, and worked well.Would recommend these, and would buy these again....more info
  • Unbelieveable!
    It works - I do not know how for sure except it really works - who would have thought?...more info
  • Great!
    Happy with speed that I received the candles in and they worked great. Will buy these again....more info


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