Infiniti by Conair MI29 Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Mist Curling Iron, 1 Inch, Black and Silver

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  • 30 heat settings
  • Auto shut off
  • Dual voltage
  • Professional length cord
Customer Reviews:
  • Pretty decent iron
    It seems to do a good job of giving me nice smooth curls although I am not convinced the mist function is good for much. The cap at the end where you put the water does not hold much water at all, so it seems like the steam just comes out in a couple of little bursts rather than continuously. Another criticism I have is the placement of the buttons. There are two rather large "on" and "off" buttons that are right where your fingers are meant to fall as you grip the iron, so it is fairly easy to sometimes inadvertently press "off" as you are ironing, and all of a sudden after ironing a while you'll realize there's no heat anymore, which is annoying. A sleeker design would have a discreet little on/off switch near the base. So...this is maybe not the best designed iron, and the steam function isn't very impressive, but it does a pretty good job of defining curls even without the steam....more info
  • Good curling iron
    This is a pretty good curling iron for fine hair-the steam feature is nice but you have to keep adding water if you have alot of hair to curl. It works great for spiral curls and it does leave your hair shiny. The adjustable heat control is nice. Be sure to use a heat protection product on your hair to lessen damage....more info
  • curling iron
    It doesn't send enough steam thru to do any good. The old steam irons are better....more info
  • The Best (that I could afford!)
    Okay, my mom had a crappy brown curling iron from probably the 80's, my hair is usually impossible to curl, so I bought a new curling iron to see if a better one would work better. I put the water in the end so I could have a mist, and I curled my first peice of hair. It worked great! My mom's curling iron, you had to hold it in for 40 seconds, then you might've gotten a curl, but with this 30 heat setting iron, it's 5-12 seconds! I love this and I only got it yesterday! Kid and adult friendly. Nice swivel cord, great catch. Get this! I got it for $20 at Target :)...more info