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[Item]: Hydrogel, 1.5 oz tube [Additional Info]: SilvaSorb Provides Targeted Antimicrobial Protection for Every Type of Wound. SilvaSorb harnesses the power of ionic silver, releasing silver at a controlled level for broad spectrum antimicrobial action,

  • Hydrogel, 1.5 oz tube
  • SilvaSorb Dressings
  • SilvaSorb Hydrogel
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Customer Reviews:
  • This is wonderful stuff
    I had major abdominal surgery and then had a wound abscess. I worked with the surgeon for 3 months to get the abscess wound to close and we had some success. He called in a wound care nurse and she recommended this stuff. The surgeon and I both were extremely pleased how fast and well this worked to close the wound so I could move on with life. I like this a lot....more info