BISSELL 2090 Quicksteamer? Multi-Surface Deep Cleaner

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Product Description

Bissell Quicksteamer Multi-Surface DeepCleaner - Deep clean your carpets, area rugs and hard floors the quick, convenient way. The Quicksteamer features a DirtLifter PowerBrush for professional results, easy-to-use clean and dirty water tanks, removable nozzle, quick release cord wrap, and large, easy-to-maneuver wheels. Quicksteamer Multi-Surface cleaning accommodates most floor types. The Quicksteamer weighs 19 lbs., assembles in two quick steps, and stores ready to use. 3.3 amps. Imported. (2090IM )

  • Multi-Surface cleaning-deep cleans carpets and area rugs and safely cleans hard floor surfaces
  • Powerful cleaning-DirtLifter PowerBrush lifts deep down dirt and gently grooms your carpet for professional style results
  • Easy to Use-Easy to Fill, empty and clean
  • Lightweight
  • The quick and easy way to deep clean your carpets and hard floors
Customer Reviews:
  • question: do I need to vacum the floor first before i use this steamer?
    Can I just use it directly? If so, what will happen with the dust on the carpet? Thanks for answers. ...more info
  • Great floor cleaner; lightweight but powerful
    I bought the Bissell multi purpose cleaner to use as a mop. I hate mopping because a mop is too heavy for me to push around, leaving me feeling exhausted and unmotivated for the next mopping session. The Bissell cleaner works nicely and is really light. I have to sweep first because its suction strip is narrow and easily plugged up. The first time I used it, I hardly swept, and the big chunks plugged the strip in front and it no longer sucked water back up. I then looked at it and used a tooth pick to get rid of all the stuff (a bit gross but easy and quick to do), then it works nicely. It has big wheels and pushes easily. There is a squeezer on the handle; when I squeeze, it sprays water out which is then sucked up. The suction is so good that when you pull the vacuum back, the floor is as dry as a wiped surface. When you push the vacuum forward, the water stays because the vacuuming strip is in front of the sprayer, but if you run over it again it sucks the water right up.

    The steam part is a stretch. There is no heating element in this vacuum, so it gets no hotter than the hot water you put in, which gets spray out and sucked back into the holding tank with the dirt. Unless you put in boiling water (which they don't recommend), you won't be seeing steam. I just use normal cold water from the tap and no soap, and it works great on normal dirt marks and spills. The floor feels nice and clean afterwards. It takes just as long to vacuum as to mop the old fashioned way, but the work is much easier for me. No straining of any muscles.

    With three boys and a house in the country, the floor gets dirty really often. So it's really nice to just plug in the vacuum and suck up the juice spill - no filling the mop bucket, no wringing out the watery mop, no lugging it around, no dumping the water afterwards. The water tank has to be filled when empty and the waste tank need to be dumped when full, but they are only half a gallon, so it isn't as heavy as a mop bucket, and you don't need to do it for small jobs. It's really nice for when my kids take baths. They always get water everywhere, which has till recently been a headache for me, but not anymore! Just bring in the vacuum and it'll suck it all up with little effort and no fuss! In fact, my six year old likes it so much, he does it for me.

    The vacuum comes in a small package, which made me wonder at first (my nine year old said, that's the smallest vacuum in the world!), but once assembled by three screws (my 9 year old assembled it and said he didn't need the instructions, but I checked his work to make sure), it is as big and tall as a normal upright vacuum. To vacuum the floor, you have to put on this attachment that snaps right on.

    My only complaint is that the cord is attached to the vacuum on the right side. Being right handed, I would have preferred it on the left.

    For a cheap vacuum, the suction is extremely strong. I haven't used it on my carpet yet, but I don't doubt it will do a good job.

    I highly recommend this product.

    ...more info
    I have a husband, a 5-year-old, and three cats......and WHITE carpet. This carpet cleaner got out all the marks on my carpet. The tank is not big, but it works because there is not an on board heater, so you will have to refill the tank with new HOT water for bigger rooms. I used the Bissell Fiber cleansing formula with the quicksteamer and had great results. I then use the quicksteamer on my wood floor and had great results. I would recommend this to anyone. Great Value and Great product....more info
  • Bissell 2090 Quicksteamer
    This carpet cleaner is very nice for the money. It is very lightweight and did a nice job on the carpet. Even after vacuuming before cleaning the carpet, it vacuumed up quite a bit of dog hair. I would recommend this product for those who don't want a complicated and heavy carpet cleaning system. I have always liked the Bissell brand of products....more info
  • lightweight and easy to use
    I read all the reviews before I bought this cleaner through Amazon. I'd used the Bissel green machine in the past. It was great for small jobs but I hated the idea of getting down on my hands and knees. This cleaner works great as advertised...good for small jobs...brought my 7 year old carpet back to life. I've yet to try this on my tile but I'm happy with it for the carpet alone. It was very easy to set up and not too much trouble to clean up. If you do not clean it properly after use, it looks like it could become clogged. Overall, unless you need to clean roomsize areas this cleaner is a good value....more info
  • Bissell 2090
    Very happy with this item.
    I have tried it both on hard floors and carpet.. seems to do as good a job as the larger (more expensive) models on the rugs..
    The hard floor attachment is a little mickey-mouse and the scrubber sponge on the bottom is showing wear after only one use..other than that it did a decent job on the floor....more info
  • is actually good product
    Light weigt, excelent for smaller non-commercial jobs. Easy to do a small room, and cleans tile as well as carpet. Our 1 st Bissell was too awkward, and big to handle-glad they made this size--excellent price (Amazon was the best)...more info
  • Small but effective
    I find the Bissell 2090 Quicksteamer to be very good considering it's small size and light weight. I am sure it doesn't do quite the job of the larger, heaver cleaners but for someone who needs something easier to handle I would recommend it. ...more info