Bremenn Research Labs Lumedia Facial Brightener 3 oz

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  • Great Brightener That Really Refines Skin
    Besides the kind of odd consistency of this newfangled product (it is quite runny and liquidy in texture), it really is very pleasant to use. You have to use this sparingly and NOT more than three times a day. I use it in the am and pm and only a pea sized amount. I have been using this steadily for about three months and my skin has never looked more radiant nor refined. I stopped using for a week and my skin began to look less radiant and bright, though it maintained its nice texture and glow even after not using this for awhile. This is not just a superficial band-aid type product which only adds a glow that you literally wash off after using. This is supposed to encourage production of healthier, less pigmented skin under the epidermis (topmost layer of skin). I believe that this really does make the skin sparkle and look more radiant by upping the youthful skin factor and repairing pigmentation that is superficial. Doesn't do a thing for my deeper hyperpigmentation aka melasma, only the discoloration on the top most layer of my skin. Not a miracle product, but a very exciting and interesting one that works well....more info
  • Does not work
    The product is pricey and does not work. I have been using it twice a day as prescribed and do not see a difference in the tonal range of my skin. Being a fitness instructor I usually have a natural warmth to my skin, so maybe it does not work on people who exercise a lot.

    I would not recommend nor buy this product again....more info
  • Best thing that ever happened to my face!
    I received this as a sample from Sephora, and will be shelling out the $90 to buy 3 oz of it when I'm through. I've been using it for a month now, and the results are amazing! It honestly gives you a more youthful glow --- almost as if you were pregnant. I don't know if I can credit all of this to the product, but my occasional bouts with dryness and breakouts have completely stopped as well. I still have dark spots, but my complexion is generally smoother.

    I would reccomend this product to anyone....more info
  • Worked for my Melasma
    I received this product as a free sample through Sephora twice and I'm still on my first sample. Each sample was 1/2 ounce.

    I'm 39 have a melasma from birth control pills on my left cheek and it's about the size of a dime. People always ask me what that brown spot is, so it's quite prominent.

    I've been using the product about 3 times a day, for 4 days, only on that one spot.

    WOW! What a difference. It's almost completely gone (except for where I found a hidden blackhead within the hyperpigmentation, it's still slightly darker than the rest of the melasma.)

    I put some on, allow it to dry completely and leave it on until I start to worry about it rubbing off on my clothes or sheets, etc. Then I scrape it off with my fingernail (no gouging, of course, just removal of the product).

    I am absolutely amazed by this product and can't wait for the melasma to be completely gone so I can try it all over my face. (And to show my sister next time she visit, as she always 'happens' to mention it.)...more info
  • very successful product
    I felt the result almost immediately - the texture of my skin changed for the better. Not only the skin color improved, but small iritations and other imperfections simly vanished. I will definitely buy this product again and recomend it to my friends! ...more info
  • Looking younger is more than wrinkles!
    After just 3 weeks I can tell you that my skin, my face, my complextion, never looked beter. Everyone noticed. People either asked me where I've been (as if "whether I've been on vacation... I had such a "rosey glow") or whether I've had some work done. There's been nothing like this stuff since Strivectin (which got rid of my wrinkles). To you people who said you didn't like this product, I bsay you didn't use it long enough. It took about 2 weeks then all of a sudden... WOW....more info
  • 1 week and already seeing results
    I have been given this sample at Sephora about a week ago. I'm always a little nervous trying new cream on my face because of my combination skin with mild rosecea. I tried it and it "concealed" some of the redness. Its been a little over a week since i started using it (i only use ut once per day before my day moisturizer) and my skin is glowing. The LA pollution has taken its toll on my skin but though it does not fight wrinkles it makes my skin so luminous that i keep getting compliments, and require less make up. I will discuss with my dermatologist, but i think i'm ready to pay the $90 if it keeps working. If you can get a sample, try it first. Make sure to wait at least 5min before applying your moisturizer....more info
  • Strange smell and does not work
    I purchased it at the Macy's store in Miami. The cream is relatively mild and did not cause any irritation and I originally had high hope that it would improve my dark spots on my cheek. After using it twice a day for almost two months, sadly I did not see any results. ...more info
  • Smells Awful! Does Not Work!
    It is true that this product smells absolutely awful after it is applied to the face. Worse, it does absolutely nothing. I have been applying a significant amount morning and night, for 6 weeks, allowing it to soak in and dry... It does nothing....more info
  • Good for mild photo damage but ineffective for Malasma...
    I bought this product as a suggestion from the salesperson at Bliss who assured me it would do wonders for my Malasma (a condition causing blotchy irregular skin, esp. of the face). Malasma is sometimes referred to as a "Pregnancy Mask" and is linked to hormonal surges in the body naturally as during pregnancy and artificially as in birth control pills. I'm 38, never have been pregnant so they believe it is due to the birth control I took in my early 20's. Beware. Sometimes it's transitory, other times it's permanent, as in my case. I've had it for ten years. Nothing works as well as Hydroquinone (to a degree) but my skin is sensitive and it really irritates me. The Lumedia Facial Brightener appeared to work on the patches of skin between the blotchy spots of Malasma, making those areas lighter, which serves to make the blotchy spots all the more dinstict in comparison. It did appear to positively affect my skin texture overall. But this may also be a product of another cream I purchased from Bliss that I really do like, "The Youth, as we know it". I love this stuff, but for the Lumedia, I would not recommend it for anything other than mild photo-aging and overal brightening. Otherwise, get a prescription directly from your dermatologist for a Hydroquinone mixture or "Tri-Luma" cream.

    P.S. I wish I could find a message board where we all could swap info. on products so we can know what works and what doesn't before we pay for it... If you only knew all the money I'd wasted over the brings a tear to my eye......more info