Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Low Fat Dog Treats, Assorted Flavors, 20-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Assorted Flavors: Peanut Butter & Molasses; Natural Cheese; Grilled Chicken; Bacon & Cheese. A premium, natural low fat, healthy treat - perfect for all dogs. Biscuits come in a variety of animal shapes and sizes. Highest quality bakery ingredients. No animal by-products. Made in the USA.

  • Case of six 20-ounce boxes (total of 120 ounces)
  • Assorted all-natural dog biscuits; flavors included are peanut butter and molasses, natural cheese, grilled chicken, and bacon and cheese
  • Help maintain strong teeth, fresh breath; baked in large and small animal shapes for all size dogs
  • Low-fat; no animal by-products; easily digestible protein from whole wheat, egg powder, nonfat milk
  • Made in Seattle, WA

Customer Reviews:

  • Blue Dog Low Fat Doggie Cookies
    They are cute to look at, made for the human people, not the canine people. Toby liked them at first, then was hesitant and now he eats them only when he feels like it....more info
  • treats fall apart
    My golden is a finicky eater and didn't really care for the treats. He seems to like the soft treats better than the hard ones. And when he does eat one of the treats it ends up in little pieces on the floor....more info
  • Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats
    These cookies are great!!! Both my dogs love them and they have don't have a lot of nasty chemicals in them. I also got a FANTASTIC deal on them at Amazon. ...more info
  • Great Buy in the Bulk
    These are great, we bought the assorted and Tommy loves them. They smell yummy too. I bought it in the bulk, and they were still pretty fresh. I would definitely recommend them if your dog is a bit overweight or obese. Plus, change their food to organic, grain free diets. It works miracles. ...more info
  • Doggone Delicious Dog Treats!!!
    Well, I can't really say that first hand...but my GSD/Husky, Jake, seems to adore them! He's proven himself a fairly picky eater when it comes to dog treats. Even the 5-star rated goodies have received an upturned nose from this pooch. The Blue Dog Bakery treats are definitely an exception. They are sizeable morsels, but can be easily broken down when used for training. They come in assorted flavors and all of them seem to strike a chord with Jake. You can practically see the smile on his face, the swagger in his step, and the sway of his tail when he knows he's getting one of these morsels from Heaven. OK, I may be overstating it, but these are truly some dynamic dog treats that Jack and I would highly recommend to most the finnicky canine!...more info
  • healthy treats
    these are the best. made from a caring company- never seen these on a recall list!!!!
    love the size but know some say they r too large for the smaller dog however they have heard these requests and now there are smaller sizes too!!!
    will never buy anything else- ...more info
  • My dogs absolutely love Blue Dog Bakery Treats
    The title says it: "My dogs absolutely love Blue Dog Bakery Treats." And they are natural and low fat. My terriers and beagles are in heaven when given one of these treats. ...more info


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