Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Soft Dog Treats, Peanut Butter Flavor, Softies, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Soft Dog Treats, Peanut Butter Flavor, Softies, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Premium. Highest quality bakery ingredients. No animal by-products. Made with real peanut butter & real black strap molasses. Perfect for all size dogs. No preservatives or additives. No artificial flavors or colors. Helps maintain fresh breath. Made in the USA.

  • Case of six 10-ounce bags (total of 60 ounces)
  • Soft, chewy, all-natural dog biscuits flavored by real blackstrap molasses and peanut butter
  • Help maintain strong teeth, fresh breath; baked in fig-bar shape for all size dogs
  • No animal by-products; easily digestible protein from whole wheat, whole-egg powder, nonfat milk
  • Made in Seattle, WA

Customer Reviews:

  • blue dog bakery
    my dogs love these !!! they smell so good im even tempted to try them !!!! my dogs love the hard biscuit treats also....a really great product !!!! thank you blue dog bakery !!!...more info
  • All our Canine friends love these Blue Dog Treats
    Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Soft Treats in Peanut Butter flavor are excellent! All of our dogs love them, including all our neighborhood dogs.
    They are great for small dogs, as you can cut them in half or fourths, making it easy for the little ones...I have not found a dog yet, that does not like them. They come from a good manufacturer, you won't have to worry about any recall of Blue Dog Bakery Products...I highly recommend them. Try them, your Dog will Thank You! ...more info
  • Best doggy cookies ever!!
    These are the BEST doggy treats, my dog cannot live without them!
    I am so happy Amazon carries them, it seems all the food stores near me that once carried them seem to not carry them anymore. I have searched every store that is listed on the web site that we have in New Jersey and they all stopped carrying them for some odd reason.
    THANK YOU AMAZON!!!...more info
  • My dogs will do anything for these...
    These are the perfect reward or "good dog cookie". My dogs get them as special treats and they absolutely love them and will do anything for them (hence being special treats). They are soft and sweet and smell wonderful. Just seeing the box gets my boxers drooling and dancing!...more info
  • Fig Newtons For Dogs
    Quite impressive, these are so good, I feel like eating them myself. Soft, chewy, and my dog can't get enough! Very good purchase, your dog is guaranteed to love them!
    ...more info
  • dog treat review
    the cookies smelled good
    but the dogs really did not like them much
    they ate them but did not seem that excited about the taste
    i did not taste any of them myself...more info
  • My dogs love them.
    My dogs really enjoy these treats. They are low in fat, too, which is important for smaller dogs, in particular. They are a bit pricier than some competitors, but they have not been involved in any recalls, and I can pronounce all of the ingredients....more info
  • Dogs love 'em!
    Blue Dog Bakery cookies are the only treats my dogs get, and they love all the varieties. These are a nice change from the crunchy cookies they get the rest of the day (the original PB & Molasses cookies and the Doggie Paws)....more info
  • Woof! Yum!
    My puppy LOVES these, and it is the best (healthy for him and tasty too!) for him. He also likes the peanut butter crunchy treats; I swear, they are the only reason he will "stay" when I leave the house!...more info
  • Not for training treats
    These cookies are the size of fig newtons, so are way too big to use as training treats. I cut mine into little pieces, but those ended up being too crumbly. Because of the crumbles, you can't put these into toys that roll out treats, either.

    But my dog did like the taste! I'm just not the sort to hand out a whole cookie to my dog. ...more info
  • Dog Loves All Natural Chewy Treats
    The dog just loves these chewy biscuits. A friend gave them as a holiday gift and I have searched all over for them. Glad Amazon came thru for me once again! ...more info
  • Natural Soft Dog Treats
    We like this product for our dog because the softness allows us to hide his little pill in it so he thinks he's getting a treat every morning without knowing he's getting medicine. It has worked very well for this. And we also like it because of all the good, healthy natural ingredients.
    For us it's a great product.
    Dawn...more info
  • My dogs love Blue Dog
    I have always given my standard poodles "cookies". They have never turned their noses up at any treats, but, their reaction to the Blue Dog biscuits was, and continues to be, extraordinary.

    Their reaction to the Soft Treats convinces me that they must contain heroin. My wife gives them one each at bedtime. She has their undivided attention, while she gets ready for bed. The only downside is they tend to drool whilst waiting....more info


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