Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Low Fat Dog Treats, Peanut Butter & Molasses Flavor, 20-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Biscuits come in a variety of animal shapes and sizes. Highest quality bakery ingredients. No animal by-products. Easily digestible. Large and small animal shapes. Perfect for all size dogs. Real black strap molasses. No preservatives or additives. No artificial flavors or colors. Helps maintain strong teeth and fresh breath. Made in USA.

  • Case of six 20-ounce boxes (total of 120 ounces)
  • All-natural low-fat dog biscuits flavored by real blackstrap molasses and peanut-butter flavor
  • Help maintain strong teeth, fresh breath; baked in large and small animal shapes for all size dogs
  • No animal by-products; easily digestible protein from whole wheat, whole-egg powder, nonfat milk
  • Made in Seattle, WA

Customer Reviews:

  • Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter & Molasses Biscuits
    My German Shepherd Nyla will sometimes even turn her nose up at a piece of Ham or Steak but goes crazy for the Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter & Molasses Biscuits. It was such a relief to find a snack that was good for her and that she enjoyed so much! If you have a picky dog then this is a snack you will want to explore. I have shared these biscuits with everyone of my friends who have dogs and they have all come back with the same report....My dog just loves these biscuits, where did you get them? They cost a little more than regular dog biscuits but are worth every penny when you know you are giving your pet something that they love and is good for them! Buying them on line at using the Subscribe and Save offer has saved me quite a bit of money and is very convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend using this service. Take a chance your dog will love you and you will be very satisfied with the product and service!...more info
    great cookies - none of the sugar garbage and meat by-products - our dog has been loving these for over 5 years....more info
  • Best treat
    My two dogs love all of Blue Dog Bakery Treats. They prefer them to other treats and seemingly can't get enough. The natural ingredients are very impressive and I don't feel guilty giving them by-products and ingredients I don't understand. I especially like that they are produced in the US. Blue Dog Bakery also has a very nice newsletter, if you wish to subscribe. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • yummy doggie bisquits
    Our three weenie dogs just love these bisquits. Must be the peanut butter. Thanks for healthy snacks......more info
  • My dogs love them
    I have ordered Blue Dog Bakery Biscuits for years. You can get them in low fat, they are natural and my dogs love them....more info
    GREAT PRICE! GREAT PRODUCT! The 10 ounces is really more than I expected (Especially when the pack of 6 arrived)! My daughter's dogs will get 2 packs in their Christmas stocking! I signed up for the subscription to come every two months (I have 3 dogs) and you can't beat having it delivered to your door at this price. When I let the dogs out in the morning, I tell them they'll get their peanut butter cookies when they come in. I never had them come back so soon!! Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Low Fat Small Dog Treats, Peanut Butter Flavor Doggie Paws, 10-Ounce Box (Pack of 6)...more info
  • My dog loves these.
    These smell good enought to eat. Some ae big so we break them up for our dog....more info
  • My pups love this treat!
    These are the only dog treats I know of that smell like wonderful cookies for humans. It is hard to resist snacking on them myself! And my doggies love them. And, the price is great! If you want some extra lovin' from you pups, this is a great snack to feed them!...more info
  • Natural and tasty
    For me, it's great being able to buy natural treats for my dog that also taste great. My dog loves these (and I like them, too). I've made dog biscuits before, but it's convenient to be able to pick some up at the store. I've tried a number of natural biscuits, some good, some horrible. These are great. I've never bought them in bulk from Amazon, but the biscuits are inside of a sealed plastic bag within the box, so I'd guess that they would stay fresh for a while....more info
  • Best Dog Treats!
    My German Shepherd absolutely loves these treats! I feel great about this product because these biscuits are made with healthy ingredients ... nothing artificial. Buying items from Blue Dog Bakery on is far more economical for me than purchasing them at a pet store....more info
  • Blue Dog Cookies
    Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Low Fat Dog Treats, Peanut Butter & Molasses Flavor, 20-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Low Fat Dog Treats, Assorted Flavors, 20-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)Blue Dog Cookies are our dog's favorites! Amazon has a great price too. They don't have a lot of garbage like other dog cookies and getting 6 boxes at a time is especially handy when we get a surprise foster dog from rescue. They think they've died and gone to heaven!...more info
  • These went over well!
    I have two labs and they both love their treats, so I was a little concerned they wouldn't take this 'low fat' snack. But they both LOVED them!! Will certainly be buying these again!...more info


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