3M FAP04-RC Filtrete Ultra-Slim Room Air Purifier

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Product Description

Designed for rooms up to 150 square feet, this ultra-slim portable air purifier measures only 4 inches thick and features a sleek, stylish design that can be placed up against a wall for out-of-the-way air purifying in any room of the house. Better yet, the unit comes equipped with Filtrete filtering technology for powerful air cleaning. The electrostatically charged filter offers the same cleaning rate as a HEPA air purifier for a comparable room size and clean-air delivery rate (CADR). The filter captures 98 percent of large airborne allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust-mite debris. It also traps microscopic allergens like smoke, smog, household dust, pet dander, bacteria, and particles that can carry viruses. In addition, the air purifier provides an ionizer with separate on/off control for more effective small-particle filtration; a programmable timer with automatic shut-off after two, four, or eight hours; and three fan speeds, plus an automatic mode where the unit's automatic air-quality sensor adjusts the fan speed as needed. Other highlights include electronic soft-touch controls with optional backlight, a convenient remote control, a night light with separate on/off control, and a filter-change indicator. The unit produces no ozone, can be mounted to a wall, and offers a CADR of 141 for pollen, 116 for dust, and 97 for smoke. A wall-mounting bracket comes included, as well as one Filtrete FAPF04 filter, which should be replaced about every three months. The air purifier measures approximately 4 by 17 by 23 inches.

  • Ultra-slim portable air purifier with electronic controls for rooms up to 150 square feet
  • Filtrete filter captures 98 percent of large airborne allergens; ionizer with separate on/off
  • 3 fan speeds, plus auto mode; CADR of 141 for pollen, 116 for dust, and 97 for smoke
  • Timer; remote control; night light; filter-change indicator; wall-mounting bracket and filter included
  • Measures approximately 4 by 17 by 23 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Preliminary Review
    I'm doing a something a little different this time, I am reviewing a product i haven't purchased yet. My observations are based on research I have done. I acccidentaly ran across the Filtrete series of air cleaners while looking for Filtrete filters for my HVAC unit. I have used Filtrete filters for several years and I will attest that they get dirtier faster (which to me means they really are doing something) than any other brand. Sure they cost about $10 each but who cares if they do the job? I am amazed every time I replace a Filtrete filter in my HVAC how dirty it gets. Compare that with all of the air "purifiers" and "filters" I have bought, having spent well over $1000 on such junk. The worse of all time was the Oreck, which I seriously feel should be sued for false advertising. It didn't do anything at all and yet was one of the most expensive "air cleaners" I ever bought. Having owned so many units I have a very clear understanding now of what what will really clean air ... the same thing as what makes my HVAC filters get dirty so fast. That means a LARGE filter area with a fan sucking air through it. Period. All the rest of total hype. What I like when I review the 3M Filtrete units is just that. They stay away from all the HEPA hype and silly claims that certain units use with ozone, etc. This filter is pure science ... it pulls lots of air through a real, replaceable filter that traps particulates. That is what an air filter should do! I can't see the reasoning behind the claims of "purifying" the air. I'm not sure that is possible. Just get the dust, dirt, allergens, etc out and you will be breathing clean air. And the larger the filter area, the more air will be cleaned. Logic. I have settled on the FAP04-RC as the most cost-efficient unit on the market. Amazon sells it through partnet Target for $199, a lot less than most units, and just a little more than other Filtrete units with smaller filters. It seems to have some unique and helpful features. I am going to buy one and will give it a few months to evaluate it. I urge Amazon customers to use some simple logic when buying these things. ALL air cleaners are grossly overpriced! I mean, come on, a plastic case, a cheap fan and a $10 filter should never cost $200, let alone what some of the mass advertised brand names cost. But you are paying for a service when you buy these things. You want clean air. for my money what makes sense is an air filter/cleaner that gets dirty as heck every few weeks with a brand-name replaceable filter that really filters. Like ink jet printers, air cleaners make their money (big bucks) on replacement filters. And like ink jet printers, if you have resolved in your mind that you are going to own one and pay the price you might as well get one that does the best job possible.

    (More in a few months after I see if this thing works as well as the Filtrete filters I use in my HVAC)...more info
  • Breathe easy...this product works well, fits anywhere
    This model is, as of May 2007 the latest from 3M's new series of air purifiers (3M has been making the filters for years, but it's a relative newcomer to the air purifier market). Speaking as an allergy sufferer and former asthmatic, I've had air purifiers around me for years before Sharper Image made the things 'go mainstream' with their incessant advertising for their Ionic Breeze.

    This unit works extremely well. The filter is a good quality 3M one that captures pollen, dander, and dust mite debris. It's easy to install - slides into a mount in the machine - and it moves a large volume of air. (The filter's price is in line with other purifiers in this range.)

    Noise in the lowest setting is almost nonexistent, which is a must when you keep a purifier in the bedroom like me. Noise is considerable at the highest setting, but no more than comparable machines.

    There are three especially nice features on this model.

    First, the slimline case, which comes with a mounting bracket if you want to hang the unit on the wall(!) is handier than one might think. Purifiers have to be 'central but unobtrusive' - that is, most aren't all that pleasing to look at but they move air best when in a central location. The slim case and mounting pieces will give you the most options to slip the unit by a bed, next to a couch, etc.

    Second, if you (as I do) keep one in the bedroom, it's nice to be able to turn off the lit indicators. Not only is this just extra power going to waste, it also lets you keep the room nice and dark when you sleep.

    Finally, you have a setting which detects heavy particle emissions in the air, from smoke or dust. Upon sensing this change, the machine will automatically kick up in speed until the air is clear. A nice feature, though I caution that this is the only option that I haven't tested out yet as I don't have any friends that smoke, and I refuse to burn dinner to test it out.

    Update: This feature does actually work; I spilled some talcum near the machine and in seconds it cranked up the setting as it sensed the particles of powder in the air and kept it raised for 10 minutes until the air cleared.

    About the only criticism I have of the unit is its high price, though this may come down in time. Finally, if you want to move a lot more air - albeit for a slightly higher price - I'd recommend the Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier (AP51030S) - HEPA Air Cleaner.
    ...more info