3M Filtrete Air Cleaning Replacement Filter for FAP04-RC 4-pk.

List Price: $79.96

Our Price: $79.96

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  • Efficient particle removal comparable to HEPA units
  • Replacement filter for FAP04-RC
  • 98% filtration
  • Removes airborne particles that affect allergies
  • Particularly effective against dust, pollen and mold
Customer Reviews:
  • pricey rip off
    As the previous reviewer noted, the picture does not match the product which makes me wonder what you actually get. The price, however, is correct - it is for a 4-pack and these filters run $20/each, which frankly, is a rip off considering I can buy a 3M Filtrete filter that is 4 times as big for my home's HVAC unit cheaper than what one of these tiny things costs. I regret buying this air purifier, I had no idea the filters were so expensive at the time. My old Honeywell air purifier used charcoal filters that I replaced every 2-3 months and a HEPA filter that I replaced once a year. It did a better job cleaning the air and overall was less expensive to buy replacement filters for. The only thing the 3M unit has going for it is it's slim and can hug the wall better. ...more info
  • Wrong picture, wrong price
    The tag-line says this is the replacement filter for the FAP04-RC. However the picture clearly shows replacement filters for the FAP02. The price was also around 20$ a few weeks ago but has skyrocketed to 80$ as of December. It seems unlikely that this is a "hot Christmas item", and more likely that Target has mislabeled the product on this page.

    I would be very cautious before ordering. ...more info