3M Ultra-Clean Air Purifier - Living Room Size (FAP03RC)

List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $179.99

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  • Cleaning the air with 99.9% HEPA filtration, this purifier quietly covers an average living room (348 sq. ft.)
  • Features 3 power levels and a filter-life indicator
  • UL listed
  • 29.9Hx23.4Wx12.8D"
Customer Reviews:
  • Research before you buy.
    According to AHAM (Association of home appliance manufactures) website, 3M Filtrete FAP04-RC has DustCADR = 116, Tobacco Smoke CADR = 97, PollenCADR = 141, Room Size = 150 SQ FT. I use this website and Consumer Reports to determine the model of air cleaner that I want to buy based on the size of the room. My top choices are Fredrich C-90B, Whirlpool AP45030R and 3M Filtrete FAP03RC after comparing the energy cost, filter cost, CADRs and noise....more info
  • One point
    I actually have not bought this product, but from what I read, it is a very promising purifier, and I will get one this late summer. It is quiet and the filter replacement cost is slightly less than many purifiers, about $80 a year (no pre-filter needed). It has an average 290 CADR, very powerful for a $200 unit. No, it is not a HEPA units, but the electrostatic filtration technology work very well. I have just talked to customer service from 3M and they are very helpful and responsive. The power consumption is 80-141 W for this units, so it is not energy star, but it is not abnormal. I like to compared it to the best rated purifier by Consumer resports, the Whirlpool AP51030S. AP51030S is a great unit. It costs $300 and has a 316 averaged CADR. It is a energy star product with a power consumption of about 100 W at full speed (not certain). The annual filter cost of the Whirlpool is expensive, about $130 annual.

    So, let compare the two units again, shall we?
    Filtrete FAP03-RC..........Whirlpool AP51030S

    $200 a unit...................$300 a unit

    241 CADR Smoke.............330 CADR Smoke
    306 CADR Dust...............330 CADR Dust
    332 CADR Pollen.............288 CADR Pollen

    141W at Full Speed.........100W at Full Speed
    $80 annual for filters.......$130 annual for filters

    Another main point I like to make is that you will see two different Living Room Size Filtrte purifiers. The FAP03-RC and FAP03-RS. The FAP03-RC is the better one because of the additional holes, it has an average 293 CADR, as mentioned. The FAP03-RS has a 270 average CADR.

    In addition, the review above wrote down the specifications for a different model. FAP03 is alot more powerful than the FAP04 series....more info