3M Ultra Clean Bedroom Air Purifier - FAP02-RC

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  • A sleek and extra-quiet air purifier, offering efficient 98% particle removal comparable to HEPA units
  • Cleans air in rooms up to 170 sq. ft.
  • Unit has 3 power levels and a filter life indicator; replacement filters sold separately
  • UL listed
  • 26Hx19Wx11D"
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great on smoke
    I got one...and was not sure whether I was going to use in bedroom or workshop. My spouse smokes in the shop so I put it out there. He turns it on when he smokes. The second hand smoke smell is gone. Air seems much clearer.
    And the filter has changed colors. I think it works well, so I bought another for the bedroom. Also got a $[...] rebate. P.S. There was no smell when I first used it as another Amazon client noted.

    It is a rather large unit and the filters are $[...] on sale. Supposed to change them every three months.

    Update, bought second unit for the bedroom. Nice looking.
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  • A Keeper
    I was in search of a purifier to leave on overnight due to allergies upon awakening.

    Returned two others from Target (Holmes $69 and Peaceful Breeze $99) before coming across this 3M purifier. My allergies got worse with the first two - one was like a fan just spreading the dust while the other gave off a very strong, unpleasant scent.

    On my first review, I gave the 3M purifier 3 stars because the exhaust smelled unusual for the first 2 days. The one I exchanged it for didn't have this problem, hence the update. Although I'm still curious about the electricity consumption, I don't wake up to allergies anymore, which is all that matters to me. I rate this 5 stars. ...more info
  • Best I've Found
    In my opinion, there are few products we consumers are less qualified to judge than air purifiers. The word "seems" keeps coming up- it seems the air is cleaner; it seems that I can sleep better; etc. Really, if you see less dust, for example, does it really make an appreciable difference to your health? Even Consumer Reports, with all the science at their disposal, doesn't do a sample of the population over time to show that one air purifier keeps us healthier than another. I live in a very old, drafty house in Chicago. I was getting sinus infections regularly, and looking back realized they began after big rains or melting snow. An air quality expert determined the culprit was mold. I couldn't afford mold remediation, and he suggested an air purifier in the meantime. We don't have central air, so I needed more than one. I bought a CR-recommended Kenmore. Big and noisy, and blows cold air- not good during our winters, but it SEEMED to make a difference. Then I discovered the 3M Ultra Clean. I will try anything 3M- from tape to home remodelling products, their stuff works best. The Ultra Clean takes up less space, is much less noisy and circulates the air gently and thoroughly. Turning it on I had the immediate impression of "fresh air". I placed it in the TV room, where the mold is the worst and where we spend a lot of (too much!) time. We had lots of snow in Dec., then it got warm and lots of melting snow/rain. The moldy smell and "chokey" feeling is virtually gone. Try it, give it a week or two trial. It has an electronic monitor that tells you when to change the filter. My model, which looks different than the one in the manual (?), has this grapefruit-sized three speed selector knob on top, with swirling green lights (filter ok) that change to yellow (needs changing soon) then red (change the filter). (You might find the lights annoying in a darkened room.) Still green after two monts, but I'll assume it works. On the downside, the knob has a very uncertain feel and you have to play with it until it settles on a speeed. Maybe the model pictured in the manual is an upgrade. If it's a later model, you might want to try and find one of those....more info
  • Salvation
    I have bad sinuses. I used to get the occasional headache from dust, but I had my last wisdom tooth pulled this year and have graduated to the next level. Here was my problem. I like to sleep in on weekends. If I slept in and had the air conditioner on constantly, life was good. If I turned the A/C off and overslept, I was in that useless sinus headache mode where functioning and concentration are not possible- it's more of a crappy state of consciousness than a hurting pain. I realized I needed an air purifier to make it through the winter. This has worked.

    I researched alot of different filters, but what pulled me to this was

    a. 3M product- good company that comes out with solid products.
    b. Filter experience- 3M has been making furnace filters (which is basically what this is) for decades.
    c. Nice looking unit- but if you are sinuses hurt you could care less.
    d. Filters are $[...] @ Target

    What I like about it since I bought it:

    a. It's got a nice white noise to it. The white noise is similar to an air conditioner when on high- if you need super quiet put it on the low speed and most people won't hear it.
    b. Absence of smell- this is weird. When you walk into the room there is a wierd 'no smell' smell kinda thing going on. It goes away in a few seconds.
    c. It works- I can stay in bed on weekends.

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    Note: This unit hasn't been around that long compared to others on the market. I have had mine for 3 months and love the thing. Whatever you decide on getting can get very expensive. The heavy duty "Boy In The Bubble" models will cost you over $[...]/year to maintain for the European units- less for the American units. I recommend trying this first because it's cheap. If this doesn't work, then keep going up in $$$ til you hit the remedy. Also, before you try this, if you have central air/heat you should try changing your filters every 60-90 days with the best filtrete filters (which is what this is) and see if that works.
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  • Works great, cheaper than the model with a remote
    I purchased one of these from Target a few days ago because my apartment smelled like cigarettes from the smokers down the hall. Sure enough, the unit cleaned out the whole bedroom's smell and let me sleep much better overnight. A rather unexpected thing happened as well though. I had read someone else's feedback about an air purifier stopping their snoring. I didn't really think that could happen, but sure enough it did the same for me. Maybe there's some type of allergen in carpetted rooms that causes throat or sinus tissue inflammation or something... I don't know; but it works. I've also read that the filtrete filters used by 3M are not as effective as HEPA filters, and don't disinfect like an ozone-based purifiers, but this guy does the trick for me (and the filters are cheap). Overall, I'm quite happy with it. The funny little purple control knob on the top also grows on you. ...more info